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SAMARITAN HOUSE A Key Principle At Samaritan House Is About

“Neighbor Helping Neighbor”

Patty Hsiu, longtime dedicated Volunteer and Donor, Advisory Council

Member, Development Committee Member and former Board President, on why she supports Samaritan House: BANP: What is it about Samaritan House that made you

PH: I like helping folks that need help. I also like helping

want to choose Samaritan House?

folks that want to give time as their contribution. Teaching

PH: It’s local and helps people that live where I live. The

community members, especially students, about the con-

help that Samaritan House provides is basic: food, shelter,

text of the work they do while volunteering is satisfying. A

medical, etc. I understand and

key principle at Samaritan

see the needs, and feel like I can

House is about ‘Neighbor help-

make an impact. The areas that

ing Neighbor’. I live in a better

Samaritan House covers are im-

community because we have an

portant to the wellbeing to ev-

organization that puts together

ery person and not having these

people that can help with those

things has far reaching conse-

that need it.  


BANP: Is there a particular mo-

BANP: What do you do when

ment that stands out for you or

you volunteer and how long

a particular joy you get when

have you been doing it?

you volunteer?

PH: I currently help with fundraising, recruiting volunteers,

PH: It’s especially fun when other volunteers that I’ve co-

distributing and serving food, and toys, collecting and

ordinated or connected with Samaritan House are grateful

transporting donations, and even photographing events. I

to be able to help. Both the helpers and the helped are

also volunteer on the Advisory Council, the Development

grateful and it’s a wonderful thing.

Committee, and the Main Event Committee. When I was

BANP: Do you recommend or suggest this to others?

the Board President, I helped lead strategic initiatives and

PH: Yes! It’s gratifying and it’s the right thing to do if you

governance. I’ve done some sort of volunteering for Sa-

want to help create a healthy community. And get your

maritan House for about 20 years.

kids involved too; it will stay with them throughout their

BANP: What do you love most about what you do when


you volunteer? Is there a favorite “something” you like?

Since 1974, Samaritan House has become San Mateo’s leading non-profit that brings a new level of hope, dignity, and empowerment to people living in poverty as they fulfill immediate needs and guide people toward self-reliance. Samaritan House is the largest food distribution agency in the county. Other free services include shelter and housing assistance; medical and dental clinics; clothes for children; personalized case management and much more. The entire community benefits from Samaritan House’s steadfast mission to mobilize all available resources and work hand-in-hand to break the cycle of poverty.


650-341-4081 • Mon-Fri, 9:00 – 5:00 • 4031 Pacific Blvd., San Mateo, CA 94403

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