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About Swim Better HQ

SwimBetterHQ is owned by Mr. Steve Howell. He has more than 20 years of experience of swimming. He helps people with there swimming. He provides tips and stratergies about different swimming drills for begineers and trained swimmers.

Learn Different Swimming drills If you are a swimmer and want to polish your swimming skills is want perfect help you If youthen are Swimbetterhq a swimmer and to place polishas your swimming swim faster, as well as imporve skills then Swimbetterhq is perfectswimming place as help you swim l Freestyle Drills faster, as well as improve swimming l BackstrokeDrills Freestyle Drills l Breaststroke Drills BackstrokeDrills l Butterfly Drills Breaststroke Drills Butterfly Drills l

Freestyle Drills Freestyle Drills gives you a liberty of front crawl or sidestroke. Choose desired way of swimming. Freestyle swimming is fastest and most efficient swimming strokes. Learn following freestyle swimming drill from Swimbetter HQ Side kick Drill Freestyle Side kick 5 swimming drill Freestyle Drill – Balance and Rotation Drill Freestyle Drill – Catch-up Stroke Drill Freestyle Drill – Closed Fist Drill Freestyle Drill – Head-lead Prone Balance Drill Freestyle Drill – Head-Lead Supine Balance Drill

Backstroke Swimming Drills Learn Backstroke Swimming Drills from swimbetterhq. It is the only regulated style swim on the back. Swimming in backstroke is similar to upside down freestyle. Learn following Backstroke swimming drills from Swimbetterhq. Backstroke Kicking Drill Under Water Arm Sweeps Drill Slide and Glide Backstroke Drill Single-Arm Backstroke Drill Head-Lead Side Balance Drill

Breaststroke Swimming Drills Learn Breaststroke swimming from SwimbetterHQ. As during Breaststroke swimming the chest and the torso are involved. It is considered as a popular recreational style because in this drill swimmer’s head is above the water. Following are different types of Breaststroke swimming drill:Breaststroke Swimming Drills – Breaststroke Under the Ropes Breaststroke Drills – 1 Arm Stroke, Multiple Kicks Breaststroke Drills –1 Kick, Multiple Arm Strokes Breaststroke Drills – 1 On Top, 1 Under

Butterfly Stroke Swimming Drills SwimbetterHQ offers tips and training on butterfly stroke swimming drill. In this drill both arm are involved and they move simultaneously. Butterfly kick swimming is also known as the Dolphin Kick. Below mentioned is advance Butterfly Swimming Drill Basic Butterfly Swimming Drill Slide to the Corners Butterfly Drills Stone Skipper Butterfly Drill Hip – Delay Butterfly Drill Hand-Lead Body Dolphin Drill m

Learn Swimming From Swim Better HQ  

SwimbetterHQ offer professional swimming tips and techniques on butterfly stroke drills, freestyle kick drills, learn breaststroke drills an...

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