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October 2012 • Issue 531




Michelle McIntosh, Marketing Director Why improve your home, when we are making improvements to ours for you! Experience a Renovated Home Without All the Work! Come experience Zurich and Lucerne Haus; Swiss Village’s most recent renovation project. Construction began midsummer and is scheduled to be completed by late winter/early spring. These newly updated independent living apartments will feature new kitchen cabinets, indirect lighting, bathroom fixtures, and window

treatments. In addition, residents will also see changes to the hallways, main corridor, and lounge. Apartment living is at its best with amenities ranging from on-site banking, barber and beauty shop, gift shop, library, postal services, and chaplain services. Residents may also take advantage of the Arthur & Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion located on Swiss Village’s North Campus. At this state of the art wellness center, residents have the opportunity to utilize the aquatic center, strength

building fitness area, floor exercise space, and a game room along with a lounge area. In addition balance, high & low impact, toning & conditioning, and water aerobics classes are available. Situated on 185 acres of beautiful landscape featuring five ponds, Swiss Village offers a relaxing oasis for those wanting to enjoy a peaceful, rural setting. As the area’s premier continuing care retirement community, Swiss Village is committed to providing the highest quality of services and facilities to meet the needs (CONT. ON PAGE 2)

SWISS VILLAGE EXECUTIVE TEAM AND BOARD MEMBERS Executive Team: Daryl L. Martin Executive Director Linda Arnold Director of Healthcare Services

Board of Directors: Kent Liechty, President Tom Muselman, Vice-President Linda Eicher, Secretary

Derick Bailey Director of Resident Services

Ted Lautzenheiser, Treasurer

Joe Burkhead Director of Information Services

Andrew Briggs

Margie Dougherty Director of Human Resources

Paul Zuercher, Immediate Past President Mark Settlemyre

Michelle McIntosh Director of Marketing

Sharon Sprunger Wulliman

Roger Young Controller

Greg Meyer Nancy Subler

Inside this issue: New Residents


Baby Day


Saturday Night at the Village-The Harmony String Band


Residential & Healthcare 5 Activities South Campus Wellness & Wellness Pavilion


Kinder Haus


Staff News


Swiss Village Mission Statement: Swiss Village Retirement Community is a not-for-profit corporation, committed to providing quality and affordable retirement living facilities and services in a Christian environment that enhances life with dignity, meaning and appropriate care for the senior adults from the surrounding community without regard to race, religion, sex, or handicaps that can be accommodated within our delivery system.



Neil Mailloux is a new resident to Swiss Village. He has been a Monroe resident and is a member of the St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Gail & Doris Runyon are new residents to Swiss Village. They have been Geneva residents. Anthony Yoder is a new resident since September 10. He has been a Berne resident and is a member of the First Missionary Church. Dorothy Tumbleson is a new resident since September 14. She has been a Berne resident and is a member of the First Missionary Church. Betty Zurcher is a new resident to Swiss Village since September 19. She has been a Monroe resident and is a member of the Trinity United Methodist Church. Marjorie Ulman is a new resident to Swiss Village since September 24. She has been a Monroe resident and is a member of the Berne Evangelical Church.

Swiss Village staff and residents welcomed Ernie and Dorothy Steiner on August 17. The Steiner's are from Berne. Ernie is retired from Berne Tub Company and farming, Dorothy is retired from Nussbaum Novelty Company. "We enjoy living at Swiss Village," said the Steiners.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES OCTOBER 20 Neil & Berneice Mailloux (59 Years) Charles & Marilyn Spurgeon (51 Years) 22 Clarence & Helen Buckingham (68 Years)

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IN MEMORY Swiss Village experienced the loss of several residents who called Swiss Village home. Condolences go out to the f am il y an d f r ien ds o f Ingeborg Hoose who passed away August 24 at the age of 84. Ingeborg came to Swiss Village in April 2009. Doris M. Sprunger was at the age of 81 when she passed away on August 25. May 2007 was when she came to Swiss Village. We express our sympathy to the family and friends of Doris. On September 4 Jane Summersett passed away at the age of 88. Jane had been at Swiss Village since October 2007. Our condolences are with Jane’s friends and family. Rufine Neuenschwander was at the age of 93 when she passed away on September 22. May 1999 was when she came to Swiss Village. We express our sympathy to the family and friends of Rufine.


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Alice Settlemeyer & Irena Sprunger Naomi VonGunten Barbara Ellenberger, Frances Maks, Betty Wulliman Marguerite VonGunten Clarence Buckingham & Elmer Graber Harry Luginbill Loretta McLaughlin Gyneth Luginbill Barbara Sprunger Eunice Feaster Mary Birdsall Alfred Feaster, Arthur Gerber, & Berneta Yager Anna Sprunger Sandra Striker Gladys Sprunger


and desires of older adults. Swiss Village is currently accepting applications for 2013 occupancy for the newly renovated Zurich and Lucerne Haus. Don’t wait to schedule a complimentary lunch and personal tour! For more information, contact Michelle McIntosh, Director of Marketing at 260.589.3173.

October 2012

CONTRIBUTIONS Howard & Alverda Ellenberger. Mary Cook Memorial: Jeanie Child. Dale Meyer Memorials: Richard Beitler, Barbara Sprunger. Rufine Neuenschwander Memorials: South & Southeast Residents, Nancy Garlinger, Daryl & Karen Martin, Larry & Jean Sheets, Beth Sheets, Andy & Kathy Hart. Jane Summersett Memorials: Larry & Jean Rupp, Floyd & Renee Liechty, Spring Hill Church, 122d Communication Flight Indiana Air National Guard. Doris M. Sprunger Memorials: Daryl & Karen Martin, Marcile Sellers, Ron & Joni Dick, Jerry & Mary Bean, Senior Stewards Sunday School Class, Paul Sprunger, Laura Leaming, Sara Colter, Alice Liechty & Family, Robert & Carol Dick, Gene & Elaine Bluhm, Ruth Habegger, Gary & Beth Hart, Pauline Geyer, Harold & Elaine Dick, Jim & Joyce Andrus, Rebecca Knose, William & Kathy Avant. 44 Years‌ 44 Dollars: Terry & Sue Steury.

BABY DAY AT SWISS VILLAGE Each year, Swiss Village looks forward to hosting a special event to celebrate children. Swiss Village’s Annual Baby Day will be held on Monday, October 8 in the Swiss Village Auditorium. All babies are invited to visit with residents between 2:00-4:00 p.m. A listing of all of the babies that have ever attended baby day will be available to look at. All babies will receive a special gift made by Swiss Village residents in appreciation of their participation. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Michelle McIntosh or Teri Sank at (260) 589-3173. We hope to see you there!

Active Aging Week 2012 was a huge success. Seniors enjoyed participating in many exercises class, seminars, and demonstrations. Pictured is the art demonstration with local artist Ruth Green.

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Approximately 75 seniors enjoyed a free senior lunch during active aging week. The meal included a potato bar with all of the fixings. Following the luncheon was an Aging Well Presentation given by Emily Arnold, Swiss Village South Campus Co-Wellness Director.

October 2012

Saturday Night at The Village Swiss Village presents Saturday Night at the Village. Fun free entertainment will be provided the second Saturday of every month from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00p.m. October 13, 2012 residents and guests will enjoy entertainment by The Harmony String Band. Band members include JoAnn Witherspoon, Sharon Farmer, Kennie Seiber, Cheryl Seiber, Phil Thompson, and Wilmer Sprunger. Along with vocal talents, the band will feature a variety of instruments: Keyboard, "Gut bucket" (inverted washtub), Guitars, String bass, Harmonicas, Banjo, Mandelin, and play Bluegrass, Gospel, pop, and old-time favorites. For more information about Saturday Night at the Village contact Michelle McIntosh, Marketing Director at 260.589.3173 or visit See you at Saturday Night at the Village, October 13 in Swiss Village’s Auditorium. “Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.” -Robert H. Schuller


Tara Farlow

Each year, one in three adults age 65 and older falls. Falls can lead to moderate to severe injuries, such as hip fractures and head traumas, and can even increase the risk of early death. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), older adults can remain independent and reduce their risk of falling by taking these precautions: • Exercise regularly. • Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medications to identify medicines that may cause side effects or

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int er act ion s su ch as dizziness or drowsiness. • Get your eyes checked at least once a year and update eyeglasses to maximize your vision. Consider getting a pair with single vision distance lenses for some activities such as walking outside • Home Safety -reduce tripping hazards, add grab bars inside and outside the bath tub and next to the toilet. Improve Your Balance with Physical Therapy Maintaining proper balance and sense of

body position is critical to preventing falls. A physical therapist can help you prevent falls by designing an individualized program of exercises and activities with an emphasis on strength, flexibility, and proper gait. Balance may be improved with exercises that strengthen the core, back, ankle, knee, and hip muscles along with exercises that improve the function of the balance system. If you have concerns about your balance, call your doctor. Ask your doctor if physical therapy can help.

October 2012


Teri Sank

We started off the month with a beautiful day for a bus ride through the Lancaster and Ossian area. We h a d a n introduction to computers class where residents were taught about email, Facebook, and Skype. We are happy to help residents stay in touch with their families and will continue helping residents who choose this route of communication. We went to the Gospel Barn on a Saturday night to see the group “Common Ground. Thanks to Floyd Liechty, the residents enjoyed their annual boat ride on Fryback Lake. He then served everyone snacks on his patio. The residents enjoyed a musical group from Fort Wayne called Noteworthy by strolling down memory lane with songs from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.


Donna Stout

The end of the month is approaching quickly. We are planning for our “Come and Go” Ice Cream Social. This event is always a lot of fun. Alpenrose & Healthcare residents and their family members come and enjoy ice cream and cookies. Other happenings this month were: Golf Cart Rides, Wii Bowling – We are getting so good that there has been talk about getting a team together! Luncheon with the Kinder Haus 3 year old class. We got Hamburgers from McDonald's and the kitchen supplied us all kinds of toppings, and french fries. John B. sang many old country songs and Chester Longenburger played many favorites on the piano. We just love music.

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Cole Rupp

Kinder Haus kids are always full of energy and bring many smiles but this month they introduced us to Gak!!! Gak brought many smiles and some laughter as it was molded into different shapes and then with inserting straws into it, made huge balloons! We hope they bring it back again! We have enjoyed the produce from our garden in their eggs in the morning, cut up and served with lunch and supper. The tomatoes and green peppers were also enjoyed in the ketchup and salsa. The golf cart rides are winding down as the weather is changing but they have been truly wonderful! The residents have loved having the library closer and it is great to be able to go to the library and chat (quietly, of course) and find recommended books and share a good book with others. Just as the library has been exercising our minds, we have been exercising our bodies on Monday's and Wednesday's.

HEALTHCARE HAPPENINGS — Karen Rowell It is amazing how fast the year is passing! This month we have watched summer slip away into a brisk and beautiful autumn. On our bus rides and golf cart rides we have enjoyed seeing the changes in the trees and fields. Apples are also a big part of our memories of the season, and one afternoon we enjoyed fresh, warm apple butter sandwiches. Several residents reminisced about gathering with families and friends to make cider and apple butter. Every September our much-anticipated “goodbye” to summer is the annual ice cream social. We shared a pleasant evening with our families, and enjoyed luscious flavors of ice cream and cookies.

October 2012

Kinder Haus —

Heidi Schoeneman

The infant room always seems to be bustling with activity! We have started several new infants again and they are just beginning to make such sweet cooing noises. Just as several new ones have started, several are growing up and moving to the toddler room. As they move on to the toddler room, they will take a bit of their teachers’ hearts with them! The toddlers have enjoyed playing outside in the cooler weather, exploring their surroundings with curiosity and wonder! They love seeing the butterflies and

SOUTH CAMPUS WELLNESS — On Thursday, October 4th, A Nutrition Education Session will be offered. This will be held in the Auditorium at 11:00, 11:30 and 12:30. Come to the time that best works for you! Deb Mishler, Purdue Extension Nutrition Educator,

examining leaves with caterpillars munching away. They have also been able to observe locusts on the trees escaping from their shells. The 2 year olds have been enjoying the cool weather outside. They have been learning about fall changes, going on nature walks and painting with leaves. The 3 year olds enjoyed having lunch w it h t he r e s id e n t s in Alpenrose. The children and the residents share a special bond! The 4 & 5 year olds have been learning about the 4 different seasons and how

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there are signs to tell what season we are in. They had so much fun playing with Gak with the residents in Blumengarten.

Emily Arnold & Rachel Rosswurm will be presenting on ways to be more health conscious when choosing what to eat. Stop by and check out our bulletin board and bookshelf. We update this monthly with information on various wellness topics and mind

Art & Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion — The Wellness Pavilion celebrated Active Aging Week during the last week of September. Activities throughout the week included presentations on financial planning and aging well, water aerobics and walking

The residents and children enjoy creating together with Gak.

activities that you can take home and do. If you turn those in, you could win a gift certificate to the boutique. This is open to all residents, not just those participating in classes. We hope to see you soon!

Andrea Miller

classes, a cooking demo, and a senior triathlon. Ten individuals completed the triathlon in the first two days. WOW!! Swim lessons will begin on November 1 and will meet every Tuesday and Thursday until November 29. Registration

for members will begin on October 11 and non-members on October 15. Our fall fitness schedule will start the week of October 8. Please call us at 5894496 with any questions.

October 2012

FROM THE DESK OF MARGIE — Over the last few years I have annually participated in a University of Indianapolis study of turnover rates for long-term care facilities across the State of Indiana. The university has recently published their report and Swiss Village compares very well to similar facilities throughout the State. Turnover is an important indicator of the quality of services provided by a facility. Low turnover improves consistency of care and provides a higher quality of living for the residents of the facility. The results of the university study

Margie Dougherty

are divided by urban vs. rural, forprofit vs. not-for-profit, size of the facility, and single site vs. multisite facilities. In each of these categories, Swiss Village’s turnover compares extremely well to other facilities throughout the State. Statewide Average Swiss Village Overall turnover – nurses 70.5% 18.1% Overall turnover – CNAs 98.1% 23.4% The report from the university does not include turnover statistics for other positions in the facilities,


1 Courtney N. Haines

20 Heather A Brite

4 Mia L. Tumbleson

20 Rosalind J. Hoffman

4 Amanda S Colclasure

21 Brandi L. Girod

6 Vickie L. Harvey

21 Sheila D. Coon

7 Lacy D. Hirschy

22 Stephanie L. Trausch

9 Mark A. Muselman

22 Martha I. Neuenschwander

9 Carley J Manley

24 Cheryl A. Moser

10 Andrew R. Smith

24 Mary E. Nass

12 Kaleigh C Westergren

24 Gena M. James

13 Annette Handshoe

26 Shane L. Swygart

13 Bradley O. Bailey

28 Krista M. Mere

13 Daryl L. Martin

28 Jason W. King

15 Haley E. Davidson

29 Ruth E. Kettler

17 Susan E. Steury

29 Taylor M. Farlow

18 Rhonda R. Kaczmarek

30 Mallory L. Eicher

18 Alicia J. Tankersley

31 Jessie A. Longenberger

so a comparison cannot be made, but the turnover rate for the rest of Swiss Village (not including nurses and CNAs) is 11.0%. The annual statistics for this recent report gave 2009 results so I used Swiss Village’s 2009 turnover in the above numbers; however, those are typical for Swiss Village for the 10 years that I have worked here and kept records. As of the end of August 2012, turnover this year has been 3.1% for nurses, 19.4% for CNAs, and 8.6% for the rest of the company. I’m grateful for the dedication of the Swiss Village staff!

NEW EMPLOYEES Swiss Village welcomes several new staff members this month. Smantha McAbee is a new LPN in Healthcare. Mindy Weaver, Lynn Ealing, YuLeeza McCullough, Heather Brite, Kaleigh Westergren, Zachery Eicher, and Renee Mishleau are all new CNAs in Healthcare. Alysa Fiechter and Sawyer Shane are new employees in Dietary.

Healthcare Fall Walk Through Through Carnival Carnival Thursday October 25, 2012 6:30-8:00 For ages 12 & under

19 Nancy J. Bedwell 19 Randy E. Reynolds

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Village News compiled by: Tammy Seffernick


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UPCOMING EVENTS Oct. Event 8 Baby Day 2-4:00 pm Saturday Night at the 13 Village-The Harmony String Band 7:00 pm

Be sure to check the Swiss Village Website at for the complete listing of this months Residential and Healthcare Activities.

What’s in Your Estate Plan? Your estate plan makes a statement. What you ask to be done with your estate tells the world what you value. At least it should! Your estate plan should be an extension of the values that you consider important. For example, many people who believe that it is important to be charitable include gifting directions in their estate plan. In some cases the estate plan directs that a tithe of their estate is to be used for a specific charitable purpose. Other estate plans direct that the estate be divided by the number of children plus one. The plus one proportion is than directed to those charitable causes that reflect their interests and values. And, finally there are those unique but special situations when a person is able to distribute their entire estate to charitable purposes. Each estate plan is distinctively unique. And it should be, because each person is different. You get to

shape your estate giving to match your interests. Swiss Village has been blessed through the estate planning of many persons. Their estate gifts have made an enormous difference in how we carry out the ministry of serving older persons. A case in point is the Samaritan’s Endowment which is largely the result of gifts received through estates. It is the Samaritan’s Endowment fund that allows Swiss Village to financially provide assistance to those who cannot afford to pay for their care, due to no fault of their own. Other individuals have directed that their gift be used as the Board of Directors designates. These funds have allowed Swiss Village to provide building expansions, such as the auditorium, dining room expansion, Fun Spot, etc. Does your estate plan reflect your interests and values? It should! If you want to know more about how to include Swiss Village in your estate plans, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Village News October 2012  
Village News October 2012  

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