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MBHE does not only work on largescale projects. They recently completed a contract fitting a 300 kilowatt solar photovoltaic array to the roof of a meat processing factory and are currently involved in other solar photovoltaic installations ranging from 200kW to 2MW. CUTTING-EDGE MBHE plays a significant role in environmental sustainability for the region. “The

products we are offering are definitely reducing carbon emissions,” explains Mr. Siegel. “We are looking at long-term benefits in all areas. Even on existing factories that we have gone into and changed things, we include a full energy audit to see what the power quality is, how they are using it, and checking on the efficiencies. We had one on a saw mill where over 30% of the power was being wasted. That’s a lot of money, so they needed improved efficien-

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cies across the board. Our work managed to get them up to 98%. We make sure a whole system is running efficiently before we include any add-ons. Afterwards, we provide monitoring as well, so if there are any problems we know before they do.” MBHE invests in some of the most cutting-edge technology available on the market. As sustainable technologies progress rapidly, offering better and better efficiencies, this plays an essential role

Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16