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July shines this June 12 JUNE 2018, WEEK 24


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By Heather Djunga

Playing ‘July’ has been one of Christina Moschides’ greatest life highlights. July is the name of one of the orphans in the new Annie Jnr production currently being showcased by the Peoples Theatre at the Joburg Theatre Complex. Christina is a young, aspiring actress whose talent has earned her recognition from peers and teachers at Assumption Convent School where she goes to school. She said her drama teacher had sent her an email to say there were auditions for Annie Jnr and she had decided to go for it. “I fell in love with acting when I was just four years old,” she told tame TIMES. “At the time, I saw the show Matilda in London. I loved it so much that I knew straight away that I wanted to act, and specifically, to be cast as Matilda someday.” Annie Jnr has not been her first experience in big stage productions. She has also acted in shows by the National Children’s Theatre, including The Adventures of Mr Toad and Sparky.

She said for Annie Jnr, the kids had worked alongside adults. “It has been exciting to act with them. I have learned so much by watching them act.” She said the experience in this production had taught her the importance of body language in portraying a character– and of course, to never underestimate the power of a smile. “My favourite part of the performance is when I sing the song, ‘You’re never fully dressed without a smile’.” She said Annie continued to be one of her favourite productions, believing it was for good reason the show about the famous orphan had captured hearts and imaginations across the world for decades. “I believe Annie is popular because it is a warm, family story with a happy ending. There are also lots of fun songs for the children to sing along to.” Which is why Christina, who loves to sing, is in her element! For more information on the show and tickets, visit

RISING STAR: Christina Moschides

From comic strip to stage phenomenon

ORPHANS UNITE: A poignant scene from the musical.

Annie is based on Harold Gray’s popular comic strip Little Orphan Annie. The comic strip premiered in the 1920s in the New York Daily News, and became one of the most widely read strips in the 30s and 40s. Lyricist-director Martin Charnin bought a coffee table book called ‘The Life and Hard Times of

Little Orphan Annie’ as a Christmas gift for a friend in 1970. The clerk at the bookstore was too busy to wrap the book, so Charnin took the book home to wrap it. Before he could wrap it, he read it and fell in love with the strip, deciding its characters and storyline made it ideal for a musical. (Source:

12 JUNE 2018


Artists encouraged to put best work


The City of Ekurhuleni, in collaboration with the Lizamore & Associates Mentorship Programme, is calling on all artists to enter the prestigious, nationallyacclaimed Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards. The judges will select an exhibition of the best art, all of which must have been completed in

the 12 months preceding the entry closing date. “We encourage artists who specialise in contemporary fine art to start preparing their work while there is still time before the set final submission dates,” said Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Services, Cllr Dora Mlambo.

The submission dates are as follows: From 21 to 23 August (between 9am and 7pm), works may be submitted at the Coen Scholtz Recreation Centre, Mooifontein Road, Birchleigh North Kempton Park. Entries may also be submitted at Boksburg Library on 21 August (between 9am and 4pm); the Springs Art Gallery on 21 and 22 August (between 9am and 7pm); and at Katlehong Art Centre, 203 Sontonga Street, Phooko Section on 22 August, between 9am and 4pm. Entry fee is R50 per artwork entered. I overheard a conversation between my five-year-old son and his grandfather, my dad, the other day. My father was sharing about his time in the army and I could hear the excitement in my son’s voice as he asked questions. Afterwards, my son came running out with an ageweathered water bottle, an ‘army original’ (in camouflage colours), which he explained his grandfather had given to him. “The soldiers used it for real,” he told me. “They really drank from it.” He held onto it quite tightly. “When I’m big I want to be an army.” The moment was too special to explain to him that an ‘army’ was actually a whole battalion of men, not just one. But in that moment, my son believed he could be an ‘army’ if he wanted to. His grandfather had ignited a whole army’s worth of dreams in him. As we come to Father’s Day, this is a day when our Dads, Grandfathers, and the father figures in our lives are honoured for the role they play in helping us believe we can be so much more than we ever dared consider. They believe in us, they encourage us, the strengthen us. Happy Father’s Day to my magnificant Dad all of the community’s fathers!

Awakening Beauty Sleeping Beauty didn’t become Beauty


Three times He reminded Sleeping

when she received her kiss after a

But then these hard working fishermen

Peter that he was no longer an ordinary

100-year sleep. She had always been

heard someone calling them from the

fisherman. He was a fisher of men, the

Beauty. She just had to wake up to see

shore and telling them where to cast

beloved of Jesus.


their nets. They didn’t recognise Him at

He woke Peter up.

When the Lord wakes you up to who

first but they soon would. After listening

He has transformed you by His Spirit

He has created you to be, you have to

to the man on the shore’s instructions,

from ashes to Beauty, so Beauty shake

hold onto your true identity and not fall

they caught such a large catch of fish

off the Sleeping once and for all and

asleep again.

they could hardly pull their nets up.

make a decision today – I’ve been

Have you seen that scene in the Shrek

His presence, His voice, His miracle-

called for this, I’ve been equipped for

movie where Sleeping Beauty arrives

working power evidenced by the large

this and I am going to go for it! I’m not

to serenade Fiona at her baby shower?

catch of fish, was enough to shake off the

going to allow anything or anyone to

They have to keep waking her up because


steal my focus. My God isn’t a liar. He

she keeps falling asleep! She’s awake,

Jesus, the risen Son of God, met the

breaks chains… not promises!

then she’s asleep, then she’s awake…

fishermen in their place of despondency,

“ bestow on them a crown of

Beauty, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty, Sleeping

at the same time reinstating their

beauty instead of ashes...” (Isa 61:3)



Flittering between identities – eyes open,

them up to who

eyes closed. Can the lady please just


make up her mind?

more importantly,

The disciples were disillusioned after

to who He was…

the crucifixion. We know this because

the RISEN Son of

we read in John 21 that they returned


to fishing after Jesus’ crucifixion. This


was what they were doing when He first


called them. They embraced their old

and identity were

identities. Back to sleep.

restored. He wasn’t


Supporting the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) is a piece of cake this June. For the rest of this month, Shoprite and Checkers will donate a portion of all cakes sold in their stores to Cansa. More than 100 000 South Africans are diagnosed with cancer every year, and the funds raised will be used to enhance the support programmes offered by Cansa’s Care Centres. For more information visit www., or contact Cansa on 0800 22 66 22 (toll-free).

Opinion piece by Heather Djunga










about to drop the

disillusioned or hurt by how things had

story half way. He

panned out. One day Jesus was with

was committed to

them. The next, He felt far away.

driving it through

What did they think about as they sat

to its conclusion.

in their fishing boats? Most likely, Him.

How did they know

Once you have spent time with the living


Jesus, you can’t just shake Him out of


your thoughts. They must’ve recounted

was... with them.

their journey with Him over and over…

Waking them up

Why had it come to this? He was the Son


of God. He knew everything. Why hadn’t

There on the shore,

He warned them that they were headed


for this dry, empty place? They had been


on top of the world, now they were back

denied him three

in their fishing boats.


Have you ever felt that way?

crucifixion, asking

In that initial period after Jesus’ death,

Him three times if

the disciples responded to the pain and

he loved Him and

disillusionment of what had happened

with each answer,

by shrinking back into their old comfort

asking him to ‘take

zones – in this instance, their fishing

care of His sheep’.



reinstated who at

had the

12 JUNE 2018

Omesh celebrates 25 years in the restaurant industry Omesh Misra has taken the reins as the new owner of Calisto’s, Bedfordview Square. We caught up with the talented restaurant owner and chef who spoke about his passion for Bedfordview, people and food. Omesh has been in the restaurant industry for 25 years, and said his time in the industry had taught him that people are the heart of the business. “Strong relationships make for good business,” he said. His passion for food and people started from an early age. He explained: “Coming from an Indian family, I grew up

surrounded by good food and friends and a big family. My love for cooking started at an early age and I developed a passion for quality food and a variety of flavours. I picked up different tastes, from my mother and my aunts. I also watched my dad from a young age. He would frequently cook at work for his staff.” When he left school, he entered the hospitality industry, working at various Sun International hotels in different roles: chef, barmen, banqueting waiter, housekeeper and front of house assistant. “I also got different jobs but food and

service were always closest to my heart.” In June 1999, he returned to the food industry, taking over the leadership of KFC in Sandton City. Here, he was eventually promoted to Senior Management Trainer and was responsible for the training of over 2 700 employees in four provinces. His career went from strength to strength and in 2017 he decided it was time to spread his wings and pursue his dream of running his own restaurant. “I came across Calisto’s and knew this was where I was meant to be,” he said.

Up close and personal with Omesh Misra A family man… Omesh is a born-and-bred Durban boy! He relocated to Johannesburg in 1997 with his now wife, Roma, to grow their careers in the big city. He is currently living in Waverley, Johannesburg with his wife, Roma, and his children, Alisha (18), Shayur (15) and Zehaan (9). Thoughts on Bedfordview… “When I explored which area I wanted my restaurant to be in, I fell in love with Bedfordview! The area is bursting with diversity. I love the fact that my guests are from all walks of life and come from different backgrounds. We have built relationships with customers across cultural divides, many of whom are from Greek, Italian or Lebanese decent. One of my highlights is being able to create an experience for local South Africans who

are trying out our Portuguese meals and flavours for the first time. There are also many European foreigners living in the area – so our conversations are always interesting.” Career highlights… “During my tenure in my role at KFC as People Development Manager I trained and developed more than 200 staff members who progressed from managers to becoming area (regional) managers and some who even went on to become franchise partners. Knowing that I was part of their growth and seeing them thrive gave me a sense of fulfilment.” Lessons from the restaurant industry… “Appreciate those who give feedback as their feedback helps you to grow and SUCCESSFUL: Omesh Misra with his team. improve.”

Standing together for child protection The Edenvale Social Crime Prevention Unit, together with the Edenvale Community Policing Forum (ECPF), Edenvale Police Youth Desk and Edenvale Neighbourhood Watch recently joined hands in educating the public on matters related to Child Protection Week. Members handed out information pamphlets at Horwood’s Farm on 3 June, at the Horwood’s Farm Family Market.

A Walk Against Crime event, supporting Youth Day, will be held from the Edenvale Sports Grounds on 16 June, from 9am.

Enhance your public speaking skills The community is invited to attend the next meeting of the Village Toastmasters Club on Tuesday, 19 June. The meeting’s theme will be “Windy Road”. Here, theme-appropriate talks will be given in an impromptu speech section, and prepared speeches will be presented.



There is a cover charge of R40 per person for entry, which includes tea and coffee. An additional dinner charge of R60 for dinner per person will be charged, should visitors want a sit down dinner of vegetables or salads and meat, and dessert. There is a vegetarian option available but this needs to be specifically booked.

Village Toastmasters meets on the third Tuesday of every month at Trinity Presbyterian Church, corner St David and Koster roads, Elma Park. For more information, contact Elaine Bonney, Public Relations Officer for the Village Toastmasters, on 083 542 3684 or visit VillageToastmastersEdenvale

A culinary adventure! Bedfordview food extraordinaire, Omesh Misra, has shared one of his favourite recipes with us. Enjoy! Or as they say, ‘Bon Appetit!’

Fish Curry INGREDIENTS: 600g fish steak slices on bone (approximately three to four slices) Four ripened jam tomatoes – finelychopped 1 Tbsp Tamarind paste 1 Tbsp Hoisin sauce 1 Tbsp tomato paste 1 Tbsp garlic paste ¼ cup lemon juice 2 onions – finely-chopped 2 cloves 1 cinnamon stick (whole) 1 star aniseed (whole) 2 bay leaves - crushed Fresh chili – optional Mixed curry powder (chili powder, coriander power, jeera, fennel and turmeric) 2 Tbsp ‘Amina’s’ fish and prawn masala paste 1 Tbsp salt – or as per taste 1 Tbsp sugar Fresh coriander and fresh shallots (for garnish) ¼ cup oil Optional : Baby brinjal wedges (20 wedges)

METHOD: Ensure fish is drained and dry. Place on a baking tray. Marinade with lemon juice, Tamarind, Hoisin sauce and Amina fish masala paste. Bake fish for 10 Minutes at 150°C in prewarmed oven. Remove and set aside. Heat oil in a suitable heavy-base pot. Sauté onions. Add whole spices (cinnamon, cloves, star aniseed, and bay leaves) and chili and garlic paste. Add mixed curry powder. Stir to fry lightly without sticking. Add chopped tomato and tomato paste. Mix and allow to simmer for 10 minutes or until the mixture thickens. Add one litre of hot water. Add brinjal wedges (optional). Cover and leave to cook for 15 minutes on medium heat. Add salt and sugar. Remove brinjals and set aside. Remove cinnamon stick and aniseed. Using a hand blender, blitz tomato gravy until smooth. Add 300ml hot water. Add back brinjal wedges and place baked fish steaks into gravy. If there is any gravy from baked fish, you can add this to the mixture. Leave to simmer for 15 minutes. Sprinkle chopped coriander and shallots on top. Cover pot and remove from the stove. Serve after 30 minutes with Basmati rice. Chef’s comment: “I usually cook the fish curry in the morning and serve it for dinner. This allows th fish to soak in the flavours.”

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Frik 079 516 1182

1007 POOLS ACE POOLS EST 1998 Pump, Filters, Timers, Valves, etc. Clint 082 970 2220

12 JUNE , 2018

Assumption Convent runners show their mettle

Sabian makes national team

TALENTED: Sabian Moodley.

CHAMPIONS: Assumption Convent School recently won the Inter-Catholic Schools Cross Country event.

A fine display of netball Edenglen High School’s junior netball girls recently played against Curro School Serengeti. The team played well and added another win to their league. The results were: U/14A won 6 - 5, U/14B won 15 – 13, U/15A won 17 – 11, U/15B won 11 – 4, U/16A won 12 – 10, and U/16B won 5 – 3.

VICTORIOUS: The U/14A side from Edenglen High School.

Tatijana crowned champion Bedfordview learner Tatijana Ignjatov (12) was honoured in the recent DanceStar Gala Night event of the DanceStar World Finals competition, rising as champion in a field of dancers representing over 30 countries. As many as 7 000 dancers participated in the prestigious event. Her success comes after she received a fullysponsored package from director Chris Stapelberg to travel with SA Dance Talent to participate in the world championships. Her performance in the DanceStar World Finals awarded her a spot in the prestigious DanceStar Gala Night, which included a selection of 20 of the best routines from the world finals. Her routine was one of

four routines by South African dancers incorporated into the gala night programme. Tatijana walked away with the ultimate prize, winning a first place and 6 000 Euros. At the award ceremony for the championships, she was also awarded the Best Female Talent of the Classical Chapter, including Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Acrobatics and Open sections. The next DanceStar South Africa qualifiers will be held from 24 to 30 September in Johannesburg. EMOTIONAL: Bedfordview learner Tatijana Ignjatov does it again with a first place in the DanceStar Gala Night event.

Edenglen High School learner, Sabian Moodley, was recently selected as part of the SA JKA (South African Japan Karate Association) team. He represented Gauteng in the recent SA JKA National Championships.

Tame Times Bedfordview & Edenvale Flipbook 12.06.2018  
Tame Times Bedfordview & Edenvale Flipbook 12.06.2018