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services that have been established during the past decade. Remaining at the forefront of the Ghanaian market has involved Broll Ghana pitting themselves at the head of the domestic market but alongside the best of the international market. The company has gone to great lengths in bringing global best practice standards into their home country such as hiring qualified personnel with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Broll Ghana wants to be compared to the leading names in Europe or North America and achieving this has meant becoming the premier figure in the domestic market. With property becoming an increasingly important part of Ghana’s economy, Broll Ghana’s work can be seen as playing an increasingly important part in national development. They are a lighthouse for international investors, bringing capital into the country and ensuring it remains within the economy, as well as voltage to the jobs market by providing employment to youth and university graduates. Crucially, skilled work positions are available that raise the bar across the board. “We provide training programs to develop young graduates into professionals. We take them through a career path. This is something we do yearly; we go to the universities and pluck up good young graduates through graduate programs that will provide them with skills that contribute back to the national pool,” explains Mr. Ampong.

He goes on to say that one of the most important achievements made by Broll Ghana has been keeping focused on the company’s original task: “We have brought to the fore the importance of building maintenance in the country. Through introducing information and skills, people are more mindful of upkeep and management of properties now than they were before. Our managing of the Western-style malls in the country has been the best promotion of this. With them on the market people see the benefits of maintaining what we have as opposed to always trying to make new things. Our company is the first point of call when it comes to property related services and we are happy in a modest way that we can bring the importance of these services to the Ghanaian people.”

Property Owners and investors. Broll Ghana are keen to help foster this so that property owners have a more significant influence on future government regulations. Mr. Ampong ends with a keen eye on where investors may want to look in the near future: “I think the atmosphere is good for retail development in Ghana. I believe the development of retail facilities promotes investment in light industrial properties, especially warehouses or distribution centers linked to retail centres. This is one area I would encourage investors to go in. Retailers need storage facilities and they can’t store all their wares at one place because the risks involved are huge. We would encourage people to invest in such centers. Broll Ghana can then help those investors to manage and maintain them.” c

NEW INROADS Looking forward, Broll Ghana have already identified areas that their services can expand into. Corporate Real Estate services and commercial brokerage services, both of which are growing in the Ghanaian property sector, will be the core focuses over the coming years. The company is already on the hunt for transaction managers to support these responsibilities. Strengthening the wider market is also part of the company’s plans through the formation of the Ghana Property Owners Association which will provide a single, united voice that can articulate the needs of SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

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Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16