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condominium buildings, including the air conditioning, the concrete, the electricals, the plumbing, the fire protection services, and the piling. We also built the marina there and the golf course. It’s been a huge project and we continue to do a lot of work there to this day. We’re no longer doing the general construction, but we’re installing


underground utilities, the electricals, the plumbing, and the air conditioning and supplying concrete and equipment.” Important to the ongoing success of the Group as a whole is ensuring the individual companies are forced to stay competitive. “We can’t just create work for ourselves,” says Mr. Mosko. “Each one of

our businesses has to stand on their own two feet. I can get them in the front door, but it’s up to them to stay there. So we make sure they bid against our competition, so everybody knows that when we get a price from one of our other companies, it’s the same price that’s going to everybody else. If they’re successful in bidding, and their quali-

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