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Yarn Swatch Book



Table Of Contents

Beiges Blacks Blues Browns Golds Greens Greys Oranges Peaches Pinks Purples Reds Taupes Teals Turquoises Whites Yellows

p. 14 p. 4 p. 5 p. 6 p. 15 p. 7 p. 8 p. 9 p. 9 p. 10 p. 11 p. 12 p. 14 p. 13 p. 13 p. 14 p.15

Crochet Threads Chart of Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Threads Sparkly Crochet Thread Omega Hilo Nylon #2

p. 24—25 p. 27 p. 28


p. 29

Crochet Threads

p. 25-26

Multicolored Bernat Caron Coates Royal Love Beads Gedifra Lily Sugar & Cream Lion Brand Yarn Nazli Gelin

p. 17 p. 22 p. 23 p. 19 p. 16 p. 21 p. 24 3

Blacks Acrylics

Caron 1lb Black

Red Heart Black

LBY Suede Ebony (disc.)

LBY Hometown USA Oakland Black

Panda Wool Black

Gedifra Fiocco

LBY Vanna’s Glamour Onyx

Cottons and Wools

Lion Brand Yarn Lily Kitchen Cotton Sugar & Cream Licorice Black


Regia Silk Shine Wool Blend Black

Blues Acrylics

Fashion Knit Sky Blue

Caron 1 lb Royalty

Caron Simply Soft Soft Blue

Caron Simply Soft Lt. Country Blue

Fashion Knit Royal Blue


Lilly Lilly Sugar & Cream Sugar & Cream Deft Blue Bright Navy

Caron 1 lb Midnight Blue


Gedifra Fiocco 5

Celebrate It (Michaels) Royal Blue

Paton Canadiana Navy

Browns Acrylics

LBY Vanna’s Choice Espresso

Caron 1lb Nutmeg


LBY Suede Coffee

Caron 1lb Espresso

Fashion Knit Brown

Red Heart Coffee

LBY LBY LBY Vanna’s Choice Hometown USA Hometown USA Chcoloate Cleveland Billings Brown Chocolate (chunky) (chunky)



Morex Chocolate

Panacea Brown


Lily Sugar & Cream Warm Brown

Mill’s End Brown

Caron Simply Soft Chocolate

Greens Acrylics

Caron One Pound Leaf Green

Red Heart Dark Sage

Red Heart Spring Green

Red Heart Soft Dark Leaf

Red Heart Med Thyme

LBY Vanna’s Choice

Caron One Pound Kelly Green



Celebrate It Olive Gedifra Fiocco

Lily Lily Sugar & Cream Sugar & Cream Hot Green Dark Pine


Morex Hunter

Celebrate It Apple (a little lighter)

Greys Acrylics

Caron SimplySoft Wine Country Denim Heather (disc)

Red Heart Grey Heather

Red Heart Designer Sport Granite


Gedifra Top Soft Deluve

Caron Mill’s End Cotton Blend Gray 8

Bernat Chunky Grey Heather

Red Heart Light Gray

Oranges and Peaches Acrylics

LBY Vanna’s Choice Terra Cotta

Red Heart Symphony Persimmon

Red Heart Carrot

Red Heart Pumpkin

Caron 1lb. Peach

LBY Spice

LBY Cotton Ease Terracotta

Lily Sugar & Cream Hot Orange

Red Heart Schachenmayr Ecoways Recycle micro fino Yam Orange


Gedifra Fiocco

Earth to Urban Etsy Rust


Gedifra Fiocco

Earth to Urban Etsy Orange/Yellow

Pinks Acrylics

LBY Vanna’s Glamour Jewel

Red Heart Magenta

Red Heart Soft Country Rose

LBY Hometown USA New Orleans French Berry

Premier Serenity Premier Dream Rosebud Magenta

Red Heart Designer Sport Girly Pink

Caron 1lb Soft Pink


Lily Lily Sugar & Cream Sugar & Cream Tea Rose Rose Pink

Red Heart Soft Country Rose


Gedifra Flat Ribbon


Lily Sugar & Cream Hot Pink

Celebrate It (Michaels) Fuschia (shinier)

Purples Acrylics

Caron One Pound Iris

Caron One Pound Deep Violet

LBY Hometown Portland Wine

Red Heart Grape

Bernat Silky Soft Purple

Caron One Pound Lilac

Lily Sugar & Cream Country Mauve

(not this purple—looks more like red wine)


Gedifra Fiocco 4006 (disc.)

Gedifra Top Soft Delave 8546 (disc)

LBY Cotton Ease Plum

Lily Sugar & Cream Grape

Lily Sugar & Cream Soft Violet

Earth to Urban Etsy Deep Purple


Mills End Cotton Blend Purple

Reds Acrylics

Caron SimplySoft Wine Country

Fashion Knit Red Wine (disc)

Caron SimplySoft Autumn Red

Caron One Pound Claret

Caron One Pound Scarlet

Red Heart ClarLBY et Hometown USA Cincinnati Red


Lily Sugar & Cream Wine


Lily Sugar & Cream Red

LBY Cotton Ease Cherry


LBY Mills End Red

Celebrate It (Michaels) Red

Turquoises and Teals Acrylics

Red Heart Turqua

Red Heart Real Teal


LBY Cotton Ease Seaspray

Lily Sugar & Cream Mod Blue

LBY Cotton Ease Turquoise

Gedifra Fiocco 13

Whites and Beiges and Taupes Acrylics

Caron SimplySoft Snow Sparkle

Natura Off White

LBY Vannas Choice Linen

Caron Mill’s End Taupe

Red Heart Aran


LBY Cotton Ease Almond

Caron One Pound Cream

Red Heart Soft Off White

Raffia (Paper Straw)

Lily Sugar & Cream Soft Ecru

LBY Cotton Ease Snow


Celebrate It Raffia Oatmeal

Celebrate It Raffia White

Yellows and Golds Acrylics

Red Heart Bright Yellow

Caron 1lb Sunflower

Red Heart Gold

LBY Cotton Ease Golden Glow

Gedifra Fiocco


Lily Sugar & Cream Sunshine


Celebrate It (Michaels) Daffodil


Schachenmayr Micro Fino Gold

Multi-Colored Lily Sugar & Cream Cottons

Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Sugar & Cream Sugar & Cream Sugar & Cream Sugar & Cream Sugar & Cream Lime Stripes Midnight Magic Swimming Pool Summer Splash Butter Cream

Lily Lily Lily Lily Sugar & Cream Sugar & Cream Sugar & Cream Sugar & Cream Naturals Over the Playtime Natural Stripes Chocolate Rainbow Ombre


Multi-Colored Bernat Acrylics

Techno Ombre


Bernat Handicrafter Peace and Love Moondance

Bernat Handicrafter Peace and Love Psychadelic

Bernat Handicrafter Peace and Love Flower Power


Bernat Handicrafter Peace and Love Batik

Multi-Colored Schachenmayr

Schachenmayr Dayena (Cotton Blend) Sunset

Schachenmayr Dayena (Cotton Blend) Aqua


Multi-Colored Gedifra Fiocco Cottons


Multi-Colored Red Heart Acrylics

Shaded Browns





Plum Pudding

Grande Polo (extra thick)


Earth And Sky


Multi-Colored Lion Brand Yarn Acrylics

Color Waves Purple Vista

Homespun Wildfire

Color Waves Sunset Red

Color Waves Caribbean

Color Waves Blue Lagoon

Homespun Harvest

Homespun Painted Desert

Vanna’s Choice Woodsprint


Color Waves Night Sky

Multi-Colored Caron Acrylics

Mixed Greens Ombre

Rainbow Dreams Jet Stream

Simply Soft Spring Brook

Lion Brand Yarn Mohair

Moonlight Mohair Rainforest Discontinued

Moonlight Mohair Safari Discontinued


Simply Soft Sunset

Specialty Multi-Colored Paton

Bohemian Green Tea

Coates Royale

Coats Royale Love Beads Ebony & Ivory (this but black and white)

Coats Royale Love Beads Surfer


TLC Wiggles Light Blue


Crochet Thread

Cotton Solids

Aunt Lydia’s Dark Royal

Aunt Lydia’s Golden Yellow

Aunt Lydia’s Black

Aunt Lydia’s White

Aunt Lydia’s Warm Teal

Aunt Lydia’s Pumpkin

Aunt Lydia’s Cream

Aunt Lydia’s coffee

Aunt Lydia’s Violet

Aunt Lydia’s Purple

Aunt Lydia’s Copper Mist

Aunt Lydia’s Orchid Pink

Aunt Lydia’s Coral

Aunt Lydia’s Forest Green

Aunt Lydia’s Myrtle Green

Aunt Lydia’s Parakeet

Aunt Lydia’s Russet

Aunt Lydia’s Blue Hawaii


Aunt Lydia’s Ecru

Aunt Lydia’s Fudge brown

Crochet Thread

Solids (cont’d) Nylon

Aunt Lydia’s Light Peach

Omega Hilo #2 Café Brown #18

Omega Hilo #2 Dark Beige #17

Omega Hilo #2 Jade Green? #55? 25

Crochet Thread Multi-colored Cotton

Aunt Lydia’s Mexicana Variegated 10

Aunt Lydia’s Shaded Blues

Aunt Lydia’s Pastels Variegated 10

Aunt Lydia’s Ocean

Aunt Lydia’s Pink Camo 10

Omega Hilo #2 Variegated Purple #84 26

Omega Hilo #2 Variegated Gold, Orange, Green, Yellow #74

Omega Hilo #2 Variegated Café Brown #41


Custom Cotton Etc. Custom Cotton Etc. Chocolate Real Men Wear Raspberry Camouflage (Limited) (Limited)


Omega Hilo #2 Variegated Brown/Yellow #52

Omega Hilo #2 Variegated Green/Yellow #53



Paton Silverlash Black Dazzle

Crochet Threads

Nazli Gelin Nazli Gelin Nazli Gelin Nazli Gelin Nazli Gelin Garden Metallic Garden Metallic Garden Metallic Garden Metallic Garden Metallic Lime w/Silver Brown w/Silver Bronze w/Silver Yellow w/Silver Red w/Silver

Nazli Gelin Nazli Gelin Nazli Gelin Nazli Gelin Nazli Gelin Garden Metallic Garden Metallic Garden Metallic Garden Metal- Garden Metallic Purple w/Silver Black w/Silver Black w/Gold lic Midnight w/ Green w/Silver Silver

Aunt Lydia’s Aunt Lydia’s Aunt Lydia’s 28 Metallic Crochet Metallic Crochet Metallic Crochet Thread Thread Thread Gold Silver White/Pearl

Celebrate It Raffia Colors (Michaels) (Doesn’t Include Olive)



Yarn swatch book  

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