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SHC receives notification on special court to try Musharraf Peaceful countrywide protests against Pindi tragedy Bilawal urges Muslims to adopt Hazrat Imam Hussain’s character Five killed in twin Karachi blasts East-West University IQRA International Educational Foundation

14.Typhoon Haiyan Pakistan 15. welcomes Iran 16.

Pakistan introduces its first fleet of drones

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Pakistan Must Unite Against the Terrorists and Expose their Agenda.

In Pakistani politics it is really hard to know or believe that what goes on behind the curtain that hangs over the political stage. The people of Pakistan have been making a large number of sacrifices in the name of imposing Islamic laws and the ongoing war against terrorism; the country has been steadily converting into a welfare state over the past 65 years. Pakistan is in a desperate condition, and a new plague has emerged in the nation.

The Taliban saga began in Afghanistan when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and Gen. Zia declared a holy war against the Russian invaders with the help of the western world, particularly USA. When Russian forces were defeated and forced to leave Afghanistan, the groups (Holy Warriors), fighting against the invaders became war-lords. During the war against Russia, three million Afghans shifted to Pakistan as refugees and government of Pakistan had to accommodate and allow these three million Afghans “refugee status” as per the UNO charter. After the liberation of Afghanistan, the war-lords began fighting each other and the term “Taliban” was introduced in the troubled reign. This small group of fighters become powerful enough to gain complete control of Afghanistan and announced their own Islamic government based on their own interpretation of Shariah law. Eventually the Taliban became divided and dispersed to separate groups, spread throughout the region. They proclaimed their difference by calling themselves Pakistani Taliban and Afghani Taliban and began to impose Islamic Shariah of their choice. Pakistani Taliban rule started in Swat in 2008 and Mullah Fazl-ullah took over the valley, declared that he would impose his own chosen Islamic Shariah. They beheaded innocent civilians, members of law enforcement agencies; burned down schools especially the girls’ schools and openly flogged women for the least suspicion of immorality. The Taliban paralyzed the whole legal system and openly challenged the authority of the government. The government of Pakistan and the army felt threatened. As the media started talking about action against the militants, people around the country became aware of the dangerous influence of the Taliban. With pressure from the rest of Pakistan, the army compelled to move in to wipe out the Taliban – and did so. But after this brief victory, the people soon went back to our anti-American, anti-Indian rhetoric, blaming a ‘foreign hand’ for everything. Now is the time to consider why we have never protested on double standards being formed in our tribal areas, such as carrying guns in Karachi is crime under section 3D, but a respectable right in tribal regions? We have no legislation, because our elite ruling class agendas to remain in power by hook or crook. Now is time for the whole nation to stand up and unite to fight not against the people, but against the evil thoughts and philosophy of the Taliban.

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How many killings of our innocent’s people and member of LEA do we need for us to wake up? Now is not the time as some people, political leaders and members of the media are doing, to the issue of killing of militants or their leadership by drone for gaining political mileage. It is now time for us to rise up as a nation to uphold the true Shariah law and protect the rights of our young men and women. We have to stop the game of “Jihad or terrorism?” We have to stop awarding the terrorists the honor of being called martyrs. The killer cannot be called martyr, as our fundamental belief is killing of a human is the killing of humanity? Pakistan, as a nation, has to rise up and decry this twisting of Shariah law by the selfish terrorists imposing their will by any means necessary. By Jawaid Riaz

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November - 2013


PM Nawaz in Colombo to represent Pakistan at Commonwealth Summit

PM Sharif highlights Pakistan’s problems at Common Wealth summit

Earlier, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif attended the opening ceremony of the meeting along with other heads of the government. He also attended the lunch hosted by Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales for a select group of Commonwealth Heads. He would also attend a dinner hosted by Prince Charles for all heads of the delegations.

Diplomacy: Parliamentary team meets Turkey’s president


OLOMBO: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif arrived in Colombo Thursday to represent Pakistan at the threeday Commonwealth summit started Friday.

The theme of the conference is ‘Growth with Equity’-Inclusive Development’.

Forum are also being held in connection with the moot. Earlier‚ on his arrival the Prime Minister was warmly received at the Bandaranaike international airport by the leader of House in the Sri Lankan Parliament Nimal Siripala de Silva. He also heads the Ruling Freedom Party.

Pakistan is one of the eight founding members of the Com- The Prime Minister was presentmonwealth‚ which signed the ed a bouquet by children clad in London Declaration of April traditional Sri Lankan dress. 1949. Recording his views in the Pakistan makes annual con- guest book on the occasion‚ tributions to five heads of the the Prime Minister congratulatCommonwealth namely Com- ed Sri Lankan government on monwealth Secretariat ‚ Com- hosting the Summit. monwealth Foundation‚ Commonwealth Fund for Technical Nawaz Sharif noted that he Cooperation‚ Commonwealth feels pleasure to be in Sri Lanka Youth Programme and the to attend the Summit. Commonwealth of Learning. He expressed his resolve to On the sidelines of the Summit‚ the Prime Minister will hold meetings with Sri Lankan President and Prime Ministers of Australian and New Zealand and other leaders to promote bilateral relations.

further strengthen trade and economic relations with all the Commonwealth member countries.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi‚ Minister of State for Information Technology and TeleMany other events like Com- com Anusha Rehman and Formonwealth Business Forum‚ eign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani Commonwealth People’s Fo- are accompanying the Prime rum and Commonwealth Youth Minister.

OLOMBO: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Friday said that his government was committed to a long-term strategy of sustained and inclusive growth by providing equal opportunities to all Pakistanis.

He was addressing the first Executive Session of the ComSLAMABAD: A high-level monwealth Heads of Government parliamentary delegation Meeting here. from Pakistan led by Chairman of the Senate Standing ComSpeaking on the theme of the mittee on Defence & Defence summit, “Growth and Equity: Production Mushahid Hussain Inclusive Development,” the Syed, met with Turkish PresiPrime Minister noted that equident Abdullah Gul on Thursday. table development was indeed one of the most significant con- The Turkish president appreciattemporary challenges confront- ed the smooth transfer of power ing the world at large and the from one elected government Commonwealth in particular. to another elected government as a result of recent elections He said that Pakistan was in Pakistan. He said this is an faced with challenges of weak indication that democracy has economy, poverty, acute enerstrengthened and Pakistan is gy shortages, successive natumoving in the right direction. ral calamities and rising militancy, said a press release issued President Gul said both Pakiby Pakistan High Commission stan and Turkey have similar in Colombo. problems and hoped that like Turkey, Pakistan will also overExpressing full understanding come challenges it is facing today. of these problems, the Prime Minister assured that his gov- Gul said recent initiatives unernment was determined to ad- dertaken by the leaderships of dress these challenges urgently Turkey and Pakistan in the ecoand simultaneously. nomic field are yielding positive results. The aspirations and dynamism of the people of Pakistan has Senator Mushahid Hussain said strengthened his resolve to Turkey and Pakistan are joined steer country towards a new together with deep and abiding bonds of friendship. and bright future, he said.




November - 2013

Delhi trip: Sartaj Aziz discusses LoC truce with Indian FM


EW DELHI: The adviser to the prime minister on national security and foreign affairs, Sartaj Aziz, held a meeting with Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on Tuesday on the sidelines of the Asia-Europe Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM) in New Delhi. The two diplomats discussed matters relating to security and terrorism as well as recent tensions along the Line of Control (LoC). Both officials agreed that their respective governments needed to respect the LoC ceasefire agreement set in place some years ago. During the meeting, Aziz told his Indian counterpart that Pakistan wants to pursue the path of peace with India and that the stalled process of talks should be revived at the earliest possible juncture. The meeting, according to the foreign office, was held in a cordial atmosphere where both sides reviewed bilateral relations in a constructive and forward looking manner.” Aziz, who is currently on a three-day official visit in New Delhi, also met with leaders of the Hurriyat Conference.

ernment encourages investment in the next generation of However, responding to a ques- mobile services‚ establishment tion before the bilateral meeting, of technology parks and local Khurshid said that India had manufacturing of ICT equipment. done whatever it could to help bring Pakistan to the dialogue He said we invite foreign comtable but that certain recent ac- panies to be our partners in tions by Pakistan had “been harnessing the rich potential of our country that is open for counterproductive”. business and keen on working The Indian external affairs minis- with international investors. ter dwelt at some length on answering this question and said Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan that Delhi wanted Islamabad to Telecom infrastructure now follow its intentions with corre- comprises over 125 million mosponding actions and that this bile connections‚ about three was essential for the dialogue million fixed lines‚ three million and peace process to move WLL subscribers‚ 19.8 million forward. His meeting with the Internet users‚ 15.7 million moPakistani foreign affairs adviser bile Internet users and 2.8 milfollowed right after this press lion broadband subscribers. conference. He said the government through Universal Service Fund Company‚ national ICT R&D Fund Company and Virtual University has initiated a range of successful programs to promote ICT opportunities to achieve these goals. He said some of these programs are models and are being replicated by other countries. (DGMOs) at an early date.

Pakistan offers huge incentives to foreign investors: PM

vation in manufacturing and Information and Communication Technologies. He said many nations in the region have experienced rapid economic growth yet there is a stark contrast in prosperity and development between highincome countries and the least developed. Meanwhile‚ Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will also hold talks with his Thai counterpart‚ Yingluck Shinawatra. Besides one-on-one meeting‚ the two leaders will also hold delegation level talks. The Prime Minister will also attend a Luncheon Meeting with prominent Thai and Pakistani businessmen. First Lady Bagum Kulsoom Nawaz‚ Minister for Information Technology Anusha Rehman‚ Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Tariq Fatemi and Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani are accompanying the Prime Minister.

Govt announces to try Musharraf under Article 6 for treason

The Prime Minister said that with population of 180 million‚ Pakistan is strategically located on the crossroads of south and central Asia and energy-rich Middle East. Providing a unique platform for investors‚ eyeing opportunities in the country and the region at large Pakistan offers 100 percent equity ownership‚ full reANKOK: Prime Minister patriation of capital and exports Muhammad Nawaz Sharif until 2016. has said that his government is committed to accelerated digi- Earlier‚ addressing the summit‚ tization of the country to enable the Prime Minister of Thailand‚ socioeconomic development‚ Yingluck Shinawatra said the to create a knowledge-based summit is being held to achieve economy and promoting eco- a common goal to develop better and wider links between nanomic growth. tions and peoples. In his key-note address at the Connect Asia Pacific Summit She said the ICT has progressed 2013‚ which began in Bang- by expanding to cover other kok on Monday morning‚ he utilities‚ appliances in housesaid the Pakistani government hold and databases around the accords the highest priority to world and we need to ensure development of information that people of all nations have communication technology for greater access to it. the provision of quality services‚ UN Secretary General Ban ki education‚ employment‚ genera- Moon said the Asia-Pacific is tion and women empowerment. vast and diverse region‚ which



SLAMABAD (AFP) - Pakistan announced Sunday it would put former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf on trial for treason, punishable by death or life imprisonment, for imposing emergency rule in 2007.

Commenting on the meeting, Indian foreign ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said, both officials agreed to push “Following the judgement of the for a meeting of their Directors Supreme Court and a report General of Military Operations The Prime Minister said the gov- has numerous centers of inno- submitted by an inquiry comcontinued....



November - 2013

In November 2007 Musharraf imposed emergency rule, suspending the constitution and parliament and sacking top judges who declared his actions unconstitutional and illegal.

mittee, it has been decided to start proceedings against General Pervez Musharraf (for treason) under Article 6 of the Constitution,” Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told apress conference televised live. “It is happening for the first time in the history of Pakistan and the decision has been taken in the national interest,” Khan said. The minister said the country s Chief Justice would Monday receive a letter from the government requesting the setting-up of a tribunal of three high court judges to start proceedings against Musharraf. The government would also announce a special prosecutor on Monday. Musharraf is already facing four major criminal cases dating back to his 1999-2008 rule, including one related to the assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto in 2007. Last week he asked a court to let him leave the country to visit his sick mother in Dubai. The court was expected to rule on the application on Monday.

Musharraf technically became a free man this month when an Islamabad district court granted him bail over a deadly raid on a radical mosque in the capital in 2007.

His return to Pakistan in March The government had notified was far from the triumphant oc- the constitution of a threecasion he had hoped for. member special court to try former president and Chief of He was barred from contesting Army Staff Gen (retd) Pervez the general election, which was Musharraf for treason after sewon convincingly by Prime Minlecting the names of three judgister Nawaz Sharif -- the man es Justice Faisal Arab, Justice he ousted from power in 1999 Syeda Tahira Safdar and Jus-- and was hit with a series of tice Yawar Ali from a list of five criminal cases dating back to high court judges sent to it by his rule. the Supreme Court. Apart from the mosque raid, he faces charges over Bhutto Sources said that no date for s murder at an election rally in the hearing has so far been no2007, the death of a Baluch tified, as the court was yet to rebel leader in 2006 and the be established. Sources said that place of special court has detention of judges in 2007. to be decided in Islamabad for He was put under house ar- the trial proceedings where the rest in April, an unprecedented infrastructure of special court move against a former army could be established. chief in a country where the A senior judicial officer privy to military holds huge power. the communication said the court would be established in Islamabad given the convenience of the parties concerned, including Pervez Musharraf, the state prosecutor, the witnesses, etc.

SHC receives notification on special court to try Musharraf

There have been rumours in recent months that a deal would be reached for Musharraf to leave Pakistan without going through with his trials. Khan said that three thriceelected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif s government had come to power five months ago and it had never demonstrated any “revengeful” gesture towards General Musharraf. Musharraf overthrew the Sharif government in a bloodless military coup in October 1999, but a year later the Supreme Court validated the take over.

to try former president Pervez Musahraf under high treason charges.


ARACHI: The High Court of Sindh (SHC) on Wednesday received the official notification regarding the appointment of its senior puisne judge Faisal Arab as head of the three-member special court constituted

Justice Faisal Arab, who was elevated as judge of SHC in October 2005, had refused to take oath under the Provisional Constitution Order imposed by the former president Pervez Musharraf on November 3, 2007 by putting the Constitution in abeyance. Justice Arab, however, was restored by the PPP-led government in August 2008 through re-appointment notification among seven other deposed judges of SHC prior to restoration of Chief Justice of Supreme Court Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry who among other judges of superior courts were restored through a historical movement in March 2009.

Nov 21 drone hit: Sartaj shares govt anguish over drones with US ambassador


SLAMABAD: Prime Minister’s Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz has conveyed the government’s ‘deep concern’ to US Ambassador Richard Olson over the drone strike in Hangu district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Foreign Office said Friday. The official statement confirmed for the first time that November 21 attack had killed children along with several other people. In what appears to be an attempt to dispel impression of any differences within government ranks on drone issue, the statement said, the deep concerns of the Government of Pakistan were conveyed to the US ambassador in Islamabad on the same day by the adviser. Ever since it took over, the present government has been raising its concern over the drone strikes with the US Administration and at the United Nations, it added. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his recent visit to the US had also raised the issue with President Obama and other senior US leaders. The November 21 strike targeted a location in the K-P province and also resulted in the unfortunate killing of several persons including children, the statement said. “Our deep continued....



November - 2013

concern in this regard was conveyed by the adviser to the US ambassador,” the Foreign Office further said, adding, “this has deeply disturbed the people of Pakistan.” Aziz re-emphasised that the drone strikes are not only a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, these are also having a negative impact on the government’s efforts to pursue the consensus achieved in the All Parties Conference to explore the dialogue process in order to bring peace and stability in Pakistan and the region. The Government of Pakistan would demand immediate cessation of these drone strikes, the statement concluded.

US does not want peace in Pakistan, says Chaudhry Nisar

Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz had A three-member committee, believed the US assurance over comprising K-P Minister for Indrone strikes. formation Shah Farman, Minister for Local Government and During a briefing to the Senate Rural Development Inayatullah Standing Committee on Foreign Khan and Minister for Science Affairs Sartaj Aziz had said the and Technology Shahram Khan But on Thursday, at least 8 stu- US had assured Pakistan that Tarakai, is spearheading the ordents were killed, whereas, 2 no drone strikes would be carganisation of the protest, which were injured in another drone ried out during the government’s will be an attempt by the prostrike on a madressa in Tall peace talks with the militants. vincial government to register area of Hangu, Khyber PakhChaudhry Nisar said the Ameri- its concern and objection to the tunkhwa (KP). cans also came to him to nar- killing by the unmanned aircraft. rate the long tale of “Alif Laila” This protest is different from but he refused to listen to them. today’s (Saturday) protest to He said Pakistan was not in a block Nato supply lines, which position to trust the US assuris being organised by members ances any more. of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chaudhry Nisar asked how any- in Peshawar, explained Shah one could call the US a friend of Farman to reporters at the after Pakistan after the recent drone the emergency cabinet meetstrikes. “Actions have made it ing. clear that the US neither wants peace in Pakistan nor talks with The timing and strategy of the the Taliban,” he added. He said K-P government protest will be Pakistan’s honour and dignity decided by the three-member committee. It still has to be dewere most important to him. cided whether the protest will be held in front of the US Embassy, Islamabad, the United Nations office in the capital, the Prime Minister House or in front of parliament, explained the K-P information minister. SLAMABAD: Interior Minister “We consider this a drone strike Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has on peace and dialogue and said that the US is not trustworthere is a serious need to call thy and the assurances given another All Parties’ Conference by the United States on drone to strategise our policy,” he instrikes cannot be trusted. He sisted. was talking to media persons here on Friday. He was of the view that the K-P

Earlier on Wednesday, Sartaj Aziz had said that the United States has assured that the drone attacks will not be carried out in the country during talks with Taliban.

Pakistan will have to choose between honour and dollar: Nisar


Terming the US involvement in the country responsible for all SLAMABAD: Chaudhry Nisar the chaos, the minister said it Ali Khan, Federal Interior Min- was time that Pakistan decided ister has said that the United between “honour and US dollars.” States (US) has proven that it does not want peace in Paki- Chaudhry Nisar’s statement stan and none of its surety can came a day after the US conbe trusted now - ARY News re- ducted a drone strike targeting a seminary in the Hangu district ports. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provTalking to media outside the ince, killing eight people, includParliament House on Friday, ing prominent Afghan militant Chaudhry Nisar said that he is commanders. unable to understand that how come PM’s Advisor on Foreign He added that 12 years of fiAffairs Sartaj Aziz trusted the nancial assistance from the US US, none of its surety can be had not brought any positive change in the country. He said trusted. the whole country was in flames He added that the worsened due to these American dollars. law and order situation and chaos in Pakistan is due to the Chaudhry Nisar said he was dumbfounded on how Foreign US aid.

Hangu drone strike: K-P govt to organise mass protest in Islamabad

government would pressure the Centre to organise another APC; if they did not, then they would have to take independent decisions at the provincial level.


Inayatullah Khan said that all parties in the coalition governAHORE / PESHAWAR: The ment are on the same page reKhyber-Pakhtunkhwa gov- garding the issue and the Pakiernment has decided to organ- stan Muslim League Nawaz ise a mass protest in Islamabad was also given the mandate to against the controversial US- stop the drone strikes. “So they need to follow their manifesto.” sponsored drone campaign.


This decision was taken in an emergency meeting of the K-P cabinet that was called on Friday, after the drone strike at a seminary in Hangu a day earlier killed six people, including a senior figure of the Haqqani network.

“Nobody has stopped our forces and intelligence to track down those people residing in our country without legal documentation. This is no excuse to violate our sovereignty on the pretext of people wanted by the US hiding in Pakistan,” continued....


November - 2013


U.S. denies Pakistan’s claim that seminary was target

responded Inayatullah Khan when asked what the government’s strategy is on arresting foreign militants. Today, PTI will hold an antidrone protest at the southern bypass of Ring Road. PTI Punjab in support PTI provincial leader Ejaz Chaudhry and general secretary Dr Yasmin Rashid said that a large contingent of PTI workers and office bearers are going to Peshawar to take part in the protest against drone attacks.

Talking to The Nation, PTI MNA Murad Saeed said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf workers have completed all preparations for the event. He said a Addressing a press conference rally would be held at 11:00am on Friday, they claimed that the on Ring Road near Peshawar PTI was the only party who had Motorway Interchange. the courage to take on the US. All other parties have shown He said the rally would be adtheir “true face” by backing out dressed by Central General from the protest and have re- Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Liavealed that they are pro-Ameri- quat Baloch, Chairman Awami Jamhoori Ittehad Usman Taraca, he maintained. kai, Chairman Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad and other PTI leaders.

PTI’s anti-drone sit-in today

He maintained the incumbent rulers had put the country’s sovereignty at stake and they were not capable of protecting the frontiers against aggression. He said despite two visits to the United States, Nawaz Sharif has badly failed to convince US President Obama to halt drone attacks. He said Saturday’s rally will decide about the future line of action.


ESHAWAR: In order to chalk out future line of action regarding permanent blockade of NATO supply via Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has finalised all arrangements for today’s sit-in, which would be held at Ring Road near Motorway Interchange Peshawar. The sit-in would be participated by thousands of activists of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Jamaat-e-Islami, Awami Jamhoori Ittehad and Awami Muslim League. The PTI has invited all of its coalition partners to attend the sit-in to make it successful.

said the missile hit the 15-room seminary. He and other Pakistani officials said the madrassa is frequently used by refugees from Afghanistan and suspected militants affiliated with the Haqqani network. Citing intelligence sources, the Reuters news agency reported that Sirajuddin Haqqani was spotted at the seminary as recently as two days before the attack. Haqqani is wanted by the United States for a 2008 attack on a Kabul hotel that killed six people, including one American, according to the FBI.


ESHAWAR: American and Pakistani officials sharply disagreed Thursday about whether an Islamic school was struck by a U.S. drone, in an unusual attack that inflamed tensions over the CIA drone campaign, said a report published in Washington Post. According to Pakistani officials, three missiles were fired into a compound in Khyber ¬Pakhtunkhwa province about 5 a.m. local time Thursday, a rare strike outside the Pakistani tribal areas near the Afghan border that are usually targeted by U.S drones. Pakistani officials say the drone hit a madrassa, or Islamic seminary, killing six people, including two teachers. The dead included Maulvi Ahmad Jan and Maulvi Hameedullah, who were top surrogates for Sirajuddin Haqqani, the second in command of the Haqqani militant group, which has ties to al-Qaeda.

Provincial Information Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Isarullah said that his party has completed all preparations for today sit-in and all of activists of the party across the province have been invited to participate in the PTI- A U.S. official disputed that the strike was aimed at a madrassponsored rally. sa. Instead, the official said, the He said that Jamaat-e-Islami target was a compound associleaders would march from ated with the Haqqani network, Markaz-i-Islami to ring road at which is accused of multiple at2:00 pm under the leadership tacks against American forces in Jamaat-e-Islami Central Gen- Afghanistan. eral Secretary Liaquat Baloch. The official, who spoke on the He said that rally would also condition of anonymity, acaddressed by Professor Ibra- knowledged that a madrassa him, Jamaat-e-Islami Peshawar was in the vicinity but said it was Ameer Bakhrullah advocate, not damaged. U.S. officials have Provincial General Secretary seen no indication of civilian caShabir Ahmad Khan and Pro- sualties, he said. vincial Vice Ameer Mushtaq Ah- Umar Khan Bangash, a local mad Khan. politician who lives in the area,

Pakistani officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the matter freely, said Haqqani was not at the compound during the attack. The Haqqani network is considered one of the most ruthless militant groups in the region and operates training camps in Pakistan. Sirajuddin Haqqani’s brother, Nasiruddin, who was also a leader of the group, was fatally shot two weeks ago under mysterious circumstances as he left a market on the outskirts of Islamabad, the Pakistani capital. The body of Nasiruddin Haqqani was removed from the scene before police arrived and was buried by relatives, Pakistani officials said. It is unclear who killed him. Thursday’s drone attack could further complicate relations between the United States and some Pakistani leaders, as well as intensify debate within this country over an appropriate response to the strikes. Although the United States has carried out dozens of drone strikes in tribal areas in northwest Pakistan, provincial officials said Thursday’s attack was the first in other areas in more than five years. Even before the strike, Imran Khan and other political leaders in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were planning to protest the U.S. drone campaign by halting NATO convoys that cross the province to reach landlocked Afghanistan.



November - 2013

Peaceful countrywide protests against Pindi tragedy

In Karachi, 15,000 people attended an ASWJ rally, shouting slogans. All shops, restaurants and petrol stations remained SLAMABAD: Thousands of closed and roads were desertreligious activists held pro- ed amid a heavy deployment of test rallies on Friday following police and paramilitary troops. sectarian violence last week in Rawalpindi which killed at least 11 people, amid unusually tight security across major cities.


If sectarianism harmed Pakistan, history won’t forgive clerics: Shahbaz

In Rawalpindi, Maulana Ahmad Ludhianvi, who leads Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat organisation said: “We know how to fight against enemies of Islam and we are fighting against them.”

“Pakistan is facing terrorism, extremism, weak economy and several other challenges and there is a need of mutual unity and harmony at this critical juncture”, Shahbaz said.


AWALPINDI: Chief Minister of Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Sunday said that if religious sectarianism caused any harm to the country then the history would never forgive the ulema (religious clerics), Geo News reported.

He said this while talking to a delegation of prominent ulema, who met him here today.

He stressed upon them to propagate the message of love, In Quetta, up to 2,000 activists tolerance and religious hargathered to chant slogans. Lo- mony in Pakistan and play their cal ASWJ leader Ramzan Men- role for peace and stability of gal asked the government to the society. declare Pakistan a Sunni state. Similar scenes were seen in “Besides the government, it Peshawar, where some 4,000 is also a responsibility of the people answered ASWJ’s call at ulema to make their best efforts Shobha Bazaar, while protest- for promoting peace, amity and ers in Lahore called for the gov- religious concord. They should ernment to restrict Muharram fully support the efforts of the processions and confine them government for peace and tranquility”, said he. to their mosques.

Bilawal asks govt to crack down on hate-mongers

He further added that government had already taken a decision to conduct an inquiry into Rawalpindi incident on 10th of Muharram by a judge of Islamabad High Court. During the meeting Shahbaz reiterated that those involved in any administrative and security lapse would not be spared. “A committee has been constituted to inquire into the incident from various angles and for assessment of the losses to property”, he added.


akistan People’s Party Patron-In-Chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has asked the government to launch a crackdown against the elements inciting hatred in the country.

In a statement issued on Monday in connection with the Rawalpindi and Kohat clashes, Bilawal said the government should invoke the laws concerned to The CM also issued orders to curb hate speeches and crimes Secretary Health for providing before the violence spreads to the best treatment facilities for more parts of the country. the injured. Condemning the violence in In the end he said that people Kohat and elsewhere, Bilawal expect that ulema would give said hate-mongers had started the message of peace and uni- sowing the seeds of hatred and every Pakistani should play their ty in the society. role in thwarting this conspiracy. The delegation, which was led Bilawal said” “If hate speech, by Maulana Sami ul Haq , Mau- crimes and incitement to violana Hanif Jallandhri and Mau- lence laws are not implemented lana Ashraf Ali included Mau- across the board, the authorities will be held responsible for the lana Zahid Mahmood Qasmi, spread of violence.” Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad, Maulana Qari Abdul Rashid, The PPP patron-in-chief said Maulana Abdul Majeed Haz- extremists wanted Pakistanis to arvi, Maulana Hafiz Muham- fight among themselves and the mad Siddique, Maulana Dr. Atiq current spate of infighting was ur Rehman, Maulana Fazal ur exactly what they wanted. “They Rehman Khalil, Maulana Habib want to divide us and hate each ur Rehman, Maulana Yousaf other but we won’t let them sucShah, Maulana Gohar Rehman, ceed.” Maulana Muhammad Owais, Maulana Qari Sardar, and others. Bilawal said the prime minister should return to the country and Federal Minister for Interior lead the nation with a strong Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and message of unity.“My prime Provincial Minister for Law, minister should do what he was Rana Sanaullah, were also elected to do. The opposition will support him.” present on the occasion.

He also assured the delegation of early completion of judicial inquiry and bringing the culprits to justice.

Clashes erupted in Rawalpindi a week ago when a Muharram procession coincided with a sermon at a nearby mosque. The groups attacked each other, TV cameramen and security forces, firing gunshots. Schools, shops and restaurants were closed Friday while roads were deserted in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Heavy contingents of police, Rangers and soldiers were deployed in major cities including Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and Multan.

The chief minister said that ulema will have to cooperate with the government by utilizing their collective wisdom for the promotion of peace, unity and harmony.



November - 2013

Bilawal urges Muslims to adopt Hazrat Imam Hussain’s character


ARACHI: Patron-in-Chief of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has urged Muslims to learn from the supreme sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and Ahle Bait and continue struggle for higher values and triumph of goodness over evil, said a statement issued here on Thursday. “The incident of Karbala is remembered as historical event which established the lasting example of rendering sacrifice for upholding truth and principles. The Jihad fought by Hazrat Imam Hussain along with his companions is a shining minaret of courage, patience perseverance and determination”, said PPP Patron in his message on Yom-i-Ashur falling on November 15, 2013. He said that the nation was passing through difficult phase as tyranny at the hands of militants continues to stark the country. “Islam is a religion of peace and forbids killing in the name of religion,” he said. “At this juncture of our country’s history, we reiterate our resolve that no matter what the odds, we shall not submit before the tyranny of militants who want to impose their distorted ideology upon us and continue the struggle for a just, plural, moderate and enlightened Pakistan,” he further said.

PPP Patron appealed to people to rise above sectarianism and forge unity amongst them and to fight the forces that want to surrender Pakistan at the altar of narrow-mindedness and evil. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said the best way to pay tribute to Hazrat Imam Hussain, the leader of all martyrs, is to adopt his character and face difficulties with courage. “In this way we can not only overcome all difficulties but we can also adopt the real teachings of Islam and succeed in this life and hereafter,” he added.

Talks rumoured underway: PPP again asks MQM to join Sindh govt


akistan Peoples Party (PPP)-led Sindh government has once again invited its former ally Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) to become part of the provincial government.

According to sources privy to the development, the Sindh government on the instruction of the PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari, has re-established backdoor contacts with the MQM and has offered it a number of ministries including that of commerce and industries. Sources say both the parties,

agreeing to take forward the negotiation process, have constituted a 6-member committee, whose members – three from each party – will be announced soon. They say the parties will start upon formal negotiation by the next week. According to media, the former Interior Minister Rehman Malik is playing an important role in the deal, adding that the meeting earlier in the month in Dubai between the MQM delegation and Zardari was in connection with the ongoing negotiations.

tions in a phased manner and would take the party into confidence over local government systemand delimitation process. Following this assurance, the MQM leadership had had a detailed consultation and later the backdoor channel between the two was revived.

Sources say the provincial leadership of the PPP has been holding talks with the MQM for the last 3 days and that if the MQM joins Sindh government; it will have three ministers and There were differences between two advisers in the SIndh cabithe two parties on issues includ- net. Sindh Chief Minister Qaim ing Sindh Local GovernmentAct Ali Shah is also due to meet 2013, new delimitations and Sind governor next week in this Karachi operations. However in connection. the above meeting in which the MQM delegation met the PPP The MQM sources say the party co-chairman in the presence will join Sindh government only of Governor Sindh Dr Ishratul after its reservations are adEbad Khan headways were dressed. They say any decision made towards an agreement, will be taken with the consultation of the supporter and workthe newspaper says. ers and after the approval of According to sources, the PPP the leader of the movement Alhad assured the MQM that it taf Hussain, adding that so far would address their reserva- nothing has been finalised.


November - 2013

Five killed in twin Karachi blasts

NEWS He said apparently bombs were planted in motorcycles that were parked in the crowded area.An official of the Abbassi Shaheed Hospital identified three deceased as Geo News Associate Producer Saliq Ali Jafri, Muhammad Aziz and Mumtaz Hussain. Salik Ali Jafri was severely injured in the blast and later succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. Salik Jafri was a young person and was associated with ‘Geo FIR’ team. He joined Geo News in 2008.

Eyewitnesses of the twin explosions said first blast took place in a motorcycle parked near a ARACHI: Two powerful and crowded tea shop where dozsimultaneous explosions ens of persons were having tea, in the Ancholi area of the me- while the other was placed in tropolis killed at least five per- another bike, parked outside a sons, including an associate confectionery shop. producer of Geo News and a child, and injured more than 20 “I saw seven to eight persons on Friday night, police and hos- lying on the street motionless while there were dozens of inpital sources said. jured who were crying for help. Explosions coincided with a There was no electricity in the protest day called by the Ahle- area following the blasts,” FasiSunnat Wal-Jamaat and Wi- huddin, a Pan shop owner said. faqul Madaris throughout the country against the clashes He said some of the injured in Rawalpindi on the 10th of were taken to nearby Mamji Muharram but the protests re- Health Centre, while the other mained largely peaceful in Ka- wounded were shifted to Patel Hospital in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.The rachi. explosions were so much powerful that they damaged Pole Mounted Transformers (PMT) and electricity lines in the area, plunging the entire neighbourhood into darkness, creating difficulties in shifting the dead and injured to the hospital.

have announced three days of A Muttahida delegation visited mourning against the blasts. the bombing site in Ancholi The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan soon after the blast. Talking to (TTP) claimed responsibility media on this occasion, Hyder Saturday for twin bomb attacks Abbas Rizvi noted several vital measures are direly needed to in Ancholi. grapple with the menace of terrorism.

MQM, PPP condemn Karachi’s twin blasts

Meantime, PPP leader Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon, talking to Media, emphasized the incident is a conspiracy that seeks brothers to fight against each others.


An official of the Bomb Disposal Squad said both the explosions were carried out through ImproThe explosions took place in the densely-crowded area of vised Explosive Devices (IEDs) the city in the Federal B Area, weighing around 5 to 6 kiloBlock 20, and damaged ve- grams containing nails and ball hicles parked on the road.“Five bearings. persons, including a child, died An official, requesting anonymity, in the blasts while 18 injured said one of the IED was detohave been brought at Abbassi nated with the help of a remote Shaheed Hospital,” Police Sur- control device.Heavy contingent geon Jalil Qadir told Media. of police and Rangers rushed

Additional Inspector General (AIG) Karachi Shahid Hayat also confirmed that five persons were killed in the blasts and added that around two dozen persons had received injuries, some of them seriously.

to the spot after the explosions while Shahra-e-Pakistan, one of the main city arteries linking Karachi with Super Highway, was closed for the vehicular traffic. Shia organisations as well as Muttahida Qaumi Movement

Denouncing the twin explosions, another MQM leader Wasay Jalil remarked that though the security arrangements were up to the mark in the area; but, such terrorist activities are very difficult to be averted.

The terrorists, PPP leader Shehla Raza said, are targeting common people; but, cent percent ARACHI: Leaders of Pakistan People’s Party and security is not possible. Muttahida Quami Movement Reactig to the sabotage activity (MQM) condemned late Friday’s twin bombings in Ancholi, that claimed seven lives in Fedasserting terrorist elements eral B. Area late Friday, all the want to pit one brother against leaders appealed to the common people to remain calm. the other.



November - 2013


A large number of Chicago community leaders and activists showed their determination to support East-West University in its mission to provide quality education to the deprived and underserved

By Jawaid Riaz large number of Chicago community leaders and activists showed their determination to support East-West University in its mission to provide quality education to the deprived and underserved. Dr. Arshad Mirza, Member Board of Trustees, welcomed the guests and dignitaries and thanked them for supporting East-West University. Congressman Danny Davis highly praised Dr. Wasiullah Khan and his team for giving Chicago a university, who is educating the population who would otherwise have had a less chance to get educated. Alderman 2nd Ward, Robert W. Fioretti read out the resolution passed out by the City Council.


Ms. Carol Bell, Director, Women’s Business Development, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity also Member BOD of East-West University made a scholarship fund appeal. She stressed on the issue of East West being the only university in the private sector, which has the largest population of underserved and underprivileged communities. Dr. Wasiullah Khan, Chancellor, East West University gave a brief history of the institution. He recognized people who are with him since its foundation. He said the university has expanded its services phenomenally in the last 33 years and need support to keep progressing in educational excellence. Keynote speaker Ms. Joyce Tucker, Vice-President, Global diversity and Employee Rights at the The Boeing Company spoke about her experiences in Boeing and other positions about the rights of minorities and racial equality. She was also the recipient of Chancellor’s Award for Excellence. Earlier

Alumni of the Year Award, was given to Ms. April Pinkett, B.S. Business Administration 2009. Concluding remarks were given by Rev. Dr. B. Herbert Martin, Sr. the event was masterly emceed by Mr. Kevin Sheridan. Lots of gifts and prized were given by raffle. A silent auction was a big attraction for the attendees.


November - 2013

The globally-renowned


IQRA International Educational Foundation


held a fundraising dinner

he globally-renowned IQRA International Educational Foundation held a fundraising dinner on Friday November 15th 2013 to celebrate both its thirty years of operation and the unveiling of its venture into the realm of digital education. The event was held at Oak Brook’s famed Dreary Lane Theatre & Conference Center. Before the night ended more than 600 people from both inside and outside the Chicagoland area had come to enjoy delicious dinner, informative speeches and entertainment by distinguished individuals. With Emmy Award-winning American broadcast journalist and chief correspondent for Al Jazeera America (Chicago Bureau) Ashar Qaraishion the mike as master of ceremonies, the evening’s event began with a recitation of the Holy Qu’ran by SHaykh Nasser Taleb Hussein Hussein, an Al-Azhar trained qari (Qu’ran reciter). Following his beautiful qir’at of SuratulAlaq Mrs. Bushra Ghazi took the stage with her stirring renditions of famous Islamic nashids and qasidahs. Mrs. Ghazi is a lecturer in Classical Arabic at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. She is a recite of the Qu’ran and Hamd, or divine praise songs. Her interviews have been featured on the BBC, CBC, NPR and PBS. Member of IQRA’s Board of Directors and former Secretary General of ISNA, Dr. Safa Zarzoor, gave a heartfelt introduction to IQRA’s history and work with the global community.

By Jawaid Riaz


November - 2013

Typhoon Haiyan: Death toll rises to more than 5,200; more than 1,600 missing


The number of people confirmed killed jumped by nearly 1,200 on Friday to 5,209, as confirmed body counts were made in some flattened communities, the spokesman for the governments disaster management council Reynaldo Balido told.

The governments confirmed death toll rose to 5,235, with another 1,613 people still missing more than two weeks after Super Typhoon Haiyan destroyed entire towns across a long stretch of islands in the central Philippines. Haiyan now rivals a 1976 tsunami on the southern island of Mindanao as the deadliest recorded natural disaster to strike the Philippines, which endures a never-ending battle against typhoons, earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions.

The typhoon has triggered a giant, international relief effort, with dozens of countries and relief organisations rushing to deliver food, water and health services to more than four million ACLOBAN: The number of people who lost their homes. people dead or missing after one of the worlds strongest However UN humanitarian chief typhoons struck the Philippines Valerie Amos, after visiting the climbed towards 7,000 on Sat- disaster zones, warned the


are among many other nations to have also sent military support.

urday, as the United Nations warned much more needed to be done to help desperate survivors.

world was still not responding fast enough to the disaster. “Much more needs to be done. Food, clean water and shelter remain the top priorities,” Amos said as a UN appeal for funds was raised from $301 million to $348 million. Amos said huge numbers of people were still exposed to bad weather in the nine provinces ravaged by the storm, as she warned particularly of the dangers for babies, children and mothers. “I am very concerned that some 1.5 million children are at risk of acute malnutrition and close to 800,000 pregnant and nursing mothers need nutritional help,” Amos told a news conference at UN headquarters.

Pakistan-born US man killed wife, 2 sons, then self: police


LEASANT VALLEY: Police say an upstate New York man killed his wife and then The World Bank on Friday add- used a shotgun to kill his two ed $480 million in emergency sons and himself. aid to the Philippines, taking its Trooper Melissa McMorris said support to nearly $1 billion. The Friday that Pakistan-born US Asian Development Bank has pharmacist Abbas Lodhi first also offered $500 million conshot Sarwat Lodhi in Wappingcessionary loans. ers Falls, then killed 9-year-old Zain and 13-year-old Mujtabah. The US military has performed the highest-profile role in the The man’s body and those of relief effort, sending an aircraft his children were found Thurscarrier that arrived six days after day in their Dutchess County the disaster that finally allowed hometown, Pleasant Valley. relief supplies to start reaching McMorris says Sarwat Lodhi’s isolated communities. body was found along a road on Friday. Japan also sent more than 1,000 troops aboard three vesShe says Abbas Lodhi and his sels that arrived on Thursday sons died of gunshots to their night, in what is the biggest chests. She says his wife may overseas deployment of the have been killed with the same country’s military since its deweapon. feat in World War II nearly 70 years ago. The investigation into what was behind the killings continues. China, which is embroiled in a long-running territorial dispute Authorities say the parents with the Philippines, dispatched moved from Pakistan during a 300-bed hospital ship, while the 1990s and became U.S. Australia, Britain and Indonesia citizens.



November - 2013

Pakistan welcomes Iran, P5+1 nuke deal

With a deep presence of major powers, including China, in the region, Russian role in regional development was much desired for the strategic stability, commented a retired envoy, Akram Zaki. About a breakthrough between Iran and western powers, the senior diplomats believed that President Obama’s administration as a matter of policy had engaged Iran for quite some time now that led to the landmark agreement.

Analysts say Iran deal positive for Pakistan


SLAMABAD: Pakistan has welcomed the understanding reached between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the P-5+1 (a group of six world powers) over the former’s nuclear programme in Geneva talks. Being a brotherly neighboring country of Iran, Pakistan has always underscored the importance of a peaceful solution to the issue, said a statement released by the Foreign Office here Sunday.

“We have also been stressing the need to avert any confrontation over Iran’s nuclear programme which had the potenSLAMABAD: The nuclear tial to destabilise our region,” deal between Iran and the FO spokesperson Aizaz Ahmed world powers will have ‘posiChaudhry said in the statement. tive implications’ for Pakistan in particular and the region at “It is an important development large, analysts say. which should augur well for peace and security in our re- “I think the regional environgion and the world at large.” ment will improve considerably due to the Iran deal,” said deThose senior diplomats The fence analyst Lt Gen (retd) Talat Nation talked to said it was a Masood. major development that would contribute towards stability of He did not subscribe to fears the region. that Pakistan could come under pressure from the West over its They were of the view that the nuclear issue following the ungovernment should rope in derstanding reached between Russia in the Iran-Pakistan gas Tehran and the P5+1 – namely pipeline project, saying, “If PakUnited States, Russia, China, istan succeeds in engaging the United Kingdom, and France, Russian Federation in this projplus Germany – in Geneva. ect, it would greatly help stabilize the entire region.” Pakistan, itself a nuclear power


and Iran’s immediate neighbour, has always remained concerned about the potential military conflict due to the longrunning dispute. “There will be less tension in this region and I believe this will help Pakistan to pursue the Iran gas pipeline project more vigorously,” Masood said.

established strong nuclear credentials,” he insisted. The official further said that Iran’s nuclear deal would certainly augur well for this part of the world, which is known as a ‘nuclearised region’.

International relations expert Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed believes the A senior foreign ministry official agreement would certainly also dismissed suggestions ease pressure on Pakistan, that the Geneva deal would put which has already been facing any pressure on Pakistan as far instability from neighbouring Afas the security and safety of its ghanistan. nuclear arsenal was concerned. Officially, Pakistan welcomed “None whatsoever!” said the the understanding reached beofficial when asked whether tween Iran and P5+1 on the Pakistan’s nuclear programme nuclear issue. would come under increased scrutiny from the West, partic- “As a brotherly neighbour of Iran, ularly the US, after the under- Pakistan has always understanding on Iran’s nuclear issue. scored the importance of findThe official, who asked to re- ing a peaceful solution to this main anonymous, insisted that issue,” said the foreign ministry the two issues had no linkages in a statement. whatsoever. “We have also been stressing “Notwithstanding few deliberate the need to avert confrontation leaks about our nuclear pro- over Iran’s nuclear programme, gramme, the West is aware of which had the potential to dethe fact that Pakistan has now stabilise our region,” it added.



November - 2013

Pakistan introduces its first fleet of drones


AWALPINDI: The Pakistani military on Monday announced its first fleet of indigenously developed surveillancecapable drones at a ceremony attended by the Army chief.

According to a press release, the introduction of the two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), called the ‘Burraq’ and ‘Shahpar’ systems in the Pakistan Army and Air Force, are “a landmark and historic event, wherein a very effective force multiplier has been added to the inventory of the armed forces.”

UAVs in Pakistan’s armed forces is a force multiplier, and will substantially enhance their target acquisition capabilities in real time, said the Army chief while appreciating the work of NESCOM scientists and engineers.

condemning these terrorists give them the status of Shaheed (martyr) are also foes of humanity. “The people will have to unite against such elements,” he asserted.

Zada Khan, former provincial president Anwar Saifullah Khan, general secretary Mohammad Hamayun Khan, former ministers Najmuddin Khan, Sher Azam Wazir and Syed Zahir Ali Shah, Senator Rubina Khalid, He said the time has come MPA Nighat Orakzai, MPA MoThe ISPR statement, however, when the patriotic political did not clearly state whether the and religious leaders and no- hammad Ali Shah Bacha and surveillance drones were also tables belonging to all schools Qalb-i-Hassan. capable of being armed with pre- of thought must come forward Arbab Alamgir and Liaquat cision missiles, like the UAVs that and distinguish between the Shabab were not invited to the US uses to target suspected friends and foes of humanity.He the meeting, while Rahim Dad Taliban and al Qaeda militants in regretted that on one hand sit- Khan, Syed Ayub Shah and AbPakistan’s tribal areas bordering ins and protest demonstrations dul Akbar Khan didn’t show up Afghanistan. are being held against US drone for personal reasons. attacks while on the other hand dollars are also being received According to a source privy to the meeting, Ms Talpur rejected from the same US. the idea of the party lawmakers accepting ministries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and decided that the PPP MPAs would extend conditional support to the provincial government on different issues.She asked the party leaders to shun differences and support newly-appointed provincial president Khan Zada Khan.

Killers of innocents are enemies of humanity: Altaf


ONDON: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain on Sunday said The drones have been developed that those who shed the blood in cooperation with the National of innocents are the enemies of Engineering and Scientific Comhumanity and the political and mission (NESCOM) is a civilian religious leaders who openly controlled Pakistani scientific resupport such elements also search organisation. fall in the same category, Geo “In the future, these UAVs could News reported. also be gainfully employed in various socio-economic devel- According to a statement issued opment projects as well,” said here at the MQM’s London Secthe release from ISPR, the media retariat, Altaf Hussain was talking to members of Pakistan’s wing of the military. national and provincial assemThe unveiling ceremony was at- blies and others who called on tended by Chief of Army Staff him at his residence. Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief “Those terrorists who slit the of the Air Staff Tahir Rafique Butt, throats of army men and police Director General Strategic Plans personnel besides openly killDivision Lt-Gen (R) Khalid Ahmed ing innocent citizens by carrying Kidwai, and senior officers from out suicide attacks on mosques, the armed forces, scientists and Imambargahs and shrines are engineers, said the ISPR statethe enemies of humanity,” the ment. MQM chief reiterated. The induction of the indigenously He said the political and relideveloped surveillance capable gious leaders who instead of

PPP won’t support any move against PTI government

They were also told to work for the party’s reorganisation at all levels in the province besides preparing for the upcoming local body elections. The chair asked the provincial PPP president to replace office-bearers whenever he deemed it fit to strengthen the party. She also allowed the provincial president to appoint new officeESHAWAR: The Pakistan bearers of People’s Student People’s Party on Saturday Federation, People’s Youth Ordecided not to support any no- ganisation, People’s Doctors’ confidence motion against the Forum and PPP women’s wing Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf gov- in the province for their reorernment in Khyber Pakhtunkh- ganisation. wa feeling that the provincial government should complete The source said the PPP central its constitutional term in office leadership would hold another as it will strengthen democracy such meeting in Islamabad to make the party’s strategy for in the country. the upcoming local body elecIt also decided to support the tions in the province. provincial government if PTI fa- He said the participants apvours it (PPP) in the centre. prised Ms Talpur of grouping in


the party, especially in women’s wing, and the people behind them. The source said the former PPP provincial president had suggested replacement of women’s wing president Asma Alamgir. Khan Zada Khan The meeting was attended by couldn’t be contacted despite PPP provincial president Khan repeated attempts. These decisions were made during a meeting of the PPP office-bearers from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Karachi, where central leader of the party Faryal Talpur was in the chair.


November - 2013

Gen Raheel Sharif new COAS, Gen Rashad Mahmood CJCSC


SLAMABAD: The guessing game is over. The prime minister has put an end to months of speculation about who will get the most coveted and possibly the most powerful position in the country. General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani will hand the baton to his successor General Raheel Sharif, who will become Pakistan’s 15th Army chief as of Friday (tomorrow).

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif finally made one of the most crucial decisions of his tenure on Wednesday as he picked Gen Raheel as Chief of the Army Staff and Gen Rashad Mahmood as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. An official statement was issued that promoted both the military commanders to the rank of four-star generals from three-star lieutenant-generals. Generals Raheel and Mahmood will formally take charge of their new assignments on November 29 as, the day outgoing army chief General Kayani retires after serving six years as head of the institution. However, contrary to pre-election promises, PM Nawaz did not strictly follow the principle of seniority as General Raheel was third in line of promotion. The announcement means that Lt Gen Haroon Aslam, the chief

NEWS College, Lahore, and Pakistan of being the chief of staff of two Military Academy (PMA) from Corps – the 30 Corps and the where he graduated from the 12 Corps. He is also a gradu54th PMA Long Course. ate of the prestigious Royal College of Defence Studies, United He was commissioned in OctoKingdom. ber 1976 in the battle-hardened and renowned 6th Battalion, He has been the general offithe Frontier Force Regiment – cer commanding (GOC) of an the same battalion in which his infantry division and the Comelder brother had embraced mandant of the PMA. As a lieumartyrdom. tenant-general, he served as As a young officer, he performed Corps Commander, XXXI Corps, his duties in Gilgit in an Infan- for two years before taking over of logistics who was the try Brigade and also served as as inspector general, training senior-most general after Adjutant of Pakistan Military and evaluation, overseeing the Kayani, was superseded Academy. He did the Company training of Pakistan Army. and hence will now resign. Commander Course from GerHe is an avid reader and enjoys many and subsequently served hunting and swimming, accordSources told The Express in the prestigious School of Ining to the ISPR. Tribune that during the prefantry and Tactics as an instrucappointment consultations, tor. Gen Mahmood: The spy Kayani had suggested the general and instructor prime minister pick General Rashad Mahmood as The CJCSC-designate was his successor as well as commissioned in May 1975 in keep the post of CJCSC the Baloch Regiment. He has with the army (by giving it to Ltattended the Company ComGen Aslam). mander Course from France and graduated from Command While the prime minister acand Staff College, Canada, and cepted his demand by selectNational Defence College, Ising Gen Mahmood as CJCSC, lamabad. which is mostly a ceremonial post, he ignored his nominee He has as varied experience proposition for the position of of command, staff and instrucarmy chief. He attended the Command and tional appointments as well. His Before the formal announce- Staff College, Canada, graduat- major appointments include ment, Nawaz Sharif held sep- ing with distinction. He carries platoon commander, Pakistan arate meetings with the new a vast experience of command, Military Academy; brigade maCOAS and CJCSC designates staff and instructional appoint- jor, Infantry Brigade, and inments. at the Prime Minister House. structor at Command & Staff The new army chief has to deal PM Nawaz picks third in line to College and National Defence with many challenges, including take over from Gen Kayani; Lt College. the fight against militancy, the Gen Rashad gets keys to CJCHe has remained Chief of Staff, crucial transition in Afghanistan, SC office. Bahawalpur Corps, and military and ensuring a smooth civil-milHe served as the brigade major secretary to the president duritary relationship. of an infantry brigade and has ing Nawaz Sharif’s second govGen Raheel: from a family of commanded two infantry units: ernment. 6 Frontier Force Regiment at soldiers Kashmir along the Line of Con- Gen Mahmood has commandAccording to the Inter-Services trol and 26 Frontier Force Regi- ed two infantry battalions, two Public Relations (ISPR), the new ment along the Sialkot border. infantry brigades and the UnitChief of Army Staff hails from a ed Nations contingent at Con“martial stock” as his father also Gen Raheel remained on the go, and Infantry Division at Jheserved as an army major, while faculty of the Command and lum. He was director-general his elder brother Major Shabbir Staff College, Quetta, and at- ‘C’ (counter-terrorism) at InterSharif was awarded the highest tended Armed Forces War Service Intelligence (ISI) Direcmilitary award, Nishan-e-Haider, Course at National Defence torate, Islamabad, and Comfor his bravery in the 1971 war University, Islamabad, in 1998. As brigadier, he commanded mander of the Lahore Corps. with India. two infantry brigades, includ- Later, he took over as chief of Gen Raheel Sharif was born ing an Independent Infantry Bri- general staff in January this year. in Quetta on June 16, 1956, gade Group. He has been conferred with Hito Major and Mrs Muhammad The general has had the honour Sharif. He is alumnus of Govt lal-e-Imtiaz (Military).



November - 2013

Anwar, Bilawal spur Pakistan to victory

from 131 for seven to a defendable total.

“I was really happy with the effort of the two debutants, they really won the game for us,” said captain Misbah-ul-Haq at the post-match presentation. “They gave us some hope to take us past 200.” Jacques Kallis scored 50 on his return to the oneday international arena after an absence of almost APE TOWN: Newcomtwo years, but early wickets ers Anwar Ali and Bilawal kept tumbling about him as Bhatti put together a matchSouth Africa struggled in their winning partnership and shared reply before eventually being in five wickets as Pakistan beat bowled after 48.1 overs. South Africa by 23 runs in the first one-day international at A perfect yorker from Bhatti Newlands on Sunday. bowled Morne Morkel for the last wicket to give the paceman figures of 3-37. Ali bowled Kallis as he took 2-24.


The next match is in Port Elizabeth on Wednesday.

The two bowlers, making their ODI debuts, put on 74 runs for the eighth wicket to take Pakistan to a respectable 218 for nine off their 50 overs before bowling out South Africa for 195 in their second-last over.

Day wins World Cup Golf


Pakistan take the lead in the three-match series after losing 4-1 to South Africa earlier this month in a five-match ODI series in the United Arab Emirates. Man of the match Ali produced a swashbuckling 43 to remain unbeaten at the end of the innings while Bhatti added a valuable 39 as they took Pakistan

ELBOURNE: Jason Day helped end a 24-year winless drought for Australia at the World Cup on Sunday and took the event’s individual honour in an emotional double-triumph after losing eight relatives to Typhoon Haiyan. He combined with reigning US Masters champion Adam Scott in storming to “team” victory by a massive 10 shots over the United States, claiming an Australian success for the first time since Wayne Grady and Peter Fowler captured the title in 1989 in Spain.

The Filipino-Australian also won the individual honour along with a $US1.2 million first prize cheque in posting a final round 70 to defeat Denmark’s Thomas Bjorn by two shots with a 10-under par tally. He started the final round one shot ahead of Bjorn and despite a bogey at the first, he was never behind after holing a 95-yard wedge shot for eagle at the par four, sixth hole.

Australia keep same squad for Adelaide Test

fit he’ll play. Every Test is important at the moment, obviously good result here but we’ll concentrate on Adelaide. You pick the side that’s going to win the Test match.” The side is picked with the proviso that if we get to Adelaide and the conditions (dictate) we need to add a player to that 12 we will do that. James Faulkner was the 12th man in Brisbane and keeps his place in the squad as fast bowling cover, while debutant George Bailey will stay at number six. SQUAD: David Warner, Chris Rogers, Shane Watson, Michael Clarke (capt), Steve Smith, George Bailey, Brad Haddin, Mitchell Johnson, Peter Siddle, Ryan Harris, Nathan Lyon, James Faulkner.

Misbah lauds Pakistan series triumph


ORT ELIZABETH - Pakistan captain Misbahul Haq RISBANE: Australia will hailed his country’s first win in stick with a winning team a bilateral series against South after Sunday naming an un- Africa after they pulled off a changed 12-man squad for the thrilling one-run win in the secsecond Test in Adelaide, starting ond one-day international at St on December 5. Coach Darren George’s Park in Port Elizabeth Lehmann said he left the way on Wednesday. open to add extra players if required following Australia’s huge Misbah admitted that a win 381-run win over England in the seemed unlikely with two overs to go. He said: “But there is alfirst Ashes Test at the Gabba. ways pressure on the side batThe new drop-in wicket at Ad- ting second. We knew that we elaide Oval has proven difficult would have a chance if we had for bowlers so far in this domes- one good over so that South tic Sheffield Shield season, and Africa needed more than a run of biggest concern to Australia a ball in the last over, especially will be managing their in-form if they had new batsmen at the pace attack through the five- crease.” Test series. Overworking Mitchell Johnson, Peter Siddle and in “It really means a lot to us to beat particular the injury-prone Ryan South Africa in a bilateral series Harris is a danger for Australia for the first time, especially dogiven the tight turnaround be- ing it in South Africa,” said Mistween Adelaide and the third bah. “It is a young side and now Test in Perth, and the fact that they believe they can win. That their fast bowling depth is al- was what was lacking (in the previous series),” said Misbah. “I ready stretched. had the game in my hands with But Lehmann said for a side Hash out there with me,” he said. that has only just broken a ninematch winless streak, winning “I’ve finished a lot of games like every match is important. “We that before and I was on a bit of said we would pick the best a roll there. I should have caught side possible as long as every- my breath a little bit and looked one is 100 percent fit,” Lehmann at the situation again. It is very said. “So if Ryan is 100 percent disappointing.”



November - 2013

30th death

anniversary of chocolate hero Waheed Murad

SHOWBIZ many heroines such as Zeba, Shamim Ara, Rani, Shabnam, Deeba, Babra Sharif, Naghama Aaliya, Sangeeta and others. He also gave some memorable performances in Punjabi films such as Mastana Mahi, Ishq Mera Naan, Sayyo Ni Mera Mahi, Akh Lari Badobadi and Jogi. Waheed Murad got married to Salma, daughter of a Karachi-basedindustrialist on 17 September 1964. His son Adil Murad, who also acted in a film is a computer engineer and lives in the United States. His daughter Aaliya who is married to a businessman, lives in Karachi with her mother.


0th death anniversary of chocolate hero Waheed Murad is observing today (Monday). Waheed Waheed Murad was born on October 2, 1938 in Sialkot. He died on November 23, 1983 He got early education from Karachi Grammar School, did graduation from S.M. Arts College and then masters in English literature from University of Karachi.

Murad’s important films included Mamta, Bahu Begum,Saaz Aur Awaz, Kaneez, Honhar, Bhiya, Jaag Utha Insaan, Dewar Bhabi, Insaniyat, Phir Subha Hogi, Maan Baap, Jan-e-Arzoo, Samandar, Dil Mera Dharkan Teri, Jahan Tum Wahan Hum, Ishara, Saalgira, Tum Hi Ho Mehboob Meray, Ladla, Andleeb, Ik Nagina, Maan Beta, Afsana, Baywafa, Naseeb Apna Apna, Phir Chand Niklay Ga, Chand Sooraj, Neend Hamari Khwab

Waheed Murad acted in 123 feature films and earned 32 awards for his unmatchable performance, a private TV channel reported. Murad started his film career by producing a film named Insan Badalta Hey. He has written and produced several films. Radio Pakistan has aired many interviews during his life. As an actor he started his film career from SM Yousaf’s Aulad. Then came Daman in which he played second hero opposite Neelo with Sabiha and Santosh in the main lead. He appeared as lead hero in a Heera Aur Pathar opposite Zeba.The director, music composer and songwriter of the film were Pervaiz Malik, Suhail Rana and Masroor Anwar respectively. This team led by Murad as hero and producer again created magic in the shape of film Arman which turned out to be first platinum jubilee film in Pakistan. Waheed Murad performed with

Tumharay, Rim Jhim,, Afshan, Anjuman, Khalish, Naag Muni, Hill Station, Daulat Aur Duniya, Bandagi, Zindagi Aik Safar Hey, Mulaqat, Baharo Phool Barsao, Khwab Aur Zindagi, Unhoni, Jaal, Tum Salamat Raho, Phool Meray Gulshan Ka, Mastani Mehbooba, Jab Jab Phool Khilay, Nishani, Pyari, Apnay Huay Paraiy, Izzat, Shabana, Zubaidah, Deedar, Surriya Bhopali, Nazrana, Parkh, Wada, I Love You, Muhbbat Zindagi Hey, Hero and many others. Salma Waheed Murad talking to a pri-

produced in 1980s and was released after his death. As director, he had directed as well as produced Ishaara (1969) with co-star Deeba. Waheed during his acting career, was mostly voiced by Ahmed Rushdi. He himself acknowledged that songs in Rushdi’s voice made his work easier and vate TV channel said after pasthat he was more comfortable sage of 30 years people still in acting on his songs. Rushdi love and respect Waheed Musang more than 200 duet and rad which is surprising. solo songs for him and played Waheed Murad produced elev- a significant role in his success. en films under his father’s established ‘Film Art’. He was the Other playback singers who youngest film producer in the in- provided voice for him were dustry at that time. As producer, Mehdi Hassan, Masood Rana, Waheed Murad was a success- Saleem Raza, Akhlaq Ahmed, ful producer. Most of his pro- Mujeeb Aalam, Asad Amanat duced films were either Golden Ali Khan, Bashir Ahmad, Ustad Jubilee or Silver Jubilee. During Amanat Ali Khan and A Nayyar. 1960s and early 1970s, he produced films like Insaan badalta Senior actor Habid termed Wahai (1961) (his first film as pro- heed Murad as a king of expresducer), Armaan (1966), Ehsaan sions and said Murad enjoyed (1967), Naseeb apna apna specialty in picturising romantic (1970) and Mastana mahi (Pun- songs. jabi film of 1971). However, af- His death created such a vacuter Mastana Mahi he produced um in the Pakistani film industry no film except Hero which was that is not still filled.


November - 2013


Grand 30th Anniversary Celebrations Hosted by Tri-State Telugu Association Chicago Asian Media USA ©


hicago IL: Tri-State Telugu Association (TTA), a nonprofit organization with a main goal to enhance the cultural, educational, social and charitable interactions among its members hosted its grand 30th anniversary celebrations at Samarathi auditorium in Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, Lemont, IL on Saturday Nov 16th 2013.

The 30th anniversary cultural event organized by the Tri State Telugu Association (TTA), Chicago, under the auspices of the TTA Board of Directors, was a feast to the eyes and kept the audience glued to the seats from start to the end. Consul General Dr. Ausuf Sayeed, was the Chief Guest with TANA President Dr. Mohan Nannapaneni as the guest of honor for this event.

The first session of the cultural show started at 1pm with a beautiful rendition of opening prayer on Lord Ganesha followed by Sanskrit sloka recital “Annapoornashtakam” by students of Smt.Sunitha Vissapragadda. This was followed by an excellent recitation of the sanskrit slokas ‘NamaRamayanam and Achyutashtakam’, by students of Dr. Hemalatha Burra, renowned Sanskrit Professor, Retired Principal from Sri Sathya Sai University in Andhra Pradesh.

Presentations by kids for thematic songs, and dances, classical dances for Annamacharya compositions in the classical dance forms, choreographed by Smt. Mahalakshmi Varadhan, artistic director Noopura, Smt. Poonam Mahesh-artistic director, Nrithyanant, and Priya Narayanan, were received very well by the audience. The spirit of The spirit of Telugu culture was the festival was well captured by brought forth in vibrant colors several movie and folk dances with an all day cultural program choreographed by Smt. Karunwith more than 320 Chicagoland ya Bhatter, Shilpa Challam, Anita performers participating in the Rotiwar, Neelima Mylavarapu, event. TTA victoriously celebrat- and Smt.Bhagya Nagesh. ed this event that presented a multi talented, multi faceted cul- “Telugu Padyalu” presentation by tural program with a grand finale students of Manamdari Badi, colight music concert “Melodious ordinated by Dr. Krishna Bathina Moments” by professional play and Sri Ravi Pariti as well as Skit back singer Sunitha, Sri Krish- “Cheppinattu Chestara” prena, Sai Charan, Sai Silpa with sented by little kids, written and live Orchestra. The Samarathi directed by Smt.Jayashree TataAuditorium at the Hindu Tem- varthi was executed very neatly. ple of Greater Chicago (HTGC), Ashta Lakshmi Stotram depictLemont, was at capacity with ing a group of eight secondary art lovers. An amazing perfor- manifestations of Lakshmi was mance by the local talent with very well choreographed and exa spectrum of flavors ranging ecuted by Smt. Aruna Chandra, from Classical to semi-classical Smt. Aparna Prashanth and their music and dances, sloka recit- students. als, theme based productions, fusion fashion Show as well as Marking the spirit of Children’s folk and contemporary presenta- day, patriotic themed Orchestra tions along with the professional coordinated by Smt. Supriya Rao artists kept the crowds mesmer- and conducted by Mr. Jonathan Weist was executed with perfecized the entire duration.

tion. “Fusion Show – Jewel’ed Melodies” depicting the spirit of cultural diversity, was surely another grand event of the evening. The colorful concept and coordination by Smt. Padmaja Sonti and handcrafted eclectic jewelry designed by Lakshmi Sreenivasan of Bead N’Weave Jewelry, and chorography by Smt. Lopa Mudra Banerjee was marked with a high degree of coordination and gave the audience a glimpse of the rich handlooms of various parts of India. The coordination was meticulous. The spirit of the celebrations was well captured by thematic dances and productions. “Shastipoorthi theme” depicting the essence of 60 yrs of life was surely a grand event of the evening with participation from kids, youth, adults and senior citizens that gave immense pleasure to the audience. The production choreographed by Smt. Lavanya Jonnalagadda with coordination by Smt.Vidya Maruvada was marked with a high degree of coordination and artistry and enthralled the audience. Classical Presentation “Ganesha Panchartnam” by Students of Smt. Sushmita Arunkumar, Nrithyanjali School of Dance and Contemporary Kuchipudi presentation “Elements” by Students of Smt.Janaki Anandavalli Nair, artistic director, Aananda Dance Theater, “Thillana” in Bharatanatyam dance style by Students of Smt. Vanitha Veeravalli, artistic director, Bharatam Academy, were executed with grace and poise. The traditional folk dance presentation ‘Jada Kolatam’, where the dancers winding the ropes while beautifully plaiting, moved in different geometrical patterns to complete the braid.



November - 2013

They change places while tapping the sticks for rhythm. This unique presentation was choreographed by Smt.Anupama Rajesh Nair, artistic director of NrithyaGeetanjali and presented by her students. The high degree of coordination and energy was highly evident for this items and it captivated the audience. Synergy- a Kathak, Bharatanatyam Jugalbandhi presentation by Chithra and Gurmeet and “Jaya Janardhana Krishna” choreographed by Smt. Apuroopa Tipparaju, depicting the spirit of Deepavali were excuted with ease. Performances by Sindhura Pisipati, Pravallika Palacherla, Kilani sisters, Anup Kilani and Anand Bhatt were thoroughly enjoyed by audience of all ages. The second half of the day’s festivities commenced after the sumptuous dinner from Priya Restaurant with the traditional Lighting of the Lamp Ceremony by Consul General of India Dr. Ausuf Sayeed.

SHOWBIZ and talented musicians providing live orchestra support. The sold out show with jam packed audience at Rathi auditorium was thoroughly entertaining. The emcees for the evening, Neelima and Naveen Mylavarapu, Padma Sonti, Dr.Krishna Bathina, Chadnini Duvvuri and Vidya Maruvada, did a marvelous job compeering the entire show and kept the interest of the audience sustained throughout. Stage decorations with original creations by “Kalatho”- artist Sri Ravi Tokala added to the beautiful ambience. Video coverage was provided by Dr.Nag Rao and Mr.Upendra Kandregula, photography by Mr. Vasim Mistry, Sri Prasad Palacharla, Sri Murthy Pisipati with stage management handled by Dr.Ramesh Poola and Mr. Azad Sunkavalli.

The event was Sponsored in part by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois along with other community busiDr. Ramaraja Yaness like, IndSoft. lavarthy, trustee of com,, Sri Balaji Temple who New York Life Insurance, compeered the second Siri Snacka and segment of the cultural show, Many of the community memwelcomed the chief guest Dr. bers also came forward to show Sayeed. their financial support for the orGuest of honor Dr. Mohan Nan- ganization. napaneni, President of TANA, The relentless efforts of the sevwas introduced by TANA Vice eral volunteers and TTA Board president Dr. Jampala Chowdary. of Directors, Padma Sonti, JaDr. Ausuf Sayeed in his speech gadish Kanuru, Bhaskar Karri, commended TTA for its activities Ravi Tammana, Lavanya Jonnaland wished the organization suc- agadda, Srilakshmi Duvvapu, Vacess in all its future endeavors. sireddy Srinath, Swamy Achanta, After a brief presentation Prasad Jasti, Sai Yanabout the 30 year hisdamuri and Rajani tory of the organizaAkurathi, were aption Dr.Ramaraju preciated in the introduced the Anvote of thanks deniversary special livered by the event attraction of the cultural coordinaevening “Melodious tor, Smt.Usha PaMoments”. The live riti. The volunteers show was presented who served dinner to by Sunitha Upadrashta, guests that evening in a one of the best playback sing- short time of around one hour ers in south Indian film industry. did a great job. Everyone was Sunitha’s team included playback truly amazed at the flow of the singers Sri Krishna, Sai Shilpa, program and its schedule. The Sai Charan, comedians Rakesh event ended with the rendition of and Trinadh (Jabardasth Fame), ‘Indian National Anthem’.

22 November - 2013 Could Ancient Herbal Remedies Unlock the Secret to Perfect Skin?

Today, most of the ladies and girls in special have been seen complaining about skin problems. Skin problem like acne, scars, dark spots, wrinkles, sign of aging, pimples etc are very common these days. Some girls apply local creams of skin whitening on their face, and as a result-they suffer from different skin diseases that are mentioned earlier. Usually girls apply the type of creams on their face whose results are unexpected. If you’re also doing so with your skin then you are damaging your skin with your very own hands. Herbal and home remedies are always proven best for the perfect skin. Herbs are totally chemical free and have no side effects. In the past, all the ailments related to humans and animals have been cured by herbs and herbal medicines. In ancient times, they were no MBBS doctors or dermatologists to prescribe medicines and all the skin problems had been treated with herbs.

Health-Beauty Tips-Horoscope can apply the gel of Aloe Vera on your face and massage gently. Aloe Vera is not basically a proper remedy of acne but its anti-inflammatory properties can help you to lessen the effects of pimples and acne. For making your skin fresh, you can drink the juice of Aloe Vera. Henna: Henna is used as a dye but it is also good if you want to use it as a skin perfection product. In ancient times, it was used as a cooling agent for burning skin. Moreover, henna you can also made use of henna if you want to cure affections of the skin.

are good and hydrate and provide electrolytes and assist in making you feel instantly better by breaking down stomach acids and bile are best for curing an upset stomach.

Here I have mentioned list of foods that will help you in feeling better Wolfberry: There are many ancient herbal remedies for the skin that instantly by eliminating stomach are not beneficial externally but pains and cramps. Get instant internally as well. Dark complex- relief from stomach problems by ion can be improved with wolf- adding these food items in your berry leaves and it is also used to daily routine eating habits. remove toxins and heat from the 1. Apple: An apple a day keeps the skin. If also prevents your skin doctor away. Apple is full of health from scar leaving a smooth effect and one of best fruits for stomon the skin. ach. They contain all necessary

Plants Extracts: Recently, extracts of many plants have been proven to protect skin against UV damage and to boost collagen formation when applied topically.And some special ancient plants extracts are used to reduce signs of Ageing. There are number of ancient herbs are used in anti-ageing creams and that are very much useful.

The above mentioned plants were not only useful in ancient times but these are also very much important in present age. These are helpful to reduce the skin problems and protect the skin from environmental effects.The right balance between natural ingredients and the science is necessary to make the Sandal wood and turmeric: San- medical to work effectively. dal is the wood with fragrance that has been used for many purposes. It is also very much effective for skin care if mixed with turmeric paste. All you have to do is take 1tsp of sandal wood and turmeric and mix them in few drops of water. It will become a paste, then apply it on face and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. This ancient herb will make your skin look perfect if applied daily on the face and body. When your stomach is upset, you are confused about what food to Aloe Vera: If you want to know the eat and what to avoid. You may be secret of perfect skin then you surprised to know that gastroinhave found it. Yes Aloe Vera! It has testinal ailments like diarrhea, conmany skin and health benefits in it stipation, gas, bloating, stomach that can help you to cure several cramps are six times more comailments. Aloe Vera has been used mon in females than males. in the past as a facial mask to enThere are many certain types of hance the glow of the skin. foods that you must take and The demand and importance of avoid when you are down with an this ancient herb is still great. You upset stomach. The foods which

4 Foods That Cure An Upset Stomach

vitamins and nutrients that help in eliminating stomach problems. They are rich in insoluble fibers. Fibers in apples either pull water from colon to keep things moving along when you are backed up or absorb excess water from stool to slow your bowls down. Apples contain pectin and other enzymes which help in breaking down irritating food particles of body. 2. Yogurt: Yogurt helps in certain gastrointestinal conditions like diarrhea, constipation, lactose intolerance and inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer. Yogurt soothes and eases stomach problems very well. It helps in digestion by fighting off the bacteria that causing your stomach to upset. 3. Papaya: Most of you are familiar with tropical fruit papaya. Do you know this fruit is not just for adding taste and flavor to salad but it is also a potent medicine plant? Papaya is used for ulcer, stomach pains, heart burn and diarrhea for many years. It helps to facilitate proper digestion, relieving heartburn and dissolves fat. Traditionally used fruit papaya contains papain which is a natural digestive enzyme that helps in breaking down the food particles irritating the stomach. Papain aids in digestion.

into Vitamin A by body. This juice can do many good things for your stomach including maintaining its health and preventing some diseases like gastric cancer and gastroparesis. You can add few sprigs of mint in carrot juice for nourishment and soothing an upset stomach. Carrot juice with sprigs of mint is the effective way to clear constipation.


December 2013 Horoscope

It might be a good time to make a thorough scrutiny of the real you, an honest assessment of your face, figure, health and assets and seek to implement a make-over where necessary. The truly intimate and personal you, needs to be examined minutely and where there is room for improvement, positive action be taken. You’ll need to establish good working relationships with colleagues, subordinates and bosses as well. It’s NOT a time to challenge the system! Stress and neglect both need to be guarded against too. A time for introspective self-assessment with a degree of honesty and objectivity. That way lies contentment, success, happiness – any or all of them, and it will come from your own changed attitude. There is anxiety about health – your own or that of a loved one, and equal anxiety about money. This is different from self-confidence – it’s about self-awareness this month. It hopefully leads to greater care in handling money matters like taxes, funds and also in handling the people around you. You may find yourself in a position in which there is a blending of financial matters with social or public affairs. You may tend to be carefree(or careless), if not uncaring in your attitude.

Group activities and joint efforts are the best way to accomplish your goals right now. In fact, you have all sorts of ideas about what you want to do. You would want to organize projects and put things in shape. Your humanitarian inclination may be stirred. The part you 4. Carrot juice: Carrot juice is one play for other people in your life of best remedies for treating stom- comes to the forefront now. You ach ailments. One glass of car- may experience that your tasks list rot juice daily soothes an upset gets swarming with things to do stomach. Carrots are higher in fi- (usually for others). You may take bers and beta carotene and also actions to achieve your more peran antioxidant which is converted sonal long-term goals as well.


November - 2013

Bridge mag international november, 2013  

Published Monthly in Chicago, USA and distributed simultaneously to major cities of USA, Canada, UK and Pakistan,Published by Bridge Pub...

Bridge mag international november, 2013  

Published Monthly in Chicago, USA and distributed simultaneously to major cities of USA, Canada, UK and Pakistan,Published by Bridge Pub...