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Today’s Angus Advantage Female Issue Spring 2018 Volume 13 Issue 2

Genetics for sale by

Thank you! We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the buyers, bidders and all who attended our 2018 BAR-E-L Bull and Select Female Sale. The confidence you have shown in our program is sincerely appreciated!


Dakitch Angus Farms Lake Thelma Farms Lazy MC Red Angus Jack Lyle McCutcheon Farms George McNeely Neu Muehl Colony Rafter 17 Cattle Ltd. Anchor 1 Angus Sauter Ranches Inc. Ryan Schilling Silver Willow Ranch Emerald Echo Angus Ter-ron Farms Topview Acres Vegreville Colony Warnyca Land & Cattle Wraz Red Angus

BAR-E-L MILLENIUM 60E - A son of SAV SEEDSTOCK 4838 sold to Brad McCutheon, Athabasca, Alberta.

L E R BA Angus

Outstanding first calf crop! Stop by this summer to check progeny out or watch for them in upcoming sales. Thanks to all Buyers and Bidders for making Remitall Farms Bull and Select Female Sale a Huge Success! High Selling Female

BAR-E-L GLOBAL 26E and BAR-E-L MILLENIUM 60E will continue to play a role in the BAR-E-L program. Thanks to Allandale Angus and Brad McCutheon for their purchases.

Remitall F Decisive 35D

High Selling Bull

Allandale Angus Perrot Cattle Co. Atlasta Angus Chase Bennett Birch Meadows Colony Blue Goose Cattle Co. Blue Herron Farms BAR-E-L GLOBAL 26E - A son of KOUPALS ATLAS 4061 sold to Allendale Angus of Vermilion, Alberta. Byemoor Colony Ian Campbell Chris Jensen Darcy Romaniuk Darren Schultz Dave Swain Doug Davidson Paul Dobinson Harley Hutton Huxley Colony Jordan Hoopfer

R e m i ta ll F Em p i r e 24E

Dave & Lynne Longshore Family Stettler, AB H. 403.579.2394 C. 403.740.6788 Website: Email:

Scott Anderson - 587.282.9683

R e m i ta ll F E r i c a 2 1 1 E

High Selling Bull at $23,000 to Tim and Trish Henderson, LLB Angus, Cantriex Livestock Richard Latimer 403.507.1122 Gary Latimer 403.507.1123

High Selling Female at $15,000 to Quinn Wilson, Wilson Stock Farm Box 3833, Olds, AB T4H 1P5

Today’s Angus Advantage  1

Bob Hoffarth Ramrod Cattle Co. Kevin Freiburger Adam Brubacher Darren Catto Catherine Halliday Honeyfield*

A.S. Galten Farms Ryan Vanderhurk* Double 'F' Cattle Co. Terry Greidanus Neal Fletcher Brent Grainger AJ Acres * Volume Buyer

Thank-you to all the Bidders & Buyers for supporting our breeding program.

Mark your


Join us August 8th & 9th for the Sask Angus Tour in SE Sask

Kenray K

Quality Red Angus Genetics Kenray Half Page Thankyou Todays 2018 April.indd 1

Ray & Donelda Kyle 306.452.7447 • Sheldon Kyle 306.452.7545 [e] • visit our website: twitter@kenrayranch Today’s Angus Advantage  2

2018-04-27 3:46 PM

Purchased by Percyview Farms Ltd., Kisbey, SK for $22,500.00

JLMB 66e

Purchased by Triple J Farms, Whitewood, SK for $18,000.00

JLMB 110E Purchased by Bone Creek Ranch and 110 Group, Eastend, SK for $66,000.00

JLMB 104e

Special thank you to our volume buyers at the sale 10 Mile Ranch Ltd. Alex & Nicki Franken Bouchard Farms Box Ranch Brydon Cattle Co. C. Graham Farms Christopher Noll D & N Livestock

D5 Farms Ltd. Doug Fisher Ferch Farms Hummock Springs Ranch Inc. J Over K Ranch James Milligan Jim-Bob Gomersall Keep Ranch

Les Parker McGee Livestock Murray Lake Farming Company Nevin Czerwonka Poirier Prairie Ag Ventures Poverty Valley Ranch Richard & Jill Witty Robert Harris

Today’s Angus Advantage  3

Rodney Baumgartner Ryan Vandenhurk Strongbow Farms TLC Ranch Townview Farms Turin Colony Williams Ranch

Certified Angus Beef - Manage For Marbling


6 Reasons To Join The Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Pilot


As In Every Issue The Real World 14 Not Taken for Granted


Vet’s Advice 48 A Breeder’s ...Veterinary Perspective


Advertising & Subscription Rates


Schedule of Events 56

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Today’s Angus Advantage  5



Birch Rose Acres Ltd 2018 SEED PRICE LIST Star City, SK (306) 921-9942


Multifoliate Tap ..................................................$2.65/LB Creeping Root ................................................... $2.95 Organic Tap ....................................................... $4.95 Creeper/Tap Mix................................................ $2.85


Y.B. Sweet .......................................................... $2.00 Organic Sweet ................................................... $2.25 SC Red Clover................................................... $2.50 DC Red Clover .................................................. $2.95 Organic SC Red Clover ..................................... $2.75 Berseem Clover....Annual .................................. $3.00 Crimson Clover....Annual .................................. $2.00 Alsike Clover ..................................................... $3.25

Cicer Milkvetch (nonbloat) ................................................... $5.50 Sainfoin (nonbloat) .............................................................. $3.25 Meadow Bromegrass............................................................ $4.25 Smooth Bromegrass............................................................. $4.25 Crested Wheatgrass ............................................................. $4.25 Timothy ................................................................................ $1.85 Slender Wheatgrass ............................................................. $3.25 Tall Wheatgrass .................................................................... $4.60 Intermediate Wheatgrass ...................................................... $3.60 Creeping Red Fescue ........................................................... $1.80 Kentucky Bluegrass .............................................................. $4.25 Red Proso Millet Annual ...................................................... $0.80 German Golden Millet Annual .............................................. $1.50 Tall Fescue ........................................................................... $2.75 Inoculant: Does 50 LB Bag ................................................. $10.00 Inquire for grasses not listed! Free mixing to “YOUR” needs! FREE DELIVERY ON PALLET SIZE ORDERS! LEGUMES ARE PRE-INOCULATED

Today’s Angus Advantage  6

Thank you to all who attended, bid and bought at the HBH / Airey Cattleman’s Connection Bull Sale

We are grateful for your support


HBH Excellence 63E

Poss Element X Pendleton Purchased by Spring Creek Simmentals, Moosomin, SK


HBH Equate 44E

Ten Speed X Upward Purchased by Country Lane Angus, Vermilion, AB

HBH Farms Inc.

Manager — Barb Airey Oak River, Manitoba 204-566-2134 • 204-761-1851 Like us on facebook HBH Angus


HBH Everlast 29E

This year's calf crop looks amazing Stop by anytime for your inspection.

4M Element X Grit Purchased by Autumn Dew Angus, Windthorst, SK Today’s Angus Advantage  7


d m an a r g o r our p sale. w e i v ll ok to Farms Bu o t u yo ac 019 time al Mar M 2 e , h 6 t d nu rch ce an at the an a n a M d ds ten ale ur at your nee S o y l l e ciat o fit Bu s ppre t a bull t a m e r W selec c Fa

N A th Mar


announcing the second

New Generation Female Sale Pick of Mar Mac farMs ToP

bred yearling females & a select group of elite heifer calves

red angus, Black angus, siMMenTal PureBred & coMMercial Heifers

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2018 - At thE FARM et msu.npdates r a f r rmac ook fo

stop in f this or a tou r summ er

.masite & faceb b wwcw h we wat

Blair, lois, Brett & Melissa Mcrae 204.728.3058 | 204.729.5439 | 204.573.5192 | located 15 minutes from Brandon, MB Today’s Angus Advantage  8

Thank you to everyone who supported the 23rd Annual Bull Sale High Seller & NEW Upcoming Herd Sire

High Seller & NEW Upcoming Herd Sire:

EXAR Next Level High Sellers: EXAR McKinley 896 Sold for $15,000.00 to Bulls Head Angus, Shane Rhodes, Medicine Hat, AB Justamere 1023 Complete 321E 1/2 Interest sold for $12,500.00 to Beartooth Angus, Penticton, BC

2/3 Interest sold for $50,000.00 to Carder Investments of Lloydminster, SK, Neilson Land & Cattle of Craik, SK & The Next Level Syndicate

Averages: 40 Yearling Bulls Averaged


3 Two Year Old Bulls Averaged


43 Live Lots Averaged


7 Embryos Averaged


35 Units Semen Averaged


Stop by this summer and see the cattle on grass, including our offering for the 19th Annual Sale of the Year Monday, October 22, 2018!

Today’s Angus Advantage  9

Volume Buyers: Purchased 7 1/3 Bulls: Carder Investments, Lloydminster, SK Purchased 7 Bulls: Olszowka Farms, Ste Rose Du Lac, MB

Today’s Angus Advantage  10

A heartfelt thank you to all who Ignored the weather to attend the

10 th Annual Ward’s Red Angus Bull Sale

Sale Highlights Signature

Red Ward’s C to Thistle Ridge Angus


Southern Strength

Ward’s C 73E to Deer Hill Ridge Angus Farm

Donation Heifer

Ward’s C Eva 30E

The overwhelming support shown by the cattle industry exceeded our expectations! On behalf of the Seck Family and Ourselves we Appreciate all the donations for Jarrett! Total raised $21,360.00. Special recognition to Rob Voice who won Ward’s C Eva 30E and donated her back for auction and Blind Creek Holdings for purchasing her for $5,000.00.

Jarrett & Cole

Making the GRAND TOTAL

Clarke & Denise Ward G.S. 707 RR #7 Box 39 Saskatoon, SK S7K 1N2


P: 306.931-3824 C: 306.220.6372 Today’s Angus Advantage  11

Today’s Angus Advantage  12

Our heartfelt thanks to all of the bidders and buyers who attended the 28th Annual

e e s d n a m r a f e h t y b p o t S ! y n e g o r p p e e D e l t t i L e h t Red TR Little Deep 285B

Robert & Sharon Laycock 306-937-2880 306-441-5010 (c)

Today’s Angus Advantage  13

As I sit down to write this, I am thankful that the long, cold, windy winter has turned into summer… yes, we did not have a spring. The bull sale season was solid in the same parallel as the commercial market. Simply put… the good product continues to top the market place whether you are selling bulls or stockers. For this we must be truly thankful. But the one thing that we often forget (to be thankful about), is our domestic consumer for their loyalty and confidence. Over the past few years, the price of beef over the counter has more than doubled for Mrs. Consumer, yet the quality cuts of beef are first to leave the shelves. Although there are many new packaging methods (sorting cuts with cooking ideas), hamburger still leads by consumer choice followed by steak. Canada ranks 8th in the world for consumption per capita are 57.1 pounds while our largest export market ranks 4th in the world at 79.3 pounds. (United States makes up about 75% of our export market followed by China, Hong Kong and Japan.) In the beef industry world-wide, Angus is the only household name. Virtually all retail markets throughout North America, market and advertise Angus beef. No doubt the U.S. Certified Angus Beef program has been a large motivator in this marketing, retailers and abattoirs around the world promote Angus product… simply because it is the most consistent product for flavor, marbling, taste and tenderness. The fast food chains have followed suit with Angus on their menu. The world’s largest hamburger chain has been promoting Angus beef very successfully for several years and are now coming out with a “third pounder” of Angus beef. Recently they have been advertising a chicken sandwich which has been dubbed the “Angus” of chicken… just another “feather” in the Angus hat! We can all agree that our largest competitor in consumption is poultry. In most cases, it is easier to prepare but must be seasoned and sauced to have flavor and taste. Although chicken is lower in calories in comparison to a rib-eye steak, leaner cuts such as top sirloin, sirloin tip, etc. are comparable to a dried-out

chicken breast which has been plumped with 15% water and salt to make it juicier and more flavorful. For those who crave a feed of chicken, go to KFC and get your fill of grease, spice and calorie money’s worth. One of the largest concerns on Mrs. Consumer’s mind today, is wanting to know where the food she is feeding her family came from and if it is safe. Canada has a traceability program for our beef industry that is the envy of many, including our southern neighbors living in the United States. Our RFID tag program is leaps ahead of what is being done in the United States and is gaining us new markets over that of our neighbors. For those of us in the Angus industry take advantage of the green tag program, you have to tag them anyway so tag them green. Be proud of the fact that they are Angus influence calves and keep all the marketing options open. Many cow/calf producers questioned the benefits, but many feeders have noticed and the more that they do, it will start to come back to the cow/calf operations. Ultimately we all benefit from profits in the feeding side of the industry. Another major concern in world food production is the use of antibiotics and the continued increase in immunity to them in both animals and humans. As we move forward there will be more and more restrictions put in place regarding their use, this will put beef producers at an advantage as they are primarily used only on sick animals needing care. Our competitors raising chicken and pork have bred the immunity and hardiness out of their animals, going to disease free barns and massive automatic antibiotic distribution through their watering and feeding systems. Those who raise the best beef product in the world, namely Angus, deserve much credit. Purebred breeders continue to build quality programs and improve the bulls they sell… while the commercial farmers and ranchers must continue to strive for high quality from the pasture to the hook. We must not be complacent as we have seen that complacency in other breeds. For those who raise and use Angus, be truly thankful… and enjoy the strength of the Angus advantage!

Today’s Angus Advantage  14

You’re Invited!

Pedersen Livestock invites you to the

2018 Northern Alberta Angus Club Summer Tour Saturday, June 16, 2018 8:00 am - Pancake Breakfast (Pedersen Livestock, Edgerton) 9:00 am - 10:30 am - Tour Pugh Farms 10:30 am - 12:30 pm- Tour MJT Cattle Co. (Lunch included) 12:30 am - 3:00 pm - Tour Ribstone Creek Brewery 3:00 pm - Tour Pedersen Livestock & Display Pens from other breeders 6:00 pm - Supper


Camping A

Please pre-register for the tour by


June 8, 2018

o y k n a Th

& Buyers of s r e d id B e to all th elect Sale! S n r e th r o the 2017 N

For more information or to pre-register please contact Kurt or Becky Pedersen (780)755-3160 or

• This daughter of the great breeding bull Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075 is a gentle natured, easy fleshing, good footed cow with abundant milk,bred very similar to S A V Resource 1441. S A V Renown 3439 and S A V Recharge 3436 stemming from the all-time world record incomeproducing cow S A V Blackcap 4136. • Three progeny of this cow have totaled $25,500 to average $8,500 in S A V sales including a son to Buford Ranches of Oklahoma. • The Pathfinder dam of this cow balances a progeny birth ratio of 96 with a progeny weaning ratio of 106 on eight calves and a progeny IMF ratio of 113 on six head and she has averaged $16,300 on five progeny at S A V in addition to two daughters retained in the S A V herd. • Maternal brothers include S A V Ransom 4172, the heaviest 365-day weight bull of the 2015 S A V Sale who sold as a $25,000 feature to High Ridge Farm of North Carolina.

FEBRUARY 27, 2012 BW: 0.3 R R RITO 707 RITO 707 OF IDEAL 3407 7075 IDEAL 3407 OF 1418 076 BOYD NEW DAY 8005 S A V BLACKCAP MAY 7306 S A V BLACKCAP MAY 4136

Today’s Angus Advantage  15

WW: 45

IMP 2153Z YW: 78

MILK: 24


Cowboys and Lawyers Shorty watched the truck and horse trailer wind up the road towards the house. The driver pulled into the yard and greeted Shorty with a hand shake and a huge grin. “Shorty…how are you?” “Good Kenny, and you?” “Can’t complain. You ready?” “You bet.” The two men climbed into the pickup and headed down the road. Kenny was an old family friend, someone that Shorty had known all his life. He had been a professional rodeo cowboy back in the day and a damn good one. He had rode saddle bronc, calf roped and steer wrestled and had won nearly everything there was to win. The thing with Kenny was that, if you didn’t know who he was or what he had accomplished, he was damn sure not going to tell you. He was as humble as he was good and he was still damn good. At this point in his life Kenny had retired from the pro rodeo and worked for Shorty’s dad as a cowboy. The only time he competed these days was at times like this…small, local rodeos. He was headed to town today to compete in one of those events and had asked Shorty to come along for company. The two men chatted back and forth as they travelled, exchanging stories about working on ranches

and laughing about the things that struck them as being funny. When they arrived at the arena, Kenny wheeled the truck and trailer to the rear of the arena, parked his rig and walked to the rear of the trailer. “Who ya got?” Shorty asked Kenny as he nodded towards the trailer. “Grey” Kenny swung the trailer door open and there stood a grey quarter horse. “Ain’t he kinda old Kenny?” “Ya a little Shorty…but he’s still pretty good.” Grey had been raised and trained by Kenny and over the years, Kenny had won a lot roping off Grey. The thing is, Grey was getting on and Shorty wondered just how good Grey was going to be at this point in his life. Grey and Kenny would be up against guys that were younger, riding horses that were way younger, but old age and cunning often beat youth and exuberance. Shorty leaned on the fence and watched the cowboys warm up. Kenny rode Grey around the arena alone, nodding to a few of the guys that said something to him as they loped by. Kenny never broke Grey out of a walk. Shorty watched as a short, overweight rider slowed his fancy gelding up and walked along with Kenny. Shorty recognized the rider right away. His name was Clint, he was a lawyer, that wanted to be a cowboy. Clint was short of stature, maybe 5’6” tall in boots and a hat, but if you threw in his ego, he was 6’ 10”. He loved to hear himself talk and believed every word of it.

Today’s Angus Advantage  16

“I bet you’re a lot smarter.” Kenny had pulled Grey out of the arena. “Sure am!” Kenny grinned at Shorty. Kenny won the calf roping that day, two head in 14 seconds and change. Clint was second, a mere six seconds slower than the older Kenny. Instead of being gracious, Clint chose to challenge Kenny. “Hey you wanta let me try Grey, Kenny? I bet I could get one that quick too.” “Naw that’s okay.” “Come on, just once. You scared?” Clint was watching the group of cowboys that were listening in. “Okay, Clint. You got one run. Climb on and I will shorten the stirrups.” “Hell old man, I don’t need you to do that. I can ride” Kenny nodded and handed the reins to Clint. “Watch this.” Kenny smiled at Shorty and nodded towards the arena. “Grey is going to bust outa the box, take three steps and stop.” “What?” Kenny smiled and nodded towards the calf chute. Clint had Grey backed into the box and was staring at the calf in the chute. When he was ready, he nodded and the calf took off. Grey followed, his ears pinned back watching the calf. Shorty counted the horse’s strides, one, two, three and then suddenly Grey turned slightly to the left and slid to a stop. Clint did neither. He was still swinging the rope when he left the saddle.

He was neither aerodynamic nor graceful and he hit the ground face first, skidding to a stop, chin first. Kenny had been watching from inside the arena and Shorty had noticed that he started walking towards Grey even before Grey had stopped. Clint was lying on his stomach when Kenny passed him. Kenny grabbed Grey’s reins and turned towards the out gate. As he passed Clint, Clint looked at Kenny, his face covered in sand and a trickle of blood under his nose. “Shoulda shortened the stirrups.” Kenny spoke softly and directly to Clint. “What the hell was that?” Clint was spitting out the grit in his mouth. “If you haven’t got ‘em by then, there is no point chasing the calf down the arena. You ain’t gonna win nothin’ down there.” Kenny nodded to the far end of the arena. Clint was struggling to his feet. The cowboys outside the arena had been trying not to laugh, but they failed…miserably. Kenny smiled at his travelling partner. “Come on Shorty, I am buying lunch.” Kenny retired Grey not long after that day, he figured enough was enough for his old friend. He told Shorty that Grey had served him well, done lots of things that Kenny was proud of, but Kenny was never prouder of his equine friend then he was that day. Clint retired from the rodeo arena not long after Grey.

Grant Rolston was born and raised in ranching country near Penticton, British Columbia. After graduating school, he worked on a purebred Hereford ranch, then assumed a position at Western Breeders Artificial Insemination Unit. In 1980, he left the livestock scene and joined the Edmonton Police Department, where he received his formal training in photography, working for the IDENT unit (crime scene investigation). After a decade, he returned to the industry, purchasing a herd of purebred Angus cattle but both Grant and his wife, Lauralee, worked off the ranch to make a living. He chose livestock photography and is now Canada’s premier livestock photographer of beef cattle. Grant and Lauralee travel throughout nine provinces in Canada for on farm photography, in addition to all major livestock shows, including the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, the Canadian Western Agribition, and all major National Junior shows in the summer months. Grant and Lauralee Rolston reside in Vulcan, Alberta. With four decades of experience, Grant shares things that are “Not Taken for Granted.”

Today’s Angus Advantage  17


ies Incl n Categor

Competitio • Marketing • Grooming • Farm Sign

• Art phy • Photogra tion • Conforma • Judging

ship • Showman • Literature ok- Off • Angus Co

k • Scrapboo esign D • Graphic aking • Public Spe

And Lots

Of Fun!

ry Deadline

018 Ent Showdown 2

June 1,, 2018 online at: Form available

/showdown/ ttp://juniors.c


as well nd Showdown e tt a to s e ri a o rs ding travel bu . There will als vi rs e ro n p in e b W ill te a w g n tio nd Aggre Angus Founda ation Classes a rm females. fo n o The Canadian C e th r s fo rchase Angus ze u p ri p to sh rs e ca t ch n u a as signific s made for vo be three draw


t$ 1 at $3000 and 2 a

ill automatically All exhibitors w

win! be entered to

Visit the Canadian Angu s Foundation website at


for more information an d to apply for the bursarie s. ***Trucki

ng assistance will be ava ilable. Contact the office for mo re information.

Contact: Raina Syrnyk

CJAA President 204-648-7206

Michaela Chalmers Ontario Director 705-720-0085

Belinda Wagner

CJAA Coordinator 306-537-1518

E-mail: •

Today’s Angus Advantage  18

Today’s Angus Advantage  19

To some, it looks like insanity — chasing a tiny white ball around attempting to hit it into a hole only slightly bigger. For me, it’s a passion. I love playing golf. Unfortunately, I’m not great at it. It’s not that I don’t have good equipment or the right genetics (my father golfed competitively at the collegiate level). I’m a leisurely player. I have not invested in lessons or spent hours on the driving range. Most of my time spent on the course is for pure entertainment. Golf pays off for those who devote themselves to competing at a high level. Winning a major championship as a professional can bring home $1 million or more in just one weekend. And that’s before sponsorship endorsements. Fortunately, reaching elite status in the cattle business is not quite as exclusive a feat as professional sports. Though I’ve never known returns on investment in the cattle business to be quite so lucrative, there is a definite gap in the payout for higher quality cattle compared to those that must simply take market price. With the right genetics, management and some cooperation from Mother Nature, almost anyone can reach a level of high performance. It takes a dedication to learning the business, making good decisions and getting better every year. It’s a formula that can be replicated across different environments, by different people in different business models. Scoring in the cattle business and golf might be considered direct opposites: less is more in golf, but more is better with cattle. Yet, in both endeavors, there’s something that sets the elite apart from the all right. Recently, I spoke with a cattleman who decided many years ago to transition his farm operation to focus on his cattle. Until that point,

the livestock had been a sideline hobby to his business, something he enjoyed, but gave little attention to how they performed beyond the front gate. His transition included buying better genetics, a focus on carcass performance and tracking herd data to improve his aim. Now his calves achieve at a completely new level for both his bottom line and the end consumer. It was all a change in mindset — shifting the cattle from a thing where he leisurely went through the motions, to an expectation that his calves would perform at the top when it matters. “There’s a place for commodity cattle,” he told me. “But there’s a place for upper-end cattle, too and we’d rather be on the premium end than the commodity.” At the golf course, there will always be a spot for players like me. Lots of people can mark a card that’s close to par. In the grocery store, there may be a place for mediocre beef, but that space is shrinking. Chicken and pork can deliver a similar eating experience for a better value. Consumers prefer higher quality beef and it’s the good stuff that keeps them coming back for more. Are you producing elite cattle or is your scorecard par for the course? Today, industry average is better than it’s ever been. What was once considered the ideal, 70% Choice for U.S. fed cattle, is now below average or “par.” In this business, the prize money comes from higher marbling scores. Average is nothing special; half are below that midpoint and half above. Which side your cattle are on is mostly up to you. Next time in Black Ink® Miranda Reiman considers easy come, easy go. Questions? E-mail

Today’s Angus Advantage  20

Building the Legacy canadian angus foundation • sale 7

join us at the canadian angus association

Annual National Convention Saturday, June 9 Crown Isle Resort • Comox, BC

Auctioning off rare & valuable genetics including:

Auction will take place following the Convention Banquet hosted by BC Angus

Semen, Embryos & Live Picks Along with a wide variety of other great lots

working for The Future...Now For more information or to bid contact: Chris Poley | Auctioneer Sale Day Phone: 306-220-5006 Belinda Wagner | Executive Director 306-537-1518 view the catalogue online at Today’s Angus Advantage  21

Celebrating 50 Years of Red Angus Registrations in Canada April 3, 2018: for immediate release Rocky View County, AB - 50 years ago today the minister of agriculture officially approved that Red Angus cattle be eligible for registration in the Canadian Angus herdbook. The Canadian Angus Association (CAA) is celebrating 50 years of Red Angus registrations throughout 2018, but Red Angus have been in Canada much longer than 50 years, and that is also worth celebrating. The first record of Red Angus in Canada is the recorded importation of a red cow from Scotland in 1886. Rancher Matthew Cochrane imported red Angus from Scotland in 1889 for his ranch west of Calgary, Alberta. Volume I of the Canadian Angus Herdbook was published in 1908. Red Angus females were included but red males were excluded. On March 15, 1921, the CAA bylaws were amended and all Red Angus cattle were excluded. This decision would stand until April 3, 1968 when the Minister of Agriculture officially approved that Red Angus cattle be eligible for registration. When the Canadian Angus herdbook was opened to Red Angus in 1968, the Association offered to register all Red Angus cattle under the age of 24 months at the lowest price point, allowing Red Angus breeders an affordable opportunity to populate the herdbook and register their herds. Mark Mackenzie sold the first Canadian-registered Red Angus bull at auction in Canada in 1969. The first Canadian-raised purebred Red Angus bull, Red Mac 15Z, was sold at the Calgary Bull Sale in 1970 for $1,800. In 1972 a group of 12 Red Angus cattle breeders from Alberta and Saskatchewan formed the Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society to specifically promote Red Angus cattle. And in 1978, Don Mackenzie became the first Red Angus breeder elected to the Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Angus breeders dedicated to red hide colour, 50 years later, Red Angus account for more than 40% of Canada’s national Angus herd. The Canadian Angus Association is proud to recognize and applaud those efforts. The Canadian Angus Association is Canada’s largest purebred beef breed organization. The Association represents more than 2,000 members across Canada for the purposes of registering and recording the pedigrees of purebred Angus cattle in the closed HerdBook and promoting the breed across Canada. The memberapproved mandate is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed. For more information, please contact: Tina Zakowsky, Administration Team Leader Canadian Angus Association 1-888-571-3580 ext 3584

Today’s Angus Advantage  22

Today’s Angus Advantage  23

Canadian Angus Association Honours the Munton Family, Benchmark Angus for 50 Years of Membership April 4, 2018: for immediate release Rocky View County, AB - At their 22nd Annual Bull Sale on April 2nd, Canadian Angus Association (CAA) member Benchmark Angus was honoured for 50 years of consecutive membership. CAA Senior Director of Business Development, BC/Alberta Brian Good presented the award to the Munton family. Angus cattle have been a part of the Munton family all their lives. Doug and his father Stanley began raising purebred Angus cattle in 1960, a tradition that is continued today by Doug and his son Michael. Doug bought his first Black Angus female in 1960 from Coalbridge Farms of Coaldale and then founded Alcan Angus. Benchmark Angus was formed when Michael graduated from Oklahoma State University. Baros of Alcan Angus 40’73 was Champion Angus Bull at the Calgary Bull Sale and his genetics are prevalent today in such bulls as Cudlobe Stemwinder, GDAR Oscar 711, all the Crackerjacks and many, many more. Today, Benchmark Angus has 300 Black Angus cows and 120 Red Angus cows. Very few purebred females are ever sold. The top end heifers each year go back into the cow herd. The Canadian Angus Association offers sincere congratulations to the Munton family and Benchmark Angus. It is because of the dedication of individuals and families like theirs that the agriculture industry continues to be an important sector in our nation today. The Canadian Angus Association instituted a long-term recognition award program in 1998 to honour individuals and families that have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the Angus breed in Canada by maintaining a continuous membership in the association for at least 50 years. In 2011, the award program expanded to recognize families with 75 and 100 continuous years of membership. The Canadian Angus Association is Canada’s largest purebred beef breed organization. The association represents more than 2,000 members across Canada for the purposes of registering and recording the pedigrees of purebred Angus cattle in the closed HerdBook and promoting the breed across Canada. The memberapproved mandate is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed. For more information, please contact: Tina Zakowsky, Administration Team Leader Canadian Angus Association 1-888-571-3580 ext 3584 CAA Senior Director of Business Development BC/AB Brian Good presents the 50-year CAA Heritage Award to Doug Munton of Benchmark Angus Today’s Angus Advantage  24

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Summer Early Sales and Prospects Issue Deadline July 10 Bryan Kostiuk

P.O. Box 2330 Warman, Saskatchewan S0K 4S0 P: 306-934-9696 F: 306-934-0744 Today’s Angus Advantage  25



to join the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Pilot

Cargill leadership outlines why producers should consider participating... November 10, 2017 - There’s no doubt it has created interest. And depending on who you talk to, it could be the biggest opportunity the beef industry has had in years.

Acceleration Pilot. Starting in October 2017 and running for at least one year, it’s designed to build a dependable cattle supply, ready when a beef sustainability brand is launched.

Emily Murray oversees the McDonald’s beef portfolio for Cargill in Canada and the U.S. and has been a leader in the brand development work to date. She says there are at least six good reasons why it will make sense for Cargill has partnered with the VBP+ and the Canadian beef producers to consider Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS) to launch the participating in the pilot. Canada is taking the lead internationally for the building of a brand around beef sustainability. Beef producers will get a chance to get in on the program early by participating in the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Pilot.


The concept is proven. As a quick recap, the McDonald’s Canada sustainable beef pilot project from 2014 to 2016 proved that verifying general sustainability practices onfarm and tracing beef through a Canadian supply chain could be done in a way that was understandable to consumers, says Murray. The Canadian Roundtable on Sustainable Beef (CRSB) is building a brand standard on how to validate that an operation is sustainable and what the terms are for making that claim.

We need volume to succeed. Strong interest in a concept does not always translate into scale in the market, says Murray. “You can create a standard and launch a logo, but if you don’t have the cattle numbers behind it to meet requirements then we are not going to get anywhere very fast. “The new pilot is intended to build volume,” she says. “We know the fundamentals of the CRSB brand program will work so we don’t need to wait until they are finished to get going on it. We need to get in front of consumers sooner than later.”



There are benefits to participating. Build the industry, collect a reward. Those are two main reasons for producers to participate in the acceleration pilot. There will be economic benefits. VBP+ Registered producers who sign up with BIXS for the pilot will receive a quarterly financial credit for every animal that moves through an entire verified marketing channel. Producers are also helping build a viable industry longer term by helping Canada be on the leading edge of this sustainability movement.

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There are solid partners in place and more to come. With VBP+ and BIXS, both of which Cargill has solid experience with in this work to date, Murray says the partners are in place to anchor success. McDonald’s and Swiss Chalet (Cara Foods) are also on board, funding the credits for beef delivered to their restaurants from fully sustainable supply chains. Other partners – like restaurants, retailers and groups or organizations that can help promote the effort - are welcome,” says Murray.


“If the consumer can see the brand in different places, then it won’t be just industry talking to industry, it will be a connection with consumers.”


There is urgency. Consumers want to eat beef, but they want to know how that animal was raised and how the environment was handled. They want to give themselves permission to enjoy the product, says Murray. “We want to give them that confidence.” Consumers have access to a lot of diverse viewpoints, and if we do not reassure them then someone else will, she says. “We want sustainability to count for something as CRSB has defined it, before somebody else defines it in another way.”

It’s easy to sign up. “We need producer help,” says Murray. “We are going to do our best to get the word out on the importance of participating in this pilot, but we can’t build scale alone. “If you are VBP+ Registered and you participate, that’s great and we thank you. But get others in your chain to participate as well. The real value of this effort is in fully sustainable supply chains.” There is no cost to participate. Producers simply get trained and audited by VBP+ to certify that they are a sustainable operation. They register with BIXS and provide permission for VBP+ and BIXS to include farm data in anonymous, aggregated reports to the project administration. And, of course, provide the necessary information to collect quarterly credit payments.


More information on the Acceleration Pilot is available at or from a VBP+ coordinator at Source Meristem Land and Science,

Cargill canadian beef sustainability pilot yields positive Q1 results

Ranchers encouraged to join to increase certified sustainable beef volume for Canadian consumers... (Winnipeg, Canada) March 15, 2018 - The first three months of Cargill’s Canadian beef sustainability pilot project yielded encouraging results, proving the model works and demonstrating significant potential to scale the program to deliver a greater volume of certified sustainable beef to Canadian consumers. The pilot is currently encouraging additional ranchers to participate in the pilot for the remainder of 2018.

The pilot was launched to test and validate the audit and traceability systems necessary to meet the requirements of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework established by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB). This framework, the first of its kind in the world, is a voluntary program that enables cattle producers and beef processors to demonstrate the sustainability of their operations while at

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head credits producers received for their involvement and commitment to Canadian beef sustainability. The pilot was able to successfully For contributions made during the first quarter certify more than 550,000 pounds of beef of the pilot, participating cattle ranchers were according to the CRSB Framework standards rewarded $10 per head for qualifying cattle that and supply chain guidelines. could be tracked through audited sustainable The certified sustainable beef came from more than 70 cattle producers, with many contributing operations from farm to fork. “We are encouraged by the pilot’s first quarter multiple qualifying animals. Credit payments results. It proved that a significant volume per head will vary each quarter based on total of beef can be successfully traced through number of qualifying animals, participants’ beef a certified supply chain for the participating demand and cattle weights. the same time supporting the retail and food service industry in their sustainable beef sourcing efforts.

customers,” said Gurneesh Bhandal, Cargill’s beef sustainability manager in Toronto. “By adding more producers to the pilot, we can supply more customers with Canadian beef from sustainable sources.”

First quarter results create momentum for remainder of 2018

During the first three months, the pilot tested and developed methodology for tracking eligible cattle through audited live animal supply chains. It also tested the methodology for tracking supply chain sustainability certifications from the beef carcass to finished products. By coupling live cattle and beef product traceability, Cargill’s Canadian customers can demonstrate the sustainability of their entire supply chain. Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) – overseen by the Beef Cattle Research Council and operated with the assistance of provincial cattle organizations – is auditing cattle producers for sustainability during this pilot.

“We appreciate the enthusiasm we’ve seen and momentum that’s been generated in the first few months of the pilot, and we are encouraged by the continued interest shown from additional cow/calf producers, feedlot operators and processing plants,” said Bhandal.

Second audit firm added

In March 2018, Where Food Comes From (WFCF) became the pilot’s second auditing body for cattle producers who want to demonstrate the sustainability of their operations. The introduction of another auditing firm gives producers options when deciding to participate. WFCF was the sole verification partner for the 2014-2016 McDonald’s Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot project and is eager to continue supporting Canada’s beef sustainability efforts.

“We are delighted Where Food Comes From, Inc. Canada has been selected as a certification partner,” stated Leann Saunders, President. “As a company, we verify over 5,000 beef producers in North America with the goal to help supply Cattle are tracked as they move through audited chains improve processes, bundle certifications operations by the Beef Info-Exchange System’s and add value. We were able to verify over (BIXS) RFID tagging system, from the time 200 producers during the McDonald’s Verified producers tagged them through processing at Sustainable Beef Pilot Project in Canada and Cargill’s High River beef plant. BIXS is acting as look forward to applying this knowledge as a the clearing house for the Canadian Sustainability certifier for the CBSA pilot.” Acceleration Pilot and will disperse the first round of credit payments to cattle producers by In order to meet consumer demand and achieve Canada’s sustainable beef goals, additional March 19. ranchers are needed for the remainder of the In the first quarter, customers paid for beef 2018 pilot. delivered from an audited sustainable supply chain, and these payments funded the $10 per For more information and to enroll, visit: Today’s Angus Advantage  28

u o Y k n Tha

to all of our buyers that made the Impact Sale a success!


High Se

Red Triple L Jagger 43E

Another outstanding son of Red Spitalburn Bayberry 704T

Purchased by T Bone Cattle Co., Marwayne, AB for $11,500.00 this summer to Stop by the farm geny on grass! pro ger Jag see the ff & Family Randy & Kim Tetzla S0K 4M0 SK nt, cou Vis 7, Box 15 34 .27 44 6.9 30 : Phone Cell: 306.231.6969 Email: tetz@saskte US.COM NG ELA IPL TR W. WW

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C. BAR D. RANCH Punchaw Red Angus

Mike & Brenda Wheeler 4694 Blackwater Rd. Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A1

Purebred Red Angus Cattle Albert & Jackie Tosoff 28450 Punchaw Road, Prince George, B.C. (75 KM S.W. of Prince George) P: 250-483-1283 E:

Tel: 250-567-4020


Bulls Sell At The Vanderhoof Bull Sale on April 14, 2018

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20/20 Angus

Owen • Bernadette • Chantz Legaarden Box 93 • Paynton, SK • S0M 2J0 306-895-2024 •

Clint, Suzanne, Eric, Luc & Alexi Smith Box 284, Mankota, SK H: 306.478.2470 C: 306.478-7470 F: 306.478.2480 Today’s Angus Advantage  32

Red & Black Angus Box 23 Gladmar, SK S0C 1A0

Dwayne & Karen Fettes 306-969-4506

Scott, Tina Brandy & Eric 306-815-7023

Halcyon Angus Farm



Box 126 • Borden, SK • S0K 0N0 306.997.4802 •

Pure Bred Black Angus Cattle

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Glenn & Mel Sisson

(306) 873-4890 Cell: (306) 852-9047 RR 1, Ridgedale, SK S0E 1L0 “The Final Legacy of the Black Pearl” Sale ~ December 16, 2017 Saskatoon, SK

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Tom & Vicki Flanagan Maple Creek, SK P: 306.662.2272 C: 306.662.8120

Sunderland Ranch Ltd. Registered Black Angus Cattle

Terry & Rachelle Sunderland Box 2139 Maple Creek, SK S0N 1N0 306-662-3021

Home of SAV Ten Trillion 3112A Son of AAR Ten X 7008 5A X SAV Blackcap May 5530

Box 176 Dundurn, SK S0K 1K0 306.492.2161 b r ya n a n d t r a c e y w i l l m s w w w . w i l b a r fa r m s . co m

Willowview Angus Farm Ken & Sandy Harle

Box 512, Regina, SK S4P 3A3 306-359-6100 306-539-8185

Purebred Registered Red Angus

The Kereluiks

Box 278, Sheho, SK S0A 3T0 Mitch Allan and Ann Michael 306.272.7501 306.849.4638 306.220.1976 “Add a Touch of Heritage to Your Herd

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“You’re a great mom!” When people say that, I hope it’s true. But sometimes the remark comes as I’ve just luckily (somehow) managed to get through church with relatively quiet, happy children for an entire service. Sometimes strangers say that when we’re at a restaurant. They’re impressed we have six little people at the table, most eating and carrying on conversations like mini adults. Still, I try not to get too confident. I know as quickly as all the things can go right, they can turn for the worse. Somebody gets bored. Somebody gets crabby. Somebody gets unruly. (And I’m not just talking about the kids.) I know motherhood is not defined by slices in time, but rather how each of those add up. It’s about how you’ve interacted with your children all along. It’s about what you’re doing in the moments everybody sees and when nobody is looking at all. Every experience shapes their attitudes and characters. Even if I’m a “good mom” today, if I don’t work at it, the classification could easily change. Those same kids could become spoiled brats by next year. This isn’t a parenting column and maybe I’ve got motherhood on the brain because I just got back from maternity leave, but I’d say there are situations like this in the cattle business, too. Think about your good cattle today. What do the buyers like about them? They’re

uniform. They gain and grade. They’ve got good attitudes.You’ve probably focused on making them that way for several years, decades even. When you have a goal you’re working toward, a lot of the progress is made in the mundane, the everyday. It’s in the breeding decisions and studying the sale books or AI catalogs. It’s in the processing and weaning day logistics and execution. But it’s a journey. Having “good cattle” isn’t a destination you reach—you have to keep after it. Interviewing for a story earlier this year, I asked a veteran cattleman, “Do you think we maybe have enough quality in our cattle today that we can start selecting for something else?” His answer was clear and direct. “If you have a high heritability for a trait, you can take it out just as fast as you can put it in.” Marbling would be one of those traits. Docility may be another, especially when you figure in the environment moms provide. It might not change as quickly as a toddler’s attitude during a homily, but unless you keep a disciplined approach, you could turn around one day and find a different herd looking back at you. Every decision adds up. Next time in Black Ink®, Nicole Lane Erceg will look at dealing with change. Questions? E-mail

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Canadian Western Agribition Members Elect New Board Of Directors REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN - Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) introduced a new leadership team at its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, April 5. Bruce Holmquist of Kinistino, SK was re-elected President of Canadian Western Agribition. Bruce has been involved with CWA for 40 years in a number of different capacities. He joined the CWA Board of Directors in 2007 and became an Executive member in 2012. Bruce is currently the General Manager of the Canadian Simmental Association. Also elected to the Executive are: • Vice-President: Chris Lees - Arcola, SK • Executive Members at Large: • Kim Hextall - Grenfell, SK • Levi Jackson - Sedley, SK • Curtis Kuchinka - Regina, SK Part of the Executive Team includes Past President, Stewart Stone of Regina, SK.

Members of CWA elected the following representatives to the Board of Directors to serve a two year term: • Kelsey Ashworth - Oungre, SK Carla Borsa - Waldheim, SK • • Kim Hextall - Grenfell, SK • Levi Jackson - Sedley, SK Marty Kratochvil - Milden, SK • • Ross Macdonald - Lake Alma, SK Ali Pike - Grand Coulee, SK • Directors serving the second of their two year term are: • Jodi Banks - Regina, SK • Curtis Kuchinka - Regina, SK Michael Latimer - Calgary, AB • • Courtney MacDougall - Regina, SK • Blake MacMillan - Nokomis, SK • Barry Young - Carievale, SK Appointed Directors include: Jerry Flegel (City of Regina), Dana Lajoie (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada), Kim Onrait (City of Regina), and Grant Zalinko (Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture).

For more information, including photos, please contact: Sarah Novak, Marketing & Brand Manager P: 306.924.9781 E:

Canadian Western Agribition (CWA), located in Regina, Saskatchewan, is the best beef show on the continent and the largest livestock show in Canada. The show is anchored by beef cattle and features horses, bison, sheep, goats, an extensive agribusiness trade show and professional rodeo. CWA continues to promote the expansion, development and interest in agriculture. The 48th edition of CWA will be held November 19-24, 2018. Today’s Angus Advantage  37

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

John & Gloria Turner Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

BoxBruce, 234,Ione Souris, MB & Breanna R0KAusten 2C0& Katie Email Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0

204 734 2073 (204)483-3234 John (Cell) (204) 483-0764 Gloria (Cell) (204)-741-0648

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

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Quality Purebred Red & Black Angus Genetics Annual Bull Sale - 3rd Saturday In March Albert, Glen, Larissa, Ian Dr. David & Shelly Hamilton Hamilton (204) 872-2358 (204) 822-3054 (204) 526-0705 (204) 325-3635 •

Doug & Jason McLaren Box 373, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J 1H0 Doug: 204-476-6248 Jason: 204-476-6723

a sample of our offering



Check out our 2018 lineup, dubbed

“Farm Implement Series” for more information “These Bulls Are Built Farm Tough”

Sons of Red Brylor Red Kodiak 3A, Red Double C Fine Brandy 503B and Red Palmer Sheets 4B For Sale by Private Treaty

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Fleming Stock Farms Box 1 Granum, Alberta T0L 1A0 Phone: 403-687-2288 Cell: 403-625-0427 (Duncan) Cell: 403-625-1124 (Cecilie) Cell: 403-625-1060 (Cooper) Email:

Duncan, Cecilie & Cooper Fleming "Quality goes in before the name goes on"

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Leon & Melissa Lee Oyen, Alberta Leon Cell ◊ 403-664-0370 Melissa Cell ◊ 403-664-9177 E-Mail ◊ Box 441 ◊ Oyen, Alberta ◊ T0J 2J0

performance RED & BLACK angus

Bob Hahn cell. 780.991.1355 home. 780.464.0296 fax. 780.423.4836

22525 Twp Rd 514 Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8C 1H5

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Mick & Debbie Trefiak

14 miles east of Wainright and 11 miles north on range road 4-3

RR 1 Edgerton, Alberta T0B 1K0 P :: 780-755-2224 F :: 780-755-2223 C :: 780-842-8835

Lee & Laura Brown

Box 217, Erskine, AB T0C 1G0 403-742-4226 Lee cell 403-740-9429

Annual Bull and Female Sale second Saturday in March

Sean McGrath

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673

The Best Beef in a Better World


Sean McGrath

Samtia Angus

Box 3528 REGISTERED BLACK ANGUS CATTLE Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673 Lee & Layne Gleim & Family Box 4467, Taber, AB Home: (403) 223-8442 Cell: (403) 795-0004 or (403) 634-8226 The Best Beef in a Better World


“Our Vision is Based on Quality Not Quantity”

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Sean McGrath

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673

The Best Beef in a Better World

Sean McGrath

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673


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Endometritis Research at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Biography: Dr. Colin Palmer is an Associate Professor of Theriogenology (Animal Reproduction) at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Nova Scotia, Dr. Palmer worked in mixed practices in Ontario and British Columbia and has owned/operated a practice in Saskatchewan. Dr. Palmer along with his wife Kim and children Lauren, Emily and Carter run a herd of purebred Red Angus cattle under the KC Cattle Co. name. Improving reproductive performance in dairy and beef herds is a top priority for herd health oriented veterinarians. Postpartum endometritis is one of the many causes of reproductive inefficiency in a dairy herd, and to a lesser extent beef herds, and its true impact is only now being realized with the help of new diagnostic techniques and computerized monitoring of cow productivity. Endometritis is essentially infection and inflammation of the uterine lining. Effects on cow fertility are usually translated into an increase in days open and an increase in services per conception. Other costs associated with this disease may be realized through premature culling, disease treatment, and slowed genetic gain because of fewer calves being born. Nearly all cows have bacterial infection of the uterus in the first 2 weeks following calving. The perpetuation of infection depends upon the presence of material for the bacteria to feed on, the degree of bacterial contamination and the various uterine defence mechanisms.Throughout the immediate postpartum period the pattern of infection, clearance and re-infection occurs repeatedly, but all harmful bacteria should be cleared within 3 to 4 weeks of calving. Those that are unable to resolve the infection often suffer with endometritis. Up to approximately 15 to 20% of dairy cattle will have clinical endometritis with a further 30% experiencing subclinical disease; however, incidence varies greatly depending on the definition of disease and the herd. In beef cattle, the disease has never been considered seriously despite a single study that showed that approximately 30% of cows may be affected. More studies to determine the impact on beef cow performance are needed. Clinical endometritis may be thought of as overt signs of disease visible to the naked eye. Because endometritis is so easily confused with normal involution (the process of returning the uterus to its pre-pregnant condition) a great deal of effort has been spent determining what is disease and what is normal.Only within the past 15 years has there been an effort to determine disease status based on retrospective evaluation of the effect on reproductive performance. For the most part, endometritis may be thought of as compromised or delayed uterine involution. As such, clinical signs normally associated with endometritis must be considered in light of the number of days since calving. This has resulted in the current definition of clinical endometritis as the presence of a yellowish or brown uterine discharge visible at the vulva 3 weeks or more following calving. Cows that have had abortions, difficult calvings, retained placentas or are in poor nutritional condition are more likely to exhibit these signs. A key feature of endometritis that producers and veterinarians must realize is that cows with endometritis are not sick – eating, drinking, and the ability to move about are all normal. They may have Today’s Angus Advantage  44

been sick earlier, within 10 days to 2 weeks of calving with a more serious uterine infection, or they may be suffering from another ailment but endometritis itself does make cows sick. The term subclinical endometritis was born out of the consideration of endometrial inflammation at the microscopic level. Although signs of disease are not obvious to the naked eye animals with subclinical disease can experience impairment of reproductive performance that is no less severe than with the clinical form of the disease. Subclinical and clinical endometritis should be thought of as a continuum of disease rather than two distinct conditions with no more or no less of an effect on reproductive performance. White blood cells are the first and most significant inflammatory cell involved in endometritis, but of course are also involved in the involution process. In large numbers, what might be best described as armies, white blood cells become visible to the eye as pus. To facilitate diagnosis, threshold proportions of white blood cells have been determined based on the time after parturition and evidence of reduction in reproductive performance. A number of studies have been conducted in dairy cattle to define subclinical endometritis and to determine its impact of reproduction. One of the best diagnostic tools is a small brush attached to a modified artificial insemination (AI) gun that can obtain cellular samples directly from the uterus. Ultrasound may also be useful for detecting more obvious disease but is not that great for diagnosing subclinical endometritis. Although less common, endometritis may also occur following AI particularly if cleanliness is not maintained. Over the last couple of years my colleague and I have been studying inflammatory cytokines – chemicals produced by the body’s own cells that will either enhance or down regulate inflammatory processes. Very recent work has shown that cows that go on to develop endometritis a few weeks later may be producing an abundance of a different set of cytokines from those animals that remain healthy and normal. We hope that new knowledge out of our lab will lead to better prevention and treatment programs. Treatment of endometritis has included uterine infusion of antibiotics and short-cycling (inducing heats with prostaglandin products). Both have been modestly effective. Time helps a great deal in restoring uterine health, but may result in prolonged calving intervals. Development of antibiotic resistant bacteria through misuse and overuse of antibiotics must be an important consideration for all beef producers so please consult with your vet concerning use of antimicrobials in your herd.

r u o y t e G

e h t n i d a he

! e m a g

ct! e j o r p t x e n r u yo n a l p o t y a d o t Call P: (306) 934-9696 F: (306) 934-0744 Box 2330 | Warman, SK | S0K 4S0

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Gerald Kellington Manager

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:


18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Manager

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:


18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Manager

Gerald Kellington Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:


Markdale, ON NOC 1HO P: 519-477-3431 #: (905) 898-4463 E: Office Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315

Gerald Kellington Manager


18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Manager

Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9



Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington

Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:

Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:


Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:

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Ian & Joy Rudkin

3320 bradburn Road blackstock, on, L0b 1b0 905.718.5331

(a partnership)

4023 Meadowbrook Drive, Unit 108, London, Ontario N6L 1E6 Kevin Brooks 519-878-1183

Rick Stull 12249 8th Line, Georgetown, ON L7G 4S4 Ph: (905) 877-8145 • Cell: (905) 703-0503

Breeders of quality Angus Cattle Today’s Angus Advantage  47

John Weaver 519-318-6302

Jim Weaver 519-868-0328

In spite of good protection for the vast majority of clostridial diseases including the common ones like blackleg, tetanus and redwater in our vaccines incidence is on the increase. Why is this and what can we do to avoid these killer diseases on our farms both commercial and purebred. All farm animals are susceptible to the clostridial diseases. As a quick review clostridial organisms are spore-producing bacteria that live in the soil and can last for decades (fifty years plus). The spores are often ingested and often bruising, handling, liver damage and a myriad of other problems can trigger a clinical case. Survival even with vigorous treatment is very rare because when these bacteria multiply they release toxins and therefore onset is rapid and almost always fatal. Vaccination with the multivalent clostridial vaccines (up to a nine way) in Canada approved for cattle (beef and dairy) is quite protective if done according to label directions. Dairies and occasionally beef cattle also get the sporadic hemorrhagic bowel syndrome (jejunal hemorrhagic syndrome is another name) in which Clostridium Perfringens A is thought to be involved but unfortunately there is no vaccine licensed in Canada, but some dairy men are bringing in a vaccine specifically for this condition under an EDR (emergency drug release). Others vaccinate more often with a multivalent clostridial hoping there is cross protection but there is little evidence of that. Since there are many forms of the disease in my opinion, the wider the protection the better because you don’t know which specific clostridial organism you may get. The vaccines have been around for along time. With names like Covexin Plus, Tasvax, ultrachoice, and vision to name a few among many others but they are not all the same. Some older vaccines have a 4-5cc dose where other newer ones are 2cc. Specific clostridial diseases such as redwater (prominent in the eastern slopes of the Rockies and elsewhere) or tetanus, are not included on all vaccines, so read the label if these are necessary on your farm. The clostridial vaccines are bacterial toxoids meaning they are

the killed bacteria and the toxins normally produced are altered to produce the toxoid that is then used to make the vaccine. If any vaccines are close to 100% protective if given according to label and in advance of the disease it is the clostridial vaccines. The vaccine will appear to settle out in the fridge and that is normal, so make sure and shake it gently to bring it into full solution, check expiry dates and administer according to label. Most if not all are approved for subcutaneous usage. Where both producers and veterinarians have been very slack is recommending a booster dose one to two months after the original shot. This may not be possible if going out to summer pasture, but it is imperative they get boostered as soon as possible after they return. Across Canada we have seen several outbreaks in late summer to early fall when immunity from the first dose has become very low. Some pastures in the west and Ontario have high contamination of clostridial spores. Remember they can sit dormant for decades and soil disruption with things like ditching, mole infestation, dirt from disc bines or one tires or animal wallows increase the likelihood of exposure. Extremely dry years where cattle are grazing lower or years after a drought may float the spores up. The transmission of this disease is very similar to what happens with Anthrax. Bison bulls especially create wallows for dusting, potentially exposing them to anthrax or clostridial disease and the same holds true for our beef bulls. Both clostridial (blackleg) and anthrax are highly fatal diseases that are spread by spore producing bacteria. Your standard vaccination protocol then should include the broad-spectrum clostridials (Seven to Nine way depending on your area) giving two shots to calves and then at one year before breeding to your replacement heifers. The trend was with immunity established the cows are repeated every two to five years. If redwater (clostridium hemolyticum) is present in the area because immunity is shortest with this organism in the vaccines producers may give it as often as twice yearly to avoid losses of mature cows at pasture. Again, not all clostridial

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vaccines contain this organism. I have heard of big outbreaks where naïve cattle come in from out of area pastured on the eastern slopes of the Rockies and deaths from clostridium hemolyticum occur because that organism is not necessary where they come from. It is not important where the cattle have come from, but where they are going in these cases. That disease is more prevalent in areas where there are liver flukes and cattle. The flukes damage the liver making it susceptible to multiplication of the redwater organism. Tetanus is another one we see frequent enough, often associated with banding larger bull calves, tail docking lambs or with the use of dirty needles and it has been reported in retained placentas in mares. Horses are supposed to be the most susceptible species but all the cases I have seen have been in cattle to date. I have never seen tetanus with banding newborn calves so we think they are protected because of potential colostral immunity or the scrotum falls off quick enough and the band never comes loose. That is another added benefit to vaccinating your cows for clostridial disease because protection should spill over into the milk for the newborn calves. Many producers give histophilus protection to their calves (vaccines like vision 8 somnus, ultrabac 7 somnugen, fermicon 7 somnugen) and all the combination clostridial vaccines with histophilus will not provide tetanus protection. I believe no one has been able to put the two organisms together in a vaccine. If banding calves or even knife castration of big calves tetanus is a necessity and should be given at least two weeks before the incidence and boostered when the castration is being done. This is especially critical with large bull calves culled in purebred operations. Certain high incidence clostridial pastures it is often necessary to vaccinate and hold the cattle back to administer the second vaccine before going to pasture. We see more incidence of clostridial disease (clostridium perfringens) in young calves as a form of scour which is why the scour vaccines contain some clostridia organisms as well. In synchronization program clostridial vaccines are somewhat reactive because of the formalin like carrier. It is not uncommon to get the odd quarter sized to small egg sized lump. This means the animal simply over reacted to the vaccine. These are simply a blemish. Every time you vaccinate a very very low

incidence of allergic reactions is possible so check cattle several minutes after vaccinating and always have ephinephrine on hand. Bottom-line is keep clostridial vaccinations up to date at least twice as calves and then as replacement heifers and the cows as frequently as necessary determined by yourself and your local veterinarian. With the amount of clostridial disease out there yearling beef bulls should definitely be considered for a booster shot especially if they have only had one shot previously. Don’t forget the herd bulls and I would do them at semen testing time. Your most valuable asset (your bulls) are often neglected when it comes to vaccination. I have seen several highly valuable bulls die of clostridial disease when insured. Insurance policies often ask if the vaccinations including clostridials are up to date. Every time your cattle are processed clostridial vaccination should enter your mind. When outbreaks occur, they involve multiple animals and can be devastating. Any sudden deaths get autopsied to rule clostridial disease out. I don’t want this happening to your herd so please vaccinate.

Thank You to the buyers and bidders from our "Best of the Breeds" 2018 Bull Sale!

Thank you Wilbar Cattle Co. Purchasing the High Selling Bull: Red Twin Heritage Motivate 57E Rock Bottom Acres Ltd. Garry Hoehn Kenneth Merkl

Mervin Glowa Ralph Karapita Dwayne & Shelly Burback

twin heritage 

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BAR-E-L MILLENIUM 60E - A son of SAV SEEDSTOCK 4838 sold to Brad McCutheon, Athabasca, Alberta.

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Outstanding first calf crop! Stop by this summer to check progeny out or watch for them in upcoming sales. Thanks to all Buyers and Bidders for making Remitall Farms Bull and Select Female Sale a Huge Success! High Selling Female

BAR-E-L GLOBAL 26E and BAR-E-L MILLENIUM 60E will continue to play a role in the BAR-E-L program. Thanks to Allandale Angus and Brad McCutheon for their purchases.

Remitall F Decisive 35D

High Selling Bull

Allandale Angus Perrot Cattle Co. Atlasta Angus Chase Bennett Birch Meadows Colony Blue Goose Cattle Co. Blue Herron Farms BAR-E-L GLOBAL 26E - A son of KOUPALS ATLAS 4061 sold to Allendale Angus of Vermilion, Alberta. Byemoor Colony Ian Campbell Chris Jensen Darcy Romaniuk Darren Schultz Dave Swain Doug Davidson Paul Dobinson Harley Hutton Huxley Colony Jordan Hoopfer

R e m i ta ll F Em p i r e 24E

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High Selling Bull at $23,000 to Tim and Trish Henderson, LLB Angus, Cantriex Livestock Richard Latimer 403.507.1122 Gary Latimer 403.507.1123

High Selling Female at $15,000 to Quinn Wilson, Wilson Stock Farm Box 3833, Olds, AB T4H 1P5

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