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By Shannon Diederich, Founder of Sustainability Communications Group

Strengthen your Sustainability Story Are your sustainability programs, investments, and reports providing you with the return on investment you desired? They may be innovative or even flashy, but are they well known, understood, and valued? If not, you may need to improve how you give voice to your sustainability story. START AT THE TOP When senior leaders demonstrate a visible commitment to sustainability, employees, clients, investors, and suppliers sit up and take notice. Discussing sustainability only at the quarterly town hall or in the company newsletter is ineffective. Leaders must weave its value 6 | SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

into everyday conversation and make it more than obvious that it is a key priority. GIVE SUSTAINABILITY AN IDENTITY The term “sustainability” can mean different things to different people. To reinforce what it means to your organization, give it a unique identity that aligns with your brand. This will differentiate it from other business priorities internally, and help your customers and investors better understand your commitments. Think Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan, Target’s Here for Good, and IBM’s A Smarter Planet.

Sustainable Business Magazine  

Issue 03/14