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YOUR PLACE IN THE SPOTLIGHT Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. offers effective and versatile marketing options to successfully boost the visibility of an exhibitor. Additional visibility products will guarantee the maximum exposure of any exhibition in question. Participating in a fair is an excellent way to reach the target market of your business. With additional visibility products reaching the desired customer segment will be even more efficient. The boost of extra visibility will take place in exactly the right location at the right time. All of the additional visibility products will be introduced over the next pages. Product offering is extensive, with many levels of costs and options. An exhibitor can either set up a cafĂŠ to truly reflect the company brand, place their logo on the event map or stand out from the crowd with a seminar sponsorship. 2


Online visibility 1 2

Websites Registration sites

Printed media 3 4

Exhibition catalogue Exhibiton map

Exhibitions 5 6 7

Location Display Cafe

Advertising 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Banderolls Rollups Restaurants Coatroom Restroom Stage Flags

Products for distribution 15 Lanyards 16 Shopping bags

Content visibility 17 18 19 20

Seminar sponsorship Promotional products Newsflash Customer events

ONLINE VISIBILITY 1. Website logo placement Websites are the main source of information between the fair organizer and the visitor. Attract the attention of visitors on fair websites months before the actual event. All individual trade fair websites have a changing banner where a company’s logo is displayed to the potential visitors. Price: 800 € / maximum of 6 companies

2. Registration site logo placement During trade fairs all visitors register through an online site. A logo displayed on this registration site will guarantee that the visitors are well aware of a company’s participation in an event. Price: 1500 € / maximum of 5 companies

PRINTED MEDIA 3. Exhibition catalogue Exhibition catalogue is an info package for the fair visitors. This guide provides all the necessary information about the exhibitors, program and the over all schedule of the fair. An ad in the exhibition catalogue will guarantee visibility for the exhibition in question. Visitors know instantly of a company’s presense and participation. Price: Sizes and pricing will be available from trade fair mediacards on their individual websites.








4. Logo placement on exhibition map




E520 E402


E302 E115




E306 E401


E101 E202



Price: 750 €


Pohjoinen sisäänkäynti 545





Entrance North



Pidätämme oikeuden muutoksiin karttapohjassa.

Stand out from the crowd! Placing a logo on the exhibition map will directly lead customers to the rigth exhibition.



EXHIBITIONS 5. Prime location Prime location stand is always situated in the main lobby of Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. The stand is guaranteed to provide outstanding visibility for the display since it is situated in the middle of the visitor flow. On the prime location stand there is an option to promote the exhibition present at the fair

in itself or choose to introduce a completely different product. Prime location stand is sold case by case. Please contact the project manager of the fair in question. Price: starting from 200 â‚Ź / m2

6. Display Tell the visitors about fair offers or give away product samples and brochures in order to lure them in to visiting your exhibition. Based on the exhibitors needs a display stand can be placed with or without product distributos. Price: A stand with product distributors 2000 € (Product distributers employed by the exhibitor. Two distributors per stand) A stand without distributors 1000 € (Refilling service is included)

7. Café Leave a long lasting impression with setting up a café which truly reflects the company brand. A customer will visit the exhibition without even noticing, anything is possible when designing the café. Additional program and the décor can be tailored any way the exhibitor wishes. Sky is the limit. A subcontractor of Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. Expotec OY is able to provide planning help. Price: starting from 3000 €

ADVERTISING AT THE FAIR 8. Banderols The outstanding exposure that banderols provide will grab anyone’s attention! Banderols will make sure that everyone all visitors know of the exhibitors participation in the fair. Price includes production costs (Requiring print ready material) Outside the main entrance: 5 m x 7 m = 2700 € 4,5 m x 6 m = 2500 € 5 m x 10 m (E-hall, 2 locations) = 4000 €/each Indoors: Case by case, please contact the project manager in question.

9. Rollups in the lobby Stand out from the rest in the main lobby with an excellent spot for additional visibility. This apromotion location is reserved for only one company during a fair. Price: 2500 € 5-6 pieces, printing costs included. (Requiring print ready material)

10. Restaurant advertisiment Grab the interest of visitors while they are dining. Exclusive restaurant advertising will be reserved for one company at a time. Restaurant brochures are an easy way to spread to word about products and direct the visitors to your exhibition at the end of their coffee break. Price: 600 € Price includes production costs (Requiring print ready material)

11. Coatroom A visitor will take notice of your presence starting from the coat room.The ad will travel with the visitor for the whole duration of the fair. Price: 5000 € / Individual fair 10000 € / Yearly contract Price includes production costs (Requiring print ready material)

12. Restroom facilities Stand out in an unusual place, in the restroom facilities. A promotional ad or a discount code to your exhibition will quarantee traffic. Price: 600 €

13. Stage Extra visibility will multiply drastically while decorating and designing the program stage. A program stage is visible for all visitors for the whole duration of the fair. Release your imagination and create a stage that is sensational! Price: 2000 â‚Ź

14. Flags A flag of an exhibitor placed near the main entrance will welcome visitors to an exhibition even before entering the actual trade fair. All visitors will know about an exhibitors presence at the fair. On official flag days, the flag of Finland will be displayed. Price: 3000 â‚Ź / three flags

PRODUCTS FOR DISTRIBUTION 15. Lanyards During trade fairs all the visitors receive a lanyard which is in line with the company’s brand. A lanyard will be a souvenir for the visitor that will travel home with them. After the trade fair this lanyard will make sure that the visitor will remember the exhibitor distributing them. Price: 3000 €

16. Shopping bags -“Do you need a bag for your products sir?” -”Yes, please.” Utilizing all of the exhibition visitors as walking advertisement, is a clever additional visibility option. By giving away shopping bags in the main lobby you will create exposure for your company not just during the fair but afterwards as well. Placing a company brochure or a product sample in the bag is an excellent idea. Price: 3000 €

CONTENT VISIBILITY 17. Seminar sponsorship Become a sponsor for a seminar within a company’s own field of business. The sponsor’s logo will be placed on various different channels when the seminar is being promoted. Additional sponsor visibility on the actual seminar location is negotiable. Price: 2500 €

18. Promotional products for seminar attendees Become a positive influence during a trade fair seminar. Pencils, pens and all other note taking equipment are an excellent way to stay in the minds of seminar attendees even after the seminar. Price: Starting from 1000 €

19. Newsflash Newsflash is a 15-minute expert speech on the main stage. One of the main reasons why visitors attend fairs is to learn about new products, ideas and innovations. A newsflash is an excellent way to grasp the attention of all viewers. New innovations and services can be clearly displayed and all questions answered. Price: 100 â‚Ź

20. Customer events A customer event organized during a trade fair allows the customers to visit both events at the same time. A customer event can be anything from a professional networking event to a refined evening gala with champagne. Finland Events has specialized in organizing various customer events. Contact them for a stress free event packege where everything will be planned and organized. Price: Based on the event in question





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