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Shooting  for  success


Senior  Matt  Nesloney  gives  all  he’s  got


Violence  triggers  writing Freedom  Writer  Tony  Becerra  gives  inspirational  talk

helped  them   out,   was       “Knowing   some   about   By  DAYANA  IZA and   the   competition   chair  and  made  it  to  the   STAFF  WRITER so   inspiring   to   Davis.   the   story   of   these   kids,   became   much   harder   all   state   mixed   choir.   It   was   amazing   how   I   realized   how   many   to   narrow   down,   but         “I   think   it's   incredible   he   book   has   the   Rodney   King   Riots   of   the   students   at   Nesloney   consistently   that   Matt   made   it   this   probably  been  read   and   the   O.J.   Simpson   Spring   Woods   would   fter  months  of  prac-­ made   it   through   each   far,â€?   Cuddihee   said,   by   few,   but   the   trial   had   affected   the   probably   be   able   to   tice   and   the   stress   round   with   his   head   “I'm  so  glad  that  he  had   movie   has   probably   relate,â€?   Davis   said. of   auditions,   senior   held   high   and   making   this  opportunity  and  got   been  seen  by  many,        Gruwell   recognized   Matt   Nesloney   was   the   Spring   Woods   proud. to   share   it   with   others   and   it   is   why   the   the   similarities   only   choir   student   at   SWHS.   Matt   story  of  the  Freedom   and   problems   of   to   make   it   to   area.   worked   incred-­ Writers  is  well  known. her   students.   She         Starting   in   the   ibly   hard   and   it       Having   an   actual   immediately   started   summer,   Nesloney   really   paid   off!â€?   Freedom   using   her   tools   to   Writer   and   several   other           To   be   able   to   come   talk   at   a   unite   and   change   her   choir   students   par-­ make   it   this   far   particular   students.   She   gave   school   ticipated   in   a   choir   into   the   process   is   probably   them   books   written   by   an   camp  in  preparation   is  something  that   opportunity   teenagers   and   it   was   few   IRU WKH ÂżUVW URXQG not   everyone   schools   get,   but   through   these   books   The  camp  was  held   gets   to   experi-­ Spring   Woods   was   that  the  minds  of  these   at   Spring   Woods   ence   and   since   lucky   enough   to   kids  started  to  change.   by   choir   director,   this  is  Nesloney's   get   Freedom   Writer   They   later   began   Katy   Cuddihee.   senior   year,   it   Tony   Becerra   come   writing   anonymous   From   there,   Nes-­ is   an   amazing   talk   to   students. journal   entries   about   loney   practiced   till   thing   to   say   he       But   who   and   why   the   problems   that   they   WKH ÂżUVW URXQG ZDV a c c o m p l i s h e d .   got   and   worked   faced   in   their   every   held   in   September.       “Making   it   this   on   getting   such   a   day   lives.   Gangs,           The   students   far   has   been   so   prestigious   speaker   immigration,   drugs,   were   all   smiles   awesome   and     come   talk   to   us?   violence,  abuse,  death,   when   they   found   although   it   was   Gear   Up   director,   anorexia,   dyslexia,   out   they   had   made   at  times  stressful,   Regina   Davis   was   teenage   love,   weight   it  to  the  next  round,   it   was   still   one   of   the   one   that   put   her   issues,  divorce,  suicide,   with   Nesloney   the   best   experi-­ hands  on  the  project. and  all  the  other  issues   smiling   along   with   ences  of  my  life,â€?      “Couple  years  back,   were   the   main   topics.   them.   New   round,   Nesloney   said.   I  was  at  a  conference   Those   journal   entries   new   music,   and   HITTING  THE  HIGH  NOTE:  Nesloney   “I   really   wish   in   which   Erin  GREAT  CHARACTER    BEATS  THE   were   later   published   the   nonstop   prac-­ sings  his  way  to  the  top. I   would   have   Gruwell   and   two   of  ODDS:   Becerra   shows   his   sense  into   a   book   called   The   tice   for   Nesloney   tried   out   all   four   her   former   students   Freedom   Writers   Diary. of  humor  after  talking  to  SW  tigers.       With   having   all   of   had   become   a   rou-­ years   because   were   speaking.   tine   that   he   soon   had   $VWKHURXQGVĂ€HZE\ even   though   this   is   ex-­ They   this   known,   Davis   was   left   me   to   get   accustomed   to. Nesloney   stayed   persis-­ citing;Íž   I   wish   I’d   had   completely   mesmerized   even   more   determined           “Matt   is   a   very   dedi-­ tent.   He   stunned   many   more   chances.   But   it’s   by   their   true   stories,   mood  in  the  city  of  these   to   bring   at   least   one   cated  person  and  I  knew   with  the  news  that  he  was   still   good   to   get   one   in   and   I   was   determined   kids,   making   their   lives   speakerto   come   talk   that   he   wouldn't   give   the   only   choir   student   before   I   graduate.   For   to   bring   them   to   Spring   almost   miserable.   On   to   Spring   Woods.   up   easily,â€?   sophomore   from  the  school  to  make   anyone   who   hopes   to   Woods,â€?   Davis   said. WKHLU ÂżUVW GD\ RI KLJK Especially   now   that   Mary   Quinones   said.   “I   it   all   the   way   to   area.   make  it  in  the  future,  all      Having  listened  to  how   school   they   all   had   she   had   also   read   am   very   happy   for   him.â€? Nesloney   rode   solo   to   I   can   really   is   work   re-­ high   school   freshmen   three   things   in   common:   the   book   written   by           The   numbers   de-­ the   area   round   that   was   ally  hard  and  to  remem-­ students   had   suffered   “we   hated   school,   we   the   Freedom   Writers. creased   as   the   rounds   held  on  January  8th  and   EHU \RX JRQÂś EH ÂżQH´ and   how   their   English   hated   our   teacher,   and   EHFDPH PRUH GLIÂżFXOW he  came  out  with  second   Continued  on  Page  2 teacher   Erin   Gruwell   we   hated   each   other.â€? By  SAM  LOPEZ STAFF  WRITER



Sigma  Delta  competes  at  Harvard  


Speech  and  debate  team  places  itself  on  national  map

By  CHELSEA  RODRIGUEZ year  some  of  the  varsity   members   have   decided   STAFF  WRITER to   pay   out   of   their   own   his  February,  Sigma   pockets  to  go  to  Boston   Delta   expands   and   compete   with   its   horizons   and   the   best   of   the   best.   travels   out   of   state   to         “Creating   a   stronger   compete   at   Harvard   team   requires   traveling   University  in  Cambridge,   out   of   town   and   Massachusetts,   their   money,â€?   debate   coach   most   prestigious   Victoria   Beard   said.   tournament   before       With   a   total   of   17   heading   off   to   quals   for   state,   Beard   State   in   March.   SODQV RQ WDNLQJ ÂżYH RI     “Harvard   is   basically   her   tigers   to   Boston. equivalent   to   the         “No   one   from   Spring   national   tournament   we   Woods   has   ever   gone   experience   during   the   to   Harvard,â€?   senior   Tori   summer,â€?   senior   Silverio   Kimmel   said.   “We’re   Ramirez  said.  “In  fact,  last   makin’   history,   baby!â€? \HDUPDQ\RIWKHÂżQDOLVWV     Only   a   handful   of   at   NFL   nationals   were   members  of  Sigma  Delta   WKH ÂżQDOLVWV DW +DUYDUG´ will   attend   the   Harvard           The   Harvard   tourna-­ tournament.     President   ment   is   not   invitational;Íž   Ramirez  will  compete  in   however,   only   state   Congressional   Debate,   with   senior   TXDOLÂżHUV DWWHQG 7KLV along  


HARVARD  BOUND:  Seniors  Kelley  Kim,  Tori  Kimmel,  Niko  Corbin,  Silverio   Ramirez  and  junior  Cade  Bundrick  prepare  themselves  for  a  long  weekend. treasurer   Kelley   Kim,   vice   president   Kimmel  

in  Original   Oratory,   senior   historian   Niko  

Corbin  in   Humorous   Interpretation,   and  

junior  Cade   Bundrick   in   Dramatic   Interpretation.         “In   the   six   years   I’ve   been   here,   I   didn’t   feel   I   could   compete   on   the   national  level.  Now  I  feel   we   can,â€?   Beard   said.             Attending   an   emi-­ nent   tournament   like   Harvard  is  one  thing,  but   SODFLQJ LQ D ÂżQDO URXQG is   another.   Even   then,   these   oral   interpreters   strive   to   enhance   their   skills   and   make   a   name   for   themselves.     “The   physical   strain   of   experiencing   a   tournament   so   large     creates   an   emotional   workout   necessary   for   the   [other]   important   tournaments   [like   UIL,   state,   and   NATS],â€?   Ramirez   said.     Good   luck   Speech   and   Debate!


Gretchen Lutz

Constance Haugneland  

English I

Algebra I

Why did you move here? I love sunshine and a great BBQ. What was your childhood dream? I always wanted to be a teacher. Pet peeve(s)? I don’t like to see people chewing gum with their mouth open. What do you think of your students? They are all vibrant and fun to interact with. Where did you graduate? Texas State University Why did you become a teacher? I love to read and write and help students see the value in education. What is your favorite food? I love all foods. I will try anything. What do you miss most in life? I miss my family on the West Coast.

Where did you graduate? Texas Tech University What is one thing you dislike? Lima beans Personality? I am a fun-loving person. I care about others and their well-being. I love to smile. What is your favorite sport? College Football and Basketball...Texas Tech Red Raiders! Embarrassing moment? I was late to a game at summer camp when I was in high school, and the leader made me pick my nose in front of the whole group because I was late. Teaching method? I really try to create a positive relationship with my students. When they know that I care about them, they are more willing to accept and think critically about the things I teach them.

“Try to always have a good attitude even when things seem tough.” - Lutz


Tenth graders  lead  way  for  brighter  future Students  anticipate  exciting  new  year  with  Leadership  Institute


The Leadership   Institute   consists   of   60   outstanding   tenth   graders,   making   it   one   of   the   largest   student   groups   in   the   school. Tenth   grade   principal   Jennifer   Collier   is   in   charge  of  organizing  the   groups  activities  such  as   ropes   initiatives,   a   book   study,  and  school  service   projects.  Principal  Lance   Stallworth   has   also   collaborated   with   the   group   by   organizing   meetings   with   local   leaders   such   as   Dr.   Duncan   Klussman,   superintendent   of   the   district,   and   hopes   to   make  more  contributions   in   the   spring.        The  main  objective  of   the   Leadership   Institute   is  to  develop  and  build  the   group’s  skills  as  effective   leaders   that   stand   out,     and   to   work   compatibly  

with their   peers   as   well.   The   group   is   currently   working  on  a  book  study   on   “The   Seven   Habits   of   Highly   Effective   Teens,”   by   Steven   Covey,   and   they   have   also   attended   a   ROPES   course   for   leadership   and   team   building.       For   this   semester,   the   group   is   planning   on   selecting   school   service  projects,  such  as   improving  school  spirit  on   campus.   Stallworth   has   also  talked  to  members  of   the  business  department   at   Rice   University   and   has   planned   for   them   to   have   a   word   with   the   students   on   campus   in   the   spring,   but   there   is   QR RI¿FLDO GDWH IRU WKH visit   at   the   moment.     Last   semester,   the   students   had   the   opportunity   to   meet   with   the  superintendent  of  the   district,   Dr.   Klussman.   The   students   listened   to   Klussman’s   story   about  

   The  Leadership  Institute   teaches  students  how  to   EH PRUH FRQ¿GHQW DQG HI¿FLHQW ZKHQ ZRUNLQJ together   and   taking   on   leadership   roles   with   activities   like     ROPES   courses   to   even   raising   school  spirit  on  campus.        “I  really  enjoy  feeling  like   I’m  making  a  difference  in   our  school,”  Edgley  said.   “I’ve   learned   awesome   leadership   tactics,   and   I   really  enjoy  the  institute”.      In  their  latest  meeting,   the   Leadership   LEADING  THE  WAY:  Cripps   participates  in  ROPES   course. his  life,  and  how  through   hard  work  and  dedication,   he   was   able   to   become   EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: the   leader   he   is   today.     “He   shared   with   us   Kelley Kim what   traits   he   sees   as   good   qualities   for   BUSINESS MANAGER: a   leader,”   sophomore   Julie Bang Candace   Edgley   said.   “All  in  all,  he  really  cares   about   us   students.” STAFF WRITERS: Alexander Reyes, Chelsea Rodriguez, Dayana Iza, Jack Rodgers, Jason Shannon, Jessica Jones, JJ Gonzalez, Niko Corbin, Sam Lopez, Cade Bundrick Samantha Solis Advisor: Pam Karter

Institute divided   into   groups   to   come   up   with   ideas   to   promote   school   spirit.   Several   potential   ideas   were   brought   up,   including   a   traditions   book,   involving   more   school   spirit   based   apparel,   and   a   video   introduction   to   Spring   Woods.     “Mrs.   Collier   and   Mr.   Stallworth   were   both   there   to   help   with   the   planning   process   and   give   leadership   tips.   In   one   month   we  

present our   plans   to   Mr.   Stallworth   and   he   yay/ nay  ‘s  them,”  said  Edgley.     Collier’s   success   with   the   program   makes   her   optimistic   that   the   Leadership   Institute   will   begin  a  new  year  with  the   class  of  2014  and  hopes   to  continue  following  the   current  sophomore  class.            “I  am  hoping  that  we  can   form  a  new  group  as  well   as  keep  this  one  going,”   Collier   said.   “I   foresee   lots   of   exciting   things   coming  from  this  group”.  

2010 REGIT  STAFF     The   Regit   is   published   monthly   by   the   newspaper   staff   as   a   public   forum   for   the   student   community.     The   staff   reserves   the   right   to   choose   the   content   of   stories.   Final   decisions   involving   all   written   and   pictorial   content   shall   be   made   by   the   staff   and   advisor.     The   Regit   will   strive   to   present   news   in   a   fair,   impartial,   accurate   and   truthful   way.     Editorials   represent   only   the   staff   writer’s   view.     Letters   to   the   editor   are   welcomed   from  

any Regit   reader.     Letters   will   be   checked   for   grammar,   accuracy,   punctuation.     To   join   the   Regit   staff,   contact   one   of   the   grade   level   counselors.     ADVERTISING:   The   Regit     retains   the   right   to   reject   advertisement   not   in   the   best   interest   of   its   audience.     Advertising   space   may   be   purchased   by   calling   the   journalism   department   at   (713)   251-­3239.     Advertisement   may   be   faxed   to   the   Regit   at   (713)   365-­4474.

FREEDOM WRITERS  CONT.        “I  told  everybody  about   the   Freedom   Writers,   and  when  the  movie  was   out,   I   was   so   excited   to   see   it.,”   Davis   said.     Things   turned   for   Davis  when  she  recently   was   at   a   conference   in   Corpus   Christi   and   was   told   she   would   actually   be   able   to   get   one   of   the   Freedom   Writers   come   talk   to   Spring   Woods.   After   much   trying,  what  she  wanted   ZDV¿QDOO\LQKHUKDQGV         “I   was   so   excited.   It   had  always  been  so  hard   because   the   schedules   of   these   speakers   are  

always so   busy,   but   I   ZDV ¿QDOO\ DEOH WR JHW one   come   talk   to   my   school,”   Davis   said.       The   news   was   also   recently   given   out   to   everybody  at  school,  and   a   movie   night   showing   Freedom   Writers   in   the   main   auditorium   was   even   set,   just   to   start   getting   ready   for   the   guest   speaker.       “I   love   the   movie,   and   I’m   so   excited   to   actually   have   a   real   Freedom   Writer   come   talk   to   us,”   senior   Veronica   Rojas   said.         Tony   Becerra   had   a  

great and   inspirational   talk   with   the   students   here,  and  many  were  able   to  relate  in  some  way  or   another.   Davis   feels   like   one   of   her   last   projects   ZDV ¿QDOO\ FRPSOHWH     “It   was   amazing   that   even   after   all   the   stuff   he   went   through.   He   rose   above   it   all   and   graduated   and   is   now   a   successful   man.   I   think   guest   speakers   like   him   are   needed   and   helpful   to   help   us   see   how   tough  life  can  really  be,”   senior   Mollie   Musgrove   said   after   listening   to   Becerra’s   story.


Pollicove  introduces  engineering  initiative &RDFKœVQHZFRXUVHDOUHDG\DVXFFHVVLQLWV¿UVW\HDU

By  JACK  RODGERS STAFF  WRITER   A  new  class  has   come   to   Spring   Woods.   Coach   Marc   Pollicove   currently   teaches   an   In-­ troductory   Engineering   course   as   part   of   the   Project   Lead   the   Way   (PLTW)   initiative.   PLTW   is   an   educational   pro-­ gram   provider   that   was   started   in   the   mid-­90's   by   engineers   who   real-­ ized   enrollment   num-­ bers   in   college   declined   to   the   point   that   depart-­ ments   were   shrinking.   Its   main   goal   is   to   get   kids   involved   in   fun   sci-­ ence   and   math   related   classes.   Joe   Kolenda,   principal   of   the   Guthrie   Center   has   partnered   with   PLTW   and   Spring   Woods   Principal   Lance   Stallworth   to   bring   the   Engineering   course   to   our  school.   "Last   year   Mr.   Pollicove,   Mr.   Stall-­ worth  and  I  talked  about   bringing   it   into   Spring   Woods,"   Kolenda   said.   "It   is   a   big   commitment   for   the   teacher,   as   each   gives   up   two   weeks   of   their   summer   at   training   for  the  class.  It's  intense   and   they   have   home-­

work,  projects  and  more.   Pollicove   loved   it   and   has   been   enthusiastic   to   bring   it   to   the   Spring   Woods  students."   Pollicove   could   not  just  jump  into  teach-­ ing  the  class,  there  were   a   few   things   he   need   to   GR ¿UVW ,QLWLDOO\ , ZDV required  to  take  a  test  for   acceptance,�   Pollicove   said.   Once   accepted,   I   was   required   to   return   to   school   and   become   FHUWL¿HG WR WHDFK WKH program.  I  attended  The   University   of   Texas   at   Tyler  during  the  summer   and   found   the   course   most  stimulating."   Pollicove   also   was  fortunate  in  the  tim-­ ing  of  the  introduction  of   the  new  course.   "With   the   con-­ struction,  we  had  a  great   opportunity  to  add  some-­ thing   like   this   to   Spring   Woods,"   Stallworth   said.   "We   could   build   the   classroom  near  the  Met-­ al  Shop  room  to  make  it   possible   for   Coach   Pol-­ licove   to   go   from   one   to   the  other."   Stallworth   also   said   that   Pollicove   was   the   best   choice   for   the   job,   as   the   subject   mat-­ ter  taught  in  Engineering  

is  very  close  to  what  Pol-­ said  "We  hope  the  class-­ had   the   class   met   with   has   good   things   to   say   licove  already  does.  The   es   grow,   add   additional   enthusiasm  from  the  stu-­ about  it.     "I   loved   the   thought   process   behind   it,"   Gonzalez   said.   "I   wanted   to   be   adventur-­ ous   and   wanted   to   try   this   Engineering   course.   It  was  a  brand  new  class   this   year   and   I   took   ad-­ vantage  of  it."   Pollicove  has  no   plans   on   stopping,   al-­ ready   making   plans   for   the  future.   "Next   year,   I   will   have  all  of  the  equipment   in  place  at  the  start  of  the   year   and   have   a   better   feel  for  the  assignments.   I   also   plan   on   adding   other   components   into   the   curriculum   since   we   have  the  metal  and  wood   lab  at  our  disposal,"  Pol-­ licove   said.   "One   of   the   of   teach-­ EARLY   START:   Coach   Pollicove   works   with   students   in   engineering. advantages   ing   the   engineering   pro-­ gram   at   Spring   Woods   class   is   currently   only   ones   and   more   oppor-­ dents.   is   having   the   facilities   to   RIIHUHG ¿UVW SHULRG EXW tunities   each   year.   How-­   "What   they   take   the   students’   cre-­ could  be  offered  more  as   ever,  it  really  is  based  on   found   at   Stratford   was   ative  concepts  and  apply   student   interest   increas-­ student   interest   and   en-­ that   the   class   started   them   to   a   practical   use.   es. rollment." out  small  and  got  bigger   Few  schools  in  the  state     "There   is   a     The   course   has   in   size   as   word   spread   teach   the   engineering   FRQVLGHUDEOH ¿QDQFLDO been  offered  at  Memorial   about   it.   So   we're   hop-­ program   and   it   seems   investment   from   CTE   and   Stratford   for   a   few   ing   that's   what   happens   even  fewer  teach  the  ap-­ [Career   and   Technical   years   now,   with   Memo-­ here,"  Stallworth  said. plied  science  found  in  in-­ Education]  to  launch  and   ULDOEHLQJWKH¿UVWVFKRRO   Senior   Ivan   dustry.   We   are   fortunate   maintain   these   classes   to   have   it   10   years   ago,   Gonzalez  is  currently  en-­ to   have   the   best   of   both   at  each  school,"  Kolenda   and   both   schools   have   rolled   in   the   class,   and   worlds."

Character Without Question Nominees

WINNER: Senior Lakreshia Gadison

Child  nutrition  improves   nationwide


Proposed  budget  cuts  attempt  to  curb  obesity

By  JULIE  BANG BUSINESS  MANAGER     It   is   time   to   say   good-­ bye   to   the   fries.   School   cafeterias  would  have  to   serve  students  more  with   whole   grains,   fruits   and   vegetables   under   the   governement’s   plans   for   WKH¿UVWPDMRUQXWULWLRQDO overhaul   of   students’   meals   in   15   years.   The   new  guidelines  would  re-­

Right: Senior Mollie Musgrove

Left: Sophomore Jordan Jump Not pictured: Van Anh Pham

quire  schools   to   cut   so-­ dium   in   school   lunches   by   more   than   half   and   use   more   whole   grains   and   serve   low-­fat   milk.   Also,   limiting   students   to   once   cup   of   starchy   vegetables   a   week.       “The   new   standards   could  affect  more  than  32   million   children   and   are   crucial  because  kids  can   consume  as  much  as  half   of   their   daily   calories   in   school�   Agriculture   Sec-­

DID YOU KNOW? Spent-­hens  are   tough,   stringy,   and   far   less   appealing   than   the   more   tender   meat  of  broiler  chickens.  But  that  didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   stop  the  government  from  using  the  Na-­ tional  School  Lunch  Program  as  an  out-­ OHWIRUHJJSURGXFHUVVWUXJJOLQJWRÂżQGD market  for  100  million  egg-­laying  hens   culled  each  year. )URPWKURXJKWKHÂżUVWKDOIRI86$72'$< found,  the  government  spent  more  than  $145  million   on  spent-­hens  for  schools  -­  a  total  of  more  than  77  mil-­ lion  pounds  served  in  chicken  patties  and  salads.

DID YOU KNOW? 1RWRQO\DUHVFKRROFKLOGUHQEHLQJVHUYHGPHDWXQ¿WIRU HYHQD0F'RQDOGœVEXUJHUEXWWKH\DUHDVORDWULVNRI ingesting  harmful  bacteria  and  pathogens  hidden  within   the   food.   Some   reports   suggest   that   fast-­food   restau-­ rants  actually  check  for  bacteria  and  pathogens  between   ¿YHDQGWHQWLPHVPRUHRIWHQWKDQVFKRROOXQFKPHDWV

retary  Tom   Vilsack   said.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;The   United   States   is   facing   an   obesity   epi-­ demic   and   the   crisis   of   poor   diets   threatens   the   future   of   our   chil-­ dren   and   our   nation.â&#x20AC;?     The   announcement   comes   just   a   few   weeks   after   President   Barack   Obama   signed   into   law   a   child   nutrition   bill   that   will   help   schools   pay   for   the   healthier   foods.

THE  NEW  USDA   GUIDELINES (VWDEOLVKWKH¿UVW calorie   limits   for   school  meals. G r a d u a l l y   reduce   the   amount   of   sodium  in  the   meals  by  more  than  half. Ban  most  trans  fats. Require   more   servings   of   fruits   and  vegetables. Incrementally   increase   the   amount  of  whole  grains.

Improve  school   breakfasts   by  requiring  to   serve   a   grain   and   a   protein,   instead   of   one   or  the  other.

Senior  goalie  to   sign  with  college


Kaitlyn  Whitten  commits  to  Oklahoma  Christian

By  SAMANTHA  SOLIS STAFF  WRITER   For  most  seniors,   the   second   semester   is   DOODERXW¿QLVKLQJFROOHJH DSSOLFDWLRQVDQGGHFLGLQJ where  to  attend  school  in   the   fall.   But   for   Kaitlyn   Whitten,   this   semester   LV DOO DERXW HQMR\LQJ KHU WLPHUHPDLQLQJDW6SULQJ Woods.   Last   November   Whitten   verbally  

a  whole   new   set   of   FKDOOHQJHV :KLWWHQ ZLOO EHJLQSUDFWLFLQJZLWKKHU new   teammates   at   the   EHJLQQLQJRI$XJXVW   â&#x20AC;&#x153;I   practiced   with   them   once,   but   I   wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   RQ WKH WHDP \HW 6R ,ÂśP H[FLWHG WR VHH KRZ LW ZLOO JR RQFH ,ÂśP RIÂżFLDO´ Whitten  said.  $V JRDOLH VKH KDV EHHQ D ELJ SDUW RI WKHJLUOÂśVVRFFHUSURJUDP here   at   school.   In   the  

KDYHDQRIÂżFLDOVLJQLQJRI the  papers   that   commit   Whitten   to   her   new   VFKRROIRUJRRG  $IWHU FROOHJH Whitten   plans   to   use   KHUGHJUHHWREHFRPHD KLJK VFKRRO WHDFKHU DQG coach.   The   scholarship   she   will   receive   will   DVVLVW KHU  LQ DFKLHYLQJ KHUJRDOV   â&#x20AC;&#x153;   I   know   my   family  is  proud  of  me  for   FRPPLWWLQJ EXW LW ZDV

Winter time sparks high bills, plus contamination


Easy eco friendly tips to follow during the chilly days

By  DAYANA  IZA STAFF  WRITER   H o u s t o n   is   known   for   its   spontaneous   weather   FKDQJHV2QHGD\WKHUH is  a  warm  enjoyable  day,   DQG WKH QH[W PDQ\ DUH dressed   as   if  Antarctica   had   taken   over.   Winter   time  in  the  Houston  area   FDQJHWSUHWW\GDUQFROG so  the  best  way  to  keep     toasty   and   happy   may   KDUPRXUSODQHW'XULQJ this   season,   many   WKLQJV FDQ EH GRQH D bit   differently   to   keep   VWD\LQJ HFR IULHQGO\ Let  the  Sunshine  In: Even   in   winter,   the   sunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   rays   provide   a   fair   amount   of   warmth.   7DNH DGYDQWDJH RI WKLV IUHHKHDWLQJE\RSHQLQJ blinds   and   curtains   on   the   windows   that   UHFHLYH WKH PRVW OLJKW

$W QLJKW GUDZ KHDY\ (QHUJ\ UHFRPPHQGV LQVXODWLQJ GUDSHV WR WXUQLQJ \RXU WKHUPRVWDW help  keep  in  the  warmth. GRZQ WR  GHJUHHV while   youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re   at   home,   Seal  Up  the  Attic: DQGVHWWLQJLWHYHQORZHU 6DYH RQ KHDWLQJ E\ DW QLJKW RU ZKHQ \RXÂśUH SOXJJLQJXSDLUOHDNVWKDW JRQH IRU WKH GD\ ,I \RX lead  from  the  attic  down   turn  the  heat  down  by  10   into   the   main   house.   GHJUHHVIRUDGDLO\HLJKW This   also   assess   your   hour   stretch,   you   could   atticâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   overall   insulation,   UHGXFH \RXU KHDWLQJ ELOO which   slows   the   escape   by  as  much  as  15  percent.   RI KHDW IURP \RXU OLYLQJ $FFRUGLQJ WR (QHUJ\ DUHDV)RUWKHDWWLFĂ&#x20AC;RRU 6WDU D SURJUDPPDEOH if  insulation  is  at  or  below   thermostat   can   save   WKHWRSRIWKHĂ&#x20AC;RRUMRLVWV up   to   $150   annually.   you  probably  need  more. What   if   you   leave   town   IRU D VWUHWFK" 6HW WKH Minimize  Idling: thermostat   no   lower   Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  let  your  car  idle  for   WKDQ  GHJUHHV 'UDLQ more   than   30   seconds.   your   water   system   %H\RQG ZDVWLQJ IXHO EHIRUH ORZHULQJ LW WR H[FHVVLYH LGOLQJ VWUDLQV this   temperature   to   F\OLQGHUV VSDUN SOXJV DYRLG IUHH]LQJ SLSHV H[KDXVW V\VWHPV DQG   Winter     time   is   HQJLQHV ZKLFK ZRUN D JUHDW WLPH WR FXGGOH best   in   motion   -­-­   not   in   watch   movies   all   day   neutral.  The  best  way  to   with   a   warm   cup   of   warm  up  the  car?  Drive  it.   KRW FRFRD EXW GXULQJ all   of   this   let   planet   Lower  the  Thermostat: (DUWK QRW EH IRUJRWWHQ The   Department   of   in   the   midst   of   winter.

NICE  TRY::KLWWHQEORFNVDVKRWE\WKHRSSRVLQJWHDPDWWKHJRDO 3KRWR credit  of  Cyndi  Whitten) committed  to  play  soccer   at   Oklahoma   Christian   &ROOHJH   $OWKRXJK VKH was   able   to   make   her   decision   early,   she   had   WURXEOH GHFLGLQJ H[DFWO\ ZKLFK VFKRRO ZDV ULJKW for  her.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;It   was   a   very   KDUG GHFLVLRQ KDYLQJ to   choose   between   two   schools.   I   had   my   pros   DQGFRQVDQGP\JXWWROG me   Oklahoma   Christian   was   a   better   choice   for   me,â&#x20AC;?  Whitten  said.   After   14   years   RI PDVWHULQJ WKH VSRUW VKH ZLOO EH JLYHQ WKH chance   to   show   off   her   skills   .   An   entirely   new   VHW RI WHDPPDWHV EULQJ

2010  season,   Whitten   saved     242   out   of   260   VKRWV DW WKH JRDO :KLOH SOD\LQJ PLGÂżHOG VKH was   able   to   score   9   JRDOV ,Q WKH ODVW WKUHH years,   the   varsity   soccer   team   has   made   play-­off   appearances,   PDNLQJ WKHP D SRZHUIXO contender  in  the  district.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;   I   think   this   season   we   will   do   just   as   well   as   the   seasons   EHIRUH$OWKRXJK ZH ORVW D ORW RI VWURQJ SOD\HUV Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m  sure  we  will  still  make   it   to   playoffs,â&#x20AC;?   Whitten   said.     This   February   the   coach   from   Oklahoma   Christian   will   FRPHWR6SULQJ:RRGVWR

H[SHFWHG RI PH VLQFH they  put  so  much  money   LQWRPHSOD\LQJ´:KLWWHQ said   W h i t t e n â&#x20AC;&#x2122; s   PHQWRU &RDFK 0DJJLH )XFKV KDV PL[HG emotions.   While   sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   sad   to   lose   her,   sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   H[FLWHG IRU ZKDW VKH ZLOO accomplish.  Âł6KH LV VWURQJ willed,   determined   and   very   dedicated.   I   have   been  blessed  these  past   IRXU \HDUV ZLWK D JUHDW JRDOLH DQG , NQRZ QH[W \HDU,ZLOOEHZLVKLQJVKH was   still   with   us.   I   wish   her   the   very   best   and   know  she  will  do  fantastic   QH[W\HDU´)XFKVVDLG

Introductory  Offer 1.  FREE  Fitness  Analysis 2.  2  FREE  Personal  Training  Sessions 3.  Nutritional  Planning 5IZK+WNĂ&#x2026;M 12645  Memorial  Drive Houston,  TX  77024 832-368-8212 UIZKKWNĂ&#x2026;M(OUIQTKWU

Movie  winners  of  2011 ...Oscars  not  always  right

BEST  DIRECTOR By  NIKO  CORBIN STAFF  WRITER     There   are   two   types   of   movies   goers   in   this   world,   those   who   watch   movies  after  seeing  what   wins   awards   and   those   that   watch   movies   so   they  can  know  who  they   want  to  win.  If  youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re  like   me,   you   are   probably   the   former.   This   year   however   I   decided   to   do   something   different.   Durring  Christmas  break   I   went   and   saw   every   award  worthy  movie  that   , FRXOG ÂżQG 7KDWÂśV ZK\ Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m  here.  Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m  going  to  tell   you  what  and  who  I  think   the   real   winners   are.               .    

   Directors   are   the   most   important   aspect   of   a   ÂżOP WKH\ FRQWURO KRZ you  see  the  story.  There   are   few   that   can   do   this   well,   but   only   one   did   it   the   best.   Christopher   Nolanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   Inception   is   the   most   thrilling   and   EUHDWKWDNLQJ FULPH ÂżOP in  years.  The  mere  scale   of  Inception  would  leave   many   directors   in   tears.   The   fact   that   Nolan   could   turn   this   idea   into   this   mind   numbing   epic   is   proof   enough   heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   great.   Inception   lit   peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   and   criticâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   minds   everywhere.   Though  he  was  snubbed   the  Oscar  nod,  he  is  still   the   winner   in   my   heart.

BEST  LEAD   ACTOR/ ACTRESS     You   canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   make   a   great   movie   without   having   a   great  lead  actor.  I  have  to   give   it   to   James   Franco   and   Natalie   Portman   for   their   roles   in   127   Hours   and   Black   Swan.   Natalie   Portman   was   a   clear   choice   as   she   plays   a   ballet   dancer   caught   in   the   grips   of   insanity   while   searching   for   perfection.   Franco   wins   because   of   the   beauty   he   brings   to   WKLVPDJQLÂżFHQWWUXHVWRU\ Franco  plays  Aron  Ralston   a   hiker   who   becomes   trapped   after   a   boulder   falls   and   traps   him.   He   VSHQGV ÂżYH GD\V WUDSSHG before   freeing   himself   by   cutting   off     his   own   hand.  

BEST  SUPPORTING   ACTOR/ ACTRESS    Supporting  actors  are   supposed   to   pull   the   story   along.   Christian   Bale   and   Melissa   Leo   who   both   played   excellent   roles   in   The   Fighter   did   this   better   than   anyone.   Bale   had   to   lose   all   of   his   Batman   muscle   to   play   Dicky,   the   crack   addicted   brother   of   Micky  Ward.  He  pulls  it     off   beautifully,   actually   looking   like   he   did   crack.  Leo  had  to  pretty   herself   down   to   play   Alice   Ward,   Mickyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   control   freak   mother   who  only  seems  to  only   want   whats   best,   even   if   it   hurts   her   children.

BEST  MOVIE     OF  2011    Deciding  what  is  a  truly   great   movie   is   a   hard   task.  In  the  end  however   it   all   comes   down   to   personal   preference.     Personally   I   think   all   of   WKH ÂżOPV , VDZ RYHU WKH break   were   great.   That   being   said,   there   is   no   one   real   winner.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;   I   have   to  give  it  to  four  movies;Íž   Inception  for  a  truly  mind   bending   experience   that   will   keep   you   on   the   edge  of  your  seat,  Black   Swan   the   creepiest   and   most   artistic   movie   of   the   year,   The   Fighter   one   of   the   best   sports   stories   ever,   and   The   Kingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   Speech   the   most   inspiring   movie   in   years   (and  Oscar  front  runner).

 There  you  have  it,  those   are   my   winners.   Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m   not   saying  they  will  win  when   the  Academy  Awards  roll   around,   but   I   am   saying   that   they   should.   The   Oscars   are   like   politics,   the   person   that   wins   is   not   always   the   best   choice.   The   academy   is   human   and   they   are   bound  to  make  mistakes.   Not   everyone   on   my   list   will   be   nominated,   but   if   they   are   they   should   probably   win.   Even   if   a   movie  that  I  have  named   is   not   nomited   doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   mean   you   shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   see   it.  Now,  go  forth  my  movie   going   brethren,   and   ZDWFK WKHVH ÂżOPV DQG feel   like   you   never   have   before,   truly   entertained

Mardi Gras Pep Rally February 7, 2011

The Wiz


Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  with  all  the  lovey-­dovey  stuff? A  look  into  the  history  of  the  holiday  of  love

By  JESSICA  JONES STAFF  WRITER   On   February   14th,   everyone   expect   cards,   candy,   and   possibly   a   Valentine,   if   they   are   lucky.   But   how   did   this   day   of   romance   come  about?  The  history   behind   Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   day   is   quite   a   mystery   and   many  legends  have  been   told   to   explain   its   origin.   One   story   tells   of   Saint   Valentine,   who   was   a   Roman   priest   in   269   AD.   To   increase   the   potential   amount   of   soldiers   for   his   army,   emperor   Claudius     II   decreed   marriage   illegal   for   young   men.   9DOHQWLQH GHÂżHG WKH emperor   by   continuing   to   perform   marriage   ceremonies   for   young  

couples  in  secret.  When   Claudius   found   out,   the   saint   was   put   to   death.   Another   version   suggests   that   Valentine   KLPVHOI VHQW WKH ÂżUVW holiday   greeting   while   in   prison.   It   is   believed   that   he   fell   in   love   with   a   young   girl   who   would   come   visit   him,   possibly   the   jailorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   daughter.   Before   his   execution,   he  allegedly  wrote  her  a   letter   signed   â&#x20AC;&#x153;From   your   Valentineâ&#x20AC;?,  an  expression   still   used   today.   A l t h o u g h   these   stories   could   be   completely   false,   they   emphasize   Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   appeal   as   a   hero   DQG URPDQWLF ÂżJXUH The   holiday   is   said   to   be   celebrated   in   the   middle   of   February   to   commemorate   the   Saintâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   death,   but   some  

believe  the   placement   of   the   holiday   has   to   do   with   the   Lupercalla   Festival,   an   ancient   Roman   holiday   marking   the  beginning  of  spring.  It   ZDVDWLPHRISXULÂżFDWLRQ and   match-­making.   Women   of   a   city   would   write  their  names  on  slips   of   paper   and   drop   them   in   a   big   urn.   Then,   the   men  would  pick  a  name   and  become  paired  with   a   woman,   often   for   life.     V a l e n t i n e â&#x20AC;&#x2122; s   day   became   a   popular   holiday   to   celebrate   starting   in   17th   century   Great   Britain.   It   was   common   for   friends   and   lovers  to  exchange  small   gifts   and   handwritten   notes.  In  the  mid  1800s,   printed   cards   began   replacing   notes   as   improvements  in  printing   technology   occurred.  

Cheaper  postage   rates   also   helped   the   mailing   of   these   pre-­made   cards   to   grow   until   the   WUDGLWLRQ ÂżQDOO\ UHDFKHG America   in   the   1840s.   Esther   A.   Howland   LV NQRZQ DV WKH ÂżUVW American   to   sell   mass-­ produced   Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.   The   holiday   continues  to  be  a  popular   tradition   in   America   and   around   the   world.   Every   February   14th,   new   love   is   created   and   old   love   continues   to   strengthen   through   romantic   poetry,   candle-­lit   dinners,   and   walks   on   the   beach.   So   this  Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  day,  donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   just   get   your   sweetheart   roses   and   a   box   of   chocolates,   give   them   knowledge   on   why   the   two  of  you  are  celebrating   LQ WKH ÂżUVW SODFH

Tips For Making Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day Special Do not forget to present

her a bouquet or a single

Spend some quality time together. Create a scrapb oo

red rose.

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the only day you can be cheesy.

k and fill it with

letters, photogr

aphs, and mem


Do not have a full converstaion via text. Instead call him/her.

Want to ask

out? Write a romantic note asking him

/her to be your valentine.

someone  Your  Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  day  gift  does  not  need  to  be  expensive,  just  thoughtful.  

Q:  What  would  be  your  ideal   Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  day? Jamie  Meeks   (11th)  â&#x20AC;&#x153;Something   really  romantic,   lots  of  roses  and   a  picnic  on  the   beach.â&#x20AC;?

Max Rombado (9th) â&#x20AC;&#x153;Being on the beach with my Valentine, playing the guitar and hanging out with her all day.â&#x20AC;? Didi  Norales  (10th) â&#x20AC;&#x153;To  be  at  home,   watching  a  scary   movie  so  I  can   cuddle  with  my  boy-­ friend.  Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m  not  into   going  out  to  the   movies  and  stuff;Íž   I  just  want  to  be   Max  Gerall  (12th)   with  him.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;I  would  take  my  love  to  

Wal-­Mart  and  let  her  chose   her  own  gift.  Then,  Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d   blind-­fold  her  and  take  her   to  the  Tiger  gym  where  I   would  have  Hooterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  ca-­ tered  wings  waiting  for  us.   After  our  romantic  dinner,   I  would  challenge  her  to  a   game  of  basketball  where   I  would  allow  her  to  win.   Lastly,  I  would  take  her  to   see  Texas  Chainsaw  Mas-­ sacre  3.  I  canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  wait  for   V-­day!â&#x20AC;?

Valentine Movies for you & your Date Ć&#x2020; Snuggle  up  with  your  Valentine  and  pop  in  these  movie  recommendations

The  Notebook  

Starring:  Rachael  McAdams,  Ryan  Gosling     Starting   off   with   an   old   man   reading   a   story   to   old   woman   with   Alzheimer   in   a   nursing   home,   the   story   is   about   two   young   people,   Allie   Hamilton   and   Noah   Calhoun,   who   like   each   other   but   are   forced   by   the   girls   parents   to   not   see   him   because   he   is   poor.   Several   years   pass   as   she   waits   for   a   letter   from   him.   She   winds   up   getting   engaged   to   a   wealthy   man   but,   soon   sees   the   man   she   fell   in   love  with  again.  She  must  choose  between  the  two.

(500)  Days  of  Summer

Starring:  Joseph  Gordon-­Levitt,  Zooey  Deschannel     ,Q WKLV ÂżOP 7RP +DQVRQ JRHV EDFN DQG UHĂ&#x20AC;HFWV on   the   girl   he   thought   was   the   one,   Summer   Finn.   Although  the  movie  is  said  not  to  be  a  love  story,    it   GHÂżQLWHO\IHHOVOLNHRQHEXWFDQÂśWKHOSEXWIHHODOLWWOH off.   During   the   500   days,   there   are   times   where   GD\V DUH VKXIĂ&#x20AC;HG ZKLFK DW ÂżUVW PD\ EH GLIÂżFXOW to   grasp,   but   the   story   keeps   you   on   the   edge   of   your   seat.   With   a   funny   and   deep   in   meaning,   this   PRYLH LV GHÂżQLWHO\ ZRUWK ZDWFKLQJ ZLWK \RXU ERR

A  Walk  to  Remember

Starring:  Mandy  Moore,  Shane  West    The  movie  begins  with  rebel  Landon  Carter  getting   caught   on   private   property   with   alcohol.   Under   his   principal   he   must   do   community   service   against   his   own   will.   As   he   begins   to   take   his   community   service   more   seriously,   Jamie   Sullivan   helps   him   and   they   start   to   spend   more   time   together.   They   begin   to   date   though   the   father   doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   like   it.   As   they   fall   harder   for   each   other,   a   terrible   secret   is   revealed   and   puts   the   relationship   to   the   test.  

Who’s got  talent? . Tigers  show  off  their  hidden  abilities  to  school

By SAM  LOPEZ STAFF  WRITTER             Talent   lurks   in   the   hallways   of   Spring   Woods.   Some   talent   is   broadcasted   more   than   others,   but   now   is   the   time   for   those   hidden   talents   to   be   shown.       With   only   a   limited   time   to   decide   on   their   acts,   students   prepared   for   the   audition   rounds.   Auditions   were   held   on   January   18th   -­20th   and   while   some   stu-­ dents   were   stressing   on   what   to   perform,   oth-­ ers   had   been   prepar-­ ing   months   in   advance.      The  school's  Christian   group,   Youth   Alive,   was   selected  and  will  perform   a   skit   without   words   to   the   song   “Everything”   by   the   band   Lifehouse.      The  Talent  Show  is  per-­ haps   a   gateway   to   get-­ ting   the   group   some   no-­ toriety   while   expressing   what  the  group  is  about.   They   are   not   pushing   students   to   join.   They're   simply   showing   them   what  Youth  Alive  is  about,   by   doing   exactly   that;;   showing   without   telling.         “I've   talked   to   a   lot   of   people   and   they're   look-­ ing   for   attention.   As   for   me,  I  want  people  to  ob-­ serve  the  love  of  God  in  

a performing   art   sense,”   about   your   religion,”   fel-­ on   January   19th.   Like     Youth   Alive   member   low   Youth  Alive   member   Youth   Alive,   the   ladies   Chelsea   Rodriguez   said.   Jordan   Martinez   said. stayed  after  school  on  a   regular   basis   and   prac-­ ticed   till   they   got   it   right.       “I   was   very   nervous   walking   into   the   audi-­ tion   room.   Tonisha   kept   telling   me   to   calm   down   because   we   practiced   the   dance   enough   and   to  just  do  it  without  hesi-­ tation,”   Howard   said.      The  girls  performed  ex-­ actly  what  they  had  prac-­ ticed  and  their  only  worry   was   making   it   in   or   not.   GETTING  CLOSER  :  Youth  alive  members  Marissa        “I  was  excited  to  hear   Clark,  Daniel  Mago,  and  Nick  Zander  practice  after   that  my  group  made  it.  I   didn't   hear   it   on   the   an-­ school. nouncements   because   “We   aren't   preaching   to          It  is  not  necessarily  a   I   was   at   Tigerette   prac-­ them.   We're   on   stage   in   fact   of   talent,   although   tice,   but   when   one   of   silence.   With   the   song   WKH JURXS GH¿QLWHO\ KDV my   friends   told   me,   I   we're   doing,   those   are   talent,   it   is   more   of   get-­ jumped   up   and   down   the   only   words   we   need   ting  the  message  through   and   sent   Jacayla   a   text.   to   get   the   point   across.” and   doing   exactly   what   It   was   a   big   lift   off   my         On   their   days   off   of   the   group   is   named   for;;   shoulders   to   hear   that   school,  Youth  Alive  prac-­ bringing   the   youth   alive. news,”   Howard   said. ticed   for   the   big   audition          In  comparison,  there's         With   auditions   over,   day   on   January   18th.   In   a   group   of   sophomores   the   ladies   still   prac-­ preparation   for   the   Tal-­ Uny'Que  Howard,  Jacay-­ tice   to   make   sure   ev-­ ent   Show,   the   students   la   Cauthen,   Keona   Har-­ ery   move   is   precise. stayed   after   school   and   ris,   and   Tonisha   Wine.      “We  practiced  every  oth-­ kept   in   touch   with   one   They   will   dance   to   the   er   day   after   school,   but   and   other.   With   nerves   hit   song   “Pretty   Girl   we  made  up  the  dance  in   rising   and   the   time   com-­ Rock”   by   Keri   Hilson.   four  days,  so  it  was  a  little   ing   closer   for   auditions,         They   chose   to   show   stressful,”   Howard   said. the  group  stayed  together   their   love   for   dancing   in      The  Talent  Show  will  be   and   worked   on   their   skit   front   of   the   school.   All   held   on   February   24th   to  pass  the  time  and  ease   of   the   ladies   are   mem-­ in   the   main   auditorium   one   and   others   nerves. bers  of  Tigerettes  dance   at   7:00pm.   Early   tickets        “Youth  alive  shows  that   group.   The   ladies   big   will   be   $3.00   and   at   the   you  are  brave  and  honest   audition   day   was   held   door   they   will   be   $5.00.

“Somebody call a doctor because this girl looks sick in them 3 inch heels, my goodness!”

“I jus t happen to spend mo st of my time at Pets Mart, buy ing cat toys, dog toys, all kinds of toys fro m there.”

ng away   “Soo,  i  got  you  a  goi r  part   present,  you  do  you ÅZ[\º

“Everyone looks  like  crap  today, you  can  tell  they  lost  their  pow-­ er!”

ke “Real Gs move in silence, li LASAGNA!”

Extracurriculars  add  substance . Students,  faculty  forget  high  school  needs  more  than  just  graduation

By  TORI  KIMMEL GUEST  WRITER   As   a   naturally   opinionated   teen   still   reeling   from   her   momentous  18th  birthday,   my  ascension  to  Senior-­ status   has   produced   a   general   disgruntled   disposition   towards   basically   everything.                  No,  this  isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  a  rant   about   Senioritis,   but   about  how,  when  applying   to   college,   I   felt   like   the   most   underachieving   wannabe   ever   to   look   at   an   application.         Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   get   me   wrong;Íž   Spring  Woods  has  some   great   and   successful   extracurriculars   and   FOXEV %XW VXIÂżFH LW WR say   that   if   you   think   you   know   some   super-­ busy   overachievers   here,   you   ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   seen   nothinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;   compared   to   other   schools   in   the   Houston   area.         Why?   Well,   thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   a   complicated   question.   Even   our   own   government   canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   really   ÂżJXUH RXW ZKDW PDNHV freakishly   overachieving   wonder   students.   But   over  the  past  three  and  a   KDOI\HDUVDQGDERXWÂżYH months  of  being  a  typical   GLVVDWLVÂżHG 6HQLRU ,ÂśYH come   to   notice   that,  

well,  I   have   personally   been   more   encouraged   to  take  the  easier  routes   through   high   school   as   opposed   to   going   out   on   a   limb,   challenging   myself,   or   generally   overachieve.   Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve   more   than  once  had  to  actually   ÂżJKW ÂżJXUDWLYHO\  WR take  certain  classes  that   made   faculty   nervous.                Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m  not  being  snotty   or   advocating   that   we   make   school   more   GLIÂżFXOW QR WKDQNV  %XW ,ÂśPGHÂżQLWHO\TXHVWLRQLQJ the   attitude   we   have   when   approaching   â&#x20AC;&#x153;success.â&#x20AC;?   Frankly,   it   seems   an   awful   lot   like   all   our   sights   are   set   so   low,  that  the  chances  we   have   to   go   above   and   beyond   are   thwarted.   Ever   heard   of  Academic   Decathlon?   What   about   Mu  Alpha  Theta?  Did  you   know   thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   a   Spanish   National   Honor   Society?         Yes,   graduation   is   importantâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;absolutely.   Actually,   itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   probably   above   â&#x20AC;&#x153;important,â&#x20AC;?   getting   up   into   â&#x20AC;&#x153;crucial.â&#x20AC;?   But   Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d   argue   whether   graduation   should   be   the   only   thing   stressed,   VDFULÂżFLQJ JUHDWHU student   involvement   and   achievement   in   the   process.       Extracurriculars   are   inherently   character-­ builders.   They   place   us  

in  new   situations   with   new   people,   giving   us   WKH RSSRUWXQLW\ WR ÂżJXUH out   who   we   are,   what   we   like,   and   what   weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re   good   at.   If   anything,   they   at   least   keep   us   from   going   home,   sitting   on   the   couch,   alone,   eating   buckets   of   Ben   &   Jerryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.   After   all,   you   donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   meet   new   people   sitting   at   home   alone;Íž   you   donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   gain   any   talents   from   eating   gallons   of   ice   cream   (besides   the   gut   of   a   champion).   Involvement   outside  of  class  saves  us   from  the  boring,  slothful,   probably   physically   and   emotionally   unhealthy   teens   weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d   ultimately   revert   into.       Maybe   no   one   cares   about  raising  a  generation   of   well-­rounded   teens.   Maybe   we   really   are   all   about   graduating,   period.   But,   even   then,   all   school   all   the   time   isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   the   best   answer,   especially   for   kids   who   hate   schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;which   is,   unfortunately,   the   case   for   a   lot   of   us   here.           Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m   not   kidding,   if   you   hate  school,  maybe  your   best  bet  against  dropping   out   is   to   join   something   thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll   make   these   four   years   seem   worthwhile   to   you.   Sitting   at   home   alone  seems  like  a  pretty     XQIXOÂżOOLQJ PHDQLQJOHVV

life,  doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   it?   Having   something  to  do  besides   neglecting  homework  for   the   class   we   hate   gives   us   a   sense   of   purpose.   Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   what   motivates   us   to   plan   ahead,   have   a   dream,   and   graduate   from   high   school.       Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m   not   brownnosing   when  I  say  that  teachers   and   administrators   who   take  an  active  interest  and   involvement   in   student   life   really   encourage   me.Ultimately,  it  really  is   up   to   us,   the   students,   to  go  above  and  beyond   just   passing,   just   graduating,   or   even   just   showing   up   to   school.   But,   our   teachers   and   administrators   shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  

stoop  to   our   current   low   level   of   enthusiasm   and   cave   in   to   settle   for   the   minimum.     If   education   is   about   inspiration   to   improve   and   go   beyond   where   we   are   now,   VKRXOGQÂśWWKLVEHUHĂ&#x20AC;HFWHG in  our  faculty?  If  my  own   leaders   donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   seem   to   expect   or   believe   that   I   can   do   so   much   more   than   just   graduate   from   high   school,   why   should   I   try   to   aim   any   higher   than   that?   Education   is   a   team   effort,   where   lots   of   cogs   in   a   really   complicated   machine   must   come   together   for   any   kind   of   meaningful   success.   But   students   are   students.   We   follow  

our  leaders.   We   canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   be   expected   to   succeed   the   way   our   own   school   and  district  websites  say   we   do   without   support   from   our   parents,   our   teachers,   and   our   administrators  to  not  just   do   more,   but   be   more.                Be  it  a  job,  a  club,   sport,   or   art,   we   must   ÂżQG D ZD\ WR UHPLQG ourselves   that   school   is   more   than   just   doing   worksheets   in   a   poorly   heated/cooled   â&#x20AC;&#x153;prisonâ&#x20AC;?   until   graduation.   This   education,   however   painful  we  may  feel  it  is,  is   the  foundation  for  the  rest   of  our  lives.  We  can  build   the  foundation  as  strong   or   as   weak   as   we   like.

State  Legislature  en-­ forces  4x4


Incoming  freshmen  gain  more  freedom  to  choose  classes

By  CHELSEA  RODRIGUEZ Rarely   did   anyone   ever  


 At   the   e n d   of   this   s c h o o l   y e a r ,   ( B C I S )     business   manage-­ m e n t ,   health  and  a  semester  of   physical  education  (P.E.),     will   no   longer   be   part   of   the   required   curriculum.   Although,   most   students     have   already   taken   some  of  these  electives,   they   now   have   more   decisions   to   choose   from   in   their   schedule.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;When   we   went   to   26   credits   as   part   of   the   4X4   graduation   requirements,   there   were   very   few   true   â&#x20AC;&#x153;electiveâ&#x20AC;?   courses   for   students,â&#x20AC;?   Principal   Lance   Stallworth   said.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;The   legislature   decided   that  while  those  courses   were   important,   it   was   also   important   to   allow   students   to   have   some   choice   in   their   high   school   experience.â&#x20AC;?     As   a   part   of   the   class   of   2011,   I   can   say   that   we   were   not   given   many   choices.   We   were   given   â&#x20AC;&#x153;opportunities.â&#x20AC;?    

take  them,   but   with   the   new   State   Legislature   things   could   change.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;With   the   changes   [made   by   the   State   Legislature],   students   have   5.5   credits   within   the   26   that   they   can   now   choose,â&#x20AC;?  Stallworth  said.  

 The   reason   the   previously   mentioned   electives   are   no   longer   an   obligation   for   students   is   because   most   of   them   were   ahead   of   the   curriculum.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;I  agree  with  the   legislation   because   a   few   years   ago   before   it,   I   noticed   that   students  

â&#x20AC;&#x153;These  changes...being   made  will  assist  our   future  students.â&#x20AC;?  :KHQ , ÂżUVW heard  about  this,  I  was  a   little   bitter     that   I   wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   one  of  the  classes  that  will   get  to  enjoy  this  change,   but   then   I   realized   something.   These   changes  being  made  will   assist  our  future  students   and   better   prepare   them  for  college.       â&#x20AC;&#x153;The   legislature   decided  that  while  those   courses   were   important,   it   was   also   important   to   allow   students   to   have   some   choice   in   their   high  school  experience,â&#x20AC;?   Stallworth   said.

were  taking   classes   that   were   unnecessary,â&#x20AC;?   superintendent   Duncan   Klussman   said.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;For   instance,   students   who   were   taking   BCIS   were   in   there   for   no   reason,   because   a   lot   of   them   already   knew   how   to   type.â&#x20AC;?   Now,   instead   of   sitting   through   unnecessary   classes,   VWXGHQWV ÂżQDOO\ KDYH more   choices   and   opportunities   to   take   courses   they   are   interested   in.


Our  school  lacks  AP  courses What  is  stopping  our  success  and  how

By  CADE  BUNDRICK STAFF WRITER F r o m   what   it   seems,   o u r   s c h o o l   h a s   yet   to   r e a c h   i t s   full   potential.   Yes,   the   amount   of   opportunities   are   present   in   our   academic   environment,   but   are   we   really   being   pushed   enough?   We   have   a   fantastic   amount   of  support  from  a  variety   of  faculty  and  staff  here  at   the  school  but  is  it  really   at  its  fullest?  In  case  you   were  not  aware,  there  are   currently   18  AP   courses   that  are  not  offered  here   at  Spring  Woods.  Why  is   this?  Because  we  are  not   at   our   academic   appex.   While   the   students   are   being   supported   by   the   teachers   and   administration   here,   we   are   not   being   taken   to   the   next   level.   Instead   of   being   told   we   should   be   shooting   for   AP   classes   and   working   on   those   AP   tests,   we   are   told   to   shoot   for   those   passing   grades   and   to   study   for   those   TAKS   tests.   While   there   are   other   reasons   for   them   saying   this,   that   would   not   dare   be   addressed   by  yours  truly,  this  is  the   simplest   way   I   can   put   it:   our   school   lacks   AP   courses.   If   there   were   to  be  more  opportunities   for  AP  classes  and  more   advanced   academic   endeavors,   then   there  

would  be   more   likely   a   larger   number   of   people   in   the   passing   realm   of   our   classes.   If   the   standard   was   raised,   Mr.  Rivera  could  be  less   concerned  about  so  and   so   passing   his   Math   Models   test   and   more   concerned   about   that   same   student   passing  

do  you   really   think   that   we  have  enough  backing   to   be   taken   seriously   as   a   scholastic   program?   Some   may   think   that   ZHDUHGRLQJ¿QHRQWKH passing   level   or   even   better   on   the   TAKS   testing  level,  but  the  only   way  we  can  top  that  level   is   by   raising   the   bar.  


Season  Ended  Early Rockets still not closing out tough games

to  some   of   the   starters   What   is   so   wrong   with   By  JJ  GONZALEZ and   how   little   time   we   pushing   our   unanimous   STAFF WRITER give   them   in   game. brain   power   to   its   fullest      The  San  Antonio  Spurs       If   you   potential?  Who  is  to  say   s t i l l   are  the  best  team  in  the   that  it  is  a  waste  of  time  to   t h i n k   league   with   the   record   be  taking  AP  Spanish  V?   that   the   42-­8   but,   somehow   are       So,   if   it   is   proven   that   Rockets   deprived   of   a   deserved   AP   classes   are   more   h a v e   spotlight.  Is  this  because   EHQHÂżFLDO ZK\ DUH ZH a n y   Lebron,  Amare,   Kobe   or   not   doing   the   best   we   chance   Carmelo   arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   on   the   can   do   to   learn   those   of   making   the   playoffs,   team?   Most   likely.   Even   you  should  hear  me  out.   the  Los  Angeles  Clippers   If   we   were   part   of   the   and   the   Washington   Eastern   Conference,   Wizards   are   getting   where  below  .500  teams   more  face  time  on  sports   make  it  into  the  playoffs,   channels.  Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  sad  to  say   then   we   would   actually   that   even   if   you   play   as   have   a   chance,   but   a   team   and   do   it   well,   being   in   the   Western   one   single   player   who   Conference   where   the   is   on   a   terrible   team   will   competition   is   brutal   get   more   recognition.   there   is   just   no   possible       As   the   all-­star   game   super   power   kung   fu   way.  The  Rockets  at  this   is   around   the   corner,   math   skills   that   the   point  in  the  season  have   every   year   there   is   talk   computer   hackers   have   a  losing  record  at  25-­28.   of  a  dunk  contest  revival.   in   the   movies?     The       For   the   Rockets,   :LWKURRNLH%ODNH*ULIÂżQ massive   amount   of   January   was   by   far   one   taking   part   in   this   event,   courses   that   are   not   of  the  toughest.  They  had   I   may   just   watch   it   if   offered   are   only   that   of   second  hardest  schedule   nothing   else   comes   up   the   â&#x20AC;&#x153;above   and   beyondâ&#x20AC;?   for   the   month   and   at   WKDW QLJKW *ULIÂżQ RQ level,  which  is  where  we   times   looked   great,   but   his   own,   has   revived   need  to  be.  Most  people   ended   in   the   month   at   the   Clippers   as   a   team   want   to   be   smart.   Most   6-­11.   Inconsistency   in   who   can   compete.   The   people   want   to   be   rich.   the   team   comes   from   a   players  around  him  have   It   seems   that   they   can   streak  Kevin  Martin  whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   also   started   to   believe   go  hand  in  hand,  so  why   defense  is  weak  and  Luis   and  things  are  starting  to   canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  we  bridge  the  gap?   Scola   who   shoots   the   look  up  for  the  franchise.   It  is  a  simple  fact  that  AP   ball  more  than  he  needs   They   can   only   continue   classes  prepare  students   to   and   has   little   vision   this   with   the   hopes   that   for   college   and   make   once   he   gets   the   ball. after   his   contract   is   them  even  more  likely  to      Coach  Rick  Adelman  is   up,   he   doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   leave. My NBA Award complete   college   in   four   VWLOOWU\LQJWRÂżQGWKHULJKW years.  If  this  is  true,  then   combination   of   players   Choices wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  it  make  the  most   DQG LV ÂżQDOO\ JHWWLQJ LW Most  Valuable  Player: sense   to   be   pumping   With   Brad   Miller   being   Derrick  Rose the   AP   courses   out   the   injured,   the   team   has   wazoo?   If   we   were   to   turned  to  Jordan  Hill  and   Rookie   of   the   Year:   up   the   anti,   it   would   Chuck   Hayes.   This   has   %ODNH*ULIÂżQ EHQHÂżW WKH VFKRRO DQG resulted   in   both   a   faster   Defensive  player  of  the   ourselves   tremendously   offense   but,   a   worsened   Year:  Dwight  Howard and  allow  for  us  to  have   defense.   One   thing   that   Most  Improved  Player: a   better   shot   at   a   good   puzzles   me   about   this   college   experience. team   would   be   how   .HYLQ/RYH great  some  of  the  bench   Sixth  Man  of  the  Year: players   look   compared   /DPDU2GRP

³WKHUHDUHFXUUHQWO\$3FRXUVHV >RXWRIWRWDO@WKDWDUHQRWRIIHUHG KHUHDW6SULQJ:RRGV´ his  German   V   test,   or   whatever   the   case   may   be.   We   are   lacking   AP   courses  in  every  possible   subject,   and   these   courses  that  we  lack  are   courses   that   students   at   Stratford   and   Memorial   are   a   custom   to.   How   is   Spring  Woods  supposed   to   compete   with   other   schools  on  an  academic   level  if  the  schools  we  are   competing   with   are   on  

Because  we  have  so  few   students   in   Pre-­AP   or   AP  classes,  the  majority   can   not   succeed.   Which,   unfortunately,   is   something   that   the   school   system   wants.   If   our   school   were   to   have  more  Pre-­AP  or  AP   teachers,  then  we  would   be   able   to   have   a   more   challenging   school   and   eventually   allow   for   a   more   intelligent   student  

a  whole   different   level... ¿JXUDWLYHO\ VSHDNLQJ     Sure   there   may   be   enough   faculty   support   to  go  to  all  of  the  Football   games   in   the   world,   but  

body.  This   is   not   to   be   misunderstood   as   me   saying  weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re  all  a  bunch   of   blubbering   idiots,   but   it  is  to  say  we  are  smart   now   lets   get   smarter.  

The  Wiki-­Wiki  web   .

How  Wikileaks  is  revolutionizing  truth  and  secrecy

By  KELLEY  KIM EDITOR-IN-CHIEF       In   high   school,   we   are   very   familiar   with   gossip.   The   typical   he   said/she   said   rumors   VSUHDG OLNH ZLOGÂżUH DQG now,   our   generation   can   even   use   the   Internet   as   a   tool   to   further   communicate   common   high   school   expressions   of   angst   and   hatred.   As   a  result,  words  get  taken   out   of   context,   which   creates   a   turmoil   that   damages   relationships   and   feelings.   If   you   can   relate,   then   youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll   easily   understand   the   basics   as   to   why   Wikileaks   has   become   the   real   deal:   World   leaders   are   the   high   school   students,   and   Wikileaks   serves   as   the   grade-­A,   high   school   drama.       This   sticky   situation   youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d   typically   see   in   a   cheesy   teenage   movie   is   similar   to   what   has   happened   surrounding   the   Wikileaks   controversy.   But   instead  

THE  DIRTY   TRUTH:   Wikileaks   founder,   Julian   As-­ sange,   explains   himself   in   a   press   conference. of  a  high  school  hallway,   the  dramaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  set  on  a  world   stage.   Julian   Assange,   the  founder  of  Wikileaks,   is   getting   his   shoulders   pulled   by   several   world   leaders  seeking  to  press   charges.   However,   he   didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   necessarily   steal   anything   as   many   have   claimed.   Rather,   he   was   generously   given   top   secret   information   from   people   who   had   or   have   the   access,   such   as   Private   First   Class   Bradley   Manning.  

This  information   put   many   countries,   including   the   United   States,   on   the   edge.       Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   almost   comical   just   how   much   fear   and   anger   there   is   from   well   known   global   leaders   towards   much   of   the   leaked   information.   For   example,   there   is   now   tension  between  Iran  and   Saudi   Arabia   following   the   leak   of   the   Saudi   Kingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   alleged   pleas   to   the   United   States   to   attack   Iranâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   nuclear  

development  efforts,   despite   their   seemingly   friendly   neighbor-­to-­ neighbor   relationship.               Another   example   is   how   North   Korea   is   hanging   on   the   edge   after   their   supposedly   â&#x20AC;&#x153;neutralâ&#x20AC;?   buddy,   China,   privately  called  out  North   Korea   by   stating,   â&#x20AC;&#x153;North   Korea   is   behaving   like   a   spoiled   child.â&#x20AC;?   Some   of   the   information   was   surprising   to   discover,   some  not,  but  the  reality   of   the   entire   situation   is   how   a   simple   website   that  is  mirroring  the  ideals   of   the   1971   Pentagon   Papers   is   begging   the   question:   What   are   the   governments     so   afraid   of?       Julian   Assange,   the   founder   of   Wikileaks,   declared   in   an   interview   with  Time  that  he  and  the   Wikileaks   website   are   simply   advocating   â&#x20AC;&#x153;civil   obedienceâ&#x20AC;?  and  exposing   â&#x20AC;&#x153;abusive   organizationsâ&#x20AC;?   that   arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   helping   the   cause.  World  leaders  are   essentially   humiliated   as   more   information   is  

becoming  leaked   and   are   now   scrambling   to   seek   justice.  The   United   States   in   particular   is   trying  to  charge  Assange   with   acts   of   espionage   under  the  Espionage  Act   of   1917.   However,   not  

national  security   law.         With   this   in   mind,   there   is   no   limitation   as   to   who   can   technically   be   chargedâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;anyone   from   Assange   to   someone   who   casually   read   the   information   on  

Âł:KHQHYHU\WKLQJLVFODVVLÂżHG WKHQQRWKLQJLVFODVVLÂżHG´    Supreme  Court  Justice  Potter  Stewart  in  his  judgment  in   the  Pentagon  Papers  case  in  1971. only   is   the   Act   archaic   DQG WRR EURDG WR GHÂżQH VSHFLÂżF FKDUJHV EXW in   my   eyes,   the   U.S.   Government  is  also  trying   to   charge   something   that   is   not   there.        Âł2QH RI WKH Ă&#x20AC;DZV LQ the  Espionage  Act  is  that   it   draws   no   distinction   between  the  leaker  or  the   spy   and   the   recipient   of   the  information,  no  matter   how   far   downstream   the   recipient   is,â&#x20AC;?   said   American   University   law   professor   Stephen   Vladeck,   an   expert   in  

the  Wikileaks   website.   All   I   ask   is,   where   is   the   freedom   of   the   press?   And   why   should   Assange   be   charged   with  espionage  when  the   documents  were  given  to   him?   Because   I   believe   that   Assange   simply   served  as  the  middleman   providing  information  that   he   received   for   the   eye   of   the   public.   I   believe   it   is   unnecessary   for   the   United   States   to   charge   him.   In   the   words   of   Assange   himself,   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   shoot   the   messenger.â&#x20AC;?


%R\VVRFFHUZRUNVWRZDUGSOD\RIIV Coach  optimistic  about  upcoming  season  for  Tigers

By  SAMANTHA  SOLIS STAFF  WRITER   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hard  work  beats   talent  when  talent  doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   work   hard,â&#x20AC;?   a   motto   that   is   truly   demonstrated   by   the  dedication  shown  by   the   2011   Varsity   Boys   Soccer   team.   Although   last   yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   record   of   5-­14-­1   is   not   one   to   brag  about,  Head  Coach   Wadey  Yaya  is  optimistic   about  this  yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  season.         â&#x20AC;&#x153;My   anticipations   are   very   positive   this   year.   I   donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   perceive   for   us   to   have  that  kind  of  a  season   this   year,â&#x20AC;?   Yaya   said.       The   team   itself   is   very   young.   Even   though   there   are   twelve   returning   varsity   letters,   ten   of   them   are   underclassmen.   Having   such   a   high   number   of   returning   players   means   that   there   is   enough   experience   on   the   team   to   really   understand   what   needs   to   be   done   for   them   to   succeed.   Sophomore   Roberto   Chavira   is   a   returning   varsity   letter   who   has   shown  leadership  on  the   ÂżHOGDQGLVYHU\KRSHIXO of   this   yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   season.       â&#x20AC;&#x153;I   believe   this   will   be   a   good   season.   We   have   a   great   team,   and   the   attitude   on   WKH ÂżHOG LV GLIIHUHQW than   it   was   last   year  


KICKINâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  IT:  Sophomore  Captain  Fernando  Aguirre  and  freshmen  Alec  Barraza   SOD\RIIHQVHRQWKHÂżHOGGXULQJDKRPHJDPH because   we   all   act   like   a   family,â&#x20AC;?   Chavira   said.       This   season   presents  the  challenge  of   facing   new   teams   within   the  new  4A  district.  Unlike   football,   volleyball   and   basketball,   the   soccer   teams   will   be   competing   up  against  a  different  set   of  teams.  This  brings  the   challenge  of  not  knowing   what   to   expect   from   the   players.  SWHS  is  in  one   of   the   most   competitive   districts   in   the   region   and   will   be   facing   some   strong   schools.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;We   match   up   well   against   Northbrook   every   year.   Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   always   an   exciting   rivalry.   But  

our  toughest  competition   is   going   to   be   the   state   runner-­ups,   Kingwood   Park,â&#x20AC;?   Yaya   said.   After   having   to   VKDUH WKH SUDFWLFH ÂżHOG with  the  girlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  soccer  last   \HDU WKH WHDP LV ÂżQDOO\ able   to   use   the   new   Tiger  Stadium.  It  not  only   means  having  the  â&#x20AC;&#x153;homeâ&#x20AC;?   ÂżHOG DGYDQWDJH EXW also   boost   both   student   and   the   communityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   school   spirit.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;I   believe   people   will   see   the   lights   on   during   a   game   and   just   might   want   to   pull   over   and   watch   the   game,â&#x20AC;?   Yaya   said.  

 The   big   goal   the   team   hopes   to   achieve   is   to   advance   to   the   state   play-­offs.   The   districtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   level   of   competition   will   make   it   harder  to  secure  one  of   the   top   four   sports,   but   senior   Omar   Rodriguez   is   very   hopeful   they   will   be   able   to   grab   one   of   the   positions.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;We   have   a   good   team   this   year   with   a   lot   of   talented   players.   Making   the   play-­offs   shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   be   a   big   challenge   if   we   keep   working   together,â&#x20AC;?   Rodriguez   said.

Upcoming soccer games Tuesday,  February  15  vs.  Kingwood  Park   @  SWHS Friday  February  18  vs.  Humble  @   Charles  Street  Stadium Tuesday  February  22  vs.  Stratford  @   SWHS Friday  February  25  vs.  Northbrook  @   SWHS


Coach  Maiorana  left  legacy 6HH\RXDWWKH¿QLVKOLQH Legendary  baseball  coach  in  SBISD  history  loses   battle  with  cancer


Maiorana  was   able   to   achieve   such   great   accomplishments   in   his   time   here,   that   did   not   give   him   a   great   sense   of   pride.   His   greatest   achievement   was   being   able   to   install   discipline,   good   citizenship,  

Swimming  goes  to  district  and  regionals

Maiorana  Field   in   only   diver   on   the   Spring   and  improvement  for  the   his   honor.   Former   By  CADE  BUNDRICK team.  They  have  helped   Woods  diving  team.   players,   students   and   STAFF  WRITER   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Since  we  are  in   us  win  a  lot  of  meets.â&#x20AC;? community   members     The   team   has   After   an   a   new   district,   we   are   a       Last   semester   attended  the  celebration   outstanding  season,  the   team   that   other   schools   indeed  improved,  and  is   Spring   Woods   lost   an   and   watched   as   Coach   swim  team  attended    the     have   never   competed   able   to   beat   more   times   incredible   coach   and   0DLRUDQDWKUHZWKHÂżUVW district   and   regionals   against  before  so  I  think   in   their   new   district,   but   mentor.   After   a   long   pitch   of   the   game.   The   meet. itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   good   that   they   donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   they   are   still   faced   with   battle   against   stomach   District   believed   it   was     For   the   know   what   to   expect,â&#x20AC;?   the   same   challenges   as   cancer,   Coach   ÂżWWRUHQDPHWKHÂżHOG swimmers,   district   is   said  Cavallo. before. Charlie   Maiorana   after   the   man   who   a   swim   meet   where   passed   away   on   dedicated   his   life   to   everyone  in  their  district   December  13,  2010. this   school   and   its   competes   to   help   show     C o a c h   baseball  program. who   will   move   on   to   Maiorana   began   his     â&#x20AC;&#x153;He   was   still   UHJLRQDOV 7KH ÂżQDOLVWV career   as   a   Tiger   in   FRDFKLQJ ZKHQ , ÂżUVW in   each   event   at   district   1967  after  graduating   started.  It  was  nice  to   compete   with   other   from   Sam   Houston   see   him   as   a   mentor   GLVWULFW ÂżQDOLVWV DFURVV State  University.    For   and  learn  what  made   Houston   to   compete   in   33  years  he  coached   him   successful   over   regionals.   hundreds  of  baseball   the   years.   Naming     With   the   new   players   that   stepped   WKHÂżHOGDIWHUKLPZDV 4A   division   redistricting,   onto   the   Tiger   Field   truly  an  honor  for  the   a   new   perspective   as   if   they   were   his   school,â&#x20AC;?   Girls  Athletic   has   allowed   the   team   own  children. Director,   Allison   to   improve   and   grow.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;He   always   RACE  TO  THE  FINISH:  The  team  warms  up  before   Lozano  said.   The   Tigers   had   a   much   said   that   we   were     The   Spring   greater   chance   than   the  big  meet. blessed   with   health        &RDFK&KDUOLH0DLRUDQD Branch   community   before   thanks   to   the   and   physical   ability   lost   an   amazing   man   new   teams   they   swam   2009 so  we  needed  to  give   and  coach.  The  school   against  and  were  able  to     Although   the   â&#x20AC;&#x153;We   swim   against   a   lot   100%  all  of  the  time.  He   commitment,   and   a   pride   and   life   skills   beat  in  their  new  district.   Tigers  might  not  have  the   of   HISD   schools   now   wanted  us  to  be  the  best   positive   attitude   in   his   that   Coach   Maiorana   Not   only   have   the   best   shot   at   state,   they   that   we   are   in   4A,   but   we   could   be,â&#x20AC;?   class   of   players   on   and   off   the   installed   in   both   swimmers   been   getting   did   have   a   much   better   we   are   still   rivals   with   â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;79  graduate  and  second   ÂżHOG students   and   faculty   better   against   other   chance   at   placing   in   Stratford   so   we   swam   basemen,   Rex   Willis     â&#x20AC;&#x153; C o a c h   will   live   on.   His   words   teams,   but   have   been   ÂżQDOV DW GLVWULFW EHFDXVH against   them   in   district   said. established   a   will  continue    to  greatly   able   to   do   better   as   a   of   their   outstanding   and   regionals,â&#x20AC;?   Coach     D u r i n g   Maiorana   winning  tradition  not  only   impact  those  who  knew   team   while   practicing   swimming  record  and  all   Lesley   Reinstra   said.   his  time  at  Spring     him   during   his   years   at   with  each  other. RIWKHEHQHÂżWVWKDWKDYH â&#x20AC;&#x153;The   team   is   stronger   Woods,   he   earned   for  Spring  Woods,  but  for   Spring  Woods.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;We   have   a   lot   been  added  to  the  team. than   it   ever   was   before   the   title   of   winningest   the  district.  He  brought  a     â&#x20AC;&#x153;Make   a   great   of   new   swimmers   that     â&#x20AC;&#x153;Having   two   now   that   weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re   able   baseball   coach   with   his   great  tradition  of  winning   an   expectation   of   play....and   I   can   still   were   swimmers   before   different   coaches   this   to   focus   on   both   the   outstanding   record   of   and   student   athletes   hear   it   today.â&#x20AC;?   â&#x20AC;&#x153;THAT   and   are   experienced   year  allows  us  to  do  better   older   and   younger   kids   703-­231   and   21   play-­off   the   the   school,â&#x20AC;?   A   BOY!   THAT   A   BOY,â&#x20AC;?   which  is  helping  out  the   than   previous   years   and   at   the   same   time   with   appearances.   In   1995   throughout   Campus   Willis  said. team   a   lot,â&#x20AC;?   said   junior   work   together   fully,   as   a   two   coaches.   We   have     he   was   inducted   into   Director,   Keith   Athletic   Cripps   diver   Collin   Cavallo.   true  team,â&#x20AC;?  Cavallo  said.   incredibly   strong   relays   the   Texas   Baseball   Hall   said. Cavallo   will   compete   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our  freshman  are  really   and  an  incredibly  strong   of   Fame   and   the   Spring     This   past   April,   in   both   district   and   strong   right   now   and   team.â&#x20AC;? Woods   Hall   of   Honor   in   Tiger  Field  was  renamed   regionals   and   is   the   have   been   a   great   help   2001.   Although   Coach  

Valentine sentiments ‘11 Dearest                                                                                                                                                                                        Chelsea,                                                    I  love  you.  Tis  all.  Love,                                                                                                                                                Sam  Lopez.  I  think  about                                          you  every  day  Josh  Jennings.  You                                                                                              are  beautiful  in  every  way.  You’re                          incredible.  -­Anonymous  How  shall  I  compare                                                              thee  to  a  summer’s  day?  You  hot  as  heck!  -­Anon                  To:  Cookie  Monster;;  I  love  you!  I’m  so  glad  that  I                                                      have  you  in  my  life.  You  really  do  make  me  happy.            -­Anonymous  I  love  you  Mary  <3  -­Chelsea  Hey  friends                                  I  <3  you  and  I  just  want  to  say  thanks  for  everything.  I          hope  you  have  a  good  year  =)  -­Deniss  V.  :)    Dear  Niko,  you                  are  the  tumor  in  my  brain.  xoxo  :)  -­Chelsea  A-­corn      Happy  Valentine’s  day  Deb,  thanks  for  being  a  great  friend!!  I  love  you      !!  <3  -­Daisy  V.  xD  Hey  buddy,  have  a  nice  V-­day  and   ,KRSH\RX¿QGDJXUOXQH[WZHHNRUQH[W\HDU .DVVDQGUDMax  Rombado,  you  are  the  love  of  my  life.  <3  -­Anon  Niko!      You’re  cute.  -­Leah  Bailey  <33!  Happy  Valentine’s  day  :)  -­Chris  Rice  Dear  Chelsea,  I  love  you.  -­Gangsta  Dear  babyboo  :)  I  love    you  so  much  &  I’m  glad  that  I  have  you  by  my  side.  I  hope  that  you  wil  continue  to  be  for  a  long  time.  always?  <3  From,        babylovee  Dear  Margarette,  I  love  you  so.  Thank  you  for  putting  up  with  me.  Love  always,  husband  I  love  you  very  much  and  I   hope  you  have  a  great  v-­day  gurl.  U  been  the  greatest  friend  to  me  :)  From,  Kassandra  All  my  friend  are  the  best  and  school  would be  so  boring  if  they  weren’t  around  <3  Love  you  guys!  -­Stephanie  V.      I  <3  you  Sam  -­Chelsea  Hey  jupu.  You’re  the  weirdest  per-­ son  I  know,  but  I  love  you  anyway.  HAPPY  18th  BIRTHDAY!  <333333333  -­your  wife.,ORYH\RX7RUL.,ZDWFK\RXZDONWKH  halls  and  I’m  always  staring  when  you  do  your  homework.  I  will  marry  you  one  day.  count  on  it.  -­anonymous  Vero,  Vivi,  Adrian,            Eddie,  Selvin,  Misael:  Umm,  I  don’t  think  any  of  us  have  a  Valentine  because  we  are  all  just  so  ugly,  but  that’s  ok!  I  love  all  you                guys!  Happy  Valentines  day  :)  .....SIKE.  -­Dayana  Iza  Say  girl.  Dis  ya  boy  Ray  John.  Look,  we  got  togetha  over  Easter                      and  stuff  but  ever  since  den,  I  been  thinkin  bout  chu,  and  wantin’  to  uh  talk  to  you  but  you  know,  it  may  seem                              like  I’m  smoove.  Like  I  walk  water  and  stuff  but  I’m  pretty  down  2  Earf,  know  what  I’m  sayin’?  -­anon  <3                                Hi  wifey.  Expect  a  zebra  printed  gift  for  you.  -­Jupu    Misty,  I  loves  you  tons,  thanks  for  being  such  a  wonder                                  -­ful  friend!  -­Dayana  Joann!..ummm  yeah  happy  Valentine’s  day!  I  wanted  to  be  your  Valentine  but  Ronnie                                          beat  me  to  it,  I  mean  I  guess  that’s  valid  though  since  he  is  your  boyfriend...hahaha.  Love  you  bestie!                                                    -­Dayana  Hai  Davey,  I’m  very  excited  to  be  spending  my  second  Valentine’s  day  with  you.                                                                  Fluff  a  luff  <3  -­Jessica  U  carved  a  chunk  out  ov  mah  chest  and  called  it  my  hart.  You ZLOOQHYHUNQRZKRZ,IHHORUZDWORYL],NQRWKRWKDW,EHRQO\DQGVWXIIEXW                                                                                            u  still  lef  me  and  I  still  sad  :(  I  still  need  u  in  my  lyf.  -­broken  hearted                                                                                                      Your  eyes  are  more  beautiful  than  the  shining  light  of  a  thou-­                                                                                                                      sand  stars  sitting  quietly,  peacefully  in  the  clear  night                                                                                                                                    sky.  Your  hair  is  the  color  of  dirt,  but  smells                                                                                                                                                  sweeter  than  chocolate.  I  gaze  at  you                                                                                                                                                              from  afar  every  day.  Will  you                                                                                                                                                                          be  my  Valentine  for  this                                                                                                                                                                                  wonderful  year  of                                                                                                                                                                                                      2011?

February Issue 2011  

The Regit's February 2011 issue!

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