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Scott Wilson Integrated Project Delivery using technology to help provide integrated project delivery

Global Consultancy

Scott Wilson Group plc is a global integrated design and engineering consultancy for the built and natural environments. With its headquarters in the UK, the Group has a worldwide network of 80 offices and 6,000 employees. Scott Wilson offers Strategic Consultancy and multi-disciplinary professional services in the: Railways Buildings & Infrastructure Environment & Natural Resources Roads Sectors. The key Regions are the: UK & Ireland Asia-Pacific Europe India and the Middle East with regional centres in: London Hong Kong Warsaw New Delhi Bahrain/Dubai.

It is our business to understand the needs of our clients and respond with multi-disciplinary or specialist skills and technologies as appropriate at all stages of the investment cycle from due diligence, into conception and feasibility through timely and economic delivery to completion and operations. We seek to fulfil the requirements of our clients in the most sustainable and socially acceptable way possible.


Integrated Project Delivery

To consistently provide expert, inspiring and sustainable project design,delivery and operations solutions, that meet the needs of our clients worldwide. Be known by our clients as having: ƒƒ The Best People ƒƒ The Best Solutions ƒƒ The Best Technologies

Contents Introduction Approach Integration Benefits Collaboration Data Capture Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Design Production Management (CAD) Building Information Modelling (BIM) Digital Media & Visualisation Business Strategy Selected Typical Projects Contacts

.....delivering innovative, creative, sustainable solutions.....

Introduction Our goal is to deliver to our clients clear guidance, support and results in the management of Integrated Project Delivery. For many years the industry has struggled with complex technologies and disparate supply chains, through the use of the Scott Wilson Integrated Project Delivery service we can bring clarity and certainty. We have brought together key skills and technologies from our business and integrated them into a simple to understand menu of services to enable our clients to engage and benefit at any level or starting point in the project life cycle. Central to the delivery of our service is the concept of robust information and process management to ensure accurate information is provided to all of the team on a timely basis. The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems are core to the methodology and we have invested in the development of libraries of information to enable the rapid development of delivery information in a number of key markets. We also recognise that many schemes can benefit from the careful co-ordination of more traditional two dimensional (2D) methods and are happy to help our clients benefit from our approach and to help them develop their own strategy to deliver benefits at their own pace.

Integrated Project Delivery


Integrated Project Delivery

How does it work? What do we do? Our approach is consultative, listening to our clients and working with them to deliver appropriate strategies. We have a large toolkit of services and we configure cost effective solutions delivered either by our expert teams, individuals embedded in your team or combinations supported by structured training, giving you maximum flexibility to deliver excellence to your client. “Building Block� Approach

Client - Hackney Borough Council


Integrated Project Delivery

How does it work? The key to successful Integrated Project Delivery is assembling a team that is committed to collaborative processes and are capable of working together effectively. ƒƒ Identify, at the earliest possible time, the participant roles that are most important to the project ƒƒ Develop and Deploy an appropriate technology strategy

ƒƒ Identify the organisational and business structure best suited to Integrated Project Delivery consistent with the participants’ needs and constraints

ƒƒ Pre-qualify members (individuals and firms) of the team

ƒƒ Develop project agreement(s) to define the roles and accountability of the participants

ƒƒ Consider interests and seek involvement of stakeholders

ƒƒ Planning and Project Management

The adoption of BIM technologies is an evolutionary process, all businesses are capable of adopting at their own rate. The key issue is to recognise where you are and adopt appropriate systems, technology and approach. Scott Wilson can work with your team to establish your optimum strategy.


Integrated Project Delivery

What does IPD mean to me? We have a number of measured case studies and would be happy to discuss specific strategies and the likely benefit you may expect to achieve. Funder Certainty, Risk, Management, Understanding, Return on Investment, Sustainability Client See before you buy, Cost and Certainty, Reduce Carbon Footprint, Control & Visibility, Sustainability, Designers Spatial Co-ordination, Integrated Design, Early Design Co-ordination, Collaborative Approach Contractors Zero Defects, Right First Time, Predictable Return Sub Contractors Reduce Cost Base, Certainty, Offsite Manufacturing Owner / Operators Reduce Whole Life Cost, Safety, Predictable Re-Use, Awareness Society Sustainability, Safety, Value, Certainty, Transparency, Consistency, Quality of Use (Life), UN Global Compact, Compliance


Integrated Project Delivery



We provide an information management service, which enhances the way project teams manage the production, co-ordination and control of construction information. By providing a framework for disciplined & collaborative exchange of information we can achieve: ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ

Timely exchange of accurate information Effective use and re use of data Spatial Co-ordination Reduced design re work Reduced on site defects A potential saving of 10% on project value

Traditional ways of managing and exchanging information are replaced with new collaborative processes defined in British Standard BS1192, the code of practise for managing the production, distribution and quality of construction information. Instead of linear communications and separate ‘islands’ of information, a common data environment is established where information can be exchanged in a controlled manner and all parties can work off a single set of up to date data

The service comprises: ƒƒ System selection and configuration: Setting up & configuration of a common data environment, including design production environments for all design parties and a project data environment or project extranet for the wider project team. ƒƒ Process Definition: Analysis and definition of information processes in line with BS1192 and accreditation. ƒƒ Training Programme:


Common Data Environment

The team have over 10 years of experience managing and coordinating electronic data collaboratively on UK & International projects

Preparation and delivery of training courses: Including general overview courses for everyone on the project and more role specific training courses for CAD Modellers, CAD Technicians, Information Managers and co-ordinators.

Data Capture

Approach How often have you been on a project where no-one will take ownership of the survey and on the first day something does not fit? Laser Scanning is an economical, quick and effective way of capturing site information which can be used and reused through out the life of the project whatever your IPD strategy. Simply, we create a realistic model based on spatial data captured by our high density laser scanner which is a true representation of a current situation, providing both certainty and accuracy down to millimetre accuracy. Owning a realistic and accurate 3D model allows concept development to be undertaken with knowledge, understanding and certainty. Progression to detailed design, construction and eventual lifecycle management is simplified by the fact that the raw data can be integrated effectively with advanced CAD & BIM systems as well as GIS information, all of which are essential components of any IPD process.

Integrated Project Delivery

Solutions 3D Scanning The portable nature of scanning equipment allows it to be used in a wide variety of environments.

Point Cloud Point Cloud colours reflect the material type, surface temperature and strength & signal return form surveyed objects.

Textured Models The raw point cloud data can be enhanced by the addition of digital imagery and variety of textures.

Design Data Discrete point cloud data can be extracted to produce conventional 2D and 3D maps and plans, sections and volume calculations.

We provide services in mid range (up to 300m) terrestrial 3D scanning, delivering solutions for a wide range of mapping and surveying requirements : landslide or rock fall models, road surveys, coastal monitoring, DTM generation, 3D orthophoto for archaeology and architecture. Our expertise and experience in providing responsive and bespoke solutions can reduce your risk and increase your return on investment.

Geographical Information Systems

Integrated Project Delivery



A Geographical Information System (GIS) combines and visualises layers of spatial information for a specific location.

Data collection, visualisation, interpretation & modelling

80% of project information has a locational element. Fully utilised the data offers the following key benefits:

ƒƒ 2D /3D / 4D modelling and visualisation ƒƒ Integration with BIM ƒƒ Mobile data capture and data access in the field (GPS and survey) ƒƒ Satellite and aerial interpretation

ƒƒ Additional business performance ƒƒ Model, monitor and present solutions for sustainability and environmental impact ƒƒ Model and mitigate project risk ƒƒ Provide cost savings – consolidation of project process, data and waste ƒƒ Disaster risk assessment & management ƒƒ Project management and conformity across the project ƒƒ Identification of further business opportunities ƒƒ Maximise profit potential of a site and constraining factors ƒƒ Assessing project options and impacts with the natural environment ƒƒ Public consultation ƒƒ Increased collaboration of project teams ƒƒ Logistics, workforce and asset management

Spatial analysis ƒƒ Sustainability assessment ƒƒ Site investigation, route alignment, visual influence ƒƒ Ecology, water, waste, noise & air quality modelling ƒƒ Hazards & risk mitigation, carbon footprint modelling ƒƒ Infrastructure mapping, master planning, transportation

GIS, OS Survey

Integrated project delivery

BIM, asset, model data

ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ

Infrastructure data Spatial analysis data 3D and survey data

Scalable enterprise solutions Integrated design & management Asset management Remote works force management

Design Production Management (CAD)

Integrated Project Delivery



We recognise the importance of maximising the potential from investment in design technology. Design production systems should be fully connected and configured so that they are “fit for purpose” thus allowing the entire project team to benefit from a “fully integrated project delivery service” that improves the efficient, effective and accurate delivery of all project deliverables.

Our specialists utilise the latest professional industry standard design production software to generate design deliverables. We have forged strategic relationships with key organisations enabling us to work together to ensure that our systems are rigorously tested and fully configured to work together seamlessly.

The IPD has over 22 years real project experience in the development, management and mobilisation of design production systems. Often at the centre of development for what is deemed to be “current industry best practice” our team can boast dedicated, hands-on, professional experience on multi-disciplinary projects of all sizes in the United Kingdom and many international locations.

Projects benefit from our ability to develop, implement and manage processes and standards that are integrated across the entire sphere of design production technology. Additionally, by utilising our practical knowledge and experience to train, support and manage the design teams, major efficiency and accuracy improvements in the development and delivery of design deliverable are realised. We work closely with the key developers such as Autodesk and Bentley Systems. These relationships allow us to review and evaluate beta products. However, crucially it allows us to provide the developer with our extensive industry knowledge and experience, which can often influence the future direction of strategic products for the benefit of our Clients.

Our design production management services are available in the following key areas: ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ

Tender Support and Preparation Client Development and Support Project Mobilisation Professional Application Training In-Project Technical Support Project Resource Management Project Closure Definition of Process Application Configuration & Development Development & Customisation Quality Assurance Standards Development & Interpretation ISO 9001 Compliant Process Development BS1192:2007 Compliant Processes Delivery Systems Standardisation

Building Information Modelling

Integrated Project Delivery

Delivering The Benefits of BIM to our client’s

.....delivering innovative, creative, sustainable solutions.....

Scott Wilson’s approach is to work closely with our clients to understand where Building Information Modelling (BIM) can add value to their projects and business. Our focus is to develop recommendations and strategies to get the best value from our client’s investment and achieve total satisfaction. We have many years experience in this market with specialist skills in the BIM management and multi-disciplinary coordination.

Integrated Project Delivery

Solutions Scott Wilson will deliver our BIM models using the latest available technology. As the BIM is a ‘digital representation of both physical and functional characteristics of a project’ it gives us the ability to plan, design, collaborate, deliver and manage our projects much more effectively from a single intelligent digital model. Scott Wilson – ‘Improving the process, saving time and money’ Digital Design Documentation & Analysis By the creation of the BIM it acknowledges the content specifications from both materials and suppliers as well as our design standards. From this Scott Wilson can generate the necessary design and construction documents in both drawing and report formats for energy & carbon analysis, Lighting & Solar Studies, CFD, UK compliancy and Egress Analysis. All generated from the same digital model throughout the design and construction process.

Integrated Project Delivery

Project Delivery Strategy The key to establishing the right project delivery strategy is to define the appropriate use of BIM on each project. Scott Wilson can provide the programme and project management expertise to maximise the client’s benefits on every project throughout the implementation, from inception to handover. As well as providing strategic BIM Consultancy & Project Management, our multi-disciplinary team can provide project implementation across the supply chain, identify training, and project support. This will deliver certainty into the process.

Furthermore the BIM can be used to evaluate offsite manufacturing opportunities from an early design stage, and then used as a basis to generate the final details for manufacture. As the basis of the BIM content is based on actual manufacturer’s data the opportunity now exists to track not only asset data but also use the information to help manage the client’s facility, providing life cycle data.

Client Benefits

Scott Wilson provides 4D construction sequencing, either for bid presentations or data from the BIM can be linked to a programme. We can also deliver 5D material bills of quantities at each appropriate design stage to help manage the cost. Reducing both time, and any duplication in the process.

ƒƒ Reduction in reworking and programme ƒƒ BIM Content based on Manufacturer’s data ƒƒ Ensures design collaboration 100% Design Spatial Co-ordination ƒƒ Bi-Directional data used for Analysis ƒƒ Improved Offsite manufacturing ƒƒ Faster, Better & Cheaper projects ƒƒ Reduction in resources ƒƒ Zero Carbon, no waste ƒƒ Right first time

Digital Media & Visualisation

Integrated Project Delivery





Delivering digital design solutions which are flexible and creative, accelerating decisions and minimising risk.

Creativity reinforcing the collaboration between the different teams, allowing a significant saving in time and energy

What ever the communication purpose, we design and deliver to present and explain a project clearly.

From design to communication we simulate projects and immersion with added realism.

Approach Our designers are recognised for being at the forefront of Digital Media & Visualisation, delivering stunning, detailed and accurate results. Our reputation for being passionate professionals seeking to collaborate with our clients to communicate and inspire with creative solutions. The diversity and experience of our designers encompass a wide range of technical knowledge and skills covering the full scope of digital design techniques, development and deployment methods within project teams or as a unique service. We are at the leading edge of software developments and work closely with key software developers, allowing us to be at the forefront of application development and deployment. However, we do not see these technologies as an end in themselves, but rather as an integral tool to bring effective communications, value and innovation to our clients’ projects. Our clients recognise the quality, speed, accuracy, enthusiasm and commitment for design on all types of projects.

Solutions The scale of our capability means we can deliver all aspects of Creative and Interactive Solutions within our team, ranging from small commissions to major multi-disciplinary projects all receiving the same high quality service.






Real Time




Business Strategy

Integrated Project Delivery



Meeting the needs of the project as it moves through the project lifecycle. Scott Wilson fully understands that major projects are complex financially, technically and logistically and we believe that sound project management is pivotal to successful outcomes. The strength of our PPM service is underpinned by our profound understanding of technical issues that are of paramount importance in delivering major projects. Through this experience, we are able to offer our clients ‘knowledge based’ project management – we are not simply ‘process managers’. This adds genuine value to our services, combining strong project management skills with comprehensive technical expertise, and forms the cornerstone of our service offering.

It is our objective to be close to our clients, becoming in effect, an extension of their organisation creating a relationship based on trust. Whilst providing project management and technical skills of each stage, we also appreciate that projects of this scale involve multiple stakeholders – governments, funders, insurers, the local community etc – all of whom must be enthusiastic about the benefits the project will bring to daily lives and to the economy as a whole. We support each stage with the appropriate processes and systems to ensure compliance with local and international standards. These include: ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ

Our management approach changes to meet the needs of the project as it moves through the project lifecycle and we focus on strategic issues and delivering strategic objectives. A major project lifecycle has three distinct phases: planning, development and implementation. We recognise that it is crucial to apply a different style of management to each of these phases to achieve success.

Project Controls Commercial Management Risk Management Design Management Stakeholder Management & Communication Construction Management Team Building & Organisation HSQE & Sustainability Asset Management

Typical Projects

Integrated Project Delivery

Clients ƒƒ Royal Victoria Hospital

ƒƒ London Underground Ltd

ƒƒ Patton Group - Dublin Road Development

ƒƒ Cross London Rail Links Ltd

ƒƒ Sisk - The Hub

ƒƒ Stoke City Council

ƒƒ Downe Hospital

ƒƒ Roads Service

ƒƒ M15 – Thames House

ƒƒ Belfast City Council

ƒƒ Lewisham BSF Projects

ƒƒ Scottish Resource Group

ƒƒ Great Eastern House, Glasgow

ƒƒ Transport Scotland

ƒƒ National Audit Office

ƒƒ Environment Agency

ƒƒ Royal Opera House

ƒƒ BAA - Infrastructure

ƒƒ Heathrow 1,2,3

ƒƒ Highways Agency

ƒƒ PalaceXchange

ƒƒ Shri Lakan Ports Authority

ƒƒ Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham

ƒƒ Transport for London

ƒƒ Various Tesco Mixed Developments


ƒƒ National Blood Service

ƒƒ Skanska


Integrated Project Delivery

IPD Team Contacts

Collaboration Adrian Burgess M: +44 (0) 781 349 5574

Data Capture and Survey Eddie Bennet M: +44 (0) 785 032 0563

Geographic Information Systems Steve Buckland M: +44 (0) 787 613 1456

Design Production Management (CAD) Mike Clarke M: +44 (0) 774 811 3158

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Chris Penn M: +44 (0) 797 716 3914

Digital Media and Visualisation Paul Wilson M: +44 (0) 789 010 1682

Business Strategy Julian Aubert T: +44 (0) 207 798 5000

Asia Pacific Region LEUNG Wai Kit T: +852 241 03855

Scott Wilson Group plc 6-8 Greencoat Place London SW1P 1PL T: +44 (0) 207 798 5000 F: +44 (0) 207 798 5001 W:

delivering innovative, creative, sustainable solutions

Scott Wilson Integrated Project Delivery  

Our goal is to deliver to our clients clear guidance, support and results in the management of Integrated Project Delivery. For many years t...

Scott Wilson Integrated Project Delivery  

Our goal is to deliver to our clients clear guidance, support and results in the management of Integrated Project Delivery. For many years t...