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Two  seniors  get   Band  students  chosen   down  to  business for  summer  tour


GEAR  UP  offers  students  opportunity  



arly  exposure   to   the   business   world   at   a   young   age   helps   pave   the   way   for   a   better   future.   This   summer,   seniors   Adrian   Trujillo   and   Alejandra   Escobar   were  chosen  to  represent   the   Southwest,   in   a   national  competition  held   at   Columbia     University   in   New   York   City.     Escobar   and   Trujillo   experienced   working   in   a   “real   lifeâ€?   company.   As   Chief   Financial   2IÂżFHU &)2  (VFREDU managed  a  real  company   and   Trujillo   worked   in   WKH ÂżQDQFH GHSDUWPHQW    “I  was  excited  to  play  a   role  as  the  CFO  because   it   had   to   do   a   lot   with   my   future,â€?   Escobar   said.   “The   experience   was   priceless.â€?     Both   got   to   enjoy   New   York  City  subways,  foods   and   housing,   but   the   best  thing  of  all  was  that   this  was  an  all  expenses   paid   trip!   While   enjoying   this   experience   for   one   last  time,  the  top  ranked   students   across   the  


Both  enter  into  realm  of  elite  marching

country  were   able   to   New  York  skyline  aboard   By  JJ  GONZALEZ compete  for  the  national   the   Harbor   Cruise.   STAFF  WRITER title,   and   the   ultimate       â&#x20AC;&#x153;We   are   all   proud   of   prize  was  a  share  of  stock   Adrian   and   Alejandra   his   summer   from  a  major  corporation. for   making   it   this   far     when   most   kids       The   winners   of   this   DORQJ ZLWK ÂżYH RWKHU were   sitting   on   competition   will   be   GEAR   UP   participants,â&#x20AC;?   WKHFRXFKĂ&#x20AC;LSSLQJ announced   at   the   Youth   GEAR   UP   Coordinator   through  channels,  senior   $ERXW %XVLQHVV <$%  Regina   Davis   said.   national   banquet   on   the       Escobar   and   Trujillo   tubist   Shane   Montoya   and   junior   mellophonist   Lili  Villatoro  were  chosen   to   tour   this   summer   with   Drum   Corps   Inter-­ national.   Out   of   the   8000   who   tried   out,   fewer  than  4000  made  it.    â&#x20AC;&#x153;DCI  is  Marching  Musicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   Major   League,â&#x20AC;?   Villatoro   said.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;A   drum   corps   is   a   professional   marching   band   where   the   level   of   intensity   and   dedication   is   far   greater   than   that   of   a   high   school   or   college   marching   band.â&#x20AC;?    Villatoro,  whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  original   instrument  is  a  woodwind   instrument   called   a   THE  FINAL  DAY:  GEAR  UP  students  exit  the  dorm   clarinet,   spent   the   sum-­ at  the  University  of  Houston  and  head  back  home   mer   learning   how   to   after  two  weeks  of  activities. play   a   brass   instrument   called   the   mellophone.   Ă&#x20AC;RRU RI WKH 1HZ <RUN could  not  have  done  this       â&#x20AC;&#x153;Going   to   try   out   on   Stock   Exchange   this   alone.   They   both   thank   an   instrument   that   I   November.  The  students   YAB  and  GEAR  UP,  who   GLGQÂśW SOD\ ZDV GLIÂżFXOW´ will  have  the  opportunity   recommended   the   two   Villatoro   said,   â&#x20AC;&#x153;but   if   to   network   with   senior   VWXGHQWV DORQJ ZLWK ÂżYH they   see   that   you   are   level   executives,   others   to   Betty   Tallas... determined   and   have   dedication,   then   they   participate  in  private  golf   will   actually   teach   you.â&#x20AC;? Continued  on  page  2 lessons,   and   enjoy   the  


   The   students   were   gone   for   two   and   a   half   months   without   a   break.   During   this   time,   they   practiced   everyday   and   were   constantly   on  

MAN  IN  UNIFORM:  Mon-­ toya  travels  on  the  road   with  the  corps  Forte.   the   road.   On   average,   practices   would   last   for   up   to   12   hours   followed   by   sleep   at   10   pm   and   starting   over   at   7   am.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;The   hardest   part   of   this   was   pushing   through   the   summer.   Everyday  brought  a  new   challenge,â&#x20AC;?   Montoya   said.       â&#x20AC;&#x153;Waking   up,   getting  up  and  repeating   the   same   process   was  

a  challenge.  The   people   around   me   were   always pushing  me  to  keep  going   and  Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m  so  glad  they  did.â&#x20AC;?    Besides  the  experience   and   what   theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve   added   to   their   college   resume,   Montoya   looks to   majoring   in   music in   college.       â&#x20AC;&#x153;Apart   from   the   over   2000   hours   of   practice   and   life   long   lessons,â&#x20AC;?   Montoya   said,   â&#x20AC;&#x153;I   got   an   experience  and  a  summer   that   I   will   remember   for   the   rest   of   my   life.â&#x20AC;?    With  these  experiences   comes   encouragement   to   tell   others   of   the   band   to   try   out.   Since   the   studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   return,   the   band   has   become   more   focused   and   determined   to   be   better.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;The   stu-­ dentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   see them   and DUH LQĂ&#x20AC;X enced   by   t h e m , â&#x20AC;?   a s s i s t a n t   director   Jeff   M u n g e r   said.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kids   want   to   be   like   them   and   be   able to   join   a   corps   for   a s u m m e r   t o o . â&#x20AC;?

McConn  returns  from   A frica . English  teacher  shares  his  experience  from  his  Tanzanian  adventure



e n o w n e d  author   Ernest   Hemingway   is   known   for   his   distinctive   style   of   writing   that   generally   encompasses   different   scenes   of   the   world.   One   particular   Spring   Woods   High   School   teacher   decided   to   retrace   Hemingwayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   footsteps   in   a   journey   through   Africa.   A   grant   funded   by   the   Fund   for   Teachers   program   gave   English   III   AP   teacher   Matthew   McConn   an   opportunity   to   share   his   story.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;Not   only   did   I   get   a   better   perspective   on   how   Hemingway  

got  inspired,   but   I   also   obtained   a   better   understanding   of   his   work   overall,â&#x20AC;?   McConn   said.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;It   made   me   see   just   how   conditioned   we   are   to   social   class   here   in   America.â&#x20AC;?     McConn   and   his   wife   visited   the   northern   area   of   Tanzania   near   the   Serengeti   Plains.   In   addition,   he   went   on   a   thrilling   safari   that   left   him   in   awe.   Aside   from   encountering   numerous   wild   animals   throughout   the   trip,   McConn   also   visited   a   village   of   the   Maasai   people,   a   native   ethnic  group  near  Kenya.      â&#x20AC;&#x153;The  people  I  met  donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   have   TVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   to   tell   them   that  theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re  poor  or  what   the   rest   of   the   world   LV OLNH 7KH\ ÂżQG WKHLU

students  interact   on   the   blog   and   read   about   his   trip   and   the   thematic   issues   that   follow.   The   key  point  McConn  wants   students   to   know   is   that   Hemingwayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   intention   in   his   writings   was   not   to   portray   a   destination   that   is   too   far   to   reach,   but   rather   expand   the   readerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   knowledge   of   places  other  than  home.       â&#x20AC;&#x153;The   most   interesting   part  of  the  entire  trip  was   the   people,â&#x20AC;?   McConn   said.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sure,   there   were   lions,   which   was   really   LQWHUHVWLQJWRVHHDWÂżUVW but   then   you   see   them   so   often,   you   lose   the   A  HELPING  HAND:  McConn  interacts  with  children  from  the  Massai  tribe  in   wow   factor.   However,   their  classroom  environment. I   never   stopped   being   happiness   internally,   human   life   after   the   trip   a   blog   that   documents   enamored  by  the  people   ZKLFK PDGH PH ÂżQG D was  over,â&#x20AC;?  McConn  said.     his   entire   one-­week   trip.   and   by   the   culture.â&#x20AC;? new   appreciation   for     McConn   is   working   on   He   plans   to   have   his  

continued from   page   1:   TWO   SENIORS   GET   DOWN   TO   BUSINESS ...the   Academy   of   Finance   Coordinator.   In   order   to   get   recruits,   Tallas   approached   the   'DYLV WR ¿QG VHYHQ students   who   had   interest  in  business.  The   camp   sought   ambitious   students  with  a  desire  to   excel  in  all  aspects  of  their   lives,  and  promote  racial   and   gender   diversity   by   recruiting   students   from   all   socioeconomic   EDFNJURXQGV 7KH ¿YH other   students   who   were   chosen   were   Gustavo   Lucio,   Jorge   Martinez,   Karen   Rubio,   Victor   Sanchez,   and   Yesinia   Vidal,   who   all   had   the   potential   and   met   the   requirements  

to be   enrolled   in   the   YAB   camp   held   at   University   of   Houston.     YAB   camp   allowed   them   to   take   a   sneak   peak   of   the   outside   world   by   being   exposed   WR ¿QDQFLDO WHUPLQRORJ\ and   learning   how   to   research   and   analyze   public   companies.     The   students   were   also   able   to   engage   in   a   competition   and   gain   a   better   understanding   of   the   business   world.     During   the   program,   the   students   formed   teams  and  were  advised   by   area   professionals   who   served   as   business   consultants.   Each   individual  group  engaged  

in the   competition   by   performing   mock   mergers  and  acquisitions.     7KLV EHQH¿WHG PDQ\ students   as   they   were   challenged   to   think   through   their   decisions,   and  all  seven  agreed  this   camp   motivated   them   to   ZRUNLQWKHEXVLQHVV¿HOG     “I   am   proud   of   myself   that   I   did   not   slack   off   this   summer.   Instead   I   learned   something   valuable,”   Lucio   said.

Top: Jason  Shannon,  Alexander  Sanchez-­Reyes,  Samantha  Solis,  Jessica   Jones,  Niko  Corbin,  JJ  Gonzalez Bottom:  Jack  Rodgers,  Chelsea  Rodriguez,  Dayana  Iza,  Sam  Lopez,  Julie   Bang,  Kelley  Kim


Where are they now?        2006  graduate  puts  what  she  learned  to   work  back  home

By SAMANTHA  SOLIS   STAFF  WRITER   Every   year   Spring   Woods   sends   hundreds   of   seniors   off   into   the   world   at   the   end   of   May   with   high   expectations   that   they   will   achieve   greatness   in   our   community.   All   of   them   leave   with   the   knowledge   of   how   to   survive   whatever   is   thrown   at   them,   and   with   talents   that   will   help   shape   their   future.                  One  such  alumn,  Tanya   Needham,     graduated   from   Spring   Woods   in   2006.  She  then  took  the   next   step   in   her   life   and   attended   the   University   of   Houston-­Central   Campus.  She  graduated   this   past   May,   class   of   2010,   with   a   degree   in   Special   Education.   After   graduation,   she   was   offered   the   job   to   be   a   teacher’s   assistant   at   Spring   Woods.       “I   knew   I   wanted   to   be   a   teacher,   but   when   I   was   offered   the   opportunity   to   come   to   Spring   Woods,   I   was   excited,”   Needham   said.                  How  often  are  you   given   the   chance   to   come   back   to   the   place   where   you   became   the   person   you   are?   Could   you   imagine,   your   coworkers   being   the   people   who   once   gave   you   homework,   or   made   you   go   up   to   the   board   in   front   of   the   entire   class   to   workout   a   problem   just   because   you   were   talking?     This   is   something   she   has  

come to   realize   isn’t   really   that   big   of   a   deal.             “It’s   funny   cause   you   get   to   see   how   much   fun   it   is   behind   the   scenes.   It’s   a   lot   more   fun  to  be  a  teacher  than   a   student,”   Needham   VDLG2QHRIWKHEHQH¿WV

for everything.   I   will   be   able   to   look   at   the   school   in   a   whole   new   way,”   Needham   said.       Some   of   her   favorite   classes   while   here   at   Spring   Woods   were   HOSA,   journalism,   and   biology.   But  

CAP AND   GOWN:   Tanya   Needham   graduated   from   the   University   of   Hous-­ ton   with   a   degree   in   Special   Education. about   coming   to   teach   at   your   old   high   school   is   getting   to   relive   all   the   traditions   that   take   place   throughout   the   year.   Homecoming,   Tiger   fest,   pep   rallies   are   all   things   she   looks   forward   to   seeing   again.       “I’m   really   excited   to   be   here  

choosing a   favorite   WHDFKHU ZDV GLI¿FXOW         “I   can’t   really   pick   my   favorite.   I   enjoyed   all   of   them,”   Needham   said.             She   is   enjoying   taking   what   she   has   learned   from   her   years   as   a   student   to   help   create   future   graduates.

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New  Tiger  Faculty Denise  Healy

Katy  Cuddihee

Teaches  English  1  to  9th  graders. ,QKLJKVFKRROVKHZDVLQWKHVSHHFK and  debate  team.  Attended  Freed   Hardener  College  in  Tennessee  and  got   bachelors  degree. Worked  at  three  different  schools;Íž   Northbrook  Middle,  Spring  Forest   Middle,  and  now  Spring  Woods  High. Both  of  her  kids  graduated  from  Spring   Woods  and  she  also  worked  with  lots  of   our  staff  members  in  the  past. Likes:  To  read  and  write. Likes  about  teachingÂł,ORYHVHHLQJD OLJKWEXOEFRPHRQIRUWKHVWXGHQWV´ Likes  about  SW:  â&#x20AC;&#x153;The  atmosphere,   teachers  are  very  open  and  supportive   WRWKHVWXGHQWV´ Spare  time:  read,  travel  with  family,  and   cook.

Choir  director. From  Minnesota. Been  in  Texas  for  10  years.   Taught  at  four  different  schools.  Went  to   Nazareth  College  and  got  her  Masters  at  UH. Likes:  to  watch  people  perform,  seeing  people   do  things  that  they  take  pride  in,  and  when   you  pull  up  in  an  intersection  and  the  person   next  to  you  in  the  drivers  seat  is  singing  and   they  get  really  into  it. Dislikes:FDWVPHDQSHRSOHWUDI¿FMDPVDQG the  cold. Likes  about  teaching³,OLNHLWZKHQVWXGHQWV ¿QDOO\JHWWKLQJVDQGWKHUHœWKDW³$KKD´ PRPHQW´ Likes  about  SW³,ORYHWHDFKLQJDW6SULQJ Woods!  There  is  a  really  good  sense  of   community.  Everyone  is  very  respectful.  And   WKHVLQJHUVDUHYHU\WDOHQWHG´ Spare  time:  works  out-­  belongs  to  a  gym,  book   club,  cook-­  often  hosts  dinner  parties.



What  do   we   do   to   keep   our   planet   in   good   condition?   Some   of   us   could   list   simple   things,   but   many   would  

have  nothing   to   say.   Recycling   is   one   of   the   three   Râ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   of   waste   management,   along   with   reuse   and  

reduce  and  it  is  also  the   most   common   way   of   contributing   our   effort   to   our   planet.   Why   should   we   do   it?   Here   is   why.    

The  amount   of   trash   that   the   United   States   produces   has   tripled   in   the   past   50   years.   At   that   rate,   we   will   be   producing   nearly   a   billion   tons   of   trash   a   year   by   2060.  

Each  of  us  uses  approximately   one   100-­foot-­tall   Douglas   tree   in   paper   and   wood   SURGXFWV SHU \HDU ,I ZH GR not   recycle,   we   would   lose     850  million    more  trees  a  year.  

/DQG¿OOV DUH UXQQLQJ RXW RI room  for   waste,   and   some   states   are   running   out   of   VSDFH IRU ODQG¿OOV ,I ZH GR not  recycle  more  we  will  soon   be   surrounded   by   our   own   waste.  How  nasty  can  that  be?  

Our  oceans  are  also  effected  by   this  because  there  are  already   ODUJH Ă&#x20AC;RDWV RI WUDVK LQ WKHP Most   of   the   trash   is   plastic   which   does   not   break   down   and  it  harms  our  water  species.

,I ZH DOO UHF\FOH ZH would  be  minimizing  the   IDFWV PHQWLRQHG ,I RXU school   had   a   program   to   recycle,   many   of   us   would   actually   do   it   because   we   would  

Teaches  Algebra  1  and  Geometry. Mother  of  two  kids  and  has  a  dog.  This   \HDULVKHUÂżUVWUHDOWHDFKLQJMRE6KH ZDVDORQJWHUPVXEIRU,3&SK\VLFV DQGÂłSODWR´DWRWKHUVFKRROVÂł0DWKZDVQÂśW P\EHVWVXEMHFWLQKLJKVFKRRO,QHYHU GUHDPHG,ÂśGEHWHDFKLQJDQG,GHÂżQLWHO\ ZDVQRWWKHVPDUWHVWVWXGHQWEXW,WULHG´ Goal  is  for  nobody  to  fail.   Likes:  to  read  Russian  poetry,  watch   3URMHFW5XQZD\DQGXVLQJELJZRUGV Dislikes:  smoke,  and  anything  bad. Likes  about  teaching:  â&#x20AC;&#x153;When  a  student   VD\VÂł2KJHWLW´ Likes  about  SW:  â&#x20AC;&#x153;The  staff  is  very  nice,   DQG,OLNHDOOP\VWXGHQWV´ Spare  time:  Lifts  weights,  YMCA,  trains. Âł,KRSHWRHQOLJKWHQP\VWXGHQWVEHFDXVH LWÂśVERULQJWRMXVWWHDFKRQHWKLQJSDUW RIDWHDFKHUVMRELVWRKHOSVWXGHQWVIHHO FRQÂżGHQW´

*Stay tuned: each issue the Regit will highlight more new SWHS teachers.

By  DAYANA  IZA 67$)):5,7(5


Diane  Hudson

recycle  worksheets,   failing   tests,   and   anything  we  do  not  want   in   our   binder.   Memorial   High  School  actually  has   a   very   well   developed   recycling   program   which  

has  recycled  an  average   of   400   bottles   per   week   withing   a   93   day   period.   ,I RXU VFKRRO WRRN RQ a   similar   program,   my   God,   would   we   be   contributing  to  our  planet.

7KH5HJLW&RPLFV The Regit  has  a  new  face  in  comics  this  year.  The  Bully’s  Choice  (drawn   by  Jason  Shannon)  features  a  variety  of  unique  and  comical  characters.   The  main  character  “Punk”  is  a  thirteen  year  old  boy  who  is  only  three   feet  high.  Because  of  his  size  he  gets  picked  on  by  a  variety  of  bullies,   including  an  eight  foot  lout  called  “Sajerko”.  Despite  his  enormous  stature   and  menacing  look,  Sajerko  lacks  in  brains  what  he  has  in  size  and  is   often  outwitted  by  his  victim:  Punk.  Whenever  Punk  is  confronted  by   these  delinquents,  he  responds  with  sarcastic  remarks  and  other  humerous   forms  of  escape.  The  comic  includes  the  daily  life  of  Punk  and  his  friends   DQGWKHULGLFXORXVVLWXDWLRQVWKH\¿QGWKHPVHOYHVLQ 7+(%8//<·6&+2,&(%<-$6216+$1121


with  the  exchange  students of  2011

Laura  Niewendick

Lisa  Zeppenfeld

What  program  or  organization  sponsored  your  trip?

What  program  or  organization  sponsored  your   trip?

What  country  are  you  originally  from?   Germany

ERDT Â Share

How  long  have  you  been  in  the  United  States?   About  four  weeks  now

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  your  favorite  part  about  Spring  Woods?  

Umm...  everything!  I  really  like  the  school  spirit  that  we  donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  have  in  Germany.

:KDWÂśVWKHPRVWGLIÂżFXOWSDUWDERXWEHLQJLQ$PHULFD" The  language  problem,  but  Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m  getting  used  to  it.


Who  is  your  host  family?  

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  a  family  living  here  in  the  neighborhood,  they  are  really  nice.

What  country  are  you  originally  from?   Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m  originally  from  Germany.

The  organization  in  Germany  is  called  â&#x20AC;&#x153;Into  SchĂźler-­ austausch.â&#x20AC;?

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  your  favorite  part  about  Spring  Woods?  

I  like  the  different  classes  like  choir,  soccer,  photography,  and  psychology.  I   also  like  the  teachers;͞  they  are  very  nice.


,KDYHQRSUREOHPVLQWKH86$2IFRXUVHLWœVDOLWWOHELWGLI¿FXOWWRPLVVP\ family  and  friends  in  Germany,  but  I  have  a  great  family  here  in  Houston.


I  live  in  a  small  village  in  Germany,  so  itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  really  exciting  to  see  how  big  Hous-­ ton  is.  The  stores  are  bigger  and  you  have  a  lot  of  different  stuff  to  buy.  In   Germany  itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  colder  than  in  Texas.  I  love  it!


My  host  momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  name  is  Phillis  and  my  little  sister  is  called  Trinity.

By  JESSICA  JONES STAFF  WRITER   It   seems   as   if   the   whole   world   is   a-tweeting   as   Twitter   becomes   more   SUHYDOHQW LQ WRGD\¡V society.   This   social   networking  site  allows   users   to   post   what   WKH\¡UH GRLQJ DQG VHH what   their   friends   are   up   to   as   well.   It   can   be   compared   to   a   newsfeed  on  Facebook,   minus   everything   but   WKH VWDWXVHV ,W¡V VR easy   to   sign   up   and   start   posting   that   300,000   people   are   joining   everyday.     Many   students   at   SWHS,   as   well   as   teachers,   have   Twitters.  One  of  them  is   the  resident  AP  Biology   instructor,   Adrianne   Stone   (@swhAPbio).     â&#x20AC;&#x153;I   use   it   to   send   out   reminders   EHFDXVH LW¡V D ORW more   convenient   for   students   to   check   their   phones   getting   a   text   message   from   Twitter   than   their   emails,â&#x20AC;?   she   said.     This   rings   true   as   more   and   more   teachers   realize   what   a   resource   Twitter   can   be   when   it   comes  

to  communicating   with   students.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;I   do   know   that   is   it   changing   the   educational   world.   A   lot   of   educators   have   Twitters  right  now  and   they   use   it   to   share   resources,â&#x20AC;?  Stone  said.     The     site   has   only   been   around   for   four   years,   but   it   has   exploded   with   a   whooping   750   tweets   per   second.   Twitter   is   very   simple   and   it   appeals   to   users   by   RÓ˝HULQJDTXLFNZD\WR let  their  followers  know   ZKDW WKH\¡UH GRLQJ LQ 140  characters  or  less.     Although   the   site   has   160   million   registered   users,   millions   more   use   the   website   to   simply   read  tweets  posted  by   others   and   celebrity   ÓžJXUHV )RXQGHU Biz   Stone   (@biz)   has   seen   this   trend.    ´7KHUH¡V D lot   more   people   actually   using   it   as   a   consumption   tool,   something   to   get   information,   than   they   are   actually   tweeting,â&#x20AC;?   he   said.   Everyone   from   Justin  Bieber  to  Barack   Obama   tweet   and   people   want   to   get  

on  Twitter   just   to   see   what   their   favorite   celebrities   are   saying.     Another   feature   on   the   site,   called   @ replying,   lets   users   tweet  back  and  forth  at   each   other.   By   placing   an  @  sign  in  front  of  the   SHUVRQ¡V XVHUQDPH LW

Who  is  your  host  family?  

I  live  with  a  great  family.  My  host  momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  name  is  Amand  Mares  and  she  has   a  son  named  Grayson,  he  is  8  years  old.  I  love  them!

creates  a   link   to   their   SURӞOH DQG VKRZV XS in   their   @reply   feed.   This   is   how   users   can   communicate,   but   for   the   most   part,   people   just   send   out   one   Tweet   at   a   time.     As   Twitter   continues   to   gain  

more  users   and   SXEOLFLW\ D TXHVWLRQ arises.   Is   this   just   a   phase   or   will   Twitter   truly  impact  the  world?     â&#x20AC;&#x153;I   think   Twitter   will   be   around   for   a   while,â&#x20AC;?   Stone   said,   ´EXW , GRQ¡W NQRZ LI LW¡V SHUPDQHQWÂľ

 It   seems   she   is   right   as   Twitter   becomes   more   and   more   of   a   household   QDPH 'XH WR LW¡V simplicity   and   visually   appealing   graphics,   the   website   LV GHӞQLWHO\ WKH  KRW trend   of   the   moment.




7. 1.







Tiger Legend


1. Senior,  Ashley  Favor:  Colorado “Colorado  is  the  most  beautiful  state  I’ve  ever  traveled  to  so   far,  and  I  can  easily  see  myself  living  there.” 2.  Junior,  Carolina  Gomez:  D.C.   “What  made  me  want  to  go  check  out  the  memorial  was  that  I  just   saw  walls.  It  was  pretty  interesting  how  all  those  people  were  in-­ volved  in  the  Vietnam  War.” 3.  Senior,  Ivan  Gonzalez:  Barcelona,  Spain “Going  to  Spain  was  quite  intense,  but  I  enjoyed  being  around  new   people,  different  people.  The  atmostphere  was  more  than  I  expect-­ ed.” 4.  Sophomore,  Jack  Rodgers:  Europe “London-­Amsterdam-­Innsbruck-­Venice-­Rome-­Florence-­Lutzern-­Paris!”   5.  Senior,  Kelley  Kim:  South  Korea “It  was  a  totally  different  environment  than  Houston,  and  it  just   felt  good  to  be  back  there.  I  felt  at  home  in  a  way.” 6.  Senior,  Ricky  Elias:  Guatemala “I  went  to  Guatemala  to  visit  my  family.  I  enjoyed  being  in  the   place  where  a  part  of  my  cultre  is  expressed.” 7.  Senior,  Scott  Glezen:  Maine “Going  to  Maine  was  a  lot  of  fun.  I  went  boating  and  camping  while   spending  time  with  friends  and  family.” 8.  Sophomore,  Jasmine  Salmeron:  Ecuador “I  visited  my  family  in  Ecuador  and  we  got  to  different  rivers   that  are  there.” 9.  English  teacher,  Matthew  McConn:  Tanzania,  Africa “I  traveled  to  Africa  because  of  Hemmingway.  I  had  always  wanted   to  go  after  reading  his  literature.  It  was  life  changing.”

Tardy policy  de-­ serves  second  look Teachers decide on reasonable changes Dude,  is  that  AP?  How  can   you  live  with  yourself...

you guys are tools. I think  Snooki  would   make  a  cute  traffic   cone. Cher’s had her face lifted so many times, she’s on the 80th floor. o’  real.

You are  so  dumb...f

I need some lip balm for my crusty crusts.

By ALEX  SANCHEZ-­REYES in   more   than   a   few   in-­


According to   the   new   and   already   altered   tardy   policy   this   year,   students   with   an   unexcused   tardy   in   any   class,   are   required   to   attend  a  15  minute  lunch   detention   in   room   267B.   Those   who   fail   to   show   up   to   lunch   detention,   or   receive   two   or   more   tardies   will   have   to   attend  Monday  afternoon   detention   from   three   to   ¿YH , EHOLHYH WKDW WKH changes   have   improved   the   policy   by   making   it   easier   for   students   to   follow   and   teachers   to   handle.   This   summer,   12th   grade   assistant   principal   Lynn   Austin   and   a   committee   of   teachers   decided   to   improve  last  year’s  tardy   policy,   which   apparently   was   confusing   for   both   teachers   and   students.   From  what  I  experienced   last  school  year,  I  would   GH¿QLWHO\ VD\ WKDW WKH former  policy  was  indeed   confusing   with   the   need   for   some   polishing.   Students   last   year   were   not   sure   when   to   attend   their   detentions,   and   in   some  cases,  did  not  show   up   at   all   which   resulted  

school suspensions.  The   new  and  improved  policy   is   rather   straightforward   and   should   be   simple   enough  to  follow.     Initially,   I   was   not  in  favor  with  the  new   policy.   Before   several   adjustments  were  made,   students   had   to   attend  

I believe   that   teachers   VKRXOG EH PRUH ÀH[LEOH and  understanding  when   it   comes   to     these   type   of   tardies.   I   understand   that   we   have   a   seven   minute  time  period  to  get   to   class,   but   having   to   walk   to   the   lockers   and   across   campus   through   congested   hallways  

“Changes have improved the policy by making it easier for students to follow and teachers to handle.” lunch detention   on   the   same  day  that  they  were   tardy,   and   it   became   confusing   for   those   with   tardies   after   lunch.   The   only   problem   that   I   still   have   with   this,   is   that   it   only   takes   one   tardy   to   receive  detention.     On   occasion,   there   are   students   who   arrive   to   class   just   seconds   after   the   late   bell,   and   still   receive   lunch   detention.   I   have   already  seen  this  happen   a  few  times  this  year,  and  

tends to   slow   things   down   a   bit   for   many   students.   In   addition,   the   policy   requires   parents   WR EH QRWL¿HG IRU WKHLU child’s   tardy.   Though   unnecessary,   I   suppose   SDUHQWDO QRWL¿FDWLRQ could  serve  as  motivation   for   students   to   arrive   to   class  on  time.  I  know  that   LW ZRXOG GH¿QLWHO\ ZRUN for  me.

2010-2011 Tardy Policy: Unexcused Tardy: 15 min. lunch detention Where: 267B 2+ Tardies: Monday afternoon detention and ISS Parental 1RWLÀFDWLRQ Parents of those with Monday afternoon detention and ISS will be


Legality vs. Morality

Why the  mosque-­erade  is  more  than  just  a  fuss  over  a  blue  print

By KELLEY  KIM EDITOR-IN-CHIEF     America:   The   Land   of   the   Free.   Our   nation’s   founding   fathers   taught   us   to   embrace   countless   ethnicities,   religious   denominations,   languages  and  faces.  But   my  question  is:  If  we  are   such  a  free  and  desirable   nation   that   is   proud   of   our   constitutional   roots,   why  do  some  Americans   continually   question   their   inherent   rights   to   religious   freedom?      About  two  months  ago,   the   Park51   project— or   the   “Ground   Zero   M o s q u e ” — b e c a m e   a   heated   topic.   The   building   would   replace   an   old,   abandoned   Burlington   Coat   Factory   in   lower   Manhattan.   The   controversy?   The   proposed   site   for   the   Islamic   community   center   is   about   two   blocks   away   from   (in   other   words,   “too   close   to”)   Ground   Zero—the   hallowed   site   of   where   America’s   prized   Twin   Towers   used   to   stand  

prior to  the  9/11  attacks.   Now,   the   question   we   face   as   Americans   today:   Is   it   right?   Or   is   it   about   what   is   right?   :KHQ , ¿UVW KHDUG about   this   issue,   I   had   the   same   reaction   as   everyone   else—how   insensitive   for   that   man   to   build   a   mosque   near   such   hallowed   ground.   It  would  remind  so  many   Americans   about   how   those   Muslim   extremists   crashed   into   the   proud   twin  towers  and  covered   all   of   lower   Manhattan   in   tangible   despair.   However,   even   though   it   may   be   too   soon   to   even   consider   putting   a   giant   welcome   mat   over   a   ten-­mile   radius   from   Ground   Zero,   we   should   not   let   the   remnants   of   our   hearts   spoil   atop   of   our   ground   and   contradict   what   we   believe  in  as  Americans.        %HIRUH , VROLGL¿HG P\ opposition,   I   had   to   be   able  to  back  it  up.  In  the   process,  I  actually  found   hidden   truths   behind   the   façade   created   by   popular   media.   As   political   commentator  

and comedian   Jon   Stewart  interviewed  New   York  City  Mayor  Michael   Bloomberg,   Bloomberg   stated  how  the  plan  had   already   been   set   since   December   of   2009   and   the   center   of   worship   has   been   in   operation   since  last  summer.  Quite   frankly,   the   only   reason   I   believe   this   is   such   a   heated  issue  is  because   of  the  upcoming  midterm   elections.  But  the  bigger   issue   we   are   blinded   from   yet   face   today   is   not   about   the   ethics   of   the  building’s  placement   or   even   the   building   itself—it’s   our   identity.            In  my  eyes,  we’re  losing   our  face  in  this  world  as   a   nation.   The   ugly   side   of   America   is   emerging   from   the   dark   corners   over   temporary   issues   such  as  Park51  that  is  all   spurred  by  the  malicious   media   sources.   Hateful   opinions   that   clearly   display   signs   of   bigotry   are   literally   making   my   jaw  drop  in  disbelief  that   someone  could  do  or  say   such  things.  Clear  signs   of   this   “Islamaphobia”   can   be   seen   in  

controversies such   as   the   priest   in   Gainsville,   Florida   who   planned   to   burn   several   copies   of   the   Quran   on   the   9th   anniversary   of   9/11   and   those   who   followed   through.   Because   of narrow-­minded   ten-­ dencies   like   this,   I’m   becoming   more   inclined  

to be  in  full  support  of  the   center’s   construction.   Sure,   I’m   opposed   to   the   moral   idea   of   it,   but   we   also   must   not   forget   who   we   are— Americans   who   believe   in   the   Constitution.        It  is  incredibly  hypocritical   to   simultaneously   exercise   one’s   right   to  

WKH ¿UVW DPHQGPHQW by demanding   the   government   to   prevent   another   group   from   exercising   it,   too.   In   addition  to  the  land  being   private   property   owned   by   private   people,   how   can   we   restrict   another   American’s   rights?   It   may   be   an   insensitive   move   for   Imam   Feisal   Abdul   Rauf   to   place   something   that   reminds   us   of   the   terror   attacks   ten   years   ago,   but   I   think   it’s   even   more   insensitive  to  ignore  both   the   Constitution   and   the   Imam’s   intentions.   Rauf   has  stated  time  and  time   again   that   he   wants   to   build   this   community   center   to   show   our   community   that   not   all   Muslims   are   extremists   or   warmongers.   This   is   not  a  victory  for  anyone,   and   if   anything,   pushing   the   issue   away   only   makes   matters   worse   internationally.   Sure,   many  Americans  believe   it  should  not  be  built  out   of  sensitivity,  but  if  he  and   his   wife   have   the   right   to,   who   is   to   stop   him?

Theater  begins  new  season


Opening  weekend  of  Big  River  dazzles  audiences

By  JESSICA  JONES STAFF  WRITER        As  a  new  year  of  theater   begins,  Thespian  Troupe   127   opens   the   season   with  their  rendition  of  Big   River:  The  Adventures  of   Huckleberry   Finn.   The   musical,   based   on   the   novel   by   Mark   Twain,   tells   of   Huck   and   his   friend,   a   runaway   slave   named  Jim  and  their  trip   up  the  Mississippi  River.      Playing  the  role  of  Jim,   senior   Mark   Frazier   continues   to   shine   on   the   stage.   As   he   looks   forward   to   another   great   year,   he   feels   like   he   shares   a   slight   bond   with   his   character.    â&#x20AC;&#x153;I  feel  like  I  can  relate  to   Jim   because   sometimes   people   still   use   race  

LET  THE  LIGHT  SHINE:  The  cast  of  Big  River  illuminates  the  stage. as   a   means   of   judging   people,â&#x20AC;?   he   said.   Opening   night   came   fast,  so  the  cast  buckled   down   and   got   focused   during   rehearsal.   A   timeline   was   created   to   map   out   what   had  

to  be   covered   at   each   rehearsal   and   the   thespians   stayed   late   to   get  it  done.  Director  Terry   Hibbert  noticed  the  work   ethic   of   her   students.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;We   have   an   amazing   group   of   actors   this  

season,  very   energetic   and   talented,â&#x20AC;?   she   said.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve   had   great   turn-­ outs   for   everything   so   far   and   weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve   seen   a   lot   of   dedication.â&#x20AC;?    Not  only  did  the  troupe   work   toward   perfecting  



and  heads   of   course   make   us   twist   in   our   chairs,  but  always  makes   us   look   at   our   neighbor   and   say   â&#x20AC;&#x153;BEAST!â&#x20AC;?     The   movie   itself   offers   nothing   unique,   but   the   cast   is   what   makes   it... different!  It  was  the  great   action  heroes  of  the  80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   that   drove   millions   of   Americans   to   theaters   and   purchase   a   ticket,   though   many   of   us   just   went  to  see  the  hot  babes   LQ WKH ÂżOP 6WDOORQH may   be   in   his   sixth   decade,  but  he  is  still  as   amazing   as   in   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rocky.â&#x20AC;?

Courtesy  of  Movie-­

 â&#x20AC;&#x153;The   Expendablesâ&#x20AC;?   is   another   action   movie   ÂżOOHG ZLWK VWXQWV JXQV bombs,  intense  violence,   and  of  course,  hot  guys!  7KH ÂżOP KDV LW DOO and   may   I   say   there   is   even   more   for   women.   Sylvester  Stallone,  Jason   Statham,   Terry   Crews,   Jet   Li,   Dolph   Laundren,   Randy   Couture,   Steve   Austin,   and   Bruce   Willis   all   in   a   single   movie!   Amazing!   Insane  

muscles  and  pretty  faces   just   makes   us   not   take   our   eyes   off   the   screen!   While  our  boyfriends  are   so  into  the  action  packed   movie,   we   just   stare   at   the   super   stars   on   screen   and   wonder   why   on  earth  they  are  so  cute!      The  movie  itself  does  not   have   the   best   storyline,   but  it  does  a  swell  job  of   keeping   us   entertained.   The   action   explodes   throughout   the   whole   movie,   so   much   so   that   the   movie   can   be   called   a   single   action   scene.   The   breaking   of   bones  

By  NIKO  CORBIN STAFF  WRITER     Waiting   in   the   dark   cold   theater,   I   could   feel   my   eyes   begin   to   water.   These   were   tears   of   happiness,   for   this   is   a   heart   warming   story   of   ÂżYHPHQRQDPLVVLRQWR destroy  a  vicious  dictator.   7KH WHDUV EHJDQ WR Ă&#x20AC;RZ DV , JRW D ÂżUVW JOLPSVH of   Sly   Stallone   and   Dolph  Lundgren  together   DJDLQ IRU WKH ÂżUVW WLPH since   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rocky   IVâ&#x20AC;?.   Then   I   remembered   that   I   was   in   a   guy   movie   and   couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   cry   for   fear   of  

losing  my  last  man  card.     I   sat   and   watched   for   WKH ÂżUVW WLPH LQ D ORQJ time  a  true  action  movie.   $ Ă&#x20AC;LFN ZLWK VR PXFK testosterone  that  it  made   me   seem   manly.   This   ÂżOP LV PRUH WKDQ MXVW Adonis  like  men  blowing   things   up.   This   is   a   movie   about   one   manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   search   (Stallone)   for   the   redemption   of   his   soul.     Amongst  all  of  this  action,   â&#x20AC;&#x153;The   Expendablesâ&#x20AC;?   has   something   not   every   movie   has,   and   thats   good   acting.   Even   with  

only  a  few  brief  moments   on   the   screen,  Academy   Award   nominee   Micky   Rourke   with   his   role   as   Tool,   a   retired   member   of   the   team   steals   the   show.   His   role   is   pivotal   and   deep,   as   he   helps   6WDOORQH ¿QG KLV ZD\     This   is   more   than   just   another   run   of   the   mill   action   movie,   with   massive   explosions,   bulky   men   and   hot   women.   This   is   a   truly   good   movie... that   just   happens   to   have   explosions,   lots   of  them.                

ÂżQLVK 7KH ELJ RSHQLQJ number,    â&#x20AC;&#x153;Do   You   Want   to  Go  to  Heavenâ&#x20AC;?,  shows   the   entire   town   of   St.   Petersburg   telling   Huck   to  shape  up  if  he  wants  to   go  to  heaven.  This  song   sets   the   stage   for   the   rest   of   the   show,   as   the   story   begins   to   unfold.     The   events   that   follow   weave  a  magical  story  of   pranks,  close  calls,  hard   times,   and   discovering   who   you   really   are.   The   season   opener   brings   high   hopes   for   the   theater   department.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;I   really   think   we   are   going  to  see  an  excellent   year   of   theater,â&#x20AC;?   Hibbert   said.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;We   want   everyone   to   come   out   and   see   our   shows   because   weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re   very   proud   of   our   thespians.â&#x20AC;?

Big River

One  girl,  one   boy,  same  movie Opposite  sexes  review  â&#x20AC;&#x153;The  Ex-­ pendables,â&#x20AC;?  give  4  thumbs  up

the  show   for   the   community,   they   also   prepared   the   production   to   be   adjudicated   for   State   festival.   Only   two   schools   in   all   of   Texas   will   be   chosen,   so   the   FRPSHWLWLRQ LV ÂżHUFH Hibbert   and   co-­director   Anne   Yancey   picked   the   show   that   they   felt   gave  them  the  best  shot.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;We   thought   it   would   be   the   perfect   show   to   highlight   our   students   talents.   By   doing   this   show,   we   are   also   bringing  a  very  important   American   classic   to   life,â&#x20AC;?   Hibbert   said.   The   combination   of   unique,   hilarious   characters  and  the  charm   of   the   southern   setting,   Big   River   will   captivate   audiences   from   start   to  

Performance  Dates:

Ticket  Prices:

Septemebr  24th  @  7:30 September  25th  @  2:30  &   7:30 September  26th  @  7:30 October  1st  @  7:30 October  2nd  @  2:30  &   7:30

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What  happened   to  good  TV?


New  television  shows  lack  luster  of  oldies

By  NIKO  CORBIN STAFF  WRITER     This   epidemic   of   bad   TV   is   spreading   faster   than   the   Swine   Flu.   You   canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   even   watch   cartoons   anymore   without  losing  brain  cells.     Having   watched     countless   hours   of   television,   I   feel   that   Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m   VRUW RI DQ DÂżFLRQDGR That  being  said,  I  can  tell   a   bad   show   when   I   see   it.   Shows   like   the   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Real   Worldâ&#x20AC;?   donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   really   show   reality.  They  just  show  a  

bunch  of   dumb   people   drinking  excessively.  The   only   thing   wrose   than   reality   TV   might   be   the   new   wave   of   cartoons.     â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dragonball   Zâ&#x20AC;?   and   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thundercatsâ&#x20AC;?   were   the   pinnacles  of  story  driven   cartoons.  When  we  were   kids,  we  sat  on  the  edge   of  our  seats  waiting  to  see   if  the  hero  would  prevail.   With   new   cartoons   like   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fanboy   and   Chum   Chumâ&#x20AC;?,   we   canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   even   tell   if   there   is   a   hero.     The   way   I   see   it,   TV   changes   with   the   masses   and   unless   we  

stop  watching   these   shows   now,   good   TV   will   be   lost   forever.     What   has   happened   to   TV?   The   answer... we   did.   We   are   both   the   problem   and   the   solution.   Rather   than   watching   smat   satirical   comedies,   we   would   rather   watch   Snooki   get   drunk  and  party.  We  can   still   save  TV   by   ignoring   the   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jersey   Shoreâ&#x20AC;?   and   have   everyone   watch   the   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Daily   Showâ&#x20AC;?.   With   every   good   show   that   springs   up,   I   feel     thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   hope   for   TV.  

Must  see  TV! 1.  It's  Always  Sunny  in  Philadel-­ phia:  This  is  how  you  make  political               commentary  funny. 2.  The  Daily  Show:  Just  a  smart  and     funny  news  show.   3.  Modern  Family:  Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re  like  your     family,  but  funnier. 4.  Wipeout:  Need  I  say  more?   5.  Dexter:  Great  show...if  youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re  into   serial  killers  who  kill  serial  kill-­ ers.

Texans rise  above   all  in   AFC   South

Leslie Laynes


  Hey  everyone.  I  will  talk   about  the  2-­1  Texans  but   ÂżUVW OHW V WDON DERXW WKH more   important   team.   $V PDQ\ RI \RX NQRZ the   NFL   season   has   begun   and   Super   Bowl   ;/9 LV DW -HUU\ -RQHV  VWDGLXP WKLV \HDU <HV , love  the  the  Dallas  Cow-­ boys   they   demolished   the  Texans  this  weekend   giving   me   hope   again.         Growing   up   in   a   town   where   criticism   is   heavy   on   quarterback   Tony   5RPR , ZRXOG KDYH WR completely   agree   with   how  terrible  he  is.  Being   inconsistent   for   the   past   WKUHH \HDUV 5RPR KDV single   handedly   caused   the   heartache   of   fans   by   allowing   them   to   see   the   offense   do   nothing   but   score   on   occasional   ÂżHOGJRDOV%XWWKHUHDUH times  where  Romo  mans   up  and  shines  as  one  of   the   best   in   the   league.     The   defense   is   young   and   arguably   the   most   talented.   Besides   the   score   on   the   fumble   against   the   Washington   5HGVNLQV LQ ZHHN RQH the  defense  allowed  only   six   points.   This   creates   FRQĂ&#x20AC;LFW EHFDXVH ORV-­ ing   close   games   can-­ not   happen   if   the   Cow-­ boys   hope   to   make   it   deep   into   the   playoffs.      The  biggest  surprise  so   far   this   NFL   season   has   come   here   in   Houston   where   running   back   Ari-­ an  Foster  ran  on  33  car-­ ries   for   a   whopping   231   yards   and   three   touch-­ downs   averaging   seven   yards   per   carry   in   week   one.   The   once   shortly   beloved   Steve   Slaton   is   now   just   a   back   up   who   is   now   their   kick-­off   re-­ turner.   With   Arian   Fos-­ ter   having   both   speed   DQG SRZHU KH ZLOO EH the   every   down   back.       My   wish   is   to   see   a   Texas   showdown   in   the   Super   Bowl.   If   the     Cowboys   can   maintain   the   the   focus   they   had   DJDLQVWWKH7H[DQVWKHQ it   could   happen.   With   WKDW EHLQJ VDLG , ZLOO EH GULYHQ WR VD\ WKURXJK the   ecstasy   of   seeing   WKH7H[DQVZLQQLQJWKDW they   might   just   win   it   all.   My   prediction   is   the   Houston   Texans   losing   to   the   Dallas   Cowboys   .

V-ball allstars: Coach REbovich

Kelsey Radabaugh

Laura Cazares

Abbey Raymond

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