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import the cement, mix the concrete, and sell all these things to other companies and to ourselves. On top of that, we’re now into electrical and plumbing and air conditioning, specialized foundation work and marine work. We cover the full construction spectrum, but each company has to stand on its own.”

STANDING ON THEIR OWN Mosko Group’s broad reach can be seen in their work on the new development of Albany on the island of New Providence. “It’s a two billion dollar resort community Joe Lewis is spearheading with Tiger Woods and Ernie Els,” says Mr. Mosko. “We managed the first construction of the three

marine construction, ready mixed concrete, bulk cement, and aggregate supply, as well as property development, hotel and marina operations, museums, fixed base operations, insurance, air conditioning, and treasure hunting. “It’s the nature of family businesses,” says James Mosko, President of the Mosko Group. “The more the family grows, the more people depend on the business, and the more the business has to grow. My dad was the only son, and he had to expand the company. Then myself and my two brothers Milton and John came along, and we’ve expanded it further. About fifteen years ago, we entered another expansion phase and tried to vertically integrate our companies. Now not only are we involved in construction, we also import the aggregate, import the sand, SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

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