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T Saraya Williams


Biography of Typography Influence

Typography has helped me to see that there is more to art than just pictures and sculptures. I have learned that the way we use type affects the way a message is communicated just as much as a photograph, painting, or sculpture would. I have also learned to notice details around me, especially dealing with type anatomy. Before I took typography, I never realized there was so much that you could study about type. Like the different x-heights fonts can have... or how some fonts have serifs and some do not. Learning all of this has helped me to better know what decisions to make a designer when it comes to adding type to my designs.


Table of Contents

Kerning/Leading Quotation “100 Wishes” Poster Designs “ADP Logos” “Wayfinding” Designs Stylized Type Posters

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Kerning/Leading Quotation

For this project we were to find a quote that we liked and experiment with stacking, kerning, tracking, and the leading. We had to come up with what we thought was the best solution, given the words we chose to work with.





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at OOK matters, it’s what youSEE.

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“100 Wishes” Poster Designs

“100 Wishes” project was to celebrate Rosa Parks one hundredth birthday. Students from all over Alabama wrote what their wish was for their community. We took some of their wishes, as well as some of ours, and designed a poster for them.


I wish woul judg beca am m

People ld not ge me ause I mixed.

Appreciate Your Bravery Change the world


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“100 Wishes� Poster Designs (continued)

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“ADP Logos�

(American Democracy Project)

The American Democracy Project was having a logo design contest and our class decided to design and enter our designs. We researched and discussed what the best solutions would be.



“Wayfinding� Designs

The Center of Student Success (Eldridge of Student Hall) asked our class toCenter create a wayfinding case study. As a class we researched and studied what the best way to design the wayfinding signs would be. We designed our own ideas, then colaborated and chose what we thought would be the best design.

Stu Success

Student Developme

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dent Development udent Development

Study 1

Center of Student Success Center of Student Success

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Center of Student Success tudent Student

Student Development

Student velopment Development



Study 1 (extended)

“Wayfinding� Designs (continued)

Center of Student Success

Student Development CenterAdaptive of Student Success Needs

Student Development Conditional Students Center of Student Success

Adaptive Needs Withdrawals

Student Development Conditional Students

102 102

Hours of opperation Adaptive Needs Withdrawals Conditional Students Monday-Friday Hours of opperation Withdrawals 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday

Hours of opperation 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm


ment 14

102 Student


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Development Development Development

od or drinks espectfully quiet



Study 2

ation: y

Center of Student Success

Computer Works Must have student ID No food or drinks Please be respectfully quiet Hours of opperation: Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

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Stylized Type Posters

This was the last project in the class. We were to design large-scale posters that could be printed for display. We were to incorporated type in a creative way. For Poster 1, I chose to create a poster for a quote by Paul Rand. For Poster 2, I chose to create my own characters that spelled “inspire.�


Poster Design 1


Stylized Type Posters (continued)


Poster Design 2



Typography Portfolio  

Typography portfolio for Spring 2013

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