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tennis Youth Olympic Medal for USA:

2014 Youth Olympic Games Nanjing China





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ON THE COVER: Design by Steve Hopkins. Photo by Remy Gros provided by ITTF.

Photo this page of Lily Zhang. Photo by Remy Gros provided by ITTF.

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USA Table Tennis Magazine is a digital publication of USA Table Tennis. Distribution of the publication is at the direction of USA Table Tennis. The publication is designed and produced by Steve Hopkins, and edited by Steve and Marie Hopkins. If you would like to purchase a paper copy, please contact Andrew Horn, Circulation Director, for additional information. 4


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Top athletes rely on its technology. Incorporating tension in the sponge, the rubber surface, or combined in both High Tension stands for a modern table tennis characterized by lots of feel, spin variations and fierce dynamics. Intensive research made possible a broad selection of high powered rubbers which comply with the highest quality standards: • The optimized surface remains adhesive without a protective film, like all our rubbers. • If the rubber is exposed to oxygen it does not cause stains on the surface. • Both rubbers are more resistant to blistering and cracks despite their high tension. • The tension is evenly balanced thus there will not be any deformation of the rubber.

More than a decade of research has led to the latest sponge technology created by the engineers at Butterfly, Spring Sponge. The most notable feature of this new technology is a sense of “catching” the ball, a phenomenon not present in any other rubbers currently available on the market. The secret to Spring Sponge is the unique material composition and air inside the sponge; it expands and contracts just like a spring! Spring Sponge will make you feel in total control.



tennis magazine

EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Steve Hopkins and Marie Hopkins Conimicut Point Press 6 Kennedy Drive Conimicut Village Warwick, RI 02889 CIRCULATION DIRECTOR* Andrew Horn 719-866-4583 ext 5 Andrew.Horn@usatt.org *Print Copy Purchases, Rating and Rankings Questions

PRINTER USA Table Tennis Magazine is published bimonthly. It is the official magazine of USA Table Tennis (USATT), a Class “A” member of the U.S. Olympic Committee. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Gordon Kaye HEADQUARTERS STAFF Doru Gheorghe, High Performance Dir. Teresa Benavides, Financial Director Andrew Horn, Membership Director Tiffany Oldland, Sanctioning & Ratings Coordinator

From the Editors: Two Steps Forward BRONZE The cover photo is of Lily Zhang winning the bronze medal at the Youth Olympic Games. This was a major accomplishment and a real step forward for U.S. table tennis. The Youth Olympic Games, like the Olympics, are multi-sport events sponsored by the International Olympic Committee and held every four years. Having an American on the podium at the close of this prestigious event is a really good sign for the future of the sport in this country. GORDON KAYE USATT has announced our next CEO, Gordon Kaye. Kaye recently served as General manager of the BMO Harris Bank Center in Rockford, Illinois where he was part of a transformation

of the arena that extended throughout Rockford’s downtown. The Center was host to a variety of events, and was home to a minor league hockey team. Clearly he brings a skillset that includes managing staff, running and promoting events, and sales and marketing -- all skills that will translate well to his new role at USATT. Kaye is also a table tennis player. In fact, he has played in more than 30 USATT sanctioned events since 2009. Join us in welcoming and supporting Gordon Kaye as he helps USATT continue to move forward. (GORDON.KAYE@USATT.ORG) Greetings from Rhode Island, Steve and Marie Hopkins, Editors

USATT PHONE: 719-866-4583 EDITORIAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Jim McQueen (Chair), Ross Brown, Ty Hoff, Steve Hopkins, Tom Poston, Andrew Horn (Staff Liaison)


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CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Mike Babuin, Adam Bobrow, Tim Boggan, Carl Danner, Samson Dubina, Larry Hodges, Steve Hopkins, Dean Johnson, Gordon Kaye, Ian Marshall, Manabu Nakagawa

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PHOTOGRAPHERS Malcolm Anderson, Steve Hopkins, Diego Schaaf, USATT Magazine Logo designed by Julian Waters (www.waterslettering.com). Many headings within the magazine use Julian Waters’ Adobe Waters Titling fonts. A SPECIAL THANK-YOU TO ALL OF THE CONTRIBUTORS. THIS PUBLICATION IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE VOLUNTEERS THAT SUPPORT IT.


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CEO Report by Gordon Kaye, CEO

To the USATT Family It is my sincere privilege to be writing to you today as the new Chief Executive Officer of USA Table Tennis. As an avid table tennis player and a seven-year member of USATT, I was honored to be selected to lead our organization into this exciting time for our sport in the United States and abroad. With over 300 Million players worldwide (17 Million in the United States alone), table tennis has firmly entrenched itself as part of the global community. Each day, we see and hear more and more positive news about our sport and the impact it is making. Whether it is studies linking table tennis to cognitive brain development, the role of table tennis in fighting child obesity, our members and clubs reaching deep into their communities to use table tennis as a conduit to positively affect the youth of our nation, or the many (many) celebrities that have embraced table tennis as a vehicle to raise money and awareness for positive social change, table tennis has, in many respects, left the basement and is now part of mainstream American culture. However bullish I may be, as a community we continue to face serious challenges, particularly in resource development for our elite level and grassroots (skills development and learning) programming. We cannot, however, use those limitations as an excuse for not working every single day to bring the many great people and resources that are available to our community together towards a common goal. Over the course of the next several months, we will be developing an aggressive growth plan for USATT focused in four major areas: 1. Value Proposition. I firmly believe that we need to be in the business of providing value back to 10

those of you that invest in us – our members, our clubs and our partners. Simply put, our organization needs to be in the business of providing world class service to our stakeholders. 2. Relevancy. What does USA Table Tennis mean to our existing community – and equally important, the table tennis community outside of USATT? You will see us investing more time and energy in building the bridge between the elite/tournament aspect of our sport (which we now serve) and the more mainstream, “pop culture” table tennis community that exists outside of our sphere of influence right now. 3. Clubs. Clubs are the gateway to the USAT T community, and we need to improve on the services and value that are provided to them. I was very fortunate that, eight years ago, I found a table tennis “home” in Berks County, PA – and have found similar homes wherever life has taken me. I think it is incumbent on us, as the National Governing Body for the sport of table tennis, to find opportunities for others to connect with our sport through our outstanding clubs. 4. Collaboration. We simply cannot be an effective without collaboration, commitment and trust. We have so many smart, dedicated people that have put a lifetime into our sport – and by working together, the sky is the limit. I hope to see as many of you as possible at one of our great clubs, at an upcoming tournament or at an event near you! I would also encourage you to reach out to me (my email address is below) with any thoughts, comments, suggestions or ideas – or even just to say hello! Respectfully, Gordon Kaye, CEO Gordon.Kaye@usatt.org


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Youth Olympics

2014 Youth Olympic Games

Lily Zhang An exciting first for the USA – a bronze medal in the 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Lily Zhang is not a new name in U.S. table tennis, but it is her name that has ultimately planted the first U.S. flag on an Olympic podium for our sport. Though Lily has won numerous titles over the years, among them a U.S. National Title and several significant junior titles, this win is a first and one of the biggest of her young career.

“My coach, Massimo Constantini, has played a crucial role in my success. He is so passionate in the sport of table tennis and puts in absolutely everything to help me improve. There is not a doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be in this position without him.” The 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games (officially known as II Summer Youth Olympic Games) was the second Summer Youth Olympic Games. These games are an international sports, education and cultural festival for teenagers that, like the Olympics, are held every four years and managed by the International Olympic Committee. This year, the games were held from August 16 to 28 in Nanjing, China. A side note here: The United States has had a variety of successes in international Paralympic and Special Olympic events. Our country has also had Junior Olympic events within the United States. Lily’s recent win was not just an amazing gain for the U.S., but certainly an amazing gain for 1212


“It was vital to keep calm, not to rush; if I rushed then I would lose, sometimes it was necessary just to play a little slower” the young woman who manifested it. In a recent interview she began by explaining how hard she trained for the occasion in the weeks prior to taking the International stage at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games. She had participated in many tournaments over the summer and also took part in a number of training camps, all in preparation for the event. The training camps in China and Korea, especially helped her to get in top physical shape and she credited the tournament play as what kept her mentally engaged and prepared for the challenge ahead. Zhang also trained at ICC in Milpitas, California under Coach Massimo Constantini. Zhang is particularly proud of her involvement with ICC. In fact, she made a point to credit Constantini personally when she said. “My coach, Massimo Constantini, has played a crucial role in my success. He is so passionate in the sport of table tennis and puts in absolutely everything to help me improve. There is not a doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be in this position without him.” Certainly, the ICC has been a huge facet of her success. “I am proud to be a part of ICC, as they have sponsored and helped me so much throughout my entire journey. They, along with my sponsor Stiga, always want the best for me and for that, I am extremely grateful. I’m also thankful to SVTTC, as the coaches there have helped me improve as a person and an athlete. And I’m really

FALL FALLIssue/Oct Issue/Oct2014 2014• •usatt.org/MAGAZINE usatt.org/MAGAZINE


Youth Olympics grateful to Coach Lily Yip, who was with me this entire summer and really pushed me through to the end! And without question. my family and friends who have never wavered in their support of my dreams since day 1. Of course an event of this magnitude has to be a little nerve-wracking and that was the case for Zhang, but she said her excitement, and the honor of representing the U.S.A. in such a prestigious event helped quell and calm her nerves. Lily expressed that it was her goal to win a medal and she realized that goal... despite a slight disappointment she confessed to in losing in the semifinals. In the end, what she took from the experience was a great sense of pride in accomplishment. Lily knows she performed well. Her first match was against Park Seri from Korea. Seri was a very strong opponent and Zhang put extra time into preparing for the match. Seri is a left-handed player, and playing lefties sometimes leaves Zhang less comfortable, but that was not the case here. Her loss came in the semifinal round where she lost to Doo Hoi Kem, the top seed from Hong Kong. Kem proved to be too much for Zhang, pulling ahead to win 4-1. But we had not seen the best of Zhang. The Bronze Medal match against Miyu Kato was perhaps the most difficult match of Zhang’s career so far. The two have met up before, and they are both powerfully skilled young athletes. Lily stated that she prepared mentally for her line-up against Kato by focusing on Kato’s playing style, particularly her serve. It wasn’t easy as Zhang lost a handful of points due to Kato’s brilliant service style. However, with focus and calm, Zhang stood her ground to recover forcefully. Quickly adapting, she was able to return Kato’s subsequent serves and put the remainder of her energies into changing the rally exchange between them. “It was vital to keep calm, not to rush; if I rushed then I would lose, sometimes it was necessary just to play a little slower”, said Zhang. “In the fourth game, when I led 9-5 and then lost, I started thinking ahead; I kept thinking that if I could win the game I’d be three-one ahead, a big advantage.” Kato scored six points in a row to win that fourth game and tie the match 2-2. Zhang started fast in the crucial fifth game, winning the first four points. Kato then came back scoring three 1414


quick points of her own. Coach Lily Yip then called a time out. “She told me to take a breather and not to be anxious”, explained Lily Zhang. “She really pushed me through to the end!” says Zhang, of the coach who was by her side the entire summer. It was a tough battle, but ultimately, she beat Japan’s Miyu Kato in six games (10-12, 11-9, 12-10, 9-11,11-9, 11-8), to secure her place on the podium. When asked for comment on the event, Coach Yip noted that, “Both players focused on their backhands; they were a little afraid to use their forehands”, she added, “I tried to encourage Lily to move the direction of the play and to be prepared to play long rallies because Miyu played very safely; it was important that Lily was aggressive.” And how does Coach Yip feel about the win? “The feeling is just amazing. A medal, the first ever Youth Olympic medal for the United States!” The Youth Olympics certainly had more to offer than the big win over Kato. Zhang also played the teams event with Krish Avvari and although they finished third in the group and didn’t make it to the main draw, the experience was a notable one. Not just an athlete, this young woman is driven to success. Currently a student at Berkeley, she notes that college is a huge change from high school. Finding time for her sport is a little challenging … “There’s a lot more schoolwork, activities, and opportunities here and I can only go home on the weekends when I don’t have too much work.” She is careful to add that while she would love to seize every opportunity to go to tournaments, schoolwork and education are a major focus. She does plan to participate in the 2014 World Junior Championships and expects to start training soon. And for those wondering, yes, the 2016 Olympics is on her radar. As for the changes and the new plastic ball, Zhang says only, “It’s a little slower and there’s less spin, but I guess that’s just the sport - constantly changing.” We know Zhang herself is constantly evolving too, and with her ambitious youth, and rock-solid skill set, we are cheering her on for that next Olympic medal.

FALL FALLIssue/Oct Issue/Oct2014 2014• •usatt.org/MAGAZINE usatt.org/MAGAZINE


Youth Olympics

Gold for Fan Zhendong at Youth Olympic Games By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Editor Winner of the Men’s Singles event earlier in the year in February at the GAC Group 2014 ITTF World Tour Kuwait Open, China’s Fan Zhendong won the Men’s Singles title at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games on the early afternoon of Wednesday 20th August. However, any suggestions from some quarters that all he needed to do was arrive in the Wutaishan Gymnasium, smile, pick up his racket and the gold medal would be automatically awarded was not the situation. Japan’s Yuto Muramatsu, the second seed, gave the top seed, a torrid time.

Established Lead The Japanese teenager was not playing for second place; at one stage he established a two games to one lead. Unquestionably Fan Zhendong was under pressure; to his great credit he responded; from two-one down he won three games in a row to clinch the title (11-8, 9-11, 9-11, 11-8, 11-5, 11-4). Tactical Change Yan Sen, the Chinese National Team Coach, changed matters, Fan Zhendong obeyed. “The backhand defence of Yuto Muramatsu was very strong, the tactic was to direct the first attack to the middle and then to the backhand”, explained Yan Sen. “I told him to attack the middle, as before, but then attack the forehand.” Wise words, the change of tactic brought success and Yan Sen could be pleased with his player’s efforts. Found Rhythm “Technically, Fan Zhendong played very well; he had a great desire to win and eventually he found a good rhythm to his play”, added Yan Sen, who was equally positive about the concept of the Youth Olympic Games. “It’s a very exciting tournament and a really good platform for these young players”, stressed Yan Sen. “It’s a chance for them to show their passion for the sport; tremendous match experience.” Big Challenge A positive view from the coach and it was the very same from the player. “Here it has been a big challenge for me; it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m the only player representing China”, said Fan Zhendong. “It is such a great honour; I’m very grateful to everyone concerned for giving me this opportunity.” Difficult Match Furthermore, Fan Zhendong underlined the fact that he had faced a most worthy opponent in the final. “The match was not easy, not easy at all”, added Fan Zhendong. “The final was a very hard match but I reached my goal; I made some mistakes at the beginning but my coach gave me good 16


advice how to change and in the fifth and six games I moved much better.”

Next Goal Success in Nanjing, now Fan Zhendong has another goal. “My aim is to play in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games”, concluded Fan Zhendong. “Winning today has given me confidence in achieving that goal.” So, if Fan Zhendong plays and there are three players in a team; who are you going to leave out? On the current World ranking it would be Zhang Jike, Olympic and World champion! Defender Can Succeed Gold for Fan Zhendong and a very worthy silver for Yuto Muramatsu, who is the only defender, male or female in the whole tournament! It seems, especially for the men, there are fewer and fewer defenders on view; equally in Nanjing there is not one single pen-hold grip player in action. Likewise at the Liebherr 2013 Men’s World Cup in Belgium, there was only one pen-holder, Xu Xin and he won the tournament! In Nanjing the one defender was the runner up and frankly only Fan Zhendong was able to cope with his style. A Dying Art Success for two styles that appear dying arts; is it time for coaches to broaden their minds? Sport needs variety; the player in Nanjing who was different ended matters with a silver medal! Yuto Muramatsu was a worthy runner up; Fan Zhendong a worthy champion, gold medallist Men’s Singles Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, another title to a rapidly growing collection. photos by Remy Gros courtesy of ITTF

Silver Medallist in Rabat, Gold Medallist in Nanjing; Liu Gaoyang Sheer Class

By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor Runner up in the Girls’ Singles event at the 2013 World Junior Championships in the Moroccan city of Rabat, beaten by Chinese National Team colleague, Gu Yuting in the final; on Wednesday 20th August at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games it was one step higher for Liu Gaoyang. She followed in the footsteps of her nemesis, Gu Yuting who had won the Women’s Singles title four years earlier at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Imperiously she claimed the top step of the podium to receive the precious gold medal. Traditionally Strong Area At the final hurdle, Liu Gaoyang, the no.2 seed, beat Hong Kong’s Doo Hoi Kem, the no.1 seed, in five games. It was a most impressive performance from the 18 year old who hails from Shandong Province in the north of China, the same area of China as the two most recent Olympic Games Men’s Singles gold medallists, Ma Lin and Zhang Jike. Smooth Style Left handed, her play as smooth as silk she moved through the gears like a top of the range Rolls Royce easing its way down the motorway to its ultimate destination. The backhand block was safe secure, creating angles, making Doo Hoi Kem move and forcing errors; equally the velvet exquisitely timed forehand, wide to the Hong Kong teenager’s forehand reaped dividends. Played Better “I played much better than yesterday”, said Liu Gaoyang who at the quarter-final stage had been extended to six games by Chinese Taipei’s Chiu Ssu-Hua. “Today, I had a good feeling for the ball from the very start of the match; I was soon into a rhythm”, said Liu Gaoyang. “I lost the third game because I hurried, I rushed; I calmed down and played better.” Technical Level It was a display of high quality and it paid tribute to the Chinese coaching system; if perfection can be achieved in sport Liu Gaoyang came very near. “I think maybe my technical level is slightly better than that of Doo Hoi Kem”, added Liu Guoyang, a most polite and courteous young lady was arguably giving very modest response; her technical level is better than any other player in the whole tournament! Played Exceptionally Well Liu Gaoyang responded in every respect and her efforts

gained the approval of Yan Sen, the Chinese National Coach, who had guided her fortunes. “Undoubtedly Liu Gaoyang was under pressure but so was Doo Hoi Kem; I think the two players are of a very similar level but today Liu Gaoyang played exceptionally well”, said Yan Sen. “I think she played at 80 per cent or even at 90 per cent of her practice level.” Considering the importance of the contest that was an extremely high percentage. Changes “Doo Hoi Kem only made small changes to her play, Liu Guoyang made many more”, added Yan Sen. “I don’t think Doo Hoi Kem was in good shape today; she didn’t play to her potential, Liu Gaoyang was relaxed and played well.” Liu Gaoyang certainly played well, a fact Zhang Rui, the coach of Doo Hoi Kem, recognised. “Today Liu Gaoyang was full of energy, she was too strong”, said Zhang Rui. “There was a lot of pressure today, Olympic Games produces a very special atmosphere.” Special Performance A special atmosphere and from Liu Gaoyang, it was a special performance, the Women’s Singles title secured in style; great style and have we seen a future Olympic Games gold medallist? Liu Gaoyang in Tokyo in 2020?

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2013 National Champions Lily Zhang and Timothy Wang

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2014 Nationals to Use Nittaku Premium 40+ Poly Ball BY MICHAEL BABUIN, PHD, P.G. Chairman, USA Table Tennis Board of Directors 2014 US National Championship to Introduce Nittaku Premium 40+ Poly Ball – Final Decision After further discussions and consideration of suggestions from our general membership, our High Performance Committee, our High Performance Director, our Tournament Advisory Committee, our Officials, several Elite Athletes, our Para Director, and several Board members, USATT has decided to utilize the Nittaku Premium 40+ poly balls for all events to be held at 2014 Nationals. While this is a departure from information shared a month ago, we have had ample input and assurances that the new Nittaku Premium 40+ poly ball is the best option for our upcoming National Championship. The input leading to this decision included direct input from both the Nittaku company, the official ball sponsor for USATT, and Paddle Palace, the distributor for Nittaku products in the US. They have assured us that the Nittaku Premium 40+ ball will be available in October of this year. In order to assist members making the transition, USATT and Paddle Palace are working together on providing a promotional offer for USATT members entering the 2014 Nationals. USATT thanks all of the members who have taken the

time to provide input into this watershed decision. You have played a critical role in helping USATT refine and resolve competing considerations, and helping determine the best choice available for seamless execution of our National Championship. When exploring uncharted waters, it is wise to seek varying opinions and perspectives before a final decision is rendered. USATT has listened. Specifically, the following individuals have taken much time and effort in sharing their experience and thoughts related to this important topic, and I want to personally thank them for their contributions, perspectives, and support for the new poly ball. Special thanks go to Doru Gheorghe, USATT High Performance Director; Carl Danner, Chair of the USATT High Performance Committee; Sean O’Neill, USATT Director of Communications; Jim Butler, US Men’s National Team member; Wendell Dillon, International Umpire; and Jasna Rather, USATT Para Program Director. (Note: If anyone was left out, please forgive the unintentional oversight.) In addition, Sean O’Neill has offered to sit down with any member at the Nationals and discuss the transition to playing with the new poly balls. I urge all members to take advantage of this opportunity (as long as Sean is not in the middle of broadcasting matches!). Hoping to see all of you in Las Vegas in December!

FALL Issue/Oct 2014 • usatt.org/MAGAZINE


Table Tennis Nation Embraces The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge The Ice Bucket Challenge promotes awareness and raises funds for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease). The challenge exploded onto social media over the summer -- a challenge that was accepted by the table tennis community. In July and August, table tennis players and organizers have done their best to spread awareness and help with solicit donations for ALS research. In fact, the ITTF agreed to give 20 cents to charity for shares by several well-known players. If you would like to donate to ALS, you may visit their donation site directly at als.org/donate

Photos: (left column top to bottom) 1 Fan Zhengdong (Youth Olympic Games Boys Champion) 2 Dmitrij Ovtcharov (Team Germany) 3 Wang Hao (Team China) 4 Adam Bobrow (Table Tennis Player, MC, Writer) 5 Ma Long (Team China) 6 Doru Gheorghe (USATT High Performance Director) (center column left to right) 7 Jorgen Persson (Sweden, Former World Champion) 8 Zhang Jike (Team China) 9 Tiago Apolonia (Team Portugal) (right column top to bottom) 10 Lily Zhang (Team USA) 11 Dora Kurimay (Table Tennis Player, Psychologist, Writer) 12 Jean-Michel Saive (Team Belgium) 13 Tiffany Oldland (USATT Sanctioning and Ratings Director) 14 NATT Staff (Table Tennis Promoters, Vendors, Players) 15 Andrew Horn (USATT Membership Director) 22


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Jack Wang Shock Winner, Crystal Wang as Anticipated, North American Juniors By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor A complete outsider, occupying the no.11 seeded place in the draw, Jack Wang of the United States emerged as the surprise winner of the Junior Boys’ Singles title at the ITTF-North American Championships in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga on Monday 1st September. At the final hurdle, he accounted for Canada’s Filip Ilijevski, the no.4 seed (11-6, 7-11, 11-9, 14-16, 6-11, 11-8, 11-9), having in the penultimate round beaten Jeremy Hazin, the no.6 seed and also from Canada (11-9, 11-8, 11-6, 5-11, 11-7). Overwhelmed “I am still overwhelmed, I never expected this”, said Jack Wang. “I played a very good United States Open this year and practiced hard to come here to Toronto.” Undoubtedly an unexpected winner in the Junior Boys’ Singles event; in the counterpart Junior Girls’ Singles competition matters progressed to a much greater extent as seeding predicted with the United States very much to the fore. Top Seed Prevails Crystal Wang, the top seed, accounted for the one surprise semifinalist, Canada’s Amy Nicholls the no.10 seed (5-11, 11-8, 8-11, 116, 14-12, 11-2), a young lady in form. At the quarter-final stage she had beaten Diane Jiang of the United States, the no.4 seed (11-8, 15-13, 11-8, 9-11, 4-11, 8-11, 11-8), to cause the one upset of note in the latter stages. A place in the final booked, Crystal Wang faced colleague Amy Wang, the no.2 seed and duly justified her top billing by posting a six games win (11-8, 10-12, 11-8, 4-11, 11-3, 11-7). In the counterpart semi-final, Amy Wang had beaten Grace Yang, also from the United States and the no.4 seed, in five games (11-5, 11-7, 4-11, 11-9, 11-2). Lily Yip Delighted “It has been great to see two United States girls in the Under 18 final, both of them are still very young”, said Lily Yip, the United States coach. “Amy is 11 years old, Crystal is 12 years old; Amy is one of my players at the LYTTC and she worked hard to be ready for this competition, practising every day during the summer training camps.” LYTTC is the Lily Yip Table Tennis Center in New Jersey in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States and earlier this year was the venue for a National Training Camp prior to a group of players, which included Crystal Wang, departing for a training stint in China under the guidance of Lily Yip. Maryland Table Tennis Center However, for the vast majority of the time, Crystal Wang is based at the Maryland Table Tennis Center where she is guided by Jack Huang (Huang Tong Sheng, former Chinese Team Member), Cheng Yinghua and other Maryland based coaches. Dedicated to the sport of table tennis, she started playing when only six years old and practices when even advised by her mentors to take a rest! Derek Nie, who won Under 14 Boys’ Singles title at the recent United States Open is also a member of the Maryland Center. More Success for United States Success for the United States in the Junior Girls’ Singles event; also they emerged successful in the Junior Girls’ Singles competition, a three-nil win was recorded against Canada. 24


photos of Jack Wang by Thorsten Gohl, and photo of Crystal Wang by Remy Gros photos courtesy of ITTF

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Back To School Time for US Olympians BY PAUL D. BOWKER Friday was travel day, nearly 3,000 miles from California to New Jersey. Saturday was moving day for 2012 U.S. Olympic table tennis athlete Erica Wu. She had the same anxious feeling as any other incoming freshman at Princeton University moving into their first dorm room. “So far I love it,” Wu said. “The campus is beautiful. Everyone I‘ve met has been so nice. … Everyone here is so smart, so talented.” Two years have passed since Wu made her Olympic debut at age 16 at the London 2012 Olympic Games. She was one of the youngest members of that U.S. Olympic Team, along with table tennis teammate Lily Zhang, also 16; swimmer Katie Ledecky, then a 15-year-old gold medalist in the women‘s 800-meter freestyle; and gymnast Kyla Ross, who won a team gold medal at age 15. But on Aug. 30, the beginning of the 2014 Labor Day weekend, Wu was doing the same thing as any other college student: unpacking her belongings in a dorm room, moving clothes around the room, wondering about what clubs to join and who her new friends would be. On Princeton’s campus in central New Jersey, Wu will have at least one Olympic teammate she can meet between classes for a snack. Ariel Hsing, who competed individually and in the table tennis team tournament in London with Wu, is a sophomore at Princeton. These are athletes who are not only trying to score high in an athletic competition, but also score high in academic achievement. Wu attempted to study for the Scholastic Aptitude Tests at the London Games. “I actually brought my SAT book to the Olympics, and I never opened it,“ Wu said. “I was supposed to. Every time I was like, ‘I’m going to study now, but you know what, maybe I should go and explore the (athletes’) village today.’ I’m glad I did that.” Zhang is the only U.S. athlete who competed at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. She went straight from China to the start of her freshman year at the University of California, Berkeley. Wu, Hsing and Zhang are just three of the young U.S. Olympians who have since moved on to college. All along the way, schools have celebrated their Olympians. 26


photos: Erica Wu, and US Team Members Wu, Zhang, and Jha. Photos by Steve Hopkins

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Charity Tournament and “Celebrity SLAMFest” by Dean Johnson a Huge Success The 6th annual Capital Group PingPongforCHARITY™ Tournament and Celebrity SLAMFest event heldat the Virginia Beach Field House on Friday and Saturday September 12-13, raised over $40,000 for 3 charity partners – Alzheimer’s Association, Vanguard Landing and People in Need to benefit those facing Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Depression and Homelessness. The program on Friday included 3 highly entertaining and professional exhibitions by Wally Green and Kaz Yokoyama–in 2 local schools and 1 in the showroom of an auto dealer who filled a GMC Pick-Up with ping pong balls for a “Guess the Number of Balls” contest to win a Kettlertable tennis table. The Friday night Celebrity SLAMFest event drew a record attendance of over 300 guests who listened and danced to music by the Deloreans, enjoyed a sumptuous buffet and beverages, open play on 20 tables, live and silent auctions, entertainment by the “Roller Derby Girls” and exhibitions by Wally and Kaz. Saturday’s tournament drew such an overwhelming response that registration had to be closed 3 days early with 180 players participating. Participants included 12 residents of Westminster Canterbury Retirement Community for the Over 75 Seniors event, the entire Cox High School Boys and Girls Volleyball teams and the youngest player at age 7. Event entry fees for 28


youth 17 and under was $15, Adults was $20. Each participant received a free T-shirt and a Kettler paddle. Founder and President of Table Tennis Charity Foundation, Ken Lees said: “We’re extremely pleased with the outpouring of support from our generous sponsors, local amateur players and the public for our event this year. Every year it gets better. In 6 years we have raised a total of $323,000 through annual PingPongforCHARITY™ Events and donated nearly $200,000 to 3 Charity Partners ($87,000 in last 2 years.) We’re looking forward to next year when we plan an even bigger event. We are excited to build upon the momentum, not only with the continuation of the 7th Annual PingPongforCHARITY™ Event in Virginia Beach, but also the expansion in offering the PingPongforCHARITY™ Events nationally to qualifying Non-Profit Organizations who would like to utilize the brand and the proven event model to raise awareness and funding for their local mental health/ brain fitness cause, while integrating the sport into their communities.” Dr. Scott Sautter, Board Certified Neuropsychologist and Chairman of the Table Tennis Charity Foundation, commenting on the benefits of the event to participants, points out that “Neuroscience has demonstrated aerobic exercise improves brain function, and table tennis uniquely offers participants exercise of the mind and body in a safe activity for everyone at any age.”

USATT is an official partner of the Table Tennis Charity Foundation and the PingPongforCHARITY™ Celebrity SLAMFest Events. For more information on Table Tennis Charity Foumdation: • tabletennischarityfoundation. org • pingpongforcharity.com • facebook.com/table tennis charity foundation • twitter.com@ PingPngCHARITY Caption for photo 1 Kaz driving the ball to Wally who is returning from off the stage in the audience during an exhibition on Friday morning at Lynnhaven Middle School in Virginia Beach. Photo by Dean Johnson Caption for photo 2 Kazand Wally during exhibition at Greenbrier GMC dealership in Chesapeake, Virginia. Photo by Dean Johnson Caption for photo 3 Wally Green, Ken Lees, Dean Johnson and Kaz Yokoyama following a meeting at an oceanfront restaurant on the Thursday evening prior to the Ping Pong for Charity Tournament and Celebrity SLAMFestevent. Caption for photo 4 Overview of action during Saturday tournament in which 180 youth, adults and seniors participated.

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Started from the Driveway Now We Here By Adam “my bad! wrong address… I just saw the table on your driveway and thought I would… wait! Don’t call the cops!” Bobrow How did we get here? How can we help others join us? I find that when I ask people if they play ping pong, they often say that they suck. And when I ask them if they want to play, they often say that they aren’t good enough. Well, this news just in: we ALL 30


started as beginners. That’s what starting IS. Of course different people have different levels of hand-eye coordination, speed, reaction time and physical strength before playing the sport… but being ashamed of being a beginner seems counter-productive if you hope to ever grow out of being a beginner. According to the internet, there are over 20 MILLION ping pong players in the US and the

overwhelming majority of those players are “recreational.” Does that mean they aren’t competitive? Well… in many cases, I am sure people play for a leisure activity and don’t keep score, but the very nature of keeping score ISto competitive and while having fun is important, the point of keeping score (no pun intended) is to WIN. So in some senses, the majority of people who keep score while playing… care about the results and want to win… therefore, we could say are competitive. Of those 20 million players in the US, about 9,000 of them are USATT members. That means that over 99.9% of the people who play in this country are “recreational” players. Wouldn’t it be AMAZING for the sport if we could encourage even one TENTH of those players to play at local clubs and compete in leagues and tournaments! How can we make that happen? That seems like a big question that many people have been asking for a long time. When I started playing at a local table tennis club, I was the only teenager there, was surrounded by middle-aged, retired men and it was clear to me that even though I was beating everyone in my family (at table tennis… we all love and respect each other very much), I was significantly worse than anyone at the club. This probably would’ve been true for me at pretty much any table tennis club. Many people, when faced with this reality will not want to bother people, will not want to continually get destroyed match after match and might not even want to come back. People often enjoy being around people their own age… that they can relate to. It’s understandable to want to get a great challenge and play stronger players than you, but for every match that you play against a stronger player, that is asking someone to play with a weaker player… and that player

is saying “sure.” Paying it forward and doing the same for others seems reasonable. If you imagine a new restaurant (or most businesses for that matter), if a new customer walked in, the restaurant would do everything it could to not only make the customer comfortable and happy but make sure that the customer wanted to return and introduce more people to the restaurant. It would seem that table tennis clubs would feel the same way (and many do). Maybe this means running programs for kids, seniors, beginners, having tournaments and leagues for the players… and doing everything we can to help people find good company, other players at a similar level or simply inviting the new players to join us in our enthusiasm for the sport. If players had easier access to finding new people to play with and learning more about the sport, it would be a huge win for all of us. So START that table tennis club at your school, TALK to your local park or community center about putting tables in the multipurpose room, REACH OUT to the principal or athletic director at your kids’ schools and TAKE STEPS to make something happen. Ideas are just a start, but actions need to be taken and being a leader means taking those steps and knowing that there is a much better chance that people will join you if you put in the effort and welcome their help. Maintaining numbers is good, but growing is better. Whether it was a driveway, a basement, an office table, cruise ship or a friend’s house, many us can remember where we started… but now we’re here… so let’s help others enjoy the privileges that we’ve been enjoying for years and years. Ready? SET?? GO! 8>)

Author Can Be Stalked At AdamBobrow.com

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Korea China International Focus: P Germany

Portugal Upsets Germany in Euro Championships And China Dominates Field at the Asian Games

Sensational Scenes in Lisbon, Portugal Crowned Men’s Team European Champions By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor Amid scenes surely never previously witnessed in table tennis arena in Lisbon; Portugal won the Men’s title at the TMS 2014 European Team Championships on the evening of Sunday 28th September. The hero of the hour, the pride of Portugal, the man who delivered the gold medal was the man from the Atlantic island of Madeira, Marcos Freitas. After beating Steffen Mengel in the opening contest in three straight games (11-8, 11-8, 118), he overcame Timo Boll in the fourth match of the engagement (12-10, 5-11, 11-6, 11-9) to seal a dramatic, tensioned packed three-one success. Players in Form Two players in form, two young men who earlier this year have enjoyed success on the international stage and have imposed themselves on the World order, confronted each other in the first match of the final. Steffen Mengel wore the colours of Germany for Portugal it was Marcos Freitas. Urged forward the passionate crowd approaching 2,000, the vast majority in support of the host nation, the top spin attacking play executed by Marcos Freitas prevailed against the arguably powerful and expansive efforts of Steffen Mengel. He won the first game and led 8-5 in the second; his consistency level grew and a rhythm to his play was established. A critical stage of match, Jörg Rosskop, the German Coach called “Time Out”; Steffen Mengel reduced the arrears to one point but never gained parity. Took Risks Two games to nil ahead, Marcos Freitas was in the ascendancy; Steffen Mengel took risks in the third game. Marcos Freitas went ahead 9-2, Steffen Mengel recovered somewhat to win the next three points, prompting Perdro Rufino, the Portuguese coach, to call “Time Out”, the move being to stifle any momentum that Steffen Mengel may have been establishing. Tension was clearly mounting in the Marcos Freitas body, he could see the winning post; eventually, playing consistently he succeeded. The Master of Ceremonies announced in both English and Portuguese “Marcos Freitas three, Steffen Mengel zero; Portugal one Germany zero.” Timo Boll Levels Matters An early lead for Portugal, matters were soon rectified by Timo Boll; close moments in the opening game but Timo Boll never in arrears, the German dominated the second and moved 5-3 ahead on the third. Portuguese coach, Pedro Rufino called “Time Out”, matters were looking bleak for João Monteiro; soon they were even bleaker. At 10-7 with mistakes few and far between from the racket of Timo Boll, the German held three match points at 10-7. João Monteiro saved one match point but no more as the service changed to Timo Boll’s turn. It was back to basics, when it’s close do what you do well, Timo Boll did that; forehand service, move round the backhand, forehand top spin; good night. Intriguing Contest Matters level Tiago Apolonia faced Dimitrij Ovtcharov; notably earlier in the year at the DHS Europe Cup in Lausanne, the two met in opening match in the first stage. Tiago Apolonia emerged successful in a best of five games encounter but then never won another match in the whole tournament! Later in a close seven games encounter at the semi-final stage of Men’s Singles event at the GAC Group 2014 ITTF World Tour German Open, Dimitrij Ovtcharov had won by the 32


minimal margin in the deciding game. However, there was a further ingredient to add in the best physical shape, still recovering from arguably not in the best of form. At the quarter and semi-final stages in Lisbo matches against both Russia and Sweden; on bo former he lost to Alexander Shibaev, in the latte

A New Man Cometh a new day, cometh a new challenge, c fast around the court he won the first two games the third he held match point; German coach Jö Dimitrij Ovtcharov, saved the match point b again at 12-11; at the second attempt he conver when Tiago Apolonia had surrendered five mat the mind. Was it to be déjà vu? It was not but one wondered at the start when five points before the margin was reduced to 9-8 tension in the air. Pedro Rufino called “Time Ou The players returned; outrageous fortune for two match points. Dimitrij Ovtcharov saved th Portuguese on their feet in adulation. It was advantage Portugal.

Electric Atmosphere An electric atmosphere pervaded the arena as M hall to do battle; scintillating rallies with Timo B next four points, advantage Portugal. Totally focused Timo Bol returned to win the s in the third Marcos Freitas established a lead wh “Time Out”. A shrewd move, Marcos Freitas wo fourth game.

More Drama Now, Jörg Rosskopf called for the break. M levelled at 5-all. There was nothing to choose be the stage at which the ball had cracked, it neede Sheer drama, honours shared on the next two point to Marcos Freitas. Sheer pandemonium; MEO Arena. Portugal for the first time ever; success for hos great credit to Germany, in defeat they conducte

A New Level “Congratulation to the winners, they proved t reflected Jörg Rosskopf. “They deserved to win, we did not have best of preparation for the play this team gave its best, it was not easy for us a “We want to beat the best in the World.”

Recovering from Dental Surgery A philosophical Jörg Rosskopf, it was a disappo

“I was not ready for this; the medications that I h am I have not been training”, said Dimitrij Ovtc was too strong, he played perfectly tonight.”

Unquestionably the German Team was not at fu

a Spain France Portug Portugal Korea

d to the equation; Dimitrij Ovtcharov was not m dental surgery, whilst Tiago Apolonia was

on, he had played in the third position in the oth occasions he had suffered defeats. In the er to Jon Persson.

cometh a new Tiago Apolonia; full of energy, s, the second in dominant fashion. At 10-9 in örg Rosskopf called “Time Out”. before holding game point at 11-10 and then rted. Memories of the contest one day earlier tch points against Jon Persson flashed across

n Tiago Apolonia trailed 4-6; he won the next 8 in favour of Portugal. There was a nervous ut”. Tiago Apolonia; an un-returnable edge ball; he first; then the MEO Arena erupted, 2,000

Marcos Freitas and Timo Boll returned to the Boll leading 10-8 in the first before losing the

second game with a degree of comfort before hich was reduced to 9-6; Pedro Rufino called on the next two points and then led 3-0 in the

Marcos Freitas moved ahead 5-1, Timo Boll etween the gladiators, at 8-all they were level, ed replacing. points then on the Timo Boll service, match the chance converted, the roof lifted off the

st nation, Portugal proved worthy winners but ed themselves magnificently.

they had a best three players here in hall”, we had misfortunates before this tournament yers who are here; under this circumstances at all.” The goal for Jorg Rosskopf is clear.

ointed Dimitrij Ovtcharov.

have to take are very strong, I am not fit and I charov. “I came here and gave my best; Tiago

ull strength, conversely, Portugal responded.

Portugal’s Marcos Freitas Mental Strength “This was difficult tournament for us, we struggled through the group stages”, said Pedro Rufino. “The power of the team lays in their mental strength, their unity and mental power led to this success.” Furthermore, the Portuguese Team was well prepared. “I was well prepared. I knew what to expect”, said Marcos Freitas. “The crucial match was against Timo, I was persistent, did not give up even when he won second game.” Emotion Now for Portugal, Dubai awaits; they qualify for the World Team Cup next January and maybe for Pedro Moura, the President of the Portuguese Table Tennis Federation more moments of emotion. The national anthem played, he could not hold back the tears, tears of emotion, tears of joy; the day belonged to Portugal.

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Germ China Portugal

Favourite City, Once Again Xu Xin Wins in Incheon, Asian Games Title Secured By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor 10/04/2014: Top spot on the World Ranking list retained, when the official order of merit was issued by the International Table Tennis Federation one day earlier; first position also applied to China’s Xu Xin one day later on Saturday 4th October at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon. The no.1 seed, he won the Men’s Singles title beating 17 year old colleague Fan Zhendong, the no.2 seed in the final in six games (11-6, 5-11, 11-13, 11-7, 12-10, 11-8), having overpowered the host nation’s Joo Saehyuk, the no.8 seed, at the semi-final stage (11-2, 11-5, 11-2, 11-7). A devastating penultimate round performance from Xin Xin, whose early timing and powerful forehand gave the Korean hero minimal time to draw breath. Equally, in the impressive scale of victories, Fan Zhendong was not far behind his 24 year old compatriot. He overcame Chinese Taipei’s Chuang Chih-Yuan without surrendering a single game (11-8, 11-9, 11-8, 11-7). Important Platform “This is an important platform for me to prove myself and move closer to my Rio Dream; hence this victory is really meaningful to me”, said Xu Xin, who had sunk to the floor in emotion after recovering from a two games to one deficit to beat Fan Zhendong. “The final was very tough both of us played at a high level; I think the most important factor lies in the crucial points and my mentality”, said Xu Xin. “In the third game, I missed a game point and lost the game but I was able to adjust quickly for the fourth game; I believe that was the key to the victory.” Third Meeting Success for Xu Xin and his second win on the international stage against Fan Zhendong in what was their third meeting. In late November he was beaten by Fan Zhendong in seven games at the semifinal stage of the Men’s Singles event at the GAC Group 2013 ITTF World Tour Swedish Open in Stockholm but when the pair met again, he turned the tables. Earlier this year in January at the GAC Group 2013 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals in Dubai, at the same stage as in Stockholm, he accounted for Fan Zhendong in five games en route to securing the title. Fourth Final Victory over Fan Zhendong in what is surely becoming Xu Xin’s favourite city; it was no less than his fourth consecutive Men’s Singles final in Incheon and all against colleagues. On the GAC Group ITTF World Tour, the three most recent editions in Korea have all been staged in Incheon. Two years ago in 2012, Xu Xin was beaten in the final by Zhang Jike but in 2013 and earlier this year it was a different outcome. In 2013 he beat Ma Long in the final, earlier this year he secured the top prize at the expense of Fang Bo; now it is three wins in a row and for Xu Xin no doubt the most important of the Incheon successes. 34



Men’s Singles: Quarter-Final Xu Xin (CHN) bt Gao Ning (SIN) 13-1 Joo Saehyuk (KOR) bt Jun Mizutani (JP 11-3 Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE) bt Pak Sin H 11-8 Fan Zhendong (CHN) bt Koki Niwa (JP

Men’s Singles: Semi-Final Xu Xin (CHN) bt Joo Saehyuk (KOR) Fan Zhendong (CHN) bt Chuang Chih-

Men’s Singles: Final Xu Xin (CHN) bt Fan Zhendong (CHN 11-8

Women’s Singles: Quarter-Finals Liu Shiwen (CHN) bt Lee Ho Ching (H Yang Haeun (KOR) bt Kasumi Ishikawa Zhu Yuling (CHN) bt Seo Hyowon (KO Feng Tianwei (SIN) bt Ai Fukuhara (J 8-11, 11-6

Women’s Singles: Semi-Finals Liu Shiwen (CHN) bt Yang Haeun (KO Zhu Yuling (CHN) bt Feng Tianwei (SI

Women’s Singles: Final Liu Shiwen (CHN) bt Zhu Yuling (CHN

Men’s Doubles: Final Ma Long / Zhang Jike (CHN) bt Fan Z 11-3, 11-7, 11-8)

Women’s Doubles: Final Chen Meng / Zhu Yuling (CHN) bt Liu 11-6, 8-11, 8-11, 11-3, 12-10

Mixed Doubles: Final Kim Hyok Bong / Kim Jong (PRK) bt Ji 12-10, 12-10, 10-12, 11-6, 11-6

France many Korea Korea Spain

11, 11-6, 11-5, 11-5 PN) 13-11, 7-11, 8-11, 11-7, 14-12,

Hyok (PRK) 11-6, 11-8, 5-11, 11-7,

PN) 11-4, 11-6, 12-10, 11-7

11-2, 11-5, 11-2, 11-7 -Yuan (TPE) 11-8, 11-9, 11-8, 11-7

N) 11-6, 5-11, 11-13, 11-7, 12-10,

HKG ) 11-8, 11-3, 11-7, 11-7 a (JPN) 9-11, 11-6, 11-5, 11-9, 11-7 OR) 11-4, 11-3, 11-8, 11-8 JPN) 11-9, 11-9, 11-6, 7-11, 3-11,

OR) 11-3, 11-5, 11-1, 11-7) IN) 13-11, 13-11, 14-12, 11-8)

N) 11-6, 11-4, 13-11, 11-7

Zhendong / Xu Xin (CHN) 14-12,

u Shiwen / Wu Yang (CHN) 12-10,

iang Yianyi / Lee Ho Ching (HKG)

World No. 1 and Asian Games Men’s Champion Xu Xin of China *All photos courtesy of ITTF and the tournhament organizing committee

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All Robo-Pongs now on sale!

Š2012 Newgy Industries

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After winning Gold at the World Championships 2011 in Rotterdam and the gold medal at the London Olympics 2012, many jokingly remarked that the top of the podium at the world championships 2013 in Paris was already reserved – for ZHANG Jike. And they were right. 38


What is the key to his success?

Forehand Topspin on a long shot

Nobody is better suited to answer than the 26 year-old Butterfly player himself. So we invited him last year to the Butterfly headquarters and sat down with him. The result was a fascinating insight into the workings of a great champion. Thank you Zhang Jike for visiting us!

As a first example of Zhang Jikes broad palette of shots, we take a look at his forehand topspin on long shots.

Our findings in a nutshell: We came to the conclusion that it is not the perfect feeling, not the adaption of newest techniques or his trademark banana-flick and serve variations. It is not magic, either.

“To produce maximum power, I bend back my upper body and hip, put my weight on the right foot and extend my arm backwards, straightening it out.” Besides body tension and foot placement, this is the source of Zhang Jikes power on the forehand.

Rather, Zhang Jikes dominance is a product of a “perfect package” of technique, explosiveness and physical and mental strength. Zhang Jike sums it up: “Explosiveness is the reason for my effective game” “In China, this concept” –which is best translated to “explosiveness” – “plays an important role” Zhang Jike explains. It describes the ability to produce a high amount of power on contact and impart it onto the ball. To advance in the system of Chinese table tennis, a player has to get a note confirming the explosiveness from their coaches. “I think this explosiveness is an important reason for my level of play and it makes me special.” Continuously working on their technique and steadily advancing the basic strokes is high priority for a player in Chinese table tennis. Zhang Jike agrees: “It is crucial for a player not to just train the basic strokes, but really pay attention to it in detail and look closely at every part, every movement and every timing. If you make this a part of everyday training routine, you can feel the effect it has on your game.”

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“During a shot, I quickly move my hip, body and arm forward and turn my body to the upper-left position, moving my weight from the right onto the left foot. I always try to hit the ball on its upper side.” Crucial: the Elbow

on back spin shots. His aim here is the same: To produce as much explosiveness as possible. “I bend both my legs, but more so the right side and extend my arm and wrist to the lower right side, so the racket points to the ground.”

Zhang Jike places great importance on the angle of his elbow during the forehand, and keep the elbow tight to the body. Keeping the arm angled like this ensures a minimum of power lost on the shot. This slide show demonstrates, how the lower arm and wrist also imitate this movement:

In this stroke, the explosiveness does not come from the arm or wrist, but rather from movement of the whole body (wrist, arm, body and legs) from the lower right, to the upper left corner. “As with all movements in table tennis, it is important to keep body tension throughout.” Played this way, the power is imparted onto the ball and produces a maximum of spin and speed. “I focus more on putting pressure and rotation on the ball, than try for maximum speed.” The world Champion knows this is not the only way of playing a forehand topspin. Many players –in fact- play it quite differently. “My technique has been a matter of discussion among me and my coaches. We were debating whether we needed to change the whole technique, making it shorter and tighter. But in the end, this technique is unique to me and my playing system and it “lives” on me stepping back from the table and play at least two topspins to score.” Forehand Topspin on Backspin A typical feature in Zhang Jikes play is his powerful forehand topspin with heavy rotation 40


All of these movements demand a certain physical strength of leg- lower body and lower abdominal musculature, which very few non-professional table tennis players possess in the same way as Zhang Jike does. Typical Zhang Jike: Hit the Ball in Front of the Body, Not on the Side

Contrary to most others, Zhang Jike hits the ball in front of his body and accelerates it, supported by his legs and the movement of his body. “This technique enables me to stand a bit further from the table so I can remain in my neutral stance and attack immediately with a topspin.”

the movement of the wrist plays a bigger role. Important to Zhang Jike: “On the backhand topspin on long shots I try to bend my body over the ball and close the racket as much as possible. In contrast to the forehand shot, there is much less space available on the backhand, so the stroke needs to be short and compacted.”

The Swing Back On the backhand topspin, Zhang Jike lifts up his elbow, bends his body slightly to the side and positions the racket in front of his body and closes it. Looking at the picture, two other aspects are obvious: • The elbow is elevated and forwardly positioned • The wrist is bend towards the body The wrist plays an important role in Zhang Jikes topspin, it is –in this picture- pointed towards his body. While the performance of the shot can be increased by this complex swing-back, it is not recommended for players with less exercise, as it can be a source of mistakes if not executed properly. Practise makes perfect. The Stroke Backhand-Topspin on Long Shots Let’s have a look at Zhang Jikes feared backhand topspin. The principle is quite the same as on the forehand side, but the shot is more complex and

On contact with the ball Zhang Jike manages to impart power and spin and take the initiative in a rally. Its intentional effect is that many players struggle to deal with his backhand topspin. The Olympic champion explains his technique:

FALL Issue/Oct 2014 • usatt.org/MAGAZINE


“By closing the racket as much as possible, I make sure to hit the upper side of the ball, not smash against it. This creates the spin and the low trajectory and pressures the opponent immediately. It is difficult but also crucial to bend the upper body over the ball in order to play it in the right direction, especially against offensive shots. I also make sure to hit the ball early on the bounce and make my elbow the angling point of the whole shot, supported by the wrist movement. The whole shot becomes unstable, once you move the elbow too much. It has to remain fixed, so you move at a constant angle relative to the ball.”

The picture set to the left illustrates the complex movement of Zhang Jikes backhand topspin on long shots. Backhand Topspin on Back Spin In this last special, we take a look at Zhang Jike’s special technique on playing a backhand topspin on back spin. Zhang Jike places great value on hitting the ball aggressively on the backhand, not wait for the option to play a forehand topspin but rather immediately attack. “With the backhand topspin against backspin it is not possible to support the stroke with the movement of the upper body the same way you could with the forehand”, he says. “In order to compensate you have to tighten the abdominal muscles, which also stabilizes the whole movement of the shot. On this shot as well, I try to hit the ball on its upper side with a closed racket.” The difference to the backhand against long shots can be seen in the picture set to the right. Additional Insights into Zhang Jike’s Special Technique Watching Zhang Jike demonstrating his abilities and technique over the day, we were able to get additional insights into his unique playing style. To have a stable view on the ball and the table, Zhang Jike does not change the line or angle of his view during a shot. As you can see in the picture (right, bottom), his free arm (left arm) remains at the same level (roughly the level of the bounce) and barely moves during a shot. These two facts help him stabilize the stroke even more. “It helps me to keep my body balanced, so I have trained myself not to move my free arm upwards with my body.” Text adapted from Japanese Original by Frank Völler. Translation by Sebastian Hallen. All photos courtesy of Butterfly. All photo sets by Manabu Nakagawa.



FALL Issue/Oct 2014 • usatt.org/MAGAZINE



Just Add Variation By Samson Dubina You probably know that you need to vary your loops. However, it is very difficult to consistently give good variation if you haven’t trained for it in practice. In this article, I’m going to suggest 4 variations that you should add to your forehand loop. Vary the degree of spin. By adding more or less spin to each ball, you will be able to learn to better control the ball and you will make it more difficult for your opponent to comfortably block your loop. If you add the no-spin variation, be careful not to loop with too much speed. The more topspin that you add to your loop, the more potential for speed that you can have while still maintaining consistency. Vary your distance from the table. Against some blockers, you need to stay quite close to the table in order to loop. Against some counterattacking/smashing players, you need to give yourself a bit more distance from the table in order to loop. Regardless of who you are up against, it is critical that you be able to smoothly move in-and-out away from the table. If you have merely been practicing side-to-side footwork, it is time for you to add the in-and-out variations to your practices. Vary your ball placement. Improving your ball placement is one of the fastest ways to improve your game. Against those players who are comfortable with both backhand and forehand, you should



often target the center transition point. Against those players who are trying to play full-table forehand or full-table backhand, then you need to work the angles in order to make them play with their weak side. When practicing ball placement, try not to be too self-focused on your stroke, but instead be focused more on your opponent – his strengths and his weaknesses. Vary the type of spin. By adding various amounts of sidespin to the ball, you can make it much more difficult for your opponent to block or counterloop. Practice adding slight amounts of sidespin to your topspin loop. Once you become consistent at that skill, next try to add more sidespin or even sidespin-backspin. The more topspin you apply, the more speed that you can add to your loop. If you loop with pure sidespin or sidespin backspin, make sure that you focus on control, not power. Watch this short clip where I demonstrate the 4 variations with my forehand loop.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpQAQPsfIus&list =UUccR8NqOuVEMk6FYMTSAa8Q

Why Table Tennis Is Really Chess at Light Speed By Larry Hodges, We often say table tennis is chess at light speed. It has all the tactics of chess except you don’t have time to think things over - there’s no time clock, just a ball coming at you, often at dizzying speeds. But table tennis is more like chess in other ways as well. Most chess openings involve pushing pawns as players maneuver to control the center of the board and attack with their stronger pieces. Most table tennis rallies start with pushing as players maneuver to control the table and attack with their stronger shots. Chess players try to control the board early on with their bishops and knights, which set up their more powerful pieces, the rooks and queen. Table tennis players try to take control of the rally early on with their opening loops and drives, which set up their more powerful shots, their smashes and loop kills. Chess players often lose when they bring out their queen too early, before their other pieces are in position to support it. Table tennis players often lose when they try to smash or loop kill too early in the rally, before they’ve set up the shot. In chess, if you lose your queen without taking the opponent’s queen, you almost always lose. In table tennis, if you can’t get your best shot into play while your opponent can, you almost always lose. In chess you can start off by pushing your pawn one or two squares. In table tennis you can start off by pushing short or long. Chess players all have a weakness - their king, which they must guard at all times. Table tennis players all have weaknesses, and they must guard those weaknesses at all times. When a chess player is losing he often tries for a stalemate in desperation. When

a table tennis player is losing a point he often lobs in desperation. In chess the pawns are the weakest shot, but used properly, they can win by supporting stronger pieces, by smothering an opponent, or by getting “queened.” In table tennis the push is often the weakest shot, but you can win with it by using it to set up stronger shots, by smothering an opponent with well-placed pushes, or by turning it into a powerful weapon with quickness, placement, heavy backspin, or keeping it short. When a chess player doesn’t know how to react to an opponent’s opening, he studies and learns the proper moves. When a table tennis player can’t return an opponent’s serve, he practices and learns the proper receives. In chess, you have a lot of time to think and plan before each move. In table tennis you have a lot of time to think and plan before each match. In speed chess, you have little time to think and plan before each move. In table tennis you have little time to think and plan before the next point. In chess, you run into time trouble if you can’t quickly and instinctively see the right move in most circumstances. In table tennis you run into trouble if you can’t quickly and instinctively see the right shot in most circumstances. So yes, table tennis is just chess at lightning speed. Which means, of course, that chess is simply table tennis at a glacial pace!

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Tips of the Month

A Good Loss

by Carl Danner

(Tip of the Month: September) Some of your best matches may have been losses. While some players won’t admit this (because they care only about winning), it’s helpful and realistic to allow yourself a mental reward for an outstanding effort that may have run into someone stronger on the day. However, you should not let yourself accept this reward while the match is still underway --by thinking that it was a good effort even if you lose. That thought can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. To fight this tendency, focus on the need to have (and execute) an affirmative strategy to win those last few points.

Aggressive Serves

(Tip of the Month: October) Some opponents are a little weak or tentative with their attacking shots. Against them, you may want to use deep and aggressive services that some other opponents could loop for winners. A particularly useful version of this is a fast sidespin-topspin serve to the forehand side, where you force your opponent to move to make the play. An opponent with a somewhat shaky loop (or slow feet) is likely to provide a weak topspin shot for your attacking enjoyment. Be sure to stay alert and on your toes for playing the third ball, as you may get an odd return back that requires some movement to pound properly.



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USA Tournament Results Biggest Little City Fall 2014 Reno, Nevada September 6, 2014 Under 2000 RR, Bill Kochenderfer, John Hanna, Mike Sturtevant Under 1425 RR, Jim Richter, Thomas Breunig, Roland Sanders Under 1825 RR, Bill Kochenderfer, Billy Fu Under 1250 RR, Phong Dao, Roland Sanders Under 925 RR, Steve Noble , Graham Matthews SAE Sandpaper SE, Robert Gilley, Martin Mainster Open, Michael Hyatt, James Therriault, Jian Zhuang Over 40 RR, Bill Kochenderfer, Ivan Rubio Over 60 RR, Billy Fu, Roland Sanders, Carlos J. Ortegon Under 1650 RR, Ivan Rubio, Andrew D. Streng Under 1075 RR, Doug Vaughan, Mel Inglima SAE Singles, James Therriault, Roland Sanders SAE Doubles, James Therriault / John Hanna, Michael Martin / Mark T Copeland LATTA Open El Monte, California September 6, 2014 Under 1100 RR, Charles Noone, Emily Shiau Under 1500 RR, Jong Hak Choi, TaeHyun Kim Under 1300 RR, Tae-Hyun Kim, Ronald McPherson Under 1700 RR, Yi Zheng, Kenneth Seiple Under 1850 RR, Ken Trinh, Jong Hak Choi Under 1950 RR, Sonny Walla, Ken Trinh Under 2050 RR, Sonny Walla, Branton Nestor Under 3500 Doubles, Lan Vuong / Jonathan Gebala, LeRoy (Lee) L. Kondo / Peter Chandra Oregon State Championship Beaverton, Oregon September 6, 2014 Open Singles RR Ethan Liu, Maoxi George Wang



Annie Liu and Dick Bennett at the Akron Open

Rockwell Fall Open Cedar Rapids, Iowa September 13, 2014 Singles RR, Noi Sackpraseuth Mike R. Baldwin Dongwang Liu Division A SE, Noi Sackpraseuth, Chi W. Lam, John Oros, Tao You Division B SE, Sang-in Han Phuong Nguyen Division C SE, Dylan Garland Mark Dillman, Nirmal Sharma, Chapagai, Suyash Kelkar Division D SE, Iulian Curtu Ken York, Mark Nightingale Donny Richardson Under 3000 Doubles RR, Zhancai Huang / Roger Miller, Dongwang Liu / Valerie Buffard, Suyash Kelkar / Nirmal Sharma Chapagai Dylan Garland / Donny Richardson Over 3000 Doubles RR, Noi Sackpraseuth / Chi W. Lam, Zongjiang Huang / MengYu Wang, John Oros / Dale Bacon, Arnold Kompaniyets / Brandon McCalley North-West LA Open Canoga Park, California September 14, 2014 Under 800 RR, Max Rambod MiChong Gilbert Under 1000 RR, Ha Luu, Charles Noone Under 1200 RR, Jim Esch, Artem Kalustov Under 1400 RR, Artem Kalustov, An Dang Under 1600 RR, Jimmy Gao, Hilarion Belo Under 1900RR, Jimmy Gao Robert Hershey Under 2050 RR, Robert Hershey

Mohammad Moayery Open Singles RR, Zaman Molla Robert Shahnazari 2014 Butterfly Badger Open Waukesha, Wisconsin September 19-21, 2014 Open Singles RR Wei Qi, Daniel R. Seemiller Under 2500 RR, Daniel R. Seemiller Alex Legaria Under 2400 RR, Ahmed Hendawi, Micaiah Skolnick Under 2300 RR, Maria Castillo, Ahmed Hendawi Under 2200 RR, Maria Castillo, Haibin Huang Under 2000 RR, Tadao (Tom) Inui, David Sun Under 1900 RR, Omofuma Akhigbe, Long Le Under 1800 RR, Thomas M Running Paul F. Williams Under 1750 RR, Weiliang Jordan Sun Edward Mu Under 1700 RR, Mansoor Ali Abdulrasool, Aliraza Ashiqali Under 1600 RR, Mehdi Barati, Kian Beyranvand Under 1400 RR, Moshi Zhao, Emily Su Under 1200 RR, Zeling Yu, Ken Kicinski Under 1000 RR, Varun Senthilkumar Akash Tembe Open Doubles, Wei Qi / Michael Minh Tran, Daniel R. Seemiller / Wojciech Wolski Under 3800 Doubles RR, Ladislav Sranko / Margita Burczyk, WenJie Nie / Mehdi Barati

Juniors U18 RR, Alex Legaria, Peter Jie Yang Juniors U14 RR, Michael Minh Tran David Sun Womens RR, Maria Castillo, Sonjay Henry, Zeling Yu, Yuanli Xie Over 40 RR, Aaron Avery, Ladislav Sranko September Newgy Akron Open Akron, Ohio September 26, 2014 Open Singles Giant RR, Jiaqi Zheng Xue Feng Jia Under 2400 Giant RR, Alex Legaria Felipe Morita Under 2000 Giant RR, Anthony Lewis David Pech Under 1600 Giant RR, Ashwin Turakhia, Zach Spies Under 1200 Giant RR, Ishaq Kothari Anwen Harris Grand Opening Giant Round Robin Norton Shores, Michigan September 27, 2014 Preliminary RR, William Thompson, Francis Hsu, Jaron Faltinowski, Dean Ginther Class A Giant RR, Brian Fowler, Vivek Singh, William Thompson, Brad Overbeek Class B Giant RR, Brad Brushman, Richard LeBaron, Chase F. Klinesteker, Daniel Petterson California Table Tennis Butterfly Rosemead, California October 4-5, 2014 9 & Under RR, Rohan Kumar, Ryan Ren, Kinslee Yu, Stella Gong 13 & Under RR, Shivam Kumar, Steven Gong 15 & Under RR, Nicholas Tio, Steven Gong, Shivam Kumar 11 & Under RR, Rohan Kumar, Ryan Ren, Aaron Chang, Alan Xian 17 & Under RR, Jiaming He, Theodore Tran Under 1300 RR, Steve Lee, James Greenfield Under 1600 RR, Saw Zan, Art Akopyan Under 1750 RR, Kevin Yu, Paul Nguyen Under 1450 RR, William Lin, Saw Zan Under 1900 RR, Kenneth Seiple, Jiho Jung Under 2250 RR, Pin-Chung Chen, Nathaniel Chu Under 2050 RR, Sonny Walla, Iris Mei Yan Wong Under 2500 RR, Theodore Tran, Nicholas Tio

2014 Aurora Fall Open Aurora, Illinois October 11, 2014 Giant Round Robin - Group 1, Emad Barsoum, Attila Ratfai, Wojciech Wolski, Jeff Xiao Giant Round Robin - Group 2, C. T. Pham Seon Ho Kim, Lukasz Niewiarowski Krzysztof Szostak Giant Round Robin - Group 3, Ken Oh Zbigniew Jablonski, Marc Villanueva, Ejaz Shah Giant Round Robin - Group 4, Kian Beyranvand, Cesar Mendoza, Douglas R. Wruck, John Brandt Giant Round Robin - Group 5, James Stout, Jang Won Kim, Jeffrey Liao, Moshi Zhao Giant Round Robin - Group 6, Sarah Zhou, Robert L. Tysl, Mike R. Baldwin Tomasz Szacilowski Giant Round Robin - Group 7, Zexin Jiang, Arsen Gaysin, Asif Rehmani, Natalia Snigurskaya Giant Round Robin - Group 8, Quinn Baker, Manikandan Nagarathnam, William Klase, John Zhong Liu Giant Round Robin - Group 9, Sam Adarkwa Kung Chao, Zigmas Vievesis Mark Nightingale Giant Round Robin - Group 10, Grace Luo, Samuel J. Kramer, Dale A Daguro Nandan Naresh Giant Round Robin - Group 11, Mohammed S. Zaman, Madison Chao, Tim Szot Rhon Daguro Giant Round Robin - Group 12, Brian Ngeunjuntr, Pierre Gabriell Falcis Bhavika Kagathi, Tanay Vutukuru Sacramento Fall Fun For All Open Sacramento, California October 11, 2014 Under 2250 RR, Philip Lim Trieu-Tien (Tom Nguyen Under 1650 RR, Adrian Fu, Kai Zarehbin Under 1050 RR, Evan Chen , Faith Tung Under 450 RR, Emily Yang Derrick Phan Hard Bat RR, James Therriault Philip Lim Under 1950 RR, Robert He, Walter Hua, Chua Guan Under 1350 U18yrs RR, Aarushi Bajpai, Ethan Wang, Samantha Au, Jimmy Huang Under 1350 O18yrs RR, Daniel Wong, Siddhartha Kanungo Under 750 RR, Aurad Kamkar, Ethan Liu Under 150 RR, Natalie Chu, Timothy Rex Young Under 2400 RR, Jordan Yee, Ethan Liu Under 1750 RR, Scott Fong, Shawn Fong Under 1150 RR, Barbara Clark, Daniel

Wong Under 550 RR, George Song, Derrick Phan Under 2050 RR, Evan Tung, Chao Zhang Under 3300 Doubles, Nelson Yu / Aarushi Bajpai, Robert He / Henrik Zhang Under 1450 RR, Henrik Zhang, Nathan Lee Under 850 U18yrs RR, Atul Raman, Aurad Kamkar Under 850 O18yrs RR, Sichan Kanyavong, Javier Montiel Under 250 RR, Yang Hua, Michelle Lin Open Singles RR, Victor Liu Huaiyu Chen Under 1850 U18yrs RR, Wendy Chen, Shawn Fong Under 1850 O18yrs RR, Jason Balderama, Robert Gilley Under 1250 RR, Ethan Wang, Barbara Clark Under 650 RR, Avery Chan , Emily Yang Under 2150 RR, Jordan Wong, Wendy Chen Under 1550 RR, Norman Tu, Adrian Fu Under 2300 Doubles, Sruti Raman / Atul Raman, David Palmore / Greg Rose Under 950 RR, Arisrei Lim , Robert Valenzuela Under 350 RR, Justin Yang, Derrick Phan LATTA Open El Monte, California October 11, 2014 Under 1050 RR, Suvicha Yossunthorn, Derek Hong Under 1500 RR, Ming Chan, Loc Vo Under 1250 RR, Suvicha Yossunthorn Jeffrey Yee Under 1650 RR, Santhoshkumar Srinivasan, Shelley A. Hardy Under 1900 RR, Thomas Koh Dean K. Vuong U-15 yrs RR, Jeffrey Yee, Daniel Treigherman U2100 RR, Oliver Friedman Sonny Walla Under 1750 RR, Richard Simon Santhoshkumar Srinivasan Under 2000 RR, Ruicong Chen Oliver Friedman Under 3500 Doubles SE, Andy Chen / Eng Soedjono, Peter Bunya / (John) Yahya Dabbagh

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Newgy Akron Ohio Giant Round Robin September Newgy Akron Ohio Giant Round Robin Table Tennis Tournament On September 26-27, the Newgy Akron Open took center stage at Walsh University’s Alumni Arena. The new facility hosted the northeast Ohio’s largest event with 133 registered players with excellent conditions including 800 lux lighting, wood floor, and 28’ ceilings. Friday events kicked off with the warm-up events: Open doubles, family doubles, handicap, and junior recreational. The elite Lindenwood University team dominated Friday play with taking first in Handicap and top 4 in Open Doubles. Saturday featured round robin groups of 8 players with the top 4 advancing from each group. In the Open Giant RR quarterfinals 2600-level Xue Feng Jia chopped and looped his way to a 3-0 victory over Lindenwood’s top player Alex Legaria next up Jiaqi Zheng rated 2548 took down Santiago Seville 3-0. Khoa followed suit with a 3-0 win over Gabriel Skolnick. Micaiah Skolnick nearly broke the trend with a 8-5 lead in the fifth over Samson Dubina. Micaiah was stopped short with an 11-9 loss. In the Open semifinals US #1 ranked Olympic eligible female player Jiaqi Zheng took down 2x Olympian Khoa Nguyen 3-1 to advance to the finals. In the other semifinals, former Chinese Superleague player Xue Feng Jia using excellent spin variation and consistency took down Ohio’s #1 player Samson Dubina 3-0. With the experienced Xue Feng Jia easily cruising through 10 straight matches, it looked as if he would take the title and $1000 first place cash. However, Jiaqi Zheng played a smart game and Xue Feng Jia was not able to adjust to her pips attacks and drop shots. Congrats to Jiaqi Zheng for winning her first Newgy Akron Open title. Best wishes to her as she prepares to represent the US at the 2016 Olympics! We would like to thank our dedicated tournament sponsors: Newgy, Studio 330 Wedding Professionals, Union Institute & University, Wil-Cut Engineered Abrasive Solutions, Clear Choice Custom Lasik Center, Paddle Palace, Nittaku, CLJ Studios, Simplex Creative, PainZone, and Butterfly. We would also like to thank our friendly tournament staff: Greg Thompson, Pierce Scott, Randy Burnett, Joyce Burnett, Larry Loutzenheiser, Harsh Khandelwal, Gabe Stauffer, Cathy Steele, Sam Dubina, Nancy Dubina, Marissa Dubina, Heather Dubina, Rachel Detwiler, Ron Martin, Craig Krum, and Orlando McEwan.



Open Giant RR: 1st Jiaqi Zheng, 2nd Xue Feng Jia, 3rd-4th Khoa Nguyen/Samson Dubina

Under 1600 Giant RR: 1st Ashwin Turakhiak, 2nd Zach Spies, 3rd-4th Adam Hemker/Bobo Shi

Family Doubles RR: 1st Anwen Harris/Zane Harris, 2nd Sarah Sommers/David Sommers

Under 2400 Giant RR: 1st Alex Legaria, 2nd Felipe Morita, 3rd-4th Gabriel Skolnick/Santiago Sevilla

Under 1200 Giant RR: 1st Ishaq Kothari, 2nd Anwen Harris, 3rd Nathen Eldridge/Jeff Pitrof

Handicap RR: 1st Zach Spies 2nd Alex Averin

Under 2000 Giant RR: 1st Anthony Lewis, 2nd David Pech, 3rd-4th Shreyans Bafna/Zuo Li

Open Doubles RR: 1st Gabriel Skolnick/Felipe Morita, 2nd Micaiah Skolnick/Ahmed Hendawi


Junior RR: 1st Daniel Daum, 2nd Andrew Schneider

Juniors Dominate Georgia Games

Sky High September Open

by Wendell Dillon Although we had a full slate of events, juniors dominated the 2014 Georgia Games,, July 19 & 20. We played the junior events on Saturday along with the adult Georgia Cup. This year we started a new event: the Cadet Cup for teams of players under 15 years old. All other adult events were played on Sunday, with juniors also eligible for most events. The team events were split between the two dominant professional clubs. The Atlanta Table Tennis Academy (ATTA) won the Georgia Cup, which was started in 1977. Yang’s Table Tennis Academy won the inaugural Cadet Cup, captained by 12 year old Emilie Lin. The Cadet Cup is a 3 player team playing the world team format of up to 5 singles matches. Each team had to have at least one boy and one girl play each team match. The final team match went down to the 5th individual match with Yang’s defeating ATTA 11-8 in the 5th. The youth movement continued on Sunday with 12 year old Emilie Lin winning the Women’s Singles and juniors doing well in the Men’s singles and class events. 40+ Carlos Ko won the Men’s Singles but14 year old Albert Zhang defeated #2 seed 30+ John Mar in the semifinal and 15 year old James S Wang defeated John in the Bronze medal match. The Thomas Nunes Sportsmanship Trophy was awarded to John Mar. Other winners were: (Because Tennessee doesn’t have a state games competition we welcome them to the Georgia Games. If a player from TN wins a medal, the same medal will be given to the next highest Georgia player)

Aurora, Colorado – September 28th. by Richard McAfee The Sky High Table Tennis Club (Aurora,CO) held its fourth USATT Sanctioned Tournament of the Year on September 28th, 2014. Thirty five players from around Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico took part. The tournament featured the popular “Giant Round Robin” format with players competing in groups of five in the morning to determine their placements in the afternoon divisions. Division play consisted of five divisions each consisting of a round robin of 7 players. In the A Division, Rafael Fuenmayor Lozada went undefeated and collected the trophy and $125 first place prize. Rafael who is from Venezuela, had not played in the USA since 2012 and came in with a rating of only 1932. However, it was quickly apparent that this 17 year old was very much improved and his real rating was very much higher. Rafael is left-handed and his game features a very modern topspin attacking style with lots of power on both sides. Coming in second in the A Division was Edward Yue. Ed plays a close to the table blocking game and has been making steady progress over the last year. For his excellent play, Ed took home the runner-up trophy and $50. The crowd favorite was 9-year old, Jaden Ly. Jaden pulled several upsets, including defeating Larry Rose to take the Division E Championship. Jaden’s dad, Phong Ly also had a great day, as he upset the number #seeded Kyle Angeles in the preliminary round robin, to make his way into the A Division. It takes a lot of work to organize and run a tournament and Sky High is blessed to have a great tournament staff. A big “thank you” to: Josh Harris and Kyle Angeles (Field of Play Operations), Joyce McCready (Results and Computer Operations), Diane McAfee (Athlete Support), and Richard McAfee (Referee and Director). Sky High would like to thank our sponsors, PepPod and Joola, for all their support for our events.

Jr U10: Ethan Ruan Jr U12: Daniel Ng Jr U14: Brandon Koh Jr U16: James S.Wang Jr U18: Jerry Yao Jr U14 Dbl: Brandon Koh/Daniel Ng Jr U18 Dbl: James Wang/Jerry Yao Novice: Alex Yu (11) Men’s Doubles: John Mar, Petro Stirbu Women’s Doubles: Tina Qin/Betty Yu Sen 40+: Carlos Ko Sen 50+: Allan Charles Sen 60+: David Girdner (TN); Lennox Drakes Sen 70+: John Edd Walker (TN); Charlie Slater Class A: Teddy Zhang (11) Class B: Andrew Chen (12) Class C: Gardner Dale (10) Class D: Ethan Ruan (9)

Congratulations to all the winners! Group A: Rafael Fuenmayor Lozada (Denver, CO); Runner -up: Edward Yue (Denver, CO) Group B: Dean Dingyi Chen (Greenwood Villege, CO); Runner-up: Jason Lai (Laramie, WY) Group C: Antonio Varelia Vaaquez (Aurora, CO); Runner-up: Gokah Shah (Denver, CO) Group D: Tan Loi (Thornton, CO); Runner-up: Hristo Djoumaliev (Loveland, CO) Group E: Jaden Ly (Ft. Collins, CO); Runnerup: Larry Rose (Colorado Springs, CO)

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The Rankings And Ratings TOP MEN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 25 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 48 50

GA 2755 GA 2732 CA 2718 CA 2711 CA 2687 CA 2673 NY 2668 NY 2664 NJ 2661 TX 2648 PA 2647 CA 2644 VA 2641 NJ 2629 NJ 2619 GA 2607 CA 2603 MD 2601 NY 2598 MS 2596 CA 2590 CA 2590 CA 2589 MD 2587 GA 2584 GA 2582 CA 2581 CA 2576 CA 2575 MS 2570 NJ 2559 MD 2558 CA 2547 TX 2542 MA 2540 CA 2540 NY 2539 NY 2539 NJ 2533 CA 2532 MD 2521 NJ 2520 TX 2514 NY 2512 MD 2511 TX 2508 MD 2508 TX 2505 NY 2498 MN 2496



Li, Kewei Shi, Mingyu Zhou, Xin Zhang, Xiang Liang, Yonghui Geng, Shupeng Zhang, Kai Provost, Damien Yang, XinYang Wang, Timothy Li, Bochao Wang, Rui Kim, Jang Ho Zhuang, David Hugh, Adam Shi, Diwei Jha, Kanak Chen, Ruichao Liang, Jishan Li, Cheng Guo, Hao Huang, Zihong Liu, Dan Zhang, Jake Feng, Yijun Li, Hangyu Han, Zheng Kashyap, Anal Molla, Zaman Zhang, Yi Chi Zhao, XinXu(Anthon Wang, Qing Liang Huang, Jeff Butler, Jim Li, Grant Piyadasa, Thilina Shao, Yu Ebuen, Jon Eider, Cory Nguyen, Khoa Xiao, Han Zhong, Zongqi (Henr Hazinski, Mark Landers, Michael Dong, Steven Zhang, Yahao Chen, Bo Wen Guan, Weida Wang, Max Qinmin Qi, Wei

About Ratings and Rankings These lists were compiled on 9/26/14 (ages are as of that date) and includes all tournaments processed through that date. Due to space limitations, a maximum of 3200 members are listed -- the list is based upon those who most recently competed in a sanctioned tournament. For a full list of ratings, please visit www. USATT.org. This document may not be reproduced without prior written permission of USA Table Tennis. Copyright 2014.

Think you’ve been left out by mistake? Email ratings@usatt.org Ratings Questions? You can now search for all your results online at www.usatt.org. Should you have any ratingsrelated questions, contact Andrew Horn, USATT Headquarters, 4065 Sinton Road, Suite 120, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. To find out your rating if you cannot access our website, send a self-addressed, stamped postcard with your name and the date of your last tournament. You may also contact us at 719-866-4583 or by e-mail at ratings@ usatt.org. How are ratings calclulated? http://teamusa.org/USA-Table-Tennis/Ratings


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CA 2548 CA 2529 CA 2527 NY 2512 WA 2498 CA 2495 TX 2488 CA 2483 NJ 2464 NJ 2463 NY 2445 CA 2427 NJ 2385 NJ 2384 MD 2384 CA 2383 GA 2375 CA 2369 NJ 2366 WA 2360 TX 2341 CA 2335 NJ 2332 MO 2317 NJ 2293 CA 2284 TX 2279 CA 2251 CA 2245 NJ 2240 GA 2235 IL 2232 CA 2226 TX 2219 MD 2218 NC 2216 OR 2206 MD 2204 CA 2192 PA 2179 WA 2172 WA 2164 NY 2163 NJ 2151 FL 2151 MO 2148 TX 2148 CA 2140 GA 2127 CA 2126

Zheng, Jiaqi Li, RuiNi Tian, Maggie Ooka, Hiroka Wang, Bo Hsing, Ariel Chih, De-Rong Zhang, Lily Zhao, Jing Yi Wu, Yue Wang, XinYue Tong, Fei-Ming Yip, Lily Hugh, Judy Wang, Crystal Wu, Erica Liu, Yitong(Wantong) Guan, Angela Wang, Amy Zhang, Bijia Hazinski, Shu Fu (Sara) Chen, Diane Lin, Tina Fukushima, Karin Peng, Ying Jha, Prachi Ikeizumi, Claudia Yang, Grace Jiang, Diane Wang, Mendy (Ke) Zhang, Yi Kretschmer, Maria Deb, Ishana Huang, Laura Wei, Barbara Jia, Zhen Hui, Jingwen Wang, Heather Chu, Isabel Xiao, Claire Ali, Reda Ma, Lucy Lowe, Trenace Shih, Stephanie Charoenmit, Chanya Castillo, Maria Rybka, Anastasiia Leitman, Marina Wei, Tong Huo, Luvena

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OVER 80 MEN/WOMEN OVER 60 WOMEN OVER 30 MEN UNDER 18 GIRLS NY 2058 Braithwaite, GeorgeMD 2010 Liu, Charlene GA 2755 Li, Kewei MD 2384 Wang, Crystal NC 1969 Diwakar, Madhu TX 1928 Roufeh, Tahereh (Mahin) NJ 2629 Zhuang, David Yong-Xiang CA 2369 Guan, Angela MD 1648 Greenberg, MortonCA 1916 Livshin, Bella CA 2576 Kashyap, Anal NJ 2366 Wang, Amy MO 1576 Sokol, Stanley CA 1902 Cheung, TingNing CA 2575 Molla, Zaman NJ 2332 Lin, Tina FL 1550 Palumbo, Alfred NJ 1899 Alvarez, Ann TX 2542 Butler, Jim CA 2284 Jha, Prachi NJ 1549 Sheng, Tan Tsu NC 1897 Fan, Ling CA 2540 Piyadasa, Thilina CA 2251 Yang, Grace OH 1531 Myers, Neil CA 1856 Suzuki, Chiyako NY 2539 Shao, Yu CA 2245 Jiang, Diane TN 1506 Neely, Bill CA 1850 Xianyu, Hui NY 2539 Ebuen, Jon NJ 2240 Wang, Mendy (Ke) FL 1490 Cincotta, Joseph MD 1793 Cheong, Si NJ 2533 Eider, Cory CA 2226 Deb, Ishana UT 1462 Mathis, John CA 1776 Sung, Monica CA 2532 Nguyen, Khoa TX 2219 Huang, Laura CA 1453 Hartmann, Rudy CT 1774 Choi, Eun Sun NY 2490 Khan, Matthew CA 2192 Chu, Isabel CA 1441 Olson, Richard MD 1754 Sakai, Donna OH 2481 Dubina, Samson PA 2179 Xiao, Claire NV 1403 Ortegon, Carlos TX 1710 Li, June GA 2476 El Boubou, Rachid WA 2172 Ali, Reda CA 1374 Dewhirst, Ken CA 1695 Chan, Yude NY 2473 Gao, YanJun WA 2164 Ma, Lucy CA 1369 Forsberg, Byng AZ 1673 Carpenter, Yali MD 2473 Baring, Harold FL 2151 Charoenmit, Chanya OVER 75 MEN/WOMEN OVER 50 MEN OVER 30 WOMEN UNDER 16 BOYS UNDER 12 BOYS NY 2058 Braithwaite, GeorgeNJ 2629 Zhuang, David Yong-Xiang NY 2512 Ooka, Hiroka CA 2258 Kumar, Nikhil NJ 2661 Yang, XinYang IN 2051 Hicks, H. IN 2458 Seemiller, Daniel CA 2427 Tong, Fei-Ming CA 2202 Chen, Pin-Chung CA 2603 Jha, Kanak NC 1969 Diwakar, Madhu NY 2432 Boggan, Eric NJ 2385 Yip, Lily CA 2088 Puri, Sahil CA 2482 Chodri, Kunal WA 1904 Grossman, HowardTX 2416 Schwartzberg, Perry CA 2335 Chen, Diane NJ 2076 Lu, Matthew NJ 2478 Wang, Jack NJ 1899 Alvarez, Ann NY 2375 Tran, De NJ 2293 Peng, Ying Dabbs, Ryan CA 2451 Kumar, Shivansh MD 2034 WA 1821 Wolfe, Wes FL 2359 Chu, Bin Hai GA 2235 Zhang, Yi Cui, David CA 2435 Avvari, Krishnateja MA 2008 NY 1777 Nazarbechian, Tomas MA 2358 Shapiro, Vladimir IL 2232 Kretschmer, Maria NY 2423 MD 1987 Lu, Jason Wu, Tinglei CA 1747 Fahlstrom, Ragnar NY 2318 Henry, Michael NC 2216 Jia, Zhen CA 1962 Godhwani, Aditya CA 2383 Gao, Felix CA 1730 Lu, Yueh Yun NY 2314 Li, Yu Xiang MD 2204 Wang, Heather NY 1951 Wu, Nathan NJ 2364 Alguetti, Gal CA 1716 Kuluva, Neil CA 2313 Malek, Attila CA 2140 Leitman, Marina CA 2363 Acharya, Rohan Cheng, Newman NY 1924 HI 1691 Kahanu, George FL 2305 Fleisher, Dickie AZ 2123 Sipos, Renata Yang, Len NJ 2363 Alguetti, Sharon NY 1878 GA 1684 Karp, John CA 2288 Baddar, Mohamed A. CA 2014 Li, Tzu-Ying TX 1869 Lai, Evan TX 2351 Zhai, Hao NV 1681 Howard, Jack PA 2275 Seemiller, Randy MD 2010 Liu, Charlene GA 1865 Zhang, Teddy MD 2334 Nie, Derek MD 1674 Liu, Su PA 2270 Iodkovskiy, VladimirCA 2010 Nguyen, Thuy NJ 1840 Zhou, Jayden NJ 2334 Alguetti, Adar FL 1658 Shultz, John CA 2260 Schmidt, Avishy NY 1962 Drabkina, Olga GA 1809 Ng, Daniel MN 2333 Tran, Michael OVER 70 MEN OVER 50 WOMEN UNDER 22 MEN UNDER 16 GIRLS UNDER 12 GIRLS NV 2175 Resek, Errol NJ 2385 Yip, Lily GA 2732 Shi, Mingyu NJ 2366 Wang, Amy MD 2384 Wang, Crystal CA 2074 Ukapatayasakul, Bill IL 2232 Kretschmer, Maria CA 2711 Zhang, Xiang CA 2093 Sung, Rachel NJ 2366 Wang, Amy CA 2061 Leung, Che-Him MD 2010 Liu, Charlene CA 2673 Geng, Shupeng CA 2030 Wu, Youruo CA 2251 Yang, Grace NY 2058 Braithwaite, GeorgeCA 2010 Nguyen, Thuy NY 2668 Zhang, Kai TX 2001 Hsieh, Tia CA 2245 Jiang, Diane IN 2051 Hicks, H. TX 1928 Roufeh, Tahereh (Mahin) NJ 2661 Yang, XinYang Barvie-Perez, Sherlyn NJ 2240 Wang, Mendy (Ke) FL 1892 IL 1975 Inui, Tadao (Tom) CA 1916 Livshin, Bella CA 2644 Wang, Rui TX 1884 Zhao, Kelly CA 2226 Deb, Ishana NC 1969 Diwakar, Madhu CA 1902 Cheung, TingNing GA 2607 Shi, Diwei CA 1868 Sung, Joanna TX 2219 Huang, Laura WA 1904 Grossman, HowardNJ 1899 Alvarez, Ann CA 2603 Jha, Kanak CA 1851 Tan, Angie PA 2179 Xiao, Claire WA 1893 Lee, Joseph NC 1897 Fan, Ling MD 2601 Chen, Ruichao KS 1843 Maruthapandian, Lavanya WA 2172 Ali, Reda CA 1864 Singer, Stuffy CA 1856 Suzuki, Chiyako CA 2590 Guo, Hao CA 1835 Yang, Rachel CA 2126 Huo, Luvena FL 1836 Sundel, Martin CA 1850 Xianyu, Hui GA 2584 Feng, Yijun MD 1798 Ke, Tiffany CA 2093 Sung, Rachel NY 1825 Gudzenko, Gary NJ 1848 Tang, Suyan GA 2582 Li, Hangyu CA 1638 Fu, Ava NJ 2055 Hu, Xiyue WA 1821 Wolfe, Wes MD 1793 Cheong, Si NJ 2559 Zhao, XinXu(Anthony) CA 1586 Sung, Jia-Yu TX 2036 Oak, Anushka MO 1817 Halbig, Fred CA 1786 Lin, Hsueh-yen MD 2558 Wang, Qing Liang CA 2030 GA 1562 Zhu, Sabrina Wu, Youruo CA 1812 Adelman, Mark CA 1776 Sung, Monica MA 2540 Li, Grant MD 1549 Lin, Jessica TX 2025 Li, Joy OVER 70 WOMEN OVER 40 MEN UNDER 22 WOMEN UNDER 14 BOYS UNDER 10 BOYS NJ 1899 Alvarez, Ann NJ 2629 Zhuang, David Yong-Xiang CA 2529 Li, RuiNi NJ 1840 Zhou, Jayden NJ 2478 Wang, Jack CA 1776 Sung, Monica TX 2542 Butler, Jim WA 2498 Wang, Bo CA 1795 Li, Ted CA 2383 Gao, Felix VA 1601 Kaminsky, Barbara NY 2539 Shao, Yu CA 2495 Hsing, Ariel TN 1773 Khan, Mohammed NJ 2364 Alguetti, Gal MD 1480 Kronlage, Yvonne CA 2532 Nguyen, Khoa TX 2488 Chih, De-Rong Tan, Emily NJ 2363 Alguetti, Sharon CA 1526 CA 1464 Hellwig, Irina TX 2470 Subonj, Viktorian CA 2483 Zhang, Lily IL 1416 Jiang, Zexin MD 2334 Nie, Derek NV 1381 Arpon, Joyce IN 2458 Seemiller, Daniel NJ 2464 Zhao, Jing Yi VT 1356 Tomas, Marijan MN 2333 Tran, Michael TN 1333 Gove, Ruth NY 2432 Boggan, Eric MD 2384 Wang, Crystal CA 1337 Nguyen, Stacy CA 2307 Gong, Steven CO 1327 Longee, Jinny TX 2416 Schwartzberg, Perry CA 2383 Wu, Erica KS 1152 Menon, Rohit CA 2290 Liu, Victor FL 1320 Williams, Nahed CA 2398 Shahnazari, RobertGA 2375 Liu, Yitong(Wantong) CA 1147 Kumar, Rohan CA 2285 Tio, Nicholas CA 1316 Do, Linda MA 2389 Chui, Chi-Sun CA 2369 Guan, Angela MD 1069 Yang, Alexander CA 2262 Kumar, Shivam MO 1291 Davis, Rosemary TX 2387 Oak, Niraj NJ 2366 Wang, Amy CA 1067 Xie, Raymond CA 2258 Kumar, Nikhil CA 1240 Quon, Harriet NY 2375 Tran, De WA 2360 Zhang, Bijia WA 1053 Kakade, Aniket CA 2237 Gong, Renny FL 1237 Cline, Jan GA 2375 Ko, Carlos NJ 2332 Lin, Tina Raghavan, Aneesh CA 2202 Chen, Pin-Chung CA 1043 CA 1222 Ho, Laura CA 2373 Jafar, Shuja CA 2284 Jha, Prachi CA 1023 Kong, Jonathan TX 2173 Xie, Tianming VA 1117 Samirad, Lilas FL 2370 Ciz, Richard CA 2251 Yang, Grace MA 994 Tan, Steven TX 2160 Li, Jonathan OVER 60 MEN OVER 40 WOMEN UNDER 18 BOYS UNDER 14 GIRLS UNDER 10 GIRLS IN 2458 Seemiller, Daniel CA 2427 Tong, Fei-Ming CA 2673 Geng, Shupeng MD 1798 Ke, Tiffany MD 2384 Wang, Crystal FL 2359 Chu, Bin Hai NJ 2385 Yip, Lily NY 2668 Zhang, Kai CA 1535 Giri, Swathi NJ 2366 Wang, Amy NY 2314 Li, Yu Xiang CA 2335 Chen, Diane NJ 2661 Yang, XinYang CA 1323 Saito, Ayane CA 2251 Yang, Grace CA 2313 Malek, Attila NJ 2293 Peng, Ying CA 2644 Wang, Rui CA 1221 Yin, Emilie CA 2093 Sung, Rachel TX 2259 Hou, Randy IL 2232 Kretschmer, Maria GA 2607 Shi, Diwei TX 1087 Fang, Katherine CA 2030 Wu, Youruo TX 2258 Chan, Henry CA 2140 Leitman, Marina CA 2603 Jha, Kanak NJ 812 Zhao, Jasmine TX 2001 Hsieh, Tia OH 2248 Tannehill, John CA 2014 Li, Tzu-Ying MD 2601 Chen, Ruichao CO 749 Ly, Jaden GA 1995 Lin, Emilie CA 2218 Salcido, Alexander MD 2010 Liu, Charlene CA 2590 Guo, Hao CA 669 Arellano, Keyla MD 1959 Lu, Amy KS 2207 Mojaverian, Parviz CA 2010 Nguyen, Thuy GA 2584 Feng, Yijun CA 663 He, Charlotte VA 1917 Lu, Jie NV 2175 Resek, Errol NY 1962 Drabkina, Olga GA 2582 Li, Hangyu CA 516 Arellano, Angelica TX 1902 Gao, Katie MA 2158 Hlava, Jiri TX 1928 Roufeh, Tahereh (Mahin) MD 2508 Chen, Bo Wen NJ 511 Liu, Alice FL 1892 Barvie-Perez, Sherlyn NJ 2157 Shtofmakher, Simon CA 1916 Livshin, Bella CA 2482 Chodri, Kunal TX 420 Zhao, Katie TX 1884 Zhao, Kelly MD 2143 Sakai, David CA 1902 Cheung, TingNing NJ 2478 Wang, Jack CA 354 Huang, Waverly CA 1868 Sung, Joanna TX 2137 Tran, Minh NJ 1899 Alvarez, Ann CA 2451 Kumar, Shivansh CA 1851 MA 344 Chen, Jasmine Tan, Angie NV 2137 Chan, Ming NC 1897 Fan, Ling NJ 2436 Wang, Allen NJ 276 Yu, Clara KS 1843 Maruthapandian, Lavanya 53 •

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NATIONAL RATINGS LIST LA 1888 Abadie, Spencer MD 2366 Abass, Larry IL 1677 Abdulrasool, Mansoor Ali NY 957 Abouelardat, Ziad FL 1914 Abril, Ricardo CA 1564 Abuhejleh, Nebeel OH 741 Accursi, Christopher NY 2145 Acharya, Rahul NY 1924 Acharya, Rohan NY 1823 Ackerman, Estee NY 1176 Ackerman, Glenn MN 1381 Ackerman, John NV 1559 Acopiado, Rodil CA 1682 Adachi, Ryousuke GA 1218 Adams, Billy CA 1615 Adams, Steve NJ 1650 Adebayo, Vincent NY 2064 Adini, Eyal CA 2134 Aebersold, Charles MD 1668 Aemmeh Doust, Romina CA 1448 Afrah, Navid CA 2067 Afshar, Sherwin CA 1139 Agpaoa, Anthony MN 1853 Aguila, Gaylord IN 700 Aguilera, Frank NY 349 Agus, Elan VA 1225 Ahmad, Imtiaz LA 1314 Ahmad, Toysir OH 1817 Akers, Richard W. NY 1534 Al Ghazi, Saher TX 1753 Alamina, Louis CA 1391 Alamoudi, Yazan CA 511 Alamuthu, Akash FL 1001 Alarcon, Miguel NY 1824 Alava, Luis CA 819 Alban, Jonathan IL 1416 Alberski, Tadeusz VA 1979 Albright, David Wesley NY 2159 Alegue, Alejandro AL 1400 Alexy, Tom LA 1449 Alfaro, Manuel NY 420 Alger, Griffin NJ 2334 Alguetti, Adar NJ 1764 Alguetti, Eyal NJ 2364 Alguetti, Gal NJ 2363 Alguetti, Sharon IL 272 Ali, Ashmal IL 357 Ali, Faraz TX 1487 Alirezaei, Reza 1705 Allaire-Bourgie, Laurent NJ 633 Allan, Ahmad NY 1226 Allen, Gregory FL 1405 Alter, Ron CT 1024 Altieri, Anthony KS 2096 Altman, Vladimir CA 2407 Alto, Earl TX 2100 Alvarez, Nicolas TX 1333 Aly, Adam NJ 543 Amarnath, Shashank CA 1770 Amatya, Pradyumna CA 1488 Amayo, Ricardo IL 1504 Ameen, Michael MO 902 Ami, Arnold NY 1617 Amin, Ashesh CA 1735 Amirkhany, Amir NY 1769 Amstislavskiy, Eric NY 1536 Amstislavskiy, Mark WI 1933 An, HaiQi CA 1671 An, Thomas CA 1390 Anand, Gautam NC 1626 Anderson, Stephen


(Most Recent 3500 Tournament Players)

CA 1364 Anderson, Steven PA 1802 Andrade, John CT 1314 Ang, Ernest UT 1573 Angstadt, Patrick FN 710 Angulo, Susana WA 1191 Ansari, Irfan FL 1480 Anumulapally, Pranav CA 1846 Apostol, Von Erick NY 977 Apterman, Dilan NY 799 Apterman, Mark TX 1369 Arashev, Begench FN 1693 Araujo, Jose FN 2060 Araujo, Miguel NV 1916 Archambo, Steve CA 195 Archbold, Mason CA 1405 Archbold, William CT 924 Arciero, Chris CT 1386 Arciero, Matthew CA 516 Arellano, Angelica CA 669 Arellano, Keyla CA 2093 Arellano, Ronald FL 824 Arfanis, John WI 583 Argote, Claudio FL 2101 Arias, Frank FL 1568 Aristizabal, Jorge FL 1555 Armstrong, Ernest FL 1891 Arnette, Dewey CT 1364 Arnold, Andrew CA 1724 Arratia, Ari NY 2124 Artoun, Narbeh IL 718 Arun, Gautham FL 964 Arzola, Fabio TX 2181 Asadallahi, Sina OH 1677 Asare, Francis CA 556 Asaria, Danial NC 790 Ashkin, Jeffrey CA 1590 Athalye, Rohan MO 1514 Atmaca, Cagatay PA 1091 Attenberger, Mark CA 1039 Au, Johnie CA 2326 Au, Kevin CA 1369 Au, Samantha NC 1631 Auerbach, Craig NC 1269 Augustine, Patrick CA 1657 Aung, San CA 937 Avarell, Kim OH 2001 Averin, Alex WI 2156 Avery, Aaron CA 2435 Avvari, Krishnateja NY 2450 Awadallah, Sameh IN 2118 Ayangade, Oluwole NY 1895 Aykanat, Aydin NC 2358 Azarsky, Asaf CA 1665 Azimzadeh, Kamran CA 1869 Aziz, Sultan TX 1936 Babalola, Wole NC 1684 Babuin, Mike MA 1149 Backus, Rodman ME 1235 Bacon, Jerry CA 2288 Baddar, Mohamed A. MI 1612 Badillo, Scott FL 1399 Badway, Anthony IN 328 Baer, Alexis IN 1004 Baer, Brittany MO 1819 Baez, Alfredo OH 1942 Bafna, Shreyans VA 1805 Bagchi, Ayan FL 1202 Bahr, Michael CA 754 Bai, Edwin CA 1996 Bai, William TX 1489 Baig, Saqib NY 1705 Baik, Yeu Jin MA 1580 Baird, Jim CA 1635 Baird, Will WA 1347 Baker, Darryl TX 1457 Baker, Derek TX 607 Baker, Hayden OH 1304 Baker, John IL 1284 Baker, Quinn OH 545 Baker, R. Brett NY 1465 Baker, Richard WA 1477 Bakke, Douglas CA 1944 Balakrishnan, Rishi CA 1139 Balasubramanian, Balakumaran CA 1657 Balderama, Jason CA 1060 Baldinger, Ivan CA 1764 Baldonado, Eugene CA 1109 Baldonado, Thomas



1439 Baldwin, Mike 1027 Bales, Nathan 1910 Ball, Kevin 1649 Balmer, Brad 1996 Baltaxe, Michael 1552 Bandapally, Sunil 1640 Banfield, Vaughan 1685 Banh, Dalton 1349 Banik, Rajesh 1539 Banks, Tee 1168 Banner, Edward 1145 Bannister, Ramon 565 Banthia, Swati 2125 Baptista, Joseph 1828 Baran, Karol 1753 Barandao, Mossa 1323 Barba, George 794 Barber, Wally 1833 Barbour, Lee 1863 Bardan, Gabriel 1093 Bardoczi, Bill 1679 Barnes, Hal -13 Barone, Mia 2049 Barone, Scott 323 Barone, Sharon 1615 Barone, Shelby 1375 Barrau, Carmel 1033 Barrera, Christian 2048 Barrera, Sofia 1765 Barrett, Dan 1287 Bartling, George 1733 Barton, Hugh 960 Barton, Jerry 1836 Barucic, Asmir 1196 Barucic, Irfan 1892 Barvie-Perez, Sherlyn 1370 Basiao, James 977 Basu, Sunny 303 Batchelder, Ross 2040 Bavly, Larry 1421 Bayer, Cal 842 Bayr, Zita 1446 Beach, Alric 2271 Beaumont, John 1003 Beck, Jenny 1215 Becker, Peter 1485 Bednarz, Ben 2261 Beebe, T. J. 1132 Beer, Richard 1931 Bekurti, Elidon 909 Belinkis, Nathaniel 2130 Benedicto, Voltaire 1295 Benharush, Tal 2118 Benincasa, Giacomo 1750 Benitez, Patricia 1450 Benkley, Mark 897 Bennett, Richard 915 Benning, Brett 859 Benoit, Cheryl 1725 Benson, Thomas 202 Berellini, Giuliano 1778 Berg, Mark 598 Berger, Jennifer 1216 Bergmann, Grant 1991 Berman, Charlie 1403 Bernstein, David 2119 Bernstein, Sam 1698 Berry, Sam 1823 Betancur, Ann Marie 1802 Bey, Mika 887 Bezold, Sam 1285 Bhachawat, Yash 1450 Bhalla, Eshaan 1642 Bhar, Sounak 1136 Bharadwaj, Sudhanva 1234 Bhardwaj, Nishant 1769 Bhartia, Saurabh 1286 Bhatia, Pravir 1314 Bhatia, Viren 1551 Bhatnagar, Neeraj 1449 Bhobe, Rahul 1967 Bi, Alan 699 Bianchi, Ettore 1571 Bill, Joe 1249 Billow, Brian 504 Bilotta, Ryan 1051 Birenbaum, Andrew 943 Bires, James 904 Bishop, Akiko

AL 1311 Bishop, Derrick AL 1361 Bishop, Donald NY 1126 Bizari, Ed NY 1598 Black, Terry SC 1513 Blanchard, Albert FL 1004 Blass, Juli CT 1021 Blauvelt, Tim AZ 1848 Block, Adam PA 1152 Block, Eli CA 1383 Blyth, William AL 1351 Boateng, Jonas DC 279 Bobley, Jack CA 2115 Bobrow, Adam FL 1483 Bocanegra, Jose FL 2007 Bogavac, Svetislav CT 1444 Bogie, Marvin NC 1440 Bolling, Erik VT 1432 Bolton, John CA 1532 Bookey, Justin FL 1700 Borges, Jose CT 1326 Bosco, Peter CA 831 Bourgeois, Tim MA 1526 Bourque, Matthew CA 1931 Boyko, Yuriy CA 1470 Boyle, Mickey NY 526 Bracker, Ken IN 1813 Bradley, Carl VA 1774 Bragg, Lewis MN 1359 Braianov, Todor NC 1863 Brain, Simon NY 2058 Braithwaite, George IL 1818 Brandt, John FL 1154 Brenner, Bard OH 1947 Brewster, Keith NY 598 Briggs, Brendan CA 1479 Brigitt, Andrew CA 1782 Brigitt, Eugene CA 1154 Brigitt, Victoria CA 1098 Brin, Harriet NJ 1266 Brissett, Luz NJ 1684 Brito, Ricardo 1541 Brockmann, Andrew NY 1127 Brodka, Jesse AR 1351 Brooks, Charles MS 829 Brookshire, Bruce AL 2040 Brown, Adam AL 1347 Brown, Colton UT 1460 Brown, Dan OR 1702 Brown, Grant NC 1493 Brown, James GA 1708 Brown, Luke CA 1345 Brown, Melvin NY 1700 Brown, Michael VA 1351 Brown, Steve CA 1020 Bruckel, Jane CA 1820 Bruno, Daniel MI 1259 Brushman, Brad FL 1835 Bryan, Andre MD 707 Bryant, Daniel AZ 1880 Bryant, Robert IN 2075 Brzycki, Brian ON 2208 Bu, Alexander FL 1439 Bubis, Igor MI 1532 Bublitz, Gary NY 1484 Buchanan, Winston HI 930 Buck, John MD 1114 Buckley, Chris IL 1926 Buente, Kevin CA 1698 Bui, Brian TX 1328 Buluchevskiy, Dmitriy CA 1716 Bunya, Peter CA 1056 Bunyi, Mark OH 1115 Burchfield, Mike WA 1489 Burke, Bennett NC 932 Burns, Daniel OR 619 Burns, Paige CA 1710 Burris, Theo CA 606 Bursk, Hayden NY 1212 Busch, Wolfgang TX 2542 Butler, Jim NC 2289 Butler, Scott AZ 971 Butters, Daniel AZ 797 Butters, Matt WV 1641 Butts, Mike MA 1316 Bychkov, Vladimir NY 1514 Byfield, Horace OH 663 Byler, James TX 2079 Byles, Roberto TX 2035 Byles, Roger

NY 1103 Byrne, Terry TX 1752 Cadavid, Gloria MO 741 Cai, Alice NE 1835 Caines, Devon CA 195 Cajigas, Alberto KY 1878 Calipo, Willians CA 1916 Calvert, Thomas VT 1939 Cameron, Ken IL 1777 Campbell, Antonio CA 1117 Campbell, Dan MD 1189 Campbell, David CA 1670 Campos, Arthur AL 1404 Canford, Jake FL 1581 Cao, Tan WA 1392 Cao, Tao FL 1571 Cao, Thang MN 1934 Cao, Trac CT 1641 Capasso, Anthony NV 1383 Caples, Buddy NY 1463 Caplin, Glenn FL 1580 Caplin, Stuart FL 1339 Capo, Enrico CA 1173 Caraco, Derol FL 1217 Cariglio, Michael LA 1743 Carlisle, Billy WA 788 Carlson, Harold MI 1386 Carmean, Rick NY 2308 Carney, A.J. NY 1966 Carney, Wayne IN 1621 Carrillo, Jose Arturo 2062 Carrington, Richard TX 550 Carroll, Brandon NJ 1571 Carroll, Gregory MI 1836 Carter, Barry CT 351 Case, Cray MI 1296 Casey, William TX 837 Cashin, Bill IL 1333 Cassidy, Ronald IL 831 Casstevens, Rex FL 437 Castillo, Daniela MO 2148 Castillo, Maria TX 1015 Castillo, Richard TX 1051 Castillo, Ron CA 1647 Cavazos, Anthony RI 1639 Cavicchio, Charles CT 1766 Cedro, Chris AZ 1279 Cejudo, Jesse OH 1966 Cevik, Burak MN 1293 Cha, Sonny NY 1096 Chafetz, Harry CA 2054 Chai, Jim TX 1763 Chai, Ryan CT 1339 Chakraborty, Debraj AR 1223 Chambers, James AR 1009 Chambers, William CA 1374 Chan, Addison CA 208 Chan, Avery NV 2105 Chan, Benjamin(Tian) PA 2353 Chan, Calvin CA 2264 Chan, Chi Wing (Felix) CA 1633 Chan, Danny TX 2258 Chan, Henry CA 1935 Chan, Jason MA 624 Chan, Jessie CA 1312 Chan, Joaquin CA 1444 Chan, Ming NV 2137 Chan, Ming CA 1536 Chan, Ryan CA 1695 Chan, Yude MN 1677 Chandra, Vidhan CA 1747 Chandrashekaran, Shrey CO 993 Chandy, Antony AL 1637 Chang, Bliss NM 936 Chang, Chi-Hsin AZ 1442 Chang, Chung-Fu CA 1953 Chang, Dylan CA 74 Chang, Ethan CA 2098 Chang, Fernando CA 1212 Chang, Jonathan VA 1470 Chang, Kyong Sik CA 2283 Chang, Matthew CA 1374 Chang, Michael NY 1881 Chang, Ming-Hong CA 1477 Chang, Mitchell BC 1041 Chang, Richard VA 1668 Chang, Soon CA 347 Chang, Sydon TX 1036 Chang, Toshi IN 1980 Chang, Vincent

WI 589 Chao, Madison NY 606 Chapman, James MN 1687 Charney, Michael FL 2151 Charoenmit, Chanya NC 2378 Charpentier, Lucas NM 1651 Chartrand, Rick CA 1248 Chau, Eric FL 1571 Che, Paul CA 159 Che, Tiger NY 992 Checa, Luis NJ 1436 Chee, Ethan IL 1425 Chelikani, Advitheey NJ 1959 Chen, Alan CA 906 Chen, Alexander NY 1570 Chen, Alvin GA 1609 Chen, Andrew GA 1341 Chen, Ben NJ 1159 Chen, Bin FN 2715 Chen, Bob CA 907 Chen, Christopher NY 123 Chen, Claire TX 439 Chen, Dennis TX 618 Chen, Emma CA 1070 Chen, Ethan CA 1051 Chen, Evan MA 344 Chen, Jasmine MA 585 Chen, Jason GA 603 Chen, Jesse OR 2065 Chen, Jia Feng (Jason) TX 1750 Chen, Judy TX 1771 Chen, Justin TX 1209 Chen, Kuei-Mei VA 1776 Chen, Le MN 1590 Chen, Leon TX 890 Chen, Maggie CA 1507 Chen, Michael MD 1437 Chen, Patrick GA 1354 Chen, Patrick CA 2202 Chen, Pin-Chung OH 2134 Chen, Po Hsu MD 1353 Chen, Ronald MD 2601 Chen, Ruichao CA 1065 Chen, Sean NY 1626 Chen, Sihai MD 1756 Chen, Spencer CA 1542 Chen, Stephanie NJ 1638 Chen, Timmy NJ 2329 Chen, Timothy TX 1049 Chen, Vincent CA 1690 Chen, Wendy CA 1640 Chen, William CA 2051 Chen, YingZhao GA 2154 Chen, Zhicong CO 1911 Chen, Zhimin(Jimmy) NY 1823 Cheng, Chen CA 2041 Cheng, Emmy WA 1699 Cheng, Gang NY 1875 Cheng, Honfai CA 2124 Cheng, Horace CA 1977 Cheng, Joshua CA 2363 Cheng, Newman CA 410 Cheng, Rachel WA 1854 Cheng, Ting-Chung CA 1026 Chennu, Bala TX 1032 Cheong, Henry MD 1793 Cheong, Si MA 1991 Cheung, Kevin TX 1948 Cheung, Michael Latyan NY 2170 Cheung, Ming CA 1902 Cheung, TingNing CO 1354 Chhabra, Saurabh IN 918 Chhatiawala, Harin MD 1497 Chia, Ken FL 1419 Chickering, Deane CA 132 Chidambaram, Ashwat CA 1140 Chillara, Rishi GA 1547 Chin, Kingsley IL 1231 Chin, Ron FL 1389 Chin, Samuel NY 1975 Chin, Wayne Ming FL 1630 Chirinos, Veronica TX 1230 Chirkli, Abdul MN 2126 Chirmule, Shardul CA 476 Cho, Rachel CA 841 Cho, Stephen CA 2194 Chodha, Kim CA 2035 Chodri, Aditi CA 2482 Chodri, Kunal CA 1143 Choe, Timothy

NJ 895 Choi, Changhyeon CA 1541 Choi, Han Pyo IL 725 Choi, Kevin NY 429 Choi, Sky CA 1164 Choi, Ungsam CA 1898 Chon, Elijah WA 1784 Chou, Bertha TX 1787 Chow, Philip WA 1205 Chramiec, Pete CA 2213 Chu, Anthony FL 2359 Chu, Bin Hai CA 2192 Chu, Isabel NJ 2046 Chu, Jonathan NJ 2053 Chu, Jonathan CA 71 Chu, Natalie WA 1702 Chu, Raymond CA 1891 Chu, Sammy NJ 1940 Chu, Stephen CA 1324 Chu, Suming KS 1734 Chu, Tat Wai NJ 1789 Chu, Tony N.T. TX 2182 Chu, Tsz NC 1324 Chu, Victor TX 2001 Chu, Zhihan IN 1902 Chua, Bun-Hiong CA 2397 Chua, Ethan CA 1797 Chua, Gerry TX 914 Chuang, Scott MA 2389 Chui, Chi-Sun OH 1411 Ciarrochi, Joe IL 1230 Ciofiac, Nicolae CA 1036 Cisneros, Rogelio FL 2370 Ciz, Richard NY 2119 Clang, John CA 1046 Clark, Barbara NJ 822 Clark, Barry VA 1044 Clark, Benjamin AZ 852 Clark, Jeff MD 1921 Clarke, Michael CA 1272 Claude, Lou AZ 1204 Clavijo, Sergio IN 2256 Clyde, Stephen IN 2424 Cochran, Joseph NJ 2253 Cohen, Randy NY 1855 Coiro, Alec CA 1708 Cole, Dan 2002 Coley, Vince AR 1234 Collins, Fred NV 941 Collins, Jeff MI 521 Collins, Michael IL 1330 Colombo, Kevin CA 1525 Colter, Gerald NC 1363 Combs, David TX 1701 Compton, Robert AZ 1966 Cone, Derrick MI 1028 Conklin, Scott GA 1602 Conn, Elijah CA 1650 Connell, Grant IN 1459 Conterno, Nicholas TX 2076 Cook, Grayden GA 1756 Cook, Joshua AR 827 Cook, Tanner MD 1508 Cooke, Peter TN 934 Coona, Varun GA 1882 Cooper, George CA 888 Copeland, Mark HI 1579 Correa, Frank CT 1217 Cortesi, Tony CA 1093 Cortez, Nelson NY 915 Cosby, Gregory 2027 Cote, Alicia OH 1741 Cottrell, Blake PA 2198 Coulter, Chip WA 1216 Cox, Brian PA 1683 Cox, Robert TN 1126 Craighead, Kevin MD 657 Craun, Andrew MI 951 Craw, Stephen IN 1678 Creel, Stephen CA 1512 Crescitelli, Luis TX 2454 Cretu, Razvan VA 1372 Cristofaro, Frank CO 1178 Crozier, Bruce 2268 Csibi, Alex 1998 Cuellar, Jessica MA 2008 Cui, David WA 2290 Cui, Jie IL 1342 Cumby, Chad HI 1617 Cumes, Jeffrey MN 2271 Curran, Nathaniel IN 1553 Czarnecki, Scott CA 1776 Da Vee, Mark CA 1615 Dabbagh, (John) Yahya MD 2034 Dabbs, Ryan IN 1314 Dagher, Charles NC 1655 Dahake, Nikhil

VA 1859 Duan, Wesley AL 1768 Dailey, Tommie FL 1244 Dubai, Asnish GA 1496 Dale, Gardner OH 2481 Dubina, Samson TX 1359 Dallman, Erich CO 1467 Ducek, Premysl NC 1317 Dalton, Rufus IL 886 Dudas, Attila MN 2110 Damyanov, Veselin TX 1062 Duich, Jan NJ 563 Dang, Alyssa FL 1699 Dunlap, Caleb AZ 406 Dani, Samihan NC 1011 Dunn, Andrew IN 1830 Dannenfelser, Tom NY 967 Dunn, Arthur NY 799 Danziger, James NY 182 Dunn, Leina WI 1438 Dargiewicz, Sawyer NH 1547 Duperron, Robert AK 1293 Darnall, Diann CA 964 Durrer, Thomas CT 666 Darsh, Kumar CA 1531 Dutta, Pradipta CA 1238 Dart, John CA 2113 Darukhanawalla, Malcolm CA 616 Dutta, Srinjoy CA 1966 Darukhanawalla, Nash IN 1125 Duvanenko, Victor 1744 Duysens, Alexandre NJ 2241 Dattel, Barry TX 1652 Dy, Edison FL 1298 Daugherty, Michael IL 1845 Dydynski, Jerry MI 1157 Dault, Joe IL 1428 Dyer, Don TX 1435 Davies, Barbara NY 484 Eagle, Jack CA 1622 Davila, Ruben NY 1082 Eagle, Todd AL 1850 Davis, Andrew SD 317 Eastman, Ben UT 1641 Davis, Byron HI 1039 Ebrahimi, David UT 1362 Davis, Carol FN 2156 Edwards, Gillian AZ 1269 Davis, David NC 909 Ehlert, Kurt WI 1731 Davis, Drew NJ 763 Ehrenreich, Martin OH 1231 Davis, LeRoy CT 1673 Eichner, Howard NC 1314 Davis, Richard CA 1864 Dawalbhakta, Samiha NJ 2533 Eider, Cory IN 1806 Eiler, Brandon NY 1846 De Asis, Jed Rave AZ 0 Ekbundit, Patrick TX 630 de Coatpont, Lucie VA 1636 El Oukaili, Talal WI 1835 De Fabry, Lucas NJ 1843 Elazrag, Eymen PA 2034 De Jong, Ivar NY 1784 De Los Santos, Diogenes AK 1927 Elliott, Paul AL 1231 Ellis, Colen AK 1484 De May, David FL 430 Ellsworth, John FL 1747 Deacon, Richard FL 309 Ellsworth, William NY 1113 DeArmond, Christian SC 1454 Elsesser, Bill IL 1316 DeAsis, Francis IL 1493 Emilianowicz, Eryk MI 1079 Decraene, Parker WV 2011 Emmons, Stephen A. OH 1320 Decristofaro, John WV 1621 Emmons, Theron Roy NC 1418 Deepee, Steven NY 1618 Emord, Dan VA 1487 Defrank, Tim MI 1485 Enders, Wayne HI 607 Degawa, Shigemi TX 2151 Enebish, Munkhbileg CA 1725 Dehdashti, Massoud SC 1668 England, David DC 986 Deinoff, Pelle MI 1484 Engstrom, Jim FL 1393 DeJesus, Adrian IL 1524 Erdenebileg, LA 2088 Del Vecchio, Martin Myagmarsuren CA 854 Demartini, Cliff CA 1226 Esch, Jim FL 728 Dev, Rishi CA 1460 Esparza, Rudy GA 415 Devalapalli, Pranav FL 1871 Espenship, Scott NY 1058 DeVenezia, Richard CA 1767 Espinosa, Gabriel CA 1374 Dewhirst, Ken NY 1364 Estill, Alan MI 2313 Dey, Tapabrata FL 2052 Estrada, Carlos CA 112 Dhaka, Anmol TX 789 Diaz de Leon, Gabriel WA 1311 Evans, Adam AZ 1130 Evans, David NE 1649 Dickey, Gordon IL 1815 Evans, J. FL 1502 Dieker, Eric FL 1159 Ewert, Matthew CO 1595 Diep, Duke CA 1243 Ezzo, Steve OH 1663 Dietz, Roy NV 1463 Difuntorum, Reynaldo NJ 928 Fabian, Steven CA 1747 Fahlstrom, Ragnar WA 1824 DiMarco, Gregory KY 1846 Fakharpour, Babak WA 2472 Ding, Billy KY 1715 Fakharpour, Peyton FL 1196 Dinh, Thuan IL 1730 Falcis, Peter CA 2261 Dinh, Tri IL 168 Falcis, Pierre NC 1969 Diwakar, Madhu AR 515 Falco, Angela IL 1430 Dixon, Lawer AR 1571 Falco, John CO 1335 Djoumaliev, Hristo NY 1665 Falk, Clifford OH 894 Doenges, Kevin NC 1897 Fan, Ling MI 1348 Doerr, Timothy NJ 1334 Fang, Bryan AZ 1794 Dok, Daphne TX 1087 Fang, Katherine CT 890 Dolan, Kevin IN 735 Farkas, Joe RI 783 Donadio, Alexander GA 1557 Farrar, William NY 712 Donald, David OH 1658 Faulstich, Stephen MD 1797 Dong, Chun OR 1120 Fechner, Joann MD 1272 Dong, Kai IL 1815 Feerst, David NJ 902 Donthi, Sai TX 1110 Feher, Sam WI 1093 Dorman, Tom MA 2052 Fei, Xianger TX 1523 Dorrell, Jimmy CO 1378 Feinstein, Marilyn Somm CA 1572 D’Ortenzio, Mario AL 1797 Feldman, Danny NC 910 Doshi, Pinku MD 506 Feldman, Ira NC 1229 Doshi, Smit MA 1528 Felsher, Steven IL 1719 Douglass, Robert CT 1540 Feltenberger, Donald IL 1916 Dousmanis, Christos NJ 369 Feng, XinYi IL 1114 Downing, Charlie NY 2021 Feng, Yihao (John) TX 1163 Doyle, Don GA 2584 Feng, Yijun NJ 1681 Doytchev, Doytcho PA 1206 Ferguson, Erik TX 2004 Drake, Kyle CA 92 Ferguson, Michael MO 1290 Drake, Wenyan NC 1010 Ferland, Jacob WI 1446 Draper, Evan MA 1467 Ferreira, Antonio Luis SC 1805 Dreyfus, Stephen NV 1467 Ferrenberg, Allan IL 1780 Driskill, Ryan NY 1503 Fields, Tobias OH 1084 Drsek, John NJ 1980 Files, Justin MD 977 Du, Brandon CA 1739 Finney, Emma WA 1587 Du, Ethan TX 1293 Fish, David GA 2001 Du, James OK 878 Fitzgerald, Kathleen CA 1746 Du, Yufeng(Kevin) CO 1295 Fleming, Mark MD 2035 Duan, Changping

TX 1873 Fleshman, Tom CA 1533 Flexer, Dominique OH 882 Flores, Brandon CA 2047 Flores, David TX 2018 Flores, Mark Andrew AZ 1439 Flores, Salvador MA 1892 Fomin, Dmitri MO 1268 Fong, Joseph NJ 1129 Fong, Molly CA 1519 Fong, Scott NJ 569 Foo, Alysha NY 513 Foote, Graham NJ 540 Forman, Gary OR 1708 Fountain, Eric WA 1655 Frahler, Jeff FL 1851 Francisco, Ramon Paolo IL 2122 Franeczek, Janusz CT 1339 Frankowski, Michael OK 1219 Franks, Cameron MA 2121 Frayberg, Alex MN 1989 Frayne, Elliot NJ 1068 Fredricks, Glenn HI 1661 Freedman, Stephen CA 434 Freeman, Chase NY 1564 Friedlander, Judah CA 811 Friedman, Gerry CA 1917 Friedman, Oliver MA 650 Friedman, Thomas TX 917 Friedmann, Nadav WA 795 Frost, Andrea WA 837 Frost, Bryan CA 1527 Frye, Scott CA 439 Fu, Alice CA 1638 Fu, Ava NV 1766 Fu, Billy GA 1568 Fu, Michael PA 1916 Fu, Yao CA 1599 Fu, Zheng IL 1499 Fudala, Christopher OH 1484 Fullen, Dave NY 1349 Fung-a-fat, Jill NM 1288 Funkhouser, Bob AZ 1817 Furdui, Stelian CA 460 Furze, Eric FL 1409 Fusa, Fernando WI 1568 Gableman, Jim CT 1392 Gabor, Bob CA 2363 Gabriel, Freddie NC 1602 Gabriel, Tom OH 2027 Gacki, Slawomir MA 1409 Gaidarev, Peter CA 1214 Gail, Chris VA 1233 Gajjar, Vraj VA 993 Gallagher, Stark CA 1566 Galm, Steve FL 1821 Galman, Cielo TX 1005 Gambini, Chris NJ 1461 Gambourg, Leonid CA 2171 Gampa, Gaurav CA 1866 Gandhi, Nimesh OK 1696 Gann, Charles HI 1502 Gantala, Rommel DE 965 Ganti, Krishna CA 1432 Gao, Annie MO 1572 Gao, Di CA 2383 Gao, Felix AK 1779 Gao, Jimmy NY 1827 Gao, Junjie TX 1902 Gao, Katie CA 1487 Gao, Patrick NJ 2102 Gao, Sean(Zhongyi) NY 2473 Gao, YanJun CA 1856 Gao, Yuzhang NC 2240 Garcia, Carlos FL 977 Garcia, Gustavo FL 1435 Garcia, Leonel NY 790 Garcia, Miguel NY 529 Garell, Charles CA 1421 Gasca, Fernando FL 1272 Gascoigne, Ian CA 904 Gaskins, George 2083 Gastelum, Pablo NJ 704 Ge, Nicholas CA 186 Gee, Robert AZ 1825 Geete, Jayant TX 1406 Geeze, Christopher NM 1845 Geeze, Donald LA 982 Gehrkin, Jonathan PA 770 Geisinger, Jeffrey CA 1210 Geller, Alan CA 2673 Geng, Shupeng NY 1746 Gennuso, Greg MA 542 Gibbons, Mark MN 175 Gibson, Celeste MN 741 Gibson, Jim KS 1464 Gibson-Birch, Piers

MD 1174 Gilday, Tim FL 1964 Gilkes, Rohan CA 1154 Gillman, Art FL 2040 Gingold, Greg MI 1419 Ginther, Dean NY 834 Giovannini, Matteo TN 1845 Girdner, David CA 1535 Giri, Swathi CA 1423 Girton, Ken FL 1503 Glass, Ray VA 1316 Gleeson, Andrew IL 666 Glickman, Donna NJ 427 Glickstein, Brandon IL 1187 Glowik, Stanislaw FL 1393 Gmach, Ben FL 1486 Gmach, David FL 2040 Gmach, Gal FL 1246 Gmach, Maili TX 728 Godfrey, Michael CA 1257 Goebel, Mike AZ 1483 Goel, Siddarth WV 1435 Goff, Dale NV 909 Goff, Robert NY 1234 Gold, Abe NJ 968 Goldfarb, Matthew OR 1533 Goldsmith, Phil NC 1105 Goldstein, Lev CA 1750 Golez, Ramil NY 1556 Goljan, Miroslav 1983 Golmohammadi, Iraj NC 1808 Gomez, Elias CA 2237 Gong, Renny CA 2307 Gong, Steven MD 1984 Gong, Yunhua CA 1205 Gonzales, Julian FL 1392 Gonzalez, Alberto AL 2020 Gonzalez, Barnabas TX 1284 Gonzalez, Jorge TX 875 Gonzalez, Joshua NY 2107 Gonzalez, Sergio OH 1347 Good, Kevin OH 496 Goodchild, Dustin OH 1501 Goodchild, Zack MI 1372 Goode, Michael IL 1403 Goodfellow, William CA 183 Goodwin IV, James TX 1708 Gopin, Michael NY 1581 Gordon, Andrew NM 1606 Goring, Kali CO 1308 Gorodin, Valeriy TX 1900 Goswami, Pulak CA 1423 Gotliffe, Harvey CA 742 Goto, Akio CA 606 Goto, Hiroki NY 1623 Graber, Jared TX 1319 Gradinaru, David CA 1838 Graff, William OK 630 Graham, Sean IN 1504 Grambo, Alan FL 1374 Grana, Jamie TX 1604 Grant, Giancarlo TX 1042 Graves, Owen NC 1680 Green, Vincent WA 1697 Greenbaum, Michael OH 1666 Greene, Dan CT 1396 Greenfield, Austin 2310 Greenidge, Colin MD 1796 Gregg, Gordon NY 199 Gregor, Becky NY 309 Gregor, Danko NY 1197 Gregor, Paul

Rating Difference

AZ 1126 Gregory, William FL 899 Grey, Neil FL 1960 Greydinger, Dimitri IL 1102 Gribinski, Nathalie NV 1687 Gripentog, Robert NY 1882 Gristede, George WA 1904 Grossman, Howard CA 1163 Grubsky, Victor FL 1795 Gu, Maxwell KS 1565 Gu, Peidi CA 2369 Guan, Angela CA 1895 Guan, Walter TX 2505 Guan, Weida FN 2780 Guang, Qing Feng CA 1765 Gubbi, Vidyadhara AZ 1431 Guerin, Bill AZ 1565 Guerin, Bill CA 1549 Gunda, Abhinav NC 964 Gunn, Zannie UT 1181 Guo, Bryan NC 1378 Guo, Jia WA 1936 Guo, Jimmy NY 2103 Guo, Min Xin CA 2403 Guo, Wenbo TN 1842 Guo, Xiaofeng CA 127 Gupta, Avi NJ 298 Gupta, Krishna TX 564 Gupta, Sanjana TX 972 Gupta, Vaibhav NY 1800 Gurevich, Boris IL 2151 Gurklys, Paulius IL 1953 Gutierrez, Antonio NY 1242 Gutierrez, Gustavo WA 1970 Gyonjyan, Tigran CA 1387 Ha, Khiem NV 1647 Ha, Thomas AR 1686 Hadfield, Paul NJ 1238 Hadley, Paul NJ 1505 Hageman, Daniel MA 1332 Hagenburg, Todd NY 68 Hagiu, Alexander NY 1848 Haidvogel, Roger Paul CA 1121 Hajilov, Mansour MO 1817 Halbig, Fred CA 695 Hall, Gordon AR 1884 Hall, Jamey AR 1721 Hall, William CT 1432 Halsey, Jackson OK 1353 Hamby, Mike AR 37 Hamilton, Alanis OH 2130 Hamilton, Don MD 1170 Hamilton, Elliott OH 1987 Hamilton, James AR 2254 Hamilton, James

USATT Rating Chart Higher rated Lower rated player wins: player wins: Higher Lower Lower Higher player player player player gains: loses: gains: loses:

0-12 13-37 38-62 63-87 88-112 113-137 138-162 163-187 188-212 213-237 238 & up

8 7 6 5 4 3 2 2 1 1 0

8 10 13 16 20 25 30 35 40 45 50

FALL Issue/Oct 2014 • usatt.org/MAGAZINE


RATINGS AL 1864 Hamilton, Terry AR 617 Hamilton, Yi-Mei OH 2282 Hamrahian, Seyed CA 140 Han, Katherine CO 1795 Han, Ki Soo NY 286 Han, Yiguang CA 2581 Han, Zheng TN 2080 Handoko, Liedy FN 1229 Hanke, Sarah TX 923 Hanks, Andrew FL 1114 Hanley, Keith OH 1374 Hanlin, William CA 1755 Hanna, John VA 1633 Hanson, Dana IL 1473 Hara, Erico TN 1599 Hardin, Christopher TX 2022 Harihara Iyer, Ramkumar MD 1056 Harley, Douglas MD 481 Harley, Taliesin FL 1039 Harrell, Brandon OH 1055 Harris, Anwen OH 1795 Harris, Scott VA 1707 Hart, Robert AR 765 Hartmann, Joyce CA 1453 Hartmann, Rudy OK 1495 Hash, David CA 1786 Hashemi, Ross CA 1316 Hashimoto, Margaret CA 1972 Hashimoto, Masaru GA 1520 Hashtroudi, Hassan IL 1329 Hashwani, Malik CA 271 Haumeder, Susan FL 1515 Hayes, Tyler TX 2514 Hazinski, Mark LA 1477 He, Bob CA 663 He, Charlotte NY 1356 He, George CA 2361 He, Jiaming CA 1128 He, William CA 2278 He, Xiaolan NY 1538 He, Yao PA 1601 Hecht, Matt WA 1066 Hegstrom, Christopher CA 1994 Hejazi, Alireza MI 1477 Helfand, Joseph IL 1624 Hemingway, Robert CA 2300 Hendawi, Ahmed TX 1281 Hendler, Alan FL 938 Henry, Ray MO 1786 Henry, Sonjay CA 1810 Heo, Baek Ho PA 1703 Heo, Richard FL 1167 Hernandez, Guillermo CA 225 Herold, Hugh FL 920 Hersey, Sebastian FL 1389 Hersey, Steve MA 1918 Hershenow, Barry NY 1605 Herzan, Paul IL 1185 Hess, Kyle NJ 1737 Hetes, Pavol NJ 2226 Hetherington, Matthew IN 2051 Hicks, H. OR 1064 Hicks, Jim NM 1187 Hicks, Randy IL 1062 Higuera, Mauricio Reyes NY 1511 Hill, David NH 1143 Hill, Douglas NY 813 Hill, Harold NY 1492 Hines, Elliot NY 1917 Hirata, Jonathan VA 1298 Hiratsuka, Jon MA 2158 Hlava, Jiri AZ 1468 Hlushko, Gregory NJ 405 Ho, Brandon CA 993 Ho, Chee OR 2046 Ho, Hung AL 1728 Ho, Hung Mike PA 1636 Ho, Quan


SC 1708 Hoagland, Tim VA 1747 Inger, Mike FL 2008 Hoang, Thuan CA 1730 Innamuri, Pruthvi OR 2028 Hoarfrost, Ryan IL 1975 Inui, Tadao (Tom) OH 1032 Hobrath, Ben NC 2038 Ip, Spencer OH 1086 Hobrath, Gary FL 961 Irish, Janet MD 1967 Hochman, Stephen FL 1461 Irish, Phillip AZ 1472 Hodge, Nicholas WA 1017 Ishii, Art FL 1588 Hodges, Mike OH 2036 Itunin, Aleksandr PA 1416 Hoffman, Brian WA 2172 Iturriaga, Bernardo IL 1469 Hoffman, Muneer AR 1859 Jackson, Don IL 1793 Hogshead, Edward CA 990 Jackson, Doug NC 2287 Hohl, Alex CA 1868 Jackson, Jace CO 1609 Hoi, Pham WA 749 Jackson, Jadon FL 1494 Holck, Bruce GA 1237 Jackson, Marc 1745 Holman, Ken MI 1190 Jackson, Ronald CA 1829 Holton, Chris NJ 1756 Jae, Youngshin MI 968 Homan, Dave TX 961 Jaed, Abu CA 862 Hong, Derek CA 2373 Jafar, Shuja FL 1347 Hooker, Allan CA 1712 Jain, Sahil RI 2021 Hopkins, Steve NJ 474 Jain, Ved CA 278 Horn, Michael CA 821 Jain, Yash CA 229 Horn, Nick CA 1811 Jamagocyan, Varujan CA 71 Horn, Rikki NC 2341 Jamaspi, Behram PA 0 Hornick, Dennis AR 1653 Jambhekar, Kedar GA 1865 Horton, William VA 1882 James, David NY 1674 Hosein, Rafi TX 1687 Jampana, Sreeman IN 648 Hoshino, Yuta NJ 1857 Jang, Tae Geon CA 1476 Hou, David 1193 Jara, Fabiola TX 993 Houser, John NJ 1725 Jariwala, Nikhil NV 1681 Howard, Jack NC 1020 Jarman, Hunter MD 1232 Howes, Jeff CA 1350 Javaherian, Nasrin PA 587 Hric, Ray TX 605 Jayaratne, Sachiko CA 304 Hsiao, Eric NV 1131 Jecov, Dmitri CA 1424 Hsiao, Mark FL 2318 Jeerapaet, Kit TX 2001 Hsieh, Tia NY 1551 Jeet, Cheddie MD 2195 Hsin, Jeffrey NY 2081 Jeong, Tae Jong CA 2495 Hsing, Ariel CA 1547 Jha, Ashish OR 2046 Hsu, Ryan CA 2603 Jha, Kanak MO 995 Hsu, Simon CA 2284 Jha, Prachi NJ 2055 Hu, Xiyue MO 1787 Jia, Tao MD 1515 Hu, Yingyao NC 2216 Jia, Zhen IL 2033 Hua, Peter (Liyang) CA 81 Jiang, Alan CA 103 Hua, Yang UT 1583 Jiang, Amanda NY 765 Huang, Eric NY 341 Jiang, DaHong NY 242 Huang, Ethan CA 2245 Jiang, Diane CA 1898 Huang, Hai Jun NJ 1156 Jiang, Michael CA 2547 Huang, Jeff IL 1416 Jiang, Zexin KS 1054 Huang, Jiawei NJ 1287 Jin, Duk CA 855 Huang, Jimmy OR 1513 Jin, Jeffrey MI 1401 Huang, Junxian CA 136 Jin, Jeffrey CA 2072 Huang, Kerry CA 1773 Jin, Jing TX 2219 Huang, Laura OH 442 Jindal, Nirmit OH 1464 Huang, Lisa CA 308 Jindal, Priyan CA 1440 Huang, Miranda CA 964 Jinon, Noel MD 1319 Huang, Nathaniel NJ 2031 Joe, Billy NJ 1727 Huang, Ray PA 1122 Johns, Dana IL 520 Huang, Shan CA 1724 Johnson, Mark MD 1203 Huang, Siliang CT 1217 Johnson, Mark CA 1610 Huang, Terry FL 1241 Johnson, Paul CA 354 Huang, Waverly SC 1908 Johnson, Richard MD 903 Huang, William MO 1671 Johnson, Robert MD 1845 Huang, Xinsheng Michael MO 2092 Johnston, Jeff MI 1163 Huang, Yihao FL 1879 Johnston, L. A. MS 2285 Huang, Zesheng IL 873 Jones, Benjamin CA 2433 Huang, Zihao (Justin) TX 1197 Jones, David CA 2590 Huang, Zihong VA 1262 Jones, Robert FL 853 Hubner, Bill FL 1893 Jordan, Bernardo NJ 2619 Hugh, Adam FL 2140 Jordan, Garth NJ 2384 Hugh, Judy MN 1549 Joshi, Sandhya MD 1289 Hughes, Harry OK 1227 Jourdan, Tom IL 829 Hughes, John TX 1563 Joy, Rony NJ 1454 Huh, Bong MN 1711 Judd, David MN 2003 Hui, John NY 1659 Juneau, Robert MA 594 Hui, Kelly NC 1658 Juntilla, Michael OH 766 Huland, Matt MD 1080 Juran, Donald SC 1106 Hull, Paul CA 153 Kabiraj, Tanay HI 623 Hunter, Lory FL 1735 Kadin, Rick HI 1682 Hunter, Stewart IL 59 Kagathi, Bhavika CA 2126 Huo, Luvena IL 854 Kagathi, Raj LA 773 Hurst, Robert NY 772 Kahane, Gabriel CA 1774 Hutchins-Knowles, Brian HI 1691 Kahanu, George MN 2145 Huynh, Benjamin CA 1993 Kahng, Alex AL 1578 Huynh, Kevin CA 1874 Kaiser, Tod CA 1367 Huynh, Xuanthai TX 1858 Kajihara, Caroline NJ 536 Hwang, Clarissa WA 1840 Kakade, Manish NJ 460 Hwang, Stephanie NY 1627 Kalir, Oded CA 2295 Hyatt, Michael CA 1277 Kalustov, Artem FL 1109 Hyttinen, Arvo VA 1601 Kaminsky, Barbara CO 1982 Ibegbu, Basil WA 1896 Kanatsu, Naoki CA 888 Ichaso, Bill AZ 1450 Kanchanapelly, CA 946 Ichimura, Emi Radhakrush TX 2279 Ikeizumi, Claudia CA 1923 Kandadi, Sohan FL 1489 Ilanga, Mareuvir MD 1228 Kandel, Adam MD 933 Imran, Ziyan NJ 1904 Kandell, Scott MN 1911 Inderieden, Dan CA 1777 Kang, Danny CA 157 Infeld, Lou


LA 1910 Kang, Sung Ho CA 1715 Korb, Kevin NJ 545 Kannan, Krithik NC 1383 Kornegay, James CA 1354 Kanungo, Siddhartha TX 1582 Kornegay, Stephen CA 627 Kanyavong, Sichan NY 1799 Korobeinik, Ruslan VA 1804 Kapsalakis, Dean CA 1205 Korol, Beni WA 1258 Karimov, Shavkat NY 1446 Kothari, Burair CA 1188 Karno, Marvin NY 998 Kothari, Ishaq GA 1684 Karp, John MN 1805 Kotz, Paul NC 1497 Kartawira, Chris MN 1897 Kouatli, Omar NC 1606 Kartawira, Iwan CA 1556 Kovacs, Tony NC 1023 Kartawira, Karin SC 1539 Kovalov, Max MA 1649 Kasha, Steven CA 1337 Koyama, Jaelyn CA 208 Kashlinsky, Maxim NY 1475 Kozlowska, Anna CA 2576 Kashyap, Anal IL 755 Kramer, Samuel IL 1686 Kasperski, Grzegorz IL 1439 Kravchenko, Pavlo AR 830 Kassees, Ranya CA 1525 Kravtsov, Alexey VA 1378 Kasson, Scott FL 1836 Krecek, Michal NC 1309 Kauffman, Ronald TX 1827 Kressner, Scott AL 1889 Kawamoto, Ernesto Ryuki IL 2232 Kretschmer, Maria IL 1469 Kaye, Gordon FL 1115 Krimshtein, Anna CA 1703 Kazemi, Behnam CA 2055 Krishnamoorthy, Satish MD 2288 Ke, Roy CA 2077 Krishnan, Ananda MD 1798 Ke, Tiffany NY 690 Kron, Christopher NC 1296 Kearney, Joseph F. NY 1061 Kron, Kalina CA 1265 Keely, Roger NY 1162 Kron, Koen SC 1524 Keklak, Jonathan NY 959 Kron, Kort NJ 1346 Kelkar, Rucha MD 1480 Kronlage, Yvonne NY 961 Kendall, Gail NY 2118 Krupinski, Witold(Victor) IL 1858 Kendle, Bradlee IL 918 Krynski, Paul PA 1364 Kennedy, Gary NY 608 Krzyminski, Robert MA 1221 Kenudson, Cris GA 878 Kuang, Brian FN 2235 Kerber, Michael CA 137 Kuang, Connor OH 1696 Keren, Isaac GA 1259 Kuang, Jeffrey OR 1786 Keswani, Max NC 1423 Kuilan, Francisco IN 1316 Keszthelyi, Zsolt NY 1768 Kumar, Alok NY 944 Khadka, Bimal CA 2258 Kumar, Nikhil CA 1783 Khairzad, Kamran PA 1540 Kumar, Pavan NY 721 Khan, Ali NJ 1992 Kumar, Sharath NJ 1809 Khan, Amir CA 2262 Kumar, Shivam TN 1773 Khan, Mohammed CA 2451 Kumar, Shivansh OH 1658 Khan, Mohammed MD 1498 Kung, Ling-bing OH 1917 Khandelwal, Harsh MD 1760 Kuo, Kuan-Ting OH 1984 Khandelwal, Siddharth CA 2086 Kuo, Patrick CO 1805 Khang, Ryan CA 2167 Kuok, Joey OH 2136 Khatami, Ali IL 1985 Kurcz, Marcin OH 890 Khatami, Sarveen IL 2330 Kurek, Artur CA 865 Khaung, Eant (Henry) HI 853 Kuroki, Riko IL 1448 Khoja, Faiz CA 569 Kwan, Elise IL 922 Khoja, Zohayr AR 1639 Kwekel, Joshua AZ 1347 Khoshkhoosani, Seyede CA 1508 Kwok, Hoi(Oscar) 1545 Khoutorsky, Ariel CA 1009 Kwon, Bradley GA 925 Kiker, Chris PA 958 Kwong, Justin CA 1270 Kim, Charles CA 1661 Kwong, Sunny CA 1496 Kim, David MN 744 La Barge, Dustin NY 1491 Kim, Jacob GA 1283 La Greca, Hernan IL 1621 Kim, Jang FN 1424 La Rose, Dennis CA 2011 Kim, Jihyun MD 1619 La, Timothy NJ 1473 Kim, Jun Ki VA 1024 Labell, Max MD 1212 Kim, Kyongsook OR 975 Lackie, Frank IL 1408 Kim, Samuel 1000 Lacson, Lian NJ 1433 Kim, Sean TX 1253 Lahman, Phillip IL 1933 Kim, Seon Ho AZ 1941 Lai, Alex WA 2196 Kim, Valeri TX 1869 Lai, Evan FL 1605 Kimmel, Steven MI 1368 Lake, Charles CA 1514 Kimura, Hiroko OR 1613 Lake, Kyle IL 1685 Kindig, William IL 467 Lakhani, Aarish IL 997 King, Douglas FL 816 Lam, Anita MN 795 King, Robert MN 1918 Lam, Chi IL 765 Kir, Jan NJ 1711 Lam, David CT 921 Kirlew, Kahairi OR 2124 Lam, Hau NY 309 Kirman, Shaye TN 2000 Lam, Jude MD 881 Kislyuk, Alan CA 1632 Lam, Michael NC 1210 Kiu, Sun Wah OK 1759 Lam, Si-Dung CA 1248 Kjos, Clayton IL 2219 Lam, Spenser WI 1242 Klase, William CA 201 Lamba, Shyl FL 1913 Klingberg, Steve VT 1087 Lambek, Bernard FL 2262 Klunthong, Aroon IL 69 Lande, Arnav MI 1815 Knapp, Fred NJ 233 Lande, Aryeh TX 1610 Knowles, Juan CA 1184 Landis, Raymond TX 504 Knox, Toni AL 2130 Landry, David AZ 1565 Ko, Enoch NJ 1453 Lane, Flint AZ 1489 Ko, Mincheol MN 787 Lang, Hongyuan AZ 1426 Ko, Samson MD 2182 Lang, Lixin TX 1280 Ko, Sean SD 258 Lange, Michael NJ 1210 Kocay, Jonathan SD 549 Lange, Roberto CA 1832 Kochenderfer, Bill NY 306 Lanoff, Sam CA 201 Kofman, Shawn IN 1436 Lara, Carlos GA 1866 Koh, C. Brandon CA 2094 Lardon, Mike UT 1154 Kolli, Shyam GA 1782 Laronde, Roy NC 1978 Komlanvi, Edem AR 1345 Larson, Sven NY 1499 Kommel, Aziz AR 1467 Larson, William IL 1114 Kondas, Daniel MA 1117 Lasnik, Howard CA 1787 Kondo, Leroy (Lee) NJ 1068 Latourette, Josh CA 1631 Kong, Alvin CA 1120 Lau, Jason CA 1189 Kong, Kailyn CO 1665 Lau, John FL 1577 Kong, Shek MN 956 Lauer, Doug

FL 1163 Launonen, Matti AR 1970 Lauro, Michael NJ 546 Law, Michael VA 1650 Lawrence, Branden CT 2002 Lawrence, Wilbert CA 1155 Le Vettet, Pascal WI 1808 Le, Long MN 1859 Le, Long NC 1890 Le, Ly CA 1573 Le, Qui CA 2367 Le, Tuan Dai WA 1920 Leadbeater, Andrew NY 2366 Lee, Byeong Cheol MN 1137 Lee, Cher TX 1512 Lee, Christopher MN 2163 Lee, David TX 1053 Lee, Diane CA 1796 Lee, Gan Wah VA 1626 Lee, Gordon GA 1995 Lee, HaeJoon OH 1814 Lee, Jack CA 761 Lee, Jason MA 2088 Lee, Jay NJ 1468 Lee, Jin WA 1893 Lee, Joseph NJ 1549 Lee, Joshua CA 1458 Lee, Kai NY 738 Lee, Kenneth MI 2239 Lee, Lester TX 784 Lee, Matthew WA 511 Lee, Morgan CA 1416 Lee, Nathan CA 1347 Lee, Stephen CA 1260 Lee, Steve TX 2080 Lee, Thanh FL 1933 Lee, William MD 992 Lee, Yeasun NY 2144 Lee-Freithofnig, Ludovic NJ 2012 Lehman, Christopher WI 1200 Lehman, Robert NY 2445 Leibovitz, Tahl CA 2140 Leitman, Marina CA 1617 Lekamlage, Dayananda K. TX 2050 Lemal, Bernard IL 150 Lemke, Robert NY 1086 Lendvai, Robert AL 1360 Lenox, Caleb 2002 Leon, Bryan WI 1068 Lepold, Jakub OH 1303 Leslie, Tom CT 1049 Lesniak, Wladyslaw OH 1811 Letic, Marijo AZ 1871 Leu, Gia FL 1748 Leung, Gar Bo NY 1415 Levine, Jesse PA 1139 Lewis, Andrew TN 1598 Lewis, Carl IA 1583 Lewis, Paul CA 117 Li, Alison CA 240 Li, Alvin WA 472 Li, Axel CA 335 Li, Benjami n TX 1983 Li, Benjamin MS 2596 Li, Cheng NM 1416 Li, Chia-Yeh LA 2198 Li, Dian VA 515 Li, Eddie VA 1899 Li, Eric TN 1767 Li, Fangxing (Fran) MN 1918 Li, Fuliao MD 1736 Li, George 1674 Li, Henry CA 1483 Li, Ivy CA 584 Li, Jennifer DC 448 Li, Jiayu NY 408 Li, Jicheng TX 2160 Li, Jonathan TX 2025 Li, Joy TX 1710 Li, June CA 355 Li, Katia NY 701 Li, Kevin IL 1070 Li, Kevin CA 2105 Li, Kevin 2310 Li, Lei MN 1536 Li, Mengqun MD 1261 Li, Michael FN 2444 Li, Qiuxia NY 1287 Li, Roy CA 2529 Li, RuiNi PA 1626 Li, Shengyu NC 1635 Li, Shuxin (Max) CA 1795 Li, Ted VA 1672 Li, Tony IN 939 Li, Tyler CA 2014 Li, Tzu-Ying

IN 1507 Li, Weiming CA 1856 Li, Xidan IA 1535 Li, Xingchu OH 1626 Li, Yueh-Fen CA 2322 Li, Zhongtang (kevin) MA 404 Lian, Anna MA 1575 Lian, Bill IN 1610 Lian, David MN 1549 Lian, Kevin NC 1842 Liang, Huigang CA 1524 Liang, Jason NY 2598 Liang, Jishan IL 1732 Liang, Simon CA 1549 Liao, Fafa IL 1542 Liao, Jeffrey CA 1653 Licea, Radu GA 1243 Li-Falcetta, Marco FL 1788 Lillie, John LA 1763 Lilly, Joshua GA 1309 Lim, Alelandro CA 915 Lim, Arisrei NJ 2107 Lim, Changwoo CA 1199 Lim, Elijah CA 1069 Lim, Ezra CA 1796 Lim, June CA 1319 Lim, Micah MI 2149 Lin, Allen CA 1719 Lin, Andrew CA 975 Lin, Calvin GA 1995 Lin, Emilie WA 1977 Lin, Hao CA 1786 Lin, Hsueh-yen 1551 Lin, Hui MD 1549 Lin, Jessica CA 1799 Lin, Jonathan CA 1845 Lin, Katie MD 1513 Lin, Lisa CA 215 Lin, Michelle GA 1595 Lin, Patrick GA 394 Lin, Qifan NJ 2332 Lin, Tina CA 1584 Lindo, Howard CA 294 Lindsey, Mark MD 1346 Ling, Bo MD 1016 Ling, Zihan Christopher MD 786 Linn, Robert NJ 1441 Lipschutz, Joel OR 1766 Lipscomb, Scott NY 883 Lipsits, Alexander NY 1267 Lipton, Marshall FN 1669 Lira, Karolina TX 1192 Lisook, Sam MN 738 Litak, Katarzyna OH 782 Liu, Annie CA 194 Liu, Audrey NY 436 Liu, Benjamin MD 2010 Liu, Charlene KS 2022 Liu, Chunyen CA 2589 Liu, Dan CA 636 Liu, Ethan OH 2252 Liu, Fangyi KS 1011 Liu, Gwen OH 1452 Liu, Jim IL 1268 Liu, John MA 1244 Liu, Justin NY 518 Liu, Justin NJ 1971 Liu, Kai IL 1081 Liu, Kaibai OH 798 Liu, Kane NJ 1912 Liu, Leslie CA 231 Liu, Nicole MO 1283 Liu, Paul MO 1222 Liu, Randy OH 1924 Liu, Roger CA 181 Liu, Ryan VA 708 Liu, Shuren VA 463 Liu, Shuyi MD 1674 Liu, Su OH 890 Liu, Taylor MI 1054 Liu, Tianyi CA 2290 Liu, Victor NY 1043 Liu, Victor CA 1963 Liu, Xuan AL 1577 Liu, Ying TN 1640 Liu, Yiqing (Linda) GA 2375 Liu, Yitong(Wantong) CA 1761 Liu, Yongjun CA 780 Liu, Zhihong CA 1916 Livshin, Bella IL 1188 Lkhagvajav, Baasanjav FL 1387 Llapa, Arturo TX 1827 Lloyd, Lindsey NY 946 Lo, Graham CA 603 Lo, Vincent CA 1538 Loadholt, Wendell WA 1882 Lock, Raymond

TX 1067 Lockwood, Charles CO 622 Loi, Brandon CA 2075 Loi, Duc CO 1346 Loi, Tan CA 570 Lok, Chui-Chu CA 1415 Lomaka, Alexandre NY 1911 Lombard, Will GA 851 Long, Nancy TX 1437 Longpre, Luc FL 1583 Lopatinsky, Luigi NC 1884 Lopez, Elvis IL 1711 Lorenc, Swavek WA 702 Lotz, David MO 2168 Louvier, Andrew NJ 462 Low, Brandon NJ 235 Low, Ethan FL 439 Low, Joe NJ 1453 Low, Yee FL 1392 Loyola, Edward MD 1959 Lu, Amy NJ 1936 Lu, Andrew NC 715 Lu, Benjamin CA 2370 Lu, Guo Hui NJ 1503 Lu, Hsu-Chang MD 1987 Lu, Jason IN 1576 Lu, Jerry NC 1344 Lu, Jianwei VA 1917 Lu, Jie NC 1606 Lu, Kevin NJ 2076 Lu, Matthew NC 850 Lu, Michael CA 1962 Lu, Phuong-Tram MI 1962 Lu, Samuel NJ 1272 Lu, William MI 1828 Lu, Xiaotian CA 1730 Lu, Yueh Yun IL 1881 Luan, Wayne NH 715 Lubin, John NY 219 Lui, Mark FL 1887 Lui, Patrick Kin Luen WA 1143 Lukens, Greg FL 830 Lun, Jonathan IL 821 Luo, Grace IL 1565 Luo, Yunmei CA 1314 Luong, Jon AL 1131 Luther, Gary CA 1034 Luu, Ha CA 115 Luu, Kristy CA 1515 Ly, Dan CO 749 Ly, Jaden CO 1634 Ly, Phong FL 1957 Lynum, James MD 1687 Ma, Darwin WA 2164 Ma, Lucy CA 1377 Ma, Seigo PA 1328 Ma, Sirui CA 255 Ma, Yung FL 1782 Maamoun, Adam NY 2089 Mack, Raymond WY 1703 MacLaine, Bruce Robert CA 1045 Madabusi, Preethi NV 915 Madden, Lester CO 1521 Madigan, Thomas Darrel NC 1069 Madison, George IL 1504 Madrid, James CT 736 Mahajan, Aviral CA 253 Mahajan, Mudit CA 278 Mahajan, Pulkit FL 2315 Maharaj, Dayanand FL 1614 Maharaj, Dylita FL 1611 Maharaj, Shiva NV 1298 Mainster, Martin MA 1542 Maisel, David FL 1559 Maisonet, William UT 1753 Majors, Bruce UT 1628 Majors, Dale TX 1992 Mak, Joshua TX 1878 Mak, Kam CA 617 Malcy, Vivian IL 1654 Maldre, Katrin CA 2047 Malek, Amanda CA 2313 Malek, Attila CA 2116 Malek, Scott CA 1494 Maloof, Unan IN 1611 Malyovanny, Mikhail CA 1602 Mancilla, Robert GA 946 Manem, Tejas NY 1684 Maness, Wesley RI 1750 Mani, Murali VA 1333 Manley, Thomas AL 1614 Mann, Thomas H. CA 1127 Mannem, Keshav CA 1886 Mannem, Rohan CA 222 Mannur, Gandhar IL 1083 Mansholt, Roger CA 1625 Mao, Toon

PA 1122 Miller, Mike IN 1199 Maple, Steve OH 1323 Miller, Paul FL 985 Mar, Christopher PA 1607 Miller, Ryan GA 2241 Mar, John IN 1639 Milton, Bob TX 1000 Marchese, Ryan CA 234 Min, Jerry IN 1617 Marcum, Jerry MA 1396 Mino-Kenudson, Mari WA 1023 Mardari, Alexei OH 620 Minor, Hunter FL 1127 Marik, Victor WA 1940 Mioduszewski, Vince MN 1979 Markov, Andrey CA 2209 Miranda, Rudy IL 1344 Markowicz, Jozef CA 1026 Mitchell, Craig FN 1846 Marksheid, Hannoch HI 794 Miyashiro, Angie NY 1870 Maronian, Andre HI 1256 Miyashiro, Stewart IL 373 Maroon, Jim NY 1740 Mizrahi, Gabi CA 1056 Martin, Michael CA 1447 Mo, Emily NC 1836 Martin, Michael NJ 287 Mo, Jason LA 1762 Martin, Richard NC 2349 Mo, Qiyuan (Caleb) LA 1765 Martinez, Glenn CA 1788 Moayery, Mohammad TX 1890 Martinez, Gustavo CA 958 Mody, Ishaan FL 1591 Martinez, Jose TX 1587 Mody, Mehernosh TX 938 Martinez, Mario KS 1843 Maruthapandian, Lavanya CA 1535 Mohan, Arun KS 2207 Mojaverian, Parviz NY 907 Mashaw, Zachary TX 1951 Mojtahed, Masoud OH 1827 Masminster, Joseph TX 595 Mojtahed, Ryan FL 1587 Masters, Mark NY 1282 Mok, Michael CA 1531 Masterson, Sean NV 2050 Mokuolu, Adedayo CA 185 Mathew, George TX 1610 Molina Melendez, Juan NY 511 Matott, Garret CA 2575 Molla, Zaman CA 870 Matthews, Graham FL 1682 Mombekov, Kenshemir FL 1058 Matthews, Michael CA 899 Monaco, James OR 727 Mayevskiy, Sofiya FL 1836 Monopoli, Jerry OR 935 Mayevskiy, Yevgeniy MN 1910 Monson, Brian GA 1850 Mayfield, Matthew NJ 1642 Montealegre, Miller TX 574 Mayfield, Reece MN 695 Montzka, Tim WA 1850 Mbow, Umar NY 560 Moon, In Hak CA 2056 McCarthy, Jack PA 1446 Moore, Chad AR 637 McCarthy, Konnie RI 475 Moore, Hunter OK 1219 McClanahan, Johnny FL 2001 Morales, Angel IL 1018 McCormack, Thomas IN 1335 More, Ranjit VA 1144 McCormick, Michael CA 2121 Morgenroth, Kyle PA 1966 McCoullum, Henry GA 1551 Morian, Nicholas FL 1333 McCoy, Tyson FN 2323 Morita, Felipe GA 952 McDonald, Jack NC 1144 Morley, Michael CA 503 McElvain, Brian OH 697 Morris, Aubrey NY 1393 McFadden, John GA 1694 Morris, James IL 1563 McGarvey, Phil PA 737 Morrow, Mark NY 1558 McGimpsey, William CA 2279 Mosaferi, Vahid AL 1246 McGinnis, Donnie CA 1678 Movsessian, Claude FL 1326 McKee, Mizell IL 1588 Moy, Andrew FL 1711 McLeod, Michael WI 1667 Moy, Nori AL 1782 McNeil, Warren MD 1412 Mozingo, James AR 772 McNerlin, Bradley FL 1952 Mozur, Joseph IL 1253 McNicholas, Bradley FL 1161 Mozur, Mike CT 2236 McPherson, Emani NC 1859 Mrzlak, Brendon NC 1937 McQueen, Jim MN 1663 Mu, Edward CA 925 McRitchie, Michael CA 267 Mubbappa, Ashvin MN 598 McTigue, Connor TX 1355 Mdahaduzzman, Munna CA 378 Muddappa, Ashvin IL 1265 Mueller, Jonathan TX 1207 Medina, Roderick TX 1995 Mueller, Rick CT 1838 Medina, Samuel AL 1659 Muhammad, Ashraf CT 2135 Medunjanin, Adis CO 1678 Mui, Mike CT 2087 Medunjanin, Adnan VA 1510 Muller, Harry CT 1936 Medunjanin, Amel NY 1501 Munoz, John TX 1791 Meeks, Ronald CA 870 Munsayac, Jonathan CA 2170 Mehta, Subal FL 1056 Murali, Chandrasekaran TX 1620 Mei, Christopher MA 751 Murdock, Chris NY 1924 Mei, Jianglin FN 560 Murgula, Alondra NV 1871 Meimban, June NC 1727 Murnahan, Tony FL 1776 Melad, Reagan CA 801 Murthy, Akhil PA 1889 Meleshenko, Alex CA 847 Murthy, Sanjana TN 1647 Memon, Kashif TX 1874 Musgrove, Tim NY 512 Mendez, Daniel AR 762 Myers, Wayne AZ 1511 Mendoza, Francisco NM 995 Nabb, Jerry TX 1670 Meng, Kevin MD 2362 Nadmichettu, Raghu OR 1012 Meng, Todd IL 1138 Nagarathnam, KS 1152 Menon, Rohit Manikandan KS 1208 Menon, Suraj CA 2034 Nagvekar, Sanam CA 1432 Meredith, Aidan MA 1730 Nagy, Laszlo CA 1347 Meredith, Steven FL 1314 Nail, Danny NY 1434 Messmer, Matt HI 1432 Nakamura, Takeo MD 2422 Miao, Qing IL 738 Nam, Hyunsook IL 1800 Michalak, Stanislaw IL 1495 Nam, James AZ 1823 Migliaccio, Thomas MN 1169 Nangrani, Sushant IL 1993 Mihai, Sebastian CA 1667 Naqvi, Syed IL 1315 Mihailescu, Mihai CA 101 Narayanan, Shreyas FL 938 Mijares, Javier IL 2066 Naresh, Arcot NC 1729 Miklowcic, Jerred IL 675 Naresh, Nandan FL 1121 Milanov, Juliana IL 536 Naresh, Sangita OH 1099 Millard, Newell IL 1652 Naresh, Sid HI 1364 Millare, Daniel MA 1039 Nasjleti, David NC 1737 Miller, Aaron ME 1462 Nason, Jim CA 653 Miller, Dale NJ 117 Natakala, Anshul FL 1233 Miller, David IL 1183 Natali, Christopher IN 108 Miller, Dion FL 1937 Nathanson, Uri IN 280 Miller, Dionta CA 2009 Nayak, Avinash HI 756 Miller, Frank NY 1777 Nazarbechian, Tomas MN 1973 Miller, Greg TX 1632 Nedrow, Randy AR 1609 Miller, Jim

FL 1709 Needham, Winston NY 2052 Needle, Matthew TN 1506 Neely, Bill MD 1205 Neis, Adriano AR 502 Nelluri, Megha AR 1136 Nelluri, Pramod CA 1532 Nelson, Steven OH 298 Nervez, Remus CA 1919 Nestor, Branton CA 1756 Neumann-Takane, Layan OH 1753 New, Bob OH 302 Newberry, Will CA 938 Newby, Jean FL 2058 Newton, Dwight CO 1507 Ng, Chong GA 1809 Ng, Daniel AZ 1574 Ng, Hon NY 1230 Ng, Samantha NJ 1851 Ngai, Paul CA 1622 Ngai, Winston TN 1788 Ngo, Harrison WA 1752 Ngo, Hoang CO 2032 Ngo, Huan MN 1798 Nguyen, Aaron CA 1393 Nguyen, Andrew CA 1555 Nguyen, Andrew CA 1481 Nguyen, Anh Quoc Duy MN 1643 Nguyen, Brenda MD 1516 Nguyen, Han CA 1703 Nguyen, Hung CA 562 Nguyen, Julia CA 2345 Nguyen, Justin CA 1425 Nguyen, Ken CA 2532 Nguyen, Khoa WA 1985 Nguyen, Ky VA 2135 Nguyen, Nam OR 1701 Nguyen, Nha FL 2238 Nguyen, Nhan CA 1685 Nguyen, Paul WA 1181 Nguyen, Phuong OH 1363 Nguyen, Quang CA 2197 Nguyen, Quoc Bao CA 1337 Nguyen, Stacy OR 1949 Nguyen, Tai IN 1699 Nguyen, Tay CA 2058 Nguyen, Thong OH 741 Nguyen, Tina CA 1647 Nguyen, Tommy MN 1782 Nguyen, Vu CO 1755 Nguyen, Yen MN 1537 Ni, Quan VA 1960 Nicolas, Frederick MD 2334 Nie, Derek OH 1570 Nie, Sen MI 1570 Niederreiter, Jens IL 2068 Niewiarowski, Lukasz CA 347 Nigam, Sankalp AR 1869 Nilangekar, Parimal PA 1080 Nivens, Craig NY 1155 Niver-Johnson, Jordan CA 1312 Niyati, Karl 1577 Noguerole, Rob SD 453 Noldner, Austin TX 2109 Nordby, Mark OH 1380 Norman, Delbert NY 1484 Nunez, Paul TX 2036 Oak, Anushka TX 2387 Oak, Niraj IL 758 Obernuefemann, Sam NC 1945 OBrian, Chris MD 900 O’Bryan, Eugene CA 1037 Ogawa, Tad NY 1633 Ogilvie, Joe MN 1174 Ogitchida, Mukwa NC 1660 Ogundipe, Femi IL 1907 Oh, Ken NJ 1937 Oh, Soon Seok CA 1412 Ohanesian, Sako MO 1894 Okumura, Koichi IL 1689 Olingou, Serge TX 807 Olivo, Oswaldo CA 1441 Olson, Richard MA 1248 O’Neil, Kevin CT 1341 Onnen, Don NJ 1705 O’Reilly, Brian NC 1212 Orenstein, Raphael NY 717 Orloff, David IL 1795 Oros, John MA 761 O’Rourke, Bob NV 1403 Ortegon, Carlos FL 1786 Osmanagic, Edis NJ 948 Osmanoff, Alex IL 2261 Osmialowski, Jaroslaw FL 1568 Ostrowski, Ted FL 2376 Ou, Jonathan AR 1261 Oudthone, Kitt

MI 1798 Overbeek, Brad FN 1604 O’Young, Luc FN 809 O’Young, Nicholas IL 1179 Packard, Jerry NV 1688 Padernilla, Godfred MA 1980 Page, Robert 1717 Page-Guiot, Zacharie OH 622 Paglin, Laura NC 986 Pahl, Jesse NC 1654 Pahl, John NY 1842 Pak, Young NC 1891 Palani, Ashwin CA 1755 Palgon, Robert FL 927 Palm, Guillermo CA 1640 Palm, Richard FL 919 Palm, Tirso IN 1351 Palmer, Stan CA 1638 Pan, Johnny NY 1545 Pancoast, Taylor NJ 1633 Pandya, Rohan CA 1316 Pang, Chong 1985 Pang, Mark Chanhua IL 384 Panjwani, Armaan FL 1904 Papadimitriou, Ioanna IL 2079 Pardeshi, Akash CA 1882 Parfenov, Sasha NJ 609 Parikh, Rohan NJ 799 Park, Eugene NJ 220 Park, Gene NJ 896 Park, John NY 2184 Park, Joshua PA 1230 Park, Kyong (Sara) FL 1631 Park, Paul OH 1087 Park, Paul NV 836 Parker, B.J. IL 1061 Parker, Robert AK 1257 Parrish, Jamo AK 841 Parrish, Jane CA 960 Parsi, Vidul PA 2038 Parthsarthy, Prasiddha IL 573 Parvathaneni, Samanyu MN 435 Pasumarty, Rithvik TX 1506 Patel, Pratik WA 1519 Pattison, Eric AL 1814 Patton, Charles IN 1443 Paul, Jess CA 788 Paulus, Dick WI 1906 Pavelski, Aaron MD 1080 Pawlak, Dan TX 1451 Payne, Robert FN 1617 Paz, Andres CA 993 Pearson, Fred OH 2274 Pech, Keith OH 2202 Pech, Seth NJ 1864 Pei, Andrew NJ 1864 Pei, Patrick FL 1545 Pella, Mircea NY 1424 Pelshe, Andy MN 2023 Peng, Peng PA 1263 Pepper, Jeff MI 1760 Peradotto, Dave FL 1258 Perera, Nelma MO 2297 Pereyra, Patricio NC 1601 Perez, Richard IL 1821 Perrine, David MI 438 Perry, Joel CT 1317 Perzan, Kaz MO 2140 Peterson, Andrew VA 1632 Petrone, Vincent NJ 542 Petrushkevich, Sergey PA 825 Peysakhovich, Leo AZ 947 Pfeister, Michael IN 2042 Pham, C. T. FL 1553 Pham, Minh CA 2432 Pham, Tung MA 1398 Phan, Hoa CA 1787 Phan, Sang CA 2246 Phan, Tung TN 1704 Phelps, David

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NC 1467 Philipsen, Dirk AR 1421 Phillips, Justin FL 1836 Phipps, Cameron MA 1484 Piazzo Jr., Stephen NY 2172 Picciotto, Daniel NM 2074 Pickett, Ronald TX 1216 Pierce, Lewis MI 1086 Pietrofesa, Paul MA 1463 Ping, Jinde CA 2069 Pinili, Keiran Mark CA 2074 Pinili, Kenneth CO 1392 Pinzon, Carlos NY 1203 Pios, Gene CA 1500 Pisanu, Ricky OH 639 Pitrof, Jeff CA 2540 Piyadasa, Thilina IL 1194 Pjesky, Shawn CT 694 Plassman, Carl IL 1841 Plunkett, Michael MN 2130 Podvin, Joe PA 1778 Polishuk, Leonid FL 1451 Pollard, Kevin MD 1559 Polumuri, Swamykumar OH 1810 Pon, Karen TX 1875 Ponchai, Arnon CA 1048 Pong, Johnny CA 1531 Poon, Jerome AZ 1599 Porter, Paul CA 1372 Portillo, Christopher AZ 1973 Potaychuk, Simen CA 214 Potdar, Yash MN 1649 Poteryakhin, Victor GA 1614 Pourmehr, Darien GA 1218 Pourmehr, Fred(Faramarz) GA 1173 Pourmehr, Kathy WA 1835 Pouv, Sophal AR 1329 Pratt, Jeff MO 2300 Preiss, Austin CA 732 Prescott, Jane FL 1439 Preston, Dave NY 2148 Preston, Desmond TX 1352 Prewitt, Gary TX 1369 Prewitt, Tim MI 1539 Priestley, Robert PA 531 Primus, Caesar TX 1029 Prindle, Cynthia TX 767 Printz, Jesse TX 75 Pritchard, Hannah TX 1168 Pritchard, Scott MI 1334 Pronk, Adriaan MA 1949 Protsch, Florian VA 1898 Pruce, Alan NH 1465 Pryce, Doug CA 2007 Puchulutegui, Jorge UT 1490 Pugmire, Matt MD 1366 Puls, Chris CA 2088 Puri, Sahil TX 1786 Purohit, Shilpi AL 1709 Putman, Barry James UT 1234 Qi, Alexander AZ 482 Qi, Richard AZ 1055 Qin, Jonathan MD 2090 Qu, Anthony FL 767 Qu, Eric NJ 1475 Quarshie, Kenneth FL 1810 Quiala, Everth CA 1240 Quon, Harriet IL 1549 Rabjohn, Dusty FL 1537 Rackard, Dennis CO 729 Rackley, Kai WI 1333 Radivojevic, Radoslav MD 1909 Radom, Mark CA 1043 Raghavan, Aneesh CA 1111 Raghavan, Anika NJ 583 Raghavan, Shreeshruthi WI 1508 Raghavendran, Muralikrishnan TX 1958 Rahdar, Behdad


NY 365 Rahman, Habibor MA 642 Rahmani, Mendy NJ 1236 Ramalingam, Bala CA 854 Raman, Atul CA 1761 Ramanath, Munagala CA 2063 Ramappa, Anil CA 816 Ramaswamy, Ashwin NY 331 Ramaswamy, Krishna CA 699 Rambod, Max CA 687 Rambod, Roxana CA 960 Ramesh, Samarth CA 1824 Ramirez, Rafael CT 1497 Randmer, Glen CA 205 Ranii, Cynthia MA 1774 Ranocha, Roman CA 1865 Rao, Rajeev FL 1469 Rapp, Peter WI 1229 Rasmussen, Elroy CA 1312 Rastogi, Mikey TX 1376 Rather, William AL 1974 Ratner, Barry MD 2213 Ratti, Stefano NY 855 Rattu, Mohammad CA 220 Raudebaugh, Bart TX 1888 Rautis, James OH 1685 Ray, Olden MI 243 Ray, Om CA 1282 Raymond, Jim OR 944 Rea, Mark AR 1026 Reddy, Mohan MT 1764 Redekopp, Dallas NM 945 Redman, Jon ID 1691 Reff, Michael MO 1405 Reft, Luke IL 380 Rehmani, Armaan IL 1324 Rehmani, Asif IN 1581 Reid, Ricardo CA 1593 Reiling, Steve IN 1894 Reilly, Austin FL 1354 Reilly, Rick CA 1372 Ren, Evan CA 271 Ren, Joshua TX 1601 Ren, Lei TX 559 Rendon, Oscar NV 2175 Resek, Errol CA 1908 Reyes, Luis SC 1550 Reyla, Monellie June CO 0 Reynard, Kenneth TX 1083 Reynolds, Daniel WI 1621 Reynolds, Jim FL 1425 Reynolds, John VA 576 Rhee, LeAnne VA 1993 Rhee, Samuel GA 1136 Rhodes, Carol OK 776 Rhodes, Dennis MD 1610 Richardson, Luckey IA 1708 Riek, Norman CA 1707 Riel, Cole CA 1041 Riel, Luke FL 1460 Riggs, Ken NY 1459 Rios, Fernando IL 1412 Ritter, Ben FL 1735 Rivera, Edwin FN 1735 Rivera, Melisa FL 1758 Rivero, Carlos NH 1421 Robbins, Bradley NH 821 Robbins, Phil FL 1318 Robbins, William (Bill) NJ 723 Roberge, John FN 1249 Roberto, Cardoso CA 2157 Roberts, David NC 2050 Robertshaw, Gregg FL 1894 Robertson, Zach NY 1792 Rockwell, Sam WI 978 Rode, Ryan AZ 1260 Rodich, Mile MI 1222 Rodrigues, Mel CA 88 Rodriguez, Estevan TX 1273 Rodriquez, Augusto CO 1259 Roemmich, Ryan FL 1726 Rofoogaran, Massood CA 1153 Rogers, Dave IL 1277 Roglin, Daniel TX 1896 Rojas, Irving (Chinoz) CA 271 Rollins, Kenny NJ 1217 Rosales, Justin CA 294 Rose, Greg IL 1092 Rosenbaum, Vladimir NY 1526 Rosenfeld, Daniel PA 1949 Roskos, Ken FL 1043 Ross, Oleg CA 985 Rossman, Herbert OH 1381 Rostankowski, Michael TX 1928 Roufeh, Tahereh (Mahin) 2386 Rousseau-Emond, Vincent

IN 1543 Routt, Terry FL 1990 Rowe, Dwight NH 1551 Roy, Hank FL 1997 Roy, William MI 1796 Roychoudhury, Rohon IL 1371 Rozanski, Andy AZ 478 Ruan, Anthony GA 493 Ruan, Cynthia GA 1425 Ruan, Ethan NV 1967 Rubin, David CA 1474 Rudenko, Anatoly FL 1831 Ruiz, Felipe AZ 1651 Ruiz, Jeff FL 609 Ruiz, Juan FL 702 Ruiz, Mylin IL 1189 Runcie, Trey CA 2171 Ryait, Disney IN 1648 Ryan, Chad CA 1671 Ryan, Douglas TX 2061 Ryberg, Cole TX 2148 Rybka, Anastasiia WA 1418 Ryu, Hyunook GA 2059 Ryu, Songeun FL 1981 Ryvkin, Dmitry VA 1950 Saadat, Seyed MN 1531 Sabas, Joseph IL 1338 Sabau, Emilian MI 957 Sabo, Robert WA 1678 Saekow, Louis CT 1834 Sahar, Adam CA 1577 Sahgal, Aayush CA 1323 Saito, Ayane CA 79 Saju, Meha CA 235 Saju, Neha MD 2143 Sakai, David MD 1754 Sakai, Donna WI 779 Salas-Lieves, Omar NJ 1846 Salay, Mickey CA 2218 Salcido, Alexander WA 1242 Saldin, Miguel TX 1691 Saleem, Shiraz FL 1510 Salib, Peter NH 1264 Salmon, Chip VA 1117 Samirad, Lilas NJ 1616 Samkoff, Rhoda NJ 1611 Sammy, Alexander WI 1999 Sampath, Anand WA 1112 Sampson, Bill CA 702 Sandoval, Arthur WA 1849 Sang, Yoo Pou MD 734 Sanghani, Rohan CA 325 Sankuratri, Ashwin WA 1685 Santana, Carlos TX 0 Santos, Emil FL 1337 Santoyo, Nicholas NY 1542 Sanzotta, Dominic PA 2058 Saperstein, Robert AZ 1544 Saria, Roberto VA 1950 Sawnery, T.J. WA 892 Sayatouic, Renee AZ 1482 Sbarra, Jeremiah MA 947 Scaccia, Lee FL 2002 Scarp, A.J. WA 913 Schaaf, Charles NJ 1977 Schaerer, Kaspar FL 1353 Scheipner, George MI 1505 Schichtel, Robert IL 1166 Schiff, Jeff 1830 Schiller, Lenni MD 1871 Schlager, Gary NY 1469 Schlernitzauer, William CA 2260 Schmidt, Avishy CA 1244 Schmidt, Mike TX 1549 Schmidt, Tilo IN 1755 Schmucker, Philip CT 1774 Schneider, Benjamin OR 1882 Schock, Phil MA 1029 Scholnick, Nathiel CA 1261 Schour, Steve CA 1662 Schrader, Lisa NY 2265 Schuback, Joshua TX 2416 Schwartzberg, Perry WI 1584 Scobey, Paul WI 465 Scobey-Polacheck, Liam CA 1706 Scott, Andre CA 1488 Scott, Larry MI 1363 Scrivano, Daniel(Danny) MI 1312 Scrivano, Joe NV 838 Scudder, Emmanuel NV 1030 Seale, Li-Rong WI 1603 Searles, Duane FL 974 Sebastiani, Rossana CA 1173 Seeman, Jeff IN 2458 Seemiller, Daniel PA 2275 Seemiller, Randy NY 839 Segal, Brian


328 Siripurapu, Abhinav TX 1576 Segesta, Alex CO 1769 Sisselman, Mark TX 1078 Segrest, James TX 1035 Segrest, James Charles CA 548 Situ, Julia MI 870 Situ, Rong CA 1563 Seiple, Kenneth CA 2249 Siu, George HI 1420 Sekona, Lesi WA 1484 Sivaprasad, Abhi HI 1435 Sekona, Toni NY 1041 Skangalis, Anris MA 1730 Seltzer, Tynan WA 1282 Senapati, Kaustabh Ishan PA 2334 Skolnick, Gabriel PA 2315 Skolnick, Micaiah FL 1340 Senko, Hisae CA 1461 Skorodziyevskiy, Kirill VA 1698 Senter, Albert MN 1510 Skowronski, Julia ME 914 Senthilkumar, Varun AL 1948 Skripnik, Ivan NY 633 Seo, Gina OH 1387 Slaback, Steve 1716 Serna, Johan GA 1594 Slater, Charlie MN 1670 Sethi, Shashi FL 2219 Slocombe, Andrew NC 2117 Settle, D.J. KS 1164 Slocum, Terry CA 2320 Shah, Aarsh IL 1006 Slomba, Luke NY 1898 Shah, Ankit IN 1169 Smedstad, Don CO 1536 Shah, Gokal FN 1719 Smirnov, Alexandr NY 1765 Shah, Jigneshkumar NY 471 Smirnov, Daniel NJ 1423 Shah, Maanav NC 1757 Smith, Cameron MD 1673 Shah, Mohit MI 1076 Smith, Diallo GA 1674 Shah, Rajesh OH 1862 Smith, Greg CA 2230 Shahnazari, Erick TX 1565 Smith, James CA 2398 Shahnazari, Robert VA 1206 Smith, Jay CA 1705 Shak, Ray NY 1611 Smith, Kirk WA 1230 Shankar, Alok GA 1662 Smith, Kyle MA 1665 Shao Jun, Chan IL 1353 Smith, Lake NY 2539 Shao, Yu IL 1065 Smith, Ryan CA 932 Shapero, David AR 1378 Smithey, John MA 2358 Shapiro, Vladimir SC 1230 Smothers, Cameron CA 1492 Sharg, Vladimir IL 712 Snarr, Mike BC 1783 Shariati, Mehran TX 455 Snell, Miki MD 2118 Sharifi, Hossein IL 1838 Sharma, Rajeev TX 1045 Snell, Peter NJ 794 Shash, Denish KY 2175 Snider, Nicholas NY 1741 Shaykevich, Yuriy IL 1363 Snigurskaya, Natalia ME 1497 Shea, Richard MN 1826 Snow, Liam MD 1469 Shealy, Garfield PA 1585 Snyder, Andrew WA 808 Shehab, Kareem CA 1834 So, Preston NJ 795 Shelkowitz, Phyllis CA 1500 So, Yiu AR 788 Shelton, Cody IL 1973 Sobota, Sylwester NY 629 Shen, Jimmy CA 1561 Soedjono, Eng CA 2283 Shen, Kevin MD 1423 Sofer, Daniel MA 2002 Sheng, Ben CT 1345 Sokal, Jozef NJ 1549 Sheng, Tan Tsu NY 1432 Soliman, Hasan FL 1442 Sheppard, Thomas IL 2176 Solis, Engelbert NY 1486 Sherwood, Gary WA 1948 Solomon, Christian CA 194 Sheth, Ved CA 1673 Soltero, Angel OH 1343 Shi, Bobo IL 1537 Soltwisch, David CA 1923 Shi, Hao PA 1522 Soltys, Greg GA 2732 Shi, Mingyu IL 1622 Somarapu, Deepak NY 1658 Shi, Xin Ping OH 1145 Sommers, David CA 1841 Shiau, Albert WA 1369 Sonachalam, Sekar CA 838 Shiau, Emily NJ 1824 Song, Andrew TX 1818 Shih, Johnathan NY 63 Song, Daniel TX 1198 Shih, Wen-Shi NY 1838 Song, David CA 1317 Shiju, Tharun GA 922 Song, George OR 2031 Shim, Kern WA 269 Song, Jeffrey CA 601 Shin, John NY 1486 Song, Joanna MD 1425 Shin, Steve TX 1834 Song, Zhenmin MI 1468 Shiono, Koji IL 1389 Soni, Amrit CA 1658 Shiu, Emmanuel AZ 1477 Sooc, Johnny CA 1118 Shivakumar, Kaushik AR 1782 Soora, Siva FL 1578 Shiwa, Felipe WI 1221 Sorensen, Larry CA 2293 Shodhan, Shashin MD 1895 Sotero, Reginald NY 1816 Shortz, Will CA 1844 Soto, Patrick AL 1986 Shrestha, Ujwal NM 1936 Sourou, Simplice OH 899 Shtein, Daniel CT 1930 Spanjol, Isak MA 578 Shuhe, Ma NY 0 Sparkes, Niv WI 1396 Shuler, Greg IN 1268 Speicher, Randy FL 1472 Shultz, Anthony FN 1963 Speier, Sven FL 1658 Shultz, John PA 1571 Spellman, Dennis MN 1951 Shurslep, Alex MN 662 Sperberg, John RI 1301 Shwartz, Ron MI 1154 Speshock, Derrick HI 668 Siapol, Elison CA 1852 Spesick, Tom CA 1798 Sierra, Paul OH 1668 Spetsios, James CA 1510 Sikdar, Amit MO 1272 Spies, Zach CA 1653 Silberman, Allen NY 1643 Spitzer, Robert NC 1008 Silverman, Jules WI 2078 Sranko, Ladislav CA 94 Simha, Aditya CA 1781 Sribhashyam, Sashrik DC 1512 Simkovic, Jozef NJ 322 Srinivas, Abhay FL 1164 Simmons, Joseph HI 847 Stack, Damien FL 939 Simmons, Phillip NV 1844 Stadelman, Ralph HI 471 Simon, Ernie FL 1301 Stahl, Miguel CA 1499 Simon, Richard TX 1805 Standridge, Bryce MN 1542 Simone, Angelo IL 1949 Stastny, Jaroslav WA 799 Sindona, Mike VA 1552 Staylor, John CA 1864 Singer, Stuffy NY 1618 Stein, Berl CA 1616 Singh, Jaideep CA 1765 Steinegger, Rainer TX 1648 Singh, Kiran IL 1892 Stender, Matthias MI 1899 Singh, Vivek MD 1589 Stepanov, Matvey CA 1921 Singhal, Saarthak CA 1162 Stephens, Tim CA 10 Singla, Aman CT 2064 Stephenson, Dennis PA 2011 Sinha, Shay CA 1776 Sterling, Daryl AZ 2123 Sipos, Renata IL 975 Sternfield, Danny MN 446 Sirek, Joshua NC 1010 Still, Sam

CA 1217 Stockhausen, Derrick NY 1513 Stottlar, Gary TN 1291 Strain, Fielder CA 1460 Streng, Andrew NV 1132 Strickland, Marga CT 1737 Studenikin, Artem MN 381 Sturm, Chad CA 1614 Sturtevant, Mike SC 1097 Su, Alex WA 1788 Su, Chad FL 1294 Su, Christian MN 931 Su, Emily FL 2007 Su, Hugo AZ 1460 Suarez, Jose TX 1928 Subonj, Anna TX 1371 Subonj, Christina TX 2470 Subonj, Viktorian WI 1887 Subramanian, Vijay NY 2079 Suen, Edmund CA 914 Suh, Nathanoel WI 473 Suino, Cameron FL 1751 Sujo, Carlos FL 2019 Sujo, Luis IL 473 Sukthankar, Satej CA 1594 Sukul, Bala SC 1815 Sullivan, Rick CA 582 Sun, Brian IL 1939 Sun, David CA 1742 Sun, Dewei (Frank) TX 2048 Sun, Kelvin CA 1381 Sun, Lynn MI 1180 Sun, Mingyi MD 1681 Sun, Patrick NJ 762 Sun, Robert CA 831 Sun, Winnie NC 2106 Sun, Xizi CA 2270 Sun, Zheng Yu FL 1836 Sundel, Martin IL 572 Sundrani, Adam IL 720 Sundrani, Sabreena IL 587 Sundrani, Sean CA 1586 Sung, Jia-Yu CA 1868 Sung, Joanna CA 2093 Sung, Rachel CA 2117 Sung, Shing-Li TX 1261 Suriya, Vijay CA 2151 Surmann, Olaf IA 1466 Susac, Denis OR 1735 Suwito, Wan CA 1856 Suzuki, Chiyako WA 2184 Suzuki, Michiya IN 1522 Swan, Kevin MN 738 Sweeney, Aileen MN 807 Sweeney, Cormac MN 1487 Sweeney, John MN 889 Sweeney, Liam MI 2074 Sweeris, Dell FL 1612 Swift, Ben NH 1339 Swift, William IL 1453 Sypolka, Marek IL 1483 Szacilowski, Tomasz NJ 1709 Sze, Jean IL 1945 Szostak, Krzysztof IL 522 Szot, Tim VT 1083 Szpila, Robert M. IL 1720 Szpringiel, Krzysztof IL 1050 Szymanski, Mark CA 512 Tabibian, Farkhondeh NY 907 Takamatsu, Hajime MA 1254 Takeda, Yuji CA 2186 Takemura, Hiromasa CA 1360 Talluri, Karthik CA 2059 Tam, Tony CA 249 Tam, Vincent CA 1075 Tamaki, Mie CA 1851 Tan, Angie NY 795 Tan, Christopher TX 1917 Tan, Jackson MA 1171 Tan, Jerry MA 994 Tan, Steven UT 1225 Tan, Tammie MA 1834 Tan, Xiaofeng CA 239 Tandon, Anushkar CA 2076 Tang, Alan NV 1517 Tang, Allan PA 1817 Tang, Haine NY 112 Tang, Joseph NJ 1848 Tang, Suyan MD 2297 Tangyingyong, Sutanit OH 2248 Tannehill, John CA 1734 Tantravahi, Pranav WA 2109 Tao, Wucheng NJ 1750 Tao, Xin CA 1263 Tarasov, Vladimir NY 707 Tatar, Ben FL 1706 Tatti Gopah, Deepak

NJ 723 Tatum, Tai WI 1187 Taxman, Royal IL 1250 Taylor, Dan OK 633 Taylor, Jason FL 1693 Tedesco, Trent NY 1811 Teitel, Gideon CA 617 Teli, Vishal MN 754 Tembe, Akash OR 1556 Teodorescu, George GA 1910 Teotia, Seemant MO 1536 Terzic, Marko MO 1689 Terzic, Nikola CA 1470 Thai, Quyen CA 1192 Thakkar, Neel PA 1624 Theil, Martin NC 1680 Thigpen, Rick CA 768 Thio, Ethan IL 516 Thobani, Aiman IL 597 Thobani, Namir LA 1261 Thompson, Levi TX 1084 Thorn, Kristen OH 1116 Thornton, Jon CA 2283 Thounaojam, Opendro Singh CA 1379 Thrasher, Steven CA 1262 Thu, Aung MO 1569 Tian, He CA 1968 Tien, Kenny AL 1505 Tillery, Glenn WA 2239 Timsuwan, Sakda CA 2047 Tio, Fredrick CA 2285 Tio, Nicholas OH 1907 Tith, Kosal FL 1400 Tittel, Timothy OH 1207 Tiu, Adam OH 1159 Tobias, Zack CA 792 Tockgo, David UT 2047 Todd, William CA 1291 Tokuhara, Burt IN 1291 Tolen, Robert VT 1356 Tomas, Marijan NY 2084 Tomazos, Eleftherios TX 1583 Tomescu, Nicolae (Nick) FL 2328 Tomlinson, Simon PA 1566 Ton, Win CA 2229 Tong, Howard CA 1114 Tong, Kwan Ed CA 1534 Tong, Teddy TX 2104 Torres Zevallos, Roberto CA 2157 Torres, German MI 2059 Toth, Bence OH 954 Toth, John FL 935 Tran, Brandon NY 2375 Tran, De CA 2011 Tran, Erica MN 1625 Tran, Hoang CA 2021 Tran, Joe MD 2012 Tran, Joshua MD 1649 Tran, Khai IL 983 Tran, Lawrence CA 1480 Tran, Long MN 2333 Tran, Michael TX 2137 Tran, Minh NC 1764 Tran, Sabrina FL 1224 Tran, Thinh CA 1087 Tran, Thomas CA 987 Treigherman, Daniel CA 1347 Treigherman, Philip NH 1617 Treitel, Robert CA 639 Trestman, Grogoriy NY 1750 Trinidad, Marcos CA 1448 Tripathi, Anoop AR 1420 Tripodi, Alex AR 232 Tripodi, Hannah NY 1234 Tripp, Brian CT 2021 Triumph, Clyde NJ 1732 Trofimov, Michael MN 2161 Truelson, Thor NY 1867 Truong, Cuong (Philip) TX 1404 Truong, Quoc Huy MN 1829 Truong, Tuan CT 1620 Trusiewicz, Mike NY 1147 Tryon, Dave NY 798 Tsai, Jeffrey TX 1692 Tsai, Joey TX 1778 Tsang, Boris TX 1828 Tsang, Brian GA 1112 Tsaur, Ethan CA 1733 Tse, Anika CA 51 Tseng, Jared NY 2023 Tsitoghdzyan, Tigran CA 1672 Tsung, Julian CA 2040 Tsvor, Sergey CA 254 Tu, Cindy CA 1962 Tu, Edmond OH 1574 Tu, Jinbiao CA 1025 Tu, Joseph

WA 1453 Tu, Lucy CA 1499 Tu, Norman CA 235 Tummala, Praneeth CA 107 Tummala, Taran CA 1418 Tun, Tun CA 2039 Tung, Evan CA 644 Tung, Faith TX 999 Turpin, William TX 1433 Tyrell, Ryan IL 1437 Tysl, Robert PA 1807 Ubry, Ralph CA 2074 Ukapatayasakul, Bill AR 1890 Umebayashi, Tetsuro CA 2322 Umel, David TX 1712 Uniyal, Vendag TX 753 Uniyal, Vivikt CA 772 Uritskiy, Nick GA 1152 Usdan, William CA 1248 Utpat, Sharv VA 1737 Vaddadi, Naveen CA 1183 Vaden, Michael CA 1862 Valdoria, Rodel FN 1683 Valeeva, Renata MA 348 Vallabh, Amit CA 1129 Vallabhapurapu, Mohan FL 1511 Valliant, Frank FL 1827 Van Brussel, Avery MI 1366 Van Camp, Robert MD 1550 Van Dusen, Philip FL 831 Van Haverbeke, Neal VA 1676 Van Name, Jonathan NC 1376 Van Nynatten, Fred WA 944 Van Steen, Alex OH 847 Vanderhoff, Peter IL 1914 Vanegas, Jorge OR 1538 VanSlyke, Bob GA 2098 VanWagner, Corey WI 1730 Vartani, Henry IL 1751 Vasilev, Veselin CO 1581 Vasquez, Antonio IN 1585 Vasu, Viresh CA 1658 Vattuone, Richard VA 1558 Vaturi, Sharon CA 1070 Vaughan, Doug SC 1801 Veach, Clinton NY 1461 Vega, Alberto TX 1253 Vega, Oscar LA 1062 Veizer, Keith MA 1305 Vekhov, Yegor NY 273 Velez, George IL 1924 Veljkovic, Sasha MN 1047 Velumani, Senthil TX 1227 Venkat, Ramamoorthy CA 1636 Venkataraman, Shivakumar OH 1358 Ventura, Pete NY 1317 Vera, Eddy NY 2172 Vergara, Mauricio IL 1368 Verma, Vishesh OH 1646 Vermaji, Piyush CA 848 Verny, Allen OH 2044 Vesel, Richard FL 1712 Vieira, Michael WI 1112 Vievesis, Zigmas CA 957 Vijay, Kumar CA 1771 Villacarlos, Paul IL 1933 Villanueva, Marc FL 1642 Villorente, Kirkfred CO 1128 Vincioni, Ray CT 2136 Virgo, Ernest VT 1602 Vitzthum, Tom MN 1555 Vn, Dat Tien CA 863 Vo, Brian CA 1307 Vo, Loc CT 1470 Vogt, Dan CO 1955 Vollmar, David CA 1316 Von Allmen, Tom WA 1755 Voronin, Alex CA 980 Voros, Magdolna FL 1756 Vrahotes, Mark NJ 204 Vu, Alex CA 1381 Vu, Howard NC 1964 Vu, Van FL 1798 Wada, Satoko MD 438 Wade, Shannon WA 1447 Wakabayashi, Kei NY 1683 Wald, Aaron FL 1151 Wald, Adam PA 1605 Walk, Bill PA 2200 Walk, Michael CT 1430 Walker, Dennis TN 1539 Walker, John Edd TN 962 Walker, Mary NY 1117 Wallace, Kevin NY 1029 Walzer-Goldfeld, Jules NY 671 Walzer-Goldfeld, Stefan NY 1701 Wan, Clemens

NJ 2436 Wang, Allen CA 273 Wang, Alton NJ 2366 Wang, Amy WA 2498 Wang, Bo TX 875 Wang, Brandon TX 1267 Wang, Ching MD 2384 Wang, Crystal GA 1939 Wang, David GA 1520 Wang, Eric CA 1090 Wang, Ethan PA 1115 Wang, Evan OR 426 Wang, Franklin IL 1930 Wang, George GA 923 Wang, Grace WA 1344 Wang, Haohan MA 824 Wang, Ian NJ 2478 Wang, Jack GA 2204 Wang, James TX 1578 Wang, Jessica IN 1661 Wang, Kan MI 917 Wang, Kenneth AZ 476 Wang, Kerwin NY 1641 Wang, Li OH 1050 Wang, Lin OR 2297 Wang, Maoxi George NY 2498 Wang, Max Qinmin NJ 2240 Wang, Mendy (Ke) CA 161 Wang, Michael TX 934 Wang, Neo NV 1539 Wang, Odo TX 1010 Wang, Percy CT 1211 Wang, Qiang MD 2558 Wang, Qing Liang NJ 2022 Wang, Ray TX 1620 Wang, Robert CA 2644 Wang, Rui CA 77 Wang, Ryan TX 1093 Wang, Sean CA 727 Wang, Shoujin TX 2461 Wang, Shuai TX 2648 Wang, Timothy NY 690 Wang, Warren NY 473 Wang, Wesley PA 1515 Wang, Yidi CA 2375 Wang, Ying IL 1130 Wang, Yun AZ 842 Wang, YuQin CA 1802 Wang, Zezheng TX 2212 Wang, Zhe CA 1978 Wang, Zili NY 650 Wareham, John CA 1187 Wasserman, Si FL 1334 Watanabe, Makiko MD 1992 Waters, Julian CA 1365 Watkin, Roger OK 1307 Watson, Logan AL 1331 Watts, Edward PA 1175 Waugaman, Daniel IL 770 Wazir, Ammar CA 695 Webb, David VA 1806 Weber, Ronald OH 770 Weghorst, Carson CA 280 Wei, Emma MA 1807 Wei, George VA 816 Wei, Jerry MI 1548 Wei, Tom GA 2127 Wei, Tong MI 360 Wei, Tyler NY 2355 Wei, Wilson WI 1490 Weiland, Brian WI 2056 Weiland, Jim CA 1753 Weinstein, Saul NV 1005 Weissman, Alan AZ 1412 Welsh, Robert MD 952 Wentz, Michael MN 2019 Weyessa, Nemera IN 1615 Whiteman, Bryan NC 2269 Whitmeyer, Michael OH 795 Whittier, Todd TX 1575 Wickham, Jonathan CO 1330 Wilcox, Yoko WA 1161 Wilder, Donna CA 1038 Wilford, Ryan OH 1412 Wilke, Michael LA 1554 Wilkins, Chad MN 992 Wilkinson, Stan NY 1922 Williams, Carlos VA 1675 Williams, Charles OH 1055 Williams, Kristopher TX 1127 Williams, Loren VA 1370 Willis, Jonathan MD 1739 Willis, Reginald IN 1288 Willitts, Jim FN 2289 Wilson, Aaron GA 1586 Wilson, Blair AB 2116 Wilson, Desmond MO 1977 Wilson, Everton

TN 1902 Wilson, Reggie HI 519 Winkler, Debbie AZ 2229 Winkler, Matthew CA 1696 Winton, Jeremy CA 1017 Witkowski, Walter AR 798 Wolf, Paul WA 1821 Wolfe, Wes FL 1280 Wolfe, Zack IL 2075 Wolski, Dariusz IL 2122 Wolski, Michael IL 2358 Wolski, Wojciech CA 794 Wong, Albert MN 845 Wong, Alec CA 968 Wong, Daniel CA 1185 Wong, David CA 1235 Wong, Henry CA 127 Wong, Isaac NY 1343 Wong, Jon CA 2113 Wong, Jordan KS 1671 Wong, Kin Ho NY 1045 Wong, Michael 1648 Wong, Qing TX 709 Wong, Sylvia CA 2103 Wong, Wai IL 857 Woo, Bradley NY 2292 Woo, Phillip MD 1747 Wood, Klaus CA 1520 Woodall, Dustin HI 1541 Woollard, Timothy WV 1318 Workman, Gretchen MN 528 Wrazidlo, Dawson GA 855 Wright, Tyler WI 1823 Wruck, Douglas AK 1556 Wruck, Wade OH 1702 Wu, Alan CA 274 Wu, Aleck CA 1443 Wu, Alexander TX 2049 Wu, Bryan FL 701 Wu, Daniel MD 508 Wu, Emily CA 2383 Wu, Erica CA 1041 Wu, Isaac FN 2202 Wu, Long OH 904 Wu, Meileen NJ 507 Wu, Michael WA 1826 Wu, Mingrui NY 1951 Wu, Nathan CA 1308 Wu, Peter CA 432 Wu, Ryan CA 861 Wu, Sophie NY 2423 Wu, Tinglei CA 539 Wu, William PA 1206 Wu, Xiao Kang CA 2030 Wu, Youruo VA 1620 Wung, Henry VA 1697 Wung, William CA 878 Xian, Alan CA 374 Xian, Jason CA 1850 Xianyu, Hui NC 1427 Xiao, Charles NC 1716 Xiao, Chris PA 2179 Xiao, Claire CA 1862 Xiao, Cong CA 2161 Xiao, Jeff MS 2341 Xiao, Junyu IL 2203 Xiao, Yueming CA 360 Xie, Alex CA 666 Xie, Edmond GA 1647 Xie, Eric MD 1797 Xie, Frank Yingze CA 2130 Xie, Tian TX 2173 Xie, Tianming NY 1447 Xiong, Charles NY 1648 Xiong, Lily MD 992 Xu, Callie AZ 1704 Xu, Fang CA 743 Xu, Geoffrey NC 2095 Xu, Jason NY 1814 Xu, Jiadong CA 1143 Xu, Kevin MD 600 Xu, Zhiheng OR 1681 Xu, Zhongkai (John) OH 1458 Xue, Yi Yan IL 2060 Xue, Yong Jian NJ 977 Yakura, Ken NY 600 Yammie, Adam OR 1529 Yan, Peng MD 1130 Yan, Telon MD 1069 Yang, Alexander CA 884 Yang, Ben NY 1552 Yang, Chang VA 1732 Yang, Daniel CA 603 Yang, David CA 1900 Yang, Derek CA 446 Yang, Emily UT 1437 Yang, Emily CA 2251 Yang, Grace

TX 2317 Yang, James Eddie CA 293 Yang, Justin CA 280 Yang, Kevin MD 939 Yang, Kevin NY 1878 Yang, Len WI 2153 Yang, Peter Jie CA 1835 Yang, Rachel MD 873 Yang, Raymond FN 2448 Yang, Song Wei FL 1502 Yang, Steven NJ 563 Yang, Victor CA 1872 Yang, Xiankun NJ 2661 Yang, XinYang FN 1937 Yang, Zhiqiong NY 1640 Yanga, Dennis HI 1632 Yano, Yuki CA 1272 Yao, Anthony NJ 1986 Yao, Kaelan CA 1450 Yao, Maxwell MA 1670 Yashgul, Gregory MN 2024 Ye, Cheng WA 1180 Ye, David WA 887 Ye, Sophie CA 991 Yee, Jeffrey AZ 1142 Yee, Tim CA 652 Yeh, Andy CA 764 Yeh, Max MD 2223 Yeh, Stephen NY 1112 Yen, James MI 1972 Yeotis, Dean CA 1399 Yepremian, Garo CA 1221 Yin, Emilie AL 1721 Yin, Xinhua NY 1888 Ying, Yun CA 1056 Yip, Danny NJ 2385 Yip, Lily IN 1079 Yoder, James L. IL 1255 Yoder, Matthew NJ 138 Yoon, Brian IL 2082 Yoon, Joseph NC 1473 Yorgason, Ronald CA 1011 Yossunthorn, Suvicha OH 2134 Yost, Thomas HI 1364 You, Narin HI 1342 Young, Daniel NY 1613 Young, Donald FN 2459 Yu, Di NJ 2055 Yu, Frank UT 1866 Yu, Jordan CA 1676 Yu, Kent CA 1655 Yu, Kevin NJ 2062 Yu, Kyle NC 1824 Yu, Ming CA 1999 Yu, Nelson PA 1865 Yu, Normen NY 1804 Yu, Peter CA 1838 Yu, Ronald CA 1694 Yu, Tongtong CA 1733 Yu, Tony NY 821 Yu, William TX 2410 Yu, Yang MN 1197 Yu, Zeling MD 845 Yuan, Emily MD 460 Yuan, Katie CA 1869 Yuen, Alex CA 1915 Yuen, Kevin NY 1881 Yuen, Roger Chang MI 1352 Zachos, Robert OH 1597 Zadrozny, Edward AR 1281 Zaldivar, Fernando IL 1419 Zaman, Mohammed IL 672 Zaman, Mohammed CA 1724 Zandpour, Frank MD 1264 Zangwill, Michael CA 160 Zarehbin, Aziz CA 1365 Zarehbin, Kai IL 1297 Zarycki, Stanislaw TX 2065 Zavala, Irving NY 1264 Zeitlin, Inga CA 1783 Zelener, Alexander FL 1730 Zeller, Carlos NY 1833 Zemaitis, Dustin NC 917 Zeng, Andrew UT 1012 Zeng, Megan MD 1073 Zeng, Ruoheng TX 2351 Zhai, Hao CA 1631 Zhan, Kanghong VA 905 Zhan, Richard CA 1251 Zhang, Albert CA 1698 Zhang, Alex MA 1711 Zhang, Angela WA 2360 Zhang, Bijia VA 1496 Zhang, Bowen MA 1706 Zhang, Gordon CA 1424 Zhang, Henrik WI 1770 Zhang, Jason KS 1601 Zhang, Jim

FN 2423 Zhang, Jun Da (James) NY 2668 Zhang, Kai NJ 182 Zhang, Karen NJ 646 Zhang, Kevin TX 1501 Zhang, Lihao (Jasper) CA 2483 Zhang, Lily TX 1793 Zhang, Lipeng NJ 1562 Zhang, Michael CA 1902 Zhang, Shengzhe CA 1088 Zhang, Siming CA 1377 Zhang, Stacey WA 1644 Zhang, Wei TX 922 Zhang, William CA 2711 Zhang, Xiang MO 2164 Zhang, Xiaoming CA 615 Zhang, Xiayang (Ray) TX 2508 Zhang, Yahao MS 2570 Zhang, Yi Chi NY 921 Zhang, Ying PA 1367 Zhang, Yumeng NJ 582 Zhao, Allison TX 1692 Zhao, Brian MA 1049 Zhao, Eric CA 1095 Zhao, Franz CA 2027 Zhao, Hang NJ 812 Zhao, Jasmine TX 777 Zhao, Jospeh TX 420 Zhao, Katie GA 1387 Zhao, Kevin WA 2132 Zhao, Michael TX 1672 Zhao, Michael IL 1274 Zhao, Moshi WA 1941 Zhao, Wei TX 782 Zhao, Wenhui NJ 2559 Zhao, XinXu(Anthony) WA 1090 Zhao, Ying CA 163 Zheng, Ivan CA 2548 Zheng, Jiaqi CA 721 Zheng, Leo MA 1904 Zheng, Liansheng (Eric) NH 1652 Zheng, Wei NH 1551 Zheng, Yifei LA 1490 Zhong, Chaozong CA 78 Zhong, Warren NJ 2520 Zhong, Zongqi (Henry) CA 1918 Zhou, Dong Yong MD 1652 Zhou, Lijun IL 1423 Zhou, Rachel IL 1505 Zhou, Sarah TX 1412 Zhou, Yi NY 1952 Zhou, Zhenmo CA 319 Zhu, Cindy WA 1292 Zhu, Eric NJ 901 Zhu, Franklin GA 1562 Zhu, Sabrina PA 1963 Zhu, Shaobo CA 1758 Zhu, Sui Ning MN 1996 Zhu, Xiaohaun NY 237 Zhu, Xiaoyu NJ 2629 Zhuang, David CA 2088 Zhuang, Jian CA 1016 Zhui, Zachary TX 1392 Zhumagaliyev, Arman CA 802 Zhuo, Helena PA 700 Zielinski, Eva MA 895 Ziolek, Bruno CA 1153 Ziyalan, Christopher CT 1199 Zoltanski, Jaroslaw WI 1567 Zonoozi, Jamshid CA 179 Zou, Joseph WA 1437 Zubarev, Yakov TX 1002 Zucker, Ben AR 1397 Zumbach, Simon WV 1454 Zuniga, Royce CO 1485 Zwisler, Ross IL 2086 Zyworonek, Arkadiusz

FALL Issue/Oct 2014 • usatt.org/MAGAZINE


October 12, 2014 - October 19, 2014, ITTF LEVEL 3 COACHES COURSE, Coaching Course, ITTF, Colorado Springs, Colorado

November 01, 2014, 2ND BUTTERFLY AUSTIN FALL CLASSIC ROUND ROBIN TOURNAMENT, 2 Star, Austin, Texas Up to $3,000 in Cash and Prizes

October 12, 2014, NYISC OCTOBER 2014 OPEN, 2 Star College Point, New York, $675 in Cash and Prizes!

November 01, 2014, PRINCETON PONG 2014 NOVEMBER OPEN, 2 Star, Princeton Junction , New Jersey, $1,000 in Prizes!

October 17, 2014 - October 18, 2014, LOUISIANA OPEN, 2 Star New Orleans, Louisiana, $1,600 in Cash and Prizes!

November 01, 2014 - November 02, 2014, 2014 STIGA PORTLAND OPEN, 2 Star, Beaverton, Oregon, $4,400 in Cash and Prizes!

October 18, 2014 - October 19, 2014, NJTTC 2014 OCTOBER OPEN, 2 Star, Westfield , New Jersey, $990 in Cash and Prizes!

November 01, 2014, ATLANTA OPEN GIANT ROUND ROBIN 1 Star, Norcross, Georgia, $650 in Cash and Prizes!

October 18, 2014 - October 19, 2014, 2014 BUTTERFLY MDTTC OCTOBER OPEN, 2 Star, Gaithersburg, Maryland, $1,585 in Prizes!

November 02, 2014, GHTTC NOVEMBER 2014 OPEN, 2 Star Hartford, Connecticut, $975 in Cash and Prizes!

October 18, 2014 - October 19, 2014, 2014 MILLCREEK OPEN 2 Star, Erie, Pennsylvania, $1,001-$3,000 in Cash and Prizes!

November 02, 2014, NYITTC NOVEMBER 2014 OPEN, 2 Star Flushing, New York, $400 in Total Prize Money!

October 18, 2014, QUEEN CITY OF THE OZARKS OPEN, 2 Star Springfield, Missouri, $401-$1,000 in Cash and Prizes!

November 06, 2014 - November 10, 2014, ARGENTINA OPEN ITTF PARA TOURNAMENT - TANGO CUP XI 2014, (Call Andy at 719-866-4583 ext. 5)

October 18, 2014 - October 19, 2014, ROBOPONG OCTOBER 2014 BTTC OPEN, 3 Star, Broward, Florida, $500 in Prizes!

November 07, 2014 - November 09, 2014, 2014 HAWAII ISLAND OPEN, 1 Star, Hilo, Hawaii, $400 in Cash and Prizes!

October 18, 2014 - October 19, 2014, 2014 DR HSU OPEN TOURNAMENT, 2 Star, El Monte, California, $3,000 in Cash and Prizes!

November 08, 2014 - November 09, 2014, NJTTC 2014 NOVEMBER OPEN, 2 Star, Westfield , New Jersey, $990 in Cash and Prizes!

October 18, 2014, CHAMPAIGN FALL OPEN GIANT ROUND ROBIN SPONSORED BY BUTTERFLY, 2 Star, Champaign, Illinois, $1,025 in Cash and Prizes

November 08, 2014, CLEARWATER FALL OPEN, 1 Star, Clearwater, Florida, $525 in Cash and Prizes!

October 19, 2014 - October 21, 2014, 2014 10K NORTH CAROLINA OPEN, 4 Star, Morrisville, North Carolina, $10,000 in Prizes October 24, 2014 - October 25, 2014, FLORIDA ORANGE BLOSSOM TABLE TENNIS SERIES FALL CLASSIC OPEN 2014, 2 Star, Lakeland, Florida, $1,001-$3,000 in prizes! October 25, 2014 - October 26, 2014, ZAMAN TTC OPEN, 2 Star Westminster, California, $800 in Cash and Prizes!

November 08, 2014, LATTA OPEN NOVEMBER 2014, 1 Star El Monte, California, $675 in Cash and Prizes! November 08, 2014, 2014 DFWTT FALL OPEN, 2 Star, Dallas, Texas, $995 in Cash and Prizes! November 15, 2014 - November 16, 2014, POTOMAC 2014 FALL OPEN, 2 Star, Potomac, Maryland, Potomac Country TT Club

October 25, 2014, TEXAS WESLEYAN OPEN, 2 Star Fort Worth, Texas, Up to $1,000 in Cash and Prizes!

November 15, 2014 - November 16, 2014, TROLLEY CAR TABLE TENNIS CLUB NOVEMBER OPEN, Para Event 2 Star, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, $960 in Cash and Prizes!

October 25, 2014 - October 26, 2014, SOUTH SHORE SPORTS BUTTERFLY OPEN, 4 Star, Highland, Indiana, $8,910 in Prizes!

November 15, 2014, FLORIDA STATE CLOSED, 2 Star, Orlando, Florida, $940 in Cash and Prizes!

October 25, 2014, SANTA FE OPEN, 0 Star, Santa Fe, New Mexico, $400 in Cash and Prizes!, Santa Fe Table Tennis Club

November 15, 2014 - November 16, 2014, 21ST FIT OPEN, 2 Star New York, New York, $2,950 in prize money!

October 25, 2014 - October 26, 2014, WESTCHESTER 2014 OCTOBER OPEN, 4 Star, Pleasantville, New York, $7,000 in Prizes! October 25, 2014, 1ST ANNUAL WARREN WETZLER PUMPKIN PATCH TEAMS TOURNAMENT, 2 Star, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, $1,001 in Cash and Prizes!

November 15, 2014, GVTTC GIANT ROUND ROBIN, 2 Star Rochester, New York, $435 in Cash and Prizes! November 16, 2014, NW LA OPEN, 1 Star, Para Event, Canoga Park, California

October 25, 2014 - October 26, 2014, 2014 BTTC FALL OPEN 0 Star, Bellevue, Washington, $400 in Cash and Prizes!

November 22, 2014, JOSEPH BAE OPEN, 2 Star, Santa Ana, California, $875 in Cash and Prizes!

October 26, 2014, CONCORD CUP YOUTH OPEN, 0 Star Pleasant Hill, California, Concord Table Tennis Club

November 22, 2014, 2014 FALL OPEN, 2 Star, El Paso, Texas $400 in cash and prizes!

November 01, 2014, HCTT CIRCUIT TOURNAMENT, 0 Star Columbia, Maryland, $400 in Cash and Prizes!

November 22, 2014 - November 23, 2014, WESTCHESTER 2014 NOVEMBER OPEN, 4 Star, Pleasantville, New York $5,000 in Cash and Prizes!, Westchester Table Tennis Center





November 22, 2014, TEXAS WESLEYAN OPEN, 2 Star Fort Worth, Texas, Up to $1,000 in Cash and Prizes!

December 06, 2014 - December 07, 2014, LYTTC DECEMBER OPEN, 2 Star, Dunellen, New Jersey, $1,245 in prize money!

November 22, 2014 - November 23, 2014, ROBO PONG NOVEMBER 2014 BTTC OPEN, 3 Star, Broward, Florida, $1,000 in Prizes!

December 06, 2014 - December 07, 2014, VALLEY OF THE SUN OPEN, 1 Star, Phoenix, Arizona, Phoenix Table Tennis Club

November 28, 2014 - November 30, 2014, 2014 JOOLA NORTH AMERICAN TEAMS OPEN TT CHAMPIONSHIPS, 4 Star National Harbor, Maryland

December 13, 2014 - December 14, 2014, NJTTC 2014 DECEMBER OPEN, 2 Star, Westfield , New Jersey, $990 in Prizes!

November 28, 2014 - November 30, 2014, BUTTERFLY THANKSGIVING TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS, 4 Star Crownpoint, Indiana, Up to $3,000 in Cash and Prizes! November 28, 2014 - November 30, 2014, 2014 WEST COAST THANKSGIVING TEAMS OPEN, 2 Star, Fremont, California $1,500 in Cash and Prizes! December 05, 2014 - December 07, 2014, ICC CALIFORNIA STATE OPEN, 3 Star, Para Event, Milpitas, California $3,000-$6,000 in Cash and Prizes, ICC Table Tennis

December 06, 2014 - December 07, 2014, ZAMAN TTC OPEN 2 Star, Westminster, California, $800 in Cash and Prizes!


December 13, 2014 - December 14, 2014, MT ARARAT 2014 2 Star, Glendale, California, Ararat TT, $2,000 in Cash and Prizes! December 15, 2014, THE PRE US NATIONALS 0 STAR OPEN GIANT ROUND ROBIN, 0 Star, Henderson, Nevada, $250 in Prizes 2014 US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, 5 Star, Para December 16, 2014 December 20, 2014 Classification, Para-Event, USATT Meeting, National Team,

Las Vegas, Nevada, Printed and On-line Entry and Tournament Info posted!

December 18, 2014 - December 22, 2014, COSTA RICA OPEN ITTF PARA TOURNAMENT - COPA COSTA RICA, ITTF, Para Event, San Jose, Costa Rica (Call Andy at 719-866-4583 Ext. 5)

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Announcing the 2014 Hall of Fame Honorees Tawny Banh

Lisa Gee



Donna Sakai (Mark Matthews Lifetime Achievement Award)

Shelia O’Dougherty (player)



Dick Butler (contributor)

2014 Hall of Fame Banquet


The U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Fame Board of Directors is pleased to announce the names of those to be honored this year at the annual induction banquet during the U.S. National Championships: Tawny Banh, Lisa Gee, and Shelia O’Dougherty (players), and Dick Butler (contributor), and Donna Sakai as recipient of the Mark Matthews Lifetime Achievement Award. This event will take place Thursday evening, December 18, 2014 in the Westgate Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Tickets ($50 ck payable to U.S.T.T. Hall of Fame) may be purchased in advance by mail from Dick Evans, 2402 Jacox Rd, Hillsboro, WV 23946. Thursday, December 18 at the Westgate Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

FALL Issue/Oct 2014 • usatt.org/MAGAZINE


A Visit from St. Timothy by Larry Hodges As readers here know, Tim Boggan moved in with me recently so I could do the page layouts and photo work on his latest History of U.S. Table Tennis book - this is Volume 15! He's been writing and publishing these books for about 15 years, moving in with me about once a year for 10-14 days. We expect to finish the current one by the end of next week. (We've done the covers and have finished seven of the 25 chapters.) You can learn more about these books (and buy them!) at Tim Boggan Table Tennis, which I created and maintain for him. Tim Boggan, 84, is a Larry: “I didn’t know member of the U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Fame. His two you were a devout sons, Eric and Scott Boggan, Muslim.” both were USA Men's Singles Tim: “I’m not!” Champions and are members of the USATT Hall of Fame. Larry: “Then why are I’m a HOF member also. Eric you writing about a was top 20 in the world. The first thing to know ‘South Koran’?” about Tim is that he keeps (He had me change it to strange hours. He goes to bed around 7:30 PM each night, “South Korean.”) and gets up around 3:00 AM. This means he's impatiently waiting for me to get started each morning. While he's here I do the bulk of my blog entries the night before, but in the mornings before we start I still have to get any new table tennis items, and put it up. Typically we start work by 6:30AM. Except for a 30-minute lunch break, we work until 2:30 PM. That's when I have to leave Mon-Fri to pick up kids for our afterschool program, which lasts until 4:30 PM. I usually then have group or private coaching for several more hours, so I don't get home until sometime between 7:30 Larry: “Is that and 9:00 PM - and Tim's already a ‘yes’ yes, or an in bed. So I do my blog, catch up on other work, read a bit, and go to ‘I’m not paying bed. (Tim sleeps on the sofa in my attention’ yes?” office.) Then I get up by 5:30 AM and we start over. (On weekends it'll be even busier.) This is how we actually do the work. I work on my desktop computer with Tim sitting next to me, looking over my shoulder. He comes prepared, with printouts of each chapter, and notes on where each picture goes. We move through the chapters one photo at a time. Since the books typically are about 500 pages with 900 photos, it's a huge job. We're greatly helped by still another U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Famer, Mal Anderson, photographer extraordinaire. Over half of the photos used are by him. Tim: “Die Lily!” He also helps by scanning the large majority of photos we'll (Okay, he wasn’t use in advance. When it's threatening U.S. time to put in a photo (~900 National Coach Lily times per volume), as Tim Yip; he was referring watches over my shoulder I open the photo, clean it up in to photos of Dai Photoshop, and then place it where Tim needs it. Then he Lili, former Chinese gives me the caption and the champion.) "photo by" credit, and I put 66


Larry: “Photo by?” Tim: “Nobody.” Larry: “Three . . . two . . . one . . .” Tim: “Sorry, photo by Mal Anderson.”

them in. Then we continue. As we move through each chapter I do the page layouts, make sure everything lines up, etc. Since many of the scans are from newsprint or from old, beaten-up or vintage photos, I spend a lot of time cleaning up the photos in Photoshop. I'm sort of an expert at that, from my 12 Larry: “Does years as editor of USA Table Tennis that picture add Magazine. But Tim is pretty picky about one thing - he's constantly to the book?” scanning the backgrounds of pictures, Tim: “No. Put it and always wants them cleaned up. in anyway.” If there's someone standing in the background that detracts from the person featured Larry: “Given the in the photo . . . well, I try choice between doing not to get too emotionally attached to that person. it right or doing it He often mysteriously your way, what do you disappears. I also spend a lot of time removing blemishes want to do?”

from backgrounds. If there's a pixel Larry: “While that shouldn't be there, Tim will find I’m changing it and indignantly demand that the these historically guilty pixel be removed. When the volume is done, I do a accurate pictures lot of pre-press work, getting it into proper PDF format for the printer. by changing I also create the files so we can put them for you, it up for sale on Amazon. Then I should I fix up put together the ads for the newest their technique as volume. Then I sleep for a week. Some of the side effects off all this well?” work? Let's just say I usually do not have Mountain Dew at 7AM. (I normally restrict my soft drinks to one 7.5 oz can per day, Tim: “Something but I'm a bit lax on that during Tim's stays.) But wrong here.” (Said on the days that I get back approximately every five early from coaching (only twice a week it looks like) minutes.) he treats me to extravagant Larry: “Are we meals at nice restaurants. done yet?” (Said It wouldn't be right to approximately every five not mention Tim's ongoing wars with my gate, front minutes.) door, and microwave. Let's just say he and they Tim: “We’re doing fine. don't see eye to eye. But We’re doing fine. (Said eventually he always wins, approximately every five but only after a lot of, well, scrimmaging and loud minutes.) cussing.

465 pages

History of U.S. Table Tennis Volume XIV Now Available! • www.timboggantabletennis.com

96 pho 2 tos

Click Here For More Information

Vol. I .......... 1928-39 ........ 375 pages .......215 Vol. II ........ 1940-52 ........ 395 pages .......320 Vol. III ....... 1953-62 ........ 450 pages .......400 Vol. IV ....... 1963-70 ........ 460 pages .......700 Vol. V* ....... 1971-72 ........ 282 pages .......400 *Covers the Ping-Pong Diplomacy Years Vol. VI ....... 1970-73 ........ 500 pages .......800 Vol. VII ...... 1973-75 ........ 530 pages .......820 Vol. VIII .... 1975-77 ........ 512 pages .......836

photos photos photos photos photos photos photos photos

Vol. IX ....... Vol. X ......... Vol. XI ....... Vol. XII ...... Vol. XIII .... Vo. XIV ......

1977-79 ........ 503 1979-81 ........ 535 1981-82 ........ 516 1983 ............. 460 1984 ............. 448 1985-86 ........ 465

pages .......810 pages .......820 pages .......805 pages .......837 pages .......918 pages .......962

photos photos photos photos photos photos

“How can any serious player not buy these books?” -Larry Hodges, USATT Hall of Famer

Send check or money order for $40* per book and send and make payable to: Tim Boggan, 12 Lake Ave., Merrick, NY 11566 Please allow three weeks for delivery. *Includes shipping and handling Name_________________________________________________________ Street Address___________________________________________________ City/State/Zip___________________________________________________ Email_____________________________Phone________________________

Circle Volumes Ordered

Vol. I

Vol. II

Vol. III

Vol. IV

Vol. V

Vol. VI

Vol. VII


Vol. IX

Vol. X

Vol. XI

Vol. XII


Vol. XIV

In Memoriam

Sally Green Prouty December 23, 1922 – September 7, 2014 by Dean Johnson In December 2008, I paid a visit to Sally & Carlton Prouty at their condo in Ft. Myers, Florida. For a full day, we reminisced, looked at photos and read articles which had been lovingly cared for and meticulously organized by her father, Fred Green. The photos and articles in the album documented Sally’s career from her early teens in the mid-1930s, through the phenomenal ‘40s when she won 5 consecutive Women’s Singles Championships, through the 1950s during which she continued to compete, winning 3Mixed Double titles with her friend Sol Schiff and 1 with 2-time World Champion Johnny Leach. Sally was also a member of the U.S. team to the Worlds in Utrecht, Holland in 1955. In addition to the World Championships, she competed in the British Open in London, and the German Open in Kiel. She also toured military bases in Germany where the team played exhibition matches for U.S. troops. Sally won her first national women’s title in 1940, then went on to win four more successive titles – in New York, Detroit, St. Louis and, again in 1944 in St. Louis where she defeated legendary women’s champion Leah Thall (later Neuberger) in the final. In the “Classic Era” of table tennis, only Dick Miles has equaled Sally’s astonishing record of winning five consecutive national titles. Sally’s career, however, was not limited to table tennis. Sally was an accomplished musician – piano and organ player and singer – a graduate of Butler University and the Jordan Conservatory of Music; she was a competitive swimmer, equestrian rider and bowler as well as a tennis player and tennis instructor. In 2002, at age 80, Sally began a new career. She and Carlton began to perform at local senior centers; Sally played the piano and sang while Carlton (at age 87) danced with the female residents of the centers. (Sadly, Carlton died in January of this year at age 98.) Before leaving for dinner, Sally and Carlton offered to entertain me with a sample of their senior center routine. While Sally sang in her extraordinarily strong and youthful voice, she accompanied herself on the piano while Carlton danced lightly around the room. It was a wonderful experience hearing and watching the two of them perform. In addition to Sally’s many other talents and skills, she was a highly creative writer. Here, in her own words is Sally’s life story titled: Life’s Dinner Menu is Served – At A Table For Two horsd’oeurves I was born in St. Louis, Missouri on December 23, 1922. My first major challenge in life was to survive a life-threatening surgery to correct an abdominal condition at the age of 6 weeks. At age 3, I began playing piano by ear and have played it all my life. Starting at age 6, I entertained at family house parties 68


and sing-alongs. At age 4, I started swimming, dancing and elocution classes. As a pre-teen, I swam for the Riviera Club in Indianapolis and trained as a swimmer and diver for the purpose of participating in the Olympic Games. Our team coach was an influential and inspirational man named Bud Sawin who eventually became an Olympic swimming coach. At age 11, a diving accident ended my Olympic dreams. After 1 year I was able to swim but was never again able to compete. Entrée In 1933, at the end of my 11th year, I started to play table tennis. At first, my reason for taking up the game was to improve my coordination and reflexes. My father, Fred, took on the responsibility of helping me to recover. My desire to greatly improve and to compete in the sport of table tennis became evident to me and to others in a very short time. Having an innate drive for perfection, I was self-driven to excel to the best of my ability. This trait can be both a blessing and a curse. It promotes both endless frustration on the one hand and the heights of exhilaration on the other. Even in my octogenarian years, this urge has never abated. Après le diner Which part of a meal is the best? There are some that would say “dessert”. . . and I would certainly agree! In 2001, while playing the piano in the unbelievably beautiful atrium of our local Health Park Medical Center, a lovely lady came over to me and asked me to call her in the morning. When I called she asked me to provide piano entertainment for the residents of an assisted living home. As a result, another fantastic phase of my life began. In a very short period of time, a new career began for me – an 80+ year old, almost-to-be great grandmother! At the time of this writing, Carlton and I have formed yet another of our working partnerships. Like all of those in the past, this one has also been a great success. I play the piano and, because of the extensive repertoire I’ve developed over the years, I’m able to play many of the songs requested by our audiences –thereby bringing back to them the beautiful memories they love to recall. By playing these requests, I also have the assurance that I’m playing the music my audience wants to hear. As I said, this business is a partnership. And my partner is neither passive nor silent! He is a dancer and the ladies love him! Many of the folks in our audience are in wheel chairs and not all of them are able to get up and dance. Well, my dancer takes good care of that! He takes the ladies by both hands and they sway in time to the music. The rest of the audience claps in time to the music. “Mr. Wonderful” Is what everyone calls Carlton, my partner. People often ask me what his real name

happens to be! Aside from dancing, this great partner carries all of my music and does all of the driving. What a guy at 94 years young! This “Dessert” phase has turned out to be the most rewarding phase of my public life. To hear my audiences sing, to see them smile and be happy makes each day special. As a fellow traveler on the senior side of the coin, it is such a great privilege to be involved in this kind of work. If you have a talent, share it with others! It is practically a sin not to share it. Giving of yourself is the most important part of life. It is extremely heartwarming to be able to make other people happy. My goal, even before I was a teen-ager, was to become a United States Table Tennis Champion. I won the title in 1940 at age 17 and continued to defend it for the next four years. Rather than retire after winning the title for five consecutive years, I only relinquished it by being defeated in 1945. I did not easily hand this great honor to anyone else. They had to earn it! When that time came, and the new champion was crowned,

she received my heartfelt congratulations for a job well done! As I reflect on my career in many fields, I recall the tedious hours of practice and youthful impatience, the anxiety of competition and periods of frustration and disappointment. By being able to overcome these obstacles, I reached most of the goals I set for myself. No one gets to the top alone! I’m so thankful to those whose dedication to me helped me to the top. I could not have done it without them! Although my father Fred is now gone, I still hear the same encouraging voice today that I heard, and heeded, since childhood. That voice of love and support has been there for me through all of the many crisis in my life. And what does dad’s voice tell me? “Sally, it is better to be a ‘has been’ than a ‘never was.’” Top Photo by Dean Johnson: Sally with a custom album created by her father Fred which depicts much of her varied career in pictures, articles and stories. Other photos by Mal Anderson.

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Chinese Natonal Team Visits North Carolina

Rare Ping Pong Diplomacy and Training Visit by Chinese National Table Tennis


Team To Triangle Table Tennis in Morrisville, NC

by Dean Johnson

A delegation of athletes and officials from China paid a visit to the Triangle Table Tennis Center in Morrisville, North Carolinamarking an extraordinary event in the history of Chinese/American relations reminiscent of the historic Ping Pong Diplomacy of 1971. During a 3-day visit – from September 24-26 – members and coaches of the Chinese National Table Tennis Team made a one-stop visit in the United States to Triangle Table Tennis to work with aspiring table tennis athletes in developing training techniques and skills designed to improve the quality of their table tennis performance. The 3-day visit was intense for both members of the delegation and attendees. On Wednesday the 24th, following introductions of members of the delegation, a clinic for beginners and intermediate athletes was held from 6:00 to 9:45pm. On Thursday the 25ththe focus was ontips for advanced level athletes and on Friday the 26th Chinese National Team members made themselves available for clinics from 9:30am - 3:00pm. On Friday night team members treated fans to a thrilling round of exhibitions. The mission of the Chinese delegation was to increase awareness of the lifelong health benefits of table tennis for youth and adults; they also hope to help launch a training program for local area youth that will be designed to train and nurture young table tennis talent. Local community leaders and corporate sponsors made possible much of the activities associated with this rare event. President of Triangle Table Tennis, Ann Campbell, during her welcoming remarks, said: “On behalf of all of the members and management of Triangle Table Tennis, it is my privilege and pleasure to welcome this delegation from the Chinese National Team, as well as all of the visitors who are participating in this special occasion. We are delighted and honored that you have joined us for

tennis in the U.S. as a sport that offers both physical and mental health benefits such as quick reflexes and footwork, hand/eye coordination, patience and perseverance.” “Our organization,” she continued,“will promote the development of the sport in both countries and help to build bridges for Sino-US business opportunities and mutual cooperation. We will help businesses establish and set-up recreational table tennis rooms at the workplace to be used for appropriate leisure time, team building, and enhanced company morale as well as tor buildingan enterprise culture. We will also encourage regular business networking meetings, professional training opportunities, creation of promotional films, tabletennis tournament organization, and leagues for members of the organizations in the U.S.and China. We welcome the participation of corporations in both China and the U.S.”Sino-US CEO Table Tennis Association was a co-organizer of the event. Triangle Table Tennis is a 30,000 sq. ft. dedicated table tennis training and competition center, conveniently located in the heart of the Research Triangle area of North Carolina near the RDU airport. We’re open 7 days – approximately 80 hours per week – and we’re proud to serve both elite and recreational athletes. We have over 30 Butterfly Centerfold competition tables, GerflorTarallex 6.2 mm sport flooring, high intensity (over 1,000 lux) lighting, robots. cardio and strength fitness equipment, a break room, wi-fi, fully stocked pro shop, locker rooms with showers, and spectator seating. We offer private and group lessons, camps, leagues, tournaments, special and corporate events, court reservations, and open play, all of which is managed and led by our professional staff and expert coaches, including former Olympians and current USATT Board members. Triangle Table Tennis has flexible membership options, and is open to drop-in visitors for a daily fee.


three days of exhibitions, training, and cultural exchange. We hope that you will enjoy all of the specialized features offered by Triangle Table Tennis, the largest dedicated table tennis facility in the U.S. Our members and the entire Triangle Table Tennis team look forward to all of our planned activities this week, and to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the Chinese National Team that we hope will include additional visits in the future. We recognize the importance to our sport and to the Town of Morrisville to having this delegation from China here. We are truly honored to be selected to host this event.” During his opening remarks, Dr. Michael Babuin, Chairman of the Board, USA Table Tennis added: “USA Table Tennis is excited and extremely honored to host a delegation of athletes, coaches. and dignitaries from the Chinese National Team representing the Chinese Table Tennis Association and Peoples Republic of China. It is indeed a rare occasion when athletes from the United States have the opportunity to interact and learn from these amazing athletes who represent the very best table tennis professionals in the world. Our local affiliated USATT Club – the Triangle Table Tennis Center, has graciously extended its hospitality to this group on behalf of USA Table Tennis. We hope that participants enrolled in the clinics will take valuable knowledge home with them as well as fond memories of this most historic visit. For non-participatory spectators, we hope you can enjoy watching the exhibition and magnificent skills of our friends from China as they demonstrate how the sport is played at the highest levels.” Another notable event on Wednesday was the announcement of the establishment of the Sino-US CEO Table Tennis Association (CEOTTA) which was recently formed by entrepreneurs from both China and the U.S. CEOTTA’s mission, according to the organization’s representative Maggie Zhang, is: “to nurture and popularize table

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An Amazing Summer By Wally Green Hey guys hope all of you are well and had amazing summers! This summer was insanely crazy for me! From competing in China and Korea Opens to training in Beijing to coaching my student in international junior /cadet competition, doing celebrity exhibitions in Hong Kong for Art Basel, and hosting basketball superstar Chris Paul’s (CP3) event in Las Vegas. Its been pretty crazy! I think I spent only 7 days total in the US the whole summer! Anyway I would really like to take the time out to thank all of you who watched, purchased, and or shared the worlds first hip hop song about table tennis. “A Game Nobody knows!” It already has over 93,000 views

on YouTube worldwide, but it all started here! So with that in mind I would really like to thank you guys for the support, and if you haven’t seen it yet Please check it out! As you guys already may know my main goal is to promote and make this sport a super “kool” and popular sport in the US as well as a big money sport! I want you guys to eventually make some real money for the all the hard work you put in. For all the countless hours of training you put in for what?? To go and win $200!? This is unacceptable! We have to make it better! When there’s a tournament promotes $2500 as first prize, which is very rare! everyone

gets crazy and talks about it like they are going to hit the Jackpot or something! Although it’s a great a start, we still need to think much bigger and better. Take a sport like bass fishing 125,000 to 1 million being the biggest for the first place winner! Not to take anything away from fishing but cmon man, it is fishing! The motto of table tennis should simply just be “bigger and better!” Once that happens everything else will just fall in place! Once again I just want to thank all you guys for the support and let all help in getting this sport to be bigger and better!

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