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are today. We’re not just showcasing data though, we are also showcasing the people and teams at SFU who are contributing significantly to our success. A big part of this is creating a shared understanding of what we have achieved, where we can improve, and the diversity of people working on this shared university-wide initiative.” ADVANCING THE REGIONAL CIRCULAR ECONOMY In 2014, SFU talked to Sustainable Business Magazine about their Zero Waste Initiative target of 70% of waste diverted from landfill by 2015. Did they hit this ambitious target? “The short answer is yes,” says Ms. Le Roy. “The longer answer is yes but. This year, we did achieve 70% diversion from landfill. It’s a huge achievement, and it’s been a massive project.” However, SFU isn’t content to rest on this impressive statistic. “Transparency in reporting is a key value for us,” says Ms. Le Roy. “This year we achieved 50% diversion from operational activities, doubling from 25% at the start of the project, but we also did a very large road renewal project for which all of the materials were reused. So

our construction waste diversion number tipped us over to 70% total diversion. We may not be able to achieve that number again next year, because the make-up of the waste may be different. It’s important that we clearly say: ‘We’re probably going to go up and down slightly over the years in terms of diversion, but that the real prize is the goal

of reducing overall waste – before it needs to be diverted’. SFU’s Zero Waste Initiative will continue to strive towards improvements in diversion rates, but the focus is shifting now to reducing waste at its source and contributing through our research, teaching, and operational practices to the regional efforts to build a circular economy.”

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The impact? Reduced paper consumption, streamlined processes, automated approvals, and native integration with SFU’s core PeopleSoft ERP systems. GT eForms™ and SFU. Sustainable business. Innovative automation.



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Sustainable Business Magazine 03/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine

Sustainable Business Magazine 03/16  

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