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June 2012

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Fitness expert Laurel Blackburn will show you so

They Did! Determination pays off for local weight-loss winners



Meet the Kitchen Goddess, know when to say ‘no’ and more

Give meals a healthy makeover

STAND TALL With the Alexander technique

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‘I don’t let that stop me’ When it comes to fitness goals, supreme motivator Laurel Blackburn of Boot Camp Fitness & Training never lets doubt – or a monster tire – stand in her way.




Weight-loss winners Meet the top team in the local WellQuest Challenge and the Tallahassee woman picked to appear in advertisements for the Atkins program. In the shadow of cataracts Anyone who lives long enough is likely to develop cataracts. Here’s how to delay the inevitable.

Also inside... 06 Mind | Body | Soul As Stephanie Jansen of FIT Weight Loss & More has learned from personal experience, the pounds gained with age can come off. 10 SMART FITNESS Reverse bad posture and reduce pain with a centuryold method called the Alexander Technique.

About the cover Laurel Blackburn of Boot Camp Fitness & Training motivates others to achieve their personal best partly by standing as a living example of what one person can do. To mark her upcoming 50th birthday, she’s working toward flipping a giant tire 50 times. Photos by Long’s Photography 702 West Tharpe Street, Tallahassee 339-5799

12 ESSENTIAL NUTRITION Trying to manage your diet? Let the glycemic index help. 18 BEST BODY Beeswax, sugar wax, chocolate wax – there’s more than one way to wax a leg. 22 MAKEOVER A 1,000-calorie whopper of an entrée can become a 350-calorie wonder with lighter, more healthful ingredients.

24 ALTERNATIVE HEALTH Kitchen Goddess Jill Welch says a cleanse can help a body work better. 28 MIND MATTERS Know your own boundaries so that you can let other people know them, too.



editor’s LETTER

Working on that summer mojo


had a thought yesterday as I was out watering the wilting impatiens – is there bug spray that has an SPF factor? So of

course I Googled the idea, hoping I had just mentally stumbled upon the next “chia pet” phenomenon. Darn, I’ve been beaten to the market by several others, but at least I know what to buy on my next sundries shopping trip. Each year I’ve grumbled about the bugs and humidity when living in Florida and the lack of clouds in the sky when living out West. I’ve finally realized I am one of those who crave weather variety on a regular basis – not much I can do about that on a practical level unless I suddenly fall in to a jet-set lifestyle, which is unlikely.

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However strange it sounds, I’ve come to view the summers in a way similar to how I felt about the looming winter months up north. It turns out there is a small percentage of the population that experiences a summer version of the winter blues. Great, I have both! To keep the record straight, I’m thrilled to live here in Tallahassee near family and friends, it’s just the mosquitoes and long runs of 90/90 days I could do without. The 90/90 is my description of 90-degree days with 90 percent humidity. Remember that gorgeous 70-degree day of sun in April? That’s what I’m talking about! So to get past the inevitable whining, I’ve added to the home


improvement list a screened-in area with fans. I plan to spend at


least part of my Tallahassee summer in a cool breeze while holding

Joni Branch 850.599.2255

mosquitoes at bay – I feel my summer mojo coming back already! All the best,


Lisa Lazarus.Brown 850.599.2333

Marjorie Schoelles Marketing and Non-Daily Manager



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Making Tallahassee Smile

Mind | Body | Soul

Health begets beauty

With the right program and personal commitment, you can get the body you want

By Stephanie Jansen

Stephanie Jansen is co-owner of FIT Weight Loss & More with Glenda Cato. PHOTO COURTESY OF STEPHANIE JANSEN


hen was the last time you thought about your weight? Was it this morning after your shower, or an hour ago by the snack machine at work? People who struggle with weight think about it all the time. And as we age, that self-talk gets louder and more critical as the inches increase. Before long, it affects how we feel, both physically and emotionally. I can relate because it happened to me. I was never more than 25 pounds overweight. Not much compared to some, but that amount on my 5-foot-2 frame was enough to affect how I felt – sluggish, irritable, self-conscious, defeated. Luckily I wasn’t alone. My friends and I anguished over our not-so-ideal bodies and found humor in our expanding hips. I was resigning myself that women my age have less energy and larger waistlines. Then, divine intervention … I saw one of these friends several months later at a formal fundraiser. The extra weight was gone, and she looked fantastic – healthy and slim. I practically sprinted to greet her and to hear the story of how she had found a program that worked for her and had stuck with it. With a renewed belief that I could get my body back, I started the same medically assisted weight-loss program. Admittedly, I wanted to lose weight to look better. Only after I lost the weight did I realize I also felt better. I was revitalized. I had more energy, drive and enthusiasm, which allowed me to be a better wife, mom and friend than I had been in years. I wanted to share the feeling with others. 6


Numbers on a scale tell only a fraction of the story. Vitamins, minerals and those dreaded hormones play leading roles in weight management and overall well-being. Our bodies are built to self-regulate. Proper food absorption keeps us at a healthy weight, and if we are overweight, it means something is out of balance and our bodies are not functioning at full potential. Modern lifestyles are a recipe for disaster. We don’t sleep well, we’re stressed and advances in technology (like the TV remote) limit physical exertion. We fill up on empty calories and foods containing additives and preservatives that rob us of nutrients we need. Then our digestive systems can’t properly assimilate, which leaves us full of toxins, making us feel sluggish and keeping us from losing weight. It is absolutely true that what we eat and drink affects how we think. Although we cannot change overnight, you can put your life in balance. First, thoroughly assess the specific habits that sent you out of balance. Then identify the tools and a food-management plan that can help you establish new eating and exercise habits as a part of your permanent lifestyle. Make it a priority to get all the nutrients and antioxidants your body needs. Ideally, get these nutrients through natural food sources. If that is not happening, vitamin and mineral supplements can help. I still think about weight, but I have a new dialogue. Mine is a positive message of our inner power and possibilities to reach full potential and to look great doing so. It’s not all about how we look, but our minds and bodies are inextricably connected. When we look good, we really do feel good. And when we feel good, we can look terrific. Stephanie Jansen is co-owner of FIT Weight Loss & More with Glenda Cato in Tallahassee. FIT provides medically assisted weight loss and nutritional management plans customized to fit your lifestyle and health. Learn more at www.FITWeightLossAndMore. com or call 850-385-1105. v


Melina vastola/for the tallahassee democrat

The members of Making Headlines for Health celebrate their win on May 3. From left are Kevin Switzer, Heather Lanham, Robin Yeatman and Lynn Smith.

Weight loss winners

These local winners have made headlines for their weight-loss and fitness success stories. Cheryl Lynn Wolf shaped up on an Atkins diet and ended up appearing in company ads, while the women and men of WellQuest hit the gym and watched their diets as part of a guided fitness plan.

BY KATHY RADFORD The WellQuest Challenge


s most of us have been living our ordinary lives, there has been a revolution going on right here in Tallahassee: The WellQuest Challenge. Sponsored by the nonprofit group Working Well, the City of Tallahassee and The Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic, six teams from local businesses began the weightloss challenge in January and finished it up with a celebration on May 3. The ultimate goal for each team? To shed more



total pounds than all the other teams, and thus, become the Wellquest winners! This year’s competitors included: • Run CRMC, from Capital Regional Medical Center • Leaner, Lighter Life Savers, from Leon County Emergency Medical Services • Number Crunchers, from Florida Institute of CPAs • Medical Mafia, from North Florida Women’s Care • Making Headlines for Health, from Tallahassee Democrat

• Team HOPE, from the Big Bend Homeless Coalition Thanks to local partners Premier Fitness, Gold’s Gym, GroupFit 90, Sweat Therapy, Good Friends Group Fitness, Body Trac and the Core Institute, all the competitors were able to gain the benefits of fitness facilities, trainers, nutrition counseling and even massage. Congratulations to the members of the Tallahassee Democrat’s Making Headlines for Health. With a total weight

loss of 111 pounds, they can claim top status. Lynn Smith shares the best benefit of all – the desire to continue seeking a healthy lifestyle: “I am not intimidated by the gym anymore. I told my team we have to do another 90 days!” Second and third place teams are Number Crunchers and Team HOPE, respectively.

The Atkins Way A few years ago, if you were to ask Cheryl Wolf what her biggest challenge in life was, she likely would have told you that she would never be able to lose weight. “I tried many, many, ways to lose weight - counting calories, worrying about points and all sorts of diets, but they weren’t working for me,” she says. A self-professed foodie and chocoholic who enjoys eating and feeling full, Wolf found that no matter which plan she seemed to be on, she was always hungry and saw only minimal results.

decided to try just one more time to lose weight: “She sold me on Atkins.” Wolf found the Atkins website and discovered the plan was all laid for her with user-friendly tools, all kinds of recipes and everything she needed to be successful. One day, at the last possible moment, she decided to go ahead and try to become one of Atkins’ success story winners, and lo and behold, after losing 50 pounds, she became a grand prize winner. Wolf won a trip to Los Angeles, got to make a commercial and instantly had $5,000 more in her wallet than she did before her weight loss. To see more about Wolf’s Atkins experience, go to www.atkins. com and click on “success stories.” v Cheryl Lynn Wolf, before and after, has been featured in Atkins ads. Photos courtesy of Atkins

“To be that miserable for that long is depressing,” she says. Almost ready to give up and just decide that she would always be heavy, Cheryl ran into a friend who was barely recognizable. Thanks to the Atkins Way, she had lost 60 pounds in just a few months and she claimed she had never felt better in her life. Encouraged by her friend’s passion for the plan, Wolf June 2012 YOUR HEALTH


smart fitness

Straight talk Good posture has surprising health benefits By Leigh Farr


ood posture doesn’t come easily. After all, standing up straight means holding your body upright against the force of gravity. But over time, stooping or slouching can cause tension in your muscles, resulting in fatigue, back pain, headaches and other problems. According to the Arthritis Foundation of America, back pain affects 50 to 80 percent of Americans and having poor posture is a contributing factor. Luckily, with just a little awareness and practice, a lifetime of faulty posture can be reversed through a century-old method called the Alexander Technique. Based on the teachings of Frederick Matthias Alexander, the technique is an educational method that helps you unlearn bad postural habits. “The Alexander Technique is one of the methods I would recommend to people who are interested in learning a system they can practice that will help them maintain optimal alignment,” says George Kousaleos, a licensed massage therapist and founder and president of The Core Institute School of Massage Therapy, which has been in Tallahassee for 22 years. While most people study the Alexander technique to relieve pain, others, such as athletes, singers, dancers and musicians, use the method to improve their breathing, vocalize better and boost speed and accuracy.

Relax Your Back Taught by certified instructors through a series of private lessons or group classes, the Alexander Technique has been shown to improve posture and reduce chronic pain. In a recent study published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, researchers discovered that the Alexander Technique is effective in significantly reducing chronic back pain for the long-term. An Alexander Technique instructor works with you to understand how you sit, stand or walk may contribute to chronic pain, breathing problems and fatigue. The teacher then helps you move more freely and with greater coordination. During 10


lessons you’ll find new ways to engage in your daily activities with less effort and more ease. “With the Alexander Technique, you can understand much more about how your body works, and how to make it work for you,” says Denise Williams, a licensed massage therapist and owner of It’s All About You Massage & Day Spa in Ft. Walton Beach. “You can tap more of your internal resources, and begin on a path to enhancing your comfort and pleasure in all your activities.”

Shed Bad Habits Poor posture can wreak havoc on your body but it may only take 30 lessons over a period of three to six months to adopt new skills, according to the American Society for the Alexander Technique. “The more years you spend doing it wrong, the harder it is to change it back, but you can change it back,” says Karen Baldwin, a licensed massage therapist and owner of Better Living Day Spa in Tallahassee. Typically, people see results within the first six to 10 lessons and are able to apply new skills to their daily activities. v

Posture perfect

Improving your posture may seem awkward at first, but over time you’ll notice a difference in the way you feel. “Posture plays a very large role in terms of both physical balance and the better functioning of all the organ systems in the body, from respiration to digestion, to circulation and the nervous system,” says Kousaleos. Try these easy, round-the-clock tips for maintaining good posture.

While standing:

hold your chest high relax your back and shoulders distribute your weigh evenly over both feet keep your head balanced above your shoulders

While sitting:

place both feet on the floor push your back against back of your chair align your ears, shoulders and hips in a vertical line keep your shoulders straight take a break every 30 minutes

While sleeping:

choose a firm mattress lie on your side with legs slightly bent place a pillow under your head

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The glycemic index and you Foods with a low GI can help you lose weight or control diabetes By Elise Oberliesen


aybe that unwanted muffin top doesn’t look so good as it peeks over the top button on your shorts. Or perhaps you plan to fight off diseases before they invade your body. Low glycemic foods may hold the key that unlocks your health potential, from managing diabetes to conquering weight loss. The glycemic index (GI) assigns numbers from 0 to 100 to carbohydrates. In general, the numbers relate to how rapid foods raise blood sugar. Foods rated 55 or less are considered low GI, and 70plus numbers are considered high Low GI foods include apples, celery and whole grains. High GI foods quickly increase insulin levels, digest rapidly and often leave you feeling famished, tired and grouchy, whereas low GI foods digest slowly—like the last quarter inch of molasses that moseys down the jar. While there’s no perfect food, legumes like lentils, beans and chickpeas, come awfully close to perfection. Loaded with fiber, plant-based, protein-rich, complex carbohydrates gain high marks with nutrition experts such as FSU Professor Freddy Kaye. Legumes fill you up and continue fighting off hunger, he says. “Legumes raise blood sugar but then level it out. The fiber in these foods slows down the rise of blood sugar.” Elevated blood sugar signals the body to produce insulin. Over time, some people become insulin resistant; their pancreas produces insulin, but the insulin isn’t working optimally. Want to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and obesity? Eating low GI foods may help, according to research from Harvard School of Public Health. “Originally, the low glycemic food index was designed for diabetics,” says Laurie Wright, 12


president-elect of the Florida Dietetic Association. Wright says more research is needed to better understand how low GI foods affect non-diabetics. Some experts disagree about the GI numbers assigned to foods. Also, it’s important to consider that when low GI foods are eaten with fats and proteins, for example, this too affects blood glucose, as does meal timing, says Wright. However, many low GI foods are nutritionally dense and help prevent blood sugar fluctuations. Plus, these foods also prevent plunging energy levels, says Wright. Managing energy may be the key to managing your waistline. “You can get cravings with a quick drop in energy levels and it can leave you feeling shaky,” she says. “And you make unhealthy choices when you have low energy levels.” If you end up at the vending machine looking for chocolate covered anythings at 3 p.m., don’t fret. Next time, pack some carrots and peanut butter. When one bite leads to 20, it’s your body’s physiological response to low blood sugar, says Wright. Avoid waiting too long in between meals. Kaye and Wright are both advocates for meal planning and timing. Eat every three to four hours to prevent overeating. Overload with veggies. “It just takes three minutes to steam vegetables,” says Kaye. “Throw in a whole medley, green beans, spinach, water chestnuts …” Low GI whole grains can make a wonderful addition to your plate. “Brown rice has five times more fiber than white rice,” says Kaye. “Flavor brown rice with soy sauce, hot sauce or BBQ sauce.” v

Reveal your true shape.

Bring on more veggies Ever try to nibble on the recommended five to seven servings of fruits and veggies each day? It’s not easy, but with a little creativity, eating more green stuff can become easier and give you loads of low glycemic choices. A common complaint is that fresh vegetables spoil too quickly and end up in the garbage. Maybe it’s time to rearrange the fridge.

ZERONA is the® onlyis clinically-proven ZERONA the onlybody slimming treatment that removes fat and reduces inches with clinically-proven body ZK WĂŝŶ͕ ZK ^ƵƌŐĞƌLJ͕ ZK ŽǁŶƟŵĞ͘ slimming treatment that removes fat and reduces inches with ZERO Pain, ZERO Surgery, ZERO Downtime. ®

“When vegetables are hidden at the bottom of your produce drawer, you’re not likely to grab them,” says Jamake Cobian, New Leaf Market Assistant manager. Instead, he suggests placing veggies on the top shelf, in plain sight. Also, wash, cut and store fresh produce in plastic bags or containers as soon as you get it home, he adds. Then it’s easy to grab and go.

Laser Body Sculpting 1845 Jaclif Court Tallahassee, FL 32308 Look better. Feel better. Be better. ϮϬϬϵΞ ůů ZŝŐŚƚƐ ZĞƐĞƌǀĞĚ͘ ^ĂŶƚĂ ĂƌďĂƌĂ DĞĚŝĐĂů /ŶŶŽǀĂƟŽŶƐ͕ >> ŝƐ ƚŚĞ ĞdžĐůƵƐŝǀĞ h͘^͘ ŝƐƚƌŝďƵƚŽƌ ŽĨ ZKE͕ ǁǁǁ͘^D/͘ĐŽŵ

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cover story



Laurel Blackburn believes she can do whatever she sets her mind to, and she thinks you can, too By KATHY RADFORD


oot Camp Fitness & Training on Industrial Plaza Drive off Capital Circle N.E. is a fitness facility unlike more traditional gyms loaded with the machines used in regular workouts. Without a single stair-climber, carpeting, a bathroom equipped with hair-dryers or even air-conditioning, Boot Camp co-owner Laurel Blackburn is helping Tallahassee get fit. The business is Tallahassee’s first boot camp-style gym, and Blackburn’s desire to help women be “all that they can be,” through a fitness regimen that she calls “hard but fun,” is evident from her dedication to her profession. Blackburn is one of only five certified Level II Russian Kettlebell instructors in Florida. In addition, she is a certified functional movement specialist, holds a number of other fitness and training certifications, and was named Tallahassee’s Personal Trainer of the Year in 2011. As a mother of two and grandmother of one, and with a purplish-reddish stripe in her hair and an enviable physique, Blackburn exudes confidence – so much so that it’s surprising to hear her admit that she does indeed sometimes doubt herself. In the same breath, however, she professes, “But I don’t let that stop me.” Just a couple months shy of her 50th birthday, Blackburn is a woman to look up to, even at a height of 5-foot-2 or so. In her desire to help women get and stay strong, and in keeping with her belief that everyone, no matter what age, “should be able to get up off the floor,” she has embraced a personal and business style dedicated



to changing the stereotypes that surround women’s abilities and strengths. “My goal is to help people not only work out safely and correctly, but to work out in an environment that challenges them both physically and mentally,” Blackburn says on the Boot Camp Fitness & Training website (

“My goal is to get people out of their gym rut and get them doing things they never thought possible, and to go beyond what they thought they were capable of.” Blackburn runs Boot Camp Fitness & Training with her brother, Michael Alvarez, and together they plan constantly changing workouts for Boot Camp clients. The gym itself houses kettlebells, rings hanging from the ceiling, huge ropes that are used in a variety of ways, a climbing net outside and other unorthodox training equipment. Workouts to suit the needs and goals of all types are offered, including fitness boot camps, weight-loss programs, endurance classes, personal training, Russian kettlebell training, nutrition services, adventure-race training camps and of course, fitness boot camps. Prices vary, and all members are evaluated before beginning workouts. The most popular program – the fitness boot camp – runs $160 for a four-week session during which participants work out three times a week, either early in the morning before work or in the evening after work.

Laurel Blackburn hangs out at Boot Camp Fitness & Training, where the sports equipment tends toward the unconventional. Photos by Long’s Photography 702 West Tharpe Street, Tallahassee 339-5799



Blackburn’s own fitness journey began about 18 years ago, when she did the same thing a lot of women do – she bought a gym membership. Her motivation was a familiar one – she wanted to look better. Typically, Blackburn took it to another level. “I loved the way lifting weights made me feel and look,” she says. “I couldn’t get enough.” Soon she was competing in bodybuilding tournaments and her experience belied the common belief that weight-lifting and bodybuilding causes women to bulk up: “I wore a size zero back then!” Blackburn’s career as a trainer and fitness coach has been all about busting such stereotypes. Not one to let a milestone slip by, she intends to prove that turning 50 is not the beginning of the end – she is committed to commemorating the big 5-0

by flipping a gigantic tire weighing about 400 pounds 50 times and also by carrying a 50-pound log at least 1 mile before the big day. Blackburn is building up to the big event a little at a time. While this article was in the works, she had reached a point in her training where she flipped that huge tire 33 times in 18 minutes and carried the log half a mile. Blackburn realizes not every woman will share her passion and dedication, but she believes fitness is attainable even for the average woman if she’s motivated and determined. To help stay motivated, Blackburn suggests changing up the workout, keeping yourself focused on the smaller goals as well as the big goal, and making your goals known to others. “When you put yourself out there like that, (you gain motivation) because you don’t want to look foolish,” she says. v

Laurel is a certified Russian kettleball instructor, one of only five in Florida.



Getting stronger, getting better Lest you think that Laurel Blackburn has some kind of extraordinary, internal gift that we regular women are just never going to find within ourselves, check out the story of Gerri, a local woman who has experienced the benefits kettlebells and Boot Camp Fitness and Training at a time in her life when she really needed it.

the help of Laurel Blackburn and Boot Camp Fitness & Training. While clicking on the remote in her living room one day, she saw something about kettlebells, thought it looked interesting, and looked for a certified local person to help her try them out. Since Laurel does indeed have the Level II Russian Kettlebell certification, Gerri signed up and got started.

Gerri, at 64 years old, found herself shocked to discover that she was having physical difficulties she had not imagined would ever come her way. She began to gain weight; she started losing her balance; even during times of extreme joy, her knee surgery and other issues meant, “I couldn’t jump up and down anymore!”

“After the first class, I could literally feel my body respond; within a month, I was no longer feeling like I might fall.” Gerri’s sense of joy and accomplishment is evident as she continues, “Within two months, I could take a flight of stairs without knee pain. I feel confident that things will be okay. Now I have the strength to have the best time ever (as she gets older).”

She didn’t know what to do to help herself, but it turns out she did the best possible thing: She sought

Gerri hopes her own story can inspire others. “Have hope and have no fear.”

The benefits of strength training “But I don’t want to get bulky!” It’s a familiar fear among women, and a notion that Laurel hears nearly every day. But simply working out with weight does not a bodybuilder make. There are plenty of benefits of weight training.

real weights. It makes no sense to carry kids that weigh 30 to 40 pounds and then use 5-pound dumbbells when working out.” As a mother, a grandmother, 2011’s Personal Trainer of

the Year, a woman with more certifications on her wall than many physicians, an author (she’s writing an inspiring book), and – most recently – a tire-flipper and log-carrier extraordinaire – Laurel knows of what she speaks.

• Increasing lean muscle mass makes your body burn calories more efficiently. • Increasing lean muscle mass makes you look thinner – not bulkier. • Having strong muscles improves balance and coordination. • Lifting weights increases bone density and decreases muscle deterioration. • Strength reduces your risk of injury. • Strength improves your ability to complete everyday tasks as well as participate in sports/ athletics. “I’m not talking about (lifting) those tiny pink dumbbells you see at most gyms; I’m talking about

Laurel trains to prepare for her 50th birthday tire-flipping feat. June 2012 YOUR HEALTH


Best Body

There’s more than one way to wax Beeswax, chocolate wax, sugar wax – choose your path to smooth by Anne Marie Cummings


ver dream of having hair removed from your body without having to bite your lip hard so you wouldn’t scream? Well, the day has come when being waxed can be as painless as having an eye exam. But the question that still remains is why wax when you can shave? According to Edward Blocker, CEO at Brazils Waxing Center in Tallahassee, “Hair that’s laid over and cut by a razor ends up with a sharp pointy edge at the surface of the skin. Waxing an area frequently, over time, can damage the hair follicle and cause it to stop growing hair.” Not to mention that skipping a morning shave means adding 10 more minutes to snooze!

Sugar-Coat It Aesthetician Amy Ephraim of Wax Habit is one of the first aestheticians in San Francisco to offer a new trendy technique called sugaring. Alexandria Professional provides the eco-friendly product that makes a unique paste of sugar, lemon juice and water that’s rolled along the skin, pushed into each follicle in the opposite direction of hair growth, and immediately flicked off with a quick movement of the hand. Ephraim says, “It doesn’t injure the skin or leave it raw the way waxing does.” Sounds sugarlicious! 18


Chocolate Addicts Oasis Skin Care in Brooklyn, NY, loves wax products from Épillyss, specifically the new Chocolate Bioresin C3. This creamy divine intervention is meant for hypersensitive skin and is said to be pain-free because this wax has hardly a drop of oil. Bioresin C3, pine resin that’s been distilled three times, has vasodilatatory properties that help reduce pain, redness and soreness. As for the chocolate? “Cocoa butter is rich in vitamin E and because of the caffeine it’s an antiinflammatory agent, which soothes the skin,” said Natasha Filion, an Épillyss representative.

Do It Like the French Toppers Salon in Tallahassee takes hair off the Parisian way with Berodin wax (a blend of beeswax and conifer resin), which has been on the market for five years. Melissa Budlin, staff attendant at Toppers Salon, says clients rarely ask for a dollop of the numbing No Scream Cream because the Berodin Blue hard wax (for the face, underarms, bikini and Brazilian waxes) and the Berodin Ease (for arms, legs, back and chest) remains flexible, even once it sets. No wax stuck to your body equals no need for second attempts.

Mind Your Own Beeswax When you have a good thing going, you’re not about to reveal its secret. Stephanie Cuesta, an aesthetician with the European Wax Center in New York City, says clients adore their secret patented 100 percent beeswax wax. “The warm beeswax only pulls the hair, not the skin,” says Cuesta, who adds to the pain-free experience using a secret pre-wax cleanser, a secret pre-wax oil and a secret post-wax serum.

Vajazzle Razzle Dazzle Amber Caplan of Bumblebee Waxing in Tallahassee had a brilliant idea after listening to Jennifer Love Hewitt confess her vajazzling fetish on a TV talk show. Caplan picked up on Hewitt’s sexy hobby and now offers clients the option to adorn their nether regions with tiny rhinestones and glitter. Caplan recommends waxing (she uses Berodin wax) before she proceeds with the designs of colorful butterflies, dragons, hearts or lips. The non-toxic adhesive keeps the jewels set for two weeks and costs $18. “If it’s an exciting night, they might not last that long!” adds Caplan. v


On the lookout for cataracts Anyone who lives long enough is likely to experience a decline in vision due to cataracts by Maureen Salamon


wo things in life are inevitable, the old saying goes - death and taxes. But maybe cataracts should be added to the list. Experts say everyone who lives long enough will eventually develop the blurred, distorted vision typical of cataracts, which occur as the eye’s lens hardens and clouds up. “It’s like hair color change,” says Dr. Allan Dean, an optometrist at The Focal Pointe in Tallahassee. “Everyone will get gray hair, some sooner and some later. There’s a wide variety as to how much cataracts form, but everyone gets at least a little bit. If they’re made of flesh and blood, their day will finally come.” Uncommon before age 50 but more prevalent as we move into our 60s, 70s and beyond, cataract symptoms tend to sneak up on people and mimic other signs of aging eyes – namely, a gradual decline in sharpness and night vision. Those reading glasses many of us don around age 40 are actually the first sign of the lens hardening that precedes cataract formation, says Dr. Kenneth Kato, an ophthalmologist at Eye Associates of Tallahassee. “When people really become symptomatic, they know it,” he says, noting that other indications include increased sensitivity to glare and fading or yellowing of colors. “They become very aware. They



may stop driving at night, go to bigger print and (increase) the light wattage in their house.”

Healthy Body = Healthy Eyes Even if some cataract formation is inevitable with age, how we care for our overall health does play a role in how fast the process proceeds. Logically, the same habits that lead to a healthy body also tend to contribute to healthy eyes, Dr. Kato says: controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels; eating foods rich in antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables, which can help reduce cell damage; abstaining from smoking; and watching blood sugar levels. Diabetics have higher rates of cataracts than others. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can also speed cataract creation – a big concern for Floridians year-round, says Dr. Dean. But while research has investigated the effects of vitamins or supplements on the process, no such link has been established. “The theory is that UV wavelengths from sunlight have enough energy to penetrate the eye and weaken the lens inside,” he adds. “My best advice is to wear sunglasses or a hat with a broad brim to keep sunlight directly off the eyes.”

More than 25 million Americans suffer from varicose veins! The Only Cure There’s good news and bad news about cataract treatment: Unfortunately, surgery is the only effective option to restore vision, but the procedure is “one of America’s most successful surgeries with the least amount of complications,” Dr. Dean says. Typically done on an outpatient basis, the surgery itself – which removes the clouded lens and replaces it with a plastic one – is rather simple and done on one eye at a time, with a few weeks between procedures if both eyes are affected. Local anesthesia is used to numb the area around the eye and patients are awake for the procedure. Upgraded “premium” replacement lenses can be used that may help patients avoid or reduce the need for glasses afterward, effectively giving them “younger” eyes than they had even before cataracts, Dr. Kato says. “Almost everyone is pleased about the positive impact cataract surgery has on their lives,” he says. “It really gives them a good feeling and contributes to their general well-being.” v

Varicose veins are not just a cosmetic issue; they can be very painful and cause leg fatigue. NOW there is a minimally invasive office-based solution that is covered by most insurance plans including Medicare. The VNUS Closure procedure is: • Minimally invasive • Excellent Clinical Outcomes • Clinically Proven with minimal discomfort • Cosmetically Appealing

Call to find out if VNUS Closure procedure is right for you. Capital Surgical Associates J. Patrick Neal, MD, FACS

Board Certified, American Board of Surgery

2910 Capital Medical Blvd . 850-656-2926


Rapid results. Comprehensive user-friendly reports. Personalized service. Verbal consultations available 24/7. 216 years of combined pathology expertise to best serve the patient.

J Mahoney, M.D.

C Manning, M.D.

M Neal, M.D.

L Sarbeck, M.D.

D Stewart, M.D.

S Sgan, M.D.

M Fisher, M.D.

C Price, M.D.

N Balmer, M.D.

K Whithaus, M.D.

N Munasifi, M.D.

L Flannagan, M.D.

A Clark, M.D.


J Harris, M.D.

Founded in 1949, we are 100% locally owned and operated by physicians serving Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Accredited by the College of American Pathologists • 850.878.5143 • Tallahassee, FL


Change your recipes and change your life

You don’t have to eat like a bird or cut out flavor to become a healthier, slimmer, more energetic you By Amber Dawn Barz


he key, according to many health and nutrition experts, is to make over your meals to increase protein, fiber and nutrients while reducing unhealthy fats and blood sugar-spiking starches. These changes not only reduce overall calorie intake, they also provide more energy to stay active, more protein to build lean muscles and burn fat, and a more consistent blood sugar level to help keep your appetite in check. Here are two recipes to help you get started, one for breakfast and one for lunch. In each recipe, a local Tallahassee chef exchanged unhealthy fats and starchier vegetables for healthier fats and nutrient and fiber-packed vegetables.

Favorite Breakfast Wrap “This nutritious, flavor-filled wrap is easy to prepare and your family members can easily grab one on the way out the door.” —Valerie Martin, Chef Instructor, Keiser University Center for Culinary Arts

and sauté, stirring as needed until just tender. Add mushrooms and sauté with the mixture until tender. Add tomatoes and ham to heat through and season the mixture with salt and white pepper to taste. Keep the mixture warm until the eggs are cooked and you are ready to assemble the wraps. Whisk eggs and cold water until fully incorporated. Heat a large sauté pan over medium heat and add eggs; scramble using a rubber spatula. Add the vegetable mixture and incorporate evenly into the egg mixture until the eggs are fully cooked, seasoning with salt and white pepper as needed. Set aside and keep warm while heating the tortillas. Tortillas may be heated in the oven and turned half way through to heat thoroughly or heated individually in a hot sauté pan on the stove. To make the wraps: Fill each warm tortilla with an equal amount of the filling (approximately one inch from the edge of the tortilla) and roll the tortilla into a breakfast wrap. Cut each wrap into two equal halves and serve.

Serves 6: Approximately 150 calories per serving; 5 g fat; 26 g total carbohydrates; 7 g protein; 10 mg cholesterol

Ingredients 1 Tbsp. olive oil ½ cup diced onion ¼ cup diced bell pepper 1 cup sliced mushrooms ¼ cup diced tomatoes ½ cup julienne or diced ham 6 eggs 1 Tbsp. cold water 6 8-inch whole wheat tortillas Salt and white pepper to taste Heat a sauté pan over medium heat and lightly coat pan with olive oil. Add diced onion and peppers




Grilled Shrimp and Broccoli Quinoa Pilaf This delicious recipe is a favorite of my family. The combination of quinoa and shrimp make it a filling high-protein dish. —Tony Charbonnet, Resident Chef, Publix Apron’s Cooking School Serves 4

Ingredients 3 tsps. olive oil, divided ½ small sweet onion, diced 1 cup quinoa, rinsed well 1½ cups vegetable broth 2 cups broccoli, chopped ¼ cup golden raisins ½ cup almonds, roasted and chopped 2 green onions, thin bias cut 24 extra large shrimp ½ tsp. Hungarian paprika ½ tsp. smoked paprika ½ tsp. sweet paprika

vegetable broth to the saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to low, cover and simmer gently until almost all the liquid has evaporated, about 10 minutes. Fold in the broccoli and raisins and cook until the broccoli is tender, about 8 minutes. Remove from the heat and fold in the almonds, scallions and season to taste with salt and pepper. Heat grill to medium-high heat. Season the shrimp with salt and pepper and paprika. Place seasoned shrimp onto heated grill and cook until opaque, about 2 minutes. Flip and cook an additional 2 minutes. Place ¼ of the quinoa pilaf on a plate and top with 6 grilled shrimp. Drizzle with Mango Lime vinaigrette (recipe below).

Mango Lime Vinaigrette Yields 2 Cups

Ingredients ½ cup lime juice ¼ cup rice vinegar 2 ripe mangos, chopped 1 Tbsp. agave nectar

Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper Heat a 3-quart sauce pan over medium-high heat. Add 1 tsp. of oil. When the oil is hot, add the onion and cook until softened and just starting to turn brown, about 4 minutes. Add the quinoa and

Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper Put the lime juice, vinegar and mango in a blender. Puree ingredients until a liquid is formed. Taste the dressing for balance. If needed, add the agave nectar and salt and pepper for taste. v

You are invited to “Hot Topics”

Breast Rejuvenation

Thursday, June 7 at 6 p.m. Ben J. Kirbo, M.D. and Laurence Z. Rosenberg, M.D. will discuss, answer questions and address the different Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift and Breast Reduction options available today. Upcoming “Hot” Topic: July 19 ~ Body Contouring Door Prizes ~ Call or register online at for complimentary registration



2030 Fleischmann Rd. ~ Tallahassee, FL



A fresh start with food

Wellness coach Jill Welch recommends cleansing for overall health By Brandi Schlossberg


t one time or another, most of us have experienced the discomfort that comes from polishing off an entire bag of chips, one too many pieces of pizza or way too much dessert. However, if poor food choices have become your norm, it could be time for a cleanse. “Cleansing is a good motivator and educator on the power of food in relation to health,” says Jill Welch 24


of The Kitchen Goddess, who leads cleanses, teaches cooking classes, prepares food for cancer patients, works as a private chef and also serves as an overall wellness coach. “You get to feel really good and experience firsthand how food affects your health.” A cleanse or food “detox” program can span the spectrum, from simply removing processed foods from your diet for a few days to consuming blended

Change Your Life Today Weight Loss Therapy • Gluten Free Diet Plan • FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants • Vitamin & Lipotonix Shots

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Family Practice Immigration Health School & Work Physicals Male Hormone Treatment Stop Smoking Program Laser Tattoo Removal Spider Vein Treatment

Beginning in 2012 Certified Trainer On Staff!

t ® reatmen Botox T A Walk-in Family Practice

David L. Browne, MSN, ARNP 1324 N. Magnolia Dr. (850) 671-3800



Member of American Society of Bariatric Physicians

EMBARRASSED TO SHOW OFF YOUR LEGS?? Varicose veins can be more than just a cosmetic concern; you

Free your legs...

may have an undiagnosed venous disorder. With so many options now available, not everyone needs major surgery. Vascular Surgery Associates offers a full service line of venous treatment plans. Ask Tallahassee's only Board Certified vascular surgeons to evaluate and discuss one of the following treatment plans that may be right for you:

‡ 6FOHURWKHUDS\ ‡ 9HLQ /DVHU 7KHUDS\ ‡ $PEXODWRU\ 3KOHEHFWRP\ ‡ 0LQLPDOO\ ,QYDVLYH (QGRYHQRXV 7KHUDS\ Many insurance plans cover partial, sometimes complete venous disorder treatment plans. Consult one of our Board Certified Vascular Specialists to find out if your varicose veins might be more than a cosmetic issue.


Vascular Surgery Associates Dr's Kaelin, Hoyne, Brumberg & Massie 2631 Centennial Blvd., Suite 100 Tallahassee, FL 32308 | 850-877-8539

fruits and veggies for a full week. The type of food detox you choose should depend on your current health status and goals. If you are leaning toward a more extreme cleanse, be sure to get the green light from your physician first. “I individualize each cleanse to the person, but basically it is a certain amount of days of liquid foods — blended soups, smoothies and juices — and a few supplements for colon health,” Welch says. “In my cleanse class, we go over in detail the most effective way to do a cleanse, and I include everything you need to know in the class packet, as well as all the recipes for the week.” According to Welch, one of the keys to a successful cleanse is support, which is why she provides a private online forum for those involved in a group cleanse. In addition, Welch makes herself available by phone and email to anyone enrolled in her cleanse class. “There was a point along the way that I wanted to give up, but that accountability to myself and the group helped me continue on,” says Julie Rogers, who participated in a seven-day group cleanse class through The Kitchen Goddess in November 2011. “The combination of foods and teas in the cleanse really cleared me out — I definitely felt healthier and more energetic.” Welch reports that a proper food detox program may lead to greater mental clarity, renewed energy, weight loss, a stronger immune system and greater sense of well-being. For Cody Traweek, one of Welch’s cleanse clients, the benefits included losing 11 pounds and gaining a whole new approach to cooking and eating. “I chose to do a cleanse because I had been eating a poor diet and wanted to give my body a fresh start and hit the reset button,” Traweek says. “I realized that food is one of the few things we have control over with our health and wellness, and the cleanse reinspired me to take charge of my diet.” v 26


Try detoxing one meal, one day or one week Before you embark on a cleanse that lasts one week or longer, there are ways to get a taste of the detox process by eating clean for one or two days, or one or two meals. Here, Jill Welch of The Kitchen Goddess offers a few basic guidelines and tips for folks interested in a cleanse. “A good mini-cleanse would be to take a break from high-impact foods, such as sugar, meat, dairy and anything processed,” Welch says. “Eat fresh leafy greens, vegetables and fruit for a day.” During a cleanse, much of what you consume will come in liquid form — cold or hot blends of mostly green vegetables and fruits. If you have a juicer at home, blend one cup of green beans, five leaves of spinach and five carrots to get a feel for detox flavors. Occasionally, Welch will guide a small group of clients through a one-week cleanse, providing each person with a customized packet of recipes, as well as access to a private online forum for group support. Welch’s next cleanse class is scheduled for July 21, but small groups can book her to lead cleanses by request. For more information, to sign up for the July class or to request a cleanse of your own, contact The Kitchen Goddess at 850-443-2953 or visit

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mind matters

Setting boundaries

Learn how to say ‘no’ when you need to By Kenya McCullum


re your feelings hurt a lot? Do other people take advantage of you all the time? Does it feel like you’re working constantly?Do you regularly have conflict with the people in your life?

to dump their problems and emotions on you— which you may soak up like a sponge.If your boundaries are too rigid, you may have difficulty connecting with other people. This can lead to loneliness and feeling isolated from others.

If you answered “yes” to these questions, the problem might be that you don’t establish healthy boundaries, which can lead to turmoil in your relationships and leave you feeling emotionally drained.

Although healthy boundaries are generally developed in our formative years, it’s never too late to learn how to create better boundaries. The following tips can help you do this, which will ultimately lead to healthier relationships.

JUST What Are Boundaries, Anyway? Everyone talks about having boundaries, but what are they? According to psychologists, boundaries act as a security system that we put around our body, our mind and our heart. When we’re using them the way we should, boundaries can protect us from being hurt—physically or emotionally— because they help us stand up for ourselves when others step over the line of our comfort zone. “Boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that establish who we are as a person,” says Linda Humphries, a Tallahassee therapist and counselor. “Our boundaries tell us the difference between our feelings and someone else’s feelings, our problems and someone else’s problems, our responsibilities and someone else’s responsibilities.” “Our boundaries as individuals are about our bodies, our minds, our spirit, our possessions and our rights. They define the limits we need to set in our lives to protect what is most important to us, and identify reasonable and safe ways for other people to behave around us.” But boundaries can only keep us safe if they’re appropriate. If your boundaries are too weak, you may have trouble setting limits and allow others 28


How to Develop Better Boundaries

Be clear. Before you can set clear boundaries with others, you have to be in touch with your emotions enough to know what they are. After scanning your feelings for what makes you uncomfortable, you should clearly let other people know what your boundaries are—and stick to them during challenging situations. Take five. Do you have trouble saying no? When you’re asked to do something, take five minutes to consider the request. This will give you the opportunity to scan your feelings about a favor and decide if it is in line with your comfort zone. Build a bubble. People who have healthy boundaries know who they are and don’t internalize the negative things that people say to them. If you need help with this, try imagining a huge bubble around your body when someone insults you. Instead of taking in their words, allow them to bounce off of your protective bubble and disappear. Ask for help. If you know someone who has the type of boundaries that you’re working toward, get some advice from them about how they deal with others. Also, a therapist can help you identify where your weaknesses are and give you tips on how to set healthier limits. v

Compassionate Homecare You Can Depend On When your health is compromised, all of the options can seem overwhelming. Maxim Healthcare Services offers confidence in the quality of your care. Whether you need 24-hour clinical care or just assistance with things around your home, Maxim can help. Why Choose Maxim? • Available 4 to 24-hours a day, 365 days a year • RN Case Manager assigned to all clients person onal al h ygie yg iene ne • Assistance with pe personal hygiene feedingg • Assistance with fe medica cati ca tion ti onss on • Assistance with me medications ping pi • Light housekeeping aree ar • Incontinence care

Contact us today too llearn earn nm more. ore. (850) 422-1111 HHA #299991783

w w w. m a x i m h o m e c a r e . c o m


Gynecology and Gynecologic Surgical Services Provided • Now Accepting Patients • Office Hours: Mon. - Thur. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Friday 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

850-656-2128 2009 Miccosukee Road Tallahassee, FL 32308


...Making family dreams come true.

We offer complete fertility care, provided locally in a comfortable, caring environment. To learn more, find NewLIFE on or visit:



New Leaders In Fertility and Endocrinology Barry A. Ripps, M.D.

Rachel Depart

Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility


2344 Centerville Rd., Ste. 103 • Tallahassee, FL 32308 • 850.325.6672

AROUND TOWN June 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Open every Saturday, March through November, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Downtown MarketPlace features fresh homegrown produce and organic items. Look for fresh cut flowers and native plants. These are local farmers offering Mother Nature’s best in a tranquil setting as celebrated local musicians play their music on stage, authors and poets present readings of their latest books, and regional artists show arts and fine crafts. Special events bring hands-on art activities for children or sneak previews of upcoming cultural events. For Marketplace Information: Allen Thompson, Downtown Events Coordinator, 117 E Park Avenue, Downtown Tallahassee, Park Avenue chain of Parks, downtown Tallahassee. June 8-9, 1-4 p.m.

Seventh Annual Ride for Hope

A fun-filled cyclist and wellness event for all ages, the Ride for Hope provides five distance rides ranging from a family fun ride/walk to a 100-mile century through the rolling hills and canopy roads of Tallahassee. The Ride for Hope begins at 4 p.m. June 8 with a Vendor Expo that includes pre-registration, dinner, entertainment and the “Hero of Hope” presentation. All rides take place on June 9, starting with the 100-mile century at 6:30 a.m., with the “family fun” events and Health Fair from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. All attendees will receive free health and fitness information, along with blood pressure checks and health screenings. The Ride for Hope also features music, food, face painting and fun for the whole family. All proceeds will benefit the Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center and help to keep quality cancer care close to home. Participants will receive a free insulated water bottle while supplies last and a jersey order discount for early registration. Visit for more information. or call Aaron Kinnon, 431-5389. Location is the North



Florida Fairgrounds, 441 Paul Russell Road. June 9, 7-11 p.m.

Carnival 2012

Carnival 2012 is the First Annual Benefit fundraiser for Helping-Hand2 Inc. This event will take place at the University Center Club at Florida State University. Plenty of activities are planned, including live entertainment, carnival games and Tallahassee’s premier fortune teller. Helping-Hand2 Inc. tries to help individuals, groups, families and communities prevent, alleviate or better cope with life crisis, change and stress. The organization seeks to enable people to live more satisfying, autonomous and productive lives through community resources, technical innovations and prayer. Carnival tickets are $20 and can be purchased at Express Printing on North Monroe Street, Twinkle Toe Shoes in Governor’s Square Mall or at the website June 9, 2 p.m. & 7 p.m.

Everything Old Is New Again: Summer Barbershop Harmony Show

The Capital Chordsmen and its quartets will perform their big annual barbershop chorus and quartet show

Photo by Glenn Beil

Downtown MarketPlace

at TCC’s Turner Auditorium. The show will feature the full chorus and, among the Chordsmen’s own quartets, In-A-Chord, The Rolling Tones, Stevie J and the Boys, Venus and Mars (a mixed quartet of two men and two women), and Revised Edition (an all-women quartet). The guest quartet will be The Vigilantes, the 2011 international silvermedal-winning collegiate quartet. Groups will perform traditional and contemporary four-part barbershop harmony music – including love songs, gospel, and pop – highlighted with splashes of humor and history. This will be a family-oriented show with music for all ears and ages! The cost is $15 for general admission, $12.50 for seniors 65+, and $5 for students. Tickets can be bought at the door, from or from Robbie Brunger; 2247729. Turner Auditorium, 444 Appleyard Drive, TCC Campus. June 21, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

“Getting Started . . . If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It” Gayle Swedmark-Hughes’ memoir, Two Thousand Daffodils, recounts her early years in Fernandina on Amelia Island, her courtroom battles as a

trail-blazing women trial lawyer, and her claim to happiness with her beloved son, and the love of her life, Frank Hughes, who planted 2,000 daffodils in her pasture when she agreed to marry him. She will talk about the process of starting from scratch to the publishing of a nonfiction piece or memoir. This talk is presented by the Tallahassee Writers Association. To learn more, call Roberta Burton, 3227069, or visit American Legion Hall, 229 Lake Ella Drive. June 23, 6:30 p.m.

14th Annual Artopia

Over the past 14 years, Artopia has become Big Bend Cares’ largest fundraiser and one of the most highly anticipated juried art events in this area. Artopia hosts local and world-renowned artists who donate their work. Attendees bid on the art through silent and live auctions. Proceeds provide education and comprehensive support for people infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Call Big Bend Cares at 656-2437 for additional information. Tickets cost $30, and a limited number of VIP are available for $75. Artopia will be at the Turnbull Center at FSU, 555 W. Pensacola St.

~ Physician Profiles MICHELLE HOGGATT, MD

Gynecology and Gynecologic Surgery Dr. Hoggatt received her undergraduate degree in genetics from the Univ. of California at Berkeley and she received her Doctor of Medicine from the Medical Univ. of South Carolina, Charleston, SC. After completing her obstetrics and gynecology residency at Tulane Univ. Medical Center, Dr. Hoggatt began practicing obstetrics and gynecological medicine in Sacramento, CA. She relocated to Tallahassee and has been in a group practice specializing in gynecology and gynecological surgery. Dr. Hoggatt is a member of the AMA, Capital Medical Society and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Hoggatt uses her specialized skills in gynecological medicine to help educate her patients about the importance of managing the challenges of women’s health issues. Contact: 2009 Miccosukee Road., Tallahassee, 850.656.2128


Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Kirbo is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing in the N. Florida and S. Georgia area for more than 15 years. Dr. Kirbo completed his medical degree at the University of Miami. Dr. Kirbo completed general surgery residency at the University of Kentucky and plastic surgery residency at Vanderbilt University. His particular interests are cosmetic, breast, post-bariatric weight loss surgery, correcting undesirable plastic surgery results and body contouring. He was recently recognized as a recipient of The Tally Awards top surgeon in Tallahassee. Contact: Southeastern Plastic Surgery, 2030 Fleischmann Rd., Tallahassee, 850.219.2000,


General and Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Ronald G. Willis Graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Willis specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry, TMJ/TMD Neuromuscular Dentistry, Neuromuscular Orthodontics, and Veneers. Dr. Willis has treated missing and discolored teeth. Many treatment options exist for his patients as well as finishing the frame around the teeth and face with Botox and Derma Fillers. Dr. Willis received an award for Best Dentist in 2003 & 2005 and Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies Clinical Instructor of the year. Contact: Centre Point Dental Group, 2470 Care Dr., Tallahassee, 850.877.5151 or

Jana Bures-ForsthoeFel, MD

Gynecology and Obstetrics Dr. Jana Bures-Forsthoefel has been practicing in our community for 25+ years and is now delivering the next generation. Dr. Bures -Forsthoefel received her doctorate in from the University Of Louisville School Of Medicine and did her residency at Emory University Grady Hospital in Atlanta Georgia. She is Board Certified in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Contact: Gynecology & Obstetrics Associates, PA Professional Office Building, 1405 Centerville Rd. Suite 4200, 850.877.3549,


Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Rosenberg attended Emory University for college and medical school. He is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and Plastic Surgery. He has written articles on facelifts, breast reduction and reconstruction, abdominoplasty, melanoma and non-melanoma reconstruction. He has a many specializations; eyelid surgery, breast reconstruction, augmentation and reduction, abdominoplasty, hand surgery, treatments of skin disorders and body contouring for massive weight loss patients. Dr. Rosenberg is the only board certified physician in N. Florida and S. Georgia to perform a hair restoration procedure of transplanting individual follicular units. Contact: Southeastern Plastic Surgery, 2030 Fleischmann Rd., Tallahassee, 850.219.2000,


Family Medicine Dr. Robert Frable is a board certified family practice physician established in Wakulla County for 24 years. Originally from Pennsylvania, he attended undergraduate school at Northeast Missouri State University and graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Family Pratice Residency was completed at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Hospital in Kirksville, Missouri. Contact: Capital Regional Medical Group, 2832 Crawfordville Hwy., Crawfordville, 850.926.6363


Cadiology/Internal Medicine Dr. Sangosanya has joined Capital Regional Cardiology Associates. He earned his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine and completed his cardiovascular disease training at the University of MiamiJackson Memorial Medical Center. Dr. Sangosanya is board certified in cardiovascular diseases and internal medicine. He is also board eligible in clinical cardiac electrophysiology. Dr. Sangosanya is committed to providing accessible care to the Big Bend and provides same day appointments to patients. Contact: Capital Regional Cardiology Associates, 2770 Capital Medical Blvd, Ste 109, Tallahassee, 850.877.0216,


Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Dr. Shawn Ramsey specializes in minimally invasive surgery, female pelvic reconstructive surgery, and aesthetic procedures. He is certified in the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System. Dr. Ramsey received his Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, Pennsylvania and he did his residency at the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan. Contact: Gynecology & Obstetrics Associates, PA Professional Office Building, 1405 Centerville Rd. Suite 4200, 850.877.3549,

There’s No Place Like Home... Especially when you’re not feeling well.

With InQuicker, you and your family no longer have to wait in an urgent care or emergency waiting room. At Tallahassee Memorial, you can now check-in online to hold your place in line for our Urgent Care and Emergency Centers and rest comfortably at home while waiting for your visit. With InQuicker, your waiting room time is over. Check-in at to hold your place in line, online today.

Urgent Care and ER Online Check-in at TMH.ORG

* InQuicker is only for patients experiencing non-life threatening conditions and does not affect the wait times of other emergency room patients. Priority treatment is always given to those with the most urgent medical conditions.

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