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2 | theteam



Karan Katyal Editor in chief

Dhruv Arora IT Head

Hitin Sethi General Manager

Shweta Gupta Design Head

Unveiling the episode two of the Delhi TAF Times magazine which has been drafted with immense efforts of the DTT team. Took us innumerable discussions and heated arguments for what we must put out to you and the final product pleases us all. The cover story focuses on India and its immense potential. Shows how we undermine ourselves at every step and ignore our own qualities. It further explores the theme of the colonized Indian mindset and invokes a sense of nationalism which had somewhere died out in the race of imitating the west. It’ll surely be a joy to read and you might figure out figments of your xenophilic behavior. The most intriguing segment in this month’s issue is the ‘Bachpan’ gallery in the “Voices” section, the team was taken back to their good old days, and gladly relived its childhood and I am sure each one of you will be filled with the sense of nostalgia.


Srishti Gupta

Ayushi Khemka

Vividh Gulati

Shyam M Nair

Apart from that, my personal recommendation is ‘Pun Intended’, our take on things with a pinch of sarcasm added to taste. Hope the hard work put in pays off and you enjoy reading it as much as we did putting it out to you. Happy reading!

Shikhar Vyas

Simar Bhasin


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Saheb Kaur

Brinda Khera

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Prabhjot Singh

Aakash Bajaj


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coverstory | 3

We the PeOPLE of

Lots of people.... Lots of madness....Lots of Fun By Saheb Kaur & Ayushi Khemka India: a thousand images rise- sloe-eyed women in brilliant saris, swaying down village streets; computer whiz kids in Bangalore street cafe; the luminous Taj Mahal, love poem in marble; a small man in loincloth marching to independence. India is the stark mountains of Ladakh, she is the sand dunes of the Thar desert, bustling Mumbai, verdant northeast forests where orchids grow wild, the breathtaking sunsets at the land's end, Kanya Kumari, the southernmost tip of India. She is a sensual Bollywood actress, hips aflutter; she is a pious sage seeking atonement in Ganges. Rich with history and glowing with the promise of tomorrow, India is, most of all, a destination to be savoured. Sharp contrast defines much of this nation, dichotomies that have no resolution. They are simply, India. Limousines carefully veer around the cows that sit placidly on the ultra modern streets of Delhi and Bombay, jets whiz overhead as office babus pedal laboriously to work on their trusty cycles. The first nation to gain independence, India shut the door firmly behind their colonial masters, preferring self reliance to economic dependence. Yet within the borders of this land it contains 1650 distinct dialects and 22 major languages, the

behaviour and the xenophile Indian aspect. It not only undermines the literary merit if the Indian authors but also ruins the cohesiveness of the west and the east and reduces the essence of literaturethe reflection of life.

language of the colonials is firmly rooted. Indian authors writing in English are the darlings of the literary world. What a complete picture! But the dependence of the Indian writers to seek approval from the “ultimate literates� makes this picture incomplete and dull. The concept of 'the third world literature' by the west itself is discriminatory and testifies a snobbish western

Despite the partition of the sub-continent on a religious basis by the British while leaving her land in 1947, the terrible violence and trauma suffered by her people at that time and the resultant tensions in the sub-continent that have festered like a running sore, India has marched forward. When the new nation was born, there was hardly

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4 | coverstory When we talk about India, why do we think of corruption, social evils and malpractices, scams, British more in a more impulsive manner and not the culture, tradition, achievements, discoveries and inventions? Why is it that we keep underestimating ourselves? And the issue does not end here because we keep over estimating and glorifying others instead. Indeed we do that! It is not that we do not recognise our achievements and good points, but it is that we do not want to recognize them. As if it would be equivalent to

When we like what is videshi, we even like what is liked by the videshi! We give recognition to our commodities, be it of any kind, only if it is well recognized by the people across seven seas. Be it anything, we feel it is big if and only if it is accepted and praised by the biggies of this world. For instance, when we talk about Indian cinema, why is it that if a movie gets a screening at Cannes or any ABCD international film festival, only then do we realise its worth and capacity? Agree to it or not, the selection of Gangs of Wasseypur's screening at

committing a sin! The agenda here is not to glorify India, our nation to an extreme and be amazingly patriotic or rather jingoistic about it. The central locus here is the disturbed cumulative Indian psyche and not India!

the Cannes and the whole gung ho about it has surely doubled up its audience in India. Well that is a good thing and surely beneficial. However, this innate tendency of ours behind this is taking us to nothing but a no-man's-land.

In our daily lives, we are too preoccupied with the entire concept of xenophilia. We love anything or any “one� that is from phoren. We give the phoren stuff a preference over local stuff. The case has so worsened over the years that we have grown too used to a certain way of using the word local that we almost end up using it in a demeaning and derogatory manner. Call any thing imported, its worth and credibility shoots up and gets manifolded all by itself. However, call a thing local, it won't take a jiffy for us to brand it as cheap, low quality substance of credibility and value tending to minus infinity. The unquenchable thirst for imported stuff does not stop at material, non-living things. It goes out to the extent of living beings of pure flesh and blood. The preference of a guy based abroad for getting your daughter cannot be discarded as negligible. Have Indian men dies? While the sex ratio is in a way in the favour of women as they have more choices, still parents feel that a green card holder is also the holder of a better future for their girl.

If one ponders over, then one might realise that we, as a nation have not yet got rid of the colonial hangover, otherwise vilayat would not have had connotations of pride, success and power attached to it. This piece is not at all meant to be an antiglobalization one. It is good to interact with the world and people all over the globe in any case. It truly enriches our society as well. However, doing this and taking in any thing foreign at the cost of what is genuinely ours is not done. This kind of society, which works upon the principles of west is best and keeps it at a higher pedestal does not seem to be healthy enough. We keep the foreign as a whole at a higher, rigid level and use it as a milestone which has demarcations ahead and behind it. We tend to look at things in a comparative manner and instead of bridging the gap between their success and ours, end up aping them. In this case, we lose our originality. This way, we are losing a part of ourselves and no God is going to form another companion out of it this time.

any core infrastructure worth the name and much of her natural wealth had been plundered. Yet, India has marched forward. Also, the sustained investment in the field of science and technology, has led to an all-round development, so today, India's GNP ranks fifth in the world after U.S.A, china, Japan and Germany. Indeed, it is this paradox that makes India one of the most fun filled destinations, not merely for seeing the wondrous land and its people but also the glorious business opportunities that she has to offer- now, more than ever before. India's rich cultural heritage is unmatched anywhere in the world- a diversity of climatic regions, landscapes, languages, customs and traditions. It has a vast potential for playing host to tourists looking for new and exciting holiday destinations- a potential that has barely been tapped- a potential that marks the hold of the tourism industry which, in turn, has generated employment and enabled it to become an investment for sustainable development. Dear readers, our aim was to elevate a self realisation about the Indianness and the latent Indian potential which, when mined and extracted will surely bring productive and innovative structure into being. We are certainly not acting and writing anti western but more Indian.



gen-real | 5

By Vividh Gulati

but was reported not before the clock struck 4. And with the sprinklers not working, it was bound to grow and so it did.


Mantralaya fire and the Aftermath

Mr Mukherjee said that he could have resigned earlier, but since Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was abroad he had to look after certain matters. Mukherjee, would then focus on his candidature for the post of the President of India, in the run up to which he faces stern competition from Sangma. The most coveted lists to arguably the most prestigious university in India have started to be declared. More heartbreaks than Rakshabandhan and more joy than Valentine's expected in town over the next few weeks. With cut offs soaring higher than ever, Stephens' and SRCC are still the most sought after and have hence raised their bas to heights unimaginable.


“Police cases should be filed against officials of the Public Works Department and General Administrative Department for negligence of fire safety audit norms,” AthakSevaSangh chairman and RTI activist Anil Galgali has said in a letter to Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik. What's worth a view is the fact that the state government also ignored the fire brigade's warning in 2008 and a reminder in 2010, according to the RTI activist. Let's see what the politicians blame this on.

PRESIDENT PRATIBHA PATIL GIVES LIFE TO DEAD MAN Sangma who has the support of NDA, though not all its allies, has asked for democracy to prevail and a debate to be organized between him and the UPA candidate Pranab Mukherjee. The face off, Sangma feels, is needed to ensure democracy. Pranab, on the other hand, with UPA's support has dismissed the idea of pitting the two face to face.

In an unimaginable comedy of errors, President Patilcommuted the death sentences of a convict to life in prison, 5 years after the death of the beneficiaries of her mercy. BanduTidke's sentence for the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl came from the President's office on June 2. It has raised doubts about whether the clemency decisions — for many convicted of murder and rape — on the advice of the Union home ministry were based on correct information or taken in haste.

PRANAB TO QUIT AS FM ON SUNDAY Pranab Mukherjee, who has been selected as the UPA's Presidential nominee, resigned on Sunday the 24th of June as the Union Finance Minister.

Mantralaya, the maharastra govt head office, down in flames

The Maharastra Secretariat “mantralaya” caught fire on the fourth floor of the building, taking with it 4.8cr pages from government documents and 5 lives. 2000 computers were also destroyed in the process. The fire which started around the 2.40pm mark,



6 | thevoices Childhood! Does not the word bring a sweet smile to our faces? We all wanted to grow up and become independent in those days; decide for ourselves without being answerable to anyone; free from all rebuke. Ironically, now we all want to go back to the unforgettable days when life was so simple, so uncomplicated. Here, is a small compilation in which I've tried to capture the myriad colours of childhood‌ merging yet distinguishable!


By Saheb Kaur I was not bruised red or blue neither did he numb my nerves with iron or wood. That day when the phone rang, my tight sleep did not permit me to receive the call. Fortunately, the series of tring ..tring.. ended soon but it rang again. I received it unwillingly. I was glad to hear his voice. He met my relatives in a train journey and his spontaneity and personality appealed to each member of the family. Since then his visits became frequent. I started admiring him for his special sweetness towards me. He was a face reader. His voice was always welcome, never an ear sore. I don't know why but his words sounded different that day. I could not point the difference but they made me uncomfortable, restless. I ... I wanted him to stop, take a break off those words that pierced through me; yet I was not sure how to resist. For a child of 10 he was always right, not to be questioned.

Sometimes I wonder, what was so hideously disturbing of that call. Every time the phone rang, its ring sounded louder than before. He spoke everything that we say and consider 'erotic', that which a girl who is yet to enter adolescence would never know or understand. His lines laid me bare from head to toe and he derived the pleasures out of it. I know you must be thinking why I did not stamp the phone down. I... I could not. I just could not. My senses failed to sense the real, like I wasn't in control of them anymore. I just heard him speak, no reply, no response, as he imposed that indecent imagery into my psyche. All his tactics worked easily since I had woken up from a tight sleep. Yes, he hypnotized me. I stood numb and still. He insisted very tactfully to not to let my parents know about this telephone conversation and managed to convince me in a persuasive

AMMA By Sristi Gupta

NANHI KALIO KO By Ayushi Khemka Nanhi kaliyo ko phool banne to do Parindo ko khule aasmaan mein udhne to do Haathon ki lakeeron se badhkar kuch karne to do Kalam exam ke siwa aur kisi chiz ke liye uthane to do Newton ki jagah Shakespeare ke sath raat guzarne to do Ho aankhon mein jo khwaab use pura krne to do Latton ko suljhate to sab hi hain, uljhane unhe kabhi to do Pyaar se to sab baatein karte hain, kabhi oonchi aawaz mein haal-e-dil bataane to do Zindagi ke canvas pe rang bikherne to do Bhedh chaal se hatkar kabhi kuch karne to do Khatro se kabhi khelne to do Kabhi khud ko bekhud banne to do Kabhi khud ko khuda banne to do..

That day she looked so fair Almost motionless in peaceful slumber Even when I moved a flick of hair The white clad fairy didn't stir. My eyes brimmed with tears But I blinked them before falling As I thought of past years When I feared bauji calling. Amma never told me so But I knew she feared it too 'Do you really have to go?' Me in a corner she would shoo. Woken by her sobs at night Much before the temple's bell Hidden from everyone's sight 'Oh! It is from a coal that fell.' 'You know how slippery the kitchen can get If you leave the tap open I slipped on that floor wet.' 'Here I was pecked by a hen.' What a clumsy creature amma was! So as I saw her asleep that day I was at complete, word loss.

O n c e when I was a child, my mom sent me out to buy 4 bananas. She gave me a 100 rupee note. I actually bought bananas worth Rs. 100!! Imagine how my parents reacted.. By Prabhjot Singh


tone. I woke up to reality. I had retained only a few glimpses that were ingrained in me, but they were powerful enough to make me uneasy. I wished to erupt; the uneasiness made me weak, sick and no antibiotic could cure me fully. My concentration, my routine, all got disturbed. My days became silent and nights violent. I fought with my own self. I wanted my mother to hear my silence; to see the tears in my eyes; to somehow feel this emotional upheaval; to search for me the reason behind their daughter's immediate maturation and submissiveness. The suppressed anguish helped me gather all my strength and report the incident to my mother. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She never told me about her conversation with him, yet she promised me that her conversation would, certainly haunt him before he makes any such telephone call.

Nothing I wanted her to sway. Gudia was barely four days old Tiny little whining pup. 'She is with buaji.' I was told. 'Thank god! She would wake her up.' But as the sky turned bright & gold I left for farm kissing her lightly. Amma's cheek was so, so cold I touched her forehead slightly. 'Dadi! Amma has fever' 'Son, you are late for work I'll look after her, leave her Not an inch near her you'll lurk.' But I am not eight anymore I know exactly why you slept so I know why you cried your eyes sore I know why no one wept woe. I know where Gudia is I know where you are today All that I fail to understand is Why didn't you stir, amma? Amma, why didn't you sway?

As a child, when I was called to do some work I did not like, I used to seek refuge under the table. I never replied. Sometimes I used to sit there painting my toenails. By Khushboo Nahar



thevoices | 7

Compiled By Srishti Gupta

Childhood memories which make me smile By Novy Kapadia

It was the summer of 1968. The fascination for foreign football had been imbibed in me by daily listening to BBC Radio sports round up programmes and their commentaries. In May 1968, it was our school holidays and Manchester United was playing Benefica in the European Champions Cup (now UEFA Champions League) final. I came to know that BBC would broadcast the match live. I was not sure of the reception of my radio so decided to listen to the match at my classmate's house in Kaka Nagar beyond India Gate.

wondering why the commentary was not coming and cursing BBC. Sri Krishna's late father, a noted journalist came home from work and explained that it meant a midnight match. Such was our passion; we informed home that we would return after listening to the commentary. The match was fascinating. Manchester United won 4-1 and our favourite player George Best scored a brilliant solo goal. We stocked up with chocolates and ice-cream to enjoy the commentary.

The first bloomer: BBC said the match would be broadcast live at 19.30hrs. We did not realise it was 1930hrs British time, which was actually midnight IST. I reached my friend Sri Krishna Ramaswamy's house and we kept fiddling with the radio and

Second bloomer: when the match was over after 2a.m. and I left Sri Krishna's house I suddenly realised that I had only money for a bus ticket and there was no public transport at that time of the night. We were so thrilled at the match that, along

with a friend of mine from my locality who had accompanied, we decided to walk back home, miles away in Kashmere Gate near ISBT (where I lived in the 1960s). When I think back of the walk back it brings a smile to my face, our sheer immaturity and the things we discussed. We said that we would become like George Best, grow sideburns, have a Beatles hairdo and then we would become great players with lots of girl friends. George Best was always shown with a blonde on his arms. In the months ahead the Beatles hair-do and sideburns came about but neither of us became famous players or Casanovas. But the passion for football has never subsided. That is also worth smiling about.

MOM - SOMEONE WHO WE NEED THROUGHOUT LIFE My mom was patient of brain tumour. Her first operation took place when I was 3 years old. I have a vague memory of my 3rd birthday, when my mom came home from the hospital to celebrate it. I could feel her legs wobbling. I've also seen pictures of myself, sitting in front of the small temple in my house, with my hands joined together, trying to evoke my God to save my mom.

share a strong bond with her... Moms play a very important role in everybody's life; a blessing, a good luck charm! Love her. Respect her. Give her all the happiness in the world. Trust me she deserves it all.

I had a very different and empty childhood, that, normally children don't have. I was never nurtured like my brother and sister. I always heard that my mom cooked various delicious dishes but I guess, it was not in my fate to taste them. I wish I too received the same love and conditioning which my friends have received from their moms. Be it whatsoever, mom is always one who supports and encourages you the most. I still remember, her cheerful and gleaming face when she used to see me running in a relay race. I miss the happiness I used to see in her beautiful smile. I remember when she called me alone, inside the hospital room before her second operation in the year 2003 and loved and kissed me dearly. Even though I was a child, I could sense her feelings but couldn't do anything except being confused. In the year 2007, the cells and tissues in her brain multiplied so rapidly that as a result the tumour became cancerous. The doctor had already said it... and she left us.

Photo Credit: Ameen Kaur Ahuja

Photo Credit: Manpreet Singh Khalsa

Photo Credit: Smriti Singhal

From a very early age I learned to make my own way, but she was virtually with me throughout my childhood. My family was always with me, but, moms have a special bond with their children. I lost her when I was fourteen, I lost her before I could

If you wish to share your thoughts, reviews, articles, poems and photography you can mail them to us at Speak up‌ We're listening!



8 | thehawk’sview

The other Delhi By Brinda Khera From the by lanes of the walled city to the swanky hotels and restaurants, Delhi has the taste of all.. You need a place where reminiscent of ‘Friends’? You have it right here! The capital is littered with places you can just relax in.

TAJ Café Coffee Day

A great place for all sizes of college groups, for couples and for office people or anyone else who just wishes to sit, grab a bite, and relax. What sets it apart from other CCDs is outdoor setting with a view of the Taj. The outdoor setting is of wooden benches and umbrellas overhead, giving an excellent ambience. It works better in the winter evenings with slow cool breeze blowing. It’s a great place to just relax in.

Pallavi AWWA Complex, Opposite Taj Palace Hotel, Chanakyapuri Hours: 1030 to 2300


Café Boulevard

24/1 Hauz Khas Village Elma's is a quaint bakery, cake shop and tea room in the heart of Hauz Khas Village which reminds one of a British tea room. The breads are baked fresh every day in the artisan way and their cakes, tarts and pies seem to come out of grandmothers kitchen. A slice of a cheesecake or the chocolate cake is to die for. Enjoy a quiet view of the Deer Park with their afternoon tea, sandwiches and wholesome juices.

Kuzart Lane

G 11-14, Salcon Ras Vilas Mall, Saket Hours: 1100 to 0100

The first thing that strikes you in the head is the music and they always have really good music. The ambience is great too. Their sufi nights are simply amazing and some breath taking bands perform there. Don’t go there for the food or for drinks, go there for some good music. Check their schedule for the night before going!

An artist's kitchen that offers you a fusion of mouth-watering food and breath taking creativity. The name ‘Kuzart’ comes from a phrase ‘kuzhinë artistit’ which means an Artist’s Kitchen. As the phrase suggests ‘Kuzart Lane’ is a café and an art showcase in the colourful setting of Hauz Khas Village. Heavenly food, chic setting, some unplugged acoustics, cool drinks, coffee, and wonderful people. This is how we can best describe Kuzart Lane.

Building Number 2, Hauz Khas Village, Hauz Khas Hours: Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 23:00


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horror-scopes | 9 By Shikhar Vyas

Aries Taurus

Gemini Cancer




Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces



Ever since you met that guy last Friday who said he was going to marry your unborn daughter, dark clouds hover over you. The only solution to this calamitous problem is to dance naked under the full moon while burning 666 copies of Twilight, and chant “Jacob looks like a llama”. Will work more effectively if you add glitter to the bonfire. Lucky Number- The number of pet stores the producers of Twilight visited before chancing upon Taylor Lautner Lucky Colour- Edward Cullen pale white

Being a Libran, you are intrinsically balanced in every sphere of life. You manage to do nearly everything perfectly. But despite your interior equilibrium, inauspicious times ahead will make you quite prone to falling, and the possibility of a fatal concussion looms. So boys and girls, avoid wearing new shoes and pointy heels for some time – better to miss those two inches than to kiss the marble floor. Lucky Number - The number of times Akshay Kumar cheats on his wife, in an hour Lucky Colour - The colour of the bat with which most of the employees working at MNC's want to hit their irritating bosses with



Those amongst you who have a surname ending with a vowel are at a great peril. Even your inner bull can't help you now. You are going to die if you consume any chicken product. So tread with caution and keep your fat ass away from KFC. Lucky Number-The number of Academy Awards won by Tusshar Kapoor Lucky Colour - The indiscernible rainbow colour of Shehnaz Hussain's lion-inspired hair

Feisty, clever, ambitious, and a go-getter – with qualities like these you are bound to have your way in life. Your utilitarian struggle for moving on ahead in life is respected by everyone, including the stars as well. You have their blessing to do anything in the quest to become successful, beautiful, rich, and popular. Back-stabbing, sabotaging, or murder – everything is acceptable (as long as you don't forget to bribe the policewallahs). Lucky Number - The number of bottles of liquor a college student can consume before being noticed by his parents Lucky Colour - The grey-brown colour of the Delhi sky. Or the grey-brown colour of the Delhi water.



The constellation of Putiedami is going to follow an elliptical trajectory which would bring it to a highly propitious position with regard to the moon. Your chances at winning the lottery will increase by 4297386%. The winning ticket would end with a prime number. And if you win any money, the heavens would like you to donate half of it to the writer of this column. Lucky Number - The number of Indians who realize that murder, rape, and infanticide is wrong only after Aamir Khan tells them so Lucky Colour- The white colour of the Dargah at Ajmer which every actor in India visits before the release of their next flop

Since you are winter babies, it's an extremely rough time for in this intense heat. Don't go out under the unforgiving Sun (since it is already displeased with Jupiter after a street brawl last Tuesday), and try to bath only with ice cubes. Just remember that it isn't so bad, and in fact your parents conceived you in these summer months only. Lucky Number - The number of pictures people share on facebook everyday to cure Cancer and AIDS Lucky Colour - The name of the colour of Beyonce's newborn, also known as the FierceCreole-Diva-Future-Grammy-Winning Princess Blue Ivy Carter



Owing to your twofold nature, you might simultaneously want to have sex with and kill your boy/girlfriend. Don't worry, this is perfectly natural. You have Bipolar Disorder which affects every Cancerian on the planet. Just remember to take your medication regularly and everything should be fine. Lucky Number- The number of times Rihanna releases a new album each year Lucky Colour- The length of Akhilesh Yadav's nose, in kilometers

You will meet a tall dark Leo who is going to change your life. Even if things seem too hasty, go with the flow. And keep those handcuffs, leather belts and whips handy! You will get to know some kinky tricks to spice up your sex life. The oracle recommends you start applying lotion right now. Lucky Number - The number of thumbs possessed by Hrithik Roshan Lucky Colour- The pink of Delhi Metro's Women's Only Coach, towards where most of necks on the platform are swiveled



Your inner beast is roaring for a fight, and you're not going to be satisfied until you get into a brawl. There is no hope of you equaling someone your own size, so don't even think about it. Rather, the chances of you surviving the skirmish are laughably slim, so try to pick the thinnest and the weakest-looking opponent possible. Lucky Number- The weight gained by Abhishek Bachchan while his wife was the one getting pregnant Lucky Colour- The “holy” saffron of the attire worn by Shiv Sena fanatics


Virgo Your days of being anonymous are over. The stars are in a very favourable situation, and your secret dreams of becoming the world's biggest fame-whore are going to be fulfilled! Release a sex tape, bag a reality television series, and start a new clothing/jewelry /perfume line. Try to take a tip from the Kardashians, and you might just outshine them soon. Lucky Number - The number of director-turned-actors in Bollywood Lucky Colour - The brown colour of the dust which gathers at a Katy Perry concert, due to the lack of people who somehow don't want to listen to a voice reminiscent of cats getting molested


You are going to be reminded of the worst day to happen to you, well, this year (since you have a natural affinity to having luckless periods in your life). Remember that day when you chipped your tooth, lost your ATM card, hit the policeman's car, and were pooped on by the pigeon? Oh yeah, the horrific memories are coming back to haunt you again. Lucky Number- The number of mammals (read humans & black bucks) Salman Khan has killed Lucky Colour- The gold colour of the jewelry which all the aunties have horded up since the Indian economy became kaput

It's recommended that to reconnect to your star sign, you need to start eating fish. No, you being a vegetarian is of no effect here as it is foreseen that you will consume one or the other form of aquatic species. Even more auspicious and better for you health, would be travelling to Japan and learning the art of killing, skinning and cooking fishes. So try to avoid the fillet-o-fish if you can. Lucky Number - The number of times people have to call Sonam Kapoor a fashion icon in lieu of the fact that she can't act Lucky Colour - The red-brown colour of Mehndi which people use to ruin their already bad hair


10 | shorinthecity

Compiled By Aakash Bajaj

VH1 Hip Hop Hustle | 6-July | Blue Frog, Mehrauli

Sunday Brunch | 8-July | Asia Alive, Gurgaon Art, Exhibitions and Photography

Theatre and Dance July 1

Hindi Play: 30 Days In September by Arvind Gaur Place: Shri Ram Centre - 4, Mandi House, Delhi Timings: 7:00 PM Onwards

July 8

Hindi Play: Joothan by Ishawar Shunya Place: Muktadhara Auditorium - 18 & 19, Bhai Veer Singh Marg, Gole Market, Delhi Timings: 7:00 PM Onwards

July 11

July 11

July 14

July 1 to July 10

Talent & Old Delhi Shahjanabab Presents "QissaDilliKa" On The Occasion of Jashn-e-Shahjanabab By Old Delhi Children's Youth Community Perform a Traditional Social Cultural Programme by Irshad Alam Khubi. Place: Poorva Sanskriti Kendra - 14, District Centre, Vikas Marg, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi Timings: 7:00 PM Onwards Catch the Performance Bharatanatyam by RiniAich from Delhi, disciple of Guru Smt Kanaka Srinivasan. Place: India International Centre - 40, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate, Delhi Timings: 6:30 PM Onwards Watch out Tom Alter essaying another gem of a role that of the Last Mughol Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar bereft of Badshahat Directed by M SayeedAlam. Place: Shri Ram Centre - 4, Mandi House, Delhi Timings: 7:30 PM Onwards


Ishatvam presents Mesmerizing display of narcissist niceties in their exhibition entitled, “Baroque Reflections� featuring mirrors. Place: House of Ishatvam, 348-D, MG Road, Sultanpur, Delhi Timings: 11:00 AM - 7:30 PM

June 16 Like the Bengal storytellers and their scroll paintings, to Chitragathi is an innovative audio-visual medium, where July 16 the artist holds a hand-made paper painting depicting scenes from the epics. Place: Arts Of The Earth, F-213, Lado Sarai, Delhi Timings: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM July 5 to July 11

Exhibition Transformations Paintings and drawings in acrylic and in mixed media by AmitHarit from Jaipur Place: India International Centre, 40, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate, Delhi Timings: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

July 7/8 Forum Of Indian Photographers And Artists presents Group Show Of Photography Curated by Vimal Mehta. Place: PSK, 14, District Centre, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi Timings: 6:30 PM Onwards July 1 to July 15

A Visual Symphony - Participating artists are Seema Kohli, Jayasri Burman, Ramesh Gorjala, Sahajahan, Satish Gupta, Sarika Bajaj, Puja Bahri and others. Place: Chawla Art Gallery, Square One Mall, C-2, Saket Timings: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

July 7 to July 9

Exhibition: Bride & Groom Place: Hotel The Ashok, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, Delhi Timings: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM


shorinthecity | 11

Compiled By Aakash Bajaj

The Underground | 6-July | TLR Café

The Classic American 'Steak'Out | Till July 10 | ITC Maurya Gigs and Music July 1

July 1

July 2

July 4

Alternate Cinema

“The Laugh Riot Nights” Place: NU.Delhi QBA, 14/48, Malcha Shopping Complex, Ground Floor, Malcha Marg, Delhi Timings: 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM

July 6

An Evening with Dr. Kumar Vishwas Place: Siri Fort, Asiad Village Complex, August Kranti Marg, Siri Fort Road, Delhi Timings: 6:00 PM Onwards

"Spirituality & Faith" directed by Vitali Manski. Place: India International Centre, 40, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate, Delhi Timings: 6:30 PM

July 7

Piano Recital by Mark Damisch from the US with Katherine Damisch, Alexandra Damisch and Sarah Koulo George Place: India International Centre, 40, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate, Delhi Timings: 6:30 PM Onwards

Naked Truth directed by Prastav Raj Narain Dixit Place: Alliance Francaise De Delhi, 72, Lodhi Estate, Delhi Timings: 7:00 PM Onwards

July 7 to July 8

Catch the The eight monologues that make up “Bombay Talkies” are a humorous and poignant comment on life today in the maximum city. Place: Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44, Delhi Timings: 7:30 PM Onwards

Hindustani Vocal Recital by Subhankar Chatterjee Place:India International Centre, 40, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate, Delhi Timings: 6:30 PM Onwards

Powered by:

July 6

R.E.D. Mawkin Feat AmanMahajan Place: TLR Café & Kitchen, 31, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi Timings: 8:00 PM Onwards

July 11

Mallhar: A Music Show by Subrata De Place: Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44, Gurgaon Timings: 7:30 PM Onwards

July 13

The Fringe Place: TLR Café & Kitchen, 31, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi Timings: 8:00 PM Onwards

July 14

Barkha Ritu - A Musical Evening Place: Kamani Auditorium, 1, Copernicus Marg, Delhi


Orgy Entertainment


12 | wtfun


Mind Matters

Can you find the man's head?

Haseena ka paigam, Iss baar anna ke naam

ji namste ana ji ,

TAF Broadcasts

aapko dekh kar to mjhe jaise kuch hone lagta hai. Apka wo white colour ka kurta pehn na aur uss par Gandhi ji jaisi topi , waah waah , kya kehne aapke style ke .suna hai aapne ab tak shaadi nahi ki . main jaanti hun ki aapko sirf aur sirf mujh jaisi sunder aur akeli ladki ki talash hai . .jab jab aap Anshan par baith te hai to main un raaton ko kuch nahi khaati. Aree main toh kehti hun ki chodiye yeh lok pal wagera ka chakar , aur mere chakar main pad jaiye. Aur mjhe pane ke liye apko na hi bhookha rehna padega aur na hi koi government ki permission chahiye hogi. Mera kamra aapke liye hamesha khula hai. Par main ek baat se khafa hun aapse , mjhse aapki aur kiran bedi ki nazdeekiyan bardash nahi hai. are main toh aapko who who khushiyan dungi jo ab tak kissi ne nahi de hogi. mujhe pata hai aap Gemini hai, aur mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ki Gemini wale log bahut naughty hote hai . are aapki umar chahe 75 hi kyun na ho par mjhe yeh bhi pata hai ki aapka dil aur badan 25 saal ke ladke ki tarah hai. suna hai aap military main the ?? . phir toh aapka ang ang fauladi hoga I mean strong like iron n I LOVE IRON MAN. Toh aapki haseena aapki naughtiness dekhne ko betaab hai AAP AAOGE NA??



thedoers | 13

Dafa Teen Sau Chihattar

Becoming I Foundation is an internationally recognized youth led organization that mobilizes young people into engaging with community development issues. It focuses on issues like women empowerment, trafficking, primary education, alternate sources of employment, leadership training , life skills development and youth empowerment. It is run by students, ranging from school students to working professionals. Their aim remains to be the change and make it happen and not just ponder over the issue. The organization's target remains to identify and mobilize future changemakers from every section in society. They have volunteers from different

By Ayushi Khemka

backgrounds who form the core system of the organization. They use performing arts as a medium to bridge a gap between the target audience and the people in need, which in turn also provides a platform to the young minds to explore their talents. Project Broadway is one such endeavour to establish platforms through which performing artists from universities and high schools are able to explore and channel their talent towards the benefit of the underprivileged. It is a fund raiser programme which is meant to aid the school meant for underprivileged children, 'Ummeed'. It is going to be held on 7-8 July. It focuses on section 376, the Rape Act. For tickets, you can get more information on their website:

By Simar Bhasin Nigah ,literally “perspective� in Urdu/Hindi, Nigah begins and furthers conversations, thoughts, debates, diatribes, rants, plays, art, protests, hissy fits and any other form of expression on issues of gender and sexuality. Virtually and on the ground in New Delhi, it is an effort to create inclusive and queer spaces that imagine new languages of cultural resistance and celebration around sexuality. Nigah is a non-funded queer collective that works on issues of gender and sexuality. Apart from lesbian, gay, bisexual and


transgender, we understand queer to be any identity, politics or process that challenges dominant norms. Based in Delhi since 2003, we try to create inclusive and safe queer spaces using media, workshops and discussions. We organise events each month and entry to all the events is free. Email: The Nigah Queerfest: (annual event)


14 | offtheshelf

Reviewed by Shikhar Vyas


Released : August 27, 2010 Label : Interscope Track listing: 1) My Medicine 2) Since You're Gone 3) Make Me Wanna Die 4) Light Me Up

LIGHT ME UP by Taylor Momsen

At first glance, you wouldn't know what to expect from The Pretty Reckless, headed by lead singersongwriter Taylor Momsen, who before fully submerging herself in her musical ventures traversed the vacuous and conspiring lanes of the Upper-East Side as Little J on Gossip Girl. Off the television screen however, she is known for risqué interviews, performing in lingerie, and looking like a skinny panda with her goth inspired makeup. Backed by three middle aged instrumentalists, Momsen's band might seem to be a joke; almost a teenybopper's valiant and expected rebellion against the authority figure whilst going through the mandatory 80's metal music obsession. But guess what? They deliver, and Light Me Up proves to be one the best debut albums of recent years. The songwriting is blatantly edgy, rebellious and scandalous. Momsen's low, raspy voice seems tailor built for rock music. Reminiscent of Janis Joplin and Courtney Love, Momsen's gravelly and angsty vocals talk about things far beyond her years. My Medicine, the opening number, begins with relaxed guitar fidgetings and the sounds of a lighter being clicked as presumably Momsen exhales a puff of smoke. Then her raw, cooing voice kicks in, as do the smashing guitar

and drums, and by the time the song ends, you know that you're in for a headbanging and fun ride. After references to pill popping and the film The Hangover (“there's a tiger in the room and a

touching and personal acoustic-y songs, slower in rhythm but filled with spirit. The production is faultless, and the straining instruments provide a worthy background to showcase Momsen's vocals. The content matter is controversial, and although no expletives are used, the lyrics will have anxious parents sitting on the edge of their seat. References to drug abuse, underage sex, washed up boyfriends, and alcohol addiction lie abound in the songs. Going Down, the most suggestive and notorious among them, spins a fucked up tale involving a Lolitaesque character seducing a priest and confessing to him how she murdered and circumcised her ex-lover. Aside from the illicit subject matter, the song features monstrous drums and guitars which are definitely going to leave you hearing-impaired.

baby in the closet”), the album follows with a mixed collection of up-tempo and mid-tempo tracks, which either contain massive, roaring choruses built for entertaining stadiums, or heart-

FLICK PICK By Simar Bhasin Director: Milos Forman Writers: Ken Kesey(novel), Bo Goldman (screenplay), Lawrence Hauben (screenplay) Stars: Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher and Michael Berryman “I must be crazy to be in a loony bin like this”

DVD Rs 499 / VCD Rs.199 / Blue Ray Disc Rs.1299 / Collector’s Edition Rs 999 (Check for discounts on Flipkart)

5) Just Tonight 6) Miss Nothing 7) Goin' Down 8) Nothing Left to Lose 9) Factory Girl 10) You

Set in 1963 Oregon, the movie revolves around Randle McMurphy(Jack Nicholson) who, charged with the statutory rape of a fifteen year old girl, is sentenced to serve time in prison but consequently gets transferred to a mental institution for evaluation. Although he does not show any apparent signs of suffering from a mental illness, he hopes to spend the rest of his sentence in the relaxed atmosphere of the institution rather than in a proper prison. However he soon comes to be at odds with Nurse Mildred Ratched (Louise Fletcher), whose steely and harsh attitude along with the questionable medical treatments renders her unpopular among the other patients as well who view McMurphy as sort of a hero-like figure.


But it's not all outrageous posturing, as Reckless display their skill of crafty songwriting and soulful singing on laidback and relaxed Light Me Up, Just Tonight, Nothing Left to Lose, and You. The songs are tender and moving odes to unrequited love, feeling alright, and bad relationships.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest adapted by a novel of the same name and directed by Miloš Forman is said to have been the second movie to receive the Oscars in all the five major nominations namely- Best Picture, Actor in Lead Role, Actress in Lead Role, Director and Screenplay. Filled with poignant tales of each individual including the inherently different set of patients, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is a moving account which oscillates between comedy, drama and at times plain tragedy. The director has truly done justice to all the ever-intriguing characters in this emotionally gripping tale. The movie is a must watch for all Jack Nicholson fans as he delivers one of his finest performances and also a must watch for all those movie lovers in dire need to watch a piece of cinema that stays with you long after the ending credits have rolled. Watch it for some really incredible acting, watch it for brilliant moments that touch you deeply and watch it simply because it is a sin not to.


offtheshelf | 15

Reviewed by Aakash Bajaj

Best of the Web Ad from your regular teenager, with nothing to do on a Monday evening, on craigslist: Required: A witty, funny, crunchy and borderline idiotic time killer website. Largely picture based little semantic content. Funny one liners are n e c e s s a r y. W i t h a c o m i c s t y l e d communication.Similar to Twitter. Facebook users need not reply.

"How to name a volcano," "15-ish things worth knowing about coffee" "How a web design goes straight to hell. And my personal favourite “Why all printers are from hell?”

get your jollies off by making fun of others, (shame on you, btw) I highly recommend this website. Go on, crack it open.


Log on to If you missed an important lecture again, because you were too busy, hanging out, having Maggi

A website, with hilarious comics, funny life observations, and brilliant pictography, drawn by Matthew Inman, the is a masterpiece of a website. Funny, witty, interesting, addictive, and most importantly eccentric (this seems to a pre requisite to succeed today). All wrapped up in one single website. The comics cover an eclectic range of topics, including zombies, horse care, English grammar, with titles such as "What it's like to own an Apple product," "What your email address says about your computer skills," "How the male angler fish gets completely screwed," "8 websites you need to stop building,"

An amazing websites, where you can find any topic, any time, with many explanations, interactive PowerPoint presentations, videos and pdf notes on any topic. This interactive tool helps youngsters, to learn important classroom topics¸ providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere. The major components of Khan Academy include: 1. a video library with over 3200 videos in various topic areas and over 155 million lessons delivered 2.Automated exercises with continuous assessment; there are 320 practice exercises, mainly in math. 3. peer-to-peer tutoring based on objective data collected by the system, a process that will be projected in the future So, as Facebook put the entire (social) experience of college online, Khan Academy put the entire (learning) experience of college online. Potato, Patahto?

GADGETS Microsoft is ready with their new dish, a tablet PC, yes, hold thy breath, for here comes the “Surface”. Granted, the name seems, highly unoriginal and simplistic to say the least. But as they say, one should not judge a book (or in this case, a tablet) by its cover (ironically, the cover is the best part, read on to find out.). Tablet PCs are a rage among the youth, both for their style, compact nature, and unlimited potential. There are t w o versions of Microsoft Surface, both of w h i c h have 10.6i n c h screens, and pop-out kickstands at the back. 1. The first Microsoft Surface model runs Windows RT, the tablet-based version of

Second on my list of crazy awesome websites is

“” Fair WARNING is in order: People who think its “rude to make fun of things and point out mistakes” should stay away. Also it is Insanely Addictive. If you are like me, and cannot go through a single movie without pointing out 20 huge plot holes, this site is for you, it will nourish both the mind and ego. The mistakes, parody and obvious plot holes will definitely tickle your funny bone. The best part of this website is that not only is it funny, it is also very earnestly true. And the facts are (mostly, and believably) correct. Sceptics may waste their time on Google. It covers a wide range of topics from music, movies, television to sports, history, and public figures Featuring, “major fails”, “insane theories (fan bases and otherwise)” “parodies” and tons of cool articles.So, if you have a few hours to kill, and you Windows 8, alongside an ARM processor. It's 9.3mm thick and weighs 676g, with 32 or 64GB storage options. 2. The second Microsoft Surface Pro model runs Windows 8 Pro, and has an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, as well as 64 or 128GB of storage. That hardware makes it a bit thicker at 13.5mm, and heavier at 903g. Surface features a choice of two screen covers, which attach magnetically and fold down to reveal a keyboard. 3. The Touch Cover has touch-sensitive keys and is 3mm thick, but with hardly any depth to the actual keys, it could be tough to know when you've actually pressed one. 4. A squishy-looking 5mm Type Cover is also available, offering a tad more physical feedback Microsoft's keeping cagey on the all-important price, saying that it'll come with a competitive price tag. It is expected to be released around Christmas, 2012.

North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. It will be the first entry in the eighth generation of video game consoles. The Wii U also features a new controller, called the GamePad, with an embedded touchscreen. The controller allows a player to continue playing certain games by displaying the game even when the television is off. A second controller, called the Pro Controller, was also unveiled, which is a more traditional gamepad. It features two analog sticks. The system will be backwards compatible with Wii, and Wii U games can support compatibility with Wii peripherals, such as the Wii Remote Plus and the Nunchuk. It is approximately 1.8in high, 10.5in deep and 6.8in long and weighing an Approximate 1.5 kg. With external and internal memory backup Apart from a few basic features, Nintendo is quite pursed lip on the cost, release date and the special games for Wii U, as of now.

Wii U This is one is for avid gamers, Wii U - is an upcoming video game console by Nintendo, and will be the successor to the Wii. It is expected to be released during the fourth quarter of 2012 in



16 | punintended


New Delhi – Days after yet another BMW caused a road mishap, the DCP of Delhi Police released a report which hinted at creating a special process through which juvenile delinquents who are involved in car crashed can be tried. The statement follows after a string of high profile collisions where luxury cars driven by rich, hormonal and over-excited teenagers have caused a series of accidents. The accused, whose name has been withheld on request, was returning to his home in C. R. Park after a night of heavy drinking, when he hit an auto. The incident took place around 11.30 at night, and eyewitnesses say that the car was being driven almost 50 km/h faster than the permissible limit. The hammered youth tried to overtake the auto, and in a daze crashed into it from behind. Though the autodriver escaped unscathed, his vehicle didn't. When the cops apprehended him, the 18 year old had this to say for his acts – “It was my father's car, and I have a legit license which paid someone to get for me. Now can I go sleep? I have an epic hangover.” He then proceeded to vomit all over the policeman standing next to him.

But days after the episode, no arrests have been made and no cases have been lodged. When asked why the police have taken no action against the unnamed accused that was caught still sitting inside the car and drinking beer after hitting the auto, the DCP said that the boy was a minor, had powerful parents, and was in fact related to him. The question muttered by the inebriated teenager (“Tu jaanta nahin mera chacha kaun hai?”), did in fact hold true and since family comes first, he was let off without charge by his caring and affectionate uncle. This incident served as a lightning rod for the police department to get to work, and in the wake of dozens of car accidents by filthy rich kids the DCP decided that a separate committee needs to be formed to deal with cases of this kind. The newly formed ABKBB (Ameer Baap Ke Bigde Bachche) Cell will be set up in upcoming months with the aim of helping the unfortunate teenagers who end up injuring or killing someone. It will ease the process of reaching an agreement between the complainant and the accused, and since everyone


us efor t i r W


u ue, yo his iss t g n i ad re. nd re nd you e note is he e are bou e m i t s i w e h , t h s i t By why er like th alize t nless will re sly with lit or later, u r u . e o Obvi own soon se to help o d o o h to g sly you c u ds at: obvio your wor us Send conne f a t es@ taftim


[ You

W rs co e h ug u cy rs ave su cle e in ju ge th gge s. S ou st s st t em st o a i r r io to ion nca nat ted s ta s u ns ft us a , go e, y re e out mi t: od ou vo an es or ha lut d o @ ba ve ion f ta d , an s fc do y on se ne nd ct .c om


knows that the rich kids of wealthy parentage can never be indicted, let alone tried, hence they will be issued warning slips. Every teenager in the specially created group would only be allowed to kill 20 people a year due to rash driving – any more than that and he will have to pay Rs. 50 extra per body count. The threshold line of deciding whether he is rich enough to be included in the select group would depend on how many Swiss bank accounts his father has. The headquarters would be set up in South Delhi (where most of the accidents occur), and it will include many facilities to entertain the guests who register with the ABKBB service. Delhi Police feel that the creation of such a unit is a step in the right direction, and it will increase the efficiency of the system – even though the number of accidents would remain the same, the amount of hassle and inconvenience faced by the sloshed youth would be considerably less.


oney m r u usyo eative ut in Give the cr b


ins not le ary ve ing is us go n our liter shall be ab s p e i e k e g 0 of t w n i a 5 y h w 2 a W INR ne flo at somed t li s a a n s. e l e e adr pe th harg y, at he ho mone scription c r u o fact t yy ub site: e awa nual s to tak rds our an to our web n a o it, tow cribe, log om bs To su ect.c

nn tafco www.


socialscene | 17 “Youth” Diaries By Ayushi Khemka

Not-so-dear world For the past few years or rather for ever, you have been asking me various things. You have bombarded my psyche with your over judgemental and cliché questions. You have tried to kill my own sense of judgement. You have robbed me of my rationality and ability to think and analyse. You have tried to thrust upon my not-so-little brain, your views and your dreams and your expectations. You have always pictured me in black and white. But hey you know what! I am neither black nor white. I am somewhere in the middle. Let's say grey. Oh! I am sorry! Did you just feel that I am being rude, rebellious and back answering you or something? Well, the books that you think I read

help me to give you an answer to it. “Frankly my dear I don't give a damn!” now you know that I do read normal stuff and not what you think. If I am out with my friends, does not mean I am doing marijuana or doing it. I am aware of the law and the so-called morality of which you boast of a lot. You know how I know that? Because for me, newspaper does not mean only the magazine section. For me, internet is not synonymous with porn. If I speak in a loud voice, does not mean that I am rude. It just means that I am frustrated with your hypocrisy which you are trying to make me imbibe into myself too. If I wear what I want and get a tattoo done, does not mean I am into black magic. I am not a heretic. If I hang out at coffee shops, does not mean I am always out on a date, I

might even be introspecting. If I smell of smoke after coming from a snooker parlour, does not necessarily mean I was smoking. Have you heard of something called passive smoking folks? If I speak my mind and pour my heart out in words, does not mean I am rebellious. It just means that I am speaking what I am feeling. Whatever I do does not have two options A or B. it's just my life. It is no KBC where you have set options and you can pick one. I and my life are not objective in nature. I fail to understand why you fail to understand me. I guess the only reason can be explained by my next and final statement. Earlier, we had a stone age and now we have stone hearts. Unfortunately yours YOUTH

....And She Keeps Saying “ let me be”! By Ayushi Khemka In this nation which is ruled by patriarchy, being a woman is one hell of a task! Indeed being a woman is no less than a duty. Although this does not mean that being a man is hassle-free. However, lending our ears and eyes to the subjugated minority gender is our main concern for this issue. The “Indian woman” myth is not at all getting broken. In the process of modernisation, it is just getting modified and divided into two stereotypical images instead- the aadarsh bahu and the modern rebel! Or to put it in simpler terms the wife material and the girl friend material! We say that we have become a modern country or have at least started to become one. However, the question remains, by what factors do we determine the modernity of a nation and its citizens?

Is calling a woman outrageous, who speaks her mouth modern? Is calling a woman a slut, who has hot pants in her wardrobe modern? Is calling a woman a rebel, who fights against the norms of decency and decorum set by the society modern? Well I do not think that is the case here. We are living in a situation where we all have developed a habit of casting women into set moulds. We are robbing them of their basic human emotions and instincts. Moreover, by labelling them at each and every step of their lives, depriving them of their sense of Self, their individuality. Why is it that a woman who is well-read, highly educated, who dares to speak her mind and does not believe in giving in to any kind of forced power upon her is looked down upon with scornful eyes by the society? Take the example of the daily soaps with which the entire nation is pathetically


obsessed. We observe that most of the female protagonists are either shown to be illiterate, uneducated or dumb. Moreover, the female antagonist is the one who is educated, well read and speaks for herself. Can't a normal “modern girl” become a good wife or a daughter in law? If that is the case, then marriage as an institution would have fallen to the core in the metropolitan world. But as we know that is not happening. However the bottom line remains that why don't we let women have the basic right of being a human to do whatever they want, whenever they want? Why is there a Big Brother with his gaze fixed only upon the little sister(s)? Why do we tend to be too moralistic and hypocritical at the same time and camouflage it under the veil of iceage traditions and customs? Why don't we let women be?


18 | thefinishline

Covered by Shyam M. Nair

earned qualification to the Quarters. There were no surprises from Group C and Group D, as the perennial favorites Spain and Italy, and England and France earned qualification in their groups respectively, although the uphill task was made even tougher by the perseverant Croatia and Republic of Ireland in Group C and Ukraine and Sweden in Group D.

possible for his team and has employed his prodigious skill with set pieces and long crosses to bring the results in his team's favor. It is to be seen how much gas does Gerrard's tank hold before it


EURO 2012: CARELESS WHIMPERING In the natural scheme of things, where only the fittest survives, if you wanna be the best, you simply gotto beat the best. But ask any football fan worth his money, and he will not fail to remind you that one may strike his claim in the battle, but it all goes down to who wins the war. It is never over till the final whistle is blown and the fat lady sings, but most certainly, if you are still standing after that, you may just have earned your victory. At the time of this article, the group stage of UEFA Euro 2012 culminated, with Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and England emerging as the quarter finalists to the quadrennial European Championships. As the championships progress, here is the lowdown from the first quarter of the sporting spectacle:


The tournament kicked off with Poland, Greece, Russia and Czech Republic battling it out in the Group A. Though Russia and Poland showed great promise in the initial stages of the group matches, Greece and Czech Republic, with their backs to the wall, came out guns blazing, to earn a rather wellfought, if not well-deserved progress into the Knockout competitions. The Group A proceedings, although were overshadowed by those of the Group B matches, with Germany, Portugal, Denmark and Holland gunning for each other's blood in the Group of Death. While the Danes fought tooth-and-nail for survival, the same could not be said for Holland, who lacked the necessary fuel to step on the gas and take them to the finish line. They were left drained at the bottom of the group, while the Muchachosand the Portuguese

From the fire, into the frying pan, the Czech and the Greek supporters have all the more reasons to worry, as their sides would be pit against the mercurial Portuguese and the mighty Germans. While the Portuguese have had a bittersweet

finally runs out. They may be ridiculed for overcrowding the penalty area while defending, but any and every tactic to take your country to the silverware is acceptable. After all, this is nothing less than war. tournament so far, the Germans have been that one team to avoid, trampling and decimating every team they faced so far. They are a side not to be taken lightly this season, with Mario Gomez, MesutOzil, Lucas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteigger in their top forms. On the other hand, after drawing with the Italians in the Group stages, the La FuriaRoja have been ever more resurgent. The defending champions have struck gold, with the misfiring Fernando Torres and the returning CescFabregas peaking form at right time. While it is to be seen how the Spanish defense can cope with Sergio Ramos having to drop in the Center of the Spanish defense in the absence of CarlesPuyol, the rock solid Spanish midfield looks to propel its side into the finals of the competition. Italy has looked a betterside since the group stages, but the question looms large as to how much water does the Italian midfield hold. The French may have lost their last match to Sweden, but they still made it into the Quarters. The meticulous French attack, boosted by Frank Ribery, Samir Nasri and KarimBenzema would aim to go for the jugular once the whistle would be blown. The paparazzi

DTT TIP: A German-Spanish encore for the finals would be a mouthwatering prospect for any football fan. While the possibility of aGerman victory looms large, the Spanish look to have most certainly packed for the surprise of the summer. But do keep an eye out for the Portuguese and the English, who would look to punch above their weight.

may tip the English heavily in progressing far into the tournament, but for the while it seems the Three Lions are totally dependent on their skipper and midfield maestro Steven Gerrard to pull the strings in the center of the field. Leading from the front, the skipper has played at every position



theworldthatwas | 19

By Vividh Gulati

Lonesome George, last of the Pinta Island tortoises, dies

the National Bank of Greece, was named finance minister last week as part of Greece's new threeparty coalition government. However, he was rushed to hospital last Friday before he could be sworn in and has been in hospital ever since. Debt-stricken Greece is under huge international pressure to fulfill the terms of its international bailout. The new government in Athens is seeking to water down the tough requirements imposed on it by the EU and IMF.

Lonesome George, the last surviving Pinta Island giant tortoise, has died at his home in the Galapagos Islands. Scientists believe he was more than 100 years old.A post-mortem examination will be carried out to ascertain the cause of death, as although he was old by human standards, Lonesome George was not considered old for a giant tortoise -- the animals can live to around 200 years of age. George became a symbol of the Galapagos Islands after he was found on Pinta Island by biologist Joseph Vagvolgyi in 1971. His plight as the only known member of his subspecies led to a series of ill-fated attempts to provide him with a mate.

SuuKyi received her nobel peace prize, 21 years after it was presented to her

First chineese woman in space

In a letter to new Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, MrRapanos said he was stepping down due to ill health.MrRapanos, who is chairman of



e, you is issu h t g din d rea e. d ou en note is her are boun y e m i e t s i w e h , t h s By t why er like thi less alize t n will re sly with lit or later, u r u . e o p i n l v o e b o h O wn s hoose to o d o to g sly you c u ds at: obvio your wor s u Send conne f a t es@ taftim


China's space programme has come a long way since late leader Mao Zedong, founder of Communist China in 1949, famously lamented that the country could not even launch a potato into space.

Mantralaya, the maharastra govt head office, down in flames

Greek designated finance minister Vassilis Rapanos resigns

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33-year-old female fighter pilot Liu Yang became the first woman to be put in orbit by China. This is China's fourth manned space mission since 2003 when astronaut Yang Liwei became the country's first person in orbit, and comes as the United States has instead shifted focus to unmanned launches and spacecrafts.

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M ya n m a r o p p o s i t i o n leader Aung San SuuKyi finally received her 1991 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on Saturday after spending 15 years under house arrest. "What the Nobel Peace Prize did was to draw me once again into the world of other human beings outside the isolated area in which I lived, to restore a sense of reality to me," the 66 year old said as the packed crowd, led by Norway's King Harald and Queen Sonja, rose in a standing ovation at the ornate Oslo City Hall. SuuKyi - elected to parliament in April - said she was confident President TheinSein wanted to put the country on a new path as much remained to be resolved in her country.


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