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    on PGA Professsional Champ pionship:   Soutthwestt Sectio Pinn nacle Pe eak Coun ntry Club b    Tue esday – TThursdayy, Septeember 188‐20, 2012    To entter the Southwes S st Section PGA Prrofession nal Cham mpionship p participants must regis ster at w atourna cipants who do not reg gister th hrough tthe National Partic Office e will no ot be eligible to o compe ete in th he South hwest Sectio on PGA Profess sional Ch hampionship.

Na ationa al PGA A Reg gistration d deadline is s Thurs sday, July 5, 20 012. There e is no officia al practtice rou und da ate for tthis event. Participantts are asked a tto conttact Pin nnacle Peak k Counttry Club b to arrange a practtice rou und. The golf g course will w be closed c on Mon nday, Septe ember 17, 20 012 for maintenance e purpo oses        

Oakccreek Country Cllub Tueesday, Wedne W sday & Thurssday, Ju uly 10-112, 20112 The starting fieeld for th he Sedona Open w will be a maximum m of 102 total players. p (O Open and Senior Division n) Only 2 25 spots left This year’s Sed dona Opeen will ha ave two sseparate divisionss (Open & Senio or) and tw wo separate pursees. It’s thee player’’s respon nsibility to o choose what divvision theey want tto compeete in. You must m be 50 0 years of o age to be b eligiblle for thee Senior D Division.. 6 hole “cu ut” will be b 43% of o the total playerrs in each h division n. The 36 nament Course C - The T 9’s will w be flip pped for this even nt. Tourn Tourn nament hole #1 is Oakcreeek Countrry Club h hole #10 (hole lefft of the driiving ran nge). Currrently th his event is schedu uled for a single ttee start off o tourna ament ho ole #1. Southw west Secttion PGA A Membeers and A Apprenticces can rregister foor the Sed dona Op pen using BlueGollf and resserve a spot in th he Champ pionship p for only y a $5.00 deposit. The rem maining balance ($270) will be processed p d on Frid day, July 6, 2012. Entry foorms are vailable on o the So outhwest Section P PGA web bsite, also av southw

Tou urnam ment Seriees   Vistal Golf C Club   Mondayy, July 2 2, 2012 2 ‐ 1:000PM shotgun startt  $100 entry fee    

 Eligible partticipants m may registe er for both  the Tourn nament Serries and th he  Senior Serie es by payin ng two entries and pllaying from m the Tourrnament Seeries  yardage.   Participants P s who elecct to pay tw wo entry feees to com mpete in bo oth the  Tournamen T nt Series an nd Senior SSeries will only have the option n to  participate  p in the Tou urnament SSeries Skins game.  Senior D Division Pllayoff Scen nario  In an evvent of a tie for low ssenior in th he Senior SSeries, regaardless of tthe tees eaach  player p played, the e playoff w will commence from tthe senior yardage.   Example:  Player A A paid two entry feess to compe ete in the TTournamen nt Series and Senior  Series. P Player A, p playing from m the Tourrnament Series yardaage shot 6 67.   Player B B, who com mpeted only in the Se enior Seriees and playyed from th he Senior  Series yyardage, also shot 67.  In the p playoff both h Player A & B would d play from m the Senio or Series yaardage   

Regis stration is av vailable e using BlueG Golf


Pro‐‐Am Sch hedule Changee:  The Pro‐Am m Series schedu uled forr Mondaay, July 16, 201 12  at Hasssayampa Golff Club has been n changged.   The P Pro‐Am will no ow be played att Sedon na Golf Resort on  Monday, July 166, 2012. Sttart time is sch heduled for a 11:00PM shotgun start  

Registrration avaailable ussing BlueGolf                       

Pro‐Asssistan nt Cham mpionsship:   Alta Mesaa Countrry Club   W Wednesday – Thu ursday, JJuly 18‐119, 2012 2  Pro‐Asssistant Cha ampionship p / Pro‐Assistant “W Wheel”:   Round 1 1 of the Pro‐Assistant Champio onship and the Pro‐A Assistant “W Wheel” forrmat  will oncce again be e played th he same daay, Wednessday, July 118, 2012.   Wednesday, July 18, 2012  The Pro o‐Assistant “Wheel” ccan include e the Headd Golf Professional, D Director of  Golf, Ge eneral Man nager and Golf Execu utive with uup to 8 Asssistants alll from the  same faacility.   Wednessday will also serve aas the first round of tthe Pro‐Assistant Chaampionship.      ay, July 19, 2012  Thursda The second round d of the Pro o‐Assistantt Champio nship  ector of Go olf and/or Head Golff Professionnal will com me back w with one  The Dire assistan nt from We ednesday.     Notes:  These aare two Sep parate Eve ents  There are two Sep parate Purses  Players can enter one or botth events   hoose to compete in n the Pro‐A Assistant Chhampionsh hip   If you ch (2 Roun nds) that en ntry form m must be tu urned in prrior to playy on Wednesday, with  the nam me of the cchosen Assistant to p play with on Thursdayy. The assistant seleccted  must play in Wednesday’s e event.   

PRO‐‐ASSISTA ANT “WH HEEL” EN NTRY FO ORM ON NLY AVAIILABLE O ON   THE SOUTH HWEST SSECTION N PGA W WEBSITE..  Pro‐Assista P ant Champ pionship Re egistration n is availab ble using B BlueGolf  Profe essional’s wishing to o pay for A Assistants m must contaact the Secction Officce 

BL LUE WAT W ER RESO R ORT & CAS SINO O PRO O-PR RO Emeral E ld Can nyon G Golf Co ourse Mond day - Tuesda T ay, Jully 23-24, 20 012 Mon nday: Tue esday:

1:0 00PM 7:3 30AM

Sho otgun Start Do ouble Te ee

Two T Professio onal Te eam / B Better--Ball off Two Using a modiified Sttablefo ord poin nts sys stem

Projec cted Payout P t based d on 2 28 Tea ams: First F place is estima ated at $1000 0 per player Th here will w be day d mo oney, $100 in (Blue Water cas sino chiips) for CTP’s s. Cantina C a Recep ption fo ollowin ng play y after d day 1 Regis stration is av vailable e using BlueG Golf

Nationa N al Car R Rental Assistant Professional Champ pionshiip ay, Sep ptembe er 10, 2 2012 Monda The Miirabel C Club 1) National N PGA P Assistant Cha ampionsh hip The National entry is $50 through the Nation al PGA offfice and participantts egister at www.pgatournam om must re Particiipants wh ho do nott register r through h the Nattional Offfice will n not be elig gible to co ompete in the National PG GA Assisttant Cham mpionship.

National PGA A Registtration deadline d e is Wed dnesday y, July 1 18, 2012.. 2) Sectional S Nationall Car Ren ntal Assis stant Proffessionall Champio onship The Sectional entry fee forr National Car Renttal Assistant Profess sional Championship is $250. Participants may regisster using g BlueGolf or submittting an en ntry form. Once again, a to help sub bsidize th he $250 e entry fee the Soutthwest Section PGA offfice curre ently has s raffle tic ckets ava ailable fo or assista ants to sell.. (Raffle ticket priz zes are typically com mplimenta ary rounds of golf a at some off the pre emium golf courses in Arizona a.) If you sell each h raffle ticket, tha at will cov ver your Sectiona al entry fe ee for the e Nationa al Car Ren ntal Assis stant Pro ofessiona al Championship. 3) National N Car C Renta al Assista ant Profe essional C Champion nship Enttries Partiicipants can c register for bo oth or jus st the Na ational orr Sectiona al. If a pa articipan nt only reg gisters fo or the Na ational ($ $50) they y will forffeit any earnings s from the e Nationa al Car Re ental Assiistant Pro rofessiona al Cham mpionship ip. If a participant only registers s for the Sectiona al ($250) they willl forfeit an ny Nation nal Qualif ifying pos sition.

Natio onal Caar Rentaal Assisstant Champio onship Changges:  The Callaw way Assistaants Cham mpionship p will be aa one day 36 hole  cham mpionship p with an A AM and P PM Doublee Tee Starrt. 

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