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Photo by: Chan Poh Fei


Chinese New year or Lu-

As the key focus of Chinese

grams will also be carry out

nar New Year is around

New Year festivities in Singa- at there to celebrate Chinese

the corner. As usual, some

pore, Chinatown is the most

festivities have kicked off

suitable place for people to

in Singapore to celebrate

soak up the festive atmo-

this spring festival such as

sphere and engross with the

annual highlight in China-

Chingay Parade, street light-

colorful Chinese culture. It

town for more than 20 years,

up and the Singapore River

combines new generation

which contains more than

Hong Bao.

with the old Chinese culture

200 stalls will be held along

together. Many exciting pro-

Pagoda Street, Smith Street,


New Year. A festive street bazaar, an

Temple Street, Trengganu

The bazaar usually becomes very crowded on the last day

Street and Sago Street within 20

as a lot of people often wait till the last day of the bazaar

days, from 10th January until

to do their shopping. Some food and beverage stallholders

30th January. With gorgeous

will stand at the middle of the path and give some sample

lights and stunning decoration,

to let visitors try.

visitors can feel truly part of the experience.

As night falls, all the lanterns representing horses and ancient coins will be lighted up. Whole Chinatown is awash in

In this street market, visitors

red and gold. After visitors done New Year shopping, they

can scour through a rich vari-

can watch the Nightly Stage Shows which just located at

ety of wonderful items such as

outside of the street market.

traditional clothing, frankfurt-

Photo by: Chan Poh Fei

er, melon seed, herbal tea, Japanese mushrooms and waxed meat. Besides, handmade Chinese decoration and calligraphy are also available in the bazaar with reasonable price. The bazaar offers a wide selection of new and old collectibles which enable new generation to enjoy the moment of shopping with their elders. On the last day of this festive street bazaar, many stall holders slash their price to clear stock. For instance, the price of jelly which made in Taiwan will drop to $1 instead.

An old man is playing erhu, a two-stringed Chinese fiddle.


Photo by: Chan Poh Fei

However, some visitors response that

also mentioned: “the crowd is lesser then

there is lack of the atmosphere of Chi-

last year, probably due to the economic

nese New Year in Chinatown this year


as compared to last year. Some also said that the decoration and New Year goods

Nonetheless, Levy Lim who owned a

that sold in this bazaar still remain the

cosmetics shop which located beside the


bazaar said that this street market has brought a lot of customer and improved

Puan Hui Juan, one of the stall owner of

her business.

the bazaar, supports the point of lacking of Chinese New Year atmosphere. She


Photo by: Chan Poh Fei




>>> BY TAN LI YAN Boring weekend? Not sure where to go to?


hy not check out

left the deepest impres-

While walking around

some of the flea markets

sion is the Chinese New

the flea, I was drawn

that are open in town?

Year flea organised by

towards a booth by their

Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exactly what I did

Public Garden that was

products. Brightly co-

last weekend and I was so

held at City Link on the

loured tumblers and

fascinated by the differ-

25th to the 26th of Janu-

stylish watches. It was

ent types of flea markets

ary 2014.

so hard for me to not

we have in Singapore! From the trendy hangout

buy myself a tumbler or The products available at a new watch! Exquisite

for teens at Scape flea in

this flea ranged from the

pieces from ITALIC &

Somerset to the treasure

usual clothes and acces-

BOLD were shipped in

filled Thieves market at

sories to dress yourself up from different countries,

Sungei Road.

to fresh flowers and tradi- Ms Elsie Teo told me that tional Chinese couplets to all the pieces were fully

After visiting so many

dress you home! From all

handpicked by her and

flea markets, I was so

over the world and also

her partner.

amazed with the different

by local artists, the goods

things I could find but,

sold are unique in their

the one flea market that

own different ways!


Photo by: Tan Li Yan

>>> ITALIC & BOLD Web store:

“We like things that are crafted and we often go overseas and travel and we see good crafters around the world so we thought we want to bring these products back to Singapore because if you don’t travel there, you won’t get to see these things.”


Sam & Ernest, Representatives of Cupplets

Photo by: Tan Li Yan

After walking around

that this flea sold food

booth was simply the

for a while I got hun-

one place you will have

It was so crowded at

and flowers because

gry and guess what I

to stop at to satisfy

the flea and one of the

the fleas I usually go

found? Pastries!

your sweet tooth!

shoppers, Zeke, told

to only sell clothes

When asked about how me about what brought and accessories.” From a café in Ngee

they felt about having a him to the flea. “I love

Ann Poly, Sam and

booth at Public Gar-

visiting fleas because

Ernest brought these

den’s flea, Ernest told

the things they sell can

sting things available,

pretty pastries out to

me, “Each of the stores

better help me express

there’s no harm in

the Public Garden flea

here are not really mas- myself.”

visiting one of the fleas

for the first time!

sively commercialised

during the weekends if

and they all have their Featuring cupcakes, cake and tarts, their

And another shop-

own individual artis-

per, Yan Lin, said “I

anal style.”

found it interesting


With so many inter-

you ever get too bored.

>>> Cupplets

Web store:


Photos by: Tan Li Yan Curious about the products available at the Public Garden fleas? Want to find out more about the next Public Garden flea? Go to


What THE





Photo by: Ng Sam Yuan

Photo by: Ng Sam Yuan Mr Samuel Cassidy and Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage “It is a cooling afternoon. I

ent attractions and spots for

themselves at the same time

don’t want to stay at home, or picnics within the big garden, but even when there are no in my office and I have some

visitors can spend a whole

performance, you can still

reading to do, so why not

day filled with fun and ad-

relax and enjoy the breeze at

stay in the garden where the

venture there.

the area.

environment is so good,” said a frequent visitor of the Sin-

Among most visitors, the

An Irish tourist I inter-

gapore Botanic Gardens who

area around Shaw Founda-

viewed, Mr Samuel Cassidy

wish to remain anonymous.

tion Symphony Stage is the

commented that this area is

most popular. This stage is

really interesting and he even

The beautiful environment of used to host concerts and

stopped walking just to snap

the garden is a great place for

performance from time to

a picture then sat down to

families, friends and tourists

time. Picnickers can listen to

enjoy the scene at this area.

to visit. With many differ-

the performance and enjoy


>>> The Rainforest >>>

The Rainforest is also

it’s a good representation

another area tourist loves,

of what the rainforest is

in it has about 314 species

like, and I was about to go

of plants, and trees that are to the orchid garden, but as high as 50 metres.

you got to pay for that so I will give it a miss,” said

“The Singapore Botanic Garden is my first destina-

Australian tourist James Grosse.

tion, I like the Rainforest Photo via

Animal lovers can get to see swans in the Botanic Garden’s lake named Swan Lake. Graceful white swans and turtles can be found at this lake. The lake is another popular area both locals and tourist hang around to read or admire the scenery. The place can also be used to take wedding photos. If you are free I would definitely recommend doing some reading here.


>>> The Swan Lake >>> Photo by: Ng Sam Yuan

National Orchid Garden >>> Filled with beautiful and colorful orchid this part of the garden showcase pretty orchids. This place is filled with blooming flowers which can definitely cheer a person up. If seeing isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enough one can always purchase some orchids dipped in gold from the souvenir shop to bring home. to Other than the Orchard Garden which requires a ticket to enter, the whole garden is free to roam and enjoy. Head down to 1 Cluny Rd, 259569 or take a convenient MRT ride to Botanic Garden (CC19) with your family and I am sure you will


have no regrets.

Adult: $5.00 Student/ Senior Citizen (60 years and above): $1.00 Children (12 years and below): Free

Photos by: Ng Sam Yuan



Foot Prints on My Heart



Passion and compassion. Those were all that drive her.

Scouring cages and feeding hundreds of animals are intimidating tasks but animal lovers enjoy doing it every week. From walking dogs to bathing puppies, spending time with animals is all that matters to these furry lovers. Goh Shu Wen, Hospitality and Tourism Management student from Nanyang Polytechnic, has been an avid volunteer at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) since 2012. She spends hours almost every weekend helping out in the shelter, taking care of her animal friends there. Currently, the SPCA has more than 30 regular volunteers, including the enthusiastic 19-year-old Shu Wen, who help out at its shelter in Mount Vernon. To her, it is a chance to spend time with animals, as she cannot keep a pet at home. Most young volunteers there have family members who are not keen on pets or are not able to take on the full-time commitment of having one. Therefore, SPCA is the place for them to spend their time with animals. “It’s okay if I don’t have a pet at home because there’re a lot of animals in SPCA waiting for me to help and spend time with”, she said.

“One can get so attached easily.”

Photo via Goh Shu Wen’s instagram (@shuwenii)


Goh Shu Wen, 19 Nanyang Polytechnic


Photo by: Syafiqah Sanudin

Photo via Goh Shu Wen’s instagram (@shuwenii)

“I’ve always wanted to volunteer anyways!” Shu Wen used to have a Shih Tzu puppy when she was 11. However, it turned out that her mum has allergies towards animals’ fur and its over-playfulness left unforgivable scratch marks on their home furniture. Her mum then decided to give it away after only six months. She mentioned, “I got so upset when my mum gave him away. Since then, I know I can’t keep a pet at home anymore and so the only choice I had was to help out at the SPCA. I’ve always wanted to do volunteer work anyways!” Shu Wen usually spends her time at the shelter on Sundays taking the dogs for walks in the morning, cleaning their cages, bathing puppies, feed and play with them till the shelter closes around 4pm. The trainings she had went for made everything a piece of cake.

>>> Photo via Goh Shu Wen


“These animals need help and I think everyone should play a part to help them.” Darby Tabby Cat

When asked about her most memora-

at the same time happy to see him go. One

ble experience while volunteering, she

can get so attached to animals easily,” was

couldn’t help but to giggle before answer-

her remark.

ing. It was when the dog cages needed to be cleaned and the dogs have to be

Passion and compassion. Those were all

brought out first. Within seconds, she

that drive her to volunteer. She could see

was taken aback when almost all the vol-

herself still volunteering there ten years

unteers started running around chasing

from now.

after the dogs because apparently, the dogs rushed out of their cages before the volun-

“These animals need help and I think ev-

teers could even leash them. She still finds

eryone should play a part to help them.”

it hilarious! Not only dogs, she takes care of cats too, after which she got overly attached to a handsome and loving tabby cat, Darby and was upset when he got adopted. “Sad but

19 17

Photo via Goh Shu Wen



verb 1. legally dissolve one’s marriage with (someone)

“he divorced his first wife after 10 months”

2. separate or dissociate (something) from something else

“we knew how to divorce an issue from an individual”

3. distance or dissociate oneself from (something)

“he wanted to divorce himself from all contact with the syndicate”

Read On For A Confession Like No Other


“So during Chinese New Year, you would get more angbaos right?” That is the most common sentence heard by Collin Lim, a Marketing student of Nanyang Polytechnic.

school, extra curriculums, friends, and two sides of the family. Even up till today, Collin still finds it difficult to juggle so many aspects in his life.

Confession Of A Son Growing up, the 20 yearWith Four old understood what the term ‘divorce’ really mean. It means having to manage Parents

“Once I had soccer training but I realized that I had left my training kit over at my mum’s place.” Collin shared. “I couldn’t have went back to my mum’s place to get my stuffs and head to training on time. It was too time consuming. No doubt that I had to give training a miss that day!”

The person, whom Collin feels found it

harder to accept his parents’ divorce, is his older sister, Charmaine. “She was six when my parents divorced. Being the older child, she was the one making important decisions for the both of us. She took great care of me whenever our parents were busy with work.” Collin’s voice shook with emotion as he spoke of his sister.

In order to spend equal

amount of time with each of his parents, the avid soccer player moves from one parent’s house to another every weekend. However, this can prove to be a hassle occasionally.

By Brenda Ong

At a very tender age of two, “Occasionally, I have to sacrifice study time or Collin’s parents filed for divorce and were separated outings with friends for that same year. His parents family time.” Collin admitwere one of the 3,004 cou- ted, his expression weary as he spoke. “It really seems ples whose marriage fell short in 1996. They were only married for five years. His mother and his father remarried when he was six and thirteen respectively.

unfair sometimes. But I have learnt to accept how my parents are doing their best to maintain their relationship with me.”

Photo By: Collin Lim

In fairytales, there are stories on how steppar-

ents who would treat their stepchildren badly. Luckily for Collin, his stepparents treat him very well. He is especially close with his stepfather, who brought him to his first gym session.

Most children of divorced parents would feel

neglected due to the divorce but in Collin’s case, he begs to differ. “I feel more blessed having four parents, I received from love from my four parents.”

Surprisingly, Collin took his parents’ divorce

very differently from a lot of children- he never once had the thought of wanting his parents to get back together. It even made him more determine to not repeat his parents’ mistake.

“She made important decisions on her own “Honestly, I am very grateful that both of my to get to where she is today. I have so much parents found a new spouse after their divorce. What matters to me is that they have found love respect for her.” and happiness again.”



Paws Up!

Need a companion? Well get a pet!

Some people may argue to say that it’s not their fault that they can’t care But what do you do when for their pets but I can’t you realise that you can’t help but wonder how they care for your new compan- can be so cold to be able ion? to leave their pet and walk away. Well seems like a significant amount of Singapor- A pet is like a friend and eans might just be fretting for some people their pet is over this issue. their family. Ohana means family and family means Some people might learn that nobody gets left beto take up the responsibili- hind so why are people ty and look after their pets leaving their pets in dark and some may choose the alleyways and parks? easy way out by running away or in this case, aban- Nobody likes to be left don their pets. behind and these poor


By Tan Li Yan

animals will definitely tell you the same if you could understand them. What a large amount of people don’t understand is that these animals are not some toy that you can play with and throw away when you get bored. They have feelings like we do but they don’t have a voice to express their personal opinion. Owning a pet is filled with lots of fun but it also comes with lots of sacrifices.

With so many abandoned pets around, the animal welfare groups have work cut out for them but there are still ways for animal lovers to give them a helping hand. Here’s what you can do to help these animals:

Personally, I feel that abandoning your pet is a very cruel and heartless thing to do so before you decide to get a pet, please think about these questions.

Do I have time to care for a pet? Am I financially stable enough to afford a pet? Do I really want a pet? Will I be able to care for a

1. Contact any of the animal welfare organisations when you find a lost pet 2. Donate to the animal welfare organisations 3. Volunteer at the pet shelters 4. Foster an animal if you have experience It is wrong to abandon our pets as animals are our companions, friends and family. So let’s all put our “paws” together to help these poor animals and lend them our voices to stop pet abandonment!

Do my housemates/ family agree with getting the

A few common excuses people use when they abandon their pets: • “I don’t have time to look after my pet.” • “I can’t afford the medical fees of my pet.” • “My family/ housemates don’t like having a pet at home.” • “I realised can’t look after my pet.”

Photo By: help-us-stop-puppy-mills/

*Fun Fact: Pet abandonment is also considered as pet abuse as you fail to provide your pet with sufficient food, water and shelter.







Photo By: singaporescene/sam-lo-aka-sticker-lady-onlything-m-045040477.html

According to the Vandalism Action (CHAPTER 341) in Singapore, without the written authority of an authorised in the case of public property, or without the written consent of the owner or occupier in the case of private property, the followings are forbid-





• Writing, drawing, painting, marking or inscribing on any public property or private property any word, slogan, caricature, drawing, mark, symbol or other thing;

• Affixing, posting up or displaying on any public property or

private property any poster, placard, advertisement, bill, notice, paper or other document; or

• Hanging, suspending, hoisting, affixing or displaying on or

from any public property or private property any flag, bunting, standard, banner or the like with any word, slogan, caricature, drawing, mark, symbol or other thing; or

• Stealing, destroying or damaging any public property


IS pasting stickers consider as vandalism? By Chan Poh Fei

The Sticker Lady has caused tempests in Singapore. People who are against her ‘creative’ action which is pasting the stickers in public, said that she should be arrested because of she does not respect the ethics of publicity and marketing.

So why just Samantha Lo was arrested? Also, regardless of the way people has interpreted this case, the fact that she wa caught just because of pasting some stickers seems a bit too much.

However, her supporters respond that the people who arrest Samantha Lo, the Sticker Lady, does not know how to appreciate art.

Even though not everyone think that Lo’s work is pretty, but surely we all can have a good laugh when we saw the stickers.

Samantha Lo is a brave women as she should know that she is challenging the vandalism law but she still insist to paste her art work.

There are good people who posted on Facebook or Twitter, encourage other people to sign a petition to ask that she can be charged under the Miscelaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act, rather than vandalism.

I agree to her action because of she probably is the one and only who dare to challenge Singapore’s law. This has shown the weakness of Vandalism Action which cannot difference between destructive actions and creative actions.

However, netizens are not government. Even though they disagree about Samantha Lo’s penalties, besides collecting signature, they cannot do anything. The one who make the final decision is the people who are in charge.

This is the reason Lo is getting charged. As you can see, it’s illegal even to paste an advertisement for your lost cat on an HDB wall. I have seen many tuition posters and rent room advertisements plastered in various HDB flats and street lampposts, but I have yet to hear a tuition teacher or other people was convicted for vandalism.

If we want a creative society, the first thing we need to do is to appeal to government to change the law. Photos By: http://speaktoothtopower.wordpress. com/2012/06/11/if-sticker-lady-were-my-daughterpart-2-more-parents-and-kids-respond/



Bloody Kidnapper By Ng Sam Yuan

Filled with action an emotional scenes in the movie, Kidnapper is Director Kelvin Tong’s first action thriller film. Starring veteran actors Christopher Lee (Ah Huat), Phyllis Quek (Mrs Sun), Jack Lim (Ah Hu/ Kidnapper) and new child actors Jerald Tan (Wei Siang) and Regene Lim (Sng Kia Woo) this movie deeply portraits a parent love for their child. Ah Huat is a single parent who raised his son, Wei Siang single handedly and earned a living driving a taxi. On Wei Siang’s birthday, Ah Huat was supposed to bring him out but had some problems along the way and Wei Siang went with his classmate instead. At the arcade, Wei Siang got kidnapped. The kidnapper, Ah Hu demanded one million dollars in 36 hours but as Ah Huat don’t earn much, he have to find

ways to raise that amount during that short period of time. So what is one of the reason that makes this film a good one? Of course the actors! The acting of Christopher Lee who played Ah Huat a taxi driver and Jack Lim who played Ah Hu the kidnapper were well displayed. Lee showed great emotions in the movie which made me able to read and feel pain, his tears felt genuine and real when he screamed. Lim also did well in his facial expressions, the vibe he gave was really serious and scary throughout the whole movie and it felt as if an evil aura was emitting out of him. Other than the veterans, child actors Jerald Tan and Regene Lim also played their role really well.


Photo By:

The movie, scenes and props were all set really well. Things such as blood, makeup looked realistic and the Backgrounds, lightings and moods were set in a dark, scary and gloomy style during the peak of the movie. I felt that it was good as it portraits fear and this is definitely a plus point for the movie.

Photo By:

Photo By: FILMY++-+2+0+1+0/Lektor/strona+-24

This action thriller movie is filled with emotional scene such as Ah Huat crying due to the kidnapper torturing his son and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bloodyâ&#x20AC;? scenes. This movie might not be suitable for people who are afraid of blood as there may scenes they might find gory. Although the plot was interesting, I felt that there were points and areas which could be further explained and developed so that the movie will sum up better. Overall I felt that the story was really unique and had a good Singaporean taste in it. I must say Director Kelvin Tong and his team did a pretty good job in this movie, the actors, set and shots were really well chosen and planned. Thriller lovers should really give it the movie a try as it might be a thrilling experience for you.



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