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ALL ANALYTICAL Expert analysis – with forms, jury instructions, and more REUTERS/Fayaz Kabli

With All Analytical you can quickly and easily review specific points of law in both familiar and unfamiliar practice areas. You have access to over 14 online titles and over 600 law journals enabling you to research, review and analyse points of law quickly and easily. American Law Reports (ALR) This superior collection of articles organises and evaluates all case law relevant to a specific point of law. By giving you both sides of an issue, ALR helps you anticipate your opponent’s arguments. American Jurisprudence, (Am Jur) With encyclopaedic coverage of more than 400 topics, Am Jur® helps you gain a quick understanding of unfamiliar areas of law, allowing you to both offer authoritative answers to client questions and propose sound courses of action. Corpus Juris Secundum® (C.J.S.®) Coverage includes more than 400 alphabetically arranged legal topics: • Civil and criminal • Substantive and procedural • State and federal Restatement of the Law Providing you with clear formulations of common law and its statutory elements or variations, Restatement of the Law reflects the law as it presently stands or might plausibly be stated in a court. With discussion by nationally known scholars, you’ll know exactly what the current status of the law is, and where it is likely to go in the future.

American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated More than 36,500 forms covering every stage of state and federal litigation. American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts Winning case foundations and presentations with articles by experts well-known in their legal, medical, and scientific/technical fields add authoritative and decisive insights to the premise of your case. American Jurisprudence Trials Articles showcasing successful techniques and strategies in actual cases. Model Trial Articles cover the spectrum of personal injury, business, and criminal litigation. Causes of Action With articles on virtually every type of civil action, Causes of Action provides detailed legal analysis to assess whether your client has a case or a defence that will hold up in court. Wright & Miller Federal Practice and Procedure® The definitive treatise on practicing law in the federal courts.

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West’s® Federal Forms Litigation-tested federal procedural forms, with accompanying commentary for use in civil and criminal litigation. Companion to the Wright & Miller treatise. Federal Procedure A topically driven practice guide to federal, civil, criminal, and administrative procedure. Federal Procedural Forms A compilation of practice-tested, up-to-date federal forms to accompany the Federal Procedure treatise. Handbook of Federal Evidence Follows the Federal Rules of Evidence, and includes the full text of each rule and its legislative and committee history, taking into account every reported federal rule of evidence over the past quarter century. Law Reviews and Journals A collection of more than 600 of the most respected law reviews and bar journals.

ALL ANALYTICAL Expert analysis – with forms, jury instructions, and more REUTERS/Fayaz Kabli

Contents Include American Law Reports • ALR 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th • ALR Federal, Federal 2d • ALR Index Am Jur 2d Contains more than 400 articles covering every topic of federal and state law pertinent to legal practice. Corpus Juris Secundum Covers more than 400 alphabetically arranged legal topics. Am Jur Pleading & Practice Forms Annotated More than 6,500 forms covering: • Notices – Complaints • Petitions – Declarations • Summonses – Motions • Replies – Answers • Counterclaims – Cross-complaints • Discovery forms – Affidavits • Stipulations – Subpoenas • Orders – Writs • Jury instructions – Findings of fact • Judgments – Bonds • Decrees – And more Am Jur Proof of Facts • Personal injury/tort litigation • Medical/hospital malpractice claims • Products liability claims • Attorney/other professional malpractice claims • Insurance coverage/bad faith litigation • Real estate litigation • Business torts • Commercial litigation • Trademark/copyright litigation Each Proof of Facts article provides you with: • Elements of proof checklists • Elements of damages checklists • Model discovery • Sample proofs • Legal background • Practice and evidentiary considerations • Technical background • Defense considerations • Artwork and illustrations • Bibliography

Am Jur Trials • Fen-Phen • Railroad accidents • Drunk driving defense – breath scores • Traumatic infant brain injuries • Wrongful death in police custody • Failure to properly diagnose/treat cancer • Daubert challenges to scientific evidence • Sexual harassment • Lender liability Each article provides sound advice on: • Interviewing clients • Managing a heavy caseload and staff assignments • Locating medical, scientific and technical experts • Conducting more effective direct and cross-examination of lay and expert witnesses • Composing compelling opening statements and persuasive closing arguments • An outline helps you jump to the section of the trial you want Restatement of the law • Agency – Conflict of laws • Contracts – Foreign relations law • Judgments – Property • Restitution – Suretyship and guaranty • Torts – Trusts • Unfair Competition Wright & Miller Federal Practice and Procedure The text fully analyses: • The Federal Rules: Civil, Criminal, Appellate, Evidence, and Supreme Court • Judicial procedure-related statutes • Jurisdiction, venue, removal, and ancillary matters • Controlling federal judicial constructions West’s Federal Forms This companion set to Federal Practice and Procedure provides federal procedural forms, with accompanying commentary, for use in handling civil and criminal cases in the various federal courts. Federal Procedure Covers all levels of federal practice and procedure, including:

• Article III courts, such as the Federal District Courts, the Courts of Appeals, and the Supreme Court • Specialized courts, such as the Bankruptcy Court, the Tax Court, and the Court of Federal Claims • Administrative agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, the EPA, and the IRS Federal Procedural Forms • Pleading forms for motions, complaints, orders, declarations, answers, crossclaims, interrogatories, and more • Expert guidance • References to USCA, CFR, and federal caselaw Causes of Action • Articles • Cross-references • Related or alternative causes of action • Practice and procedure • Damages awards surveys • Practice checklists • Sample cases • Sample pleadings • Research guides • Practice guides • Tables of cases Handbook of Federal Evidence • Full text of Rules of Evidence • Legislative history and committee notes • Author analysis of federal decisions • Federal Jury Practice and Instructions, 5th • Federal Jury Practice • General Instructions for Federal Criminal Cases • Instructions for Particular Federal Criminal Cases • General Instructions for Federal Civil Cases • Instructions for Civil Diversity Cases • Instructions for Civil Actions Governed by Federal Law Law Reviews and Journals Includes more than 600 of the most respected law reviews and bar journals.

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