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The natural choice The most regularly cited publication in the criminal courts today; Archbold is an indispensable companion for all those involved in the practice of criminal law.



Imagine being able to access this valuable content at any time of the day, from wherever you are. Archbold on Westlaw UK allows you to do just that.

Smart navigation tools, such as Table of Contents and Index have been replicated online and are complemented by the fast and easy-to-use search and browse functionality of Westlaw UK. Simply put, Archbold on Westlaw UK is Archbold made friendly.


With Archbold online, you now have access to link directly from the text to consolidated primary law, and have the ability to print, download, save and email search results and full-chapter PDFs.

With a new edition launched annually, additional supplements provided throughout the year and weekly e-updates highlighting the most recent developments in the Crown Court, Archbold is the first choice of the Judiciary in the Crown Court and Criminal Appeal Courts.

Archbold is available as an add-on to Westlaw UK

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 Call 0800 028 2200 (UK) or +44 (0) 207 449 1110 (Int’l)  email  or visit

Clear. Clever. Concise. SEARCHING


Search for content using the free text box within either the Basic or the Advanced search option. The Advanced Search function also allows you to search by a specific paragraph number or form name.

To save time browsing through documents, you can see your search terms in the context they appear within the results by clicking Show Terms in Context.

BROWSING Alternatively you can browse the content. Choose to view Table of Contents and link directly to specific chapters or simply browse tables of cases, statutes, practice directions or SIs and European material.

DIRECT LINKS TO PRIMARY LAW You can link directly from any references within the commentary to related cases and legislation via hyperlinks.

PRINT, DOWNLOAD, EMAIL CHAPTER PDFS From the Table of Contents you have the option to view and download each section as a PDF. Simply click on the PDF icon next to each chapter to open a version of the chapter in full.

Westlaw UK’s functionality enables sections of Archbold to be printed, downloaded or emailed. Additionally you can select and print multiple search results.

Westlaw UK Archbold Factsheet  

Westlaw UK Archbold Factsheet