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Cruising Cadillac Text: Greg Johnson Golfers don’t have to travel in a boldlined Cadillac vehicle to Cadillac, Mich. to have an enjoyable experience in the area. Something that fits up to four individuals and their golf clubs and luggage will work equally well on an easy trip up United States Route 131 on the western side of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Once there, however, the Cadillac becomes part of the theme at one popular destination, even if golf is the primary reason for the trip, and it starts with Eldorado Golf Course. This is the golf course inspired by the Cadillac—specifically Eldorado—and features automobile names on different holes, such as Straight Pipe and Tailfin, as well as tee boxes dubbed Steel, Power, Chrome, Ride, and Comfort. It also has a Cadillac Grill restaurant nestled on a hill overlooking the course; and a 1959 and



1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz on display in the showroom. It’s cool, it’s classy; which can also be said of the golf, as well as unique. Bob Meyer, a businessman, was the owner with a plan and he did the design work, too. Note, the 27-hole course requires some shots over water, and good shots to maintain a good score. Visually the course is stunning—even as visitors roll by on U.S. 131—and it is well-maintained like the vintage cars on display. Meyer was going for the northern Michigan golf look often found at the resorts farther north of Cadillac—as well as better playing rates—and he succeeded. At Eldorado, there are multiple options available for golfers to select their nines and tees. The suggestion is to play 27—red, white, and blue nines—from the middle tees for men, and forward tees for the women. The forced carries are not as daunting from those tees, and yet there

is more than 6,000 yards of golf to be played for men and 5,500 yards for women on any of the 18-hole combinations. Of course longer and shorter options are available as each hole has seven tee options. From Eldorado, it is only a short three miles to Evergreen Resort, which offers golfing and lodging in combination. Formerly known as McGuire’s, Evergreen Resort features an 18-hole Spruce course, and a nine-hole Norway course. Recent improvements have been made across the board, both in terms of the greens and the lodging, and have transformed the destination into a popular family resort. The Spruce is on a hillside overlooking Lake Cadillac and winds through a pine forest with challenging smaller greens from the classic era of golf architecture. The Norway course is played most often by casual golfers or beginners. Various packages are available through the golf courtesy A-Ga-ming Todd Pierson

The Golf Explorer Volume 1 Issue 3: A Fade Into Autumn  
The Golf Explorer Volume 1 Issue 3: A Fade Into Autumn  

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