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like crawling over and under large boulders. It’s a great way to get a feel for what spelunking is all about. Near the base of the falls is the perfect place to give it a shot. My only advice is: if scared of spiders, enter cautiously! Reason number three – the trestle. The E&N train tracks border the west side of Goldstream Provincial Park. Just off the Gold Mine trail is a train trestle crossing over the Niagara Creek. Built in 1910, the Niagara Creek trestle towers 85 m and tempts you to cross. Not for the light hearted and I will admit being a bit anxious walking across. Childhood movies of getting caught on train tracks had me freaked out. Reason number four – abandoned gold mine. It’s called the Gold Mine trail for a reason. Along the trail is an abandoned gold mine. It is what’s left over from a brief mid-19th century gold rush on Vancouver Island. In fact, Goldstream Provincial Park has three mines. Two on the east side and the one along the Gold Mine trail. The mine shaft did not go in very far. Walking hunched over for only a few moments made me wonder how miners could do this day in and day out. Reason number five – Miner’s Spring. A short path off of the Gold Mine trail leads you on a journey into the past. During the gold rush in 1862 it is likely that this spring was an ideal source of water for miners working on a nearby quartz seam. It was conveniently located and easily provided the 500 or so prospectors with fresh water daily. History of the gold rush era, exploring new adventures in spelunking, mine exploring and heart stopping trestle crossings, walking through tunnels, grand waterfalls, and beautiful old growth temperate rain forests. More than five reasons to visit the Niagara Falls right here on Vancouver Island.

OPPOSITE PAGE Left: Niagara Falls in Goldstream Park cascades water from 47.5 meters along the Niagara Creek Centre: Crossing the Niagara Trestle. It towers 85 metres above Niagara Creek Photos Jill Collins


Take 5 June  
Take 5 June  

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