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CARIBBEAN CEMENT COMPANY pact of the company’s actions. According to her, “the new equipment is significantly improving our impact on the environment. We’ve also seen significant changes in our water usage, dust emissions, and noise levels. These are all due to our company’s strategic plan which was implemented in 2015. The results of these new strategies have been realized by the company, and have found favor, not only with the government, but also with the local communities and our employees.”

process of upgrading their operations to match international standards has resulted in recent investments in machinery and technology which has contributed to a significant decrease in power consumption. Ms. Lowe was equally enthusiastic when talking about the environmental im-

SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS Caribbean Cement Company adheres to operating at international standards, and competes on the global market. The veracity of this is reflected in being certified to ISO14001, as well as OHSAS18001 and ISO9000. “We pride ourselves on following all the environmental procedures and requirements,” says Ms. Lowe. “These systems and processes are beneficial to our sustainability and efficiency as they allow us to address concerns in a timely manner. Adhering to these standards also allows us to reduce downtime which results in an increase in productivity.”

Multinational cement manufacturer Cemex recently increased their stake in Caribbean Cement Company’s parent, the TCL Group. “This has resulted in a positive impact on Carib Cement,” says Ms. Lowe. “The increased relationship with Cemex has given access to a number of global industry leaders, and has assisted in improving our reliability and productivity at least threefold within the last year. The added expertise has enabled our employees, and plant, to perform at international standards. It really does make a difference when you can access people with experience from diverse backgrounds. An example of that is kiln stops. With the training and expertise procedures now implemented at Carib Cement, we’ve been able to drastically reduce stoppage by more than 50% in comparison to previous years. These are largely due to changes in normal operations and from adopting international standards of operation.” COMMUNITY COMPANY Surrounding Caribbean Cement Company are several low-income communities. “We’re very happy to be a part of the

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97 years in Jamaica. From 1919 until now….. Since assuming control of Chevron Caribbean - operators of Texaco Jamaica in 2012, GB Energy has proudly and significantly invested in and grown the Jamaican market. With a committed team of dedicated and passionate employees, GB Energy supplies a network of 67 service stations island wide. We have increased our portfolio of Consumer and Industrial accounts, supplying bulk fuel to our customers who are the backbone of development in Jamaica in the manufacturing, construction, production and farming sectors. We have also increased our market share in Aviation fuel supply and maintain a very strong presence in the Jamaica Petroleum terminals in Montego Bay.

Whether you have a business interest to enter the service station retail business, or your operations require fuel tank farm, fleet management systems and fuel supply cards for your fleet and staff, or if you need service and support, call us! Our passion is to provide Jamaica with the best and highest quality fuels backed by the unbeatable cleaning power of our Techron additive.


Call our customer service at 1-876-733-3003 or send an email to


Sustainable Business Magazine Issue 06/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine Issue 06/16