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FIRST EVER SUUNTO PREMIUM SPORTS WATCH COLLECTION Suunto Elementum is the first ever Suunto premium sports watch collection. Elementum is a watch for urbanites: active city dwellers with an interest in sailing, diving and outdoor activities, and who value the combination of style and function. Here are some frequently asked questions from end users. How are the watches distributed? The distribution takes place exclusively in the watch channel. The Suunto Elementum won’t be available in the sports chains, nor internet sales (except for the watch retailers who have the Elementum in the portfolio and have the web shop business already).


Where is the watch available? This summer, Elementum is on the market in the US, Sweden and Italy. In the fall, Elementum will be launched in Finland, Argentina, Greece, Japan and Singapore. Availability will be extended to other countries in 2010. These new countries will be announced on www.suunto. com later on this year. We will do our best to extend Suunto Elementum availability to other countries after 2010. How does Elementum Aqua compare to Suunto’s dive computers? Aqua is a dive watch, not a diving computer, and does not include decompression algorithms. Aqua alone is not sufficient for scuba diving but can be used as a bottom timer. The user should always have additional scuba diving equipment, diving computer and back-up systems.


What is Elementum Aqua? Elementum Aqua is a modernly designed timepiece that combines the craftsmanship of chronographic construction with the functionality of a high-tech diving watch. What is Elementum Terra? Elementum Terra combines decades of outdoors experience with a lifetime in precision craftsmanship, making it a survival tool no real adventurer can do without. What is Elementum Ventus? Elementum Ventus is the perfect complement to the perfect yacht as a highly sophisticated, functional sailing timepiece designed with elegance. SUUNTO ELEMENTUM VENTUS

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Suunto Elementum FAQ sheet  
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