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Industrial Design Por tfolio Sy Hyin Wong - DSID 123A - Spring 2018

Marker Hanger

Sakura Bike

A cardboard hanger designed to hold markers off the corner of my table.

A personalized bike designed for myself.

Muji Clock

Personal Speaker

A clock designed for people with nearsightedness.

A redesigned Amazon Bluetooth speaker.

Speed Form

Whole Foods Go

A fast and steady form.

No lines, no checkout. Just put into the cart and go!

C.W. Curvilinear

Wrist Exerciser

A curvilinear form done in two cuts.

A wrist exerciser designed ergonomically for weaker wrist.

Muji Clock A clock designed for people with nearsightedness.

Muji + Clock The objective of this project was to design an innovative clock for Muji. Understanding the philosophy, knowing the strategy behind the brand, and learning its design language was part of my research.

Next, I did research on how people interact with clocks, what problems they had, and additional features they wanted.

Explorations Designing clocks for different environments, needs, and demographics.

Most of my designs have basic forms, as Muji is known for its simplicity and clean design.

Refined Sketches + Mockups After exploring clocks with different functions, I decided to design clocks for nearsighted people as they cannot read the clock without their glasses. According to The National Institute of Health, “about 42% of Americans ages 12-54 are nearsighted�.

Final Clock Design A final clock design for people with nearsightedness. For them to see better and to keep their glasses within reach.

WHAT DO NEARSIGHTED PEOPLE SEE? Both digital and analog clocks are hard to read. So I designed a fan clock that covers a large area, so it’s easier to read even when it’s blurry.

WHERE TO PLACE MY GLASSES? The back of a clock has a lot of free space that is not being utilised.

DAY & NIGHT Left: The clock face is bright and clear in the day. Right: Light strips guide you to easily locate your glasses at night.

Final Clock Design

HOW TO READ Clockwise starting point of fan = hours Area covered by fan = minutes

Clock on the right shows 12:20

HOW IT WORKS 1. Pull down the notch. Clock tells time. 2. Place or remove glasses. 3. Release. Tray moves up automatically.

You can place it on a wall ...

... or on a flat surface.

The brown recycled paper fan creates a nice contrast with its white body. A layer of soft cork on the tray provides better protection for your glasses.

The alarm can be set and time can be adjusted at the back. A slight indent in the back of the pulling notch provides friction for a better grip.

Marker Hanger A cardboard hanger designed to hold markers off the corner of my table.

Challenge + Objective The challege of this project was to cut and fold a hanger out of cardboard without using any tape or adhesive.

The objective of this project was to solve a problem in my daily life. Looking at my table with markers scattered around, I decided to make a hanger to organize them.

Sketches + Mockups Before decided on marker hanger, I explored different types of hangers to hang all sort of things in my apartment. Eventually, I challenged myself to make the marker hanger as it would be most beneficial to my daily life.

T-shirt Hanger

Tea Bag Hanger

Marker Hanger

Refined Mockups + Laser Cut Layouts Using different thickness of cardboards, changing the dimensions of the hanger, experimenting various ways to fasten, finding the most efficient solution.

1 hanger, 1 holder -long flaps -vulnerable connecting piece -waste of material

1 hanger, 0 holder -no more flaps -thicker connecting piece -waste of material

Evolution of hangers

1 hanger, 2 holders -refinement in details -better designed holders (holds 12 markers each) -more efficient layout

1 hanger, 2 holders -better structure -thinner but more durable cardboard -no more gaps between side and bottom piece Evolution of holders

Final Hanger The process of experimenting and failing to find the perfect fit.

1 2 3

THE CYCLE 1. Folding and fitting it onto the table. 2. Redrawing or changing the dimensions in Illustrator. 3. Cutting it out using the laser cutter.

Removable holder box for easy refills. Markers hold off at the same level as the table.

Perfect size for different brands of markers. Fits 12 Copic Markers, 12 Prismacolor Markers and 10 Chartpak Markers.

Personal Speaker A redesign of a bluetooth speaker.

Existing Product + Inspiration The objective of this project was to do a skin job for an existing product. I picked the dull and boring looking Amazon speaker and challenged myself to turn it into a clean and friendly buddy on my desk.


The original product — AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Understanding the components and the dimensions of the existing product.

Sketch! Some quick form explorations on paper to three refined concepts on the computer.

Mockups + Process After making some mockups and doing more detailed sketches, I decided to combine two of my refined concepts to make a personal home speaker with cable storage.

Cylindrical Forms

Rectangular Forms Similar to the existing product

My final direction

Top Three

Angle is hard to adjust

Final Speaker The best speaker to play relaxing music on your study desk.

The speaker rotates at 360° thus the sound can be better directed towards the user. Elegant acrylic buttons are located at the front. The cable can be stored in the back of speaker by lifting up the cab.

An exploded view of the speaker. From back to front: cap, cable storage, battery, speakers, housing and soft fabric. The circuit board is housed at the bottom of the speaker.

The white body and gray cap were chosen to make the speaker blend into the environment without catching unnecessary attention.

The simple cylindrical form, light pine wood, soft fabric, and ceramic body add a sense of nature and friendliness to the speaker and inspire comfortable mood.

Sakura Bike A personalized bike designed for myself.

Inspiration The objective of this project was to customize a bike to fit my body measurements and my personality. It reminded me how Rolls Royce customizes their sedan to their customers’ liking. I love cherry blossoms (sakura) and the color of light teal, as they represent peacefulness and serenity. Inspired by Rolls Royce’s Serenity Phantom, I decided to make my own Sakura Bike.

Measurements I started this project by measuring my height and inseam. Then, I made a bike frame layout in Solidworks that fits my body measurements. The goal was to make a casual bike for daily use, so I changed the length and width of different bike parts accordingly.

Sketches + Illustration The process of finding the perfect form and art.

Besides sketching different bike parts, I also did some sakura illustrations in Illustrator.

There are hand painted sakura on the top tube with my name crafted on the down tube. The white sakura bloom in a light teal background that imitates the sky.

I created the light pine wood pedals with shiny aluminum crank arms. The sakura grow from the back of chain ring into the chain stay.

C.W. Curvilinear A curvilinear form done in two cuts.

It is a “C” when viewed from the top, and a “W” when viewed from the side. CW are my initials, representing Celine Wong.

The curvilinear has a perfect balance of the positive and the negative space. The highs and lows of the curve represent ups and downs in a person’s life.

Speed Form A fast and steady form.

The Process Mock ups to final model. It is an eagle’s beak inspired form. The sharp point gives a sense of speed, while the wide end adds to its strength and stability.

Wrist Exerciser A wrist exerciser designed ergonomically for weaker wrist.

Problem Wrist pain or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are very common today due to repetitive tasks that involve wrist movement such as typing, writing, driving and more. According to Mayo Clinic, there are more than 3 million US cases per year.

Existing Wrist Exercisers


• $10 or below • Doesn’t directly involve wrist movement

• More about hand grip exercise


• • • •

$10 - $15 Most popular wrist exerciser Affordable price, simple to use Forward and backward wrist motion


• • • •

$20 or above Slightly pricey and bulky Adjustable resistance Forward and backward wrist motion

What to be improved?

Bump in the middle of handle makes it uncomfortable to hold

I purchased both the “2” and “3” exercisers to test. Then, I decided to redesign the AMYCO Wrist And Strength Exerciser as it achieves its goal without using complex mechanism but a simple form. However, it still has a lot of opportunities to improve. Spring is too stiff. Not suitable for women, children or erderly

Height of middle pad is hard to adjust

Overall aesthetic does not look friendly


Elbow-Center of Grip Length FEMALE N = 2208

Centimeters 32.88 1.77 41.30 23.70

Mean Std Dev Maximum Minimum

Inches 12.94 .70 16.26 9.33

Centimeters 36.00 1.79 43.60 29.30

Mean Std Dev Maximum Minimum

Inches 14.17 .70 17.17 11.54

29.93 29.35 29.63 30.02 30.63 31.04 31.37 31.66 31.92 32.17 32.40 32.62 32.84 33.06 33.29 33.52 33.77 34.04 34.34 34.69 35.15 35.84 36.29 36.64 37.20

Percentiles 1st 2nd 3rd 5th 10th 15th 20th 25th 30th 35th 40th 45th 50th 55th 60th 65th 70th 75th 80th 85th 90th 95th 97th 98th 99th

11.39 11.56 11.67 11.82 12.06 12.22 12.35 12.47 12.57 12.66 12.75 12.84 12.93 13.02 13.10 13.20 13.29 13.40 13.52 13.66 13.84 14.11 14.29 14.42 14.64

32.26 32.64 32.89 33.23 33.78 34.16 34.47 34.75 35.00 35.24 35.47 35.70 35.92 36.15 36.39 36.63 36.89 37.18 37.50 37.87 38.35 39.06 39.51 39.83 40.33

Percentiles 1st 2nd 3rd 5th 10th 15th 20th 25th 30th 35th 40th 45th 50th 55th 60th 65th 70th 75th 80th 85th 90th 95th 97th 98th 99th

12.70 12.85 12.95 13.08 13.30 13.45 13.57 13.68 13.78 13.87 13.97 14.05 14.14 14.23 14.33 14.42 14.52 14.64 14.76 14.91 15.10 15.38 15.55 15.68 15.88


Wrist-Center Of Grip Length FEMALE N = 2208

Centimeters 6.63 .49 8.30 5.20

Mean Std Dev Maximum Minimum

5.57 5.69 5.77 5.87 6.02 6.12 6.21 6.28 6.35 6.41 6.47 6.54 6.60 6.66 6.73 6.80 6.87 6.95 7.04 7.15 7.29 7.49 7.62 7.71 7.85

Percentiles 1st 2nd 3rd 5th 10th 15th 20th 25th 30th 35th 40th 45th 50th 55th 60th 65th 70th 75th 80th 85th 90th 95th 97th 98th 99th

Inches 2.61 .19 3.27 2.05

MALE N = 1774

Centimeters 6.97 .49 8.70 5.70

Mean Std Dev Maximum Minimum

Inches 2.75 .19 3.43 2.24

5.99 6.08 6.15 6.23 6.37 6.47 6.55 6.62 6.69 6.75 6.82 6.88 6.94 7.01 7.07 7.14 7.22 7.30 7.39 7.50 7.63 7.83 7.95 8.04 8.16

Percentiles 1st 2nd 3rd 5th 10th 15th 20th 25th 30th 35th 40th 45th 50th 55th 60th 65th 70th 75th 80th 85th 90th 95th 97th 98th 99th

2.36 2.40 2.42 2.45 2.51 2.55 2.58 2.61 2.63 2.66 2.68 2.71 2.73 2.76 2.78 2.81 2.84 2.87 2.91 2.95 3.00 3.08 3.13 3.16 3.21

2.19 2.24 2.27 2.31 2.37 2.41 2.44 2.47 2.50 2.52 2.55 2.57 2.60 2.62 2.65 2.68 2.70 2.74 2.77 2.81 2.87 2.95 3.00 3.04 3.09


MALE N = 1774


Cushion does not prevent forearm from hurting

Anthropometric Data Hand, wrist and forearm anthropometric data were used to guide my design measurements. I used the 95th percentile to fit largest number of my intended users.

My Target User I created five personas and did sketches of wrist exerciser for each of them. Then, I picked the secretary as my design direction. The users of my redesign would be people with weaker wrists and do repetitive jobs.

Gender: Female Age: 25 - 35 Yrs old Occupation: Secretary Activity: Types on computer

Form and aesthetic explorations.

Initial Prototypes Testing of different forms and materials to find the best solution.

My first prototype (on left) has a very low resistance due to the spring I got. So when I built my second prototype (on right), I covered the spring with a vinyl tube to add some resistance. However, it still didn’t produce the resistance I wanted. A variety of materials were collected and being tried on.

I learned my mistake of not gluing the tube into the bottom wood piece which caused the spring to bend at that point, resulting in a low resistance.

I narrowed them down to a few potential materials. I got bruises from testing my prototypes. I had to change and test the form multiple times to prevent it from happening again.

Final Prototype A fully functional prototype with all the previous problems solved and with added improvements.

The final prototype has a better cushion and a tighter middle strap to prevent extra pressure on the arm that caused the bruises. The tube is glued into the bottom part and that provides the optimal resistance I looked for.

Testing Results Comfortability of Handle: Which handle do you prefer most?

Comfortability of Bottom Support:


Do you like the bottom support with padding or without? With padding

Concave cylinder

Do you like the handle with padding or without?

Without padding

Which type of padding do you prefer? Foam tube

Pear Protection Foam

With padding

Comfortability of Middle Strap:


Do you like the middle strap with adjustable velcro or without?

Do you prefer the length to be adjustable to fit different length of forearms?

Without Velcro

Do you like the middle strap with padding or without?



With velcro



With padding Which resistance do you like the most?

1st Proto

2nd Proto 3rd Proto


Lifting the exerciser upward and exercising that way has lesser resistance. It feels like cheating. Adjustable velcro straps might not be necessary since the resistance can be adjust by moving the middle support strap up or down. The final rendering looks friendly and make me want to own it!

Improvement Opportunities: •


• Which way do you like using it?

Facing Upward Facing Downward

Find a way to prevent the springs to bend inward when the middle support strap is tightened. Try making the springs only bend forward and backward, not to bend sideways.

Both ways

Aesthetic: Pick a color combo that you like the most.

Everyone has different preferences. Thus no significant data collected for this category.

After two rounds of testing, improving and problem solving, I moved on to build the final prototype. Some in-use pictures of the final prototype.

Final Exerciser A user-friendly wrist exerciser to lower the risk of wrist pain.

PVC clear vinyl tube covers the outside of the spring to prevent hair from being trapped.

Low resistance spring suitable for people with weaker wrist strength.

Elastic strap with velcro provides adjustable resistance and adjustable height of padding.

Neoprene is used as padding as it is durable, water resistant, and latex free.

Easy-to-clean high gloss plastic

Bottom padding provides a better pressure distribution thus allievate discomfort.

How to use?




Friendly and soft colors are used to encourage user to pick up and exercise daily. Textured hand grip padding for better grip and to improve blood flow and circulation.

Slight concave bottom padding to fit to the curve of forearm. That results in a wider touching area thus less pressure being exerted onto the arm.

Whole Foods Go No lines, no checkout. Just put into the cart and go!

Gathering Ideas! The objective of this project was to make a product that use the smartphone as a “brain� to help improve lives. I started the project by doing a scavenger hunt to collect ideas. I collected different objects and put them together. I had sound booster, drone, navigation robot, underwater camera, pill dispenser... ... Eventually, I decided to go with the shopping cart idea.

Shopping Phone Mount 1.0

Shopping Phone Mount 2.0

HMW... (How Might We) make shopping fun? After that, I brainstormed with my classmates and gained a better insight into how people would like to improve their shopping experience.

What is my idea? Why Whole Foods? My goal is to create a better grocery shopping experience by connecting the customers’ smartphones to their physical shopping carts. The cameras on the cart keep track of the items in the cart. After the customers finish shopping, they checkout on their smartphones, and walk directly out of the store. I chose Whole Foods as my targeted store because it is owned by Amazon. Amazon, with their expertise in Amazon Go, is most likely to implement my idea.

How is it different from Amazon Go? My idea is to use the existing grocery store and only retrofit the shopping cart. Adding cameras to the shopping cart and using the user’s smartphone can achieve a seamless and efficient shopping experience as Amazon Go. Instead of installing cameras, scales, and pressure sensors throughout the entire store, Whole Food Go is more time and costeffective.

Exploring Forms & Mechanisms I broke down my sketches and mockups into three parts: the mounting, the turning and the holding.

The Turning The Mounting

The Holding

Initial sketches.

Improved design sketches.

The Turning & Mounting

The Holding


The Cameras

I removed all turning mechanism and went with a fixed mount after talking to the professionals at IDEO. That is because turning mechanism makes the product less durable and adds to the manufacturing cost.

The final holder was chosen based on surveys. It has a wide back board and a familiar spring loaded mechanism that make users feel more comfortable to use.

The Whole Foods Go

Anti-slip grip

Indicator light Camera Logo with hidden barcode Mounting mechanism

Mounting mechanism

NFC integrated into the holder



Keeps track of item in the cart.

Connects the phone to the cart.

An Overview

Grab a cart.

Shop as usual.

Connect your smartphone to the cart.

Checkout on your phone. Leave the store.

The Shopping Experience Quicker, Smarter, Easier. No lines, no checkout.

NAVIGATION The app will load your grocery list and generate an efficient route to guide you through the store.

INFORMATION You can discover additional information of a product on your phone.

ALERT Your phone will notify you when the cameras detect an item that you are allergic to.

CHECKOUT When you walk towards the exit, a confirmation checkout prompt will appear. By using touch ID or entering passcode, you can complete the transaction and exit the store swiftly.

The phone holder holds your phone securely on top of the handle bar. It allows easy use of the phone while the phone displays information for the current shopping session.

The cameras are installed at the corner of the cart. The number of cameras installed varies depending on the size of the cart. They are compatible with the two-basket and onebasket carts.

BEPA Be Protected Always. The ultimate bracelet with a built-in stun gun and GPS tracker for your protection.

Our Team In December 2017, Dianne Nguyen, Lizzeth Estefania Sandoval, Bethany Valderrama and I decided to take part in the BraunPrize 2018. We were a group of passionate young industrial design students, and we wanted to challege ourselves to design for what matters.

The Situation Vulnerability is real. Any form of assault is a serious and common problem individuals face when they step outside their home. Whether you are a college student walking to your car late at night or an employee passing through a dangerous neighborhood on your way to work... you want to feel safe. Let’s not just feel safe, let’s be safe.

Explorations Our team explored a variety of self-defense gears and decided to make a wearable protective gear that holds a stun gun and GPS tracking device. We focused on making it discrete, accessible, stylish and durable.

Meet BEPA BEPA is a comfortable, wearable tech bracelet that provides a means of self-defense and includes a GPS tracker in case of abduction.

more details...

USB charging port






storage case & dock for wireless charging



The Scenario Lillian heads home from work late and unfortunately encounters a dangerous predator following her.

Feel safe. Be safe.

Thank You

Celine's Industrial Design Portfolio  

Here's a short portfolio of my 1st and 2nd year industrial design works. More projects are coming soon.

Celine's Industrial Design Portfolio  

Here's a short portfolio of my 1st and 2nd year industrial design works. More projects are coming soon.