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GET In a Ny minute FIT tIP tOP tRaINERs

CaNada’s gREatEst Est s st FItNEss ChallENgE ENgE

mEEt Ivy laRsON


awaken your giant

self-help hero tony Robbins

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Take Flight


july/august 2013 // $4.95

, s e i l l u B Tackles hts &Yoga g i R l a m Ani



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Eating by the Book

july/august 2013

Contents 32 TIP TOP TRAINERS Canada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge 44 GET FIT In a New York minute 66 QUEEN OF CLEAN CUISINE Ivy Larson




Intro to Acro Yoga



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in every issue


Delicious living 52 PEACH PEACH TRIO Sangria, Salad and Dessert 56 TASTEMA TASTEMAKERS KERS Chef Jose Hadad

Do yoga

72 BALANCING ACT Pauline Caballero 74 MODERN ASANA WITH A FLI FLIP P Intro to Acro Yoga

24 SWEAT SCIENCE Nature’s perfect food 25 SWEAT SCIENCE Stemming from nature 26 FACE MAPPING MAPP Are you listening to your skin

work out

32 TO TOP PP PERSONAL ERSONAL TRAINERS Canada’s C anada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge 37 FUEL Orange Creamsicle 38 THE SHORT WARM UP UP Long term effects

love life

43 P PROTECT ROTECT YOUR SKIN S 7 anti-aging foods 44 SURVIVOR: New York

26 52


breathe in


Tackles the Tough Issues



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WILL THANK YOU TRIPLE STRENGTH F I S H O I L+ G L A 9 0 0 m g o f t h e o m e g a - 3 s E PA & D H A promote heart, joint, brain, eye and skin health. Added GLA supports

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Volume 3, Issue 5

Great Sex?

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Online Sweat Equity Charity Yogathon

Best of 2013 Directory

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Our ‘Best of’ Directory for 2013 is a valuable resource - there to help you find the best studios, yoga teachers, retreats and spas, teacher training programs, and fitness and wellness services that Canada has to offer – all at your fingertips! Log onto our website and click the Best of 2013 Directory banner on our homepage or click the Directory link on the navigation bar. Go ahead - explore and be confident that whatever your selection… you’re choosing from the best!



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NICOLE BREANNE HUDSON - when she isn’t snapping pics or making flicks she’s either helping people find the perfect outfit at lululemon, or walking her insanely cute dog, Saunders, on the streets of Toronto. nicolebreanne.com


daring commitment to get fit in a New York minute as she survives a string of classes, taking you to the hot spots for training and rejuvenation, and not without laughs along the way! Courage lives in all different places—in the heart of a sports star, the strength of a survivor, even the living room of the average soul, committed to living life to its fullest each and every day. Where do you stand in the mix? Read on to find out.

Fred Antwi, Publisher

MICHAEL LETTERLOUGH JR. is a New York based, award-winning fashion, commercial and portrait photographer whose work has been seen and published in national and international magazines such as Forbes, Vogue Italia, and Vibe. michaelletterlough.com

BECKY DOYLE is an entrepreneur, co-owner of Skin Savvy Day Spa and an internationally trained aesthetician with over 12 years of experience. Her commitment to continuing education and passion for skin care is evidenced by her deep knowledge of cosmetic ingredients and dedication to her clients’ skin health and well-being. skinsavvy.ca


The Oxford English Dictionary defines courage as “strength in the face of fear.” Courage of one’s convictions is the thread that binds the stories together in this issue of Sweat Equity—the ability to act on one’s beliefs despite danger or disapproval. NFL star Bret Lockett kicks it off with his game-winning approach to life: Do no harm. Live consciously. Queen of Clean Cuisine, Ivy Larson, exemplifies courage as she kicks fear in the butt with the spirit of a warrior, creating nutritional programs and workouts that inspire others to thrive in the face of a chronic disease. And Mireille Chamberland and Stanley Norris take flight, literally, as they bring peace to the mat with Acro Yoga, using it as a tool to explore trust, loyalty, and commitment in a novel way. Maybe you’re a closet warrior who just needs a little shove to get out and shine? Turn to our Tip Top Trainers article to see how our seven super-fit personal trainers courageously tackle Canada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge! Kat Tancock faces her own challenge and steps up to the plate with a


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SweAt upcoming special events

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August 16-17, 2013

CANFITPRO CONSUMER FITNESS + WELLNESS SHOW Visit the canfitpro Consumer Fitness + Wellness Show when it returns to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with even more exhibitors and exciting events! This show is not to be missed by anyone interested in fitness, health, and personal wellness. Attend the trade show and get amazing deals on fitness apparel, footwear, and small equipment. Learn from world-renowned fitness celebrities and experts as they bring you the latest in exercise and nutrition information, through interactive classes and demos! Check out the Sweat RX Championships (August 16 – 18). Participate in the Sweat Equity charity yogathon with Sadie Nardini, Cynthia Funk, J-P Tamblyn, Beth Shaw, and Mark Laham, and much more! Entry is FREE is you pre-register! GET YOUR CONSUMER FITNESS + WELLNESS SHOW TICKET(S) AT CANFITPRO.COM/CONSUMERSHOW.

August 10, 2013

SEAWHEEZE The SeaWheeze Lululemon half-marathon is 21.1kms (13.1 miles) of sea, sun and smiles wrapped up in a weekend of fun. In its second year and even more popular, the SeaWheez isn’t just a run, it’s a fun-filled sweaty weekend with no shortage of challenge and excitement, and of course some seaside yoga. A SeaWheeze app will help you build your own training program and a fully supported race route complete with aid, water and fueling stations will help you through – along with your Special Edition pair of SeaWheeze run shorts. Revive with a post-race runners brunch or skip the feast for some yoga! $128 CAD Vancouver, BC, Canada (SeaWheeze Central at the Vancouver Convention Centre) www.seawheeze.com



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4/26/13 10:27 PM


Balance, Poise and Grace Two locales that have it all BY ERYN KIRKWOOD, MA


hat do a rock-climbing goat and prima ballerina have in common? According to studio owner Heather Moore and communications director Sandra Vadasz— a lot. Balance, poise, and grace. Focus, precision, and dedication. These are just a few of the commonalities between Mountain Goat Yoga studio in Ottawa, Ontario, and Barreworks in Toronto. Whether you’re motivated by the courage and strength of a beast or the conditioning and confidence of a beauty, try either of these locales and you won’t go wrong.

BARREWORKS A stroll through Toronto streets reveals a myriad of businesses devoted to health and well-being. It can be challenging to prioritize among the buzz words of weight loss and strength training, core strength, and cardiovascular health. At Barreworks, each of these elements combines to provide a tidy buffet of holistic health, with their flagship studio conveniently centred in one of Toronto’s most stylish neighbourhoods, Queen Street West, and a second boutique location in the heart of midtown Toronto on Yonge Street. Barreworks raises the bar of fitness with their team of highly competent fitness and dance professionals committed to replicating the most powerful elements of muscle sculpting using a ballet barre, resistance bands, and weighted balls. Because all the instructors are uniquely trained wellness professionals, you’ll receive a holistic approach infused with the best of their own personal discipline. Although classes cater to the fitness novice, there’s enough substance to allow more seasoned practitioners to flirt with their own limitations. Workouts designed to engage and energize the body promise to provide the long, lean muscles of a dancer. Owner Paul Bonder recommends three to four classes a week to experience top results in immediate time. And with up to 17 classes a day to choose from, ranging in schedule from 7am to 8:30pm and in length from 40 minutes to one hour, there’s no shortage of options. Barreworks guarantees that just one visit will de-stress your mind, invigorate your body, and diversify your concept of fitness–all motivated by a “kick ass playlist.” Anyone who has left “The Barre” will agree, music isn’t the only thing that kicks ass around here! 625 Queen St. West, 3rd Floor, Toronto ON; 2576 Yonge St, 2nd Floor, Toronto ON. barreworks.ca

MOUNTAIN GOAT YOGA CENTRE When asked “Why a mountain goat?” owner Heather Moore responds, “As a Canadian I wanted a name that would reflect meaning and honour our Canadian culture. The mountain goat is one of Canada’s amazing animals with much yogic energy. They’re known for their balance and surefootedness. Their skeletal system is highly flexible to allow movement along rock faces and around corners. They jump onto small ledges and land with precision and balance. The mountain goat also represents perseverance: no matter how challenging the terrain, how rotten the weather, or how moody the goat, the animal climbs its mountain. These are the qualities we strive to cultivate in our yoga practice.” And achieve, she does. Mountain Goat Yoga Centre celebrated their 10-year anniversary last December—a true testament to the Canadian will to succeed. 3350 Fallowfield Road,Unit 5, Ottawa, Ontario; mountaingoatyoga.com



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Eating by the Book

Product Review

Om News


OM News THE MILE HIGH CLUB. I bet that caught your attention!

T don’t Just Sit There Sukhasana!

he Mile High Club is a collective flight. It’s surprising this hasn’t caught term used to describe people on years ago! Reach into the overhead who have engaged in sexual bin just a little further and you have intercourse while on board an aircraft. Urdhva Hastasana. Bend over once But unless you’re Bikram Choudhury or you’re all buckled in for a modified John Friend, the only intercourse we’re Uttanansana, or hover above your seat reporting on here is the introspective an extra few seconds for a veritable relationship with yourself. Yoga takes Utkatasana. Nobody will even know flight, literally, with the latest and what you’re up to! Move slowly and greatest concept of stretching to the deliberately; bring your full attention limit. What better place to bust out a to the task at hand. Sure, it’s not a standing forward bend or a deep lateral full-blown yoga class with trickling stretch than between the seats of fountains or the lull of an Indian your sleepy-time neighbours? Nobody flute—and screaming kids might take knows cramped, congested, and At first glance, the place of that’s a harmonious “Is It art or can I sIt on It?” I know what OM—but irritable like the Yes, passengers of a long necessityof isathe mother you’re thinking. this futuristic artistic rendering chair is of invention. actually functional. not only is the minimalist design a work of art, but you can sit on it . . . for hours! no more slouching over your computer; this canadian-made vegan-friendly contemporary chair allows you to sit comfortably in a cross-legged yoga pose (sukhasana) at your desk, eating dinner, watching Tv, or anywhere else you’d want to grab a seat.


As a newcomer to the world of social media and the infinite reach of Sukhasana inspires people to rethink the way they sit; it promotes “applications,” when choosing among hundreds of options, simple is my perfect spinal alignment, allowing the body to achieve physical and guide. Personal OM is most certainly that. I love this iPhone app! As basic as the mental harmony—hence the yoga posture after which it’sa named. meditation it’s designed to support, this funky little tool is timer, visual, and ambiance provider all in one. Available for $1.99 on iTunes. If the price tag seems steep, it’s well worth the investment. each chair is 100% customizable. You can select from 3 different sizes and choose from a variety of vibrant or neutral tones. It comes Heard any great news? Hadlifts an OM-azing experience equipped with castors for hardwood or yoga carpet and gas for recently? Snapped unforgettable asana while various table heights, which all add up to aan perfect fit. Whether for travelling? We want to hear to about it! Write to us at the office, home, or your meditation practice, this chair will change editor@sweatequitymagazine.com and share your the way you sit—forever!thoughts and stories. Then check Om News for the latest trends, research, and community love. sukhasana.com / starting at $1,800

What’s in Your Om?




SE_NOVDEC_OmNews.indd 16 8.OMNews_SE_JULYAUG13-outline.indd 16

12-10-18 7:59 PM 6/29/13 2:55 PM


(Book Review)

Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi:

My Humble Quest to Heal My Colitis, Calm My ADD, and Find the Key to Happiness BY ERYN KIRKWOOD


eppered with what some might call an unending stream of references to late 20th century culture, we find Brian Leaf richly poking fun at everything that has the courage to reveal itself in this illuminating story. College freshman Brian Leaf finds himself bogged down by a variety of mental challenges, when he stumbles on the class elective that will change his life: yoga. Buried within the pages of what could be a coming-of-age-story with hints of Star Wars, American Pie, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures is a powerful account of one man’s personal transformation. With the help of so-called “alternative” medicines–yoga, Ayurveda, and massage

to name a few–Leaf details his quest, acquisition, and victory with the innocent wit of a newcomer. The book is not a de facto manual for ethical living, replete with step-by-step instructions and homework, but an honest account of how to maximize your life’s potential. Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi is the perfect blend of humility, occasional nudity, and myriad mistakes. His modern investigation of selfdiscovery compels the reader to commiserate and exalt with the narrator with each passing chapter. Far more than a conglomeration of random events, this engaging read is perfect for anyone on the path of discovering the therapeutic power of thought, intention, and mindfulness.


8.OMNews_SE_JULYAUG13-outline.indd 17


6/29/13 2:55 PM


Any wisdom for readers?

Where do you turn for inspiration? What keeps you motivated? I take refuge in Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna Sharanam Mama (translation: The lord of Love, Shri Krishna, is my refuge).

What brought you to yoga? My burning desire to get closer to God.

Because what is realized in the enlightened state of yoga is the Oneness of being, where otherness disappears and only love remains, it is important for us to cultivate good relationships with others in our lives. All others. We come into this world with karmic debts, unresolved issues from past lifetimes. One of the greatest opportunities that life provides us with is a body to work these karmas out, to bring them to a state of resolution. The only lasting resolution is Love. Ultimately we must find ways to love everybody. How we treat others will determine how others treat us. How others treat us will determine how we see ourselves. How we see ourselves will determine who we are.

How would you define Jivamukti Yoga? It is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings.

How did you become a spokesperson for vegetarianism in the world of yoga?

What’s it like having a partner so closely aligned with you on this path? David and I are not “legally” married. We are both in a committed relationship, not to each other but to God. We are renunciates—spiritual practitioners first and foremost. It works out pretty nicely.

Sharon Gannon Co-Founder of Jivamukti Yoga with David Life BY ERYN KIRKWOOD



When a person is passionate about anything, others take note and listen. I’m passionate about veganism and through the study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali have discovered some convincing arguments in favour of yogis eating a vegan diet. . . making those kinds of connections seems to be exciting to many people. Ahimsa, the practice of non-violence, is certainly not a new concept in religion or the spiritual traditions, but extending ahimsa to include all other animals and the planet herself is a radically new idea. It is a foundation principal to Jivamukti Yoga.


9.SE_TeacherStory_JULYAUG13.indd 18

6/27/13 8:48 PM

Meet the Faculty:

Page19.indd 51

Kristin Campbell RYT-500 YYoga teacher

7/2/13 5:11 PM


the Green tip Eco, organic and the OM-factor!

LULULEMON OM FINDER Yoga addicts who are tired of opening multiple browser windows will adore this super-useful app that lets you scan nearby classes by time, teacher, or studio, whether at home or on the road; plus you can add favourites, set reminders, and invite friends on a yoga date. Free for iPhone.

wgoimnat yo

d it ter an us on Tw Follow ok for details. o b ce Fa

YOGOMAT A lightweight yoga mat that fits in your bag, is easy to clean and compact enough to take anywhere: commuting, travelling, even the beach. The YogoMat folds up to the size of a wine bottle, is small enough to fit in purses and bags, unfolds to a fullsized mat (24” x 68”), weighs only 2 pounds, and can be rinsed and hung to dry using its reversible straps. It has a slip-resistant grip and is even really “grippy” with mild perspiration. It’s also 100% recyclable, made from 100% biodegradable, sustainablyharvested natural rubber, and manufactured in the US. $55 yogosport.com

WELEDA HYDRATING BODY LOTION Weleda’s all-natural moisturizers are free of nasty additives and leave skin soft and smooth. Our favourite for summer is the light, refreshing citrus scent, packed with luxuriant coconut and sesame oils and soothing organic aloe vera. Available in a 200mL pump bottle, or look for the travel-size four-pack at select retailers. 200mL $20.09 well.ca


we iwn ater

pur ttliteter and boon Tw

us Follow ok for details. Facebo

PURE MINI GLASS WATER BOTTLE The smallest in a line of six, this dishwasher-safe, Canadian-designed glass bottle is covered in a plastic coating to make it grippy and tough and, should it break, will safely contain any pieces of glass. The wide mouth makes it easy to wash, whether you fill it with juice, a smoothie, or a sports drink. $19.95 pureglassbottle.com


10.GearEcoSwag_JULYAUG13outline.indd 20

6/27/13 9:21 PM




VegasSport.indd 51

2/22/13 5:51 PM

yoga teacher training basic certification weekend format

MODULE 1 (125 HOURS): SEPT 6 - OCT 20 MODULE 2 (125 HOURS): OCT 25 - DEC 8 // yoga alliance registered // certified private education institute // payment plans available

for full program details visit : www.downwarddog.com PHOTO CREDIT: TIM BERMINGHAM

Page22.indd 51

6/29/13 6:52 PM

n I e h t a e r B W

e’ve heard it before: you can’t judge a book by its cover. Yet according to ancient Chinese medicine, your skin is a mirror of your health. In Vibrant Health, Becky Doyle describes how the internal organs correspond to 14 different zones on your face! Sweat Science reveals how to oxygenate your cells, detoxify your skin, and prevent cancer using the greenest superfood available, and Spirit Junkie Gabrielle Bernstein reminds us that the key to productivity is slowing down. Read on for more tips and tricks on how to stay beautiful, bountiful, and productive!


11.BreatheInFrontice_JULYAUG13.indd 23


6/25/13 6:13 PM

BREATHE IN (Sweat Science)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Greenest of Them All? Nature’s perfect food



he “green foods” revolution of our generation touts wheat grass juice, chlorella, and sprouts as leaders. And yet these foods lag far behind the two most popular blue-green algae: aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) and spirulina. Although both are green superfoods with a similar nutritional profile, there are important differences. AFA is the “greenest” superfood we know; it contains the highest source of chlorophyll of any plant. Chlorophyll is life force. It helps bring oxygen to our cells, detoxify our bodies, and may play a significant role in preventing cancer. While both forms of blue-green algae have a similar overall concentration of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and minerals, the quality of their micronutrients is noticeably different due to their growing and harvesting techniques. Spirulina, for example, is grown in concrete or plastic ponds with sodium and other supplements added to the water. AFA is wildly harvested from Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon. Its micronutrients mirror what has existed naturally in the lake for thousands of years due to past volcanic activity and the interactions of rivers, streams, and subterranean water supply. The vast richness of this organic volcanic sediment is reflected in the fact that AFA contains every trace mineral and micronutrient, B vitamin, and amino acid, thus making it a complete protein. AFA is 65 percent protein


by weight compared to flesh, which is only about 23 percent. Gram for gram, AFA is the highest protein source of any food. Harvesting techniques contribute to the assimilation of this food’s essential fatty acid, protein, and mineral content. Spray-or sun-dried spirulina products readily lose such heat-sensitive elements. The top AFA harvester uses refractance window drying, which is the least insulting to these heat-sensitive nutrients. Our food reflects our soil. With decades of commercial farming, our soils are depleted of trace minerals that our bodies must receive from our foods. Dr. Robert LaFave of the US Metabolic Research Center says, “All degenerative diseases originate, to one degree or another, in a severe mineral depletion of the body.” Without minerals, our bodies don’t function properly and begin to break down. Food is the medicine that fuels and heals us. The list of benefits for consuming AFA is astonishing: it fights illness-causing infections, protects against pesticides and other toxins, supports the immune system, reduces inflammation, accelerates healing and recovery, reduces stress, improves digestion, increases energy, and improves mental clarity. The list goes on. This sparkly green crystal powder makes a difference. Whether you add it to a smoothie or take the capsules with water, AFA is an important addition to your diet. It truly is one of nature’s perfect foods.


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Stemming From Nature Plant stem cells in skin care


lant stem cells may be one of the most promising breakthroughs in skin care today, and skin care lines are happily using their power for good in a growing selection of stellar products. What can plant stem cells do for my skin? • Preserve the youthful look and vitality of the skin—Look as young as you feel. • Promote the skin’s ability to regenerate—Help your face bounce back. • Delay biological aging of essential cells—Where’d you get that time machine? • Protect longevity of skin stem cells—Keep the good you’ve already got. • High-potency concentrate—Big power in a little bottle. • Sustainable and eco-friendly—Protecting the world we love. So how does this stuff work? Skin is in a constant state of renewal, shedding and replacing cells every day. So when your skin and body cells can’t regenerate as fast as they used to, aging kicks in. Plant stem cells work to reverse this cycle of decline. Put simply, more active cells equals more youthful skin. Plant stem cells are okay for the environment? You bet. In fact, plant stem cells have an impressively strong ecological story. Today’s


technology makes it possible to cultivate cells from endangered or rare species without causing a hint of harm. Plus, these cells can multiply seemingly endlessly and transform into the types of cells the body needs, which means big-time potential for skin care and other sciences. When gathering plant stem cells, the process is simple: 1. A small quantity of cells (called the explant) are taken from the original plant. 2. The plant begins healing where the material was extracted and creates a callus. 3. The explant is incubated so it can harvest the plant stem cells for use in skin care products. The whole process is free of pollutants and impurities, not to mention it’s independent of seasonal and other environmental restraints. And the best part is, it helps preserve plants that are in limited supply. A win-win for all. Now, show me the science . . . Studies have shown that apple stem cells called PhytoCellTec™ could encourage stem cell proliferation by up to 80 percent and even protect against UV damage. In experiments on human skin, researchers discovered that a cream containing the apple could decrease wrinkle depth by an average of 8 percent in just two weeks and 15 percent in four weeks by promoting skin regeneration. That’s impressive.

SARAH EGGENBERGER is VP of Product Development and Innovation at MyChelle, an influential beauty and lifestyle expert, an on-air spokesperson, a beauty curator, and a published author. MyChelle was the first company in the natural market to introduce plant stem cell innovation. Showing their dedication and passion for effective, bioactive ingredients they offer a growing selection of advanced formulas that harness plant stem cell power. withbeautyandgrace.com.

Plant stem cells may be one of the most promising breakthroughs in skin care today


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BREATHE IN (Vibrant Health)

Are You Listening to Your Skin? How to “break out” of old patterns BY BECKY DOYLE


ccording to ancient Chinese medicine, your skin condition may be telling you something. Skin, hair, and nails often reflect inner health, so listen up! “Mapping” out where you have pimples, hyper-pigmentation, redness, rashes, or sallow colour can help you understand what’s happening internally—and in some cases, prevent further issues. Similar to reflexology, Chinese medicine practitioners believe that organs are directly related to one another, so the body should be treated as a whole. This is why your largest organ, the skin, is an open window to health. A good place to start when looking to improve your complexion is understanding the causes. With this information you have the power to improve your skin’s condition and restore your body’s inner balance. The face has been divided into 14 zones, each corresponding to an organ or system. Pay close attention to the colour, texture, and condition of the skin in each area. While internal imbalances and stress may be the root cause of acne or other issues, there are often other factors to consider as well. ZONES 1 & 3: BLADDER AND DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Look for congestion under the skin, dehydration, or breakouts. This can be caused by poor digestion (trouble breaking down foods), insufficient water intake, history of bladder problems, or poor sleep patterns. Other considerations would be un-rinsed shampoo, pore-clogging hair products, or improper removal of makeup. Try: Go to bed early and wake up early. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and chew thoroughly to help digest foods. ZONE 2: LIVER Look for congestion, redness, or flakiness. This can be caused by a heavy intake of rich foods, lactose intolerance, or late-night eating. Other considerations would be excess oil production or poor hygiene after brow waxing. Try: Avoid alcohol and smoking. Eat lighter foods and don’t snack late at night. ZONES 4, 6, 8, & 10: KIDNEYS Look for milia, dark circles, puffiness, irritation to the eyelids, congestion, or sensitized skin. This can be caused by kidney stress, poor elimination, insufficient water intake, dietary deficiencies, or excessive caffeine or sodium intake. Other considerations would be allergies or cosmetics/shampoo not being rinsed properly. Try: Drink eight glasses of water a day, limit caffeine and sodium intake, and eat fewer processed foods. Increase consumption of water-rich

foods such as melon and cucumbers. ZONES 5 & 9: RESPIRATORY SYSTEM OR LIVER Look for sensitized skin, broken capillaries, breakouts, milia, or hyperpigmentation. The left cheek is related to the liver, overeating, stomach issues, or stress. The right cheek is related to the lungs, allergies, stomach issues, and stress. Other considerations would be dirty pillow cases or harsh cosmetics. Note: Lower-cheek acne could represent poor oral hygiene. Try: Stay positive, decompress at the end of the day, don’t overeat, and limit fast food and sugar intake. Check your laundry detergent for harsh chemicals or launder pillow cases regularly. ZONE 7: HEART AND REPRODUCTION Look for congestion, broken capillaries, pigmentation, or increased hair growth on the upper lip. A red, slightly bulbous nose can be caused by high blood pressure. Hair or pigmentation on the upper lip can be caused by hormonal imbalances. Peeling on the nose can indicate poor circulation. Other considerations are pigmentation from oral contraceptives, pore-clogging cosmetics, or improper extraction techniques. Try: Lower your blood pressure, clean your makeup brushes routinely, and eat more fruits, vegetables, and omega-rich foods. ZONE 12: SMALL INTESTINE Look for congestion or breakouts. This can be caused by poor diet, food allergies, or digestive problems. Other considerations are leaning on your hand, improper cleansing, or pore-clogging cosmetics. Try: Add more fibre to your diet and limit the amount of rich, fatty foods. ZONES 11 & 13: HORMONES Look for breakouts, cystic lesions, or congestion. This can be caused by stress or hormonal imbalances. Other considerations are leaning on your hand, improper cleansing, or pore-clogging cosmetics. Try: Reduce stress as much as possible, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and get plenty of exercise. If the condition persists, ask your doctor to check for hormonal imbalances. ZONE 14: STRESS OR ILLNESS Look for breakouts, pigmentation, redness, or sensitivity. This can be caused by stress or a sign of your body fighting off bacteria or illness. Other considerations are fragrances or insufficient sun protection. Try: Relax and drink plenty of water.

BECKY DOYLE is co-owner of Skin Savvy Day Spa and an internationally trained aesthetician with over 12 years of experience. skinsavvy.ca



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BREATHE IN (Spirit Junkie)

Productive Peace Speed up by slowing down



he concept of slowing down often seems alluring, but it can also be really trippy for people. Why? Simple: These days everything is fast. Technology has our heads spinning. Don’t get me wrong; living a fast-paced life isn’t a bad thing. But running on high speed all the time can be overwhelming. You not only end up getting less done, you feel tense and anxious. Paradoxically, the secret to speeding up and getting more done is simply to slow down. I’m not saying you should renounce the world and meditate all day, but I am suggesting that you clear space to access your inner power. When you do that, time will seem to expand. The tools outlined below are based on principles from my book, May Cause Miracles, and each tool will greatly help you redirect your energy and learn to heighten an inner sense of power to let your outer life grow, expand, and flow.

STEP ONE: TAKE A BRAIN BREAK When there’s a lot on your mind, it’s hard to feel productive and at peace. One great way to enhance your energy and create more time in your day is to take regular brain breaks–mindful moments that let you clear your thoughts. A brain break is simple. Just step away from the computer and take a walk (don’t bring your phone). These breaks will allow you to mentally shake it all off and gain a fresh start when you get back to your daily routine. STEP TWO: FOCUS ON WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD One simple way to energize your life, create more time, and be more productive is to feel inspired. When you focus on what is joyful, you bring more joy into your life. Take time to engage in your hobbies, read inspiring books, or listen to music that you love. You don’t have to wait for inspiration: find it by focusing on what gets your mojo working and you’ll energize every area of your life. STEP THREE: TAKE A FIVER In five minutes you can change your life. Sometimes a five-minute nap can recharge you for the rest of the day. Or you can breathe mindfully for five minutes. Did you know most people barely breathe at all? For five minutes, practice this breathing exercise: inhale for five seconds, hold your breath for five seconds, and exhale for five seconds. This easy breathing will replenish you and create more flow in your energy and your day. You don’t have to skip town and live in a shack under a palm tree to slow down. The trick is not to do less, but to create flow, so that you can actually do more and feel good about it. Even in the midst of the city, even when your to-do list is five miles long, use these three simple tools to expand time and do all you want without forcing or rushing a thing.

GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN is a motivational speaker and author of several books, including her newest work, May Cause Miracles. She’s the founder of HerFuture.com, a social network designed to inspire, empower, and connect women. She also hosts a weekly show on HayHouseRadio.Gabbyb.tv



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XTC Fitness Offers Canadian Made Fitness Equipment Custom Equipment & Design Commercial & Residential Equipment Facility Layout Planning Installation & Maintenance Services B2B Solutions Large Equipment Showroom

Contact Us

1-­‐888-­‐982-­‐3481 905-­‐922-­‐3481 www.XTCFITNESS.ca

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t u O k r Wo C

anada makes a mark this issue with seven fitness forerunners, empowering ambassadors in the field of health and wellness, enticing YOU to see where you stand among the best of the best at our first ever Canada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge. This national competition is designed to push you to the limit, beyond what you imagined was possible, with the support of like-minded health enthusiasts backing you up. In 99% Perspiration, Vancouver’s own Brendan Brazier will prepare you for the competition, with cutting-edge info on the most efficient way to rev up those muscles in your warm-up. But if your training life is in the slow lane this summer, just whip up an Orange Creamsicle Smoothie (guilt-free!) and sit back to enjoy the show!


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Lyzabeth Lopez




Brent Bishop


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CANADA’S GREATEST FITNESS CHALLENGE hink you’re the fittest guy or gal in your gym? Maybe you’re the fittest personal trainer? Or perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to test your mettle to see just what you’re made of! Start practicing your pull-ups, box jumps, and kettlebell swings and get ready for Canada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge. Sweat Equity Magazine has partnered with Inside Fitness Magazine to bring you Canada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge, a competition created to give personal trainers, athletes, and gym trainers from all disciplines an opportunity to compete with like- minded fitness professionals and enthusiasts in deciding who are the Fittest Gym Athletes and Fittest Personal Trainers in Canada. This national Fitness Challenge will push you to the limits and keep you motivated at the gym. Overall, the exercises will test your speed, strength, stamina, endurance, and mental toughness completed in a race format against a running clock. It won’t be easy.


MEET OUR AMBASSADORS BRENT BISHOP A self-proclaimed outdoorsman who grew up in British Columbia, Brent is the owner of Think Fitness Studios, a performance-inspired personal training centre in Toronto. He is an on-air Fitness Expert, Functional Fitness Host of Body Fuel, author of The Think Factor, and a Fitness Brand Ambassador for New Balance Canada. Brent is passionate about helping people to realize their true potential and shares some of his knowledge through contributions to numerous print media. During his 16 years of industry experience, Brent finds time to trudge into the middle of nowhere on an unfamiliar trail to appreciate the bounty of health, motivation, and life: fitness is his play, nature is his playground. IamBishop.com CANADA’S GREATEST FITNESS CHALLENGE IS HERE! AND WE’RE STARTING OUR SEARCH FOR COMPETITORS WITH THE SPEED, STRENGTH, AND SKILL TO TAKE DOWN OUR TOUGHEST CHALLENGES. MANY WILL ENTER, BUT ONLY A SELECT FEW WILL BE NAMED CANADA’S FITTEST—WILL IT BE YOU? SIGN UP NOW!

LYZABETH LOPEZ With plenty of credentials, including the host of a syndicated nutrition and cooking show, Lyzabeth doesn’t need to rest on her laurels as an award-winning personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, fitness instructor, or social media stalwart. Infectious personality and a cornucopia of wellness knowledge have shown thousands of athletes from all walks and all disciplines a better way to health. With over 15 years of experience in training and nutrition, this savvy entrepreneur and pro athlete has coached over 3000 athletes in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, fitness, and bodybuilding; among them are celebrities, models and actors. Oh, and don’t’ forget the hundreds of thousands of social media followers, plus all those who see her in magazines as a model and writer. She created the Hourglass Workout™, a women’s-only fitness franchise, and an apparel brand named Helms. Her industry recognition includes winning Trainer of the Year and being voted the #1 Fitness Model in Canada. lyzabethlopez.com

MARC LEBERT Some trainers are content with racking up wins and victories; Marc was happy to become an expert inventor and proprietor instead! Marc Lebert developed the Lebert EQUALIZER™, BUDDY SYSTEM™ and STRETCH STRAP™. These portable and versatile tools are being used

Marc Lebert

“There is something truly inspiring when you combine fun and competition with fitness goals. Canada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge will prove to be a great bench mark for both clients and trainers to compete and elevate their game!” -BRENT BISHOP july/august 2013 | WWW.SWEATEQUITYMAGAZINE.COM

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Jennifer Ettinger

Sean Chilton


It is amazing to watch my clients push themselves to “new heights!” “Canada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge” will be THE perfect event, to serve as a stepping stone to better health, confidence and well being! -JENNIFER ETTINGER


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in many of the world’s leading clubs, boot camps, military physical training facilities, school/athletic programs and home gyms in over 30 countries around the globe. Marc is the owner of Lebert Fitness Inc and is also a Fitness Club Owner, and has used the Lebert tools in his training of professional athletes in hockey, boxing and martial arts as well as thousands of employees at corporate facilities. If you think he’s fluent only in academia, you’ll have to ignore his black belt in Taekwondo, fighting on a national level, and being the strength and conditioning coach for Billy “The Kid” Irwin, a retired world-class boxer. College introduced Marc to weighttraining and his lifelong passion for athleticism found its outlet. He also exercised his brain, earning a BA in psychology and finding time to become a neuro-linguistic practitioner. Marc is very committed to giving back having raised a substantial amount of money for worthy causes. lebertfitness.com

Eva Redpath

EVA REDPATH A champion to women’s empowerment, Eva has all the ducks in a row when it comes to transforming lives. With enough experience in the physical realm of wellness (she’s a certified group fitness expert, personal trainer, dance instructor, and choreographer) her focus is providing a positive role model for women as an educator and motivator. Eva understands the complexities of fitting a stereotype since she was an actress, print model, and spokesperson throughout her storied life. With plenty of women-specific classes and workshops in the local Toronto area, the occasional trips to exotic locations and increasing on-line presence complement her vigor for life and the audiences she reaches. Evaredpath.com

Andre Agate

“One of the most rewarding things you can do in life are set goals and accept challenges that you think cannot be done. Who knows what you might learn about yourself, probably that you are stronger then you think. Set the goal and compete in ‘Canada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge’ so that you may feel the exhilaration of completion!” -EVA REDPATH

ANDRE AGATE A big barrel with a resonating voice, Andre Agate holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wyoming. He is also an NSCA-certified trainer and strength and conditioning specialist. Andre co-created the CrossBell (www.crossbellfitness.com), a breakthrough fitness system that combines a patented 3-in-1 weight set with a method of training that allows people to work out less and get better results. Andre can be reached at andre@crossbellfitness.com. SEAN CHILTON Someone has to fix all the broken athletes! While this may be a bit of an overstatement, Sean’s experience and talents could certainly qualify him as such. He worked with his college varsity football team an as athletic therapist. Seeing all the injuries and rehab that result from intense sports, he determined that the best way to treat an injury is through proper training. Sean’s own injuries gave him all the practice he needed. His enthusiasm in showing clients how to reach their goals reveals a great love for health and fitness. Equipped as a CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer, Sean is also an OKA- Certified Kinesiologist and can be found inspiring clients at Think Fitness Studios in Toronto. ThinkFitnessStudios.com JENNIFER ETTINGER Best-selling author, TV host, fitness and style expert, and keynote speaker Jennifer Ettinger’s dedication to helping women stems from her own

triumph over chronic fatigue syndrome. Being bedridden and overweight, she understands the mindset of women who are challenged with weight and health issues. She knows depression and desperation, and she also knows how to reclaim a life that harmonizes body, beauty, mind, and spirit. Along with passion and contagious energy, Jennifer offers stellar credentials to back up her Image, Fitness, Beauty, and Empowerment products. Well-versed in the realm of arts and fashion and backed up by three degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Jennifer puts her education to work with her own cosmetic line. You can read her best-selling book Find Your Inner Goddess or catch her on a regional TV show, “Fit Your Style” on Rogers. Fityourstyle.com WHEN AND WHERE? Canada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge launches Thursday, August 15, 2013, at the canfitpro Consumer Fitness + Wellness Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Heat times will be open from 8am to 8pm for trainers and athletes to put their fitness to the test. There will be two divisions to compete in: Fittest Personal Trainer and Fittest Athlete Male/Female. The top five times from both divisions on Thursday will be invited back for a final competition on Saturday, August 17, for a showdown to see who will be crowned Canada’s Fittest. If you win, you’ll not only appear in the pages of Inside Fitness and Sweat Equity Magazine, but you’ll head home with cash, gear, and great products. WHEN: Thursday August 15, from 8am to 8pm – canfitpro Consumer Fitness + Wellness Show WHERE: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front St W, Toronto, ON DETAILS: canadasgreatestfitnesschallenge.com or info@canadasgreatestfitneschallenge.com


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Canada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge Workout 8 exercises to be completed in sequence against a running clock. THE EXERCISES The clock starts when you begin the first stroke of the row...

2. SEATED DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS Men: 30lbs dumbbells/30 reps Women: 15lbs dumbbells/30 reps

1. ROW Men: 500m, level 10 Women: 500m, level 10

3. LUNGE EXCHANGES Men: 30 reps/leg (60 total) Women: 30 reps/leg (60 total)

5. CHEST TO GROUND PUSH-UPS Men: 30 reps Women: 20 reps

4. PUSH PLANK Men: 30 reps / 35lbs dumbbell Women: 30 reps/ 20lbs dumbbell

6. BOX JUMPS Men: 30 reps (30 inch box) Women: 30 reps (18 inch box)

7. BACK SQUATS Men: 95lbs barbell 30 reps Women: 65lbs barbell 30 reps

8. SHUTTLE SPRINTS Men: 15 cone touches Women: 15 cone touches

For more info and to REGISTER NOW visit www.canadasgreatestfitnesschallenge.com



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Orange Creamsicle Smoothie BY GRACE VAN BERKUM, RHN



emember when you were a kid and had orange creamsicles from the ice-cream man? Well this is the healthy, high-protein version guaranteed to make your taste buds sing and bring back childhood memories! It’s perfect for breakfast, after a workout, or for a delicious meal-in-a-glass on a sunny summer day. INGREDIENTS: 1 scoop vanilla plant-based protein powder (complete amino acid profile to promote muscle function, no refined sugar, high in antioxidants, easy to digest, and amazing energy source) 1 tsp soaked chia seeds (rich in essential fatty acids and protein and aids electrolyte balance) 1 organic orange (vitamin C infusion) 1 cup papaya (high in enzymes to enhance digestion) 1 tbsp real vanilla (natural no-calorie flavour) 1-2 tbsp grated organic orange peel (to pump up the orange taste) 3-4 cups unsweetened coconut milk (creamy vegan goodness) 1 cup ice Blend it up and let the sun shine in! Grace Van Berkum is a plant-based nutritionist, yoga teacher, and founder of Gracious Living Retreats in Nicaragua, Bahamas, and other beautiful tropical locations around the world. gracevanberkum.com.


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6/25/13 6:18 PM


(99% Perspiration)

The Short Warm-Up Goes a Long Way



arming up serves several purposes. It gently raises the heart rate, which prepares the body for more intense exercise to follow. It also causes the blood to begin circulating more rapidly so that muscles loosen up and become supple, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Once muscles limber up, they work more efficiently, which allows you to lift more weight and improve faster. Five minutes of brisk walking, stair-climbing, jumping jacks, or even running on the spot will do. While a warm-up is vital, there are no advantages to a long one. In fact, getting your body accustomed to physical activity in a shorter amount of time can prove beneficial. I once attended a lecture given by the assistant track coach of legendary British middle distance runner Sebastian Coe. Nearly unbeatable in the late 70s and early 80s, he won four Olympic medals and set 11 world records in the 800m and 1500m track events. Reminiscing about Sebastian’s training, the coach shared stories of the athlete’s glory days. As you might expect, grit, determination, and furious competitiveness were central themes to his anecdotes. But Sebastian and his coach knew that success is not built merely on hard work and brute force; it also requires a systematic, calculated, and goal-oriented approach. Many of the middle distance runners of the time were obsessed with the sheer quantity of training, but Sebastian knew better. The others would pack in as much mileage as they could, running for 45 to 60 minutes just as a warm-up before they began their intense track session. Sebastian would be done his warm-up in 12 minutes. It simply did not take him any longer to be physically warmed up and ready to start the track workout. More running would only have burned more energy and therefore added to his fatigue, which would have reduced the intensity with which he’d be able to perform the key track workout. Sebastian began the workout more fresh and thus got more out of it. This allowed him to improve at a quicker rate. Ever-resourceful, while others were trying to see how much longer they could warm up for, Sebastian and his coach were trying to figure out how to whittle the warm-up down further and still have it serve its primary purpose. Eventually, they condensed it into eight minutes. By training his body to become accustomed to warming up faster, he expended less energy before the actual race than his competitors did. Brilliant.

38  july/august 2013 | WWW.SWEATEQUITYMAGAZINE.COM

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7/3/13 5:27 PM

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TORONTO AUGUST 14-18, 2013

Jillian Michaels KEYNOTE ADDRESS

Register NOW!

canfitpro.com/toronto or call 1-800-667-5622 Bring

friends, family and clients to our Trade Show for


Visit the largest fitness show in Canada!

FREE*! *Free admission with pre-registration.

Shop the incredible deals Learn from fitness experts Tosa Reno, Brent Bishop, Brendan Brazier and more! Check out the Sweat RX Championships sponsored by SWEAT RX Participate in a Yogathon sponsored by SWEAT EQUITY MAGAZINE And so much more!

August 16 & 17

CANFIT.indd 51


6/29/13 6:33 PM

Love Life M

ost people don’t associate the word yoga with something you survive; earthquakes and outbreaks, maybe, but yoga? Well, Kate Tancock sheds a new light on the effort underlying personal transformation in “Survivor: New York City.” But if the Big City isn’t your thing, then kick back and enjoy the big apple in the comfort of your living room—MyChelle’s Apple Brightening Serum takes photosynthesis to a whole new level, using plant cells to accelerate skin regeneration and slow aging. Holistic Nutritionist Grace Van Berkum rounds out the experience with seven mouth-watering foods that ensure your skin glows, even under the harshest of summer conditions. But if you’re still looking for reasons to roll out the mat, tune into our 12-ambassador posse, and hear what they say motivates them to get up, get out, and get stretching in the park. Best of all? Whether toe-tapping, shoe shopping, or Down Dogging, you can track your progress with the new FitBit Flex, a stylish wristband that makes every step count, by counting every step . . . ommmm


20.LoveLifeFrontice_SE_JULYAUG13.indd 41


6/25/13 6:20 PM


(Stuff We Love)

Coolhunters Alert Keeping you ahead of the curve

CHAKRA JEWELRY This unique style of crystal designer chakra jewelry is created with your absolute well-being in mind. Each stunning hand crafted chakra necklace is designed to become your own personal talisman of empowerment. Enjoy exploring this unique collection and discover new ways to bring awareness to your chakra system and awesomeness to your life. Whether it’s emotional or spiritual energy that needs support, these gorgeous gems hand crafted in Australia will help you balance and revitalize. Beautifully simple and elegant! $159 - $175 chakra.net.au APPLE BRIGHTENING SERUM This vegan friendly, gluten free formula combines clinically proven ingredients to rapidly diminish the appearance of discoloration and sun-damage. Apple Plant Stem Cells trigger skin’s natural regenerative process while reducing line depth up to 15% in just 4 weeks. Breakthrough peptide Melanostatine®5 interrupts the reaction that causes hyperpigmentation to deliver a 33% improvement in skin’s tone and clarity. A dose of apple serum a day will keep the photo-aging away! $35 thebigcarrot.ca | naturesemporium.com

ANTIGEL SWIMWEAR Antigel, made by luxury brand Lise Charmel focuses on fashion in their swimwear collection with light, soft material and bold splashes of colour. Their new 2013 summer collection fully reveals a graceful femininity that will make a trip to any beach more memorable. Pieces are sold separately, giving you a much more customized look and feel. $149/top $59/bottom goodnightgoodmorning.ca

waijen welry

d challokwrus on Twitteair an ls. et Fo ok for d Facebo

NIKE FREE RUN+ 5.0 The latest and most cushioned in Nike’s minimalist line, the 5.0 makes use of Nike Flywire integrated strands linked to laces that help the upper wrap snugly around the foot to keep the shoe supportive while remaining lightweight: just 190 grams, with an 8 mm rise. $124.95 nike.com

FITBIT FLEX This comfy wristband, part of a line that includes two clip-on alternatives, senses your movement 24 hours a day and syncs seamlessly with your smartphone or computer to provide meaningful graphs that help you tweak habits – and find out how restlessly you really sleep. $99.95 fitbit.com


fletexr and bit Tw fitus on it .

Follow ok for details Facebo



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6/29/13 2:19 PM

LOVE LIFE (Beauty)

Protect Your Skin

7 anti-aging foods BY GRACE VAN BERKUM, RHN


ating right and looking good go hand in hand. The same foods that are good for your health, increase energy, boost the immune system, and detoxify the body are also good for your skin. Your skin reflects what is going on inside your body, so for glowing skin and optimal inner health, load up on nutrient-dense foods. Antioxidants decrease when skin is exposed to sunlight, which might accelerate aging, so it’s important to replenish with antioxidant-rich foods to protect and rejuvenate! To keep your skin well-protected, nourished, and youthful, incorporate more of the following foods into your eating plan: WATERMELON Lycopene, a phytochemical, helps eliminate skin-aging free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays and protects against sun damage. Watermelon is a great source of lycopene and has been found to reduce redness and inflammation associated with sun exposure. Lycopene is also found in tomatoes, pink grapefruit, papayas, and guava. DARK GREEN VEGGIES Beta-carotene, another antioxidant that’s critical for skin health, is converted to vitamin A in the body and is involved in the growth and repair of body tissues. You may already know that beta-carotene is found in deep orange foods like carrots, squash, peppers, papaya, and mangoes, but it is also found in green produce, including spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, chard, collards, and broccoli. Beta-carotene protects against sun damage and has been shown to reduce the redness and UV damage from sun exposure. RAW NUTS AND SEEDS Sun exposure depletes vitamin E in the skin by up to 50 percent, accelerating skin wrinkling. Vitamin E helps protect cell membranes and guards against damage from UV radiation. Eating raw nuts and seeds (almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds) boosts your intake of vitamin E to keep your skin taut and supple and helps lower your risk of getting skin cancer. RAW CACAO BEANS Most flavonoids function in the human body as antioxidants to help protect cells from oxygen damage and prevent excessive inflammation throughout your body. Research has shown that the flavonoids in cacao beans can shield skin from the free radical damage caused by the sun and reduce roughness in the skin. ORGANIC GREEN TEA (WITHOUT THE SUGAR) Plant compounds, polyphenols, have powerful antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties. They protect against UV radiation and help lower the risk of skin cancer. CHIA SEEDS Chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain cell membrane integrity by allowing water and nutrients in while keeping toxins out. These healthy fats also reduce inflammation throughout the body and help fight wrinkles, erase spots, smooth fine lines, and reduce skin irritation and redness. ALOE VERA My latest love, aloe vera, is an amazing superfood that offers healing powers both externally and internally. That’s right: it enhances skin health when eaten! Cut off all the dark green tough skin and scoop out the gel on the inside with a spoon. Add it to smoothies to help hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin. Aloe also accelerates the regeneration of new skin tissue.


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LOVE LIFE (Travel)



New york City



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’m on my mat in a packed yoga class at Jivamukti New York, doing a slow, gentle, progressive series of sun salutations as the Gayatri Mantra plays in the background. Om bhur bhuvah svah . . . I inhale to a flat back and exhale to plank. Tat savitur varenyam, and I step forward again and make my way to standing. But when the music changes from Sanskrit chanting to Lil Wayne, and the pace increases, suddenly I’m getting a serious workout as Dechen Thurman–yes, Uma’s brother–counts us through the series and following standing poses and inversions while simultaneously adjusting students one by one and expounding on magnetic memory and the body’s links to the movement of the solar system. This “open” class, I think to myself, is seriously challenging. I’ve come to Manhattan on a fitness vacation of sorts to try out some of the classes the city has to offer, and for

which the locals go crazy, stacking them back to back and getting on the phone at exactly the right time every week to book a slot with their favourite teacher. And to complement the workouts, I’m encouraging muscle recovery with meals from the city’s best healthy (and mostly vegan) restaurants. Who needs a fancy beachside retreat when the city that never sleeps is always open? The next morning, I’m out the door at the crack of 8:30, snacking on an energy bar as I walk down to the Tribeca location of Soulcycle, the high-energy cycle-fitness brand, loved by A-listers like Jake Gyllenhaal and Lady Gaga, as well as your regular New York type-As. The lights go down as I clip in and warm up, and as the instructor takes us through the playlist, we shift in and out of the saddle, doing side crunches, holding ourselves up hands free, even spending a whole song with tiny free weights in our hands, legs still


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LOVE LIFE (Travel)

going as our arms move in unison, silently, like a strange sort of corps de ballet. When it’s time to cool down, my legs are like jelly and my energy is sapped, so I skip the lineup for showers and head across the street to Kaffe 1668, a coffee shop I’d scouted out beforehand for its lattes and cold-pressed juices. While the fruit detox sounds tempting (sour cherry, cranberry, apple, ginger, and lemon) I settle on the Amazing Kale, a classic kaleapple-lemon combo freshened up with the addition of pineapple and lemon; and I pick up a bonus elixir: a smoothie-like drink made with pineapple juice, almond milk, banana, dates, lemon, and maca, which looks perfect after all the sweating I’ve done. Later that afternoon, I’ve got a double-header planned: barre class at Pure Barre near Union Square followed by a full-body sculpting class at the Refine Method on the Upper West Side, the favourite of my sources at Lululemon. To fuel up, I head to raw vegan paradise, One Lucky Duck, which offers juices and smoothies, salads, desserts, and raw food ingredients for sale. I can’t resist the imitation Mallomar, a pleasingly soft and fluffy copycat marshmallow on top of a cookie and topped with chocolate, so I balance it out with a Green Mango smoothie and take an Oreo (hey, they’re raw and vegan!) to eat between classes. Then I wander over to Fifth Ave to get my barre on. The studio at Pure Barre is carpeted and we’re encouraged to wear socks. The class starts innocently enough, but it’s not long before my inner and outer thighs are screaming, a counterpoint to instructor Danielle’s

measured counting as we hold every position for five seconds longer than I’d like to. After class, I ask at the desk what level I was in. I do barre classes on and off at home and I didn’t expect to find this one so hard. The answer? There are no levels; it’s just a matter of upgrading the moves as you get stronger. New York, it seems, is not for the weak. Uptown at the Refine Method, there are no illusions; the pulleys on the wall and kettlebells at each station make it obvious we’re here to work, not play. I warn my instructor this is my third class of the day, and while he pretends to be sympathetic, I get the feeling there won’t be any babying. Before long we’re sprinting on the spot with high knees, squatting with kettlebells, and doing push-ups while sliding feet outwards on floor sliders. My core muscles want to kill me, if they don’t die first. Back at the James Hotel in Soho, I fill out my breakfast order: a coffee and deconstructed yogurt parfait delivered to my door–no need to leave my room too early–and collapse into a bed that is probably just as comfortable when you haven’t spent three hours working out. The faint hum of the traffic below lulls me to sleep like crashing waves. My last thought before drifting away is, as soon as my muscles recover, I’m doing this all over again.

“Who needs a fancy beachside retreat when the city that never sleeps is always open?”


STAY: The Urban Athlete program at the James Hotel offers guests their choice of guided running tours, garden yoga classes, and sessions with celebrity trainer Oscar Smith, plus pocket-size running maps and access to bikes. jameshotels.com

Putting in the Miles Runners heading to New York won’t want to miss a chance to put in miles around Central Park, the classic workout spot for local and visiting celebs and world-class athletes alike. A full park loop is 6 miles, best done during times when it’s closed to traffic: weekdays from 10 am to 3 pm and 7 pm to 10 pm, and all weekend between 7 pm Friday and 6 am Monday. Visit centralpark.com for a running map, and nycgo.com for listings of city running clubs and events.



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KAFFE 1668



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(Ambassador Love)

Park Yoga Posse


Why they love to practice outdoors



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1. PACE BREAKER SHORT $64 • let off steam am through the narrow mesh panels at the side and rear of the short • store your stuff in the two deep side pockets • stash your keys in the secure zipper pocket • flat seams ams help keep your jewels from getting chafed

Yoga in the park is a breeze with these styles!

2. PRECISION POLO $98 • structured collar sits straight • back mesh panel for extra breathability • four-way our-way stretch, anti-stink Silverescent fabric is designed to sweat in 3. RUNBEAM HOODIE $98 • Swim fabric’s UPF of 50+ provides the ultimate sun protection • underarm mesh venting helps you let off steam • stash your key in the hidden pocket • four-way stretch fabric helps this top keep its shape • running late? reflective details can be flipped up to help keep you visible 4. WILL CROP $78 • breathable luon fabric has four-way stretch for the freedom to bend • convertible waist and drawcord let you choose between a high and low rise • wide, smooth-fitting waistband won’t dig in • store your studio pass and locker key in the two hip pockets




6. METAL VENT TECH SHORT SLEEVE $64 • the breathable Silverescent® is anti-stink • the mesh placement promotes airflow to help you stay cool • preshrunk so you don’t kick your dryer on laundry day 7. AMPED TANK $64 • the thin straps and racerback cut allow you to twist with ease • mesh panel thoughtfully placed in the bust lining where the girls come to touch • has a shelf bra - yay!

connecting to commUnity iS an integral Part oF the SWEAT EQUITY mandate. lUlUlemon bUildS commUnity throUgh their ambaSSador Program, So each SeaSon we Pick a lUlUlemon ambaSSador to ProFile—Someone who ShareS thiS PaSSion and haS Some great FaShion SenSe!


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We Believe that

Good Health Begins on Farms that

Grow in Partnership with

Nature! always

Organic! Our fresh produce is 100% organic!

100% Organic Produce / Groceries / Gluten-Free Vitamins & Supplements / Natural Skincare + More!

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Delicious Living The Pompatus of Health



earing the word peach brings to mind The Joker, where Steve Miller uses this luscious, shapely fruit as a romantic innuendo. Well it’s time to fall madly in love with sweet juicy peaches from Ontario! I speak for the “Pompatus of Health” when I say that peaches are full of nutrition. They’re packed with vitamins A, C, E, and K, several key minerals, and plenty of phytonutrients! What’s truly amazing is that a large peach contains hardly any calories (just 68) and no fat—great news for those counting cals who have a sweet tooth! So go ahead and show off your peaches with these three simple recipes.


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(Delicious Living)

Summer Peach Dandelion Salad The bitter and the sweet



pposites attract, it’s true. This fresh summer salad verifies it. The bitterness of dandelion works wonderfully well with the sweetness of the peach, as does the flow of honey and the curt flavour of lemon. Eating this salad is a refreshing pleasure to the taste buds. Try having it alone as a meal accompanied by nut or seed butter and gluten-free crisps. RECIPE, SERVES 2 2 medium peaches (not too soft), sliced into half-moon slivers 2 handfuls of fresh dandelion, sliced into long bite-sized pieces 2 tsp of lose leaf black tea with lemon myrtle (available at T-Buds) steeped in 6oz of hot water for 4 minutes and cooled 2 tbsp fresh Ontario honey (unpasteurized is best) Lemon juice and rind Sprinkle of sunflower seeds DRESSING Wash all produce, zest the lime and reserve. Squeeze the lemon into a bowl. Add honey and black tea; stir and set aside.


SALAD Take the lemon rind and mix it with sunflower seeds. Place some dandelion on a plate and the remainder in a bowl. Add peaches to the dandelion and half the dressing. Toss. Arrange this mix on top of the dandelion that’s already on the plate. Pour on the remaining dressing. Finish with sunflower seed/lemon rind mixture!



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Francesco’s Peach Sangria This European custom is as old as Europe itself.


fter a wonderful lunch, my dad would take the fresh peaches sitting on our table, slice them into moons, and put a few in his third glass of wine. While he engaged in satirical conversation, those golden gems sat in his glass marinating, infusing, steeping, and enjoying some of his silly humour! Then he would offer a piece to me . . . wow! When I enjoy this simple delicacy today, I close my eyes and see a golden summer afternoon, family gathered around a table, laughter, singing, yelling-the making of lasting memories. Thanks Dad! I prefer not to have the peaches soak for hours until they turn red. I enjoy the flavours flirting in my mouth. Try it: you’ll love the peaches so much, you’ll wanna shake the whole tree! RECIPE, SERVES 2 1 glass of red wine ½ to 1 golden flesh peach, cut thin (about ¼ inch) It all depends on your glass, but an average glass will hold 6 slices. Let it sit for as long as you like. Enjoy, share, and make wonderful summer memories.


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(Delicious Living)

Pesche Don Michielle Old world delicious



on Michielle is a parcel of land that’s been in our family for three generations. It has spring water running through it and some of the most beautiful fruit-bearing trees on the mountain. I recall collecting peaches and using them as dessert with fresh ricotta during a summer sojourn with my parents. This is a variation, not an improvement, of that recipe. Love you mom! I use macadamia nut butter because of its buttery texture and subtle flavour. And it’s great for you in so many ways! Non-fat Greek yogurt is also a fantastic alternative in this simple afternoon tea or coffee indulgence. RECIPE, SERVES 2 2 medium peaches (soft to the touch), sliced in half and pitted ¼ cup non-fat Greek yogurt or fresh ricotta ½ tsp fresh marjoram Squeeze of lemon juice Drizzle of fresh Ontario honey (unpasteurized is best) STUFFING Place the yogurt or ricotta in a bowl and add fresh marjoram, lemon juice, and a little honey. Let it marinate and solidify in the fridge. PROCEDURE Take the peach halves and add some of the dairy mixture. Set them on a plate and finish with a drizzle of honey!



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or French cuisines will be like!” It wasn’t until he learned about these cuisines that he realized that no other culinary repertoire spoke to his soul or touched his heart as overwhelmingly as Mexican food. But before he could make good on his culinary heart’s desire, Hadad worked with mentors Michael Guillespie from The Grand Hotel, followed by restaurant biz whiz Mark McEwan, and culinary maverick Michael Stadtlander. He gained valuable life lessons and insight from Guillespie, business acumen and perseverance from McEwan, and inspirational courage from Stadtlander. “I found I had a lot of views similar to Michael. In a way I felt connected to his vision when it came to cooking, building, and managing staff. After all the knowledge I gained from the diverse activities at the farm, I can nail it down to this: He taught me to follow my dreams, no matter what those were. So back in the fall of 2005, financially broke, I started doing just that.” It all started with a tortilla research mission to the St. Lawrence Market when a market store owner asked Hadad if he knew how to make a good guacamole. In a flash, he started the fledgling Mad Mexican salsa and food line focusing on fresh, hand-crafted salsas, chips, and snacks. That sparked the secondary “revolution” in which Hadad (armed with an unyielding passion for the Mexican table, some memories of good dishes, and a few key books) launched Frida Restaurant in Toronto five years ago. He opened at a time when, as he says, “You couldn’t find a decent taco to save your life!” That’s certainly changed now with Hadad keeping up with the influx of interest in his native homeland’s cuisine. Inspired by the raw, creative, and limitless mind of the restaurant’s namesake, artist Frida Kahlo, Hadad artfully presents traditional and signature Mexican dishes. Along the way, he married Canadian-born Dianne Lee, with whom he has two children under the age of five. To keep up with the growing demands of two businesses and counting, as well as a family, he practices Tai Chi (to relax and unwind) and plays soccer on the weekends (to unleash the adrenaline-fuelled beast). So what do Frida and Mad Mexican mean to Jose today? “Other than a dream, they represent an offering to those people who took the time and bonked heads with me in order to make me a better man and a better cook. It’s my way of sharing where I came from with my new home country, Canada.”

Planting the Culinary Seed from Mexico S Jose Hadad BY MARY LUZ MEJIA

ome people know what they want to be as soon as they’re old enough to walk. In Mexico City-born Jose Hadad’s case, what he knew was that he was immensely curious and loved hearing about— and tasting—good food. When his father, Isaac, regaled the family with stories of travels abroad, peppered with anecdotes about trying paper-thin slices of Serrano ham in Spain, for example, Jose paid close attention. Isaac figured if he encouraged his oldest of two boys to discover the world, he would one day take over the family travel business. The seeds he’d hoped to plant blossomed alright, but into totally unexpected species. “I remember being really excited about new foods,” recalls Hadad. “I also remember from very early in my life having awareness about food. It just kind of made sense to me ever since I was a boy.” Paying attention to so many stories, hearing about flavours and foods from the world, must have made good sense to an 11-year-old Hadad who was asked to prepare a simple snack for his visiting maternal grandmother. Expecting nothing more than a bowl of salted peanuts, Abuelita was astonished to find that Hadad had run out to buy melon that he wrapped with Serrano ham. After a shocked, short eternity, she yelled out to


Hadad’s mother, “Silvana, this boy is going to be a chef!” Grandma couldn’t have been more right! About six years later, Hadad found himself working in kitchens for free. His first stop was a place called Crab House in Mexico City. He went with one of his friends who needed to complete his cooking school stage requirement. At 18, Hadad wasn’t in school but was intrigued by kitchen culture, so he found himself fibbing to get another apprenticeship at the same place. “That turned out to be one of the most difficult and beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. I cannot tell you how much fun it was to navigate around the kitchen with cooks that made peanuts for a living and me saying that I came from one of the fanciest cooking schools in Mexico City. I was put to the test on everything I said and did,” says Hadad. Oh, and the pal who needed that stage lasted all of two weeks; Hadad made the rounds of every station in the entire kitchen over nine months. With his parent’s support, Hadad worked for about three years in the Mexico City culinary scene. When he finally decided to leave and start saving to pay for tuition at George Brown College, he was 21. In 2001, he began his formal culinary training with the belief that “If Mexican food is this great, imagine what Italian




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7/3/13 5:19 PM


CHEF’S SURVIVAL KIT: I can’t get through the day without...kissing my kids and wife. To relax I ...watch movies. I am currently reading The 7 Habits of Successful People, for the second time. My favourite culinary destination is...Mexico: Oaxaca, Yucatan, Chiapas; and out of Mexico, France. My fave kitchen tool is...the cleaver. Desert island spice? Mexican cinnamon. Mentor? The above-named chefs as well as Andrew Ellerby, whose attitude at work was outstanding, and the quality of the food he cooked was off the charts. He did his best every single night. Favourite meal... Mole Poblano Favourite not-for-profit organization... Greenpeace Superpower you wish you had? Flying!


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6/25/13 6:34 PM

Eating by the Book


(Raw Ambition)

Veggie is Sexy! Mimi Kirk proves it BY ERYN KIRKWOOD, MA


imi Kirk was voted PETA’s “sexiest vegetarian over age 50”—at a vibrant 75 years! Some people find it odd that, at age 35, I aspire to look like a 75-year-old woman. But anyone acquainted with Mimi Kirk knows what I mean. She is a stunning image of holistic well-being who just happens to be a raw vegan. Personally driven to find the secret of infinite youth and beauty well into the golden years, Live Raw fell high on the list of must-have books. This sin-free dish leaves you yearning for more.

RAW VEGAN NORI ROLLS Mimi provides tons of options for fillings, sauces, and dips. I selected some personal faves and put together a Rockin’ Roll! Filler: Here’s what I used, but any vegetable can be included: 1 carrot, shredded 1/2 cucumber, julienned 1/2 bell pepper, thinly sliced 1/4-1/2 avocado, thinly sliced Handful of sprouts Wrap: Raw vegan nori sheet (I purchased mine in bulk from Upaya Naturals in Toronto at an amazing discount!) Peanut Sauce: 1/4 cup raw almond butter 1 garlic clove Juice of 1 lime 2 tbsp agave nectar 3 tbsp tamari or nama shoyu 3 tbsp water 2 tsp grated ginger

INSTRUCTIONS Lay the nori sheet out on a plate. Start adding your fillings, starting from the end closest to you. I put the ingredients with the most substance in the middle. Lightly moisten both ends of the sheet, and start to roll! Use a sharp knife to cut into smaller pieces. Dip in peanut sauce as desired. Words of wisdom from Mimi: “I’m not looking for skinny; I’m after healthy living, and I’m not obsessive. I wear a size 8 and I feel fine. We all have different bodies and there is no one formula. Trust your instincts.” (And your taste buds).


In a mixing bowl, whisk together nut butter, garlic, lime juice, agavé, tamari, water, and ginger. Mix until smooth, adding water as needed to reach pourable consistency.

Thanks Mimi! Obtain your copy of Live Raw or contact Mimi directly at YoungonRawFood.com. Recipe printed with permission from Live Raw.



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Bret 60


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et Lockett Tackles bullying, animal rights and yoga


By Eryn Kirkwood, MA | Photography by Michael Letterlough Jr.


or some of us, what comes to mind when we think of an NFL football player is a grunting, manly behemoth. For the most part, we have only seen such athletic giants from the comfort of a living room couch, sprawled out with a bag of chips in front of a 52-inch TV. No doubt they’re larger than life, and the stereotypes they justly adhere to reflect the functional standards of their given sport. But rarely do we have the chance to probe further than the latest touchdown or injury to really get to the heart of the matter . . . the blood, sweat, and tears that form the true character of our adorned superstars—off the football field. We had the chance to meet 27-year old Bret Lockett, and we discovered a whole lot more than a rippling 8-pack and a mean tackle. As it turns out, Bret’s no stranger to yoga, and he’s got quite a soft spot, too. Some clichés never die. One of these is the warning not to judge a book by its cover. Bret Lockett is the poster child for this statement’s relevance. And we’re pretty sure that you’ll agree that’s a good thing when you check out his contribution to a recent campaign


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6/29/13 2:44 PM

“I fight for what’s r 62


31.SE_FeatCover_JULYAUG13-outline.indd 62

6/29/13 2:44 PM

s right: equality. july/august 2013 | WWW.SWEATEQUITYMAGAZINE.COM

31.SE_FeatCover_JULYAUG13-outline.indd 63


6/29/13 2:44 PM

with PETA. The only “cover” he’s wearing on the front page is a football and some sexy tattoos! The message hits home: Wear Ink, Not Mink. Expanding a bit on his tender side, Lockett says, “Anyone who loves people usually loves animals. The second someone starts harming, torturing, or mistreating anything on this earth, I will always stand up for what’s right. I respect and cherish wildlife, marine life, and our environment.” Spoken like a true antiviolence advocate. But Bret’s advocacy doesn’t stop there. A common theme for him revolves around the less fortunate or underprivileged– those without a voice in a society that worships money, fame, and power. In his words, “I can relate to being an underdog. There havebeen times that people have counted me out ofcertain situations.” But Lockett uses this to his advantage. According to him, being the underdog has its certain benefits: “I hope people always underestimate me or count me out. I just keep surprising one person after another.”


Yoga has helped me become a better person, a better teammate, and a patient learner.

s an egalitarian anti-bully who shuns homophobia and leans towards a vegetarian lifestyle, there’s no question Lockett’s full of surprises. In fact, he forged his own path in life and on the football field. Through years of bullying right into adulthood (imagine the fool who tried to bully this well-muscled athlete!), his core philosophy has remained the same: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Lockett says, “I believe in equality and kindness across the board. There’s no reason why someone or something should be hurt for being who they are.” And there’s no better advocate than one who has walked the talk. “I fight for what’s right: equality. I strive for what we all search for: happiness. There is no reason anyone else shouldn’t have these things.” That sounds about right. In fact, sounds a bit yogic, too. Despite its recent ascent to mainstream popularity, some people (often men) still dismiss yoga as a fringe activity or some wacky form of pseudoexercise. Lockett reveals that he’s no stranger to the yoga mat, and Hot Yoga in particular. What originally began as a rehabilitative complement to athletic injuries at the nagging of friends and coaches, the practice of yoga became a mainstay in Lockett’s life. Little did he know how much this would nourish the seeds of compassion and kindness that were inherent in his constitution— something that only became apparent years later. He states, “I did not fully comprehend the extent of its benefits until this past year. Yoga has helped me become a better person, a better teammate, and a patient learner. This


rare art form embodies the overall essence of what it means to be a positive, humble person.” The expression on Lockett’s face and the passion underlying his words exude humility beneath a tough exterior. Although this soft-hearted hulk might lay off heavy meat consumption, he goes hard at the gym. Lockett hits the training field for traditional workouts several times a week, focusing on speed or agility via sports-specific drills. Afterwards, an hour spent weight training targets the upper or lower body. But even this is followed by a thorough stretching regime, which he claims is “just as important as the workout.”


hough Lockett describes yoga as being distinct from a workout per se, the ancient practice provides the essence and forms the foundation of what makes his life work. When asked whether he’s a spiritual guy, Bret summarizes, “I believe in the spirit of energy. The spirit of energy is separate from, but still connected to, the physical aspect of the body. Energy flows through us from the time we are born, and it’s the one and only thing in life we are completely in control of. Awareness of the mind—body connection goes a step further with this remarkable individual. “Any weakness or imbalance in a person’s energy is reflected in their capacity to reach goals and life aspirations. Energy does not just affect mental health but physical health as well.” Whoa! Are we still talking about an acclaimed pro-footballer? Wait. It gets better. Drawing on his spiritual beliefs, Lockett describes the benefit of visualization both on the field and off. Athletes and yogis alike experience the “zone” during their practice. Though it may be difficult to see the calmness and tranquility on a football field with bodies colliding like real-life bumper cars in pursuit of an oval ball, Lockett assures us, “Visualization is the key. How can you reach your goal if you don’t know what it is? Close your eyes and find stillness . . . only then will your dreams play out in your mind and become reality with the right preparation.” No argument here. Are there any closing words from our main man? With a look of intense passion that no doubt instills fear in adjacent opponents, Lockett uses his final parting words to emphasize what matters to him most, “Please,” he requests, “Check out BullyVille.com. Read and learn more about how we can put an end to the violence.” Thanks for taking some time in the spotlight to promote a better world, Bret. Namasté.


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6/29/13 2:44 PM


31.SE_FeatCover_JULYAUG13-outline.indd 65


6/29/13 2:44 PM


Clea Cuis



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en of

ean sine

Ivy Larson beat MS with diet and exercise, now she’s showing others how to change their lives. By Angela Rose


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7/3/13 5:30 PM

Imagine Imagine a diet and exercise program that allows you to eat as much healthy and nutritious food as you want, never leaves you feeling hungry, and eliminates the endless counting of calories, carbs, and fats—all while limiting your workouts to 30 minutes, just three times a week. It sounds too good to be true, right? Ivy Larson, American College of Sports Medicine certified health fitness specialist and MS survivor says that it’s not. And now she’s sharing her life-changing program with the world. At the age of 22, doctors diagnosed Larson with multiple sclerosis, a frequently debilitating disease that attacks the central nervous system. She was devastated. “First I was shocked. That’s the best word to describe it. Then I got depressed. I had always taken my health for granted and never really worried about my body. All of a sudden, I was consumed with terror about what my life would be like in ten years,” she confides. Her concern was justified. Symptoms of the unpredictable affliction, which can begin rather mildy, can progress to something as severe as paralysis. While a urinary retention episode and emergency room visit led to Larson’s diagnosis, it could have been much worse. “I was lucky,” she says enthusiastically. “People often go 10 or 15 years without a proper diagnosis.”


changed his diet and lost the 15 pounds he had gained in medical school almost immediately—without trying. In the past, he had gained weight and tried low-fat and calorie-restrictive diets without success. But with the antiinflammatory diet, he lost weight without worrying about portion control or feeling hungry.” Larson is quick to point out that this is not a vegan diet. Instead, it emphasizes plant foods in their most natural, unrefined form. “You’ll eat lots of fruits and vegetables on the Clean Cuisine Diet; way more than you think you should eat,” she says with a laugh. “You’ll also eat lots of protein from beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.” Animal protein is included in small quantities, but she suggests only consumption of the highest quality natural and organically raised varieties. “Maximizing nutrition is a big part of Clean Cuisine,” says Larson. “For example, the bread we eat is sprouted, flour-less whole grain bread. Sprouting releases all the vital nutrients that are in the whole grains, so this enhances the nutrition of the product.” Yes, this is a diet that allows you to eat delicious bread, pasta, and starchy vegetables such as potatoes in conjunction with raw salads, dark leafy greens, lightly cooked non-starchy vegetables, and an abundance of fruits. You’re probably thinking that it can’t get any better, but it can. “We don’t encourage people to count their food in terms of calories or carbs or fat grams,” Larson exclaims.


f course, changing your shopping, cooking, and eating habits requires commitment and a willingness to try new things. For Ivy, the biggest difficulty was learning how to cook. “I didn’t even know how to cook vegetables or what to do with them back then,” she says. “Now fresh fruits and vegetables are such a huge part of my diet.” She offers several suggestions for making the process easier. “Learn five staple recipes,” she begins. “That helped me a lot. Rotate those recipes for a month and then slowly expand your cooking repertoire.” This, in addition to preparing enough for multiple meals, simplifies dinner decisions. “I always keep a big pot of vegetable soup or chili in the fridge— where it will last three or four days—and portioned in the freezer,” she adds. “It becomes a go-to healthy meal that’s perfect when we come home

aced with this incurable illness, MEET IVY AND Larson’s neurologist offered her DR. LARSON IN PERSON several management options, including disease-modifying at the canfitpro Consumer medication, participation in a Fitness + Wellness Show drug trial, or changes to her on August 17th diet. “He mentioned that diet definitely for their book signing, plays a role in MS and told me about another and join them in a neurologist, Dr. Swank, who developed the nutrition seminar on Swank MS Diet.” Sunday August 18th at canfitpro in Toronto. Larson found Swank’s guidelines difficult to follow. “I never had to worry about what Visit: I ate before because I was so active. This sweatrxnutritionworkshop.com diet left me feeling deprived, and if your food to register! also tastes horrible, it’s hard to stay motivated,” she says with a laugh. Fortunately, her husband, Andrew Larson, was in medical school at the University of Pennsylvania. He began to research Dr. Swank’s program and ascertained that it worked for MS patients tired and hungry.” because it limited animal-based saturated fat, reducing inflammation in the Cost needn’t be a concern, either. “It balances out,” Larson says body. thoughtfully. “We’re not vegans, so we do eat meat, but I choose the best “Inflammation is caused by your body inappropriately attacking itself,” grass-fed meat possible. That makes it more expensive. On the other hand, says Larson. This internal war is a contributing factor in a number of we’re not eating as much meat as other families do, so that makes it less chronic conditions, including arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, Crohn’s expensive. And plant foods, such as potatoes, are very cheap. Beans and disease, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and even heart disease. whole grains are cheap. Produce is probably the most expensive per calorie, “By controlling the types of fats you eat, you can reduce the amount of but you can cut down on costs by incorporating frozen varieties,” she inflammation in your body. Saturated and trans fats are pro-inflammatory. concludes. Eating too much omega-6 fat and not enough omega-3 also creates an Are you wondering about the exercise portion of the program? It’s just as inflammatory state,” she continues. simple. Larson developed her Full Fitness Fusion workout after seven months But her program doesn’t stop at adjusting the dietary fat profile. of physical therapy post-surgery to correct a congenital hip disorder. “A lot “When you add extra phytonutrients, lots of antioxidants, and fibre, of exercise videos are fast-paced, involve tons of choreography, and require you experience a further reduction in inflammation.” This reduction, in oodles of jumping. I wanted to create a workout anyone could do regardless conjunction with exercise, has kept Larson’s MS symptoms in remission of orthopedic or other health issues,” she says. for almost 15 years. It’s also helped thousands of others with inflammatory This desire eventually transformed into a highly effective 30-minute nomedical conditions improve their health and regain their lives. impact program. “It combines strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance while In their new book, Clean Cuisine: An 8-Week Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition raising your heart rate without stressing your joints,” says Larson. “This Program that will Change the Way You Age, Look and Feel, Larson and her workout is great for people who are trying to lose weight because it’s going husband give readers the inside scoop on this amazing diet and exercise to burn a lot of calories without training or stressing the body. But it’s also plan. And you don’t have to suffer from a chronic inflammatory condition good for people who have conditions such as MS, arthritis, or fibromyalgia. to benefit. “A side benefit of eating an anti-inflammatory diet and living It’s even excellent for new moms who are time-crunched,” she concludes. an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is weight loss,” says Larson. “My husband Sounds like a dream come true.



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“By controlling the types of fats you eat, you can reduce the amount of inflammation in your body.” july/august 2013 | WWW.SWEATEQUITYMAGAZINE.COM

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7/3/13 5:30 PM

AUG. 16&17


Visit the largest fitness show in Canada! Metro Toronto Convention Centre




Shop the incredible deals Attend free educational lectures, workouts, and demos on new fitness trends, secrets to success, and nutrition Be a spectator at the 2013 Sweat RX Championships August 15-17, sponsored by SWEAT RX

TOSCA RENO Photo by: Paul Buceta, Hair & Makeup: Valeria Nova, Styling: Nadia Pizzimenti

Participate in a charity Yogathon with Sadie Nardini and other top presenters, sponsored by SWEAT EQUITY MAGAZINE And so much more!

Special Q&A with

Joshua Morrow

from The Young and The Restless

Featured presenters include:

Tosca Reno | Brendan Brazier | Natasha Turner | Sadie Nardini FOR A FULL LIST OF PRESENTERS AND TOPICS VISIT: CANFIT.indd 51

canfitpro.com/consumershow 6/29/13 6:43 PM


othing builds core strength like the balancing postures of yoga. In Do Yoga, Pauline Caballero demonstrates 5 poses that challenge your physical balance, mental focus, and determination to teeter outside the realm of your comfort zone, with the promise of greater strength and selfconfidence. Humility, poise, and a good sense of humour are required—not unlike the qualities that make for a solid and lasting relationship. Mireille Chamberland and Stanley Norris multiply these benefits by two, as they bring a new trend to the athletic table: Acro Yoga. This modern twist on an ancient practice combines partnered acrobatics with the principles of yoga to explore the strength, humour, resilience, commitment, and trust of a relationship. It’s definitely worth checking out.


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6/27/13 10:23 PM


Balancing Act 5 poses to keep you grounded BY JENNIFER DWYER ASANA BY PAULINE CABALLERO


EAGLE (GARUDASANA) Stand tall and reach your arms over your head. Wrap your right arm under your left. Bend your knees and take your right leg over your left. Bring your elbows in line with your shoulders. Squeeze the shoulder blades onto your back. Draw the belly button in and hug your elbows and knees together. Keep the gaze steady, and take five deep breaths.



auline Caballero knows a thing or two about balance. As co-owner of Power Yoga Canada, Chair of the Board for Africa Yoga Project, and mom to two amazing boys, balance is a constant practice, both on and off the yoga mat. The sequence she demonstrates here gives you an opportunity to find your centre. These poses strengthen your muscles and enhance your ability to focus while improving coordination and balance. Physical benefits aside, they demonstrate the power of surrendering control. They require you to constantly adjust your balance as your weight distribution changes. It’s not about staying absolutely still and rigid but going with the flow and adjusting your centre of gravity. This sequence builds a strong foundation for your body and mind, so no matter what life throws your way, you will be able to stay the course. Practice twice on each side while taking long, deep breaths in and out through the nose.


35.SE_DoYogaPauline_JulyAug13.indd 72

7/3/13 5:33 PM

SUGAR CANE (ARDHA CHANDRA CHAPASANA) Keep your left foot grounded as you bend your right knee. Reach back with your right hand and take your foot. Kick your foot away from you, and open your shoulder, chest, and heart centre. Keep gazing up to the ceiling and take five deep breaths.

AIRPLANE Keep your “eagle arms” as you bring the right knee up to your chest. Swing your right leg back and release your arms beside your body. With your palms facing down, reach your fingertips to the back of your mat and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Press your right heel back while keeping a tiny bend in the left knee. Take five deep breaths.

HALF-MOON (ARDHA CHANDRASANA) Bring your hands to your heart centre. Take your left fingertips down to the floor or to a block in front of your left foot. Reach your right arm up, and roll the right hip on top of the left. With your foot flexed, press your right heel back and lift your leg higher as you inhale. Take five deep breaths.

DANCER’S POSE (NATARAJASANA) Look down to focus on your left hand. Slightly bend your left knee and start to lift your weight out of your hand. Keep kicking your right leg back as you lift the chest. Take your time and breathe through this transition. Reach your left arm up as you kick the right foot back. Keep the hips and shoulders square, and with each breath, move deeper into Dancer’s Pose. Stay here or try the option shown: reach your left arm back and grab your foot with both hands. Take five deep breaths. Release and come to stand at the top of the mat. Repeat the sequence on the left side.


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Modern Asana Takes Flight! BY ERYN KIRKWOOD


Acro Yoga



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6/29/13 1:49 PM


eople may look back at this century as the dawn of yoga for modern society. From Hot Yoga and Yogalates to Hip Hop and Naked Yoga, there’s a form of this ancient practice to suit every interest and taste. One of the more recent of these is Acro Yoga. Acro Yoga is a paired practice reminiscent of the “flying” you might have done as a child suspended in the air, balancing on dad’s feet. This revolutionary trend combines partnerbased poses with yogic consciousness. The practice delivers a strong core and tones the entire body. But more than that, it takes the traditional introspection paramount to Hatha Yoga one step further to include a partner. Acro Yoga cultivates mindfulness for the immediate well-being of another and compassion and respect for their limitations. Stanley Norris states the obvious when he says, “[lack of effective communication] could be less than ideal when you’re upside down hanging atop your partner’s feet!”—which reveals a key ingredient of the art: a sense of humour guided by unwavering mutual trust. As the exact history of yoga remains relatively uncharted, likewise this newest offshoot has a muddled beginning. First referenced in the mid-20th century, it should come as no surprise that early video documentation—a viable precursor to the current manifestation— featured Krishnamacharya and one of his most renowned students, B.K.S. Iyengar. In the 1980s, Benjamin Marantz developed the next stage through a more therapeutic application called Acrosage, although in this

Lack of effective communication could be less than ideal when you’re upside down hanging atop your partner’s feet!” form, a therapist and recipient define the partnership. At approximately the same time, Contact Yoga entered the scene. The Sanskrit meaning of yoga is “union,” and as co-creator Ken Scott states, “Contact Yoga is an external expression of an internal union based on sacred relationship.” The final piece arrived at the tail end of the millennium, when the term Acro Yoga first popped up at Acro Yoga Montreal (AYM), where Stanley Norris was a student and continues to receive training under the tutelage of Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku. A fateful meeting with Mireille Chamberland at a training seminar solidified an inevitable partnership, and their interpretation of modern-day Acro Yoga was born. In a typical class designed by Mireille and Stanley, participants gather in a circle to accentuate a collective presence. Individual asanas allow each student to warm-up to their own space and bring their attention inwards before sharing that space with a partner. The sequence changes from class to class, depending on the level of students and the

paired movements they hope to achieve. Some core conditioning exercises prepare students for “taking flight,” support good alignment, and warm up the body for a fluid practice. No, you don’t have to be an aviator or seasoned yoga veteran to participate. Fit beginners, dancers, and martial artists will catch on quickly and intermediate or advanced yogis will thrive. Variations provide a suitable challenge for everyone. Stanley has been practicing yoga since 2002 and continues to train at AYM and teach in Montreal. In true philanthropic fashion, he founded the fundraising group Open Air Yoga, where outdoor classes are held with proceeds going to charities focused on women and children. He is also the founder of Wow! Wellbeing Solutions, a marketing company where each day is dedicated to “promoting

personal development and positive lifestyle choices.” Norris’ talented partner, Mireille, was trained as a classical ballet dancer before entering the unconventional realm of contortionism. The progression to Acro Yoga was a natural one. Buzzing in her mind was a passion for personal growth and self-knowledge nurtured by years of yoga training. Acro Yoga easily found acceptance in her skill set. Both Norris and Chamberland guide practitioners towards self-awareness and compassion by linking lessons learned on the mat to a means of enriching their lives and the lives of others, outside the yoga studio. Their work is focused, their performance is inspiring, and their love for movement is an expression of joy and beauty. What’s more yogic than that?


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6/29/13 1:50 PM

NutritionWorkshop.indd 51

6/29/13 6:40 PM


A Couples’ Quest for Sustained Bliss BY ERYN KIRKWOOD


hen people learned of my recent engagement last month and responded, “It’s about time!” I got what they were saying. After all, at my age (mid-30s), most people have been married, had kids, had an affair, and are now contemplating (or finalizing) a divorce. I’m not being crass. The stats say it’s true. As a brand new engage-ee, I am joining the ranks of hopeful innocents who–upon donning the golden ring (in my case, 99.9% silver)– wholeheartedly commit to avoiding the miserable statistics of marriages gone south (in 2012, the stat has risen to 40%). As a devout yogini, what better way to ensure my success than to use the tools of yoga towards a practical cause? I chose meditation. My beau, still in the stages of premarital bliss, agreed that it was a good idea. A trial run of commitment, if you will. So how did the experiment go? What were the jaw-dropping conclusions? The first week was a rosy union of hand-holding and worship. A smile on my face, focused on the profile of my beloved, I knew instantly that this was the key to infinitely pleasurable long-term fidelity. We closed each session gazing into each other’s eyes in a manner that would cause on-lookers to . . . well, look away. Week 2 was an exercise of brute willpower and sheer mental effort in accepting that Mark’s ocean-sounding breath was akin to turbulent

waves on the dawn of the Titanic. I mean, even the best of Zen teachers would struggle to maintain a calm mind under such circumstances. But I mustered up my reserves of concentration and managed to tune him out. This in itself could be the key to marital success. Day four of Week 3, our meditation time rubbed up against a domestic dispute. Nothing huge; it was more of a temper tantrum on my end, but a dispute nonetheless. Staying true to the objectivity of a good journalist, however, we tossed our differences aside and plopped our butts on a meditation cushion (the large one we originally shared was dismissed for two smaller independents). It was then that the light of yoga shone through the cracks of our mundane existence to offer a glimmer of hope: there’s something about “turning inwards” beside the man you love that connects you. It defused the trivial cacophony of just minutes before and suddenly, our so-called differences no longer mattered. Following that, my guy went home–a seven-hour drive back to Massachusetts–to resume the challenge of our currently long-distance relationship. But we’ve kept our commitment, each in our own respective country. At the same time on the clock each day, we sit, alone and yet together. And somehow, as fanciful as it may seem, the distance just isn’t as far anymore.

“The Flowering of Love is Meditation”


—Jiddu Krishnamurti


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6/25/13 6:31 PM


Self-Help Superhero Tony Robbins



t wasn’t until late last year that I was introduced to Tony Robbins. Tony. Robbins. Sigh . . . Now the name rolls off my tongue as the answer to all of life’s problems. Feeling down? Tony Robbins. Hate your job? Tony Robbins. Suffering from sickness, lethargy, and apathy towards life in general? Tony Robbins. You get the point. He’s become my fix for all things un-inspiring: the go-to guy for a quick hit of getup- and-go. Indeed, he awakened the giant within me. Since the publication of his book, Awaken the Giant Within in 1991, Robbins’ programs have touched millions of people worldwide. And the message he promoted then is as pertinent as it is today, 22 years later: ditch the negativity; break through the barriers; and invoke the science of success. Although I’d like to say that we’re bosom buds, that Tony and I go way back, that I knew him when he was living in a 400-square foot apartment, broke and overweight, washing dirty dishes over a hot plate, and that I personally observed his rise to infinite stardom, that’s not the case. We’ve only been acquainted through audio tapes, mp3s, and YouTube videos. Yet that’s more than enough to get a taste of the gargantuan personality and inspiration that exude from this superhuman self-help guru. As if a booming voice and manic inflection that can create excitement over just washing the dishes aren’t enough, Robbins’ 215 pounds of bulk rest evenly on a 6-foot, 7-inch frame, balanced out by the wisdom and experience of a 53-year-old man. And you know what’s really awesome? He’s coming to Toronto: the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on July 24th, to be precise. But what’s better than that is you don’t need a ticket to experience all that this self-help guru has to offer. No matter the media (he has audio programs, downloadable talks, videos, and books) Robbins’ voice cuts through self-doubt and procrastination, inspiring you to get up, get moving, and live to your highest potential. Just as Clark Kent’s alter ego uses extraordinary strength to battle societal villains, Tony Robbins swoops down with the grace of a superhero to dissolve that which can be our own greatest enemy: the self. Now that’s a feat I personally need help achieving.


Robbins’ voice cuts through selfdoubt and procrastination, inspiring you to get up, get moving, and live to your highest potential.


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7/3/13 5:35 PM


Is Namasté Getting Nama-stale? A modern yogini’s dilemma BY ERIN MORAGHAN


hat do you think about the use of Sanskrit in yoga class? There’s no arguing that there’s a magical allure to those words, but we’re not in an ashram–we’re in a strip mall yoga studio. It leaves some people confused; new students often ask what the heck we teachers are talking about. A student asked me last year if by honouring tradition we’re keeping yoga from being truly universal and accessible in the modern world. Some yoga teachers wonder the same thing and steer clear of using Sanskrit words to describe poses, recognizing that this may confuse students or make them feel like there’s a secret yoga-language club they don’t belong to. But things get a little more complicated at the end of class. As we come together in a seated position, hands at the heart and eyes closed, teachers typically say “Namasté,” which loosely translates to mean, “The light in me honours and bows to the light in you.” Students return the sentiment, repeating the word back to the teacher in unison. Not only is it tradition, it’s also like the school bell. Class is out. For me, “Namasté” has presented a personal dilemma. Off my mat I don’t usually go around telling people that I honour and bow to their light. And I know tons of people who feel the same way but are afraid to say so because they don’t want to disrespect the ancient traditions of yoga. I love my students. They make me laugh. They inspire the hell out of me. They deserve my complete authenticity and honesty. I don’t say Namasté out in the world (unless I’m kidding), so should I be saying it while teaching? A while back I thought I’d nix Namasté and say a good old-fashioned good-bye to my class. “Thanks everyone; have a great night!” They stared. “See you soon!” They blinked. “Bye!” Radio silence. I surrendered: “Namasté.” They all breathed a sigh of relief, repeated the word, and rolled up their mats. Hmm. When I go to my favourite coffee spot and order a venti soy Americano misto, my partner rolls his eyes and wonders what the heck ever happened to a good old-fashioned double-double. That’s how I feel about Namasté. I get why people like to say it. I even get why my yoga compadrés use words like sangha and metta conversationally. All the while, however, my eyeballs are secretly rolling out of my head. I’m the yoga version of the down-home guy at the fancy cafe. That’s the cool thing about yoga: the more we truly practice, the more authentically us we become. And whatever that looks and sounds like, it’s perfect–as long as it’s the real thing. So for me, Namasté has to nama-go. Whatever you think–that’s cool too. And with that . . . oh fine, what the heck. One last time—Namasté!

ERIN MORAGHAN is an ex-corporate gal who teaches yoga and writes. She’s written for companies and publications big and small, crafting content for things like web sites, press campaigns, speeches, and ads. For more info, see ponderlust.ca



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Recovering my inner athlete i’ve always loved to run. These days I’m always running

after two young kids. That means less “me time”… and more joint pain. But now I’m in recovery. Thanks to Recovery® by Purica my pain is gone, and my energy is back. I’m jogging again, recovering my “inner athlete.” So I’m a little less stressed… and a lot more who I used to be.

Recommended for anyone with joint pain who wants to feel better than they ever thought possible. Not recommended for people who enjoy pain. We cannot guarantee you will even recognize the much-cooler-you after 30 days. Pure Recovery. Pure Relief. Pure Wellbeing.

www.purica.com This is the fine print. We want you to feel fine. More than fine in fact. Life is so awesome and we want you to feel better than you have ever felt, and then even better than that. And then, even better than that. Sounds like a fine plan?

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6/29/13 4:24 PM

Elevate your health to a higher level. For men and women starting from adolescence.

New Roots Herbal’s NEW MULTI maximizes your digestion and intestinal absorption of critical nutrients. Just one convenient daily capsule will result in more energy, leading to better overall nutrition and protection from diseases and infections. MULTI is also free of beta-carotene, vitamin A and iron, providing a safe supplement with all of the necessary vitamin and mineral requirements. For men and women, starting from adolescence to the elderly, MULTI is developed by leading naturopathic doctors with a meta-analysis review of over 67 clinical trials.(1)

Available at your local health food stores. To find a retailer near you, visit www.newrootsherbal.com/store 1.

Bjelakovic G, et al. Cochrane Database (2008)

• Our in-house laboratory has the most advanced instruments in North America for natural health products • Highly skilled staff (2 PhDs, 3 MScs and 4 BScs) • Exceeds government testing requirements

NEWROOTS_FINAL.indd 51 Sweat Equity 2013-07 Multi.indd 1

6/29/13 5:36 PM 2013-06-12 13:42:59

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