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In today’s multimedia landscape there are a multitude of ways and means of getting the direction you need. When it comes to civil procedure, there is one voice that speaks with the clarity and authority that judges themselves rely on - The White Book. Informed by the unrivalled expertise of an author team led by The Right Honourable Lord Justice Jackson, the unique perspective of the White Book 2012 will ensure you have the in-depth understanding of the Civil Procedure Rules you need to succeed. White Book on Westlaw UK and the forthcoming White Book 2012 eBook are expanding the horizons of how, when and where you can access the commentary that makes a difference to you every day. Read on to find out how you can complement your White Book 2012 experience.


NEW AND UPDATED COMMENTARY AND COVERAGE There is a host of new and revised content in the White Book 2012, below you’ll find a taster of some of the new material. • Coverage of Civil Procedure Amendment Rules, including Civil Procedure (Amendment No.3) Rules (SI 2011/2970), which brings into force a new Part 80 on Proceedings under the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act 2011, and Civil Procedure (Amendment No.4) Rules (SI 2011/3103), which brings into force Rules to facilitate the processing of work through the County Court Money Claim Centre on 19 March 2012 • Practice Guidance on the use of live text-based forms of communication (including Twitter) from Court for the purposes of fair and accurate reporting • Practice Guidance on Interim Non-Disclosure Orders • Amendments to Practice Directions and Pre-Action Protocols brought into force by TSO Update 58, including a new Pre-Action Protocol for Dilapidations


• Updated and amended commentary to Part 6 on Service, particularly out of the Jurisdiction • NEW specialist Contempt of Court and Committal Orders commentary • NEW section on Anti-Suit Injunctions in Interim Remedies in Volume 2 • NEW commentary on the Court Funds Rules 2011 • Revised commentary to RSC Order 52 on Committal • Case law and commentary updates on the Arbitration Act 1996 • Consumer Credit & Consumer Law – further commentary and case law on consumer rights of withdrawal/cancellation, distance credit contracts, cancellable agreements and cash price plus coverage of the Consumer Credit (Amendment) Regulations 2011

CASE LAW UPDATES INCLUDE: • Part 3 (Serious Organised Crime Agency v Namli, Omega Engineering Inc. v Omega SA, JSC BTA Bank v Ablyazov and Others plus more)

• Part 40 (In re A & L (Children), Bond v Dunster Properties Ltd, Kotula v EDF Energy Networks (EDN) Plc, Zurich Insurance Co Plc v Hayward)

• Part 6 (BNP Paribas SA v Open Joint Stock Co Russian Machines, Abela v Baardarani, Bethel Construction Ltd and another v Deloitte and Touche, SSL International Plc v TTL LIG LTD, DSG International Sourcing Ltd v Universal Media Corporation (Slovakia) SRO, Lucasfilm Ltd and others v Ainsworth and NML Capital Limited v Republic of Argentina, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) Anstalt des Offentlichen Rechts v J P Morgan Chase Bank NA)

• Costs (Solomon v Cromwell Group Plc, Singapore Airlines Ltd v Buck Consultants Ltd)

• Part 11 (NML Capital Limited v Republic of Argentina) • Part 12 (Robins v Kordowski) • Part 17 (Brown v Innovatorone Plc) • Part 23 (Riva Bella SA v Tamsen Yachts GmbH) • Part 25 (Antonio Gramsci Shipping Corporation v Recoletos, 20th Century Fox Film Corp and others v British Telecommunications Plc, Mobile Telesystems Finance SA v Nomihold Securities Inc, Masri v Consolidated Contractors International Company SAL) • Part 31 (Serious Organised Crime Agency v Namli) • Part 36 (Epsom College v Pierse Contracting Southern Ltd, Solomon v Cromwell Group Plc)


• Part 52 (Hutcheson v Popdog Ltd, Howard v Stanton, Rust-Andrews v First-Tier Tribunal, Social Entitlement Chamber Terluk v Berezovsky) • Part 63 (Danisco A/S v Novozymes A/S, Schütz (UK) Ltd v Werit UK Ltd, Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbH v Carefusion 303 Inc) RSC Order 52 (Ali v Esure Services Limited) • Housing (Crown Estate Commissioners v Governors of the Peabody Trust) • Section 9A, Senior Courts Act 1981 (Hutcheson v Popdog Ltd, R. (T) v Croydon London Borough Council) • Section 12, CPR (Bank of Scotland v Breytenbach) • Section 13, Rights of Audience (Atrium Medical Corporation v Atrium Europe BV) • Section 15, Interim Remedies (Quest Advisors Limited v McFeely, Parbulk II SA v PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi TBK)

NEW AND UPDATED COMMENTARY ON STATUTES AND SIs • NEW provisions of the Debtors Act 1869 & 1878 plus commentary • NEW Distress for Rent Rules 1988

• Inclusion of the SRA Code of Conduct 2011 and SRA Principles 2011 and coverage of the SRA Accounts Rules 2011

• Tribunals, Courts & Enforcement Act 2007


• Senior Courts Act 1981

• Amendments to the Chancery, Admiralty & Commercial Courts and Senior Courts Costs Office Guides, including a revised Appendix 1 to the Chancery Guide

• County Courts Act 1984 • Family Procedure Rules 2010 • Family Procedure (Modification of Enactments) Order 2011 • Court of Protection (Amendment) Rules (SI 2011/2753) [online/ CD only] and new Practice Direction 3A on Authorised Court Officers



• Revised Supreme Court and Privy Council Practice Directions

Where, when and how we work is changing. The White Book 2012 eBook on Thomson Reuters ProView™ is coming soon, marking the start of a new era for the White Book.


Thomson Reuters ProView™ is a professional grade platform that allows you to interact with your eBooks in entirely new ways. This free iPad™ app lets you access your most trusted reference where you need them most: everywhere. Learn more about Thomson Reuters ProView™ at

RENEW NOW, AND UPGRADE TO THE eBOOK ON PUBLICATION We are working on delivering an eBook that will really make an impact on the way you interact with the insight you rely on every day. We ‘ll contact you when the White Book 2012 eBook is ready, so you can add the White Book 2012 eBook to your service and experience a new way to access the Rules. You’ll find the latest news on the eBook at sweetandmaxwell/whitebook and we’ll be in touch prior to publication with the details on how to upgrade.


ADDING THE WHITE BOOK 2012 eBOOK TO YOUR SERVICE Once the eBook has published, you will be able to add it to whichever service option you take, so you can order your new edition now without missing out on the White Book 2012 eBook. Having bought the White Book 2012, you will be entitled to buy one White Book 2012 eBook upgrade on its publication at a special introductory price. See the chart for the upgrade that matches your service.





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ADD A NEW DIMENSION TO YOUR WHITE BOOK 2012 RESEARCH White Book on Westlaw UK complements the rest of your White Book Service, enhancing your research possibilities, letting you make the most of invaluable White Book content. The beauty is you don’t need to buy the whole of Westlaw UK to benefit from having online access to the White Book. Take the White Book part of Westlaw UK only, and see for yourself how Westlaw UK can enhance your White Book research experience. If you already subscribe to Westlaw UK, it’s easy to have the White Book added to your existing service. Please speak to your Sweet & Maxwell Account Manager to find out more. If you are new to Westlaw UK and want to find out more, email: with any questions you might have, or visit




The White Book website is there to keep you informed, provide a reference on content and a launch point into the White Book Updating Service.

The White Book Updating Service is an easy way to keep up-to-date with CPR Rule and form changes in between White Book releases and supplements, and it’s free to use as part of your White Book 2012 Service.

Bookmark the address and make the most of this free additional resource:

You’ll find:

• Login to the Updating Service

• A complete set of the CPR (without commentary)

• Complete contents lists

• Proposed amendments to the CPR

• Full run down of the White Book authors

• A complete set of the Supreme Court Rules

• Details of forthcoming supplements

• New or revised forms - sign up to receive email alerts

• All civil procedure court forms You can access the Updating Service in two ways: 1. Through: 2. If you are a White Book on Westlaw UK or Civil Procedure Online user – log in and click on the ‘What’s New’ link


THE FORMS YOU NEED THE WAY YOU WANT THEM New and revised forms are available from the White Book Updating Service via the White Book website and are available in either PDF (editable and saveable), and RTF (accessible in Microsoft Word). You can also access forms: • On the Forms CD that comes with the Volumes 1&2 and Volume 1 Services • On the Civil Procedure CD that comes with the Print & CD Service Option • As part of White Book on Westlaw UK • As part of Civil Procedure Online Paper court forms releases are now opt-in only, so you will no longer receive unwanted paper forms automatically. If you have previously opted to receive the paper forms releases you will able to do so again as part of the renewal process.


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