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couple months ago, I found myself standing at a crossroads: to continue the magazine I started with a couple friends a little over a year ago, or to close this chapter of my life, since our co-founders moved on to pursue their career dreams. I kept thinking to myself how Sweet Lemon Magazine has grown into a beautiful network of Gen-Y women who celebrate their uniqueness in a rapidly growing world. Our very purpose is to help women pursue their dreams, live fruitful lives, and connect with each other. With the help of technology, we have grown a family, and fostered great relationships with our followers, contributors, and partners. It became clear that I simply had to keep this movement going.

We are celebrating the modern woman, so we decided to give ourselves a more modern look, with splashes of bold colors, and daring content. We have created a space for the Jane wearing Kate Spade to communicate with the Jane wearing Céline. We have created a space for the Jane working in fashion to connect with the Jane working in finance. We have created the space for the food truck lovers, and fine dining connoisseurs; the backpackers, and the jet-setters. We have created a space for the Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, and Carrie...or E. None of The Above. Sometimes, life will give you lemons, and other times, life with literally throw those lemons straight at your face. The only thing that matters is that you grab them, and make your life as beautiful as it can be. Just don’t forget to share these moments with the people who inspire you.

I soon realized I wasn’t alone, and knew I had to make some changes. We live in an era where people can connect with each other they don’t even know with the touch of a Twitter button. We live in a time where “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your talking about the news or bold fashions is no one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver longer taboo. We live in an environment of acceptance, open-mindedness, and expression. Be inspirational, “Girl Power” is no longer just a Spice Girls tagline, it’s a movement.

Paris Rouzati

So, with a little help from my friends, we decided to give Sweet Lemon a little makeover. NO.2


Meet the Sweet Lemon Team: Paris Rouzati // editor-in-chief Paris is part geek, and part chic. She fancies lame jokes, TED Talks, spontaneous dance parties, and red lipstick. She enjoys witty banter over a cup of tea (or two), and consumes more Nutella than recommended. Her mantra: iWork to live, and iLive to give. Follow her: @ParisRouzati -

brittney ann cardillo // brand director Brittney (BAC) is as girly as they come. She schedules time for handwritten notes, birthday cards and crafts, adores bubbly, polished paws and playing hostess to her friends. A Sunshine State native, she’s drawn to the sand and coast and has learned to embrace the freckles that come with being Irish. BAC loves dressing up, monograms and strives to live each day to its fullest. Follow her: @BAnnC

meghan lynch // art director Meghan is a philosopher at heart, constantly striving to better understand the world -- One adventure at a time! She’s a perfectionist, lover of all things DIY, and maintains a major music obsession. Her dream is to one day be as cool as Maira Kalman, as noble as Atticus Finch, and... as happy as a clam. Follow her: @M3gger - NO.3

/ / I ss u e N o . 9 C ont r ib u to r s

design team: Megan Chandler Contributing Designer @megachand

Sara gautieri Contributing Designer @savi423

Anum Tariq Illustrator @anumtariq21

Robb Hohmann Photographer @therobbstory

carleigh Smith Stylist @smithcarleigh

Victoria Budosh Makeup Artist @victoriapaints

Alex Laughlin Marketing Director @alexlaughs

hanna howard Copy Editor @_hannahoward

Ali Vitali Copy Editor & Contributing Author @alivitali

editorial team:


- editorial team -

Carleton English Contributing Author @carletonenglish

bethany Diffey Contributing Author @theBsoup

Kristen Blalock Contributing Author @KristenellehciM

Kristen Kehner Contributing Author @kristenkehner

Louisa Clements Contributing Author @living_lou

Mae Badiyan Contributing Author @maebad

Megan Peters Contributing Author @Crazybananas

nichole ciotti Contributing Author @nicholeciotti

Rosi MoscA-Herrera Contributing Author

Sarah Solomon Contributing Author @urbanjap


Stefanie Dasher Contributing Author @lifeonthesqs

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8. We’re Sweet On 10. April Showers 12. May Flowers 14. Cell Candy

#Freshnews 18. Entertainment 22. Staying Social 24. Calendar





27. Spring Look Book 42. Spring Makeup Trends 49. Nicole’s Guide to Style

#lemonaid 60. How a Manicure Can Give You an Edge at Work 64. Broke is the New Black 68. A Girl Learns to Give & Follow Her Own Advice 72. Creating My Career Path 80. Meet the Bitches Who Brunch


#zestyliving 114. Can’t Repeat the Past? ...of Course You Can! 134. An American in Moscow 138. Living the Dream Downton Abbey Style 142. Celebrate Spring Flavors 146. DIY: Wall of Words






150. Hello Spring ft. Illustrations by Anum Tariq


We’re Sweet On From Atlanta to Annapolis. Champagne to Soda. Paris, Brittney, & Meghan share their Spring picks.



1 3

who Editor-in-Chief where Atlanta, GA

6 1 Cartier Juste un Clou Bracelet 2 Silvano Sunnies 3 Charlotte Olympia Paris Pumps 4 Birdaria Lucite Tray 5 Clover Canyon Dress 6 Tom Ford “Lost Cherry” Lipgloss




See p112 for details on how to win a bottle!




who Brand Director where washington, DC


1 Modalu Pippa Bag 2 Alex & Ani Initial Bracelet 3 May Books 4 Money Maker Hairspray by Drybar 5 Rewined Mimosa Candle


May books *10% OFF for Sweet Lemon readers with promo code: 5



2 1

who art director where Annapolis, MD

1 Somerset Hat 2 Keds速 x Madewell 3 Revlon Vixen #570 4 Mix & Map Tote 5 The Elements of Style Illustrated


3 5



Tory Burch Mini Umbrella

Barbour Ferndown Jacket

iPhone Otterbox Case

Sperry Topsider NO.10

Jack Roger Jellies

Joules Rain Boots

San Francisco Umbrella Company

Kate Spade Umbrella

Petit Bateau Classic Rain Jacket Tory Burch Jelly Bow Rain Flats

Modcloth Ring Holder

Scout Tote Bag



Marc Jacobs Perfume Rose Watch

curated by meghan


Ruche Dress

Rose Necklace

Kate Spade Heels

Felt Pillow NO.12

Blossom Earrings Lace Boxers


TOMS Blossom iPhone Case

Ivy Trashcan

Steve Madden Backpack NO.13

Florencia Sunglasses

4 2



12 10

11 9




1. Tory Burch T Stacked / 2. Marc Jacobs / 3. Stella McCartney Sleeve / 4. Chanel Nail Polish / 5. Children’s Art Project Layered Hearts / 6. Juicy Anchor / 7. Marc Jacobs Blossom 8. Lifeproof Case / 9. Kate Spade Hello Sunshine / 10. Tory Burch Perforated NO.14




14 13





C u r ate d by Pa r is 11. Crimson Gold / 12. Dannijo / 13. Kate Spade Fave Things 14. DVF Lips / 15. Targus Wallet / 16. Anthropologie Jeweltrove 17. Pantone Yellow / 18. iLuv Pink and White / 19. Sakar Hello Kitty NO.15

Needlepoint Accessories Fashion | sorority | custom

Choose your Color. Choose your Cause.



On our shelves: My Beloved World / by Sonia Sotomayor Here’s an honest book about a little girl in the Bronx who ended up becoming the first Hispanic and third woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court. The best part of all? It’s the non-fictional story written by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, whose troubled childhood taught her, the hard way, about self-reliance and turning struggles into character-building moments - not setbacks. Sotomayor’s book is inspiring in that it reminds us of the attainability of the American dream and seeks to show that there is no greater power than believing in yourself.

The Pale King / By David Foster Wallace The story follows agents at the IRS Regional Examination Center in Peoria, Illinois, who, while leading normal lives, must attempt to remain themselves amidst the boredom of their profession. This novel by the incredible David Foster Wallace was not completely finished by the time of his death, but it was nevertheless published last year and proved to be as compelling, fearless, and entertaining as his other works. One of the greatest gifts the publishing house gives to the readers - and Wallace fans - is an added section of the author’s handwritten notes and scribbles during the time he wrote the novel.



On the telly:

How to Live with Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life) Premieres April 3rd on ABC This ABC comedy follows a newly-divorced mother played by Sarah Chalke (formerly of Scrubs), who moves back in with her parents thanks to the economic downturn. Add to the mix the eccentric personalities of her parents, an old high school boyfriend, and an exhusband trying to get her back; the show will have plenty of material to draw us in.

Inside Amy Schumer Premieres April 30th on Comedy Central If Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have taught us anything it’s that girls, comedy, and TV mix oh-so-well together. While Schumer is definitely the R-rated version of those two comedians, she is equally hilarious in depicting the life of a modern woman. Think Louis C.K. as a really attractive, slightly deranged blond and you have Amy Schumer.


At the box office: The Great Gatsby / In theaters May 10th Who could not be excited about another Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio collaboration? Most of us had to read the famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald back in highschool but, this new take on the 1925 classic promises to be quite an audience pleaser. The story centers around the wide-eyed Midwestern, Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), as he finds himself drawn to the charismatic presence of Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio) and witnesses his life spiral out of control at the peak of the roaring 20s. With the fabulous Carey Mulligan as Daisy and the help of designer Miuccia Prada in costumes, this film will have plenty of style to watch for, as well as the classic elements of the book we all know and love. Daisy and the shirts scene? We cannot wait!

Lotus Eaters / In theaters April 5th Alexandra McGuinness’s stylish directorial debut follows the lives of London’s young elites. The film, which originally debuted in the U.K. in 2011, presents its story and characters in an homage to classic fashion photography. Shot in black and white, Lotus Eaters shows the self-destructive nature of “fun” for characters who live like there’s no tomorrow. The film has also been praised for its strong soundtrack, which features some of London’s leading Indie acts, and has started making the rounds of in American film festivals. Picture Cruel Intentions meets Almost Famous with splash of The Royal Tenenbaums.


Musique! Volume 3 / by She & Him In stores May 7th Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward’s newest album will be featuring 11 new compositions by Deschanel, a few covers, and some surprising guest appearances, including punk icon Mike Watt, Tilly And The Wall, and Pierre De Reeder from Rilo Kiley. The new record will surely retain the fun and light, indie-folk tunes that have become a signature of the band. This new release will also be followed by a summer tour.

The Terror / by The Flaming Lips In stores April 2nd The new album by this experimental rock band has critics raving already. Frontman Wayne Coyne has talked about it being created in a “sleepwalker’s dimension,” which coincides with the record’s ghostly and psychedelic sound. A perfect companion for daydreaming and welcoming spring. If you want to check out their live show, one of the best in the music scene, they will be touring this spring and summer.

by Rosi Mosca-Herrera NO.21


V-Day desserts!


Curated by Alex Laughlin / @alexlaughs

Spring is officially upon us, and we wanted to hear from you! Over the last two months, we have shared over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram what we’re most excited about this springtime. Make sure to keep in touch between issues — maybe we’ll see you next time!

Love the #weekender, but wish it was the weekend.

#springzest FB: How do you hope to spruce/spice up your life this spring? >> Natalie Pezzenti: I’ve been searching for a poetry workshop. I’m determined to write something beautiful to coincide with the blooming flowers! NO.22

Who’s brunching today? Happy Sunday!



@SweetLemonMag: What are you most looking forward to this spring? #springawakening @DeonnahDavis: I’m going to try new things. Foods, workouts, and clothes! I stick to the same routine so much, I need some change in life. @FashionPennPal: I love the new fashions each spring. This year spring I can’t wait to mix the classic blk & white trend. @glitterinclexi: We’re moving! Excited to start fresh with my design vision! #wishmeluck @MyStyleVita: Looking forward to enjoying the sunshine outside at the park with my pup Pork! And bare legs of course. @sameve: I’m looking forward to more pretty colors & patterns in stores, and longer days with lots of sunshine! @Simply_Hanny: My favorite thing about Spring is seeing all the beautiful flowers bloom & seeing the grass growing again :) @SincerelyLouisa: Pastel colors! @urbanJAP: Not wearing pants for another six months. @VeggieDreamgirl: Those first early girl tomatoes to be ready in the garden!


April April FooLs’ Day




emma watson’s birthday






national pb&J Day




Lookalike day


earth 22 day



23 24

Illustration by Anum Tariq



10 national sibling



Pocahontas’s Wedding Anniversary


national Caramel popcorn day



9 8




27 Babe Ruth Day

Kiss Your Mate Day

29 30

7 8 George Clooney’s Birthday





National Teachers’ Day

mothers’ day 12 13

15 National Chocolate Chip Day


16 17


Victoria Day (canada)

Cinco de mayo



tina fey’s birthday

memorial day 27

4 washington D.C. becomes a city





1 may day


23 24 26

29 jfk’s birthday










lo ok spring

bo ok By Bethany Diffey @theBsoup Photography By Kalee VanEenenaam


There’s no outfit as foolproof as one with a nautical theme, especially in the spring and summer. All white is timeless, and adding quintessential nautical notes like gold buttons, anchors, or even lobsters, exude an Americana vibe that works on land or sea. Call it a sartorial surf n’ turf! Dress the look up with sailor pants and heels or keep it casual in a blue and white striped tee with denim shorts. Sailor chic for champagne and oysters on a sunny dock will always work that’s a promise.


sweater: Forever 21 pants: Forever 21 heels: Forever 21 clutch: ASOS


dress: Hong Kong Vintage heels: ASOS


There’s been a major nod to mod recently and it’s continuing into spring. Sixties shift dresses in bright colors with retro color blocking are a statement piece in and of themselves. The most fun way to try this trend without making an huge investment is to shop the look from a vintage store for a truly one of a kind ensemble. I had to have this lime, A-line dress from a local vintage boutique when I saw the unique beading at the neck. No jewelry required!




dress (as top): ASOS (similar) jeans: Target heels: ASOS



All of my favorite pieces right now are beaded, embellished with jewels, or adorned with 3-D extras that make it stand out. For fancier occasions like a birthday or party, the more bedazzled the better. But a glitzy top with distressed jeans is a fun, less fussy way to wear the look for a dinner date or drinks with friends. Adding jeweled brooches to a plain sweater or t-shirt also creates a cool juxtaposition between casual and glam that isn’t too over the top.



dress: Prabal Gurung for Target heels: Forever 21 clutch: ASOS necklace: Anthropologie


I live in prints, and am so glad that the kaleidoscopic brights trend is still going strong. The mirrored colors and graphics take all of the guesswork out of mixing prints and make it easy to accessorize with almost any color jewelry, shoes, or bag. I love the electric colors of this dress with the ruffle hem -- it’s perfect on it’s own or amped up with a sparkly necklace and sexy heels.


Warm weather almost asks to be complemented with a crop top, which is why I love when this time of year rolls around. I’m also a big fan of matching separates, so when I saw this little bustier and skirt, I had to have them. Over the past few summers crop tops have seemingly evolved from short shirts to bralets, so having a high-waisted skirt or pants is key in not being mistaken for a working girl. Cute flats also tone down the fact that you’re not actually wearing a shirt. All in the name of fashion, right?



sunglasses: HOUSE OF HARLOW 1960 earrings: Glamhouse

crop bustier & skirt: TArget cardigan: Forever 21 flats: Forever 21


g n i r

p S

p u e

k a M

s d n

e r T

By Nichole Ciotti // @nicholeciotti //

At the Spring 2013 shows, makeup artists celebrated the bold and the beautiful with smoldering brown hues, crimson lips and porcelain skin. Many of us were captivated by some of the more unconventional looks too, like floating eyeliner and flashes of major brows. While these funky combinations look insanely cool on the runway, fitting them into a daily beauty routine isn’t always practical. My advice: Take cues from all the big names in beauty by incorporating their trends into looks you feel comfortable wearing.





During a recent photo shoot for a vintage jewelry line, I snuck in some serious face time with Jillian Marie, a freelance makeup artist in San Francisco to learn how to create the perfect bronze smoky eye for Spring.

EYES: 1. Apply MAC Eye Paint in Untitled from the lash line to the brow bone. 2. Apply MAC Soft Brown eyeshadow to the eyelid and crease. 3. Dust MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye. 4. Blend MAC Corduroy & Brun eyeshadows into the outer corner of the eye to create the smoky look. 5. Line the lower lashes with MAC Brun eyeshadow. 6. Line the upper lash line with MAC Blacktrack Fluidline. 7. Apply false lashes (MAC 3 LASH).


TIP: Take this look from the office to happy hour in less than a minute with a quick lipstick change. For day time, try a glossy nude lip. For night, go with something bold like YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture #13.


TIP: If you suffer from dry skin (like me), keep a bottle of Hope Springs Eternal Hydrating Mist close by to keep skin moist throughout the day. This product can be applied directly before and after makeup, or during the day as needed.

SKIN 1. Hydrate the skin with Hope Springs Eternal Deep Sea Hydrating Mist by Philosophy.

2. Apply MAC Face and Body foundation all over the skin. 3. Conceal dark circles and any blemishes with MAC Pro- Longwear Concealer. 4. Contour the face using MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. 5. Apply MAC blush in Cheek to the apples of the cheeks. 6. Highlight the face with Kevin Aucoin Celestial Powder.


1. Apply YSL Rouge Pur Couture #13. NO.46







It seems like pale pink lips would be a Spring favorite, but this year it’s all about a bold, voluptuous mouth. A bold, red lip is such a statement in itself that it requires very little makeup anywhere else. The key to a fresh face, however, starts with the right skin care routine, and that often means trying multiple product lines until you find the best one that works for your skin type.


SKIN 1. Apply Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer to the entire face. 2. Dust Tarte Park Avenue Princess Mineral Bronzer over the face. 3. Apply Tarte Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara to the bottom and top lashes.

LIPS 1. Line lips with MAC Beet lip pencil. 2. Fill lips in with MAC Matte Ruby Woo lipstick.


If your lips are craving moisture, dab a small amount of Kiehl’s #1 Lip Balm to your lips before applying the liner and lipstick.


Guide to Style N

icole Stoner describes her style as “40 percent LA, 30 percent Dallas,

20 percent New York, and 10 percent Paris”. There is no denying the chic Parisian element that she possesses as well her trendy eye that can keep up with the Big Apple. Her long blonde locks, laid back personality and arm party can fully be blamed on California roots. Finally, Nicole adores

big hair and dressing up, which appropriately coincides with the Lonestar State where she spent her collegiate years (everything’s bigger in Texas, right?). As a fashion stylist and one hot mama,Nicole has styled some of Hollywood’s biggest sweethearts in photo shoots and on the coveted red carpet. Her website and blog, Nicole’s Guide to Style, chronicles her personal style, services and Pinterest-envy nuptials. These days, Nicole is busy styling her newest client, Hudson, her 3-month-old baby boy! Follow Nicole Stoner: - @nsguidetostyle By Brittney Ann Cardillo - @BAnnC


Where did you grow up and where have you lived?

the jobs that I’ve had since graduating but

I grew up in a small suburb about 15 minutes

from college was becoming more independ-

from downtown Los Angeles. After graduat-

ent. I was beyond shy growing up (I was that

ing from high school, I headed to Dallas to

girl whose mom sat with her on the play-

attend college. I spent the summer between

ground in 1st grade) and moving so far away

my sophomore and junior years doing a study

from home really taught me a lot about myself

abroad program in Paris then did a summer

and what I am capable of.

I think the most important thing I gained

internship between my junior and senior

How did those places influence to New York for a bit with my boyfriend at the your style? time (now husband) before returning back to I definitely appreciate the fashion from all

years in New York. Upon graduation I moved

of the places I’ve lived. LA style is very laid


back and anything goes so you have a lot

Where did you go to school & what more room to experiment with trends. The did you study? How did that help California girl in me loves an “arm party,” you with what you are doing now? booties (Rag & Bone are my favorite) and I went to Southern Methodist University will always support wearing white after (Go Mustangs!) from 2004-2008. Moving to

Dallas from LA was a huge decision for me, but the area that SMU is in reminded me of my hometown and the southern hospitality was very inviting to a homesick Californian like myself. As hard as it was in the beginning, I wouldn’t trade my time in Dallas for anything (and I secretly want to move back I loved it so much). While attending SMU, I majored in English and was a few credits shy of minoring in Cinema Television. I’ve always been a big reader, actually enjoyed writing essays in school and love all things pop culture so those were the perfect choices for me. I’m definitely able to apply some of the skills I acquired in my day to day life and

Labor Day. I’m also guilty of thinking my gym clothes are appropriate for running my errands in (a habit I’m trying to break). From Dallas, I gained my love for color, prints and big hair. The women of Texas are always a tad overdressed with perfect hair and makeup which I secretly love. They always look fabulous! Parisian women look chic even in the simplest things which I really admire. If my whole wardrobe was Isabel Marant and Vanessa Bruno I’d be a happy girl! From New York, I love the looks of the editorial and PR girls. They’re always on top of the trends and have perfectly edited outfits (a lot which is probably attributed to the small closets in NY!).



Who is your style icon and why?

comes to everyday style. They all are a little

This is a hard one because there are so many

boho and edgy but pull it off in an effortless

women out there with great style. For

and organic way. For red carpet looks, I think

mommy style, I die for Miranda Kerr. Her

Gwyneth Paltrow and Diane Kruger can do no

outfits are always chic and flawless. I look to

wrong. They always step it up a notch and wear

Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Rachel Bilson

a lot of things that are more on the editorial

and Kate Bosworth for inspiration when it

side of the style spectrum which I appreciate.


Who is your favorite celebrity client you have worked with? Tell us about the experience.

probably got to spend the most time over

I had the amazing privilege of assisting LA

and with Jessica Simpson on the Fashion

stylist, Nicole Chavez, for a few years. All

Star set. My favorite times were award season...

of her clients are adorable, sweet and very

being able to see amazing clothes straight off

down to earth so I can’t choose a favorite! I

of the runway from designers like Elie Saab,

the years with Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell prepping for their various press events


Marchesa and Chanel and going to the jew-

accent piece,Vogue Living: House,Gardens,

elry houses to pick pieces brought in from

and People,Jan Showers’ Glamourous Rooms,

their vaults never got old! It was such a fun

American Fashion Designers At Home,

experience for someone like me who loves

and an Hermes ashtray (for decoration only,

all things fashion related.

of course!). I’m a believer that you can never have enough candles or coffee table books

What is your must have handbag sprinkled throughout your home! and shoe for the Spring? I’d love to get another Celine bag and I’m

Tell us about your blog? How did seriously lusting over Christian Louboutin’s you get started? Who do you draw Pigalle Spike Pumps in Nude. They are classy, inspiration from? What is the message/purpose of your blog? sexy and edgy all in one and the color would I think of my blog as my personal journal work with everything. where I can look back and see what I did on

Design the perfect coffee table (what is on it).

a particular weekend or what my favorite

A lucite tray filled with fresh peonies,Diptyque

just a little peek into my day to day life and

candles in Ambre and Mimosa, a little geode

what’s currently inspiring me. I started blog-

fashion finds were for a certain month. It’s


Have you ever thought of starting a way to pass the time between job interviews your own clothing line? and it turned into a really fun hobby. I didn’t Fashion design has never been a dream of ging when I was living in New York in 2008 as

read many blogs before starting my own but

mine. I’ve always had a passion for styling

now my google reader is filled with lots of

and putting together looks from an array

great finds. I tend to prefer to read blogs that

of designers for myself and others. My big

are a little more “lifestyle” influenced because

fashion aspiration is to open a clothing store

I feel more connected to the writers. Fashion

where I can share my favorite pieces from

wise, I love looking at the pretty pictures

labels I love and do some personal styling

on Atlantic-Pacific, Brooklyn Blonde, and

directly from the store! That is a goal I really

Cheetah is the New Black and I admire Bradley

hope to achieve at some point.

from Luella & June’s keen fashion sense but

If you have to pack one outfit head to toe)to take on a Gilligan's Island from browsing Pinterest. I also have to give a vacay-gone-wrong, what would it shout out to my sister’s blog, Bloom Designs be and why? Online. She is an amazing party planner and I’m going to cheat a little... First, I’d pack all I think that I find the most style inspiration

comes up with the most creative projects to

my essentials (and my wardrobe change)

share with her readers.

in a Goyard tote. For day on the island, I’d


"I’m a bel enough sprink NO.56

liever that you can never have candles or coffee table books kled throughout your home!� NO.57

want to have Josie Maran’s sunscreen and

While I was pregnant, I tried to wear what I

Argan oil (gotta protect the skin) a Pucci

already had in my closet which made me

bikini, a DVF coverup, K.Jacques sandals and

realize that I need to try to invest more in solid

a straw sun hat from J. Crew. For night, I’d

colors and everyday pieces... if you know of

change into a Missoni caftan, white J Brand

the perfect T or jeans please let me know,

jeans and Marni wedges topped with some

I’m still searching! When you have quality

layered jewelry from Jennifer Meyer... And

basics it’s easy to mix in an “of the moment”

then I’d pray someone would find me very

bag, necklace or shoe and have your whole

quickly because my outfits aren’t practical

look feel fresh and new so I’m going to try to

in the least!

remember that when shopping this year.

Has becoming a mom changed your When life gives you lemons.... style any? If so, how? Make an extra strong lemon drop martini I don’t think much has changed except I’d (preferably with Grey Goose). In all seriousrather buy clothes for my little boy (I mean, ness, I’ve come to learn that the lemons have you seen Freshly Picked’s baby moc- make you that much more thankful and casins?) instead of something for myself!

appreciative of everything sweet in your life.



BY Kristen Kehner @kristenkehner

How a Manicure Can Give You an Edge at Work NO.60

#lemonaid I had never had a manicure before I started

Aside from the obvious appeal of glossy

my first full-time job. Well, maybe not

fingertips, here are a few other reasons you

never—but for the most part my nail polish

should consider heading to the closest nail

jobs were DIY. I never really understood the


appeal of having a stranger comment on the

It’s relaxing.

state of your cuticles.

There’s something

about putting yourself in the hands of That changed when I went to work for a

a professional that is totally freeing.

large consulting company after college

Fortunately, it’s a manicure, not a haircut.

and met Lindsay. Tall, blonde and fearlessly

No need to choke back tears while you

outspoken, Lindsay and I instantly bonded

thank the stylist for giving you a cut that

over online shopping and trash-talking

looks nothing like the picture you brought.

(I never said we were workplace role models). She dry-cleaned her clothes (I only


buy clothes that are machine washable)

myself fashionable (a feeling that was

and seemed to always have perfectly-

quickly confirmed after I studied abroad

manicured nails.

in the U.K. in college and realized that I

I have never considered

look more like a Gap model than a runway A few weeks into our friendship, Lindsay

model) – but manicures are an easy way

invited me to go for a manicure. I

to try a trend with minimal commitment.

reluctantly accepted, secretly judging her

Unlike fashion, regret over a trendy polish

for frivolously spending money on her

decision is short-lived and easily erased

nails—but I couldn’t help myself. Three

with a few tabs of remover (Trust me. Pale

coats later—base, polish and top—and I was

green isn’t a good look for nails).

hooked. I walked away feeling gorgeous, put

IT’S COST EFFECTIVE. At $15-$20 for

together, and refreshed.

a manicure and $5-$10 for a polish change, I discovered that a fresh coat of polish can

a manicure is an inexpensive way to feel

give you an edge at work similar to a great

pulled together—even when you don’t feel

pair of five-inch heels, but the edge is less

that way. Who doesn’t want that? Consider

dangerous—especially if you are as clumsy

alternating polish changes (where the nail

as I am. Lindsay converted me from skeptic

professional files and paints your nails but

to habitué. I now go for a manicure every

doesn’t trim your cuticles) to cut down on


cost and keep polish fresh.



When I first started getting manicures, I

experiment and venture into bolder shades

didn’t own a lot of nail polish and justified

like mint, violet and cobalt blue or even a

the cost by figuring that if I were to buy

pattern— tuxedo mani, anyone?

the base coat, polish, and top coat myself it would cost more than just getting my

Red is powerful. Red is powerful,

nails done by a professional. Of course,

classic and professional—and easier to

after a couple manicures, I’m not sure that

pull off than red lipstick. Red nails are also

justification still holds; but if you like to

neutral enough to pass in a conservative

switch shades often, a polish change can be

work environment but still command

less than the cost of that coveted new Essie

attention. Look for red enamel on the nails

color—and you’re not stuck with it if you

of high-power executives and managers.

don’t love it.

It makes an impression. A fresh

It could help you get the job. We all know that tall, attractive

coat of enamel and a shiny top coat can give

people are statistically more likely to get

you extra confidence at work and may help

the job than shorter, less attractive people.

you outshine your coworkers. I realized

Include your nails in your interview prep

the power of heels early in my career and

and get a manicure just like you would

relished the opportunity to tower inches

get a haircut or a new suit. A great suit is

over the heads of partners at my company.

easily ruined by the wrong pair of shoes.

Getting a regular manicure can give you the

The same is true for polish that is chipped

same no-nonsense confidence—without

or inappropriate for an interview (no

the added risk of tripping up the stairs.

neon nails, please). Chipped nails send the message that you aren’t attentive to detail—

Just remember to consider where you

so why would an interviewer think you

work. Depending on where you work, some

would be any different on the job?

enamel choices may not be appropriate. When working in traditionally conservative

If I haven’t convinced you that you

industries (think investment banking or

need a manicure, your resolve must be

law firms), it may be safer to stick to red,

impenetrable. I got my weekly manicure

pink, nude, navy, taupe and other more

this week and am currently living on the

subtle shades. In creative industries (think

edge—with freshly painted lavender tips.

marketing, fashion or retail), feel free to


BROKE How the Millennial Generation is Ramen Noodling our Way to the Top By Ali Vitali // @alivitali

These days, broke is the new black.

Turns out we need to. Upon graduating, it

It started in college. There, we were taught

became increasingly clear that the girls

to love free stuff. Even things we hated, we

of Girls aren’t messing around. Being a

loved because we got it for exactly $0. I

20-something means, aside from the nudity,

wore a vomit colored t-shirt that taught

that we’re destined for a life of underpaid,

The Bacchus Maneuver for 4 years simply

almost indentured, servitude while trying

because I got it for free on the quad freshman

to “find ourselves” in the years imme-

year. I paid nothing for that shirt. I didn’t

diately following our college experience.

even fill out the survey initially required to

For a generation that our parents call

obtain it. That shirt made me feel badass.

apathetic, smug and entitled, I wonder if

That shirt reminded me that I could beat

people understand the work that goes into

the system. Whoever said nothing in life

being a postgraduate right now. This isn’t

comes free had never met Generation

a woe-is-me moment; this is just how it is.

Millennial. We could have it all – and have

The job market is shit. If you can get a job,

it all for cheaper.

you’re probably not getting paid very much. Which is fine because many of us, myself


is the NEW

BLACK included, understand that we have to pay

ping the J.Crew/Banana Republic/American

our dues. But for those of us trying to make

Apparel Warehouse sales is every post-grad

it in the Big City, you know that most of your

gal’s dirty secret to looking yo-pro appropri-

work hours translate into a rent check that

ate in the office, but boys hunt bargains just

makes you want to weep while you write it.

like we do. And they talk about their money

Oh, New York City rent, Carrie Bradshaw

problems just as much, too.

never told me what a cruel bedfellow you Overheard at New York City brunch, my


friend and I muse about #20somethingAmong friends, it’s no longer a competition

problems: “I live in a shoebox apartment,

of who has the most expensive clothes – it’s

but I have a new 70-inch plasma TV,” he

who has the most expensive clothes and

says. Or, “I have $16 in my bank account, but

got them at the best bargain. You paid $30

I need my unlimited iPhone plan.” Yes, this

for that shirt when it was originally $50? It

is the way of the world now. The irony.

is now instantly cuter – and has street cred. It was a bargain purchase. It’s broke-chic.

But while having these problems makes us

We’re young and struggling and most

sound like brats, the truth of it is we’re really

likely living off of ramen noodles – anything

all just Liz Lemoning our way through life,

goes if we can get it at a steal. This doesn’t

hoping that at the bottom of each bowl of

just apply to girls either. Sure, bargain shop-

ramen noodles we’ll be one slurp closer to


“having it all.” We’re still the same genera-

And while we’re broke, struggling, and

tion that grew up believing we could change

building character, we want our friends to

the world. And we can. I wrote recently that

know about it. It has become a bragging

our generation is capable of a lot, but that

right to say you’ve suffered so you can have

we’re also not living up to our full potential.

the cool PR job that underpays you for all

“We know more about Snooki and Jionni’s

your overtime hours, or the digi-journalist

baby than we do about who’s running for

job that lets you write what you love but

Kerry’s Senate seat in Massachusetts.”

doesn’t afford you the same comforts you

That’s a problem. And yes, we Millennials

could’ve had if only you just took that one

may be prone to the downfalls of what my

business class in college and went into

co-worker calls “the hyperbole generation.”

finance upon graduating. The liberal arts

But just because we say that everything is

bleeding hearts are suffering, but we’re mak-

“the worst” doesn’t mean that we are too.

ing it sound glamorous - somehow. Ramen

We’re broke, we’re struggling, we’re build-

noodles aren’t just a punch line; most of us

ing character, and we’re the perfect mix of

are subsisting off them. But when we make

naïve and ambitious to still believe we can

it – really make it – that’s just going to make

make a difference.

that big, juicy, steak taste even better.

#20SOMETHINGPROBLEMS “I have $16 in my bank account, but I NEED my unlimited iPhone plan.” Ali Vitali wrote this sitting on a train back out to the suburbs, taking a short break from pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw reincarnated as a 20-something in the 21st century. None of this “Carrie Diaries” BS. As she was finishing this piece, John Mayer’s “Waiting On the World to Change” came on her iPod shuffle. In that moment, she knew that somewhere in the universe, someone was agreeing with her uncharacteristic optimism about her peers and her generation. And maybe even her optimism for herself.



a girl learns to give & follow her own advice

By Carelton English // @carletonenglish // Carleton English is a Philadelphian working for a medical device start-up. She previously worked as a Client Associate for a Seattle-based wealth management firm serving high net worth clients and leading financial literacy seminars for teens and young adults. She is an active member of the Junior League of Philadelphia. Carleton enjoys tango dancing, classic movies and finding good food. Carleton is a graduate of the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University.


When reading advice columns, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine the writer as a normal person. You can’t picture your personal trainer ever having a “fat” day, Emily Post cursing a driver who cut her off, or Martha Stewart coming home from a long day and saying, “to hell with it, I’m having Easy Mac tonight.” Similarly, when reading financial advice you may picture the writer (perhaps even myself) never stressing over a bill payment, talking conversationally about 401Ks, and balancing checkbooks as easily as inhaling and exhaling. Your imagined picture is wrong. Before writing Sweet Lemon pieces, I survey topics that financial bloggers have covered recently to make sure my pieces are not redundant and to fill in any holes in other bloggers’ advice. “Okay” advice can easily be misinterpreted in a 500 word piece and quickly become “bad” advice. In light of the flood of finance articles spurred by the New Year, the sequester/ fiscal cliff/grand bargain chaos in Washington, and tax season, I’ve become very sensitive about what it means to be in the position of giving advice. I review the bios of financial journalists and become nervous when I see writers “advising on” heftier financial matters, like investing and taxes, without having work experience in financial services. While finance can be learned by everyone, there is extra knowledge that comes from being in a position to make financial decisions on behalf of a company. In the interest of full disclosure, what follows is my own jagged path through the world of finance and personal and professional lessons learned. And, in following my own unofficial rules for financial advice giving, I have worked in financial services.


My Entry Into Financial Services...

My Path Change

…was both accidental and pre-destined. As an International Affairs major, I imagined that my econ classes would lead me to Project Management at the World Bank, but was surprised by how much I enjoyed interning in the risk management department of my dad’s company. After college, I thought sales would be the perfect role for me given my outgoing nature and love of boozy lunches. But strangely enough, I kept finding myself drawn to credit analysis, where my dad got his start. Perhaps I should blame genetics for inheriting the ability to assess risk and spend hours analyzing spreadsheets. After becoming a credit analyst, I reviewed credit reports and financial statements of individuals and businesses to determine their creditworthiness and if granting them loans would be a good financial bet for the company. Good credit was easy to spot and approve. Bad credit required work to equip deals with enough mitigating factors to make them viable. Eventually it becomes time to realize that a deal just doesn’t make sense and you have to stop trying to make it work; in other words, decline and move on.

Finding Seattle flush with tech jobs but not many jobs in financial analysis precipitated my move into Wealth Management. Have you ever heard the Warren Buffett quote “Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway?” Although I was 3,000 miles from Wall Street, this statement could not be more fitting. With the push of a few buttons I could trade in a client’s account more than I made in a year! I worked under a team of financial advisors to assist high net worth Seattle families make investment and other financial decisions, usually involving estate documents and investment planning for their businesses. I saw male CEOs cry about the difficult choices they faced in steering their companies during the financial crisis. I saw families torn apart by financial preference given to some children in wills. My interest in financial literacy and education crystallized when I realized all of the ways that money affects our life. Marriage, children, college, retirement, divorce, and death all have financial components to them. Despite technically working in finance, I often joked

Lesson Learned // When determining risk, financial or personal, there is sometimes a reason why the best answer is the simplest one.



that I was a psychologist who used money as I’m sure we can all remember that episode a tool to get clients to talk about their real of Sex and the City, where Carrie’s Manolo Blahnik’s are stolen from a party and she concerns. calls out the hostess for not replacing them despite the years of gifts Carrie provided Lesson Learned // Financial fears are ubiquitous and millionaires to her. While she often irks me, there was have the same problems as us normal folk. something about her acknowledging years Their problems just have a few more zeros to of (financially) celebrating other’s choices that resonated with me. While I made my the left of the decimal point. own choices, several of my financial missteps are a result of paying for a life that was not Mistakes Along the Way in line with my goals. I put wedding trips In my personal life, I have sometimes struggled on plastic, would eat at pricey restaurants with money and I wonder if this is because of, knowing beforehand that the food was only or despite, my working in financial services. so-so, and buy an extra round even though My credit card has carried a balance and I I was already sleepy and ready to go home. am still surprised by unexpected bills. So there goes that picture you thought up earlier about There are always going to be financial lessons finance people always having it all together. to learn, both personally and professionally. But thankfully I have changed many of the But as I exit my twenties, I look back to what I poor financial habits of my earlier twenties. have learned from eight years in the industry Somewhat ironically, now that I can afford the and realize that the following advice applies life I tried to live at 23, I find myself living like regardless of the industry you choose. I should have been living then: saving and turning down nights on the town for bigger Lesson Learned // Know what your financial goals. goals are, know what helps them, and perhaps even more important, what hurts them.



Lessons Learned from a Once Upon a Time Lawyer BY MAE BADIYAN | WWW.MAEBADIYAN.COM

I always thought law school would be like Legally Blonde. You know, “the law is reason free from passion,” and the occasional manicure set to Hoku songs. I was a brighteyed 21-year-old when I moved from a sweet Southern town, where I grew up and attended college, to the middle of bustling downtown Chicago to attend law school. I was going to wear cute outfits and save the world. Although as a little girl I loved to scribble on bank deposit slips and draw with my endless art supplies, I could never quite hone in on what exactly I wanted to be. I was desperate to accomplish something worthwhile and inspirational - but they don’t offer that as a major. So once it was time for college, I picked business, and then proceeded to law because that was just the next logical step. Isn’t that what every smart woman does when she has no clue what to do? I never really stopped to think or process; I just kept


moving. I moved to Chicago where I learned

My parents always told me I could be

legal theories by day and enjoyed strolling

whatever I wanted and I was determined to

Michigan Avenue by night, growing up a bit

find a way to do that. I quit my lucrative, stable

along the way. I made new friends that would

job and moved to Israel to work at a non-

become like sisters and spent weekend

profit organization. It was there that I actually

afternoons popping into museums.

became an adult. After two years, I returned to the U.S. with a newfound sense of energy,

What seemed like a million years later, or

ready to tackle this thing called a career. Sure,

maybe just three, I graduated for a second

that sounded great in theory and yes, I was

time, and somehow still didn’t feel like a

invigorated but I also had to be practical. A

professional. But I charged on, passed the

career starts with a job -- and I needed one. I

bar, and landed a job as a corporate lawyer.

was 30 years old, with a juris doctor degree, a

Seemingly I had it all. But I was living a story

handful of ideas, and... that was about it.

we’ve all heard before... I wasn’t fulfilled. While I enjoyed being a lawyer, I didn’t only

My next step was the cliche part: I took time

want to be a lawyer. Epiphany! My career

to truly listen to myself. It sounds simple

was defining me. But I felt I was so much

to say that I mapped out where I wanted to

more than someone who lived by legal

go, slipped on my high heels, and set out on

briefs and used words like “heretofore”

my path. In some aspects, it was as simple as

and “of the aforementioned” in day to day

making that initial decision. In other ways,

conversations. Couldn’t I be a lawyer two

there were very practical and deliberate

days a week, a fashion stylist for another two, steps that I had to take. I can look back now a teacher on Fridays, and spend weekends as

and appreciate the tedious tasks, but most

a writer? I wanted to be a QVC show host, a

importantly realize that it all started with

professional crafter, and conduct workshops

having the courage to put my thoughts into

to empower young girls. I wanted to do it all.



I started by writing down my core values

the recent college graduate who wants to

and then found a job to match each one. I

change jobs, or the stay-at-home mom who

created my dream jobs. Yes, plural, jobs. I am

is starting her own business. Here they are:

a secondary school teacher, blogger, online business and social media coach, and stylist.

Self-acceptance & mapping were my golden tickets.

And this summer, I’m starting yet another

There were many factors that led to my

business venture. It’s not easy but I find a

success and I am truly grateful for all of the

way to balance all of these aspects of my

influential people who offered their help,

life because that’s what makes me happy. I

but two of the most important elements

realized I cannot just be a lawyer. Or just a

started with me: accepting myself (and the

teacher. Or a blogger. Or entrepreneur. I am

fact that I was not going to have a “normal”

all of those things. And just because society

job) and mapping out exactly what I wanted

boutique owner, legal consultant, small

doesn’t have a job title that covers them all, my life to look like. These were the two doesn’t mean that I can’t make one up! (I’m

magical steps that got my career started in

still trying to figure out what exactly to call

the right direction. Love yourself and accept

myself, any ideas please send them my way.)

that your life won’t look like everyone else’s. Write down what you want. Don’t compare.

There’s no overnight success story here. My journey has been incredible so far, but not without broken heels, bumps and bruises. I’m still writing my story but I can say that

Be you and do it well.

It’s going to be scary. You might cry. Don’t give up.

I successfully transformed my career path, You’ll have to learn to live with ambiguity followed my heart, and still pay all my bills

and risk. Changing careers, fulfilling your

on time. And you can too! Trust me, I’m a

dreams, and becoming who you were meant


to be is not an easy task. Please persevere. You owe it to yourself. Eat a piece of

I don’t have all the answers and I’m still

chocolate, put on your party dress, and get to

figuring it out, but I’ve learned a few lessons

taking those steps to greatness.

along the way that I hope will inspire and assist the 28-year-old who doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, or

Build a support system full of people you trust. Consult with them.



“My parents always told me I could be whatever I wanted and I was determined that I would find a way to do that.�


I am fortunate to have a family that loved

yourself into. Research organizations that

and supported me through all my crazy

help entrepreneurs and women in business.

ideas. I have friends in various fields that I

Be empowered with knowledge and you can

asked for advice and connections. I know a

tackle anything. Be organized. Take your job,

lot of people but I chose wisely to work with

whatever it is, seriously. Dress up! Work a

just a few of them. I networked, I reached out

set number of hours but allow yourself the

to mentors. You are not an island.

flexibility you need.

But, don’t be afraid to make decisions independently.





Celebrate your accomplishments. Be kind to yourself.

Remember you can (almost) always change

Education is very important to me, especially

your mind. I had so many ideas in my head

as a woman. There are so many other women

of things I wanted to do. I loved the endless

around the world who are not afforded the

possibilities and was grateful that I could

right to an education so I place a very high

literally do anything. But those options

value on my degrees. I don’t ever regret

were also paralyzing. I learned to just make

going to law school. Sure, there are people

a decision, pick a path, and start walking. If I

who say “I can’t believe you spent all that

didn’t like where I ended up, I could always

time and money and went to law school and

change directions, but making a move was a

it’s just going to waste.”

crucial part of the process. But I am proud of these accomplishments,

Be smart. Be serious.

whether or not I utilize them daily. I am

Any change worth making requires a certain

excited for the life I have built and happy to

degree of faith. But you also must be smart. Do

live it!

your homework, know what you’re getting



1000s of

unique designs to call your own.

Š Tervis 2013

We’ll even put your name on them to make it official. NO.79



meet the

!Tches who Brunch

By Brittney Ann Cardillo / @BAnnC Photography By Robb Hohmann / @therobbstory Styling By Carleigh Smith / @carleighsmith Makeup By Victoria Budosh / @victoriapaints

We’ve all heard about “ladies who lunch.” Well move over, because it’s time to meet the Bitches Who Brunch. Behind the oversized Kate Spade sunnies and bows - meet Cori Sue Morris and Becca Clara Love: BFFs, foodies, and fashionistas. Do-it-all, 20-something women who live by the most organized Google calendars I think I’ve ever encountered.


Cori Sue - an energy communication specialist by day, is petite, adores peonies, Pinterest, all shades of pink, and brunches vegetarian-style. Becca - works at a content marketing agency, hails from the UK, savors the arts, and is the daughter of a former model (she has the height to prove it!). Cori Sue was raised in Buenos Aires and later moved to the beach town of St. Petersburg, Florida while Becca was born in England and grew up in nearby Tampa. Both attended top journalism schools and actually apply what they learned in undergrad to BWB and their day jobs proving that it is possible to use what you learned in school! Cori Sue graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received her Master’s degree from George Washington University in international affairs (the girl is trilingual!) while Becca went to the University of Missouri-Columbia and interned in both the U.S. and London at various publications while in school. The two met while working at a magazine publishing company in the Sunshine State and both relocated to DC, where they grew closer than ever.

NO.83 NO.83


Outside of brunch and fashion, Becca enjoys contemporary art and makes it a point to see and support all of the arts that she can in DC. “I travel to Art Basel Miami every December to get my total fill”, she told Sweet Lemon Magazine. She works out with a personal trainer and takes full advantage of the many races around Washington. Cori Sue’s third love after fashion and brunch is running, followed by travel. She also enjoys art, would love to open a bodega, and is a marathon runner (she ran in Boston). She counts herself lucky that she has both “a love of food and a love of exercise” - in addition to a fast metabolism - to help her stay in shape while brunching on carbs every weekend.




While the term “Bitch” may be somewhat controversial to most, these ladies and their blog are anything but. “We don’t think it’s controversial. The word ‘Bitch’ has taken on a life of its own--and not necessarily through us, either. It’s no longer such a nasty word, but more a label for confidence and smarts,” says Becca. Cori Sue adds, “to me, Bitch has multiple meanings. Sometimes, when I tell my mom something exciting that happened, she’ll reply, ‘you lucky little Bitch.’ That’s where the inspiration comes from-- I never looked at it as a bad word.”

What they’re wearing: Becca (left): Skirt: Alice + Olivia / Blazer: Alice + Olivia Sunnies: Nordstrom’s BP / Pumps: Kate Spade (similar) Necklace: Fornash / Bracelet: Fornash / Watch: Kate Spade Earrings: Fornash Cori Sue (right): Dress: Alice + Olivia / Sunnies: Kate Spade Pumps: Kate Spade (similar) / Earrings: Kate Spade / Bangles: Fornash


The digital brunch-mecca first began as a creative outlet for CS and B who missed the editorial side of their lives while working and living in DC. Becca explained simply: “One day we said to each other, we really should blog about our ridiculous weekend adventures.” When she asked what the blog should be called, Cori Sue didn’t miss a beat. “I immediately replied ‘Bitches Who Brunch.’” Becca’s mother, an artist, sketched their logo, and BWB was born. From there, the girls just started writing their day-to-day.

What Cori Sue’s wearing: Jeans: DL1961 Jeans Blouse: Equipment Blazer: Parker Flats: Tory Burch (similar) Earrings: Fornash Bracelet: Fornash Mug: Anthropologie




The site follows the duo as they brunch their way around the nation’s capital and critique each meal, grading restaurants on a school-like A to F scale. “We’re not actually Bitchy, unless it’s in a bad brunch review,” Cori Sue states. If you are at a loss for where to brunch, the site includes a handy “Where shall we brunch?” search engine that recommends brunch spots based on price, rating, and location, among other criteria if you’re looking to be extra choosey. You can also follow the “Bitches on Vacay” with reviews from New York to Florida -- and even a stop in Chapel Hill, NC (a nod to Cori Sue’s college years). But The Bitches do more than just brunch -- they write about charity events, restaurant openings, lifestyle interests (see: District Divas) and of course, fashion ( see: The Lust List).





What Becca’s wearing: Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Top: Tibi (similar) / Watch: Kate Spade / Flats: Kate Spade Necklace: Fornash / Earrings: Fornash / Bangles: Fornash NO.98

Q&A Now these two may have a lot to say

about perfectly poached eggs and the recipe for the best bloody mary (both

actually prefer bubbly and OJ), but nei-

ther of them claim to be geniuses in the kitchen. “I don’t claim to be a chef, or a culinary expert, by any means,” Cori Sue tells me over brunch. But you don’t have to go to culinary school to know when you like something. “What I do know is when a brunch is excellent, when the food is delicious, when the service is fabulous. And I know when it’s not. And that’s what our readers trust us for: our honest opinion,” adds Becca. So I quizzed them on what they know best: brunch. It’s the end of the world & you have one last brunch meal to enoy, what’s on your plate?

CS: The French toast from Crook’s Corner (in Chapel Hill, NC), where I went to school. It’s fresh, french bread soaked in cinnamon, butter and egg yolk, and arrives stacked to the nines with strawberries and whip cream. I’d also request an order of twice-fried french fries from Granville Moore’s on H Street (in Washington, DC). B: Caramelized bacon, perfectly poached eggs benedict, champagne -- amazing champagne (hold the OJ!).



and love ensuring everything is set-up: fresh flowers (pink peonies or gerber daisies), CS: Mimosas. I’ve dabbled a bit with napkins, straws, plates, and everything to Bloody Marys. As a Bitch, it’s my duty to find the best one, but I usually just take take match in bright colors and patterns (polka two sips-- to try the flavor-- and that’s it. Big dots, stripes, leopard, damask), our signature Bitch Who Brunches champagne flutes, secret-- I’ve never finished a whole Bloody plenty of chatter, and hospitality. Mary in my life. B: Mimosas. But we once judged a Bloody B: I pop the Prosecco and enjoy the party! Mary competition as co-hosts of a party for CS: She deserves it -- she works too hard! Washingtonian Magazine and had to try 20 different types of the cocktail. It was a So what’s your favorite food - to cook and to order - and why? challenge, but we did it! CS: To cook and to order: mac & cheese. Okay, Brunch Bucketlist. Go. I make a mac & cheese from scratch with CS: I’d like to bring a big group of girlgruyere and white cheddar. It’s delicious. friends to the Bagatelle Brunch Party in I named it the “Better than Sex” mac n’ NYC. I may do it this year for my birthday. cheese and posted it on our “Bitches in the B + CS: The Danish restaurant Noma, Kitchen” category-- it has gotten a lot of which was recently named the best in the positive feedback, as well as giggles from world for the third year. Not that they serve the Twitterverse. brunch. They probably don’t. B: To cook? Ha, I don’t cook. I’m hopeless at it. To order? Indian food. I’m British so I What’s the best brunch you’ve grew up eating a lot of Indian dishes. Mimosas or Bloody Marys?

ever had? Hands down.

CS: Beauty & Essex in New York City. B: Volt, Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurant in Frederick. It’s a drive, but it’s so, so worth it. You’re hosting a brunch together. Who plays hostess and who cooks?

CS: I probably do both! I love planning, hostessing, baking. I’m very into the details-I’ve always had a matchy-matchy style and attention to detail. I absolutely love Pinterest

How do you guys manage to do it all? Full-time jobs, brunches, personal lives, it must be pretty trying!

CS: They call me the energizer bunny-- I do things quickly, efficiently and stay organized. A lot of technological devices (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry), two calendars (Outlook for work and Google calendar), and careful scheduling and attention to detail. I send Google calendar invites to my friends for



Bitches’ Brunch Rules to Live By:

one. no one’s

allowed to order

the same thing. two. you can’t touch the food

until we’ve taken A

photo of it. three. if there’s


on the menu,

they must be

quality time--they understand, it’s just how it works. B: I have two calendars--work and Bitches. Cori Sue and I also share Google calendars, so we can synch up for meetings, conference calls and brunches. You just have to carefully plan your time and commit. That way, you get the most out of life. But we do have to set aside time to do site maintenance, admin stuff, dreaming and planning. That’s important, too. Finish this sentence: “When life gives you lemons...”

CS: Go for a run-- to clear my head, to think over the potential issues and solutions. Come back, pop open a bottle of champagne, and whip up a batch of homemade lemon cream cheese cupcakes. Baking and running are both very therapeutic for me. B: Demand to speak to life’s manager. I couldn’t have imagined better answers.


What Becca’s wearing:

four. you can’t tell anyone @ the restaurant you’re with

with Bitches Who Brunch (Wear big sunglasses). NO.103

Dress: Kate Spade / Pumps: Kate Spade (similar) / Clutch: Gigi New York (similar) / Watch: Kate Spade / Earrings: Pearls / Necklace: Fornash / Bangle: Fornash

What Cori sue’s (left) wearing:


Skirt: Kate Spade Cardigan: Kate Spade Pumps: Kate Spade (similar) Earrings: Pearls Bangles: Fornash


What They’re wearing: Cori Sue (left) Dress: Kirribilla Pumps: Kate Spade (similar) Earrings: Pearls Bangles: Fornash Becca (right) Dress: Alice + Olivia Pumps: Kate Spade (similar) Bag: Kate Spade Earrings: Pearls Necklace: Fornash Bangles: Fornash NO.106


Brunch Like the Bitches: It isn’t hard to see that there is much

Prorsum, Chanel, Chloe, Celine and

more to Cori Sue and Becca than their

Miu Miu is always fun and sweet,” she

impeccable palates. Cori Sue keeps


up with all the latest trends, while still maintaining a classic personal style.

Becca, on the other hand, says her style icon is her mother, Sylvia, who was

On a typical brunch day, you can find

a model in the 70s and often allows her

her in riding boots, jeans, or Lululemon

daughter to raid her fabulous closet.

leggings (she apologizes to Blair

Becca fancies pretty, comfortable

Waldorf for that choice), fisherman

dresses when brunching and claims

sweaters, printed scarves, fuschia lips

to have an addiction to purchasing

and large sunnies completed with a

them. When I asked her about some

fabulous arm party. In the summer,

of her favorite designers, she quickly

she prefers maxi dresses or skirts with

blurted out “In reality, Kate Spade and

a light jacket (think denim, leather

Milly. In my dreams, Oscar de la Renta”.

or military). I like to think of her as

Well said.

preppy with an edge.



All of CS’s style icons are “feminine,


chic, petite brunettes” a la Audrey Hepburn, Olivia Palermo, and Rachel Bilson, and asking her to pick her favorite designers is “like asking a mother to chose her favorite child,” she says. She’s often found in Tibi, Diane von Furstenberg, Mara Hoffman, Kate Spade, Maje, and Rag & Bone. “I love classic and feminine brands: Louis Vuitton ready to wear, Burberry




10 11

12 7

get their look 9


1 J.Crew Jacket 2 Citizens Jeans 3 Kate Spade Sunglasses 4 Vita Coco 5 Tervis Tumbler 6 J.Crew Shirt 7 Louis Vuitton Bag 8 Tory Burch Boots 9 Michael Kors Watch

& Spring Faves: 10 GiGi Clutch (similar) 11 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel 12 Valentino Sandals

The Bitches’ coveted “Best of” brunch list comes out later this year, and they’ve put in the countless hours of dining and writing so you don’t have to waste your precious Sunday afternoon in the wrong spot. What’s next on the menu? Looks like they might be taking a bite out of the Big Apple soon. Until then, stay up to date with The Bitches, their recommendations, events, and even recipes by following them: @btcheswhobrunch Special thank you to:

Bloomingdales (Apparel): @bloomingdales Fornash (Jewelry): @fornashinc Isabel Azocar and Neven Radovic of Nival Salon & Spa (Hair): @nivalsalonspa Lavagna (Location): @LavagnaDC



ardstu 3






1 Buttercup 2 Hold Me 3 Full Pint 4 Lemon Drop 5 The 3-Day Bender 6 Smooth Operator

Available at

theSauce 1









C r a f t e d f o r t h e Pe r f e c t B l o w o u t 1 shampoo / 2 conditioner / 3 Heat Protector & Frizz Fighter 4 smoothing cream / 5 Volumizing Mousse / 6 Treatment Oil 7 Dry shampoo / 8 flexible hold hairspray / 9 shine Pomade

*GIVEAWAY: Enter to win a bottle of money maker hairspray at

"CAN'T REPEAT THE Why of Course You Can!” NO.114



PAST?. . .

he theme of history repeating itself lingers throughout one the most beloved novels of all time: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. And that theme is coming to life this spring with the release of yet another Great Gatsby movie. Did you know that there have been a total of 4 Gatsby films? History does in fact repeat itself, time and time again. Director Baz Luhrmann has incorporated modern music from artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Florence & the Machine into the classic story (similarly to other films he has directed, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge), with the trailer playing Jay-Z & Kanye’s “No Church in the Wild” against Maguire’s voiceover describing the roar of New York City in the 1920s. We’re excited for the mix the old with the new, but what really lies beneath the anticipation of this film is the majestic nature of a story that takes places during a time filled with jubilance and extravagant parties; a time that we would all like to repeat! You too can repeat this time with a Gatsbyinspired party that mixes the past with modernity, just like the movie itself!


repeat the past Guide to Throwing a Gatsby Party: Jay Gatsby threw a lavish party every Saturday night at his mansion on West Egg, filled with “floating rounds of cocktails”, decadent food, an orchestra and guests decked to the nines. To throw a Gatsby inspired party, you will need handwritten invitations, luscious food, champagne, a specialty cocktail and an outfit to dress the part, of course. And while you’re at it, you can mix a little modernity in to the party by listening to music from The Great Gatsby soundtrack. After all, Jay-Z, Kanye, Florence & Lady Gaga make much more for a party for our generation than Jazz!

The Invites: Gatsby had his chauffeur deliver handwritten invites, but you can make your own or find a cute store on Etsy to make some for you! Lowcountry Calligraphy created these beautiful invites and has a great Etsy shop.


“ I like large parties, they’re so intimate. At small parties, there isn’t any privacy. ” -GatsbY NO.117

THE COCKTAILS Champagne: During the 1920s Prohibition, French champagne was a very popular drink of choice in America. In the novel, champagne flowed endlessly at Gatsby’s parties. Serve a bottle of Veuve Clicquot to get in the Gatsby spirit.


- Mint Julep “Open the whiskey, Tom,” she ordered “and I’ll make you a mint julep. Then you won’t seem so foolish to yourself. Look at the mint!” - Daisy Buchanan

Ingredients: 3 mint leaves ½ tbsp sugar 2-3 oz Bourbon and equal parts club soda

Prep: Sprinkle sugar in your glass as well as 2 pulled apart mint leaves. Pour in the Bourbon, then the club soda, and stir. Top off with a little more club soda and sprinkle a little dash of sugar on the top, stir, and add a mint leaf for garnish. So refreshing! NO.119

“The bar is in full swing, and floating rounds of cocktails permeate the garden outside� NO.120



StuffeD Mushrooms Ingredients: 30 baby bella mushrooms ¼ cup olive oil 1 container/8-10 oz pre-made Spinach & Artichoke Dip (from Publix, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, etc.) ¼ cup panko bread crumbs ¼ cup grated parmigiano reggiano Salt & pepper to taste

Prep: Preheat oven to 400 degrees and line baking sheet with aluminum foil. Remove gills from mushrooms with a grapefruit spoon. Place mushrooms on sheet and brush with half of olive oil, then sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. Bake mushrooms for 7-8 minutes until tender. While mushrooms cool, combine all remaining ingredients into a bowl and mix. Scoop 1 spoonful of the mix inside each mushroom. When finished, sprinkle salt and pepper over tops of mushrooms. Place stuffed mushrooms back in the oven for another 7-8 minutes. Remove, sprinkle lightly with parmigiano reggiano and serve.


Oysters on the Half Shell Oysters on the half shell were a rare & delightful seafood treat during the 1920s, and would have most definitely been on Gatsby’s buffet. Serve raw oysters on the half shell with a champagne mignonette to really jazz them up.

Champagne Mignonette: Ingredients: 1 cup champagne vinegar (i.e. Colavita Champagne Wine Vinegar) Âź cup minced shallots Salt & Pepper to taste

Recipe: Combine all of the above ingredients and voila, easy!


Champagne mignonette will compliment the oysters as well as the champagne flowing at your party. The vinegary consistence of this mignonette pairs nicely with the salty oysters.

MACARONS To bring back a classic vibe serve neutral color macarons (chocolate ganache, sea salt caramel, chocolate hazelnut, & coconut crème). Also, you can throw in a couple lemon macarons if you want to be truly “Gatsby” (and Sweet Lemon too). After all, Gatsby once tried to woo Daisy Buchanan over tea & lemon cake. I served my macarons in a silver tower to really channel the elegance of the roaring 20s.


• “No Church in the Wild” by Jay Z and Kanye West • “Bedroom Hymns” by Florence and the Machine • “Happy Together” by Filter • “Love is Blindness” by Jack White • “Thinkin Bout You” – Frank Ocean • “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” – Lady Gaga • “Good Life” – Kanye West • “You’ve got the Love” – Florence & the Machine • “Money Honey” – Lady Gaga • “Empire State of Mind” – Jay-Z • “All of the lights” – Kanye West • “Shake it Out” – Florence & the Machine


The first four songs listed (to the left) are in “The Great Gatsby” trailer, however, no other songs from the film have been released. Adelaide Clemens, who plays Catherine in the movie, told Time Magazine, “Some pretty huge artists have approached Baz and are writing songs for the film, and I don’t think Warner Bros. are going to turn down Prince and Lady Gaga knocking down your door. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that.” Now we know that Prince & Lady Gaga are most likely writing music for the film, and it has been rumored that Frank Ocean is as well. So even though we don’t know all the songs, make a playlist filled with these artists, and you are sure to have a good time!

“There was music from my neighbor’s house through the summer nights. In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.” –Nick


“Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window.” –Gatsby NO.128


Dressing The Part: How to Channel Your Inner Daisy Buchanan The clothing of the Gatsby era was characterized by opulent glamour: beaded dresses, sequin details, fringe, feathered or bejeweled headbands, fur, and of course, diamonds & pearls. To throw a Gatsby party, you don’t have to be too overly costumey, just think black tie meets sparkle & glam. Every last detail of an outfit was classic & luxurious, and that is what should come to mind when dressing the Gatsby part.

Glamorous Details Needed: • • • • •

Beaded Dresses Fur Bling or pearls…or both! Classic accessories Headband

Aidan Mattox Dress ASOS Fur Stole Deep Gurnani Headband Christian Loubotin Pump NO.130


“So we beat on, boats aginst the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” -Nick

So now that you have your decadent desserts, scrumptious appetizers, champagne, cocktails, jewels, pearls, & glamorous attire, you are ready to party like Jay Gatsby! Repeating history…”why of course you can!” with this Gatsby Guide, and don’t forget to hit the theaters May 10th to see “The Great Gatsby” (and Leo, swoon) on the bigscreen.

Special Thanks to: Maison de Macarons in Savannah, GA (for providing the macarons) Meredith Stroud from Lowcountry Calligraphy (for making the invites)

By Stefanie Dasher | @lifeonthesqs | Photography By Catherine LeComte |





An American in

Moscow By Kristen Blalock - @KristenellehciM Sitting on the metro, double checking the distance I have already traveled, I notice the marble bust of a man slowly shift his gaze to the right. They,Muscovites,have perfected appearing completely detached when in public; still I know he was looking at me. They always look at me. After six months in the city I have concluded it’s because of two reasons: I’m always wearing glasses, and I’m always sporting a relaxed smile. But how could I not smile? I live in Moscow, it’s Friday night, and I am headed to a dinner party. As the train slows I prepare myself for a brisk walk through the National Geographic images of my youth. With Christ Savior Cathedral to my back and the Kremlin to my left, I walk towards a fascinating little island which artists and club rats have repurposed from old Soviet factories to create their modern day playground. Descending off the bridge I walk past Strelka Institute, an establishment which is the epitome of modern Moscow. Both a bar and an art complex, it really serves as just another place for bouncers and hostesses to practice ‘fayss kontrol.’ I cross the street and patiently wait on the sidewalk for a string of taxis and Range Rovers to pass by.


As a black vehicle passes under the streetlamp, I notice it’s covered in icy glitter and realize snow is falling. Winter has begun in Moscow, and it’s only late October. Walking up to my final destination I feel a slight panic: will tonight be the night a bouncer doesn’t let me in? But the ID exchange passes smoothly and I am soon inside, amongst great friends, sharing drinks, and surrounded by a dozen bouquets of flowers. For a while I had wondered why it seemed that flowers are the number one birthday gift in Moscow. I finally came to the conclusion that it is because they are the only fresh thing one can find in the city. For around sixteen U.S. dollars you can sometimes get fresh strawberries - and of course dill is always


find myself drinking overpriced beer and wondering about the age of the GoGo dancer in the pool to my left. I think she is at least 18? She must be -- right? Then again, this is Eastern Europe. And this is a city where an average meal will run you 1200 Russian rubles ($40). Laws here are opaque at best and the dancer’s physique reminds me of myself at 16. The thoughts which haunt me readily available in Russia - but one would be

in this city flood in and my buzz fades out.

hard pressed to find a half decent avocado.

More often than not in Moscow I am left

The menu tonight features a typically natural

feeling let down by the night. In one moment

blend of sushi and Bolognese.

I am reminded that no matter how glitzy the club, how ornate the new Chanel storefront,

The friends I am with are mainly Russians,

or how ‘American’ the cheeseburger and

and fortunately for me they are all trying to

fries are, Moscow has a long way to go.

learn English. I find them all so fascinating because of their warmth and generosity.

Gathering my coat and scarf from the coat

When I am out on the streets every face I

check, I once again catch a person staring at

encounter is a testament to the winters it has

me in an attempt to establish my nationality.

survived. I would never consider engaging

No sir, I am not Russian, you were right to

them while out around town. Being American,

assume. And although I love this culture,

and therefore very open, the juxtaposition

these people, this city, I am thankful that I

between the ‘public Russian’ and the ‘private

am set apart. The things which make me

Russian’ is quite entertaining. Muscovites

stand out on the metro are also the things

are frozen and removed, that is, until you

which make me notice when the woman

have become their dear friend, and then

across from me has had her lip split recently.

you find yourself in the company of a very

Though it can be overwhelming and heart

gracious host ladling spirits down your

wrenching I don’t want to leave it just yet,

throat all night.

because in just that moment, my friends come up, hand me my flowers, and we head

It’s now 2 a.m. in Moscow, but the night

to a café up the block, in the shadows of the

has just begun. In a popular nightclub I

Bolshoi, not far from Red Square.


living the dream ...

Downton Abbey S NO.138



eason three of Downton Abbey may be over (cue stifled screams of “MATTHEW, NOOOOO.”) but you can still keep your disillusionment of belonging to the Crawley family in a death grip. “How?” You may ask. “How can I pretend to be a member of prominent albeit fictional family because it is so much easier than living in reality?” Well my friends, it’s as simple as brandishing a goblet of brandy in one hand and referring to the nice man who picks up your laundry as Bates, because he can’t speak English anyway. The following are some steps, nay rules, to retaining that thinly veiled dream.

Rule #1. Transform Your Apartment Into an Estate Stay out of that Swedish hell they call IKEA unless you need to make an emergency fro-yo and meatballs run and opt for vintage furniture. The older the better, and stain the wood a deep mahogany if it’s not the correct hue. Stock up on elegant silver, dishware and various chalices to display in perpetuity and take down all those unseemly photos of your “besties” you printed off Facebook. Replace the evidence of ill-repute with tapestries or oil paintings passed down through the family or snagged through crestfallen families’ estate sales. It’s of utmost importance that your environment works in tandem with your mentality. There’s enough linoleum flooring in hell, don’t be part of the problem.


Dress The Part

tr aP e h T ss e r D

Rule #2. Dress the Part The next best thing to being Lady Mary is resembling her. Take everything you’ve ever purchased from Forever 21 and use it for kindling in your grand fireplace or as dishrags for the help. (The “help” being your Mother when she visits and cleans out of disgust for your living situation, coupled with crippling maternal guilt for allowing you to become so inept.) Start haunting vintage shops and thrift stores for longer silhouettes that either skim or demurely cover your body. There’s a distinct difference between flaunting and acknowledging your form, and embracing a tasteful look allows you to pass judgment on everyone else without turning it into a “Pot calling the Ketel Oneblack” situation.

Cocktail Dress (P.138): Vintage Store Lace Dress and Heels:

Food&Drink Rule #3. Food & Drink What good is living and dressing the part of a Crawley if you’re not enjoying the finer aspects, i.e. the lavish dinner parties? Forego your Pinterest boards full of French fries in champagne flutes and forts made of old wine boxes, take Downton’s dietary routine to heart and to live the life you were meant to lead. One filled with as much liquor and meat as possible.

If you actually try to execute a dinner party, start off with soup and a variety of light seafood to begin the first course. The entrée should consist of a meat and poultry dish accompanied by vegetables. (Or gummy vitamins if you’re really thrown for a loop). Small game birds such as pheasant or pigeon should make up the third course as well as jelly, meringue and a pudding. If you haven’t vomited at this point from the excess of food, First off, transfer any existing wine (be it in bring out cakes or pies for dessert. boxes or Trader Joe’s bottles) to nicer decanters to mask if not fool any guests. Next, At this point, you may want to check out a start drinking. Heavily. Then order seamless Crawley-worthy gym membership. web because let’s face it, you weren’t meant to cook.

By Sarah Solomon | @urbanjap | Photography by Eric Friedensohn | NO.141


Spring   Flavors

By Louisa Clements | @living_lou |

We spend all winter dreaming about the spring: the warmer weather, the beautiful flowers and the fresh ingredients. Why not celebrate the freshness with a healthy snack of crunchy avocado feta cucumber bites and indulge with simple but impressive strawberry cream puffs.


Avocado  Feta  Cucumber  Bites

1 cucumber, cut into ½-1inch pieces, with insides scooped out ½ tsp salt 2 avocados ¼ cup chopped cilantro, plus more for garnish

¾ cup cubed or crumbled feta 2 cloves garlic 1 jalapeno, chopped with seeds removed 2 ½ tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp olive oil

Directions: 1. Begin by salting both sides of the cucumber slices, and place on paper towels. 2. In a food processor, pulse avocado, cilantro, feta, garlic and jalapeno. 3. Scrape down the sides of the bowl, add lemon juice and olive oil. 4. Pulse again until smooth. 5. Pat down cucumbers to remove salt and excess water. Next, scoop roughly 1 tsp of avocado feta mixture into cucumber. 6. Garnish with chopped cilantro. NO.142




Strawberry Cream Puffs attachment. A regular mixer will work as well. Allow the dough to sit for a couple of minutes to cool.

(Makes about 28 cream puffs) ½ cup 2-percent milk ½ cup water 1 stick butter 1 tbsp sugar ½ tsp cinnamon 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup all purpose flour 4 eggs chopped strawberries and whipped cream for filling

5. Beat in the eggs, one at a time until the dough is thick and shiny. Be sure the egg has been incorporated into the dough before adding the next egg. If the dough looks like it’s falling apart, don’t worry once you’ve added all the eggs it will come together! The dough will be thick and shiny once all eggs have been added.

Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 425ºF. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

6. Drop about 1 tbsp of dough onto the parchment paper, leaving 2 inches of space between dough.

7. Place the baking sheets in the oven and immediately turn down to 375ºF. 2. In a medium sized pot, bring milk, water, butter, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla 8. Bake for 12-15 minutes, then rotate the extract to a boil. pans from top to bottom and front to back and bake for another 12-15 3. Turn off heat and add in flour in one minutes. addition. Stir vigorously for 1-2 minutes or until dough has come together and 9. Allow puffs to cool on the baking sheet has started to dry. before slicing in half and filling with 1 tbsp of whipped cream and chopped 4. Remove dough to a bowl or the bowl of strawberries. a stand mixer fitted with the paddle NO.145




By Megan Peters | | @crazybananas NO.146

Some days you just need a little Mr. Darcy in your life, even if your budget doesn’t exactly scream Netherfield Manor. So why not add a bit of whimsy to your home with some wall art that recollects your favorite literary heroes? Here’s how...


>> Supplies Needed: - 2� Peel and Stick Vinyl Letters (found in any office supply store) - Small Canvas or Sketch Paper - Acrylic Paint in Black and White - Paintbrushes - Tweezers


1 Find the perfect saying or quote that you’d like to recreate (we recommend anything from the Great Gatsby to Pride and Prejudice). 2 Take your canvas or paper and place the vinyl letters to spell out whatever words you’d like on your piece of art. These stickers don’t have to be perfectly placed; part of the whimsy is in the imperfection! 3 Take your paintbrush and paint over the letters with black, acrylic paint. You can paint the entire canvas, or leave parts unpainted to create a more undone look. 4 Wait about 15 minutes, until paint is mostly dry, then peel off the letter stickers using tweezers. 5 When the paint is dry, touch up any parts of the image where paint may have bled through using white paint. 6 Frame your finished piece, or just hang your canvas as is.



for day



shirt astr

This season citrus is in! Check out some of our fresh faves for day and night.

Skirt Alice + Olivia

bag Dian von Furstenberg

flats jeffrey campbell


as seen on our cover girl becca Clara love

for night necklace sweet scandal

jacket Anthropologie

Jacquard Capri j.crew

- add zest to any outfit -

clutch natasha couture

bangle j.crew

Illustrations by Anum Tariq // @anumtariq21 (twitter) // @anumt (instagram) NO.151

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Sweet Lemon Magazine [issue no. 9]  

An online lifestyle magazine celebrating uniqueness; whether you enjoy champagne with macarons, or a coke and a hotdog!