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Troubleshoot your AC problems

By Alan J. Heavens

The Philadelphia Inquirer (MCT)

The sun is ablaze in the bright-blue sky above. The Weather Channel promises several days of hot and humid weather to come.

As beads of perspiration appear on your forehead, you make your way to the thermostat and throw the switch to turn on the central airconditioning for the season. Nothing. According to Fred

Hutchinson of Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling in Cherry Hill, here are five reasons for a non-operating system: 1. Inadequate maintenance. Dirty filters and air-conditioning coils can cause the machine to under-perform.

2. Refrigerant leaks. Air conditioners work most effectively and efficiently when the refrigerant charge exactly matches the manufacturer’s specifications and is neither undercharged nor overcharged.

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Buyers Can “Carbon Date” a Home

I have few significant skills in life. I can’t tell a joke, juggle, or do a backflip. But I can walk into most homes and tell you the age of the home within minutes. I call this “carbon dating” Robert “Greg” Lane St.Cert.Res. REA#2252 the home, taken from V.P., Timberlane Appraisal my Intro to Geology class at FSU back in the day. Unfortunately for most sellers, buyers have this same “sixth sense” for real estate. Three decades ago, we embraced a mid-’80s color palette of dark countertops, carpet, and wall colors. As tastes changed in the mid’90s, many of us realized that “white, bright, and airy” was the new wave, and it was time to break from the ’80s. I still don’t know what “airy” is, but it sounded really good on HGTV when everyone said it, over and over again. Remember the movie Poltergeist, with its famous catchphrase, “They’re back”? Well, welcome to the new millennium, because the

rich, darker colors we so longed to get away from are back with a vengeance. Anyone who toured the very successful Parade of Homes noticed the darker color choices in many of the homes. Buyers really want new, but in some cases they cannot afford it, it is not available, or it is not in the location they are looking for. For some of those buyers, they really should just build. For those who don’t want to or can’t, the next best thing is a relatively new home which has been updated. If the buyer walks into your home and you have the pickled oak cabinets, green Formica countertops, white tile flooring, white appliances, white walls, and huge vaulted (airy?) ceilings, you might as well have an electronic billboard that reads, “This home was built in 1995.” So look around. It might be time to warm up your home, add some stone countertops, brush on some mocha paint, and go stainless. No matter how appealing the exterior is, a buyer is going to carbon date the interior of your home, which may just be the difference in whether it sells or not.


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SUPPLY Sold Past Yr 07/12-06/13

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VALUE TREND Prior 6 Mo Prior 12 Mo Avg Sale $ Avg Sale $

$ 181,800

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$ $

204,800 89,000

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%"! (,5, ,.2/! 3) , )+,77 129532- 2& 5"! (,5, ,/,37,.7! &29 5"! 720,7 +,98!5* 47!,)! ,)8 , '!,75296 &29 +29! 3-&29+,532- 29 0"!08 5"! +!(3, 73-8 ,5 ###*5.9-!5*29$* Data from CATRS, Inc. MLS (a subsidiary of TBR) compiled by Timberlane Appraisal for the exclusive use of CATRS and TBR. TD-0000235405


3. Drainage problems. This is a frequent issue with city residents who have window air conditioners. 4. Electric control failure. The compressor and fan controls can wear out, especially when the air conditioner cycles on and off frequently, common when a system is oversize. 5. Sensor problems. To keep a room comfortable, window air conditioners have a thermostat sensor behind the control panel, which measures the temperature of air coming into the evaporative coil. If the sensor is knocked out of position, the air conditioner can cycle on and off too often or otherwise behave erratically. Of course, what Hutchinson is too polite to say is that you should have tested the AC well before the start of hot weather. Too often we hope for the best because we think it saves money. So if your air-conditioning is operating just fine and dandy, you might want to make an appointment with your service contractor to check out the furnace before winter blows in. Keeping costs down. Even if your air-conditioning is doing well, you probably are not enthusiastic about spending the arm and the leg needed to pay for comfort this summer. Owens Corning, the maker of that pink insulation, has these suggestions: Program your thermostat. Homeowners can save energy and money using a programmable thermostat with the air conditioner to automatically adjust the setting at night or when no one is home. Waiting to turn

on the air conditioner when you return home won’t cool your home any faster; it could result in excessive cooling and unnecessary expense. Shade your windows. Sunny windows make air conditioners work two to three times harder. Reduce air-conditioning costs by closing curtains on the south- and westfacing windows during the day. Window shades, blinds, or drapes will reflect heat away from the house. Insulate your investment. Properly insulating a home can help keep a home cooler during summer (and warmer in winter) and save homeowners up to $220 annually on energy bills. The attic is the easiest and most affordable place to add insulation to a home. Weatherize. Air leaks can lead to wasted energy and spending. Weather-stripping will keep cool air in during summer. Insulating areas around air-conditioning ducts in unconditioned spaces, such as attics, crawl spaces and garages, also will save energy and money. Questions? Email Alan J. Heavens at or write him at The Inquirer, Box 8263, Philadelphia, Pa. 19101. Volume prohibits individual replies.

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Florida State University Credit Union 4.625% 0 3.75% 0 3.375% 0

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Mo. Pmt.

850-325-3152 4.625% 3.75% 4.125% 4.250% 4.25%

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5% 5% 3.5% 0% 0%

30 30 30 30 60

5.064% $771.21 4.256% $1,090.84 5.198% $732.37 4.744% $737.91 4.913% $737.91

Please note: Rate quotes based on qualified borrowers having a credit score of 740 or better. Let your neighborhood professionals guide your mortgage transaction from beginning to end. We have numerous programs to meet your diverse financial needs.

• Updated Weekly • Information for this chart is compiled by the Tallahassee Democrat and is valid as of the publication date of this issue and is subject to change without notice. Estimated monthly payment calculated using a mortgage amount of $150,000 and the list APR for loans starting the Sunday of publication. Contact lender directly for additional programs and fees, terms and conditions of the loans. NOTE: LIP=Lock-in period, Down=% of down payment. APR= Annual Percentage Rate.

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Can you really afford your dream house? By Jack Guttentag The Mortgage Professor (MCT)

The house purchase season is now in full swing, and many wouldbe purchasers are wondering whether or not they can afford the price quoted on the house they would like to buy. Alternatively, they may not have started their house shopping and may be wondering what price range they should be exploring. The availability of mortgage financing is obviously a critical feature of the affordability

equation, and it is quite different today than when I addressed the issue before the financial crisis. Interest rates are lower for borrowers with good credentials, which may increase the amounts they can afford to pay. But rates are not necessarily lower for borrowers with less-thanstellar credentials, and more borrowers today are unable to qualify at all. In particular, the income used to qualify would-be purchasers today is not the income they believe they have but the income that they

After the housing crisis, many would-be purchasers are left wondering if they can afford a home. KURT STRAZDINS/MCT

can document, which can be much lower. Mortgage affordabil-

ity must be calculated three times using three different rules. I call

these the income rule, the debt rule and the cash rule. The final affordability figure is the lowest of the three. When affordability is measured on the back of an envelope, which real estate brokers often do, usually it is based on the income rule alone, ignoring the other two. This can result in error. The income rule says that the borrower’s monthly housing expense, which is the sum of the mortgage payment, property taxes and homeowner insurance premium, cannot exceed a per-

Capital City Apartment Association Carly Grubbs

CCAA President

Serving the Industries Serving You


by Harry Anthony Heist, Attorney at Law There is a good chance that somewhere, sometime, one of your residents will experience an appliance failure. While many appliances can be repaired, often they cannot, requiring a sometimes costly replacement. Outside of a reference to refrigeration, Florida Residential Landlord/Tenant law does not address appliances, so we need to look to common law principles, general contract law and the lease agreement. Whose Responsibility are the Appliances? Unless specifically excluded in the lease agreement itself, it is the responsibility of the landlord to have the appliances that exist on the premises in good working order throughout the tenancy. If they fail, they must be repaired or replaced by the landlord at the landlord’s expense, unless it can be proven that the failure was caused by intentional damage or negligence by the resident. Appliances would include any appliance on the premises when the resident rented the unit, the refrigerator, washer/dryer, stove, oven, microwave and dishwasher being the most common ones. Exclusions You may want to exclude appliances, or in some cases, certain “features” of appliances. For instance, sometimes the ice maker or water dispenser on a refrigerator can fail and cannot be repaired due to the age of the refrigerator or non-availability of parts. This can be easily excluded in the lease, as the refrigerator will normally still work even if the icemaker and/or water dispenser does not work. Any exclusion has to be clearly defined in the lease with no room for interpretation. Remember that if the landlord provides the wording of the lease language being contested, which is usually the case, any ambiguity within that lease verbiage will be construed in favor of the resident, not the landlord or the landlord’s agent. If the landlord completely disclaims responsibility for a particular appliance, the landlord must deal with the fact that if a resident is forced to buy a new or used replacement appliance, he or she often will take it upon vacating the premises. This sometime comes as a shock to the landlord when the realization sets in that an appliance is gone at move-out. Used Appliances If an appliance is in used condition when the resident takes possession, there is nothing to prohibit the appliance being replaced by a used appliance with similar functionality and features. If a side by side refrigerator with icemaker and water dispenser fails, then it should be replaced with the same type of appliance with the same features, UNLESS the lease addresses this. A wise landlord or property manager will examine the appliances carefully prior to the lease inception and make a determination if the appliances will be replaced with similar ones, or if they will potentially


be replaced with ones that have fewer features. If the decision is to replace with fewer features, the lease needs to give the landlord that leeway. Some items may be made completely exempt from repair or replacement obligations. The extra refrigerator in the garage, the deep freezer in the garage and the garbage disposal all must be kept in working condition UNLESS otherwise excluded. The key is to carefully examine the property to be managed and assess what will happen in the event of a failure. Commonly there is an extra refrigerator in the garage. If not specifically excluded under the lease, the landlord will need to replace or repair. This will come as a surprise to the landlord who assumed that it simply was an extra and not important. It is these little things dealt with at the beginning of a tenancy that sets a real quality property manager apart from the rest. Practical Considerations Ideally an appliance can be repaired, or an owner will authorize the replacement of an appliance with a new appliance. In multi-family settings, often there are vacant units with appliances, so it is easy to simply take a working appliance from another unit. Look carefully to see if the used appliance has the same or similar features. If there is a large dispute as to the features, or the used appliance clearly does not have the same or similar features, it may be wise to give the resident a small rent discount agreed upon by the owner and memorialized in writing with a lease addendum, signed by all the parties. If you cannot come to an agreement, it is recommend that a new appliance be purchased absent a lease clause permitting a substitution of an appliance with less or different features. Finally, always confirm in writing with the property owner the existence of any warranties or service contacts. If the owner is not asked about this, it is often not disclosed. This can result in the property manager having to pay for the repair or replacement and not being reimbursed by the owner. Your property management agreement should clearly state that the owner will provide you with any service contracts or warranties at the beginning of the relationship, but it is up to you to ask and receive your answer in writing. Color of Appliance If an appliance is swapped out or a used one is purchased, take care in matching the color. Although nothing in the law entitles a resident to have a particular color of appliance, you should look somewhat to aesthetics if possible. Replacing a bright white appliance with ulmustard colored one is not going to go over well with most residents. When dealing with appliance replacements, ask yourself if you would be satisfied with the outcome, and govern yourself accordingly.TD-0000234884

centage of the borrower’s income specified by the lender. If this maximum is 28 percent, for example, and John Smith’s documentable income is $4,000, monthly housing expense cannot exceed $1,120. If taxes and insurance are $200, the maximum mortgage payment is $920. At 4.5 percent and 30 years, this payment will support a loan of $181,572. Assuming a 5 percent down payment, this implies a sale price of $191,128. This is the maximum sale price for Smith using the income rule. The debt rule says that the borrower’s total housing expense, which is the sum of the monthly housing expense plus monthly payments on existing debt, cannot exceed a percentage of the borrower’s income specified by the lender. If this maximum is 36 percent, for example, the total housing expense for Smith cannot exceed $1,440. If taxes and insurance are $200 while existing debt service is $240, the maximum mortgage payment is $1,000. At 4.5 percent and 30 years, this payment will support a loan of $197,361. Assuming a 5 percent down payment, this implies a sale price of $207,749. This is the maximum sale price for Smith using the debt rule. The required cash rule says that the borrower must have cash sufficient to meet the down payment requirement plus other settlement costs. If Smith has $15,000 and the sum of the down payment requirement and other settlement costs are 10 percent of sale price, then the maximum sale price using the cash rule is $150,000. Since this is the lowest of the three maximums, it is the affordabilSee MORTGAGE » Page 5


Divorce doesn’t wipe out joint mortgage By Gary M. Singer Sun Sentinel (MCT)

QUESTION: I got divorced in 2010 and deeded the house to my exhusband. Little did I know that mortgage would still be haunting me today. I’m trying to get a loan for a new house, but the lender sees that other mortgage and won’t approve my financing. What can I do? —Anjie ANSWER: The first thing to do is to ask your ex-husband to refinance the mortgage in his name alone. Normally, a married couple will borrow for their home together

Mortgage Continued » 4G

ity estimate for Smith. When the income rule sets the limit on the maximum sale price, the borrower is said to be income-constrained. Affordability of an income-constrained borrower can be raised by an increase in the maximum monthly housing expense, or by access to additional income — by sending a spouse out to work, for example. When the debt rule sets the limit on the maximum sale price, the borrower is said to be debt-constrained. The affordability of a debtconstrained borrower (but not that of a cashconstrained or incomeconstrained borrower) can be increased by repaying debt. When the cash rule sets the limit on the maximum sale price, the borrower is said to be cash-constrained. Affordability of a cash-constrained borrower can be

and have to put both names on the mortgage to qualify. When the marriage turns sour, one spouse will get the house and make the mortgage payments going forward. The divorce, however, is from each other. The loan from the bank is not affected. The other spouse rarely realizes this until he or she gets turned down for a new mortgage because the debt load is too high. Or he or she gets served in a foreclosure lawsuit when the ex-spouse stops making the payments. This sort of problem is best dealt with before the divorce is final. Have the

raised by a reduction in the down payment requirement, a reduction in settlement costs, or access to an additional source of cash — a parent, for example. There are many affordability calculators available on the Internet, but to my knowledge, the calculator on my website,, is the only one that allows the user to do it two ways. Users can specify the house price, and the calculator will return the minimum income, minimum cash and maximum debt to buy that house. Or they can specify their income, debt payments, and loan and property features, and the calculator will return the price they can afford to pay. The affordability calculator on my website, calculator 5a, can be found at Calculator5a.html. Jack Guttentag is professor emeritus of finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Comments and questions can be left at

property sold or refinanced into one name while all of the other details of the divorce are being negotiated. Trying to get a former spouse to cooperate several years after the divorce can be an exercise in futility. By shopping

around to several lenders, you may find one that will look at the situation and the divorce paperwork and make an exception for the debt on the old house — especially if your ex-husband makes his payments on time.

Shane Lambert, CIP

Gary M. Singer is a Florida attorney and board-certified as an expert in real estate law by the Florida Bar. He is the chairperson of the Real Estate Section of the Broward County Bar Association and is an adjunct professor for the Nova Southeastern University Paralegal Studies program. Send him questions online at

mR20t7 or follow him on Twitter @GarySingerLaw. The information and materials in this column are provided for general informational purposes only and are not intended to be legal advice. No attorneyclient relationship is formed. Nothing in this column is intended to substitute for the advice of an attorney, especially an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.


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Interest Rates Are Rising: Act Now to Buy a New Home With the Federal Reser ve’s announcement that it will taper off its bond-buying efforts to keep interest rates low, borrowers are already seeing an increase in mortgage interest rates. So if you’ve been debating whether now is the best time to buy your new dream home, make no mistake: the time is now. For those who are pursuing that new home, perhaps you have some of the same goals as those individuals recently surveyed by our National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). On average, home buyers are looking for a home that is 17 percent larger than their current home, a median of 2,226 square feet. But, likely as a result of the ongoing challenges of the economic downturn, that size is 13 percent smaller than the average size of homes started in 2012. The layout of the home is more important than the location to most buyers. Living space and number of rooms was ranked the most influential characteristic by 65 percent of buyers, while only 33 percent ranked proximity to locations they need to go as tops. A sense of open space continues to be popular, with about three-

quarters of home buyers wanting a kitchen that is open to the family room, and nearly two-thirds looking for ceilings on the first floor that are nine feet or more tall. S ome of the m o s t de sire d features in a home involve saving e n e r g y. E n e r g y S t a r ® - r a te d a p p l i a n c e s we r e c o n s i d e r e d essential or desirable by 94 percent of respondents, and 91 percent wanted an Energy Star® rating for the whole home. In fact, nine out of ten buyers would rather buy a home with energy-efficient features and permanently lower utility bills than one without those features that

costs two percent to three percent less. Convenient organization and storage is another home buyer favorite. More than 80 percent of the respondents said they wanted walk-in pantries and pull- out shelves in the kitchen, a laundry room and storage in the garage. Today’s home buyers want the latest technology. While only 15 percent of home owners currently have a wireless home security system, 50 percent want one. Similar gaps in “have” versus “want” occur with security cameras, lighting control and wireless audio systems, and multi-zone HVACs. The most unwanted home features include elevators and having only a shower stall and no tub in the master bath. So whether you’re planning or dreaming about what your next new home will look like, or you’re making renovations to your current home so that it will appeal to its next owner, keep these home buyer preferences in mind… and be sure to use a member of the Tallahassee Builders Association (TBA) for the best performance and highest level of professionalism in meeting your needs.






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__ __





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TOWNHOMES FOR RENT1BR. Deal UNFURNISHED 1207 N. MLK Blvd. #B2, 2502 Holton Street 1BR/1BA 650sqft., CHA, *2/1.5 Huge! $735 Equip. L e o n A r m s i s n o w Avail 9/11, $395 Hookups, CH&A, accepting applications Kent Strauss Mgmt & 1305 Cross Creek Cir. for 2 & 3 bedroom Realty, Inc. 877-2284 near Earth Fare 668-0635 9352336 apartments. 9352093 All applications must 2/2 Fireplace deck, meet HUD’s eligibility fenced, yard svc guidelines for assisted A p l a c e o f p e a c e & 1259 Breckenridge Run housing as rent based quiet: 2BR/1BA duplex $715/mo + $715 dep. inside util. rm, lg great on income. 850-671-2510 rm. & screened porch. For more information 9352401 Fireplace & wooded contact us at (850) 576-7308 M-F 8-5 backyard, landscaped 2/2,1000 sq.ft., 2-story, front yard. Ideal for a off street parking. Near TDD 1-800-995-8770 p r o f e s s i o n a l o r hospitals & shopping, graduate student. 3606 Sedona Loop 9350911 $650/mo+1 mo. dep. $775/mo. 850-878-5468 9349829 850-383-0087



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1224-C Alachua Ave., 2 WEEKS FREE! 800 sqft, W/D 1 & 2 BRs. 1-story, pool, 2BR/1BA Hookups. Avail 8/9, laundry, pet friendly. 7 mo. lease avail. 575-1495 $575. Kent Strauss Mgmt & 9350016 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Capital Court Apts 9352081 Capital Court Apts- 700 N. Calhoun st., CH/A, NEAR HOSPITALS. Clean quiet 1/1 w/full tile floor Laundry on Site, One M o n t h F r e e M o v e - i n CH/A. No pets, please. $450/mo. 894-4017 Special, avail now. l2BR/1BA, 800sqft $525 9350149 l2BR/1BA, 900sqft $575 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Nice quality 2BR apts. Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Starting at $475 + dep 9352036 No pets. 850-561-4226


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Casa Calderon Apartments




Across from FSU Offers an independent Spacious 1/1 Apts living facility for persons Only $499/mo. with who are either 62 years other great specials. of age or older and/or Cable & Internet Incl. handicapped. Rent is Pets Welcomed based upon income 850-222-4879 and applicants must 9344161 meet HUD's eligibility requirements. For more Regional Property information contact Services Casa Calderon Over 600 properties Apartments 800 W. Virginia St. in the Tallahassee area. Tallahassee, FL 32304 Check us out at 850-222-4026 TDD: 800-955-8771 893-2500 9350984 Lic Real Estate Broker



Close to State Offices __ 1356-A&C Linda Ann Shannon Lakes View


Dr., 1BR/1BA, 700 sqft, $425, CHA, tile floors, Deck, avail now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



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210 1st Ave W

2BR/2.5BA, 2-car garage. $995/mo $500 dep. Curtis Baynes Broker (850) 576-8774





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Raymond Diehl Beauty

2063 Admiral Ct., 2BR/1BA 850sqft., CHA, W/D hookups, avail 7/11, $675 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284






Fox Glen


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Lafayette Park Deal!

1346 Terrace St., #1A, 2Br/1Ba 1100sqft, CHA, W/D Hookups, Private Patio, avail 8/9 , $695. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



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Tharpe St Convenience

1009-12 Sharer Ct, 1Br/1Ba 736sqft, CHA, 1793 Falconcrest Dr. W/D Hookups, private 2Br/2Ba 1100sqft, CHA, W/D, avail 8/9, $695. patio, avail 7/11 , $450. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Realty, Inc. 877-2284




Landings Golden John Knox Deal The Eagle, 3/2, 1803 sqft 2171 Delta Way, 2-car garage, W/D, 2Br/2Ba 1585 sqft,CHA, $1595/mo. 894-0052 9349599 W/D, garage, avail 8/9, $1050. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9352084 Three great places near FSU!! Killearn 2BR/2BA l 4 / 3 f o r $ 9 0 0 / m o , avail. NOW Fireplace, W/D, No l 2/2 for $700/mo, pets/smoke. $725 avail. Aug. mo. 570-1213 9351212 l 2/2 for $750/mo, avail. Aug., furnished l 1830-D Nicklaus-2/2 with big loft, fireplace Call to arrange & W/D, overlooking viewings, 850-545-7074 golf course off Paul Retriever Property Russell Rd, ready Ent. LLC now, $850 l 2 3 8 5 R y a n 9352248 Place-2/2.5 w/ ceramic tile, Walk to Campus fireplace & fenced 214-D White Dr. yard, $895 1Br/1Ba CHA, l 2 4 4 1 E m e r a l d W / D , F e650sqft, nced yard, R i d g e L o o p - 3 / 2 i n avail 7/11, $525. great condition, Tiki Kent Strauss Mgmt & bar, all appliances, Realty, Inc. 877-2284 $950 l 419-C Williams-2/2 9352091 with large loft, new flooring, $1100 Wolf Creek 1652 Corey Wood Cir., Spirit Realty Inc. of 3BR/2BA 1230sqft, CHA, Tallahassee 877-4343 W/D, avail 7/11, $850 Kent Strauss Mgmt & 9352291 Realty, Inc. 877-2284

2735 E. Park Ave Apt A, Amazing Location 2Br/2Ba 950 sqft,CHA, 2501 Mar Ct., 2BR/1.5BA w/d hook- ups,avail 8 3 6 s q f t , C H A , W / D now $675. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Hookups, avail 7/11, Realty, Inc. 877-2284 $625 Kent Strauss Mgmt & 9352039 Realty, Inc. 877-2284

2659 Mission Rd., 2BR/1BA 852Sqft, CHA, W / D H o o k u p s , Fireplace, Avail now, 9352046 $575 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Astoria Hills Realty, Inc. 877-2284 1839-4 Portland Ave., 2Br/1.5Ba 1150sqft, CHA, 9352047 W/D Hookups, tile floors, N e a r L a k e E l l a , l i k e avail 8/9 , $650. new, 2BR/2BA,1400 sqft Kent Strauss Mgmt & CH/A, W/D. $900/mo. Realty, Inc. 877-2284 847-8294 9349845


Phone in hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.





QUAD/TUNFURNISHED RIPLEXES FOR RENT2BR/1.5BA near TCC, CHA, Fenced yard, no pets. $600/mo. + dep. 850-567-1875 shirleycain@comcast. net





__ __

$495/mo 2/1,West side, Amazing Midtown lg. lot, adjoins Natl Forest, kitchen equip, 1 9 2 5 H o l l y w o o d D r . , deck No pets 576-2695 3Br/2Br with sunroom 9350098 1240sqft, CHA, W/D, Fireplace, shed, *** New Homes *** Fenced yard, avail 10% of rent towards 8/9, $1,295 purchase of new Kent Strauss Mgmt & homes in Bull Run. Realty, Inc. 877-2284 From $1,995 per month. Call Porter Chandler, 9352072 Broker/Owner Tallahassee Homes Betton Hills Luxury Realty 545-8491 9352100 2239 Armistead Rd., 3BR/2BA w/ loft 2,000+ 2/2 Beautiful N.E. sqft, CHA, W/D, Large 1657 Cross Pointe Way b a s e m e n t , G a r a g e , wood floors, hot tub, 2-car garage, yard Avail Now, $1850 maintained. No pets. Kent Strauss Mgmt & No smoking. Avail. Now Realty, Inc. 877-2284 $995/mo 850-445-6099 9350370





2303 Dozier Dr.



3/1 new carpet & roof, BETTON WOODS full kitchen, hookups, C H A R M E R ! 3 / 2 . 5 , $2000/mo/dep, Newly carport, $775/mo Updated! Meridian Mgmt. Realtor 850-567-8878

222-8702 __



3/2, 1900 sq.ft , CH/A, Bucklake Beauty storage, private yard Near colleges $1050 + 5 8 0 4 O l d F o r g e C t . , $500 dep. 850-339-0032 3 B R / 2 B A 1 7 6 2 s q f t . , 9349164 CHA, W/D Hookups, fireplace, garage, 3BR/3.5BA, 2 car gafenced yard, avail. rage, 500 sqft dock on 7/11, $1250. Lake Talquin, avail 7/15 Kent Strauss Mgmt & $1,350 mo. 545-1241 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9352244




Country Gem

2108 Portsmouth Cir., 3BR/2BA 1125sqft., CHA, W/D hookups, screened porch, garage, tile floors, no smokers, avail 7/11, $950 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Fairness. That’s what the Democrat gives you every day.


36 YEARS REAL ESTATE SALES CALL 545-3419 BARBARA DICKSON RE/MAX Professionals Realty REDUCED DELUXE CONDO $100,000 REDUCED Hardwood floors, new appliances, fireplace, screen porch. 2.5 pretty baths, pool, tennis, 545-3419 Barbara Dickson Remax Professional Realty

42916 OAKWOOD - $119,900 CUTE STARTER Tile Floors, New Carpet & Paint, 2 car Carport, Big fenced yard, Brick, Quiet, Conven. University, work areas!

4BR - 2 ACRE - $243,900! ACRE $39,900 3BR-NEAR LAKE TALQUIN Shows New! High Ceilings, Rich Wood Floors, Rich Cute 3 bedroom, 2 bath, very nice, priced to sell! Tile, Stainless Kitchen, Luxury Jacuzzi Master! LAKEFRONT 4BR POOL-NEW PRICE $419,900 Screen porch, Sep. Shop, 2 Car Garage! 3216 Shady Hawk Lane on 3.38 acres! Almost 3,000 HOMES NEEDED TO SELL FOR feet, rich wood floors, granite Kitchen, 3 car garage! Buyers Wanting Piney Z, Buck Lake, Emerald REDUCED LUXURY KILLEARN $154,900 REDUCED Acres Areas, wanting to sell Call Barbara Dickson, Remax Professionals Realty 545-3419 3BR/2.5BA, overlooks golf course! Private Patio. Roof few years new. Fresh paint, new carpet, fireplace. One of few 3BR’s. 4 ACRES EAST $159,900! REDUCED REDUCED Gorgeous level, high and dry beautiful lot in 3438 BARNSTAPLE DR WEEMS $184,900 NE Vineyards, 4.17 acres, area of many Custom Rich wood floors, New architectural roof, dream Homes, Hugely Reduced in price! kitchen, high ceilings, 2 car garage, Lg. Master, Barbara Dickson, Realtor 545 3419 jetted tub + shower, big walk-in closet. Peaceful CREAM PUFF $99,900! cul-de-sac! Barbara Dickson, 545 3419 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, huge screened LAKEFRONT POOL 4BR porch, short sale, rich wood floors, worth the wait! NOW $399,900-3.39 Acre Custom NE, Rich KILLEARN - 3200 GALLANT FOX TRAIL - $167,000 Wood floors, Granite Kitchen w/island, Screen New Roof, recent heat/air. Lovely Tile floors in Porch to pool/lake, huge Garage. Barbara living,dining, family rooms, fireplace. New kitchen Dickson, Remax Professionals Realty 545-3419 counters,stainless appliances, new rich bedroom WATERFRONT $229,900 carpet, 545 3419 4 Bedroom, Million Dollar Views from Decking & 5 ACRE - 4BR $235,000! home, Greatly reduced from first offering! Gorgeous, high ceilings, like new, spacious eat in 801 LEANE DR. kitchen, spacious open dining, huge living room,gas BIG HOME - SMALL PRICE! fire place w/entertainment center! Split Master, 4/5 BEDROOM $235,900 great Killearn Estates jetted tub plus shower! 2 car garage, call now! Family home, Cherry updated kitchen, Huge Sep. PIEDMONT POOL! NEW PRICE $187,500. Master, 3.5 baths, whirlpool, huge garage, huge lot! On 3/4 Acre Park setting lot! Living, dining, Sun/ CREAMPUFF $139,900 family rm! Grape Arbor, Orange Tree, Separate Office, Workshop, new double ovens,new hood! Eastside, few years new, dream kitchen, screen porch, garage, high ceilings, big master, 545-3419 Call 545-3419 B4 its gone!

3BR/2BA REDUCED TO $79,900 All New Paint, New Carpet, New kitchen cabinets, New kitchen Appliances, Big Lot! Barbara Dickson, 545-3419 MICCOSUKEE BY MDS Just $209,000, perfect Med Office Drs, Dentists,Offices, Brick on Large Lot, lots Parking! 545 3419 R D UCE CUSTOM NE $256,900 EDUCED D E R Gardens of Killearn 2805 Paradise, wood floors, custom kitchen & baths, on cul-de-sac. $249,900-4BR-5 ACRE Beautiful, like new, Corian kitchen, huge master, 5 acres, 545-3419 $159,900 4.17 ACRES Eastside gorgeous area LAKEFRONT NE $224,900 Gorgeous, Rich Tile, Study/workout room, Sep. shop, Huge screen porch overlooks Park-like big backyard and Lake! 545-3419 LAKEFRONT 4BR $329,900! Over 3,000 feet, Recent Roof, recent HVAC, Million dollar views from Huge Sunroom and screen porches! Granite Kitchen, Luxury whirlpool Master Bath, recent roof, a steal! ACRE 4BR $124,900 NE Great Manufactured home, 4BR/2BA. Master 2 closets, garden tub plus shower. Huge Separate 2 car garage with shop! New Roof. New Heat/air, 545-3419 YARMOUTH COURT $195,000 In Kinsail at Killearn, lovely cul-de-sac! Rich tile floors, upgraded lights,fans, Gourmet Huge kitchen opens to Living, Dining Rooms, Gas Fireplace, 2 car garage,Barbara Dickson, 545 3419 LAFAYETTE OAKS 4BR Just $259,900, almost Acre! Rich marbleized tile floors thru, Beautiful Tile baths, Front porch charm, big screen porch and deck, huge sep. master! Hurry, 545 3419


Classified: 599-2210



3134 Seattle Slew Ct KILLEARN ACRES $142,0000 Great starter home or perfect home to downsize, on over an acre. New paint inside & out, one car garage with new garage door, tile through out, nice tiled shower in master bath, living room, dining room, inside laundry, patio to sit and enjoy the wildlife and private backyard. Great NE schools. Sits on a quiet culdesac. This one is ready for you to call home! Dir; Whirlaway to L on Chant to R on Gallant Fox to L on Secretariat to L on Seattle Slew. Sarah Tyler 509-3156, Drake Real Estate, Inc. View Virtual tour at OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

2023 Windsor Oaks Ct. Beautiful house & great neighborhood! 3BR/2BA, 1800 sq. ft., & 12 ft. ceilings. Eat-in kitchen, formal dining rm, large living rm w/wood floors, fireplace & an office! Two car garage & pool w/deck. Walk to Governor's Park & the Fern Trail in this quiet neighborhood tucked away off of Mahan & Blairstone. Dir: From Capital Circle NE, head West on Mahan towards Blairstone, Left onto Hi Lo Way. Before you hit Blairstone, Windsor Oaks is 2nd left after Olivia Dr. Call Steve Barraco 850-294-3203 Agents & Brokers Welcome. SUNDAY 2-5



Open Daily 11- 6 PM


2586 Manassas Way - PARADE GOLD WINNER! New 4BR 2BA Birch Model in Bull Run. New homes, great prices, top rated schools, convenience to shopping and more make living enjoyable in your new home. Turn your dreams into reality! Visit our Sales/Design center today at 2586 Manassas Way or web site: Only 8 homes left. Choose from a Variety of Floorplans to Fit your Lifestyle.

2634 Opequon Bend (Birch Model) Affordable Elegance with New Energy Star homes. In BULL RUN N.E. Tallahassee's most desirable neighborhood. Top rated schools. 4BR/2BA, 2121 sq.ft. with craftsman quality at great prices. Wood floors, kitchen islands, granite tops, tankless water heaters,& more! A must see! $299,900 ($141.40 sq.ft) Visit 2586 Manassas Way - Our Sales & Design Center or web site

Call Lewis Singletary, Realtor 766-9662 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC PARADE WINNER: FGBC Most Energy Efficient

Call Lewis Singletary, Realtor 766-9662 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC FLORIDA/GEORGIA LINE


9158 Ravena Rd NATURE LOVERS MUST SEE!! Custom Built Two-Story Contemporary.4 Bedrooms/2.5 Baths. MASTER SUITE DOWN. Great Floor Plan on Corner Lot in Developing Neighborhood. Kitchen Ready for Entertaining. BEAUTIFUL YARD. 2170 Sq. Ft.. 1.63 Acres. $265,000. .

Call TRICIA BRYARS 545-5092 OR MARK BRYARS 545-0476 Tricia Bryars Realty, Inc.

We’re here for your home solutions! 3529 Raymond Diehi Road A mini estate home located on 5 lots 2.4 acres in Killearn Estates. Home has never been on the market. This 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath home is over 4400 sq ft, has a concrete pool with a brick and iron fence, recent roof, 2 A/C, hot water heater, new windows, updated kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. $459,900

3084 Ironwood Drive Gorgeous townhouse in great school district, 3/3, hardwood floors, walk to country club, has all the bells and whistles, wrap around private deck, workshop, covered parking, wow!!

Sherrie Cartee 545-6970 The Naumann Group

Call Judy Bergantino 850-284-3016.


2420 Tippecanoe Ridge The new Tecumseh is Blue Star's 2013 Parade of Homes winning entry in energy efficiency under 1,900 sq.ft. This 3BR/2BA, 1612 sq.ft. features a breakfast nook & deluxe master bath with whirlpool tub. Pre-wired for surround sound & sec sys & multiple TV mounts. Large fenced back yard. Open Saturdays and Sundays 12-5pm in Tallahassee's newest NW community, Tippecanoe Hills Subdivision. Kathy Lee, Realtor ® (850) 508-6003 Neil P. Ryder, Broker, (850) 508-6988 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc.,

Blog your Social Security Number.

1220 Schwall Rd. 4BR/3BA home on 10+ acres with 30x40 pool. 3050 sq.ft. New roof & pool liner. 2 fireplaces, mother-in-law suite. Lg. fountain in front. Circular drive, sprinkler system, sec. sys w/extra sirens. Huge custom porch & deck & lg. brick patio. Extra lg. dog house w/water. 5 ac invisible fence. Huge chicken coop w/water, lots of wildlife such as deer, turkeys, fox & more. Fruit trees, hardwoods & planted pines. FL/GA line off Hwy 27 just 15 min. from Tallahassee and 5 minutes from Historic Havana. Very private. Appraised at $295,000. Call for more info or pics: By Owner 850-296-6708 or 850 296 6709


Call Today!

Robin Yeatman............................850.599.2262

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Y A W R U O Y , S W E N YOUR ne app. o h iP r u o d a to downlo e Scan the cod



Make second home spot to relax By Melissa Rayworth Associated Press

A bungalow on the beach. A cabin for weekend getaways. Second homes, designed for relaxation, are often decorated with hand-me-down furniture and other cast-offs from the owner’s main living space. But, say interior designers, a bit of creativity can transform a small vacation home into the perfect haven — a place to combine family heirlooms, funky flea-market purchases and a few new pieces, with style and on a budget. “Second homes are all about the three f’s: family, friends and flea markets,” says designer Brian Patrick Flynn, founder of Flynnside Out Productions. “There are really no rules, but the one thing to keep in mind is that second homes are the best place to showcase your personality by filling them with one-of-akind pieces packed with sentiment and history.” Some ideas for getting this laid back, layered style:

Mix and match A mix of decorating styles is great; just don’t overload the space, says HGTV host Sabrina Soto, a judge on this season’s “HGTV Star.” “Mixing in multiple elements can create an overwhelming and cluttered interior,” Soto says, so “avoid over-accessorizing with knickknacks and space holders.” She also advises against “grouping a certain style in one corner and the other style in another.” Go ahead and combine

two plaid chairs with a floral sofa, though. Kyle Schuneman, author of “The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces” (Potter Style, 2012), recommends mixing the scale of the patterns but keeping the scale of the furniture the same. “So if you have a small sofa, keep the side chairs in that same scale. Then with the fabric in the room, for instance, use a small pinstripe, a medium plaid and a large graphic pattern as your three mix-ins. By keeping the patterns in a different scale, it keeps it from getting too busy and fighting each other for attention,” he says. Color can also help one piece stand out: Paint an old wooden dresser a bold yellow, Schuneman says, then “keep the other pieces muted with just textures of metals and woods.” And even when styles are drastically different, Soto says, “consider their color. If they’re in the same color range, they’ll fit perfectly together in one space.”

Flea market finds Second homes are often in small towns with weekend flea markets and antique shops. Flynn suggests mixing your own family hand-medowns (your grandfather’s old reading chair, say, or your dad’s collection of “Hardy Boys” books, or a painting made by a relative) with fleamarket purchases that connect with your personal history. For the kitchen of his weekend home in the Hollywood Hills, for instance, Flynn bought a vintage Circle K sign at



» » bio/index.html »

as side tables, poufs that can work as extra seating, and a desk that can also work as a bar or buffet at night.” Flynn’s second home doesn’t have any guest bedrooms, but he often hosts friends there. Ceiling-mounted draperies in the dining room let him partition it off and use it as a sleeping space for guests.

Local flavor

This photo shows a living room by designer Brian Patrick Flynn, with art on the walls bought second-hand at flea markets for this weekend home. The whimsical mix of paintings and prints provides a perfect spot to hide a flat-screen television. AP

the Rose Bowl Flea Market. “I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, and spent a ton of time at the Circle K on weekends” getting ready for the beach, he says. “Every time I walk past the dining room, I kind of feel that carefree, beachy feeling all over again.” A vintage item picked up for $5 can sometimes become the star of a room. “My living room walls are completely covered with flea-market art picked up for next to nothing. Best part? Everyone always asks me what gallery I source all of my amazing art from,” Flynn says.

Blending old with new can be fun: “In my bedroom, I updated the floors with white vinyl plank and custom window treatments made from highend Schumacher chinoiserie fabric. But the 1960s bubble chair and a 1970s wood dresser picked up for $60 at the Long Beach Flea Market are vintage,” Flynn says. “The blend helps keep everything somewhat fresh and current, but not feeling like ‘I got this all from the same catalog.’”

Maximize small rooms Second homes are often small, so decorate

with that in mind. “A cluttered space will always appear smaller,” Soto says, so keep a smaller room clean. She suggests hanging shelves to keep items off the floor, and using mirrors to make rooms appear larger and brighter. “Incorporate pieces with dual purpose, such as storage ottomans which can act as seating while concealing your clutter,” she says. “Stacking chairs or nesting tables are great, too.” Schuneman agrees: “Usually with a second home you use it for relaxation and entertaining, so keep the pieces double duty. Benches that can work

Schuneman suggests filling your weekend home with family photos but buying the frames locally — maybe something made by an artist or craftsman. “Also, bringing in local flora like driftwood or maybe a stump or natural elements that bring the outside in really makes it feel like a destination home,” he says, “and for free.” If the home has a nice view of mountains or water, Flynn suggests using a monochromatic palette inside to draw the eye outside. But if there is no view, it’s “ideal for going crazy with color,” he says. Don’t have a second home? “You don’t have to actually have a second home to create that warm, well-worn, welcoming feeling” in your main home, Flynn says. “It’s all about a great edit, and just making a space that makes you forget about work, forget about bills and forget about anything else except rest and relaxation.”

Casual and cozy, this modern design functions well Courtesy of

Modern style meets easy living in this smart home. The first floor features a large living room that opens to the patio out back. Enjoy casual meals at the kitchen’s snack-bar island, or sit down in the dining nook. The second floor is more about privacy with the master bedroom separated from the secondary bedrooms and enjoying a private balcony. The master bath also boasts a walk-in shower and large closet. The utility room is conveniently located upstairs, and the loft makes a

great media room or kids’ play area. To build this home, you can order a complete set of construction documents by calling toll-free 1-866-772-1013 or visiting Enter the design number to locate the plan and view more images and details. At HouseOfTheWeek, you can view previously featured plans, browse other specialty collections, or use the search filters to help you find exactly what you want from more than 28,000 home designs. Most plans can be customized to suit your lifestyle.

Fun, intersecting roof angles add major curb appeal to this modern plan, which creates a casual living environment for today’s family. PHOTO COURTESY OF WWW.EPLANS.COM

MORE INFO Design No. HOTW130015 Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2½ Main level: 923 sq. ft. Second level: 1,167 sq. ft. Total living area: 2,090 sq. ft. Dimensions: 37' 0" x 50' 8" Framing: 2 x 4 Foundation options: crawlspace, slab, unfinished basement

Standout features of the layout include the big, bright living room and the master suite’s special amenities that include a private balcony. PLANS COURTESY OF WWW.EPLANS.COM


Bull Run

eautiful New Homes in 2586 Manassas Way, Sales Model


For Rent

For more info visit:

AVAILABLE NOW 3708 Aksarben Rd 2/1.5 Townhouse $650

1515-17 Paul Russell Rd

3/2.5 Townhouse $825

New and Existing from the $260's


A Few Lease Purchases Available From $2,095 / per month




AVAILABLE AUGUST 1909 Nekoma Ct 1540 Levy St

1/1 Duplex $625

For More Information Lewis Singletary,

1905 Nena Hills Dr

3/3 Townhouse $950

2/1.5 Townhouse $595


2250 Clara Kee Blvd

Porter Chandler, Broker


2/1.5 Townhouse $695 End Unit

2295 Hartsfield Way 2/2 Townhouse $700

2728/2764 Tess Cir

Help your community when disaster strikes! State of Florida employees are eligible to volunteer up to 15 days per year with full pay for disaster relief operations for the American Red Cross. Contact the Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross at 878-6080 or visit our web site at


3/3 Townhouse $800

4169 Mission Trace Blvd 2/2 Duplex $875

1951 Flipper St 4/3 House $900

2403 Hartsfield Rd

3/3 Townhouse $925 Hartsfield Green!

1668 Corey Wood Cir 3/2 Duplex $975

4210 Ridge Haven Rd 3/2 House $990

4434 Gearhart Rd 3/3 Townhouse $1025 Summerchase!

2403 Hideaway Ct 3/2 House $1125 Large Yard!

1106 Missionwood Ln 3/2 House $1350 New Wood Floors!

1220 Gadsden St 5/2 Houses $2000 Pool!

850-906-0800 Lic. Real Estate Broker




l 1BR/1BA $500/mo. duplex next to FAMU campus l 2/1 $700 detached single family house FAMU campus l 3BR/3BA $900/mo. duplex in Woodbriar l 3BR/3BA $1100/mo. detached single family house, fenced, in Woodbriar l 3BR/2.5BA $1250/mo Brighton Place, Gated Community Email for photos and appointments Megan Ornelas, Real Estate Agent Southvest, LLC Cell: 850-567-6565 southvest99@aol. com



HOMES $251’ - $500’

l3115 Sharer Road 4/3, wrap around screened porch & pool $2100 l 4954 Leah Lane 3/2 split plan and single car garage $950 l2657 Stonegate 3/2 Wood floors & fireplace with French doors to screened porch & pool $1875 l 2970 Bayshore 3/2 Vaulted ceilings, screened porch & double car garage $1300 l3424 Gardenview 3/2 split plan, fireplace, shaded back yard $1900 l3429 A Bear Creek 2/1 duplex secluded wooded lot near shopping. $730 l236 Chateau De Ville 1/1 Upstairs & equipped with all appliances. $550 l1827 Salmon 3/2 with eat in kitchen, family room, opens to large deck. $1200

12X60 2BR/1BA, near the airport, recent remodeled, privacy fence. $450 mo. + $450 deposit. 850-591-6372

5 BR/2BA approx. 2,100 sq. ft. doublewide on large lot off W.W. Kelley Rd. Owner financing. $89,900. 508-0872











l 328-A Desoto-1/1 cottage in Los Robles, $625 l368-B Belmont Rd. -2/2 with fireplace, washer/dryer, lawn, $850 l405 Oakland-2/1.5 in historic district, original pine floors, updated kitchen, $1100 l707 Red Fern-large brick 3/2 with formal and informal areas, fenced yard, huge master, $1445 l 4608 Cypress Ct.-3/1.5 on cul-desac, garage w/ opener, $825 Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee 877-4343



Midtown Deal!-

612 1/2 N. Gadsden St., Studio 450sqft, window AC, avail now, $395 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Sable Chase Community

1807 Acorn Ridge Trl., 3BR/2BA 1793sqft, CHA, W/D hookup, garage, avail 7/15, $1,550 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284






Large home w/tropical yard and pool, 4/2, in Killearn. $2,500 mo. 1-800-422-2310 Steve 9351558




PETS. 2/2,16x60, on private lot w/front deck & awning. $600/mo. $600 dep. 575-9228

__ QuietArea






2/2 $600 3/2 $750/mo. + dep. 539-6692




2 & 3 BRs from $499 2 baths,W/D hookups Enjoy swimming pool Free lawn care, pest control, community officer. Call 24 hrs a day for Pre-approval.





Apalachee Office Space Reduced Deal:



3120 sq.ft. South of Jefferson St., Hwy 19, Monticello, across from Winn Dixie. Off- street parking. Avail. now.


Meridian Mgmt. Realtor __ 9350921


$150-$225 an office! Free utils.! Near TMH. Some furniture. Nice!!! Owner/realtor 878-3957






__ 3060 Lease Purchase


*** New Homes *** 10% of rent towards purchase of new homes in Bull Run. From $1,995 per month. Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Owner Tallahassee Homes Realty 545-8491

Apt. Complexes


9600 Sq.Ft. Bank Owned with fenced in yard.


On W. Tennessee St. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.






l 48 Acres of Beautiful hardwoods & pines! $4700/acre! Call Mary Dale Joyce 224-2300







2:00 to 4:00 Sunday 2737 Corrie Adrian Ln. Great home in Westbury, $165000 Kitty Flynn Keller Williams 980-0517



Open House Sunday 2-5 1581 Alligator Dr. BEST BUY AT BEACH! Beautiful Gulf to Bay beach property! 2/1 on stiles, “As is”, but some furniture remain! HURRY TO SEE! $399,900 Lot size .83 Dir. 319 to Crawfordville rt to 98, left to Alligator Point. Nancy Helm 545-4510 Linda Dix Realty



Open Sunday 2-5 SouthWood 3765 Piney Grove Dr. 3BR/2.5BA. 2045 sq.ft. DUPLEXES FOR SALE New Stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, 2-car garage. Well-maintained gated $289,500. 850-510-7269 9348457 community. Seniors only. 214 Huntington Pt. Open Today 2 - 4PM. Dr. Thomasville, GA. 514 Stonehouse Rd. 2 B R / 2 B A , d i n i n g r m , Close to Downtown living rm, kitchen w/ 3 BR, 2BA w/lots of appliances, garage, u p d a t e s . N e w screen porch w/patio. l a m i n a t e f l o o r i n g , $140,000. 864-940-9465 appliances, interior 9349106 paint, granite tops in bath. Open floor plan, large eat in HOMES $101’S - $250’S kitchen, living room w/fireplace & 516 Middlebrooks Cir. s e p a r a t e d i n i n g room. Spacious Built in 1959. 1566 sq ft master w/walk in 3/2, 2-car garage, closet; privacy brick home. on 1 acre, fenced back yard. close-in. $230,000 Brick & Hardie board siding. $175,000 Mike, 850-443-2005 Jane Lee, 566-4065, 9348388 Linda Dix Realty Park to Richview, Owner Finance $0 Down Dir: R on Springforest, L Ochlockonee River on Stonehouse Rd. 2BR/2BA on the river. Jane Lee, Realtor Deep water access, 9351962 floating dock, 1 mi. N. of state park. $190,000 Call Matt 850-264-9010



l 900 SF - Clean & Affordable! Just off Apalachee Pkwy on Hanson Ct. l1000 SF Downtown, very functional, clean & affordable. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.






3000 SqFt Warehouse on Capital Cir. NW w/a fenced in Yard. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.







HOMES $251’ - $500’ S



CHARMER! Just Renovated 3BR/2.5BA. Updated Kitchen FOR SALE FOR RENT w/New Stainless $495/mo 2/2,West side, 3BR/2BA, 16x80, wood Appliances & Granite. CH/A, clean, kitchen c a b i n e t s , h a r d w o o d $350,000 equip. hookups, deck, floors, all appliances, www.2675EgretLane.c patio, No pets 576-2695 $18,000. 850-321-2224 om 850-567-8878


918 Waverly Rd. 3BR/3.5BA + office. Oversized garage, 2600 sq.ft. Energy star rated. Must see. $420K Call Matt 850-264-9010


+/- 26,832 Sq Ft on N. Monroe St.Very clean and well maintained.

2 Acres in Monticello city limits. Can subdivide. Perfect for multi-family homes. 1310 Paul Russell Rd. Price neg. 727-421-5000 9347894 7 offices, lobby, conference, break rm, generous parking, large yard w/lawn service incl., 2000sqft, $1295/month Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



The Greens of Killearn 3BR/2BA on golf course No maintenance! New SS appliances, paint, wood floors, lighting & other updates.$305,000 3065 Sawgrass Cir. By Owner 850-597-7057


Updated Mission

2507 Helene Ln., 3Br/2Ba, 1541sqft., CHA, W/D Hookups, 9352290 Garage, Newly renovated kitchen and Lake Talquin master bathroom, 1948 Collins Landing avail 8/9, $1295. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Rd., 3Br/2Ba, 1650Sqft., Realty, Inc. 877-2284 CHA, W/D Hookups, avail 8/9, $850. 9352073 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 MOBILE HOMES/LOTS



MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. Golden Eagle 386-8660 1 6 4 7 E a g l e s W a t c h 9352451 Way, 3BR/2BA 1800sqft, CHA, W/D, Gated C o m m u n i t y , 2 c a r Large and Affordable g a r a g e , S c r e e n e d 2004 Alton Rd., 3Br/2.5 Porch avail 7/17, $1,395 B a , 2 0 3 2 s q f t . , C H A , Kent Strauss Mgmt & W/D hookups, Fenced Realty, Inc. 877-2284 yard, Fireplace, avail now, $1,395. 9352044 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Killearn Acres 9352077 3148 Lookout Trl., 3Br/3Ba, 1225sqft., CHA, W/D hookups, Fireplace, Lovely Eastgate garage, small pets ok, 2 3 4 1 E a s t g a t e W a y , avail 7/11, $995. 3Br/2Ba, 1232Sqft., Kent Strauss Mgmt & CHA, W/D Hookups, Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Garage, Fenced yard, avail 8/9, $995. 9352082 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Killearn Acres, 3BR/2BA, Realty, Inc. 877-2284 stainless steel kitchen 9352074 appliances, 1400 sqft. $1295mo. + $1000 deposit. 850-591-6372 Midtown Convenient 9351068 l308 W. 6th Ave., 2BR/1BA 900sqft, CHA, Killearn Estates Beauty W/D Hookups, Large 2410 Glenshire Ln., living space, Deck, 3 B R / 2 B A 1 4 4 9 s q f t , Avail 8/9, $825 C H A , W / D H o o k u p s , l 307 W. 6th Ave., Fenced yard, Garage, 2BR/1BA 900sqft, W/D Screened porch. Avail H o o k u p s , A v a i l 8 / 9 , 8/16, $1495 $795 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Realty, Inc. 877-2284

599-2210 __





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OPEN 2-4

OPEN 2-4

OPEN 2-4

121 N. DUVAL ST., QUINCY, $275,000


9694 DEER VALLEY DRIVE, $575,000

9014 GLEN EAGLE WAY, $525,000

Shannon Lakes to Whirlaway / L @ Carryback / R @ Lookout / L @ Donerail / L @ Hill Gail

Virginia Glass, (850) 599-2645

Golden Eagle main gate; 1st R. on Shoal Creek; L on Deer Valley

WORK OUT ENTHUSIASTS - Enjoy the indoor heated lap pool w/workout room, wet bar & full bath in over 1150 SF. of year round comfort all in the privacy of your home. Beautifully updated in 2013 including roof w/ 4BD’s/3BA’s. Formal & informal areas include a beautiful piano room on main level. Fabulous master w/large sitting area, his & her BA’s & closets. Main living area has 3378 SF all on one level w/a 3 car garage. Large private corner lot. Too many upgrades to list.






2155 AMANDA MAE COURT, $410,000

3243 APPLETON DR, $499,900 .61 ACRES - SOUTHWOOD

2606 HIGHWAY 98 EAST, CARRABELLE An amazing place to spend your vacations… in this stunning coastal home.

4BD/2BA // 1484 sq ft // Updated kitchen, baths + bonus bedroom // Sturdy metal roof installed 2010 // Stained wood siding // GORGEOUS kitchen w/newer appliances // Open living room/dining room has vaulted ceilings & brick hearth fireplace // Split bedroom plan // Full-length, rocking chair front porch. MLS# 235621

Exquisite brick 1 story (except bonus room upstairs) home ON GOLF COURSE built 2003 w/over 3800 SF boasting 4BD’s + office; 4.5BA’s, wood flooring, 12’ ceilings, fantastic kitchen/family area. Thermador appliances & more. Inviting landscaping & huge patio area plumbed for hot tub.

I-10 West, Exit Hwy 90 to Quincy. R @ 1st light on N. Duval Street

Magnificent antebellum home in downtown Quincy. 5 BR/3BA, 10-ft. ceilings, heart pine floors, all rooms open into central hallway. Built in 1843, updated 1990’s, Completely rewired in 2012. Separate office/cottage. On Historic Registry. MLS#216237.

Sandy Higdon, (850) 510-5500

Christie Orros, (850) 321-2393

2 story, 4BD/3BA. Great home for LAKEFRONT - FIT FOR ENTERTAINING! buyer that wants to get in to Golden 4BR/3BA; Formal living & dining rooms; family room w/fireplace & wood floors; Eagle at a great price. master suite w/sitting area; enclosed sunroom; multi-level deck.

Deborah Thompson, 850-933-1349


Deborah Thompson, 850-933-1349

5 BD/3.5 BA - 3225 SF, open plan, large kitchen w/island, breakfast nook, bay window, 2 porches. Fireplace, tons of storage, Brazilian Teak floor, private fenced yard. Perfectly located for short walk to pool, golf & park trails. MLS #232661. Marilyn Yeager, (850) 694-3689



Deborah Thompson, 850-933-1349

Fincher Smith, 850-545-9070