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Jim Shubat

Chief Technical Officer


Jim Shubat tells Sustainable Business Magazine about how SanEcoTec is trying to bring sustainable water treatment to North America and beyond.

Can you tell us a little about the history of SanEcoTec? We started with a vision of better ways to treat water. Understanding how important water was to us as individuals and society as a whole, we felt that instead of the standard notion of water that won’t make you sick in the short term, we could treat water in a way that had clear and demonstrable long term benefits, and was suitable to put back into the environment. And that’s a giant leap from the status quo. How has SanEcoTec changed during your time as Founder and President and now as CTO?  We’ve gone from a simple idea to advanced patents-pending processes. We have a better way of treating water in different applications. We’re currently in municipal drinking water treatment 12 | SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

Sustainable Business Magazine  

Issue 01/14

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