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By Gillan Taddune, CEO of Banyan Water.

How Water Efficiency Technology can improve Corporate Social Responsibility Much of the Western United States is currently in the midst of a serious drought, and this has propelled our water supplies and consumption habits in to the spotlight. How can companies and large institutions best incorporate water into corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs? And how can they reap the financial benefits of water conservation as water rates continue to rise? The answers lie in water efficiency technologies. GREEN YOUR LANDSCAPE AND YOUR BUSINESS The first area of focus for water efficiency in commercial and institutional spaces should be on outdoor water use. Landscaping is typically the largest water use area and also has the most to gain from efficiency efforts. A variety of online resources are available that estimate how much water is required for a landscape given its location and characteristics; comparing that to historical water bills will provide a starting point to identify areas for improvement. 4 | SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

Irrigation system inspections are also a good way to quickly see if water is being wasted. Monitoring and control technologies can achieve significant savings, but a properly functioning irrigation system is a necessary first step. Irrigation controllers are now ubiquitous on commercial and institutional properties, but technological advancements have significantly improved water savings and the ability to manage complex sites. In addition, Internet-enabled hardware provides visibility into system performance without setting a foot onto the landscape itself. However, landscapes are heterogeneous and constantly in flux as conditions change and systems malfunction. Maintaining a water-efficient property means staying on top of these issues so that landscapes stay healthy and water isn’t wasted. Measuring and analyzing water consumption in tandem with smart controls and system alerts allows users to continually maximize water and financial savings. These technologies can also be

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