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to assist them. The solution was to create a rather small vessel which is able to create a wide channel in the ice, which is why it moves sideways. It has now been in operation for one winter, and we hope that if the experience is good, ship owners will want more of this type of vessel. It’s a very, very special product.”

SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS Arctech Helsinki Shipyard ensure their operations are as efficient and cost-effective as possible. “We plan our production to minimize the labor needed,” says Mr. Mustamäki. “That means we do block outfitting rather than outfitting a ready-made hull, and so on.” In traditional shipbuilding,

the hull of the ship is completed before any smaller internal units of machinery or piping are installed. Block outfitting refers to the practice of building the hull in ‘blocks’ and installing the units of the ship at the same time, then welding the blocks together to form the complete hull. Block outfitting is much more time-efficient, and allows

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Tubular heat exchangers for marine and industrial applications. Design and production from a single source for a trouble-free long-term operation.


Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16