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• Construction All Risks Insurance • Understanding and Negotiating Turnkey Agreements and EPC Contracts New supplements

• Keating on Construction Contracts • Hudson’s Building and Engineering Contracts • Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts Construction on Westlaw UK


NEW FOR 2013 CONSTRUCTION ALL RISKS INSURANCE Paul reed QC Construction All Risks Insurance presents a comprehensive and contextual analysis of Construction, and Engineering projects All Risks (CAR) insurance.


• Presents a comprehensive and contextual analysis of Construction, and Engineering projects All Risks (CAR) insurance • Looks at CAR insurance from its origins to current day practice • Covers the fundamentals of CAR insurance both in relation to project policies and contractors’ annual policies • Sets out the structure of CAR policies, giving practical advice on the drafting of various clauses, including rectification, fortuity, loss and damage clauses and warranties • Provides practical advice when dealing with CAR insurance claims, from arranging coverage or making claims to facing disputes • Looks in detail at the claims procedure itself, providing a breakdown of the processes and potential problem areas often faced once a claim has been made against a CAR policy • Explains the need for insurance and highlights particular areas for concern such as Institute Cargo Clauses and Aviation • Discusses the wide range of exclusions that can apply to CAR policies and their significance, including defect and standard exclusions • Looks at problematic areas such as causation and co-insurance • Includes quick reference example policy clauses and precedent materials July 2013, Hardback, ISBN: 9780414024328, £245 / €312


UNDERSTANDING, NEGOTIATING AND LITIGATING TURNKEY AND EPC CONTRACTS Joseph Huse The third edition of this practical text offers insight and guidance on the FIDIC Design-Build, Turnkey and EPC contracts. • Includes a comparison of the terms of the principle design-build EPC and turnkey contracts • Takes a practical clause-by-clause approach • Offers drafting suggestions for selected contract provisions of the FIDIC Silver Book from the perspective of both the contractor and the employer • Considers risk allocation for contracts • Features a new chapter that discusses the litigation of Turnkey and EPC contracts • Includes the FIDIC standard turnkey contract in full • Features commentary on the FIDIC Gold Book Design‐Build contract • Provides coverage of the ICC Design‐Build contract • Uses flowcharts and diagrams to illustrate key points • Offers broad geographical coverage, invaluable for international projects where use of FIDIC standard contracts is continually • Guides you on what to consider when putting together a case, drafting a contract or negotiating terms with a client November 2013, Hardback, ISBN: 9781847039071, £195 / €248

FORTHCOMING UPDATES TO ESSENTIAL WORKS 2013 sees new supplements for a selection of key construction law titles. The supplements update the contents of the main volumes since their publication. Watch for details on supplement contents.

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KEATING ON CONSTRUCTION Sir Vivian Ramsey and Stephen Furst QC Assisted by contributors from Keating Chambers • • • • •

Provides detailed commentary on all issues relating to construction contracts Gives practical help on interpreting legislation and analysing judicial decisions Up-to-date references to case law, journals and other source material Covers UK case law and relevant decisions from Europe and overseas Features key sections of Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act

Supplement only, Print, October 2013, ISBN: 9780414028913, £75 / €96 Supplement only, eBook, October 2013, ISBN: 9780414031159, £75 / €96 See the order form enclosed for further service options and pricing

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HUDSON’S BUILDING AND ENGINEERING CONTRACTS • Delivers in-depth explanation and interpretation of the law relating to construction contracts • Considers all key standard construction contracts: JCT, NEC, ICE, FIDIC • Provides guidance and clarification on issues arising from disputes relating to the interpretation of construction contracts • Considers contracts in context of the ever expanding associated legislation and case law • Coverage extends to the commonwealth, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and the US Supplement only, December 2013, Paperback, ISBN: 9780414024717, £85 / €108 See the order form for further service options and pricing


DELAY AND DISRUPTION IN CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS Keith Pickavance • Covers each potential stage of delay and disruption from inception and risk assessment through to dispute and settlement • Provides commentary and comparison on 95 standard forms including 22 new standard forms of contract • Provides real solutions and practical advice to problems likely to occur in construction projects • Completely revised, updated and expanded with new sections on a range of key areas Supplement only, Print, October 2013, ISBN: 9780414031234, £85 / €108 See the order form for further service options and pricing

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LEADING CONSTRUCTION TITLES OUT NOW KEATING ON NEC3 David Thomas QC assisted by a team from Keating Chambers • • • •


Goes through the aims and creation of the NEC Explains the structure of ECC contracts and clarifies how the contract works in practice Takes you through the core clauses providing expert commentary on each Gives you practical guidance on drafting and interpreting the contract helping you to find the best way to use the contracts for your situation • Outlines the dispute resolution options so you can agree on the best method when drafting the contract May 2012, Hardback, ISBN: 9781847033314, £195 / €248



• Reproduces each clause followed by bullet points of key features plus additional commentary on the clause’s operation, points of interest and case consideration • Features an overview chapter dealing with thematic issues such as the contract’s history and purpose, the concept of the engineer, time and money and dispute resolution • Helps you to interpret the contract clauses correctly and decide whether amendments need to be made to suit your situation • Features new insights on Claims, Disputes and Arbitration based on recently reported cases January 2012, Hardback, ISBN: 9780414044609, £250 / €343



• Provides a guide to the components of engineering, procurement and construction contracts for major projects • Takes an in-depth look at the issues covered by EPC contracts identifying what those contracts cover and what are the variables and negotiating points • Examines the approach to and issues arising in respect of contracts related to EPC contracts including letters of intent, bonds and guarantees and direct agreements • Examines many of the issues covered in the context of PFI/PPP projects, addressing the interrelationship between the construction arrangements and other project contracts including concession agreements July 2011, Hardback, ISBN: 9780414045187, £215 / €248



• Provides commentary and critical analysis on the principles of law behind construction insolvency • Provides guidance on how to deal with the aftermath of formal insolvency, including an analysis of the available procurement routes for a completion contract against the growing case law • Includes new sections on: the legal aspects of the project bank account, the impact on construction law of insolvencies in the financial sector, amendments to the Housing Grants and a review of research into the causes and indicators of construction insolvency • Provides comprehensive coverage of case law across the UK and Commonwealth jurisdictions and across related legal disciplines April 2011, Hardback, ISBN: 9780414046092, £210 / €267




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Construction All Risks Insurance, New Title, Hardback, July 2013


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Understanding, Negotiating and Litigating Turnkey and Epc Contracts, 3rd Edition, Hardback, November 2013



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Keating on Construction Contracts, 1st Supplement to the 9th Edition, Paperback, October 2013


Keating on Construction Contracts, 1st Supplement to the 9th Edition, ebook, October 2013


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Hudson’s Building and Engineering Contracts, 3rd Supplement to the 12th Edition Only, Paperback, December 2013

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Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts, 1st Supplement to the 4th Edition, Paperback, October 2013


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Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts, 4th Edition, Hardback, December 2010


Keating On Nec3, 1st Edition, Hardback, May 2012


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Understanding the FIDIC Red Book, 2nd Edition, Hardback January 2012


Epc Contracts and Major Projects, 2nd Edition, Hardback, July 2011


Construction Insolvency, 4th Edition, Hardback, April 2011


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9780414023123 Hudson’s Building and Engineering Contracts, Main Work and 2nd Supplement Hardback and Paperback, December 2012

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