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Midland students received lessons in coupons and how savings is calculated.

Members of the High School’s “My Soldier Club” wrote letters to thank returning service members.

Midland School collected coupons for a program conducted through the Carver Center.

Although the holidays are over, the season for giving and sharing does not end in Rye’s schools. Students, staff, and parents have been involved in many outreach initiatives over the past few months to bring happiness to others near and far. Midland participated in a series of Coupon Workshops hosted by the Carver Center to assist local families by providing them with grocery coupons. Students learned about coupons and how they are used, and a collection box was set up in the school lobby where coupons could be donated. Expired coupons are forwarded to overseas military bases where they can be used for an additional six months. Midland also helped others through a Coat Drive, with coats, sweaters, hats, gloves, and mittens being provided to the Don Bosco Center in Port Chester. Students at Milton Elementary School participated in a Saint Jude Math-A-Thon and raised $4,900 for Saint Jude’s Children's Research Hospital. Through this program, students earn prizes for their work, and most opted to have their rewards donated to the • patients at Saint Jude’s. • Osborn School’s Melody Makers visited the Osborn Home, • where they spent time with the • residents and performed songs • and ballroom dance routines. As • in previous visits, Mr. Toppo

asked the seniors to sing along and share in the experience. The Rye Middle School Parent Organization held a Clothing Drive effort, to which more than 100 families contributed. Clothing and other items such as bicycles, toys, and linens were unloaded from cars by students who volunteered their Saturday, and members of the High School football team helped fill a large truck from top to bottom with the donations, which were distributed to needy families. The “My Soldier Club” at Rye High School assisted Harvard University and the Bronxville Community in the “Welcome Home Heroes Letter Drive,” contributing 576 letters thanking returning service members for their time overseas. The club promoted the letter drive on Listserve, in newspapers, and in the school buildings. Even a kindergarten class at Milton got involved, writing thoughtful letters to the soldiers.

IN THIS ISSUE... Student Recognitions District News Around the Schools Music & Arts Sports Dates to Remember

National Merit Finalists Six Rye High School seniors have been named Finalists in the 2012 National Merit Scholarship Program Competition. After being recognized as Semifinalists this past fall, Molly Jordan, Alexander Mun, Leo Neuringer, Celia Palmer, Claire Pfister, and Gwendolyn Wiegold were selected as Finalists based on evaluations of information such as their academic records, the school’s curricula and grading system, test scores, written recommendations, participation in activities and leadership, and essays. Molly, Alexander, Leo, Celia, Claire, and Gwendolyn were originally named Semifinalists based on results of their PSATs, which serve as the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program. As Finalists, the six are among approximately 15,000 students throughout the nation who are now eligible for scholarship awards.

Front row L-R: Alexander Mun, Claire Pfister. Back Row L-R: Gwendolyn Wiegold, Leo Neuringer, Celia Palmer, Molly Jordan.

Presidential Scholars Program Candidates Rye High School seniors Molly Jordan and Alexander Mun have been selected as candidates for the United States Presidential Scholars Program. Molly and Alexander have been invited to apply, through submission of essays, self-assessments, school reports, and transcripts, for eligibility as semifinalists with the prospect of eventually earning the prestigious Scholar distinction. The United States Presidential Scholars Program recognizes some of the nation’s most distinguished graduating seniors. Scholars are selected based on their accomplishments in areas such as academics, the arts, leadership, and involvement in school and the community. These students must also represent excellence in education and the promise of greatness in America’s youth. Molly and Alex are both National Merit Semifinalists, and both are members of the National Honor Society. Molly also runs the High School newspaper, Garnet & Black, and serves as captain of the Tennis Team. She will be attending Amherst College in the fall. Alex is the President and Founder of the Math Team. He plans to pursue math studies in college. In April, the 500 semifinalists will be announced, and in May, up to 141 students will earn the Scholar status. The Scholars will be invited to Washington, D.C. to participate in a National Recognition Weekend that Molly Jordan and Alexander Mun, the two candidates for the Presidential culminates with a ceremony sponsored by the White House. Scholars Program.

National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholars Rye High School students Lauren Creadore and Marco Groenendaal have been acknowledged by the College Board as National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP) Scholars. The NHRP was initiated in 1983 to identify the nation’s top Hispanic students based on their PSAT scores and grade point averages. Each year, the NHRP identifies nearly 5,000 of the highest‐scoring students from a nationwide total of more than 200,000 who take the PSAT/NMSQT and designate themselves as Hispanic/Latino. Lauren and Marco were each presented with certificates in honor of this achievement. Marco Groenendaal and Lauren Creadore


Osborn Principal

Announces Retirement Osborn Elementary School Principal Clarita Zeppie announced her plans to retire as of June 30, 2012, when the 2011-2012 school year ends. Mrs. Zeppie has served as principal at Osborn for the past 8 years, prior to which she held administrative and teaching roles in New York City schools and in the Hempstead School District on Long Island. Her experience as an educator goes back to 1972. “We will have plenty of time to talk and plan for next year, and I am certain that the district will work hard to find an excellent principal for the Osborn School,” she stated in a memo to parents. “I will do all that I can to assist in the transition, and I will be available should you need my help.” The District and the Osborn community will take more opportunities to thank and share well wishes with Mrs. Zeppie this spring.

Field & Field House Donation

Yearbook Award Rye Stagecoach's "Beyond 2011“ high school yearbook was nominated as a Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown Finalist. The Rye yearbook is one of the top 50 or so in the entire country and one of only two New York recipients. This award, a first-time honor for Rye, will be presented at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s conference.

“We will have plenty of time to talk and plan for next year, and I am certain that the district will work hard to find an excellent principal for the Osborn School,”

An anonymous donor has notified the District that he wishes to contribute $1.7 million for a new field and field house at the High School. The donor’s attorney has shared this news publicly at two Board of Education meetings, noting that the $1.7 million covers half of the estimated $3.4 million cost of the project. The District will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Setting the Foundation for Social Skills Milton School Special Education teacher Katie Flynn has started a social skills group to enhance socialization between her special education class and general education kindergarten classes. The group, called, “New Friends are Cool,” is designed to increase social skills and play skills across the kindergarten grade level, while developing friendships among the children. Ms. Flynn has collaborated with the general education kindergarten teachers, who provide children from their classes the opportunity to

volunteer to visit the special education classroom for about 20 minutes a week. During this time, Ms. Flynn facilitates game play and activities geared toward fostering friendships and social skills for all students involved. While the social skills aspect applies to both the special education and general education students, the program is also providing the general education children with an opportunity to be peer models and learn about acceptance and tolerance of different learning needs.



An Arctic Lesson At Midland, each third grade class recently enjoyed an Arctic presentation from the group, 2Hands 2Learn. They explored all of the Arctic cultures, geography, landscape, animals and food; and included an authentic snack.


Art Across America Milton held its annual Art Across America celebration for fifth graders, during which students shared their projects about important American people, places, and icons and provided a musical performance. The event concluded with a luncheon featuring food and drinks that are popular in various areas of the country.


“Goin’ Buggy” Osborn kindergartners performed the play, “Goin’ Buggy.” The children were wonderful performers thanks to the work of the teachers who practiced with them. Special thanks also goes out to the parents who prepared the scenery and helped with the T-shirts and props.



Science Career Eighth-grade students completed a science career project for which they worked in pairs to interview professionals who utilize science in their careers. The students brainstormed questions to ask, conducted their interviews, and translated the information they obtained into research papers and posters which they presented in class. The interviewed professionals ranged from doctors to architects, from forensic detectives to oceanographers, demonstrating the broad scope that exists within the field of science. Prior to the interview portion of the assignment, each pair of students selected a career incorporating science that appealed to them. After researching the careers using information from books, pamphlets, articles, people, and the Internet, the students contacted the professionals and coordinated their interviews. The classroom presentations focused on a “typical day in the life” of each interview subject, summarizing the pros/cons, responsibilities, and educational requirements of their careers. Students interviewed family, friends, relatives, neighbors, friends’ parents, and others in and around the community. Student Brandt Matthews interviewed his



Light Show

Mr. Mani’s Advanced Studio art students at Rye High School studied Dadaism, a movement following World War I that went against the characterizations of conventional art. The students were assigned to create three-dimensional compositions that oppose the traditional aesthetics, while incorporating carefully placed light. The completed works were assembled in a display in the High School hallway in front of the principal’s office.



grandfather, a geologist. “It was a good experience and definitely enlightening,” Brandt remarked. Leah Sittenfeld and Catie Wilson interviewed Dr. Marcus, a hematology researcher. They learned that he creates treatments, presents lectures, conducts studies, learns how to use new equipment, and more. Alex Hendler interviewed a paramedic with RyePortchester EMS. He noted that this job requires a number of prerequisites, such as learning about the human body, studying and understanding various types of equipment, completing clinical hours, and shadowing a doctor. Ali Imam and Ali Cardino interviewed an emergency room nurse from White Plains Hospital and reported on the skills and interests needed in order to become a nurse, as well as interesting facts about the job. They explained that an ER nurse can see over 200 patients each day, and there are no breaks during a shift. All of the presentations were informative, and students did an excellent job describing the roles of the professionals they interviewed. The assignment served as an important example of the extent to which science is used in various areas of everyday life.

Music & TheArts

Four ninth grade students who auditioned at NYSSMA last spring as eighth graders were accepted into the Intermediate All-County Orchestra for a performance at SUNY Purchase. Congratulations to Violinists Will Hammer and Nabil Azim, and Cellists Rebecca Jordan and Kiefer Mueller. A number of students were accepted to intermediate and elementary (which goes through 6th grade) All-County ensembles. Violinists Will Hammer and Nabil Azim, along with Cellists Rebecca Jordan and Kiefer Mueller, made Intermediate All-County Orchestra. Cellist Esther Yu and Bassist Aidan Pasquale made Elementary All-County Orchestra, and Trumpet player Anders Jensen was accepted to Elementary All-County Band. Each school held concerts this winter, featuring the many talented students involved in musical ensembles. At the High School, a vocal/percussion concert was held in December, as well as a band/orchestra concert. Middle School students also performed in vocal and instrumental concerts. At each elementary school, students shared a number of cheerful holiday compilations during their Holiday Concerts in December. Milton School’s show included the traditional guest visit from Suzy Snowflake for a special song and dance with kindergarteners. In January, the Middle School Jazz Band and High School Jazz Band, both directed by Dan Brown, along with the HS Jazz Lab Band, directed by Todd Beaney, put on an excellent show during the Winter Jazz Night. The Rye High School/Middle School Library is making the Live Music Events a tradition, after a successful introduction last year. This school year’s first performance featured ninth grader Lucy Weld, eighth grader Daniella Fioretti, and sixth graders Anders Jensen, Aidan Pasquale, and Alex Mayo-Smith.

High School Winter Musical The Rye High School Parson Street Players performed Pippin, under the direction of Mr. Michael Limone. The cast, dancers, ensembles, and crew members all did an exceptional job making each of the three shows a success.

Cast: Luiza Almeida Rob Keller Luke McGinty Megan Jarvie Ross Mulkerrin Sophie Hessekiel

Lindsey Noto Matthew Vizard Sofia Jornlid Dan Germani David Cirillo Gwendolyn Wiegold

Ross DeMarco Ben DeMarco Tom Thevenet John McCabe Channing Porter

Dancers: Coco Darelius Kayla Love Kayako Ono Channing Porter

Save the Date Parsons Street Players Spring Musical Little Shop of Horrors 4/20 at 8 p.m. & 4/21 at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Middle School Spring Musical A Disney Review: A Musical Extravaganza 5/11 at 7:30 p.m. & 5/12 at 7:30 p.m. Both shows will be held in the Performing Arts Center

Ariella Reidenberg Ross DeMarco Sofia Jornlid

Ensemble: Yuika Abe Natalie Amstutz Shannon Bourkney Libby Burke Laura Cassidy Clare Cecil David Cirillo Coco Darelius Ben DeMarco

Ross DeMarco Dan Germani Izzy DiEdwards Judson Ellis Bailey Frank James Ham Katie Haigney Sophie Hessekiel Katherine Hut

Megan Jarvie Sarah Jautz Sofia Jornlid Danny Keller Bradley Krapes Kayla Love Serena Mason John McCabe Luke McGinty


Ross Mulkerrin Kayako Ono Channing Porter Molly Powers Ariella Reidenberg Josh Sandler Audrey Spencer Ella Staines Tommy Thevenet

Emily Toppo Elinor Vizard Dana Waxenberg Kara Webb Gwendolyn Wiegold Matilda Williams

Winter Sports Wrap-Up

Congratulations to the following teams that received the Scholar Athlete Team Award from New York State Public High School Athletic Association for the winter season: BoysBasketball, G irlsBasketball, Ice H ockey, BoysSwim m ing & D iving, BoysTrack & Field, and G irlsTrack & Field. The Scholar Athlete Team distinction requires that the athletes of each team achieve a combined average of 90 or above. The Ice H ockey Team has named its individual sportsmanship award in memory of Russ Simons, former physical education teacher at the Scarborough School in Scarborough, New York. A premier ice hockey and lacrosse official in his day, Russ Simons was a key person in the formation of ice hockey and

lacrosse officials associations. The Russ Simons Sportsmanship Award honors Mr. Simons’ dedication to the athletes of Westchester county, officiating of games, and promotion of sportsmanship. The G irlsSquash Team srecently went to the Pro Tournament of Champions at Grand Central Station. The Tournament was recently mentioned as one of the Top 10 Most Unusual Sporting Venues because of its temporary all glass viewing court. The students watched two professional matches then the tournament arranged for two of the Top 10 players in the world to hold a Q & A session and then play the girls on the famed court. The BoysVarsity Squash Team had a successful season, concluding


with a third place national title at the 2012 High School Squash Championships, which 155 teams around the country competed in. The Team is ranked second out of all public high school teams in the United States. Congratulations to the team members and Coach Mat Bruno on this outstanding recognition. High School senior TaylorLove continued his successful running career, finishing fourth in the state in the 1600 Meter Run recently at the New York State Winter Track Championships at Cornell University, Congratulations to Taylor on this accomplishment.

DATES TO REMEMBER • March 27 & 28: Elementary School Parent Teacher Snow D ay Conferences (Midland, Milton, and Osborn only on s: If it is nece s e snow /emerg sary to use 25 and students come to school at 1:00 pm) e nc M days. If ay 29 will bec y day, May ome va it is nec • March 27: OpenTopics/Budget Hearing ca e snow/e mergen ssary to use tw tion (8 pm RMS Multipurpose Room) cy days become , May 2 o a vacat 5 will io w n day b ill be o • April 3: Board adopts 2012-13 Budget p u necessa en on May 29 t schools • April 6-13: Spring Recess ry to us . e three If it is snow/e m ergenc • May 8: Budget Hearing II (8 pm RMS Multipurpose Room) y will be open M days, schools ay 25 a Don’t p • May 15: Budget Vote and Election (RMS Gym) nd la any day n yet, snow co 29. • May 28: Memorial Day (schools closed) ! uld com e • June 16: HS graduation • June 21: Final day for students

PLANNING AHEAD... 2012-13 SCHOOL YEAR CALENDAR • September 6: Opening day for students • September 17 & 18: Holiday (schools closed) • September 26: Holiday (schools closed) • October 8: Columbus Day (schools closed) • November 12 Veteran’s Day (schools closed) • November 21: 2 pm Districtwide dismissal • November 22-23: Thanksgiving Recess • December 24-31, Jan. 1: December Recess • January 21: Martin Luther King Day (schools closed) • February 18-22: Mid-winter recess • March 25-29: Spring Break • May 27: Memorial Day (schools closed) • June 20: Final day for students

Both the 2011-12 and 2012-13 school year calendars are available on the District’s website,

Rye City Winter Newsletter  

Rye City Winter Newsletter

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