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TAKEOUT TOOLKIT Innovative tools and resources to help you capture curbside and takeout business.


Food delivery and takeout services are two of the fastest growing segments of the restaurant industry it’s no surprise that consumers spent $769 billion ordering food last year, and 63% of that was for food eaten at home*. Due to the pandemic, operators have relied on this even more, and with regulations imposed by states to limit capacity takeout, curbside pick up, and delivery have become the primary option for restaurants to continue business during this trying time. Curbside pick up isn’t new, it all started in 1921, where we saw the first carhop drive-in restaurants. Now instead of roller skates and window trays, there is curbside pick up. Diners can easily swing by and "pick up" without getting out of their vehicles. We live in an era of the “convenience generation” relying on easy access, technology, and timeliness – takeout and curbside pick up speak to these needs. They are also the most cost-efficient channels and can make a positive impact on your bottom line. Sysco has thoughtfully put this Curbside & Takeout Toolkit together for you to help make the process smoother and to provide inspiration for a new revenue stream.

* Report from payment publication PYMNTS and restaurant tech provider Paytronix. Feb 18, 2021



Innovation extends to curbside and takeout. With COVID-19 causing operators across the country to rethink their services and expand their options, the opportunity to offer portable, easy to takeout items can be a profitable solution to navigate the current shift in foodservice operations.

Takeout offers quick, convenient, and delicious options for your customers that are ready to go for curbside pickup or delivery.

Benefits Of Takeout & Curbside Process & Preparation • 6 Steps for A Successful Takeout Experience

Technology • Leverage Technology to Boost Your Sales • 3rd-party Delivery – Grow Revenue By Reaching New Customers

Products • • • •

Choose Your Products Wisely – Craft Your Menu. Foods That Travel Well Popular Takeout Items Package With A Purpose

Menus & Marketing • • • • • • • •

Menu Engineering – Manage Your Menu Content Streamline Your Menu for Success! Contactless Ordering – Utilize QR Codes QR Code Customization Ideas Social Media Messaging – Talk to Your Customers Takeout Dining Toolkit Safety & Sanitation Toolkit Masks & Social Distancing Toolkit



If you're not already offering takeout or curbside pick up – it can open up an additional revenue stream. While it does involve additional expenses in the form of containers and runners, it is offset by opening up an entirely new stream of revenue, and in some cases, may be the only option. This also invites potential customers who may not have previously purchased food from you. An influx of customers ordering food online for takeout can replace revenue lost from operating a dining room at less than full capacity. Additional benefits of curbside pick up include:

Improved margins – no third-party delivery fees. While you may need to rely on third-party delivery services to draw in business, you don’t have to rely on them 100%. These services take money off every ticket and this eats into your profits. Offering takeout and curbside pick up at your restaurant complements third-party delivery and allows you avoid the fees they impose.

Convenient alternative. Takeout and curbside pick up encourage your best customers to continue patronizing your establishment without compromising their health and that of your staff.

Controlled customer experience. Best of all, offering takeout and curbside pick up will help you maintain control over the service experience your customers receive.



If you’re looking to offer your customers another pick up option, enabling curbside service might be an effective way to do so. You’ll be offering yourself and your customers extra piece of mind and be able to quickly and efficiently provide to go meals without extra delivery staff.

Plan for efficiency. Reserve a few parking spots near your front door for curbside pickup only, ensuring those customers have a convenient place to park and staff can easily find them. This also advertises your services to other customers. If you can’t allocate spaces near the door, consider installing a security camera in the parking lot so your staff knows when customers have arrived.

Select appropriate packaging. It’s worth spending a little extra on quality carryout containers to make sure hot foods stay hot, cold foods stay cold and liquids stay in their containers. This helps preserve the guest experience all the way home. Containers also offer valuable advertising space and a small investment in printing can extend your brand recognition beyond your parking lot.

Spread the word. Marketing is crucial. Use your website and social media presence to communicate that your operation offers a curbside service. If you have a contact distribution list, sending out email blasts with service details and special offers, like a certain percentage off their first curbside order, can help get your customer base utilizing the service and telling their friends.

Structure your staff. Service is key to generating repeat curbside business. It’s best to dedicate staff to take orders, watch for arrivals and deliver food to cars. Train employees to note the make, model and colour of customers’ vehicles when taking orders so staff can identify them when they arrive.

Ensure speed and efficiency. It’s imperative to minimize trips back into the restaurant, so make sure your curbside staff is offering credit card payment at the point of order, as well as taking payments at the car with a secure, wireless credit card terminal or mobile payment app on a mobile device or tablet.

Offer third-party delivery. While there is a nominal cost to partnering with third-party delivery services, doing so can help create a smooth process without adding extra staff or over-burdening your current employees. You’re also reaching potential customers who may use these services on a regular basis but are not connected to your operation currently.




Don’t list your entire menu.

Consider additional revenue streams.

Pay attention to packaging.

It may be easy to replicate your entire dine-in menu for takeout, but this is not always the best solution for you or your customers. Thoughtful planning will ensure that you have the most profitable menu while providing the best experience for your customer.​

Consider adding items that aren’t on your regular menu. Pivoting to introduce new trends can provide a new revenue stream. For example, if you are a fine dining establishment, it may be beneficial to offer a category of comfort foods.

It’s important to make sure that each food item is packaged well and in a way that portrays your brand and quality.

Family Packs: Customers are Include your most profitable and best sellers!​ Start with most profitable and popular dishes – your STARS! This ensures that your customers can still get what they enjoy most.

looking for meals that can feed an entire family – with leftovers! Get creative with rewarding your customer for buying in bulk, look for ways to group meals together for a small price reduction.

Consider portability.

Meal Kits: "Prep at home" kits

Portability is extremely important; you want your items to have the best quality and make it home to your customers as if they were dining in. Test your items in your packaging to ensure it doesn’t become soggy. Make sure the cold stays cold and hot stays hot.

are a fun way to extend your brand into the home of your customers. Create a unique Kitchen2Kitchen experience by packaging fresh ingredients for a few signature dishes with easy to follow recipe cards and perhaps a link to a cook-along video!

Leverage ingredients.

Grocery Staples: Offering a

Now more than ever, cost-saving is critical. Consider how you can leverage key ingredients across several menu items to control costs.

few hard to find home and pantry items (like paper towels, dish cleaner, disinfectant, and more) can add a little extra revenue for you and provides an added convenience for your customers.

Package items in appropriate containers. Careful consideration should be given to food that has a tendency to leak, these items should be placed in a sturdy sealed containers. Also when selecting packaging, keep in mind proper insulation for hot and cold items.

Seal food containers.


Adding a sticker to your containers is a great way to show your customers that their safety is top of mind, in addition, it protects the quality of your dish. Utilizing clear containers allows your runner to identify contents easily without the need to open the container.

Provide utensils, napkins, and condiments. This will round out the experience and allow your customers to eat right away, at the proper temperature and their convenience.


Food safety and sanitization policies. First and foremost should be the safety of your staff and customers, following safety and sanitization procedures is critical. We have always been an industry accustomed to safety procedures, but elevating it even more provides added benefits to customers and staff.

Establish staff check-in and work procedures. Set up procedures to take staff temperatures when they arrive and ensure they don’t show signs of illness. Additionally, determine how they can be socially distant and have reminders about rigorous hand-washing rules.

Require gloves and masks. Follow CDC guidelines on gloves and mask. Make these a critical must with your staff.

Inform customers of your sanitization procedures. Leverage Sysco’s Marketing Services team for signage to post throughout your restaurant and website. Consider adding safety practices on order confirmations to give customers peace-of-mind.

Clear instructions for customer pickup and interaction is critical.

Spread the word about your curbside offerings.

Execution is important - plan carefully so it’s well executed. While it’s hard to plan for the unexpected, take the time to think through each step of the process to prepare for what you do know.

Once you have all the processes in place, it’s important to let your customers know that curbside is available for them. Here are a few suggestions you don’t want to overlook:

Provide clear pickup instructions. Provide specifics

Add a banner outside your restaurant. Banners are a great

for your customers. Do they text or call when they arrive? Will you ask for vehicle information during the order process? Let your customers know what to expect during their pickup experience, whether ordering online or phone.

way for customers driving by to see you are still available for takeout or curbside ordering if they are not comfortable with dining in.

Clearly label your pickup location. Place large signs on the side of the building or in front of each parking space you have designated for pickup.

Announce your new service digitally. Communicate often, on your website, post frequently to your social channels and if you have emails for your customers send one, it’s a great personal touch.

Encourage word-of-mouth. Establish delivery instructions. Make your staff knows what is expected of them when delivering food to a customer – like handing items through the window/door or to fill drinks only upon customer arrival to delay watering down.


One of the most effective marketing is word of mouth. Ask your customers to let their friends know – consider providing discount cards for spreading the word.


Leverage technology to boost your sales. Technology is a valuable partner and one of the greatest assets you can utilize to meet the new expectations of your customers. The traditional way of doing business has evolved to include technology-based solutions – embracing these options will help you make your services quick and easy for your customers, in turn boosting your sales. Sysco provides you with several technology solutions that help you to grow your business, create efficiencies, and meet the needs of your customers. Additionally, you can advantage of exclusive offers that we have negotiated on your behalf, allowing you to receive benefits typically available only to larger or multi-unit customers.





Grow revenue by reaching new customers. Starting your own delivery service does have some benefits; however, using a third-party delivery company has a host of perks that you will want to look at. As consumers grow weary from eating home-cooked meals but are hesitant to venture out, they will be looking for opportunities to get food delivered to them. A study by Zion & Zion revealed that two-thirds of adults between 18-29 used a third-party delivery site in the past 90 days. These apps have a wide reach and can be used as a turnkey marketing tool to reach new customers. Do not be intimidated by using new technology. While the process may vary from delivery service to delivery service, the process remains quite simple and efficient. You upload your menu and important information into their platform, and customers will order directly from the smartphone or tablet. You will need to have an expediter who will receive the orders on your in-house tablet and relay the order to the kitchen staff. As the orders are finalized, your team will package the items to be ready for a driver to come and pick them up to deliver to your customer. Be sure to utilize Sysco Studio to create sluggers or buzz cards to be delivered with the order.


TIP: Consider uploading a special menu with pricing that will allow you to cover any associated costs that come with using a third-party delivery company. The amount will depend on the fees associated with the company you choose.




Choose your products wisely – craft your menu. Create a simplified menu for takeout and delivery. Pare it down to a short list of easy-to-make dishes that travel well. Think comfort foods like sandwiches and wraps, salads (dressing in a separate container), pizza and baked pastas. Don’t forget sides, desserts and beverages. Just because the dishes are easy to make doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Chef Neil Doherty, Sysco’s Senior Director of Culinary Development, recommends using this opportunity to test your creativity: “Using speed-scratch components or ready-made dishes as a base and then adding your own spin to it will make the truly great stand out from the pack.” Now is the time to go minimal. Highlight signature dishes plus a few low-cost, low-labour favourites. When you have fewer items on the menu, you can maintain a simpler inventory and use some of the same ingredients across several dishes to optimize supply. “I would open up with no more than eight or nine main dishes on the menu,” Chef Doherty says. “I can limit my staff and execute quickly.” In any economic downturn, diners are looking for value—and craving comfort food. “People want honest food they can understand,” says Doherty. “Burgers, pizzas. No one wants to roll the dice on ego-driven plates right now.”



FOODS THAT TRAVEL WELL Some foods retain their flavour and texture better than others during the takeout or delivery timeframe. Sandwiches, salads and wrap platters are all excellent examples of family-style takeout or delivery meals that are popular in times like these. Short pastas, such as cavatappi and penne, retain their quality during transport. Fried foods can lose their crisp; however, Sysco has developed several distinctive fried products that hold up better over time. For example, Sysco Imperial Ultimate Crisp Heavy Battered French Fries, which are coated in an extra-thick batter to ensure a crisp outside and buttery interior. Selecting your menu items and takeout containers with travel in mind will increase customer satisfaction and likely will result in an uptick of re-ordering. Contact your Sysco Sales Consultant for more information on available products.

Whether for takeout, curbside, or delivery, Sysco has put together some thought starters for you to consider:

Grilled Meats - Grilled meats reheat easily and maintain their integrity in takeout and delivery applications.

Vegetables - Steamed or grilled firm textured vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and fresh green beans should be prepared al dente so they don’t overcook when reheated. Canned vegetables can give you more of a country-style appeal and are great as a side to meat-based entrees. Pizza and Flatbread - These delivery and takeout staples can be prepared ahead of time allowing for shorter ticket times and support increased demand.

Casseroles & Pot Pies - A hearty choice with extended hold capabilities. Pot pies and other casserole dishes may also be prepared in disposable foil pans for easy cleanup and storage of leftovers.

Pasta Dishes - Baked pasta dishes, such as lasagna and baked ziti, can be prepared ahead of time and in bulk for ease of service and reheating.

Sandwiches and Wraps - Convenient, extremely portable, and suitable as a meal or snack at any time of the day. Pair with grab-and-go items for a complete meal. Salads - A healthy option that can be served with grilled meats and an array of toppings or dressings. Sysco Imperial Fresh salad mixes are HCAAP safe, provide ease of portioning and maximum shelf life.



Package with a purpose. Your customers will have a better – and safer – takeout experience when you provide sturdy packaging that maintains the quality and integrity of the food. That means using containers that are durable, won’t leak and won’t break. Bonus points for containers that also allow for reheating. “Remember, your reputation is in that box,” Chef Neil Doherty, Sysco's Senior Director of Culinary Development says. When creating your takeout menu, concentrate on those dishes that will travel well and even reheat well, as many diners are putting entrées in the oven or microwave once they get them home. You need to choose the right dish and packaging. “Old favourites like pizzas, burgers and pastas work great. Asian noodle dishes such as lo mein are very forgiving,” Chef Doherty, says. Other foods may need more attention, like placing separate components in small containers to keep the hot and cold apart and to keep anything from getting soggy.





Now that you have thought through your takeout and curbside experience, it’s time to spread the word about your services, safety/comfort measures, and menu you have put in place. Sysco Marketing Concierge offers strategies and customized marketing pieces designed to help you communicate your message.

Menu Strategize your menu to feature those items with higher profit margins and shorter prep times. Consider implementing an LTO menu or travel friendly menu, featuring appetizers, small bite offerings, and specialty drinks. Review the 4Ps of menu engineering to boost your profitability!

Spread the Word It’s important to let your customers know that their favourite place is open and has takeout available. To get the word out, post photos of your new space and menu on all your social media channels. Update your google/yelp business listing to inform your customers of the services they can expect.  Communicate frequently.  Update with operational changes or safety standards you have implemented.  Provide information how customers can order – including 3rd-party marketplaces.  Share your menu.  Market promotions you may be offering.

Signage Have visible signage at all times. Consider patio easels, sidewalk signs, and banners – make sure your signage can be spotted by those walking or driving by. Sysco Marketing Services is here to help you succeed!

Contact us at 1-800-380-6348 or



Manage your menu content. • Focus on what you do best – provide a consistent, quality product that your customers can count on. • Evaluate and update your menu considering the 4P’s of Menu Engineering:

PROFITABILITY • Review current item costs and make pricing adjustments based on current market conditions. • Identify areas where you can switch out ingredients to enhance profitability without compromising quality.

POPULARITY • Feature your signature items – what are you famous for? • Review past history or competitive analysis for key offerings.

PREPARATION • Select items that require limited preparation and assembly. • Cross-train your kitchen staff for maximum efficiency. • Review and reduce your inventory to minimize stand-alone items and excess stock.

PORTABILITY • Ensure your items package and travel well – maintaining their quality and freshness. • Invest in the proper carryout containers to maintain temperature and presentation to most closely mirror dine-in experience.



As you plan your business and strategize services, you will need to rethink and reengineer your menu to meet the new expectations of your customers.

Streamline your business. • Limit your menu offerings for maximum efficiency, and profitability, while focusing on strategically planned LTO’s to drive business. • Adjust your staffing needs to accommodate your reduced dining room capacity, limited menu, and available services. • Continue to offer carry-out, curbside pickup, and delivery, along with other enhanced services, such as meal kits, take & bake, and specialty items. • Create an on-site pop up shop or virtual “marketplace” to sell your signature items and pantry essentials.

Rethink your menu format. • Understand your customer. They will be looking to see the steps you’re taking to ensure their safety and comfort – and this includes your menu format. • Consider changing to a single sheet disposable paper menu, menu board, or digital display for best safety and sanitation practices. • For dine-in service, introduce or enhance online ordering and payment options from the table. • Offer your menu online and viewable via your customer’s smart phone or tablet using a QR Code for contactless ordering.

TIP: Single-use, easily sanitized, digital display or contactless menus are recommended (or may be required) and serve as a clear indication of your commitment to safety and sanitation.





Utilize QR codes. Your customers are looking for a convenient and safe way to view and order from your menu when dining. To meet these expectations, and as an alternative to disposable menus, you may want to offer your menu online and viewable to your customers from their smart phone or tablet. This can be done quickly and easily by using a QR code.

QR codes link customers to your: • • • • •


Contactless menu Online ordering for dine-in, patio, and takeout Website, social media, and image gallery LTO’s, special features, and promotions Virtual “marketplace” to sell signature items, family-style bundles, and take & bake meal kits



Get creative with utilizing QR codes to communicate your customers – try custom printed options like to-go bags, napkins, cup sleeves, and more! Keeping your business top of mind is key and this is a great way to do it! Sysco Marketing Services is here to help you customize printable materials for your establishment, providing you with print-ready PDF files for you to print locally.




Talk to your customers. Utilizing social media to communicate with your customers is more important now than ever before. Developing a robust campaign of simple messages to encourage consumers to use your services can help you reach your customers where they are – and the majority of your customers are online. We realize the pandemic is making communication incredibly challenging and so Sysco is here to support you in every way possible. We have put together a list of core fundamentals to help you engage with your customers online, boost awareness of your offerings, and keep your business going strong during this unprecedented time.

Your website, email, and social media can help you to: • Let your customers know how they can safely order, pay, pickup or get their food delivered. • Post your hours and any extended services you are offering. • Address current mandates and what you are doing follow guidelines to keep your staff and customers safe. • Answer questions and be responsive – virtually interact with new and existing customers in a personal and transparent way. • Stay connected with your employees by sending them updates. • Get guests to feel safe with your services and comfortable with their experience. • Share photos, promotions and updates about your business and services. • Make sure you’re top-of-mind when your customers are looking for dining options.

Promote Your Services


Share Your Commitment

Drive Traffic




Let your customers know that you have expanded your services to offer takeout by communicating via these marketing essentials. Sysco Marketing Services is here to help you customize these pieces for your establishment, providing you with print-ready PDF files for you to print locally.

Contact us at 1-800-380-6348 or

8.5x11 Menu 11x17 Poster Menu tips for takeout & delivery… Item recommendations: • Minimize your menu options. • Feature low labour and high profit items. • Select those that are easily packaged and travel well. • Limit your options to 20-30 items.

Additional Suggestions:

Social Media Post

10’x2.5’ Banner


• Offer family-size meal options, as well as individual portions. • Pre-payment over the phone or on-line. • Include any delivery or service fees and extra costs for disposable containers in the menu price. • Carry-out: Designate pickup station inside front door or curbside pickup. • Delivery: Leave items on front porch with text that delivery has arrived.


Let your customers know that their health and safety is your top priority by communicating via these marketing essentials. Sysco Marketing Services is here to help you customize these pieces for your establishment, providing you with print-ready PDF files for you to print locally.

Contact us at 1-800-380-6348 or 11x17 Sign 8.5x11 Sign 4x6 Table Card

11x17 Sign 11x17 Sign

8.5x11 Sign



Let your customers know that you are following recommended safety and social distancing guidelines by communicating via these marketing essentials. Sysco Marketing Services is here to help you customize these pieces for your establishment, providing you with print-ready PDF files for you to print locally.

Contact us at 1-800-380-6348 or 11x17 Posters

Floor Decals



The Sysco Advantage program is designed to make you more efficient, increase your profitability and make it easier for you to manage your operations. The intent is to help drive business in all areas of house with our holistic collection of offerings, encompassing our specialized services, restaurant technology, tools, partnerships, and personalized consultation. We have partnered with best-in-class companies to make sure our customers have the right tools to optimize their business and increase traffic.

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