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Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators (CESI) The CESI program is the result of monitoring multiple national environmental indicators in Canada to help track the progress of their performance in three keys areas; water quality, air quality, and greenhouse gas emissions. 4 | SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

SBM takes a look at the Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators (CESI) program, responsible for tracking the progress of the Canadian Federal Sustainability Development Strategy and reporting to Canadians on the state of the environment and key sustainability issues. By Liam Kelleher The CESI program is built on rigorous methodology and is routinely updated as newly sourced data becomes available concerning climate change, air quality, water quality, and nature protection. The indicators are prepared primarily by the governmental Environmental Canada department, supported by Health Canada, Statistics Canada, and Natural Resources Canada, in order to provide comprehensive information on environmental trends whilst maintaining complete transparency and relevancy to the Government’s policies.

Sustainable Business Magazine  

Issue 01/14

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