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The 38tthh Auusstralian National Collectables Fair & Exhibition 2009 August 21sstt – 23nndd

Penrith, N.S.W The   2009  National  Colleectables  Exhib bition  will  be  heeld  in  Penriith  N.S.W W.  and  we   invite  you t  to be a partticipant!    Colleectables Clu ubs from A  Around  Austrralia  will  once  o again   gather  in  Sydney  S fo or  the  National  N Colleectables Faiir and Exhiibition.  For   those  in   the  know w,  this  eventt is a date  not to be  missed  in your calendaar.    The   event  willl  be  held   at  the  Penrrith  Panth hers  Exhiibition  Pavillion,  wiithin  Paanther’s  Worlld  of  Entertainment,  situatted  in  Syd dney’s  Wesst.  The  venue is easily  accessible  via the  M4   Freeway  F an nd  is  outsiide  the  hustlle and busttle of Sydneey.    The v  venue featu ures loads  of free  parkiing,  acco ommodatio on  on  site,   full  club   facilities,,  Aqua  Golf  for both yo oung and o  old and  manyy  food   outlets   and  restaurants  within  w w walking  distance.  For  more  m inform mation,  modation   guides  mapss,  accomm view  our websitte. 

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Progra amme   s Friday 21st  August   Settin ng up | 2:00pm – 7:00 0pm    Sa aturday 222nd Augustt  Setting up | 7:0 00am – 8:30 0am    Open to o Public  9:00am – – 5:00pm    S Sunday 233rd August   Open to o Public  9:00am – – 3:00pm    Move Out  | 3:00pm      

Boo okings &  & Conta act    Enttries Close  31st July 2009    Greg B  Brace  P Phone: (02)) 9621 7175   M Mobile: 0417 774 350   sydn      P Proceeds Su upporting:      

www w.sydneyccollectors.o


The Na ational?? 

Colllectablees Exhib bition  Cateegories  

Th he National Collectab bles Exhibittion is hostted  byy a differen nt Collectab bles Club each year ass it  mo oves from  State to Staate.   

Th he host  forr  the  2009   National   is  i the  Sydn ney  An ntique Botttle, Ceramiic & Collecttables Club b.   

Th he formatt  of  the   National   Fair  is   a  co ombination n  of  an  Exh hibition  wiith  collecto ors  dissplaying  over  o 100  different  d c categories    of  co ollectables.   This  is  co oupled  witth  one  of   the  t big ggest Colleectable Fairrs held in A  Australia.   

Th he 2009  National  willl  give  thee  opportun nity  forr  collectorrs  to  add   quality  iteems  to  th heir  co ollections,   to  sell  to  dealerrs  or  oth her  co ollectors  or  simply   to  have  that  t unusu ual  artticle identiified and vaalued.    Valuation S V  Service Wiill be availaable on sitee.  $ $3 donation n to charityy.   

Sp ponsoreed Exhibition A  Awards  CART TER’S PRIC CE GUIDE ES     Best  Visual Disp plays A,B,C C  ²   B Best Item in   n Show  ²   Most Successfu ul Exhibitorr   

ABCR M  Magazine e ‐  Favoritte 5  Display   your  favo ourite  5  ittems  from you ur collectio on. Emphassis is  on  the  quality  q of   your  y itemss  and  how  theey  are  diisplayed.  $250  Prize.  Graham Lancaster Auctio ons  Junior E  Encourage ement Aw ward  $50 Prrize to be sp pent at Sho ow  ²   Graham Lancaster Auctio ons  Novice E  Encouragement Aw ward  $50 Prrize to be sp pent at Sho ow 

™ Collectab bles Exhibitts are alloccated 90cm ms.  ™ No maxim mum numb ber of item ms per displlay.  ™ All items  should be  ‘old’ pre‐19 960.    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32  33  34  35  36  37  38  39  40  41  42  43  44 

Adverrtising Item ms ‐ Rulers, p  plates, mugss etc  Adverrtising Wateer Jugs  Australian Beer C  Cans  Australiana ‐ Info ormation im mportant  Breweeriana  Brickss  Cameeras  Cardss ‐ Trading/F Footy/Phon ne/Cigarettee etc  Carnivval Glass  Cast I  Iron Ware  Chinaa Blue & Wh hite Collectiion  Coca  Cola Items   Coinss / Banknotees  Depreession Glasss ‐ Mixed Co olours  Depreession Glasss ‐ One Colo our  Dolls  & or Teddyy Bears  Ephem mera  Federration Itemss ‐ Informatiion importaant  Fishin ng Gear  Garag genalia  Gardeen Edging T Tiles  Hobb bies – 1 Them me ‐ Yo Yos,, Games etc   Jim Beeam Bottless  Kitcheenalia  Lamp ps  Largest & Smallest (not bottles)  Medaals / Medalliions / Badgees  Moneey Boxes  Moviee Memorabiilia  Olym mpic Games C  Collectabless  Phonees  Pie Fu unnels  Postcaards ‐ Must  be mounteed – Min 20   Pressiing Irons  Smok king & Tobaccco Items  Tea Pots  Tins   Tools   Toys   Trapss  War M  Memorabiliaa Medals etc, no weapo ons  Why i  is it Broken ‐ items of s  significance   Collecctables category not specified abovve  Miniaatures / Sam mples (Glass//Ceramic) 


E Entry & Tradinng Condditions ™ Noo wall space will w be providedd, so please ensure your dissplay is free standing. s ™ Maake your standd as strong and as light as possible, p your enntry must fit within the table space allocatted to your caategory. ™ Pleease use a fulll length drop cloth c to cover the table and anny boxes placeed under the display d table. ™ Dissplays cannot be higher than 120cm. ™ Steeel crowd conttrol barriers will w be used to protect your dissplay. ™ All entries must be b set up by 8:00am 8 Saturdday and remaiin unntil 3:00pm Suunday when seecurity barriers are opened.. Juudging will be performed on Saturday at 12:30pm. 1 ™ Noo exhibitor mayy enter Section A and B in the same caategory. ™ Onnce the securitty barriers are in position, noo person mayy haandle any partt of a display without w the appproval of the ow wner. ™ Exaact numbers as a specified inn each categorry must be obbserved. ‘Go-W Withs’ which appear a to be misleading m muust bee clearly marked ‘Go-With’. ™ Infoormation incluuded in your display makes it more intteresting to those who are not n familiar witth our hobby. ™ Traading tables are available foor rental per 4 foot length. ™ Exhhibitors claiming Swap & Seell space at exxhibitor’s ratess must enter at leeast one displaay. w be on dutyy from 5pm ™ Proofessional Seccurity guards will Saaturday througgh to Sunday 9am, however the Show Coommittee and the Host Clubb accepts no responsibility r f for anny loss or dam mage for the duration of the Show. ™ Coomplimentary passes p are isssued to exhibittors and their im mmediate family. Please repport to the Information Desk to picck up your pass. Only persoons wearing name n tags will be allowed into thee Pavilion priorr to 9:00am Saturday. moking within the t Exhibition Pavilion at anny ™ Noo alcohol or sm tim me. ™ Thiis is a two dayy show. Tradinng tables are to t remain opperational from m 8am Saturdaay until 3pm Sunday. S

™ Fu ull Payment must accompany your boooking form; no boooking is made m unless full payment is receivved. Soorry no refunnds are possible after boooking. ™ Eaarly Birds: Persons P not exhibiting e or stallholding can c puurchase a $15 Non Exhhibitor Pass on o Friday. This T will allow acceess for the enntire weekendd.

Buying Now, Olld Bottles & Pot Lids L Entirre collections or quality single items. $$$ Your best price paaid for Ginger Beers, Marrbles, P Lids $$$$ Torpeedoes, Aussie & English Pot

“Allways Buuying & Selling” S Brrian Hill  The Glass Stopper Australia’s Leading L Autho ority on Everytthing Chemistt Shop Prrofessional & C Confidential Appraisals A


Phonne: (02) 91500 8305 or 0407 04 922 2911 PO Boox 4099 Kinngsway Wesst 2208, NSW SW

Grahaam Lancas L ster Auctioons “Australia’s “ s Only Specialist S Auction House H for Antique A Bottles and a Collectabbles”

We Aucttion We Bu uy We Seell Antique A Botttles, Austraaliana & Potttery, Adverttising Signs & Tins now wanted for Forthccoming Aucctions Ô Illustratted Part Colo our Cataloguees Available

™ Staandard Entrry: Entry froom Saturdayy morning is $5 peer Adult. Kidss free. Pensiooners $4.

Ô Phone: P 041 18 730 904 / info@gd

w www.gdla auctions.ccom 3 Railwaay Street Tooowoomba,, QLD, 43500


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

Antique Bottle Exhibit Categories All Items must be pre-1950 A Section is allocated 3 feet per Display B Section is allocated 2 feet per Display GDL Auctions - Junior General Collection – 16 years & under. - Enter if are 16 years old or younger and it is your first time to exhibit. No limit on item quantity. GDL Auctions - Novice General Collection Award - Enter if you have not shown at State or National before. No limit on item quantity. ABCR Favourite 5 Award - Glass and or Ceramic Items, $250 Prize. Aerated Waters – Mixed, any type, variety important. Aerated Waters – Codds – General Aerated Waters – Codds – Pictorial Aerated Waters – Dump Sodas / Blob Tops – Glass – Flat base only Aerated Waters – Internal Threads – Mainly Glass Aerated Waters – Hamiltons / Maughams Aerated Waters – Lamonts Aerated Waters – Patents – All types, Variety important Beers Australian – Crown Seal (Can include Hop) Beers Australian – General no crown seal (Can include Hop) Black Glass – Embossed / Sealed Black Glass – Un-embossed Bitters / Sarsaparillas Castor Oils – General. (Not Goldfields) Chemist, Poisons, Medicine Bottles – Australian Chinese / Oriental bottles / containers Coloured Glass Bottles – One Colour Cordials, Water Mixed – General Crown Seal Soft Drinks – Pictorial. (Embossed Glass) Crown Seal Soft Drinks – General (Embossed Glass) Crown Seal Soft Drinks – Pyro / Ceramic Label Dairy Containers – Milk / Cream - Pre 1950 Demijohns. 6 foot table allocated. Fruit / Produce Jars Goldfield Glass – Mixed pre 1890



Max Items

Max Items







15 15 15

8 8 8



15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 12 15 15

8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 6 8 8

29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47

Ginger Beers – Australian General – Stone Ginger Beers – Australian Crown Seal – Stone Ginger Beers – Australian Impressed - Includes convict types, variety important. Gins / Schnapps Ginger Beers / Brewed Drinks - Glass only - Variety important Inks / Inkwells (Set = 1 item), variety important. Labeled Bottles / Containers – Glass only Largest & Smallest - (Information important) Meat and Fish paste jars Nursery bottles - Glass / ceramic One Bottle Written History Pots & or Pot Lids – General, limit of 40% Aust. (Lid with base 1 item) Pots & or Pot Lids – Australian, (Lid with base 1 item) Pottery – Australian trade names / potters Sauces / Pickles Set or Series – One Town, One Company etc. (excludes potteries) Soda Syphons - Mixed Colours & Clear Whisky Containers - Ceramic Mixed General Collection - May include Glass & Ceramic Items (Potlids, Demijohns etc)

Max Items

Max Items

15 15

8 8







15 10 2 15 15 1

8 8 8 -



15 15 15 15 15 15

8 8 8 8 8



Accommodation Chifley Penrith Panthers Cnr Mulgoa and Jamison Roads, Penrith Phone: (02) 4772 7700 Special Attendee Rate $125 / night (Mention August Collectables Fair) Penrith Valley Visitor Information Centre for more Accommodation Information 1300 736 836 View our website!

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Antique Bottle, Ceramic, Collectables Club of Sydney Inc.   

Post To: ABCCCS Inc, 25 Earle Street  Doonside 2767 N.S.W. Australia 

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Email Address  Names on Identification Tags  Participants Only (Limit of 2) 

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Signature Your booking signifies agreement to  abide by the conditions of entry. 

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Competitive Exhibits  Exhibitors Swap & Sell  (4’ space)  Non‐Exhibitor Swap & Sell  (4’ space)  Trading Space – 12’ square  Back to wall, 4 x 6’ tables incl. 


$10.00 $50.00 



Total Enclosed 


Booking Form

Entries close 31st July 2009  Full Payment Must Accompany This Form    Cheques & Money Orders Payable to: 

Panthers, Mulgoa Road Penrith. N.S.W.   

Just off  the  M4  Motorway.  Travelling  on  M4  from  the  Sydney  CBD  direction ‐ take the Mulgoa Road Exit ‐ turn right into Mulgoa Road ‐ travel  for  approx  5  minutes  and  Panthers  is  on  the  left  side  of  the  road.  More  maps on our website.                                                   

Penrith Town Centre Panthers Pavilion


Ransley Street


Mulgoa Road Panthers World of Entertainment

Jamison Road

Mulgoa Road

M4 Motorway Springwood, Katoomba

Parramatta, Sydney

Australian National Collectables Fair & Exhibition Schedule 2009  

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