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Sharaf Viax also extend their services to a small number of other industries. FP International, for example, is part of the commercial vending machine sector, while IBF specializes in industrial pasta machines. Another subsidiary, Movin, offers bespoke services for goods handling and storage. CLEAN FUTURE Despite being a young company, Sharaf Viax has already achieved success with private and public sector clients throughout the GCC region. In addition to their work with Dubai Municipality, Sharaf Viax has worked with other companies in the waste management and treatment industry. The reputation and quality that Viax Consorzio Export plants command has been instrumental in this respect, with the group’s patented technologies making Sharaf Viax a desirable partner for companies across many industries.

“We have found that many of the big and important companies in the region are asking us to provide them with turnkey systems to manage their waste,” explains Ms. Hamdi. “Some of them have organic waste and others have plastic waste. Some might have metallic waste. In the end, though, all of them are asking for our help in finding a solution, something we are very proud of considering we are a very new company in the GCC. We are providing a complete solution to the community to deal with their waste, reduce the size of landfills, save the environment and human health, and earn money, with our approach of 100% profit from waste. Our plan for the future is to continue providing high levels of nature-friendly technology, with a goal to become one of the leaders in the waste treatment, water treatment, and air treatment sectors for the Middle East and GCC region.” c

builds plants for the treatment of waste water within many different sectors including shipping and aeronautical industries, metallurgy, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and commercial food production. Tecam uses conventional, innovative, and unique patented technologies to achieve its goals. Another Viax Consorzio Export subsidiary, Airprotech, is key to Sharaf Viax’s air purification solutions. Over more than 25 years, Airprotech has developed and built reliable air emissions cleaning plants such as the regenerative thermal oxidizer, a chimney emissions cleaning solution that reuses self-generated heat to offer a 96% efficiency profile. The company visits their clients before drawing up the designs of the system, to ensure that the final product is customized to the exact needs of the future operating environment. SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

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Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16