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plants, working with clients across the world. Leading brands associated with the Italian group include OMSG, a manufacturer of shot blasting machines; IMEL, a designer and fabricator of industrial finishing plants for treating and coating materials; Tecam, a designer of wastewater treatment plants; ITACA, a mechanical and chemical water conditioning company; and Airprotech, a designer and manufacturer of air cleaning systems for industrial use. With strong research and development (R&D) departments throughout their operations, Viax Consorzio Export also holds a wide range of patents, meaning they can offer unique solutions to the market. One subsidiary company, Ecostar, holds a patent for special disc screens in recycling processors which offer superior anti-clogging capabilities. Another subsidiary, Aus-

tep, has a unique waste recycling plant that produces fuel gas from solid waste at a municipal scale. These patented solutions have often been achieved through not only in-house R&D but also close collaboration with universities and technical colleges across the world. The wide range of companies and solutions available from Sharaf Viax means they are able to offer not only plants and equipment but also total life cycle services including installation, set up, maintenance, and repairs. “We give full solutions to the customers,” says Ms. Hamdi. “We provide customized solutions starting from the feasibility study to the commissioning and maintenance. We will make sure that the machine works properly with the customer after commissioning, and give training to the technical staff of the company on how

eration Council (GCC) region. Sharaf Viax is the Dubai-based commercial office of the group, entrusted with handling all commercial aspects including sales, maintenances, promotions, presentations, marketing, and client-side queries. “We are here to share our Italian technology, machines, and turnkey plant solutions with the region to solve some serious problems with the community, health, and environment,” says Menel Hamdi, Executive Secretary to Sharaf Viax Managing Director Stefano Campagna. “Our office here is for targeting countries of the Middle East and GCC region. With our technology we are able to offer solutions that treat absolutely any kind of waste with no leftover.” DIVERSE EXPERTISE Viax Consorzio Export has decades of history, having grown from several small engineering firms into a major name in surface treatment and waste treatment SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

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Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16