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Trickster is at one and the same time creator and destroyer , giver and negator , he who dupes others and who is always duped himself . He wills nothing consciously . At all times he is constrained to behave as he does from impulses over which he has no control . yet through his actions all values come into being.

r t ri c k s t e t a l i a roc h m a n n

Trickster introduction ..................................... 2

Sharp Teeth ........................................... 8

definition............................................ 4

“How Coyote Brought Fire“.......... 10

Image of the Firebringer............ 6

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The power of a word and the emotions and feelings it brings to the reader are unique and personal. Our everyday vocabulary is awash in the use of dynamic words to describe intangible things.


Some of

ere Y e t , t h h a t m ig h t s e e m

rate a t s u a t io n s . l t il c e d p t n x a s e d y d r n ra r wo im a g e s a , r ic h , p o r t s n n e are othe io n s a s c e e t h in k . that e im p r w t l l a u e w d r o c h y l s rd o b v io u s in f l u e n c e y pect. Wo e x h e T . t s o n n e d id c o n n e c t io l a ic world w g o l o a c t io n s , h e c y in s m p r   e d t il They bu ughts de a S in c e t h o there’s words e h t n e e tw Yet, as n e c t io n b e . n d o r c o l w u f e r n powe is a b o u t o k o o b a c h in t o e is r h T t . a t h e t g s e esults w  tentacle r y n e a h t m d s n a h c t io n s . e d ir r d o d w e we use a t a c , xpe f in d other une y o u w il l

the illustrations in this book are personal expressions of the artist or designer. They will expand your world and enrich your life. It is a vehicle to understanding and communicating universal ideas.

enjoy !


t rick st er


1 . a d i s h o n e s t p e r s o n w h o d e f r a u d s o t h e r s b y t r i c k e r y :


a confidence man


2 . a p e r s o n ( a s a s t a g e m a g i c i a n ) s k i l l e d i n t h e u s e o f tricks and illusion

3 . a m i s c h i e v o u s s u p e r n a t u r a l b e i n g f o u n d i n t h e f o l k l o r e

of various peoples, often functioning as a culture hero, and much given to capricious acts of sly deception

“a mischievous supernatural being found in the folklore of various peoples, often functioning as a culture hero, and much given to capricious acts of sly deception.” 4

C H E AT bilkbilkerchiseler confidenceman cozenerdefrauder dodgerfakirfinagler

f r a u d s t e r hoaxerslickscammer doublecrosser skinnerfoxswindler




m ad o u i m ven n t p p o s ure t r r i e t e rfa e b n t r k ra g e e b l e r p a s r n u s cal r o d f f h o n n k h kna g u e e r y a ve e r m

K 5




The story goes

trickster bones,

that the universe is run by two simple things:


a prime mover and a coyote. This coyote is a wily dog born from ancient

makes the world simply by

Coyote awakens

good luck won, bad luck earned,

“Hey, what are

of lore, all glimmer in his aluminum eyes. And while



loose ends that were

A happy voice sings.

the smell of bacon

somehow connected,

the prime mover

and trots across the kingdom of heaven, hopping down into t h e w o r l d ,

all thanks to this little mischief mutt:

All this vibrates and shimmers around coyote as he makes his way

the longed-for lover

connecting the

shows up at the bus stop,

wondeR moments,



northwestern Raven

dreaming of his own dreaminG,

the coyote mostly sleeps his chin to the ground, one ear perked up, his body

resting in the shade of the prime mover’S infinity. 8


sniffing for mischief. And as the prime mover

contemplates the contemplation that therefore spawns existence, and time passes without passing,

the coyote sprightly follows the dusty trail back home, where he dances around the prime mover, eagerly barking and yipping and

telling tales of coincidencE wrought,

you doing here?�

the ex-roommate appears

with the missing keys, the




distant friend sails across the mind just as she strolls

by the cafe window.

for good

or for

ILL. 9






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