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Invite your consumer to grow your business

Reach your target market Syncrowd is a consumer research provider that unlike traditional approaches offers everyday visual insight of consumer behaviour to marketers and innovators who need to increase success rates of product launches and decrease cost for research We have made it our business to bring consumers to your desks and giving you a complete market research solution. This means you don’t have to spend money and time on planning your consumer research. With the Syncrowd survey toolkit you can access your very own consumer panel and reach your target group in realtime.

Use the intuitively toolkit to define your target group, write surveys and get picture, video or text results immediately after. From your online survey dashboard you can create assignments to your own consumer panel, filter responses by demographics, compare insight with consumer database and manage files and folders. By connecting to people through Syncrowd you can reach your target group on-the-go, in the field and where they live their life.




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Short introduction to Syncrowd and our innovation process