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Faster, more accurate information – take your property law research online

UNRIVALLED CASE LAW COVERAGE AND ANALYSIS Get the view you need on all the key landlord and tenant cases from the UK courts. Westlaw UK Landlord & Tenant gives you:


> Full set of Sweet & Maxwell’s Landlord & Tenant Reports from 1998 > Selected cases from The Law Reports dating back to 1865 > Transcripts of unreported landlord and tenant cases dating from 1999 > Housing Law Reports from 1981 > Property, Planning and Compensation Reports from 1949

Westlaw UK includes descriptive analysis documents so that you can look beyond the facts and understand what a decision really means. The Case Analysis documents set the case in its wider context. In the click of a button Westlaw UK can take you directly to any legislation cited, any other cases mentioned or journal articles written about the case in hand. Case Analysis documents of all UK cases back to 1865 and EU cases back to 1954 allow you to quickly assess the details of a case.

AMPLIFY YOUR LEGISLATION RESEARCH From the very foundations of UK landlord & tenant law to the very latest developments, our legislation service gives you a complete picture of the framework of law in this field. With fully consolidated full-text legislation covering Acts since 1267 and Statutory Instruments since 1948 you can be sure that you are consulting a resource that is both vast and at the same time easily searchable. With our unique versioning facility dating back to 1992, not only can you see how the law stands today, but also how it stood at any point in time. Legislation is updated weekly.

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LEGISLATION ANALYSIS This service is available for every individual provision of legislation currently in force and includes hypertext links direct to the full text – historical law as well as links to cases, other relevant legislation and secondary sources.

LANDLORD AND TENANT LAW IN CONTEXT Westlaw UK Landlord & Tenant includes: Woodfall: Landlord & Tenant Woodfall is your definitive guide to all aspects of landlord and tenant law. Considered by the Local Government Chronicle as “An essential investment”, Woodfall: Landlord & Tenant also provides links direct to cases and legislation.


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Clear. Clever. Concise. EXPERT ANALYSIS


With a collection of journals from Sweet & Maxwell, you’ll have expert analysis on tap, 24 hours a day. Search, read, print, share and digest the hundreds of new articles added every year as well as our extensive archive.

Tailored summaries of today’s news and developments in landlord and tenant law and practice are available by 9am every day. Further updates are made throughout the day as events happen.

Titles available include: > Landlord & Tenant Review > Property Law Bulletin

LANDLORD & TENANT LOOSELEAFS We’ve expanded our online library to include titles from the Landlord & Tenant practice area. You now have the ability to subscribe to Landlord & Tenant Looseleafs as standalone services. Looseleaf titles available include:

LEGAL JOURNALS INDEX Every article from the UK and Europe’s leading legal journals are listed in the Legal Journals Index – a journals abstract service unique to Westlaw UK. At a glance you can see the key points of an article and establish whether or not you need to read it in its entirety.

> Essentials of Rent Review > Handbook Business Tenancies > Landlord and Tenant Factbook

Landlord & Tenant is available both as a standalone service and as an add-on to a Westlaw UK subscription.

Westlaw UK Landord & Tenant Factsheet  

Westlaw UK Landord & Tenant Factsheet

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