Sysco Brand Comparisions QA June 2012

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The Sysco Brand Difference

Ground Beef Pa es Comparison Sheet General informa on

Compare the labels – if it’s in it – it must say it on the label What to look for: Ground Beef – the best you can buy—Can only be made of Skeletal meat and choice trimno addi ves Pure Beef—Skeletal Meat plus choice trim and can have de-fa ed chopped beef Other—Anything else added to the above – hearts, soy, head meat or cheek meat Fat content 80/20 – means 80% lean and 20% fat 75/25 – means 75% lean and 25% fat The more fat in ground beef – the more it will shrink Grind The larger the batch size the be er chance of consistent product Regular Grind – found in pa es and bulk – meat ground twice – once thru at 1/4 “ plate – second me thru a 1/8” plate.

Fire River Classic

The Compe tors Handling of Meat & Consistency

• Raw Materials Graded and tested • 3000lb batches (unique to industry)- larger batches – more consistent product • Fat Control System that guarantees consistent lean content. • Product is tested before it is formed into pa es.

• Graded and tested? • Smaller batches – less consistent • Fat Control – who knows?? • Product is tested?

Tes ng On Site Labs – Every batch is tested for E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria to ensure the highest safety standards before leaving the plant.

Labs and tes ng can be off site – how do you guarantee the product? Results can come back a er product is in distribu on.

Taking Shape Formax Tender Form Pa y Equipment—“State of the Art “Pa y Forming Not ghtly packed, Meat grain runs in the same direc on so that heat can pass thru product faster. • Quicker Cooking me • No Crowning • Be er Texture • Tender Bite

Equipment – are they just making it round? • Slower Cooking • Crowning which creates uneven cooking • Tougher texture and bite

Freezing IQF Freezing -- The best equipment IQF Gyro Freeze System Fast and efficient freezing methods Freezing Technique is cri cal – if frozen slowly ice crystals build and destroy the meat cells • Tender • Be er taste

Freezing – how long does it take – are they using the BEST equipment? • If frozen slowly ice crystals build and destroy the meat cells • Tougher texture • Bland Taste

Imperial® Perfect® Parboiled Rice What’

erence between Converted® Rice and Sysco Imperial® Perfect Parboiled Rice? erence at all – only a “ ” trademark. Converted® Rice is parboiled rice. Converted® type of rice. Parboiling is a milling process which improves the cooking performance of the grains.

National Brand

Sysco Imperial® (4671350)

Uncooked Product • • • •

Grains are large, smooth and whole No broken grain prices Light golden in color Few discolored grains

Cooked Rice • • •

Cooked rice is white in color – Imperial® brand is often whiter Cooked grains are smooth and uniform in size Yields are equivalent

Cooking Qualities • • •

Grains cook separate and Grains do not clump together – perfect rice every time. Grains continue to stay separate for hours while holding.

The Sysco® Brand Advantage: An average 3.6¢ per serving less than the national brand. If an operator uses only one case per week, Imperial® brand parboiled rice saves them $451.00 per year. Same superior quality as the national brand – better value.

Imperial® Seasoned Rice Mixes Compare Sysco Brand seasoned rice mixes to the “National Brand” – you’ll see there is no erence in quality – but a BIG erence in PRICE .

6/36 oz. Long Grain and Wild Rice Blend National Brand

Sysco Imperial® (5848056) •

• • •

Sysco Imperial® is a savory blend of herbs and spices – actually preferred in taste tests against the national brand. 20% wild rice blended with premium parboiled rice. Vegetarian. Sysco® Brand Advantage: An average 11.4¢ per serving less than the national brand. Annual savings based on only 1 case per week usage: $640.00.

6/36 oz. Rice Pilaf National Brand

Sysco Imperial® (5848049) • • •

Sysco Imperial® has a mild chicken avor yet matches up well with most any entree. Large toasted orzo pasta blended with premium parboiled rice. Sysco® Brand Advantage: An average 4.8¢ per serving less than the national brand. Annual savings based on only 1 case per week usage: $270.00.

Compare Quality and Cost Sysco® Brand has the advantage

The Sysco Brand Difference Imperial® Seasoned Rice Mixes Compare Sysco Brand seasoned rice mixes to the “National Brand” – you’ll see there is no erence in quality – but a BIG erence in PRICE .

6/36 oz. Spanish Rice National Brand

Sysco Imperial® (5848031) • • •

Sysco Imperial® has a robust tomato avor. Large chunks of vegetables blended with premium parboiled rice. Sysco® Brand Advantage: An average 13¢ per serving less than the national brand. Annual savings based on only 1 case per week usage: $730.00.

6/36 oz. Long Grain and Wild Rice Garden Blend National Brand

Sysco Imperial® (9696949) • • •

Sysco Imperial® seasoning is a blend of rich chicken broth and herbs with large chunks of vegetables. 20% wild rice blended with premium parboiled rice. Sysco® Brand Advantage: An average 11.8¢ per serving less than the national brand. Annual savings based on only 1 case per week usage: $662.00.

The Sysco Brand Difference Sysco Brand All Natural Sour Cream Comparison

All Natural Sour Cream

vs The Competition Flavor

Mildly flavored with a sweet buttery taste, Sysco’s all-natural sour cream offers a pleasing mouth feel that enhances a dish beautifully

The competition’s product does not offer the flavor profile customers expect in a sour cream nor complement other ingredients Pack Sizes

Sysco is committed to bringing value to our customers, like offering our all-natural sour cream in both bulk 32-pound packaging, minimizing packaging cost, and 5-pound sizes

The competition offers only one size package

Consistency Sysco’s all-natural sour cream is formulated and produced in a manner that gives superior product consistency

Week to week, month to month, the competition’s product can vary Stability

Sysco’s all-natural sour cream resists separation, maintains body in hot/cold applications, and integrates smoothly and cleanly as an ingredient in dips, soups, dressings, etc.

Typically, the competitor’s product tests at parity to Sysco’s product on viscosity and stability

Certified Master Chef Dale Miller prefers Wholesome Farms All Natural Sour Cream to the competition. Do you? "My ideal sour cream would have a rich but fresh and clean taste, a creamy texture and elegant mouth feel. "The aftertaste would finish with a nice tang and maintain a full flavor.“ (Times Union, 30 Dec 2010)

The Sysco Brand Difference

Portico Brand Tilapia Comparison

vs The Competition

Portico Tilapia

Full Net Weight Portico Bounty Tilapia is packed to 100% full net weight and verified by our Point Source Inspection Program (PSIP) prior to shipping.

The competition adds extra glaze to their tilapia to inflate the product’s weight. Sysco’s high quality assurance standards prohibits short weight product in the Portico program. Trim

Portico Tilapia is fully trimmed to remove fin feathers and tail taper.

To increase their yield, the competition packs untrimmed fillets, passing on unusable product to their customers.

Application of CO CO is used to euthanize the fish only. We do not allow CO to be applied directly to the fillets.

The competition will directly apply CO to their fillets to hide imperfections and enhance the color of the tilapia.

Sizing & Uniformity All tilapia fillets fall within Sysco’s specified size range. This consistency assures our customers a uniform appearance from plate to plate.

The competition’s fillet sizes vary per package. Sometimes most of their fillets fall within the stated range, while the rest of the fillet sizes are inconsistent.

Meat Color Sysco’s high quality assurance standards specify the removal of any off-colored fillets including tan and yellow. Only our preferred color is accepted.

The competition accepts an assortment of tilapia colors within each case. They are not as consistent with their quality assurance standards as Sysco.

All Portico tilapia goes through Sysco’s Point Source Inspection Program (PSIP) to verify that our specifications are met.

The Sysco Brand Difference Portico Brand Black Tiger Shrimp Comparison


vs The Competition

Black Tiger Shrimp

Full Weight

Sysco’s Portico Black Tiger Shrimp exceed industry standards at 2.75-2.95lbs gross weight per bag. This weight accounts for 10-14% glaze, the coating of ice applied to the shrimp’s surface to serve as a barrier to air. The net deglazed weight is 2.5lbs.

The competition packs their shrimp to the industry standard of 2.60-2.70lbs gross weight.

Sizing and Uniformity Sysco’s Portico Black Tiger Shrimp are graded two times. First, they are inspected by machine, and then by hand to guarantee consistent sizing and uniformity.

The competition typically grades this product once, and they often mix inconsistent sized shrimp to meet the count per pound. Pieces

The majority of Sysco’s Portico Black Tiger Shrimp are packaged with no broken pieces, providing less waste than the competition.

The competition packs their product to the industry standard of 5% broken shrimp.

Country of Origin The Sysco Quality Assurance team uses carefully selected plants in India and Vietnam to process the Portico Black Tiger Shrimp to meet Sysco’s high standards.

The source of the competition’s shrimp changes frequently which could seriously impact quality control measures. Processing

Sysco’s Portico Bounty is processed with a minimal amount of chemicals to maintain the integrity of the product and the packing weight.

The competition adds more water and chemicals to their shrimp. This process saves them money, while the customers yield less usable product.

All Sysco Portico shrimp is tested by government approved labs for use of unapproved antibiotics and other drugs prior to shipment.

The Sysco Brand Difference

Sysco Brand Pies Comparison Who doesn’t love pie? Especially when Sysco’s Imperial and Classic Pies outperform the competitors – compare the differences!

vs The Competition

Sysco Pies


All Sysco brand fruit pies are made with IQF fruit slices and pieces. Using IQF fruit helps ensure that the finished pie filing will have firm juicy fruits, even after baking!

Some competitors pies are filled with a premade fruit filling that upon baking, can further break down the flavor and texture resulting in a mushy pie Filling Competitors’ pies can contain much less fruit

Sysco specifies that our Imperial fruit pies contain over 1 lb of fruit which provides great visual appeal and customer value!

Ingredients Sysco’s Classic fruit pies first ingredient is fruit – makes sense, doesn’t it?

Competitors fruit pies can often contain sugar, corn syrup and even water as a first ingredient!

Filling Contents Sysco’s pies contain more fruit content– just like Grandma made – which results in a firm, flavorful fruit filling

Competitors’ pies contant less fruit

Crust Sysco pies have 100% vegetable shortening crusts – no lard, cholesterol or trans fat! Crusts bake up flakey and tender!

Some competitors’ crusts may be made from other oils and fats

Sometimes what’s old can be new again and right now, pie is very on trend! In fact, apple pie is one of the 5 most popular desserts served so help your customers stay ahead and suggest they add a Sysco brand pie to their menus!

The Sysco Brand Difference

Canned Peach Halves Comparison Sysco Classic

vs The Competition

Peach Halves

Ingredients There’s no citric acid added to the Sysco Classic Peach Halves. Plus the content meets USDA guidelines with only 14% light syrup, that’s 4% less than the competitor.

The competitor’s peach halves include citric acid. The content is labeled 18% light syrup, with a high sugar content that will not appeal to customers trying to lower their sugar intake. Color

The bright yellow color of the Sysco Classic Peach Halves will look great in a fruit salad, as garnish or in a dessert.

By comparison, the competitor’s Peach Halves contained several greenish units.

Packaging Sysco Classic Peach Halves come in a 106oz can and yield 30-35 halves, which is 19% more than the competitor.

Although the competitor’s can is slightly larger, it only yields about 26 peach halves. Origin

Sysco’s peaches are grown, harvested and processed in USDA-inspected California plants and fields.

The competitor’s product is produced in China.

Quality Assurance Customers can trust a Sysco brand product because our Quality Assurance team monitors the process from harvesting, through canning and shipping. Our goal is to guarantee each product meets the company’s high standards for food safety and quality.

Although it may meet USDA standards, cutting results show that the competition’s product does not meet Sysco quality assurance standards.

The Sysco Brand Difference Sysco Brand Labella Pasta Comparison All pasta is NOT created equally as we found in recent product evaluations. Since pasta is one of the most profitable “center-of-the-plate” items an operator can menu, it pays to choose only the best quality product – LaBella Pasta!

LaBella Pasta


Barilla Pasta

Ingredients LaBella Pasta is made with only 100% number 1 grade hard amber durum semolina – yielding the high quality finished product possible

The competition uses a blend of semolina and durum flour to make their pasta resulting in a lighter color and “pastier” finish

Cooking LaBella Pasta produces minimal foaming when cooking as a result of it’s high quality formulation

The competition will have excessive foam when cooking which is an indication that starch is being released – this can result in a blander and pastier finished product Formula

LaBella Pasta is specially formulated for foodservice – pasta can be pre-cooked and re-thermalized to order with no loss in quality

Pastas that are made from semolina and durum flour blends will not hold up as well to the re-thermalizing and can have a sticky texture Pack Size

LaBella Pasta offers one of the widest varieties of pack sizes and unique shapes and formulations to fit any operator or patron preference – including gluten-free and whole wheat varieties

Many competitors stick to the basics with their pasta shapes to minimize production costs offering little variety in shapes and pack sizes

Did you know – SHAPE matters! Sysco offers over 130 pasta shapes so it’s easier than ever to discover new options for your customers best dishes. Some shapes are specifically designed to be “sauce carriers” and stand up to hearty, meat-based sauces while others are better suited for light or creamy sauces.

Take a look at cooked pasta and use some additional criteria to determine quality. Look at color and aroma, tex-

In superior quality pasta you can see it has a golden yellow color that is free of defects or specks in the pasta. Compare that to inferior pasta that will typically have a slight grayish or darker brown color with lots of small specks inside. These defects are caused by either poor wheat quality, inferior manufacturing techniques or intentional blending of durum or other wheat flour with the semolina to cut costs. This dry visual test is always a good starting point in evaluation.

If you look at quality dry pasta in an uncooked state, you can typically tell the difference by comparing color, dimensions and purity.

How to determine the best quality pasta

superior ingredients of high quality semolina - the key to great pasta, a great golden color, not gray or tan, with little or no specks or defects a better value because of its superior cooking performance; often becomes ‘al dente’ sooner and remains ‘al dente’ longer - even when overcooked.

Time after time, AIPC pasta will outperform the competition even against imported pasta that is perceived to be of higher quality. Remember - AIPC pasta offers these key advantages:


Here’s semolina on the left; All-purpose flour on the right.

Most of the durum grown today is amber durum, the grains of which are amber-colored and larger than those of other types of wheat. Durum has a yellow endosperm, which gives pasta its color. When durum is milled, the endosperm is ground into a granular product called semolina. Semolina made from durum is used for premium pastas and breads.

Superfine & Extrafine– developed specially to provide a consistent and narrow particle size range so that all particles absorb water at the same rate during mixing and quickly. This grade is predominantly used for large continuous pasta processes and high speed pasta manufacturing that involves high temperature drying.

Medium: ideal for the production of fresh and dried pasta with the classic al-dente texture.

Coarse: a premium product, with a rich golden amber color that is ideal for artisanal production of pasta. It is also used to make a number of desserts, puddings, sweets and Middle Eastern sweetmeats and to coat artisanal breads and pizzas.


The Sysco Brand difference

IFZ Chicken Breasts Comparison

All chicken breasts are the same, right? WRONG! There is a visible difference between Sysco Brand IFZ (Individually Frozen) Chicken Breasts vs. a major national manufacturers’ product.

vs The Competition

Sysco Brand IFZ Chicken Breast

Shape Sysco only uses “natural fall” chicken breasts which means the chicken is not cut down to meet a specific portion size

The competition may start with a much larger breast and cut it down to a specific ounce size Larger breasts come from older chickens which can impact tenderness and flavor

Natural fall chicken breasts are derived from younger chickens which offer a tender, more palatable bite

Cut-down breasts will vary in size and shape and do not provide consistent plate presentations

Portions maintain a consistent shape of a natural chicken breast for recognizable plate presentations

Count Sysco guarantees a minimum of 48 pieces per case and a maximum of 50 pieces so that operators can truly manage portion costs

Some of the competition fills their cases by weight and do not guarantee a minimum count per case

Weight Sysco IF breasts allow a maximum of ½ ounce tolerance per portion – meaning a 5 oz breast can range between 4.5 ounces to 5.5 ounces

Cut-down breast can vary more in weight; there is also a higher percentage of defects and trim in cut-down breasts

Cooking Sysco IFZ breasts cook evenly and quickly from a frozen or thawed state while maintaining natural chicken breast shape

Cut-down breasts can vary in cook times due to the differences in thickness in relation to the size of the breast Tray packed breasts are best when cooked from a completely thawed state due to folding in the freezing process

Packaging Sysco IFZ breasts are individually blast frozen within minutes using a spiral freezer to lock in freshness Then packaged in an exclusive reclosable zipper seal bag for safety and convenience; chicken can be marinated directly in the bag to prevent cross contamination

Tray pack breasts are packed in plastic trays, slow frozen in a conventional freezer,which decreases meat quality; trays tend to stick together, individual breasts are difficult to remove frozen; known to leak in coolers creating a higher probability for cross contamination, and add waste to our landfills. Cut-down breast packaging varies and typically would not have a reclosable bag

Sysco Brand

Crushed Tomato Comparison Arrezzio Crushed Tomatoes taste more like tomatoes, cost less to use, and are a great value compared to the competition (Angela Mia). Check out the results of our cutting and review your LEI and Equity to take this advantage to the street.


Crushed Tomatoes

vs Angela Mia

Crushed Tomatoes


6 LB. 9 OZ. Arrezio Crushed Tomato (5989512)

6 LB. 6OZ. Angela Mia Crushed Tomato (4030599)

Actual OpCo A/P Cost $20.99


6 Can Net Weight Average 649.42


Ap Cost (per Ounce) $0.0323

$0.0337 Less EI



Net Cost (per Ounce) $0.0278


Sysco Brand Cream Cheese Comparison Sysco Block & Barrel and Imperial cream cheeses play a major role in favorites like cheesecake, mashed potatoes, bagel toppings, and many dessert items. Due to its smooth and creamy texture it works perfectly as an ingredient as well as a spread.


Sysco Brand Cream Cheese

The Competition

Consistency Developed to have a rich creamy taste and sets up nice and soft.

Lacks some of the initial burst in flavor and sets up firmer, which can make it more difficult to work with at the end-user level.

Baking Bakes to a golden looking cheesecake ready to serve with flavor preferred to competition.

Bakes up and tends to brown un-evenly out of the oven. This can cause some less than appealing visual plate presentations.

Size Regular loaves come in two convenient sizes 4/3# and 10/3# for volume users.

Their regular loaves are available in one pack size which could cause- additional labor and storage and packaging waste issues for large volume users.

Preference Sysco cream cheese is preferred over the competition in baking applications, in mouth feel, taste and appearance.

The competitor’s cream cheese is ranked well and acceptable, sell the Sysco advantage.

Culture Fully cultured and made with just the right amount of milk and cream, carefully mixed with all the natural cultures to a smooth, unforgettable perfection.

In some cases the cream cheese may not be cultured which will tend to give a less than desirable flavor profile to the product.

Certified Kosher by The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. U D

Certified Kosher by a variety of organizations.

1161181 1/30# Cream Cheese

8635740 4/3# Loaf Regular Cream Cheese 1012566 10/3# Loaf Cream Cheese

The Sysco Brand Difference Citavo Special Blend Coffee Comparison Little known fact – the fruit of the coffee tree actually resembles a cherry. At Sysco, we pick only the best “cherries”, which help you prepare a great cup of Joe!

Citavo Special Blend Coffee

vs The Competition

Ingredients Sysco Citavo Special Blend Coffee comes from premium Medium roast 100% Arabica and Robusta beans.

Some competitor’s use Robusta beans as the primary ingredient, that don’t provide the same taste and aroma experience you get from Citavo Special Blend coffee. Flavor Profile

Citavo Special Blend gives you a full bodied flavor that your customers come to expect.

The competition will taste more bitter and harsh. A flavor that you don’t want to pour for your patrons!

Service Customizable POS is available on our Sysco resource center. Our coffee roaster is also available with a full sales support team to help you every day.

Service and sales support may be inconsistent and available only through 3rd party companies.

Source Sysco controls the source of the product from the field to the cup. You know where the product is coming from (country of origins) and so will your customers.

The source is unknown and there is no guarantee about country of origin and coffees used in the blend.

Anyway it’s stirred, you can wake up to the sweet smell of success by serving Sysco Citavo Special Blend coffee. Your customers will be glad you did!

The Sysco Brand Difference

Beef Franks Comparison Frankly, there’s a real difference in hot dogs! Recently we evaluated Block and Barrel Imperial Beef Franks vs. a major national competitor using the roller grill test.

Block and Barrel Imperial 6” Beef Franks


The Competitor’s Frank


Block and Barrel Imperial Franks left no residue on the roller grill

The franks left a large amount of caramel color residue on the roller grill, overtime imparting a “burned” flavor and smell and also making the grill difficult to clean

Color The competitor’s frank had significant darkening and wrinkling of the outer skin surface

The Block and Barrel Imperial Frank had a consistent color, smooth outer surface and a great “bite” Block and Barrel Imperial Beef Franks are formulated with a proprietary seasoning blend that is well balanced and flavorful

Appearance The Block and Barrel Imperial Frank stayed intact providing great visual appeal and no end blow out

The competitor’s frank had end “blow out” during roller grill heating

Ingredients The competitor’s frank contains modified corn starch (a filler) and potassium lactate.

Block and Barrel Imperial Beef Franks contain no fillers or preservatives

Yield Block and Barrel Imperial Beef Franks have very little yield loss after grilling (2.55 oz prior and 2.25 oz after)

The competitor’s frank had significant yield loss and shrinkage (2.55 oz prior to grill and 1.8 oz after grilling)

Shrinkage, blowout, wrinkling, filler and darkening - YUCK! Down on the “Farm”, these results would be called out-“Land”ish!! If you want customers to say “Now that’s a GREAT dog” choose Block and Barrel Imperial Beef Franks and let them experience the Sysco Difference! Fetch some from your Sysco Marketing Associate today!

French Fry Comparison Recently we compared Sysco Brand French fries against a national cash-and-carry restaurant wholesaler and found out that size does matter – at least when you are talking French Fries!

Length Comparison C-N-C Restaurant Wholesaler

Inconsistent sizing More shorts, broken & slivers Less appealing when served

Sysco Reliance (#889 7795)

Fewer shorts More consistent sizing Spec- Max % under 2”-50% - Max % slivers & shorts 20%

Sysco Cla ssic (#1026371)

Fewest shorts Most consistent sizing Spec- Minimum % over 3”-15% - Max % under 2”-40% - Max % slivers and shorts 15%

Serving Comparison C-N-C Restaurant Wholesaler

Sysco Relia nce (#889 7795)

Sysco Classic (#1026371)

* 20 servings / 5 LB

* 23 servings / 5 LB

* 25 servings / 5 LB

Fewer servings Fewer profits Why lose a customer over poor fry quality when you can serve the best for only pennies?

More servings Increased profits 3 servings per bag is an additional 18 servings per case

Maximum servings Maximum profits 5 servings per bag is an additional 30 servings per case

Yield Comparison C-N-C Restaurant Wholesaler

Sysco Relia nce (#889 7795)

Sysco Classic (#1026371)

Weight before cooked : 1 LB

Weight before cooked : 1 LB

Weight before cooked : 1 LB

Weight after cooked : 10.50 OZ

Weight after cooked: 11.50 OZ

Weight after cooked: 12.25 OZ

Product has more water Once cooked—least yield When water goes out—oil goes in—creating soggy/ oily fries Less appealing color Inconsistent cook Most water in fryer Least oil integrity and shortest oil life costing more dollars

Less water—more yield More servings More appealing color More consistent cook Better hold time Less water in frying oil More oil integrity

Least water—more yield Most servings Most appealing color Most consistent cook Better hold time Least water in frying oil Longest fry oil life Maximize profits

To try the Sysco Brand Difference, contact your local Sysco Marketing Associate for these and many other great products from Sysco

The Sysco Brand Difference Sysco Brand Bacon comparison Here’s what we saw during a recent evaluation of Sysco brand bacon vs. the competition

Sysco Bacon

vs The Competition

LEAN & MEATY Sysco specifies the amount of primary lean in our bacon. More primary lean means that the cooked bacon slices will shrink less and provide be er plate coverage FRESH BELLIES Sysco uses only fresh bellies which eliminates the off flavors. FLAVOR-FLAVOR- FLAVOR Natural Wood Smoked, Apple Wood or Hickory Smoked – Sysco has a bacon flavor for every taste preference CONSISTENT SLICE COUNTS

Be er Yield Less Throw Away No Hooked Ends or Curls Guaranteed Slice Count

FULL PLATE COVERAGE Meal presents as delicious and a good value GAS FLUSHED PACKAGING Sysco bacon is gas flushed, offering 70 days of shelf life

FATTY & UNEVEN Compe tor bacon allows much less primary lean resul ng in uneven, shorter, curled slices, and increased shrinkage

FROZEN BELLIES Compe tors use frozen bellies which means the age is ques onable and can produce a strong off flavor in the bacon BLAND FLAVOR O en the compe on uses a chemical smoke flavoring process INCONSISTENT SLICE COUNTS Costs you money! Increased shrink and breakage Hooks and curls POOR PLATE COVERAGE More bacon needed to cover the plate DRY AND FLAVORLESS Compe tor bacon is packed in a cardboard box and the meat begins to deteriorate immediately leaving the bacon drier and with less flavor.

Who doesn’t love bacon? Make sure the bacon you serve makes them come back for more! Contact your Sysco Marketing Associate to experience the Sysco Brand Difference!

Special Melt Comparison

Our five pound Cheese Loaves are staples in the foodservice industry due to their wonderful versatility. Easy to shred, cube and dice, our Casa Solana Cheese Loaves are formulated to melt to a velvety smooth consistency without burning or oiling-off, making them perfect for Mexican style dips and sauces.

Casa Solana


The Competition

Casa Solana loaves shred and Melt to a smooth looking color – preferred to other brands

Their loaves usually shred and melt pretty well but in some cases have an oily appearance in topical melt.

Casa Solana loaves rated better in appearance than competition in various test.

Some of their products tend to vary in appearance which can cause less than appealing visual presentations on the plate.

Casa Solana loaves hold up very well when sauced and holding on the steam table.

Some of the competitor’s products will not hold up as well and tend to thicken quickly after saucing.

Casa Solana loaves are preferred over the competition in mouth feel, melt and appearance.

The competitor’s loaves usually are rated well and acceptable, sell the Sysco advantage.

Casa Solana loaves are versatile and will complement any south–of–the–border entrée.

End-Users may have to use several different of the competitions products to fill all the needs of melt, saucing, etc.

Casa Solana loaves come in several different formulas to address all aspects from top-of-the line quality to value and perform.

Competitors’ come in many different ways, from small local competitors to the large national brand. Sell The Sysco Advantage.

2575934 6/5# LF Special Melt Y 2575926 6/5# LF Special Melt W The growing popularity of Hispanic food dishes and the growing Hispanic population in the United States are great indicators that Casa Solana loaves will see continued growth in the months and years to come. Casa Solana has the variety and quality to support your business.

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