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Streamline your IP research to keep pace with developments




Gain the international and domestic view you need of the latest case law decisions. To give you the citeable authority you need, Westlaw UK Intellectual Property includes:

Westlaw UK includes descriptive analysis documents so that you can look beyond the facts and understand what a decision really means. Our Case Analysis documents set the case in its wider context.

> Fleet Street Reports

In the click of a button Westlaw UK can take you directly to any legislation cited, any other cases mentioned or journal articles written about the case in hand.

This service is available for every individual provision of legislation currently in force and includes links direct to the full-text and, historical law as well as links to cases, other relevant legislation and secondary sources.

> Reports of Patent Design & Trade Mark Cases > European Patent Office Reports > European National Patent Reports > European Trade Mark Reports > Entertainment & Media Law Reports

Case Analysis documents of all UK cases back to 1865 and EU cases back to 1954 allow you to quickly assess the details of a case. History related to the case is also included with a red flag warning of a case overruling or reversal.

> European Copyright & Design Reports

AMPLIFY YOUR LEGISLATION RESEARCH You’ll also find transcripts of unreported intellectual property cases dating from 1999.

From the very foundations of UK and international IP law to the very latest developments, our legislation service gives you a complete picture of the framework of IP law. With fully consolidated full-text legislation covering IP-related Acts since 1267 and Statutory Instruments since 1948 you can be sure that you are consulting a resource that is both vast and at the same time easily searchable. With our unique versioning facility, not only can you see how the law stands today, but also how it stood at any point in time. Legislation is updated daily.


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW IN CONTEXT Westlaw UK Intellectual Property includes key Sweet & Maxwell commentary titles on copyright law, trademarks and patent law: > Copinger & Skone James on Copyright Built around four fundamental rights copyright, moral rights, performance rights, and design rights, Copinger & Skone James on Copyright is considered “an essential reference work” – New Law Journal. > Kerly’s Law of Trade Marks and Trade Names Encompassing reports since 1979 on all key cases decided in the European Commission, Kerly’s is considered by the New Law Journal to be “an essential source of reference for anyone involved in the protection of trademarks and trade names”. > Terrell on the Law of Patents First published in 1884, it has come to be the acknowledged leader in the field; the point of first reference on issues of substantive and procedural patent law. Your research is not complete without it. Terrell is regularly cited in the Patents Court, the PCC, and higher courts.


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Clear. Clever. Concise. EXPERT ANALYSIS



With a collection of journals from Sweet & Maxwell and other publishers, you’ll have expert analysis on tap, 24 hours a day.

Tailored summaries of today’s developments and releases in IP law and practice are added every day before 9am. Further updates are made throughout the day as events happen.


Search, read, print, share and digest the hundreds of new articles added every year as well as our extensive archive.

> Intellectual Property Quarterly

You can now have the ability to subscribe to Intellectual Property Looseleafs as standalone products.

> Entertainment Law Review

Looseleaf titles include:

This leading text, written by the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents focuses on the practice of patent law and takes a clause-by-clause approach to all relevant patent legislation. As with all content on Westlaw UK, the CIPA Guide Online enables you to link directly from cited case law to the full case report on Westlaw UK Intellectual Property*. Plus, links from cited legislation take you through to the fully consolidated legislative document, in the full text.*

> Computer & Telecommunications Law Review

> European Patents Handbook (CIPA)

Key benefits:

> Patent Co-Operation Treaty Handbook (CIPA)

–– Seamless searching and cross-referencing throughout the text.

Intellectual Property Titles: > European Intellectual Property Review

With Westlaw UK all users have journals content available, so that you always have your own copy on hand when you need it. What’s more you’ll never lose another issue again or be faced with a missing issue from your collection.

LEGAL JOURNALS INDEX Every article from the UK and Europe’s leading legal journals are listed in the Legal Journals Index – a journals abstract service unique to Westlaw UK. At a glance you can see the key points of an article and establish whether or not you need to read it in its entirety. Expand your search with ease with the links to full-text journal articles (where available), relevant case law and any legislation referred to.


> Community Trademark Handbook (CIPA) > Community Designs Handbook (CIPA)

–– Links from extensive case law commentary through to the fulltext report of over 2000 decisions from the EPO, UK courts and Comptroller General*. –– The official Patent Office Forms in PDF format available to view, print and save.

Intellectual Property Looseleafs are available both as a standalone product and as an add-on to a Westlaw UK subscription

–– Annual supplements available online - up-to-date, authoritative comment on the latest developments, fully cross-referenced with related case law and legislation. –– Online format – direct access to the CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts whenever and wherever you are.

CIPA Guide Online is available as an add-on to a Westlaw UK subscription

Westlaw UK Intellectual Property Factsheet  
Westlaw UK Intellectual Property Factsheet  

Westlaw UK Intellectual Property Factsheet