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company’s most efficient multi-effect distillers (MEDs) available to meet the 107 million imperial gallons per day (MIGD) clean water production expected of the plant. Water drafted from the Persian Gulf will pass through a multistage process that utilizes waste thermal energy from the power plant to separate salt from water, consuming less power than comparable water distilling technologies. At full capacity this will account for 20% of Kuwait’s total drinking water needs. “The plant itself was selected on the basis that it would give the best thermal efficiency and would meet all international requirements for environmental emissions,” says Mr. Biffen. “It went hand in hand with the fact that they were trying to bid at the lowest tariff to win the project. The angle taken by the sponsors is they have selected equipment that is proven yet also top tier and cutting edge. It is the best balance of proven equipment and thermal efficiency and complies with international requirements for emissions.” ANOTHER CHALLENGE Collaboration between Shamal Az-Zour and Kuwait’s government entities has been a core factor in overcoming challenges in tak-

ing this project forward. “We have worked with many Kuwaiti departments, particularly MEW, KAPP, and Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA). With 98% of work already completed, the project remains firmly on track for reaching PCOD by the scheduled date of November 2016. Over the coming months it will be the responsibility of various parties representing this project to ensure that things continue to be commissioned and tested smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Once Az-Zour North is fully completed it is the intention of KAPP to sell their 50% holding through a public offering. This, too, will be the first time such a thing has happened. Throughout this process, Shamal Az-Zour will support KAPP with the marketing and publicity required to generate enough interest in this sale process, which will commence in early 2017. There is a 40 year contract between MEW (representing the Government of Kuwait) and Shamal Az-Zour. This will ensure sustainability for the owners and investors as one of the most significant projects in Kuwait’s history comes to fruition. As for Mr. Biffen, having already led a similar IWPP project with Al Hidd in Bahrain, he is looking forward to other, new challenges in the region. c

sents Kuwait’s cleanest and most efficient source of electricity. Throughout these massive achievements, ENGIE and Sumitomo Corporation have been responsible for health and safety and environmental monitoring of operations. Across 25 million man hours and industry records, the project has maintained a good record of personnel and environmental safety. TECH SPEC Az-Zour North will have a total of five gas turbines and two steam turbines once completed, using combined cycle technology to improve efficiency and decrease their environmental footprint. The turbines are F Class models manufactured by General Electric, some of the most advanced and efficient currently available. Meanwhile the water desalination technology brought in by SIDEM are the SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

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Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16